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tv   The Ten O Clock News on KTVU FOX 2  FOX  August 12, 2022 10:00pm-11:00pm PDT

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unseal the search warrant that authorized the unprecedented search on former president trump's home, the documents show the fbi seized in number of highly classified records and sensitive information. it would
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be just, uh, almost a catastrophe if that information got out all of our adversaries, the russians, the chinese, the iranians and the north koreans would give a lot of money. to have that information. experts reacting tonight to the findings , as we learned documents labeled top secret were found in mr trump's home. good evening, and thanks for joining us i'm cristina rendon christien kafton federal agents are investigating violations of three federal laws, including the espionage act. ktvu is jana katsuyama joining us now live after speaking with a former member of the defense department, jenna yes. christian and christina. that expert is a uc berkeley professor. he served in the department of defense and explained that some of the documents labeled s c i that were found or even higher than top secret classification. four days after the fbi search of former president donald trump's mar a lago home, a federal judge unsealed the search warrant showing what agents were looking
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for. in the unprecedented move and a list of what property was seized. the search warrant shows the fbi was investigating violations of three federal laws , including the espionage act in regards to the illegal retrieval , storage or transmission of national defense information, the unlawful removal of records and any alteration, destruction or concealment of government or classified documents to obstruct investigations or proceedings. the property receipt has a long list of items the fbi seized, including 11 sets of classified records marked not just top secret, but also some were s c. i can contain theation's most guarded secrets. my means compad information, which usually means that it was obtained. too far, and sources it means that we got the information. collaborator through espionage. berkeley graduate school professor michael knocked served in the
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department of defense in 2010 as an assistant secretary. he was among the extremely small group of officials with top security clearance to view sc nuclear documents. i had to physically go down to another room in the state department to read any top secret sc information and i couldn't take notes. i could read it and made the memorize a little bit about it, and i'd leave completely unheard of to be anywhere outside. a special facility. the washington post reports that some of the classified items in the fbi search involved nuclear documents, which knocks says are highly sensitive targeting information who we're targeting the weapons against it's about which delivery vehicles, submarines or launch air launched missiles or bombers would carry these weapons. it's about when they might be used and the procedures for their use
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all of our adversaries, the russians, the chinese, the iranians and the north koreans would give a lot of money. to have that information. on social media today, former president trump responded, saying quote the nuclear weapons issue is a hoax. incumbent presidents generally do have the power to declassify information, but they lose that authority as soon as they leave office. and it was not clear if any of the documents that were seized have ever been declassified christian jenna. thank you very much. a new poll showing that donald trump is gaining popularity among republicans. following that fbi search at mara lago. the political morning consult poll shows that 58% of republicans would now support the former president in the 2024 primary. florida governor ron de santis comes in second at 16% followed by former vice president mike pence. and former carolina south carolina governor nikki haley. there you see her with single digits and a record
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. 71% of gop voters say that trump should run for president in 2024. congress gave its final approval today to the democrats, climate and health care bill dubbed the inflation reduction act. on this vote. the yeas are 220. the nays are 207. solution the motion is adopted. the house used a party line vote to pass the legislation. it both congresses largest investment in taxing large companies, cutting carbon emissions and lowering pharmaceutical costs. it ensures that people on medicare with diabetes won't have to pay more than $35 a month for their insulin. it requires a secretary of hhs to negotiate drug prices for expensive medicare drugs, lowering costs for seniors and people with disabilities. republicans argue the legislation will raise taxes as foxes. madeline rivera tells us today's passage marks a
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significant win for the biden administration. the motion is adopted. house took a break from august recess for a one day vote, the democrats will say will have an impact for years to come days in the congressional career. the feel truly historic for me. this is one of them. democrats passed their health care, climate and tax bill dubbed inflation reduction act of handing a major victory for the party and for president biden, who's build back better agenda has remained stalled in congress for about 18 months. roughly $700 billion package is far less than what the president and progressives had initially called for, but they will take it today. we make good on our promise to take on climate change and climate justice with historic investments in green tech. technologies that will cut carbon emissions by 40% by 2030 . the legislation also requires large corporations to pay 15% minimum tax. and it aims to
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lower medicare drug costs, capping out of pocket spending $2000 a month that provision long coveted by those on fixed incomes, some of whom shall off thousands of dollars a year on prescription drugs, not sustainable when average benefit is around $1650 republicans, however, argue spending hundreds of billions of dollars is exactly the opposite of other government should do when the economy is already running hot. cannot drink yourself sober. you cannot spend your way out of inflation. political jockeying has already begun, while democrats say the bill gives the momentum heading into the midterms, republicans are playing up all the extra spending, some of it on thousands of new irs agents and washington rivera fox news. and president biden responded to the vote on twitter, saying in part with the passage of the inflation reduction act in the house families will see lower
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press troops. prescription drug prices, lower healthcare costs and lower energy costs. and while i plan to sign the inflation reduction act into law next week on september 6th, we will hold a celebration at the white house in honor of this historic legislation. we've also heard from east bay representative mark desaulnier. we asked him how the bill will impact people here in the bay area. it'll really be good for california senator cinema put $4 billion in there specifically for those of us in the west and southwest to help with these kind of, uh, really difficult, whether disruptions um so we'll have more money to protect for firefighters. more money to invest in our fire service. and also in flood control and things like that. so what there's gonna there's a lot of good in here. representative sonia also said that the $370 billion for climate change will allow california to maintain its status as a world leader in
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sustainable energy. our coverage of the inflation reduction. youd the latest developments rig a 14 year old boy from oakland, says he's shaken up after he was robbed at gunpoint. the thieves stole his family's french bulldog ktvu camberley joining us now from oakland tonight after speaking with the teen and his mother about what happened, amber christina, the armed robbery took place just steps from the victim's home. the family tells me they've lived there for 12 years and has never experienced anything like this before. i don't know who has her. how are they treating her? i just want her back. carmen grass, iliana and her daughters are posting flyers looking for help in finding their stolen french bulldog named bella. okay, the most upsetting part two they took her away without realizing how much hurt they were gonna cause. to our family. this is surveillance video of
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grass. iliana was 14 year old son taking bella out for a walk around 8 30 on the night of august 2nd. he tells me he was just across the street from his home in east oakland when a black volkswagen jetta drove alongside him. the teen says he got suspicious and cross the street to walk back home. but the black car made a u turn and pulled up next to him. the 14 year old asked that we not show his face passenger came outside and told me to give him the dog and i like that. and then he pulled out again. i was gonna risk it, so i gave him the diet . what kind of person does that to a 14 year old. pull out a gun to take. you know his bet. since the armed robbery, the family has been out looking for bella. they tell me they usually keep her confined to their fenced in yard, but that from time to time, they would take the pet out for a brief walk close to home. a little spooked. want to get the dog back? mr dog mean to you? it's like it helps me get through the day. the family
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tells me that they got bella as a puppy after they lost their 12 year old dog, thankful that he's okay that nothing major happened . um but, yeah, it's very upsetting. i want them to pay for what they did. first i want justice. i don't want this to happen to anyone else. the 14 year old describes the suspect as a light skinned hispanic male late teens to early twenties five ft nine heavy said he was wearing a purple camouflage hoodie with faded blue jeans. he has a bus cut. the family is offering a $1000 reward. anyone with information should contact oakland police amberleigh in oakland tonight, amber. thank you. also in oakland. police say that two people have been arrested and charged in the murder of a delivery driver that shook the city's little saigon neighborhood 52 year old kong, patrick fung was sitting in his car on 13th avenue on july 17th when he was shot and killed
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today. oakland police say they have two people in custody. the identified one of them as 19 year old major willis. he's charged with murder and attempted carjacking. the other suspect is facing charges in juvenile court. an update to a story we first told you about last night. two suspects who pistol whipped a man and tried to take his rolex have been charged. it happened yesterday around four o'clock in the afternoon in the ignacio plaza shopping center wood walnut creek suspects took off and crashed their car and bancroft road before being arrested. contra costa county district attorney has now charged shaun rogers and david lopez with conspiracy, attempted robbery and assault with a deadly weapon. covid rates have dropped in san francisco, marin and sonoma counties, according to the cdc. the three counties have medium levels of covid-19 of the community, down from high last week areas. six other counties remain in the high tier in southern california, both los angeles and san diego county's advanced to the medium tier as
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well. an effort to decriminalize some psychedelic drugs in california has failed at 10 30, the lawmaker who says he won't give up on the bill. and a barrier weather. it has been a mile to warm week. but we're going to turn up the heat, especially for one part of your weekend will have the forecast update coming up. up first, though another protest at oakland's parker elementary school how parents say they want the campus to serve as a place for other groups to demonstrate as they continue their occupation. together and we will not seen this ad? it's not paid for by california tribes. it's paid for by the out of state gambling corporations that wrote prop 27. it doesn't tell you 90% of the profits go to the out of state corporations. a tiny share goes to the homeless, and even less to tribes.
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and a big loophole says, costs to promote betting reduce money for the tribes, so they get less. hidden agendas. fine print. loopholes. prop 27. they didn't write it for the tribes or the homeless. they wrote it for themselves. ♪ at usaa we've been called too exclusive because we only serve those who've honorably served. all ranks. all branches. and their eligible family members. yep, that is exclusive. and we're fine with that.
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testers demonstrated at parker elementary school in oakland again today. today's protest, though, didn't relate to school closures. but the parents who have occupied the campus say they want the campus to be open to the community. ktvu elissa harrington joins us now live with more alyssa christian . both groups said ththat they were there in solidarity with the other. the event still went on, even after the district said that they would be trespassing and ordered everyone to stay away. three pilots large group gathered on the campus of parker school in east oakland. they were there to hold a march and rally in support of palestine candles and laid flowers, each
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one to represent a life lost their memories be forgotten. the group was also there to show solidarity with protesters occupying the building. we are standing in solidarity with what is transpiring in parker elementary. and we are also honoring the legacy of our models that have been killed within with engineer and within nablus together, and we will not let the district conquering the virus. misty cross with west oakland moms for housing said they opened the space to these protesters, she said she wanted them to be visible at the school when we say that we want to liberate community schools are keep schools open. we want people to understand that we're fighting for our kids future. and we're fighting for equity and equality that has not been given to us in an email, the oakland unified school district said both groups are trespassing . part of that email reads. they are not allowed to be there, and they're not allowed to host events of any kind. any event held on the parker campus is not
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authorized, sanctioned, condoned or otherwise supported by the district. we have notified them that they must not proceed with this event the try to send out an email to try to scare off them from coming to do their visual here at the site think that they were understanding and knowing that that was just one of the ways that all usd uses to push people out. parker school has been at the center of a battle between housing advocates , parents and the school district. usd plans to close 11 schools, including parker and protesters with a group called the parker liberation activists have occupied the building since the school officially closed back in late may. video from before school board meeting last week shows protesters clashing with security guards. one parent said he plans to file a lawsuit . parker activists are having a town hall meeting at the school this sunday. they say they hope to organism away to stop school
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closures reporting live in the newsroom. i'm elissa harrington ktvu fox two news. thank you. log enforcement group says legislation which would allow legal drug consumption as a way to prevent overdoses sends the wrong message to the public. california narcotic officers association held a virtual news conference today in opposition to state senate bill 57, authored by san francisco senator scott wiener. if the governor signs it, it would set up a pilot program for super supervised consumption sites in san francisco, oakland and los angeles, where drug overdoses have soared. advocates say they will save lives, but the officers group says the measure is harmful. these drugs were classified as a schedule drug because they're dangerous. we don't want to provide them. we don't want to support their use . we want to hold people accountable. we want to get an education. we want to have the appropriate rehabilitation services available to them. the group says they hope governor newsom will veto the bill, while
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barria lawmakers are urging him to sign it. the governor's office says he's not commenting on the legislation. a two alarm fire broke out in san jose after a vehicle crashed into his two story apartment building. the crash happened on the 5600 block of calve or court this afternoon , the suv struck a four unit apartment building and a gas meter. one firefighter was taken to the hospital with minor injuries. well barry weather has been a pleasant week out there with lots of cloud cover the morning lots of sunshine in the afternoon hours, and it looks like we'll be warming up those temperatures as we head into the weekend, highest from today, another pleasant one out there actually fairly warm and a few spots you can see seventies eighties and hotspots approaching the nineties, and i think we will have some more nineties to talk about this weekend, especially for sunday, so we'll jump right into your weekend forecast some patchy cloud cover tomorrow morning, mostly sunny skies. and then on sunday, that'll be the day you will step outside and say it's kind of hot out here. hot out here temperatures in the upper sixties to the upper nineties
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and it will be hot inland. as as we see that pattern begin to change, in fact, showing you the warm up in linden place, like conquered today in the upper eighties, a little bit warmer for your saturday and then the warming really kicks in for sunday, monday and tuesday. that should be the hottest day of the stretch. and that means the hottest locations will be close to 100 degrees satellite right now that we have lots of clear skies up and down our coastline. some patchy fog will likely regroup redeveloped as we head into the overnight hours and current numbers. it's still pretty mild out there for the 10 o'clock hour. right now, most neighborhoods in the sixties for santa rosa hayward, 62 san jose 65 degrees. here's a live camera tonight, looking out toward the bay bridge out towards san francisco and still mostly clear conditions. but some patchy cloud cover will likely redevelop into the overnight hours. current numbers lots of sixties out there for santa rosa and conquered as we showed you in san jose still in the sixties , so here's the forecast models and patchy cloud cover tomorrow morning and then into the
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afternoon hours. increasing sunshine is brighter colors do link up to some warmer temperatures. hotspots will be approaching the lower nineties by about three or four o'clock tomorrow afternoon, san francisco 72 in oakland 76 degrees, we'll talk more about that. to heat up in our five day forecast. coming up in a few minutes. okay mark. thank you. governor. newsom is proposing a plan to keep the state to only remaining nuclear power power plant open a little bit longer. a draft proposal from the governor's office would keep the diablo canyon plant open another 5 to 10 years longer than expected. that power plant is near san luis obispo and is scheduled to be decommissioned by 2025. newsom's proposal would loan pg and e $1.4 billion to keep the plant operating beyond that date, a spokesperson for the governor says keeping the power plant open is needed to help the state phase out fossil fuels. still to come. vicepresidente kamala harris continues her bay area visit how she helped announced a major
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non-gaming tribes have been left in the dust. wealthy tribes with big casinos make billions, while small tribes struggle in poverty. prop 27 is a game changer. 27 taxes and regulates online sports betting to fund permanent solution to homelessness. while helping every tribe in california. so who's attacking prop 27? wealthy casino tribes who want all the money for themselves support small tribes, address homelessness. vote yes on 27.
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tonight its first preseason game against the green bay packers. excitement leading up to the football season is ktvu is jesse gary shows us it's not just the faithful who are fired up. i see it. and go by. diehard pretty name outside levi stadium friday , the nfl pre season gets underway with a pre tailgate tailgate football's back. football is back. can't wait. we've been waiting all year for this long before the opening kick long before the first hit,
10:25 pm
49ers faithful are in regular season form outside, but also keeping both eyes on what will happen on the field. man this is more important than the regular games. right now. we got to see who's who and what they can be capable of doing. right now. i'm happy with what we've got our defense or offense. we're gonna do this. all this activity is doing reinvigorating the local economy struggling to take off covid and the seemingly endless parade of contagions that keep on coming. people are going out there enjoying themselves or having a good time, but economically, they're spending money. area businesses report a corresponding bump in sales because when the niners are playing in town, they bring out customers every single game of 49ers. we're always busy even though it's. there's no game where we have a lot of orders. but if there's a game, there's bigger orders. economic charity extends to area hotels, according to chamber of commerce ceo christian molasses. some people are coming from out of town, so they're staying in our
10:26 pm
hotels and enjoying our amusements and other entertainment. so it helps all of the businesses in the local area. a williams and his girlfriend, tisha in town, enjoying the ambiance while flying enemy colors. you know, you guys don't have a whole lot of luck against san francisco. it's alright. we're all at zero right now. so you know, it only takes one punch. yikes okay, the gauntlet has been thrown. tens of thousands of faithful are ready to answer the call because football is back when you are faithful, you get it from beginning to the end. that's right. and we here at the start of it outside levi stadium. jesse gary ktvu, fox two news. and we have much more on the niners first preseason game. the trey lance era has officially arrived. the 22 year old quarterback has the keys to the franchise. how he did in the first preseason game of the season, coming up later tonight. and another round of layoffs at
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peloton. why the company says it needs to let go of hundreds of employees. plus i've had to explain. those are needles and we don't touch needles, needles , trash and crime. parents fed up in san francisco after a homeless camp pops up near school, the changes they're demanding. and he said he would not be running. but new emails have some wondering if chase aberdeen will indeed run for san francisco district attorney again.
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state senator scott wiener of san francisco, says he's not giving up on his bill, which would decriminalize certain psychedelic drugs. winter said his legislation was amended yesterday, which allowed only a study of his proposal. weiner says his version would have legalized the possession and personal use of some hallucinogenic drugs, which he
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says could provide a critical mental health tool to treat addiction. ptsd anxiety, depression, especially, he says, for veterans. vice president kamala harris was in oakland ahead today to help city leaders announced a major investment in low income students. ktvu brooks jarocz attended the event and tells us why the vice president says the cause is personal. deep disparities hold back so many of our children. from that promise of equal opportunity. growing up in this community, speaking to her hometown crowd, vice president kamala harris applauded a $50 million investment to launch the oakland generation fund. the money will support every low income public school students and baby born into poverty. for harris. it's personal in this community that said, dream with ambition. lead with conviction. i grew up in this community.
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that said, don't you ever hear the word? no. don't you ever hear that something is not possible. because no one like you has done it before, and oakland. nothing will stand in the way of our children's audacious dreams. we are going to get to introduce the vice president of the united states mayor libby schaaf announced the generation fund will provide low income families with $500 college savings accounts for all oakland babies at birth. the target is 10,000 brilliant babies by 2035 grow. so will that investment. when they turn 18. this will help them as a down payment. on their education. and on their future. which, by the way is our future.
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the generation fund also boosts another program offering $1000 scholarships per year for oakland public school students to pursue a college degree or trade certificate, inspiring some of the city's most ambitious students excited to go to college and i grew up. this is showing us that no low income families should have to struggle financially on whether or not their kids should go to college. brooks jarocz ktvu, fox two news . president harris made a second stop in oakland at the chabot space and science center to talk about commercial space, and she met with leaders from us companies about their work to advance america's space industry and economy. according to the white house. some of the work these companies are doing includes observing earth from space servicing satellites in orbit and helping to build commercial space stations. the vp was joined by governor newsom and mayor shaft during her visit , harris spoke about how the
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federal government is supporting the space industry through regulations and sustainability. to maintain our position as the united states of america on this issue. it is critical that we work together. to understand where we are. to recognize and have the courage to speak truth about what is obsolete. and then to partner to ensure that we are speaking the same language very much. vice president harris is the chair of the national space council, which develops policy and strategy today, she announced the next meeting of the council will be september. 9th attend former district attorney chase a. bodine is making waves with the new fundraising email. the email is critical of the new san francisco de a. brook jenkins, saying she quote failed to meet the standards of the people of san francisco. deserve. and he called her behavior unethical. the criticism is in response to records that reveal jenkins was paid more than $100,000 as a
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consultant by a group linked to supporters of the chase. boudin recall, boudin has said he will not run again this fall, but he did not rule out a run next year in the regular election for d, a also in san francisco, a group of parents voicing their concerns over a homeless encampment near their kids elementary school as ktvu zach sauce reports. they say they want it cleared before school returns next week. it's not safe for children to have to walk around cars and into oncoming traffic. daniel sweeney, standing across from an encampment in the city's mission district that she says is forcing her kids to do just that class is scheduled to begin at marshall elementary next week. i'm disappointed that we can't do better for the children here who want to access their school tents, suitcases and other items blocking the northwest corner of 16th and cap street. so when he says she has taken her frustrations to everyone from the police to the city and
10:35 pm
district supervisor. zero responses persisting problem that she says has gone on for years. naomi fox also fed up she lives on the block her son, a first grader, marshall elementary, huge public safety concern, pedestrian safety, her primary concern, but i am definitely concerned about drug use around here. i see it every day. i live here. every time i walk past encampments, i see needles on the street scene, people. you know? in daylight shooting up as i walked by bob marcus says he does what he can to clean up. this is nothing compared to usually how it is. marquez works for city nonprofit , the downtown streets team but says relocating encampments isn't part of his job description. like these parents . he's worried about the kids. it's not good for them to have to go around. you know, in the morning the cars are going by department of emergency management, acknowledging the problem friday in a statement saying in part quote earlier
10:36 pm
this week, multiple individuals were placed into shelters and offered residential treatments. we continue to monitor the situation to ensure the area remains a safe passage for the community and children ahead of school starting next week. a sentiment echoed by san francisco supervisor hillary ronen, who said she has also been updating school administrators. meantime the san francisco unified school district says it's been in touch with the city as it prepares for the upcoming school year but until a more permanent solution is found, says, i have had to explain those are needles and we don't touch needles. and parents at marshall elementary say orientation for kindergarten is on monday. they're hoping that this encampment will be gone by them in san francisco's axa's ktvu, fox two news. coming up at 11 obey area nonprofit is looking for volunteers to help students to get back on track, the one on one tutoring they're hoping to provide for free. and
10:37 pm
barry a weather another warm day today, but we're gonna turn up the heat this weekend, but especially next week, we'll have the updated forecast coming up. up first, though new video into our newsroom of a large fire at an east bay commercial building will have details for yo
10:38 pm
10:39 pm
just before 8 15 tonight at an abandoned commercial building on washington avenue in san leandro . firefighters say they put it out within an hour of arriving on scene. we're hearing reports that no one was injured the cause of that fire currently under investigation. peloton says it plans to eliminate nearly 800 jobs in a third round of layoffs. the company says it will also begin shutting down in showrooms next year and raise
10:40 pm
the price of its bike plus to nearly $2500, an increase of $500. the company's treadmill will also increase by $800 to nearly 3500. peloton ceo says those changes are necessary to restore the company's cash flow. a rally on wall street today gave a key index its fourth week . on the plus side, the dow is up 424 points, the nasdaq gained 267 points and the benchmark s and p 500 jumped 72 points. that index has not had such a long winning stretch since november. tech stocks drove much of the rally. johnson and johnson is pulling baby powder containing talc around the world starting next year amid thousands of lawsuits that claim that cause cancer, the company says they will replace the talc with cornstarch allegations of the baby powder, causing ovarian cancer messed with elio mma have forced the change along with advanced going down. johnson and johnson says the change will
10:41 pm
simplify its product selection and meet evolving global trends. renowned author salman rushdie is said to be on a ventilator after being stabbed this morning in western new york. russian agent said that the author has injuries to his liver, his arm and he will likely lose one of his eyes. witnesses said. 24 year old man stormed the stage at the chappaqua institution where rushdie was preparing to give a lecture. and punched and stabbed him multiple times. rushdie was airlifted to the hospital, where he underwent surgery this afternoon. here's an individual who has spent decades speaking truth to power. someone who's been out there, um unafraid. despite the threats that have followed him as entire adult life, it seems 24 year old suspect was arrested at the scene. his motive is not known at this time. rushdie's book the satanic verses, was condemned by iran's then leader for blasphemy in 1988, iran offered over $3
10:42 pm
million in reward money for anyone who killed rushdie. actor and haitian remains on life support after friday's fiery car crash, which left her brain dead did not have spokeswoman said that she'll remain on life support while doctors determine if she can be an organ donor. the process could take one day to several days. hey she wanna daytime emmy for her work on another world. later, she returned to the big screen, starring in movies, including volcano with tommy lee jones and six days seven nights opposite harrison ford. well still to come. how much money sacramento will pay to the parents of a man shot and killed by police, plust a car sounds like without its catalytic converter after the break the new ways that people are using to try to fend off thieves. and warm temperatures are on the way. meteorologists mark tamayo is back after the break with what we can expect
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this weekend this weekend for years, california's non-gaming tribes have been left in the dust. wealthy tribes with big casinos make billions, while small tribes struggle in poverty. prop 27 is a game changer. 27 taxes and regulates online sports betting to fund permanent solution to homelessness. while helping every tribe in california. so who's attacking prop 27? wealthy casino tribes who want all the money for themselves support small tribes, address homelessness. vote yes on 27.
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you go by lots of titles. veteran, son, dad. -it's time to get up. -no. hair stylist and cheerleader. so adding a “student” title might feel overwhelming. but what if a school could be there for all of you? career, family, finances and mental health. it's coming along.
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well, it can. national university, supporting the whole you. is the city will pay stephon clark's parents $1.7 million after settling a lawsuit filed by the family. this is on top of
10:46 pm
$2.4 million the city paid to clark's two children through a wrongful death settlement. clark was shot and killed in 2018 when police were searching for a person breaking into cars. officers said they thought clark had a gun. it turned out to be a cellphone. that shooting sparked protests and eventually reforms in police use of force. can't let a converted apsara long running problem here in the bay area. it has gotten so bad. some drivers are taking extra precautions to stop thieves views. henry lee shows us how people are protecting their cars with cages underneath. yes that's what chris luck ins. nissan frontier sounded like after thieves stole his catalytic converter. he was moving his pickup when he immediately realized someone had cut out his emission control device. certainly let him know you're coming so lucky and brought his pickup to mgr mufflers and auto repair enrichment for a new converter and a cage made of rebar for added protection. it's just
10:47 pm
unfortunate that there is an outlet for people to be able to steal these valuable catalytic converters with the heavy metals. so it sounds like a semi truck. flores and his wife, liz, owned the shop. where on any given day 10 cars come in for converter replacements. they say thieves will hopefully skip cars outfitted with a rebar cage. i highly recommend the rebar cage . it has been super effective. it's very difficult to cut through. they know they're going to take more time. that's 12. they know they're going to make more noise, you'll have to pay thousands of dollars out of pocket for replacement converter, plus 308 $100 extra for protective cage. but should a thief remove the cage, which they say is fairly unlikely than insurance should cover it. these are everywhere, but police are making a dent. stolen catalytic converters spilling out from the trunk of this infinity that police chase along the peninsula at three in the morning friday before it crashed on highway 101 in san francisco. cut out device is also filled the back seat. at
10:48 pm
least one suspect was arrested. south san francisco coma police and the chp working together in the second chase and crash involving catalytic converter thieves in a little more than a week. the couple that owns the shop has a patent pending for this rebar cage, and they hope to spread this device across the region in richmond, henry lee ktvu fox studios. well barry weather it has been a comfortable week out there with the cloud cover in the morning. lots of sunshine temperatures in the mild to warm side, but we will eventually turn up the heat. it is still august, and we're still talking about the typically some some hot temperatures across the portions of the bay area this time of year. it looks like a returns sunday, monday and tuesday, especially for the inland neighborhoods. 95 to 100 degrees , temperatures up above the average and elevated fire danger with that heat building into the area. right now, though, we have lots of clear skies on the satellite. we looked likely had some patchy fog redeveloped. near the coast, pushing locally back into the bay as we head into the overnight hours. it's
10:49 pm
kind of the same message i've had over the past few nights of the weather pattern has not been changing too much. here's a live camera looking out toward the bay bridge out towards san francisco. and right now we have clear to partly cloudy skies. current numbers. it is a mild friday night, santa rosa 63 conquered 67 in san jose, reporting 65 degrees and mostly clear skies in the south bay. so tomorrow morning and patchy, low cloud coverage temperatures in the mid fifties to the mid sixties and then into the afternoon hours, we will increase the sunshine, maybe partly cloudy skies for portions of the coastline, especially south of the golden gate bridge tomorrow afternoon, and there is the eventual temperature range from the mid sixties, all the way to the lower nineties for the past week, even longer than that. we've been talking about this, that this trough out here in the pacific, this area of low pressure. this has been keeping our temperatures in check at least lots of seventies and eighties. looks like this area of high pressure. though this wants to build a back into the area. this will be the source of the heat, especially for the inland neighborhoods, and that
10:50 pm
will be this weekend, especially sunday, and the heat will peak in the next week, probably by monday and tuesday. by tuesday, the hottest locations could be close to 100 degrees. we will still have that onshore breeze that'll keep the beaches in the sixties to maybe 70 degrees, so i'll keep kind of setting up the microclimate here in the bay area into next week in lake tahoe right now we're showing you some of the current nations out there with the south lake tahoe right now reporting 57 degrees a beautiful weekend in the sierra, at least right around the lake. you can see lots of sunshine temperatures warming back up into the eighties after those chilly overnight lives. i guess we'll show you that graphic once again. it happened problem showing duplicate graphics in the show, but we're showing you once again a nice forecast in the sierra. take a look at the numbers for tomorrow afternoon here in the bay area lower nineties in santa rosa, san francisco 72 hotspots getting into the lower 90 degree range. i'm not talking about extreme heat just yet, but we're gonna ground you warm up those numbers a little bit into the weekend. san jose 87. morgan hill, 92
10:51 pm
gilroy 91 degrees. sunday will be the hottest day of the weekend. you see those temperatures trending back up mid nineties, at least around the bay eighties, you can see the beach is not warmed up too much upper sixties to write about 70 degrees, the real heat that will move into the region on monday and tuesday. looks like those two days will have temperatures close to 100 degrees for the hot spots still warming up around the bay and then maybe some relief by day five on wednesday, so looks like get ready. the heat is making a comeback this weekend and especially next week. okay mark . thank you. exhibit in san francisco is shining a light on a lesser known aspect of the anti war movement during the vietnam era. this is the last weekend to check out the exhibit called waging peace in vietnam. it examines how thousands of military service members and veterans took a stand opposing the war, sometimes at great personal risk. some refused orders to go to vietnam. other people refused orders and we're told that we're gonna go and they deserted wound up either
10:52 pm
underground in this country or went to canada or even went to europe. and then there were those of us like myself, who were active after i got back from vietnam. i was active in the anti war movement number of us put out an underground newspaper exhibit is on display at the san francisco veterans building on venice avenue across from city hall. it's open saturday and sunday. the california garlic festival gets underway tomorrow in the central valley. the event will take place in the san joaquin county fairgrounds in stockton's organizers of the gilroy garlic fest canceled their event in april. gilroy city leaders cited revenue laws, pandemic uncertainties and prohibitive insurance requirements following the deadly shooting at the festival. back in 2019 organizers hope the event in stockton will bring 10,000 people per day. quick reminder that ktvu is annual school supply drive is underway. ktvu
10:53 pm
partnering with nonprofits supply bank dot org donation drive, ask viewers to donate funds to help buy school supplies for bay area students in need of $20 donation is equal to $65 worth of supplies. our goal is to raise $50,000 to provide 2500 students with new supplies were really close to our goal and we could love your help. you can go to ktvu .com forward slash school. well, coming up next to san francisco. 40 niners preseason opener. we will break down the highlights and hear what quarterback trade lance had to say about his team's performance on the 11 o'clock news in new, strategically located fire station is now open in the east bay, the state of the art equipment that will help cruz
10:54 pm
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for their all-new subway series menu. you've never seen subs like this before chuck. meteoric meatiness, and chowtown cheesiness... let's go to our panel for more appetizing analysis. the new monster's bacon has consummate craveable crispiness! the new boss is a perfect ten. (♪ ♪) wait, what are we talking about? gronk! thank you for... nothing. (laughs) the new subway series. what's your pick?
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now the tray area lance getting his first action in the preseason this season. aaron rodgers sitting out tonight for the packers, first quarter packers leading 73. lance drops back and throws deep to rookie speedster danny gray gray trotting in for a 76 yard touchdown. lance's night would be over, finishing with 92 past yards and a touchdown, lance all smiles are turning to celebrate . second quarter backup quarterback nate sub field finds a wide open ray ray mccloud for the 39 yard. touchdown 49ers take the 17 7 lead then in the fourth packers leading 21 23rd string quarterback brock purdy finds tanner hudson for the five yard touchdown. purdy was the last player drafted in this
10:57 pm
year's draft known as mr irrelevant, but tonight's hero lance and fred warner celebrate with him. 49ers win 28 21. the niners defense forced three turnovers. but after the game it was all about trey lands. just try to get better. same thing, you know, kind of the training camp mindset. be efficient. move the ball. take care of the ball , man. give those guys a chance offensive line did a great job. excited to go back and watch the tape tonight and tomorrow and go through it, you know, with our coaches and our offense, but man learned a lot some good reps out there and super proud of just the young guys, especially to san francisco. we go giants trying to snap a two game losing streak, starting their weekend series with the pirates tonight . a perfect night out at oracle park is the driest try to catch up in the wild card standings. bottom 2nd 00 mike, you stream ski goes deep off bryce wilson? yes his 12th homer of the season. giants take a one. oh, lead. there we go. bottom of the
10:58 pm
fifth giants leading 31. yes again hits it deep to center pirate center fielder loses the ball in the lights. he drops it that brings in brandon bell turns on the jets, and they will score from the second. yes with the r b. i double giving the giants a 41 lead, and they hold on to win. 53 stepping two game losing streak. the san diego padres are without a shortstop fernando status jr. he has been suspended 80 games effective. immediately positive for performance enhancing substance , and that's in violation of major league baseball's joint drug prevention and treatment program. the suspension will cover the remainder of the season and will make him ineligible for the postseason. the padres are currently in the third and final wild card spot in the national league tough one for the aids, the oakland athletics squaring off against the houston astros a good crowd at minute maid park tonight as the a's were trying to snap a five game losing streak.
10:59 pm
scoreless in the second. jonah bride up to bat drills one deep to left field, a good bounce off the scoreboard gives the male machine some time to round those bases. the throat does not make it to the plate in time with a one nothing lead, but the stros fired back in the fifth inning. bases loaded kyle tucker up to bat, and it is gone. a grand slam for the astros. tucker's 21st homer this season. houston would go on to win this 1725 remaining in first place in the american league. and in a perfect example of how perseverance pays off. check this out. mom i'm going to the major leagues. going, mama. i'm going. thomas promise. mom, i'm going after 10 seasons in the miners went in, bernard finally got the opportunity to call his mom and tell her that he was
11:00 pm
called up to the majors by the colorado rockies. what a special moment for both of them. bernard singled and stole a base and scored on his debut tonight as iraqis beat the diamondbacks 53 . but this alone right here beats any highlights from the game just hits you right in the heart. it does the 11 o'clock news on ktvu. fox two starts now. it is already gis that somebody would do that to a 14 year old lot of gun on him just to take you know someone else's pet. shaken and scared, and oakland family is speaking out after their teenage son was robbed at gun point while watching while walking. his french bulldog family says this happened right in front of their home and the thieves got away with their dog. hello again. i'm christien kafton cristina rendon . that family is now desperately working to bring the frenchie home tonight. katie news. amberleigh is live in oakland after speaking with the boy and his mother, amber. christina mother and son are definitely


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