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surprising results in a new poll of california voters ahead of the 2024 presidential election. the results pitting president biden and former president trump against potential newcomers and the upcoming presidential race. hello. once again, i'm greg ligon cristina rendon. the poll comes from the uc berkeley's institute of governmental studies. ktvu jana katsuyama joins us live in the newsroom with which candidates california voters are favoring for the upcoming 2024 election. christina and greg. it's really interesting. this poll results actually had some interesting surprises. california democrats are evenly split on whether they want president biden to run for reelection and one republican, is emerging as a viable primary challenger against former president donald trump. the race for the white house is still two years away. but many voters already have made up their minds about another biden trump showdown in 2024 biden trump rematch. probably not my favorite rematch. no uc berkeley
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i g s poll released friday shows 71% of california voters do not want former president donald trump to run again. and 61% of california voters do not want president joe biden to run again. this is a state which biden won by 25 points. it's interesting that an incumbent president, you know, wouldn't have the backing of a solidly blue democratic state, the whole director mark dicamillo says. another surprise is the list of favorite presidential candidates among democrats and no party preference voters. it's interesting that governor newsom actually was at the top of the list. he and bernie sanders very close at first choice preference , and vice president kamala harris was third place behind them, so it's surprisingly uh week showing i would think for kamala harris in her home state among california republicans, trump leaves the field with support, mostly among strong conservatives and voters who have completed up to a high
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school degree. 38% of california republicans picked trump as their first choice, but the polls show 27% of california republicans favorite florida governor ron desantis. ask the voters and it shows how complicated 2024 could be vice president. yeah kamala harris, probably right. yeah somebody that you for? sure. um, the democratic candidate doesn't look like they can win. i would possibly vote for liz cheney. i like pete buttigieg, um i'm also a little open minded. i think it would be great to see mitt romney run again. i'd love to see some moderates come in either party. and mark dicamillo says that it is still early and, he says of democrats keep control of the house and senate during the upcoming midterm elections that would give president biden reason to run for re election loss, though likely would increase pressure for him to sit out and let someone new step forward christina jana katsuyama in the newsroom tonight, jenna. thank
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you. we could learn more next week about why the fbi searched the florida home of former president donald trump. the justice department has been instructed by the judge in the case to make redactions before he decides what to release. the deadline is thursday, the justice department has warned. they're likely to black out so much that the public will learn very little from what's left. the unsealed search warrant shows that agents were looking for violations of three federal laws, including the espionage act and obstruction of justice laws. trump claims the search was politically motivated. in michigan, a law banning abortion will not go into effect, at least for now. today, a judge blocked prosecutors from enforcing the law, which bans abortions without exceptions for rape or incest. it also would have allowed providers to be charged with a felony for giving the procedure. the law was triggered when the u. s. supreme court overturned roe versus wade . republican prosecutors say they plan to appeal the decision, a ballot initiative that i would add abortion rights
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to the state's constitution will be decided by voters in november. new at 11, a four year old in mountain view, is reportedly banned from his school after he refused to wear a mask. chronicle reports. a dispute erupted yesterday at theurkauf elementary when the child's father confronted school officials who have not let the boy on campus since monday. the mountain view wissmann school district he's one of the few districts in the state that are requiring students to wear masks . the father says his son has sensory issues and has trouble keeping it on. he told the paper that he is now considering filing lawsuit. we have an update tonight on the suspect accused of attacking a woman this week on bart contra costa county district attorney has charged edwin mizan with attempted rape, sexual battery and assault. san is accused of attacking a woman on her way to work in richmond on wednesday. the woman says she was on bart, when wasn't put his hand down her shirt. she bit him, bought
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him off and then took pictures of the man. he was later arrested, and now he is officially been charged. piedmont police are looking for two armed robbery suspects. it happened just before one o'clock this afternoon on hillside avenue between oakland and blair said the victims were eating lunch in a construction van when two people dressed in dark clothes approached the van. they had an assault rifle and handgun and demanded cash and tools. police say the suspects, then left the area in the car pictured here a gold ford alexis with the license plate three t t w 430. if you have any information, you're asked to call piedmont police. a liquor store worker in san leandro is worried that a group of thieves are targeting her. ktvu s amberleigh spoke with a woman who says the shop has been hit twice since may. this is surveillance video of a strong armed robbery at mel's liquors in san leandro thursday around
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12 30 in the afternoon. buchanan's a man asked for an item before turning around, grabs bottles off the shelf and runs out. the female worker chases after the thief as he runs out of the store at the same time inside. a second man also steals an item. the worker asked us not to reveal her identity feeling. nervous scared because we are from other countries, you know? we are here to work, but look at them. i don't like it. it's hard, you know, the worker tells me she's from nepal and that she's upset that there were witnesses, but nobody came to her aid country. if somebody is going to go still like that in every if somebody sees it, they're going to help it out, she says. this is the second time the store has been robbed since may. both incidents took place in the afternoon. she suspects it's the same people involved. the worker says it appears that thieves are
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targeting her there. just come when i'm here, you know. at night. we're open till two. they have more chances to robert, too, you know, because there is no people but they come and myself because i'm the easy target. in the first incident. there was a third thief, this woman in green in addition to the two men, they were seen taking items the store owner says this is an image of one thief that robbed the store. he estimates the loss to be about $1700. tough for a small business. it's upsetting that they they have to go through this. i just feel sorry for him. i mean, they're trying to do a good thing here. and they're getting taken advantage of the store on who tells me that thieves stole expensive bottles of liquor, so he now places them where they're harder to access. he shared this image of the suspect vehicle, a white dodge truck. there is a license plate , but police tell me the truck is a stolen vehicle in san leandro amberleigh ktvu. fox two news. millions of dollars in new
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state funding is coming to san francisco to improve and expand resources for api seniors in the city's sunset district. san francisco state assembly member phil ting announced the new funding $2.3 million will be used to renovate the south sunset playground clubhouse and another 1.2 million in state funding will support self help for the elderly. planned senior center on terrible street. we want to make sure that the community spaces that we have that are precious that people know where to go. people get services. we're trying to get them renovated and upgraded and so that they're ready for the next 50 years. the $3.5 million from the projects come from the funding through the state's 2022 through 23 budget. vegetation fire near highway one on one today, coming up what investigators believe might have sparked the flames and millions of americans are at risk of losing their medicaid health coverage unless you covid era declaration is extended the emergency declaration that might be extended into next year.
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californians have a choice between two initiatives on sports betting. prop 27 generates hundreds of millions every year to permanently fund getting people off the streets a prop 26? not a dime to solve homelessness prop 27 has strong protections to prevent minors from betting. prop 26? no protections for minors. prop 27 helps every tribe, including disadvantaged tribes. prop 26? nothing for disadvantaged tribes vote yes on 27.
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today more now from ktvu elissa harrington, who spoke with firefighters and a witness. it got pretty smoky. there was a lot of ash falling, getting caught in my hair and whatnot. marian coleman said he was heating up a plate of spaghetti in his rv at the nevada rv park on armstrong avenue when the
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power went out, and he saw people running ran out here, and that's when i seen fire. um, on the other side of the street here. and there's a whole bunch of cars here and there is people that are running trying to get their cars out of the way and stuff like that fire was burning right on the other side of the fence. coleman has several pets, including his dog, maya. he said he made sure all his animals were accounted for. in case he had to get out of there. you end up realizing that, you know. it can happen in a moment's notice where you have to leave everything. aerial video from sky. fox shows firefighters at the scene, fire officials say a downed power line started this fire on both sides of highway one. oh, one arrival we found about half an acre of grass and brush. um, actively burning. ah we closed both the north and south bend ramps to highway one. oh, one battalion chief jeff witt said they're investigating if account trance crane working on a project may have hit the
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lines. that line is meant to spin all the way across the freeway and for whatever reason, which we're not sure yet it's under investigation. that wire marked and came down. the chp issued a traffic alert. the smoke and ramp closures caused major delays. smart trains were halted because hose lines were laid over the railroad tracks to some restrictions on our water supply. we ran a hose line directly across the smart train tracks there. which means they have to stop service so their service was impacted for a couple of hours would. it said they were concerned flames would spread to a large woodpile nearby, but firefighters were able to contain this fire to less than two acres. no structures were damaged. p genie crews arrived to repair the line. and restore power to the area in novato. i'm elissa harrington ktvu, fox two news. new at 11. the biden administration is reportedly set to extend the covid public health emergency into january.
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that would mean that millions of americans will keep their medicaid health coverage, which was expected to end in october political reports. it will also boost other popular measures, including telehealth and increased hospital funding past the midterm elections. the seven day average for new covid-19 infections in california dropped on friday, the rate fell to just 26 per 100,000 people today, nearly half of the average of 56 per 100,000 in july. this is the lowest number since late june. daily covid deaths are increasing, with california reporting a seven day average of 47 deaths up from 34 a month ago. the bay area is averaging 10 covid related deaths per day . researchers at ucsf for gathering more information about the long term effects of covid-19. a study is now underway to better understand long covid. researchers are conducting a study by calling people in san francisco and san mateo county who have had covid-19 at least three months
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ago. researchers want to know about the patient's symptoms in the weeks and months after they first got infected. we don't have a lot of information about it, and that's really why we are in the position that we're in. and that's also why you know of the 15th centers across the country who are going to be looking at this. that ucsf center has really committed itself to understanding how common it is in population. studies designed to further explore long covid symptoms, which can range from breathing and lung problems to brain fog and mental health issues of the centers for disease control and prevention, is speaking out about the shakeup at her agency doctor rochelle wolinski tells fox news things had to change this week, the agency made staffing changes. and took steps to speed up and better communicate data releases, she said. what the pandemic showed is that the public needs timely data and updates. even if officials have to admit they
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don't have all the answers. what i told the cdc staff was that it took too long to get there, and it might have been a little bit messy along the way. my job is to do right by the cdc to do right by the american public and to improve health in this country. he said. the cdc responded faster to monkeypox. publishing details online to help increase understanding of the virus. juvenile hall counselor will spend several months in home detention for assaulting a minor what we know about the violent altercation. and help is on the way for tenants who live at a san francisco apartment complex plagued by problems what city leaders are doing now. adding whether the weekend is almost here. it looks like a little bit of a warm up in your saturday forecast
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tonight santa clara county juvenile hall counselor has been sentenced for punching a boy in slamming his head against the floor earlier this year. robert medellin will spend six months in home detention. a jury convicted medellin back in june for the attack that happened inside juvenile hall in april. authorities say two boys attacked another boy in managing intervened. they say he took one of them a 17 year old boy to the floor and punched him about a dozen times and slammed his head onto the floor before handcuffing him. it is problem after problem for people who live in a san francisco apartment building, residents say they are just fed up building at 33 to heba has been flooded twice and now reports of workers stealing from people's homes have prompted some tenants to look for a new place to live. ktvu christian captain explains how city leaders are now stepping in at one point, no
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less than four moving trucks lined the streets in front of 33 to hama residents moving their items out and, in some cases moving out permanently. the building has flooded twice once in june and again this month. residents like oscar herrero have been evacuated. i mean, i could definitely hear the water flowing. they just asked us to, like, evacuate through like the stairs, so i just i really wish i would have grabbed more things, seeing as how much of a hassle it's been now. the problems for residents at 33 to hama don't stop there. following the second flood video surfaced on social media purporting to be of contractors making their way inside units and, in some cases burglarizing them. now the supervisor for the district, matt dorsey, has written a letter to heinz, the property management company that owns and runs 33 to hama, acknowledging that the company has fired at least one contractor, but asking for more detailed information about how it's helping residents. the series of incidents. so what i'm asking for from heinz is nothing different than what the residents are asking who have been displaced. and that's why i
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would like some answers on what happened. and if you don't know where does the status of the investigation, the supervisor also sent the letter to san francisco's city attorney, the supervisor asking him to investigate whether the city has a legal interest in what's been happening at the property. it makes one wonder if there is a construction defect or if there is some kind of wrongdoing or malfeasance. i don't know the answer to this, but that's one of the reasons that i've asked the city attorney too. to take a look at this. while some residents are moving out. others say they plan to stay, but they're saying they have been told they won't be allowed to move back in until sometime next year. they're hoping for an end to the series of crises that have plagued this building right now. we haven't canceled our least we're still trying to figure it out. hope to come back, but we're not sure what that means. so yeah, it's kind of all in weird limbo right now. we received a statement from heinz spokesperson says the company has worked to make sure that the 500 people who lived here had temporary housing, offering hotel stays or per
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diems. but due to the extended repairs, they cut that program off on wednesday. they said they have 24 hour security on site here and that contractors will be escorted and recorded by security officers are encouraging anyone who believes they were the victim of a burglary to report that to the company. and the police. they're estimating that residents can return and possibly moved back in sometime in early 2023. in san francisco. christien kafton ktvu, fox two news. their forecast update. the weekend is almost here. it looks like a little bit of a warm up as we head into your saturday forecast, but all week long we've been talking about cool conditions, coast side with some fog and some hot numbers inland. you can see those temperatures from this afternoon. lots of nineties for concord, fairfield and antiochus this afternoon. here is the plan this weekend. no big changes. for tomorrow, the hottest locations will be close to 100 degrees. sunday though we do bring those temperatures down, as you can see, instead of 100, maybe some lower nineties by sunday with the cloud cover is still a
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factor sunday morning right now , the lack they thought below clouds trying to get their act together right now already near the coast and trying to push back into the bay for tonight. here is our live camera, checking out the bay bridge out here in the distance and current numbers still fairly mild evening out there. san francisco 59 conquered 68 san jose reporting 64 degrees. here's a forecast model once again is trying to increase that to fog. first thing tomorrow morning, not only coast side but right around the bay and maybe even some drizzle out there as well. and then into the afternoon hours, we will have clearing skies back to near the coastlines is still some patchy fog for portions of the shore line and temperatures inlet on track to reach the upper nineties to right around 100 degrees tomorrow afternoon. why so hot this week by this, this big area of high pressure has been building in. it's been, uh , strengthening and backing off a little bit tomorrow could be a little bit warmer across a portions of the bay area, but we still have that onshore breeze and with that, still some patchy
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fog. for the coast tomorrow afternoon. maybe sky is becoming partly sunny, especially maybe in north of the golden gate bridge for your saturday but seventies eighties, the hot spots inland and her mostly sunny skies will be in the upper nineties. close to 100 degrees for your saturday saturday will be the hottest day of the weekend inland. you can see her thinking with that cooling into sunday temperatures down a good oh, 6 to 8 degrees, and then in the monday a little bit of a temperature spike and then kind of settling down into a tuesday and wednesday, so i know it has been a hot week inland, but it looks like that sunday forecast is looking pretty good to bring in some relief here in parts of the bear. all right, mark. well if it's too hot around here, maybe you want to get away newer. at 11. southwest airlines is slashing prices on some flights with one way fares as low as 59 bucks on some routes. the sale runs through august. 26 flights must take place between september 6th and february 15th days around thanksgiving, christmas and new year are excluded. the golden gate
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fortune cookie factory is celebrating 60 years in san francisco city supervisor rafael gentleman tweeted out this photo of today's celebration, saying congrats golden gate fortune cookies company on 60 years in chinatown. here's to 60. more business has been in operation since 1962 making freshly baked fortune cookies in china town. yummy. coming up in sports. the oakland a's fall to the seattle oakland a's fall to the seattle mariners, look at the californians have a choice between two initiatives on sports betting. prop 27 generates hundreds of millions every year to permanently fund getting people off the streets a prop 26? not a dime to solve homelessness prop 27 has strong protections to prevent minors from betting. prop 26? no protections for minors.
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prop 27 helps every tribe, including disadvantaged tribes. prop 26? nothing for disadvantaged tribes vote yes on 27. large out-of-state corporations have set their sights on california. they've written prop 27, to allow online sports betting. they tell us it will fund programs for the homeless. but read prop 27's fine print. 90% of profits go to out-of-state corporations, leaving almost nothing for the homeless. no real jobs are created here. but the promise between our state and our sovereign tribes would be broken forever. these out-of-state corporations don't care about california. but we do. stand with us.
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so oh, giants face the colorado rockies and the first of a three series game in colorado. you can see some giants fans and attendance tonight we're starting off the bottom of the fifth, two outs, rockies up for nothing and l. uris monteiro
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extends their lead with a three run homer off. alex would that's montero's second home run of the night. now top of the six giants looking to crawl their way back into this one, and j. c. peterson rips one to left field barely stays fair. to get the giants on the board. now top of the seventh bases loaded austin slater lines went right field, bringing home brandon crawford and jd davis 74. iraqis finally, top of the night. daniel bard is dealing three straight strikeouts to end the game. rockies win this one. 7 to 4. the giants are now six games back in the national league wild card race across the bay. the aids faced off against the mariners in oakland tonight in a best of three series, starting off in the bottom of the first inning. mariners up one nothing not for long, though. chad pinder lining one of the left field throw is office mark were tied up at 11 top of the sixth. here we go. you know suarez at the plate. he hits one deep to
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center field. that's actually his second home run of the night and 22nd of the season score 32 here, but the mariners would have run away with this one winning 10 to 2. 49ers play the minnesota vikings tomorrow in minneapolis. but don't expect to see trey lands or any other starters in the game. head coach kyle shanahan says they will likely rest after the niners scrimmaged against the vikings for the past two days. these joint workouts can get a bit chippy and some 49ers players have some mixed opinions on their effectiveness. i like the way we did it this time. we didn't really prepare for him. we just showed up and it was like it's a different look for everybody. both teams, i think benefited from this. yeah. i didn't like it, too. i feel like it's a waste of time personally, but it was boring. for sure. he's honest, even if lance doesn't suit up tomorrow, he did get a chance to entertain his alma mater. land spent several hours thursday talking and taking pictures with more than
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100 players, coaches and staff at his old high school, marshall high southwest of minneapolis. legendary hall of fame broadcaster joe starkey announced that he will retire as callous football radio play by play announcer following the upcoming season. the field. what a classic call starkey, best known for his. the band is out on the field call of the play in 1982 of that cal stanford football game. starkey who was celebrating his 81st birthday, october, has called more than 500 cal football games dating back to 1975. i don't want to be the guy who stayed a year until somebody says cheese. he didn't get that right or it didn't get that name right. so i felt it was better to go out and had a heck of a run, and i may already be the oldest play by play guy in the country for all i know, but i still enjoy it, but i think it's time. well congratulations to him. it's gonna be a really good season.
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i'm sure and also, i always remember marco baniyas say that he was there for that game for that call. so shanna to mark thanks so much, and thanks so much for joining us tonight, here on the 10 o'clock news. we here on the 10 o'clock news. we appreciate it. -(indistinct conversations, glass clinking) -claire: speech! speech! okay, okay, okay. settle down. um... it's hard to believe i'm 50. a-a-as of today, i'm middle-aged. what's he been the last 10 years? delusional. he thinks he's a millennial, like us. i've thought a lot about what's next. -51. -thank you, buddy. and it's important that i continue to grow and that i stay mentally challenged. which is why i am starting... piano lessons, so that by next year's birthday, i'll be good enough to perform in public. oh, great. another thing to go to. also, i'm gonna learn how to speak spanish. iexcelente! uh, i -- i haven't started yet. um, and finally, um -- and i know it's a little bit of a midlife-crisis cliché, but... (chuckles) i'm gonna learn how to ride a unicycle!


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