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tv   KTVU FOX 2 News at 4  FOX  August 26, 2022 4:00pm-5:00pm PDT

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the former president, it may in fact, be a criminal act from ktvu. fox two news. this is the fourth breaking news right now. one man wounded in the shooting on board a bart train in oakland right now, police are combing a train for evidence. welcome everyone to the four on this friday afternoon heather holmes alex savage. bart officials just gave us a briefing on this shooting a short time ago. let's get right to this breaking news and ktvu christian captain, joining us now live from bart headquarters in downtown oakland. christian? what have we learned? yeah here's what we know. so far that police briefing just wrapped up in about the last 5 to 10 minutes or so they tell us that one man was on board that train when he was shot by another man at the fruitvale station to suspect we're hearing got off the train at the fruitvale station, the train that made its way here to the lake merritt station where we are right now, right across the street from bart headquarters here in oakland. that's where that victim
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received first aid. we also spoke with a witness who was on board that train and she did not see the shooting or hear it, but she describes the scene immediately afterwards. we had stopped and we saw someone running into our card and then running back away and we were trying to figure out what was happening. there was a little bit of shouting but couldn't really make of it kept looking back, people in the car trying to figure out what happened. ktvu cameras were there as one man was led from this lake merritt station to a patrol car where police detained him. witness tells us that minutes after this incident minutes after she arrived here at the station, that train was evacuated, she told us eventually, the entire lake merritt station was evacuated. police did not offer her a lot of information at that time. but again, bart police now say that this appears to have been a targeted shooting. not a random attack. based on the video that
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we have received at this time. we're pretty confident that this was not a random attack appears to be that it was a targeted attack. and as we continue our investigation that we continue to look through video and collect video that will confirm what we believe happened today. no witness tells us that this was a san francisco daly city bound train. our chopper was able to follow that train, which was rerouted to the richmond railyards. since it arrived there in richmond. we have seen investigators coming and going in and out of that train, presumably looking for evidence . all the scenes all this events here unfolded very quickly, but we were fortunate enough to have my colleague evan sernoffsky, who arrived on scene shortly after all of this was unfolding evidence first off about that man that we saw in that car. it now appears that he was not a suspect in this. that's right. when we first got here is a very
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chaotic scene. that man had been detained at gunpoint and was being held in the back of one of those patrol cruisers, but we just learned moments ago from police chief ed alvarez that that was not the suspect that police are looking for the suspect was actually at lake merritt. station one stop away. he had opened fire on this person. the train doors close. closed. and the train arrived here now they learned that after going over all of the numerous amounts of security footage and interviews with those witnesses who exonerated that guy that they had all that happening at the fruitvale station and the train and making its way here to lake merritt, did it appear to you that the police were looking for additional suspects at that time? yeah. they were looking for people here trying to find somebody that matched that description. now, in the last couple hours, they've been able to review that security footage and see that it is just that one individual at the fruitvale station who had opened fire, they said it appeared to be a targeted shooting, so there wasn't a risk to the public, but
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they're still looking for that individual right now. and then last question, evan about the victim. that's the one person we haven't heard a lot about. we heard that that person was transported. that man was transported. have you heard anything but witnesses able to tell you anything about that victim's condition. one thing we did learn is that victim they were able to get that person out of here quickly into an ambulance and to highland hospital. we also know from the chief that they applied a tourniquet to that person's arm, and they hope that that will stop some of the bleeding and allow them to hopefully save this person's life. but right now it's still touch and go, according to the chief persons in serious condition, evan sernoffsky great details. thank you so much for that, offering those details there again. police now say that they're searching for one suspect was able to get off that train at the fruitvale station, the victim able to make his way here to the lake merritt station that is again where we're hearing from the bark police chief that a bart police officer was able to get to that victim within a minute and a half of them arriving here to apply a tourniquet to that man's arm.
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they're hoping to save his arm. at this point, though, the police did say that the victim had been transported suffering from life threatening injuries. it now seems that that victim could possibly recover. we will continue to monitor developments here. as a matter of fact, i just asked bart police chief at alvarez to stand by. we're going to re interview him. try to find out a little bit more detail on this door and bring those to you throughout the evening. but for now, we're live in oakland at the lake merritt bart station. christian captain ktvu. fox two news. obviously though very unsettling situation for all of those people on bar today, christian, thank you. the justice department unsealed an fbi affidavit today made up of more than three dozen pages, and it provides some new details about the justification used to search former president trump's mar, a lago home release ordered by a federal judge comes 18 days after agents searched and retrieved documents from mr trump's home. our political reporter greg lee joins us now
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to outline what we've learned and also reaction from the speaker of the house, greg alex . the affidavit is heavily redacted. the doj says to checked witnesses, law enforcement and the integrity of the ongoing investigation. but it still provides insight into the timeline and circumstances that led to the mar a lago search. it is important for us to know. at some point. how it risk our national security was house speaker nancy pelosi, reacting to the heavily redacted fbi affidavit released by the justice department, federal agents use the document to justify searching former president trump's mar a lago estate. the affidavit underscores the fact that not only was this a reckless act by the former president it may in fact, be a criminal act. according to the document, the fbi reviewed 15 boxes retrieved from mara lago in january. the boxes contained 184 classified documents. 25 marked top secret 67 confidential and 92 secret,
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it says there's probable cause to believe evidence of obstruction will be found the fact that they asked for it that the former president knew that he had it and that he didn't give it over indicates that just retaining the document could amount to obstruction. in of justice, the former president responded on his social media platform writing, which hunt and also saying judge bruce reinhardt should never have allowed the break in of my home. the affidavit does not address the 11 sets of classified records seized during the august 8th search, also released a letter from trump's lawyer arguing the former president had absolute authority to declassify documents. president biden scarfed at that assertion classified everything in the world. i'm president i can do come on. i'm not going to comment, because i don't know the details. i always want to know. let's just department take that you can still obstruct justice. you can still violate the espionage act. you can still unlawfully really retain government documents, even if
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you declassify those documents, trump spokesperson tweeted what is unredacted only further supports president trump's position. there was no reason for a raid. it's all politics. in fact, the justice department has its case to make. what how can they possibly say it is politically motivated unless they are projecting their own political motivation in these matters of national security? as for what is next, the investigation will continue for some time, and the attorney general will determine if the evidence warrants criminal indictment against former president trump in studio greg lee ktvu fox two news a former air force sergeant sentence for the murder of a santa cruz county sheriff's deputy was transported to a california state prison. 33 year old steven correa was sentenced to 41 years in prison for the killing of sergeant damon guts. weller in june of 2020 opposed from the center, cruz county sheriff's
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office read in part quote today , steven carrillo is being transported to a california state prison and sergeant guts weller's handcuffs. while nothing will bring damon back, there is comfort in knowing the person who caused so much harm will not be capable of inflicting that harm on anyone else. korea admitted to being a member of an extremist group that advocates the violent overthrow of the government sergeant guts, weller was ambushed and ben element as he investigated the deadly shooting of a federal officer in oakland. what happened a week earlier. investigators with the contra costa county sheriff's office arrested one of their own deputies accused of stealing and possessing illegal firearms. 41 year old matthew buckley is a 15 year veteran of the department. he once received an award for deputy of the year he's accused of felony grand theft of a firearm, stolen property, filing a false report and possession of a controlled substance. the investigation into exactly what happened and how is still ongoing. in the meantime,
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buckley is on paid administrative leave from the sheriff's office. domestic violence call in the east bay city of oakley turned into a deadly confrontation with police investigators say it started just after 10 30. last night, a woman called 911, saying that her boyfriend was holding her captive. while driving around in a vehicle. she said that he had a gun and was threatening to kill her and himself. she was able to get away once the two arrived at a home there on theresa lane. officers arrived and said they tried to talk with the man, but he did not respond . there was an hours long standoff at around 1 15. this morning, the man fired several several shots of police. and an officer returned fire. the suspect fired at officers in front of the residents and one officer returned fire, striking the suspect they provided medical assistance, and the suspect ended up dying on scene. no one else was injured. police say the van they shot and killed was 58 years old, but they have not yet released his identity.
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moderna is suing fizer for allegedly copying its technology to create its covid-19 vaccine claims that fizer and its german partner, biontech copied the rna technology that moderna patent years before the pandemic. pfizer says it is surprised by the suit, saying it's vaccine is based on proprietary technology advisor says it will vigorously defend itself lawsuit is to recover monetary damages, moderna says it's not seeking to stop the production of the vaccine, abortion rights supporters and anti abortion groups faced off this morning at a demonstration at uc berkeley. about 50 abortion rights supporters rallied and marched on the campus of much smaller group of anti abortion activists showed up to oppose the rally. both sides accused the other of spreading misinformation and propaganda on campus. we're here to show the students at berkeley that this is not really acceptable to have on their campus and we are going to stand
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up for it as long as they keep coming out and as long as abortion is not legal nationwide. the abortion rights protesters also said there in support of a state ballot initiative which would amend the state constitution to protect the right to an abortion and other reproductive rights. the anti abortion protesters declined to speak with ktvu at the protest. a warning for the chairman of the federal reserve . what's ahead is the u. s. continues to try to slow inflation. we talked with the financial expert about the unintended consequences, plus close call and concerns about a nuclear disaster. the new details surrounding explosions and one of europe's largest nuclear facilities as the fighting continues between russia and ukraine. afternoon highs are up over many parts of the bay area. i'll have a look at the current conditions and the cool down expected for your bay area we
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as edward lawrence tells us during the fed's annual policy forum in jackson hole. paul said that cooling high inflation could also bring pain to households and businesses nationwide. a forceful and very direct message from jerome powell on friday, the fed chair quantifying the economic pain the fed's policies will cause to bring down inflation to its 2% target. reducing inflation is likely to require a sustained period of below trend growth. while higher interest rates, slower growth and softer labor market conditions will bring down inflation. they will also bring some pain to households and businesses. these are the unfortunate costs of reducing inflation. but a failure to restore price stability would mean for greater pain. paul says it will be appropriate to slow the pace of rate increases in the future. he made no mention of a rate cut, and another
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unusually large increase could be appropriate at our next meeting. powell did say the economy continues to show strong underlying momentum despite some mixed signals on growth. the commerce department's pc reading on inflation showed a slight improvement in july to 6.3% though it remains close to the strongest pace since 1982. the bones of our economy are sound, and we've just gone through something that's unprecedented with this pandemic. once we're past that because the bones are sound, i think in a good place for growth, experts believe the economy will slow down further as the fed's rate increases will push borrowing costs higher in jackson hole, wyoming. i'm edward lawrence fox business and the fed chair's comments about the need for more large rate increase has led to a sell off on wall street. today the dow jones dropped by more than 1000 points just over 3. the s and p and the nasdaq also suffered steep losses, with both of those indexes logging their biggest one day drop since mid june. for more we're joined now by george
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torchetti, wealth advisor at morgan stanley, george. always great to have you on here. let's let's start with what we saw on wall street today, the fed, obviously signaling it's going to keep interest rates high and keep those rate hikes going for a longer period of time to try to cool inflation. how did investors interpret the message from the central bank? well, let me bring you back to yesterday. yesterday the market was euphoric because they thought that j people, um at jackson hole, wyoming, where the whole world is really watching was going to be a little bit lighter in his comments about raising the interest rates. um and so the market was way up today, though, um, he was he was just saying what he's always said. we're going to increase the interest rates were going to make them aggressive until we can hold inflation down. and for that reason, the stock market tank today, and the dow was down about 1000 points and 3% overall and all the indexes and that just showed shows how the stock market and individual investors are really fighting the federal reserve. you just have to listen to what jay powell says what
4:18 pm
he's talked about for the past few months. that's what he's doing right now is raising the discount rate the rate that they lend money to banks. that are raised the interest rates and that will help to theoretically to cool the economy. fed chair tyrone pal said in those comments today, his plan is to bring inflation under control. and he says this is going to result in some pain for americans. what do you think he meant by that? what exactly is this going to look like for families already dealing with record high inflation? right well, he's already talked about how raising the lundy rates are going to cost cost people more money. but it did use this adjective today pain and that and that really shocked the market. so at morgan stanley, you know our projection is that when the federal reserve meets in september, the base cases they're going to raise the discount rate to banks by about one half of 1. but after today's meeting, the market is really worried. he's going to raise it to, you know, three quarters of a percent and they made and they may do that, but but but they're really going to do it. as jay powell said. they're going to be data dependent, so a big day will be next week. on friday,
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the new jobs report comes out and that's been off the hook. we've been developing all these jobs that helped to create inflation and a really hot economy if that number comes out too high that will give pal cause to raise the discount rate. but if it slows down as we think it will slow down, then we have our base case of 50 basis points. also we're going to be looking at a couple of weeks for the consumer price index report. and if we see inflation also going up, that's going to definitely give the federal reserve cause to raise the discount rate, you know, up to 75 basis points. alright well speaking of employment in this country, based on the fed chair's comments, obviously he is willing to see unemployment creep up just a little bit higher to lessen consumer demand here. how much softening. are we likely to see in the labor market to just to satisfy the fed chair? well when he was using the word pain. that's what he meant. it means that some people will be laid off and out of work, but we think it may be will be a half a point. you know
4:20 pm
if unemployment gets to 4% right now, it's a 3.45. however the big areas at 1.9. we're all the tech jobs are, but he is looking for, you know some layoffs that will cause less spending that will cause less salary increases , and that's just one of the levels that he's really pulling to try to get because it's really more important. i mean, we might have some short term pain right now, and it's never good for the individual who was feeling that pain. but long term we don't want inflation to go on very long. that just hurts everybody over a long period of time. so the fed. hopefully they're not over their skis. they're aggressive and raising their rates. 50 basis points as aggressive. 75 is even more aggressive, and we're going to see those kinds of raises, probably till the end of the year until we see the data come in, and that's when the federal reserve will then take a pause y want to get it right. and so to do that they might be over their skis a little bit, but we'll have to see what happens on that. yes certainly and the fed has another rate setting meeting. coming up next month, and we'll see sort of where they land with this next rate hike here and what we need to keep an
4:21 pm
eye out for us as we move closer to that meeting. well i think you just haven't you have to anticipate, he says he's going to raise the rates. he's not going to pull back. he's got a target of about 3.5% by the end of the year. that's definitely going to happen. that means that lending rates are going to be higher. that means the cost of business is going to be higher, especially when the growth companies the tech companies go out to borrow. it's just going to cost them more. that's going to reduce profitability, and that's not going to be a fork in the stock market that's going to cause the stock market to not have these great increases that we've seen in the past two or three years. i mean, the market will be okay by the end of the year. when things get more stable, but right now there's just a lot of unknowns with inflation is really the key culprit here right now. all right, george new chetty. morgan stanley always appreciate the time. thank you. thank you, alex. alright now onto the numbers outside our doors this afternoon temperatures warmed up at least pay a few degrees over some spots. this despite deeper marine layer out there and a beautiful view right behind me, and we'll take it full view and give you san francisco there front and center, where the low clouds are already moving back over the city and will cross
4:22 pm
towards the east bay by about sunset. tomorrow morning, we wake up with the low clouds, the patchy drizzle and the fog once again storm tracker to hear not tracking any rain unfortunate neatly but we do have enough drizzle some areas picked up a few 107 inch earlier this morning and tomorrow we're likely to see that drizzle back again. the onshore briefs are fairfield right now is a week one. we've got 60 mph reported there in northwest breeze in oakland at 17. and a south and southeast breeze over areas of novato, napa and santa rosa temperatures again on the warm side, especially inland. we've got upper eighties right now in brentwood, 92 reported in livermore into the north bay. very pleasant and napa at 77 69 , berkeley, 65, san francisco and on the water half moon bay reporting 61 degrees. so another day of, of course, or summertime spread 30 35 miles or 35 degrees from one end of the bay area to the other, and you can see here where we are warmer this
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afternoon, up by six and fairfield up by six over santa rosa for the inner east bay, three degrees warmer in livermore. we are going to call things back. getting into the weekend temperatures will be dropping for inland cities be nice and warm, but not as hot as today. if you're going to the coliseum to watch the game a little bit later we're talking. partly cloudy sky 65 degrees west breeze about 15 mph. win the game. he begins at 6 40, so some good weather. they're expected. it will continue to cool off into the evening hours. so make sure you plan ahead with maybe a jacket or dress in layers. better details on the temperatures expected for the weekend and the extended forecast coming up. okay, rosemary. you nearly $300 million in fraudulent loans. the secret service seizing those funds as part of a sweeping investigation into pandemic relief.
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zain tablets to people who live near the nuclear plant that went offline yesterday. sps grow about a radiation leak or other
4:26 pm
catastrophe. more shelling was reported in that area overnight , with fires burning around the plant foxes alex hogan is learning more about what went wrong yesterday. ongoing finding around these apparition nuclear power plant, sparking global concerns after ukrainian president vladimir zelensky warned the plant narrowly avoided a catastrophe permanent. we are doing everything to prevent an emergency scenario because every minute of the russian military staying at the nuclear plant is a risk of a global radiation disaster. ukraine is blaming russia for shelling near the plant on wednesday, saying it started a fire near the russian occupied facility, causing the plan to become disconnected from the power grid for the first time in history, the plant was able to get back online using emergency backup diesel generators, which had to be activated to supply power to the plant and avoid a radiation disaster. showing your furniture was the diesel generator had not been turned on . if the automation and our
4:27 pm
station staff had not worked after the blackout, we would now be forced to overcome the consequences of a radiation emergency. moscow however, is blaming key for targeting these apparition power plant. as a result of the strikes, four shells exploded in the area of the oxygen nitrogen generator. following a call between president joe biden and president zelensky. the white house is urging russia to give up control of zappa regis, saying a nuclear plant should not be the backdrop of a war russia should agree to deem demilitarized zone around the plant around the plant continues . delegates from the international atomic energy agency are expected to visit the site within the coming days. in kiev, ukraine. alex hogan fox news on the secret service says it has been able to recover nearly $300 million in fraudulent fraudulently obtained pandemic loans and return that money to the government of the secret service partnered with the small business administration on the criminal
4:28 pm
investigation, which began in the early months of the pandemic, authorities say unidentified suspects here in the u. s and overseas. set up more than 15,000 fake accounts to take out government relief loans. the majority of the accounts had been established using synthetic identities stolen, personal identifiable, identifiable information. or. utilization of willing and unwilling money meals. the government accountability office reported earlier this year that while agencies were able to quickly distribute pandemic relief funds, it did not have systems in place to identify errors and fraud. all right. more answers from the release of the fbi affidavit and a lot more questions. we're going to sit down with professor jessica levinson of loyola law school to find out what this could all mean for former president trump also zuckerberg san francisco general hospital celebrates 150
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years of service we take a look back at some historic milestones for the hospital
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the former president trump's moral lago estate. and today the justice department released a redacted version of the affidavit that was used as probable cause of the document did reveal some new details about the federal government's efforts to recover classified documents from mr trump's home. all right for more on what we learned from the release of this affidavit, we're joined now by jessica levinson, professor at loyola law school. jessica
4:32 pm
always good to have you on. we appreciate the time. let's talk about some of the most significant takeaways from the affidavit. does it lay out a clear justification for the fbi search. i think it does. i think what we see here is that first it was the national archives and then, when they were alerted by the national archives, it's the department of justice who are saying to the former president. we think you have the people's documents. we think you have government documents to which you are not entitled and not only, you know, documents to which the president is not entitled, but documents which threaten our national security and you see mentions here of human intelligence. that means spies who are were working potentially in foreign countries. and so we have two things. we have basically really important information and that it's stored where it shouldn't be at the former at the former president's residents, and those two things together, give rise to the need for the search warrant. you have the
4:33 pm
conversations between and part former president trump's attorneys and the department of justice, saying, give us this information and it's clear that they're not giving it over. that's the need for the search warrant and professor. we did also learn a lot more about the timeline. how all of this you know what led up to what happened in august, including some of the documents that the trump team did, in fact, turn over to the fbi earlier on in the year was something like 185 classified. documents from 15 boxes. and what do we glean from that information? what we gleaned is that the former president took a lot of documents, which he it appears should not have. and so the fact that they gave over some of those documents. i think it is, in part what, actually further the investigation because it looks like the national archives and the department of justice absolutely thought that there was more and there was more again that was potentially jeopardizing our safety, and that's why i just handing over
4:34 pm
those 184 documents. wasn't the end. the fact that he had them at all is problematic. but the fact that the department of justice kept moving and saying, we need the search warrant. we think there's probable cause that there's evidence of a crime at mara lago and with a lot of specificity, one of the things we see in this affidavit is there's really pinpoint the location at mara lago, where these documents were. i think that means there are people in trump's inner circle who are cooperating with law enforcement here. mr trump's attorneys, as you know, they attached a letter to this released affidavit saying, making a few arguments here. but one of them being that they argue that the criminal statute on classified materials does not apply to presidents or two former presidents. what do you make of that argument in particular? so a couple of things one. i read the letter as basically saying that presidents have broad discretion to declassify that's different from and the president properly declassified in this case, but let's imagine that he did even
4:35 pm
that does not solve the problem here, this three statutes that are issued at issue obstruction of justice, the espionage act. unlawful taking of government documents. none of those require on their face that the documents be classified. and so i understand that's the argument. but if that's your defense, i'm not sure it's a really strong one. and professor. as we wrap up this conversation, the fbi saying that there was likely evidence of obstruction but all of these redactions they really keep the secret about the obstruction evidence you know, out of public view, at least for now. that's right. i mean, we can imagine, and of course, that's where we are right now that part of the obstruction claim would be the crime of taking and retaining this information and then not giving it back when there's an ongoing investigation, and the department of justice says we need it, but that's a guess we don't have specifics, particularly with respect to that obstruction of justice claim here. alright, well, we appreciate your insight today on
4:36 pm
the release of this affidavit, jessica levinson from loyola law school. always appreciate you coming on. thank you. thank you. house speaker nancy pelosi was in san francisco earlier today to host a discussion on protecting reproductive rights speaker pelosi visited ucsf medical center in mission bay peninsula. congresswoman jackie speier and several other local leaders also joined her. the roundtable took place on women's equality day, speaker pelosi says it's also a women's health day of action. we take pride in california's leadership on reproductive health as a beacon of hope and refuge in a time of widespread fear. emboldened by the radical supreme court, extreme alga republicans are inflicting unimaginable pain on women and their families. speaker. pelosi also says today , house democrats mobilized for a day of action all across the country to show what she described as quote fierce
4:37 pm
opposition to right wing attacks on women's reproductive rights. well, a big milestone this weekend for zuckerberg san francisco general hospital, it will celebrate 150 years of service. throughout those years , the hospital has responded to major disasters from the 19 oh six earthquake to the aids epidemic in the 19 eighties to the battle against covid-19 joining us now live to talk about this landmark anniversaries can merit of the ceo of the san francisco general hospital foundation. thank you so much. kim for being here, boy. what an incredible milestone you have coming up this weekend. talk about the significance of this anniversary on sunday. well zs mgs remarkable history is absolutely inseparable from the past, present and future of saint francisco and the hospital has been on the front lines of public health for decades. um and really, we're thrilled to be able to share that story and showcase the truly exemplary resource that the s f g is for the community about health,
4:38 pm
equity and inclusion. during good times. it serves 20% of san franciscans and for example, during the covid pandemic, it just served up to 30% of san franciscans helping people for so many years in san francisco. can we go go back a bit, too? obviously, just a tremendous disaster in san francisco when the 19 oh six earthquake struck. we all know much of the city was destroyed, either buildings collapsed, or we saw massive fires, but san francisco general hospital survived that quake, and obviously so many people were injured, also suffering from outbreaks of disease in the city. what role did that facility play in helping people after that disaster? well the 19 oh six earthquake absolutely affected everyone in san francisco and the s f g was truly at the center of providing stability and care. um after both the earthquake and then the
4:39 pm
fires that followed as the city rebuilt than the black plague came along, and then the city and county actually, then went on to create isolation wards and create new models of care related to that new challenge for the community, and so it's been this fearless leader for compassionate and team based care. um again for decades from the time of the when it opened in april 28th 18 72 and till 19 oh, six when we had the earthquake, followed by the black pilling followed by the spanish flu, and then you could look ahead into 1981 when it opened the first aids ward in the world. yeah yeah. i mean, that is really when i think people maybe my age really come come to understand the importance of sf general. i mean the experience with aids, the lessons learned they were certainly applied recently during the pandemic as well.
4:40 pm
absolutely in fact, i would say , um, looking back to 1981. it was this model of compassionate care where you brought together. the physicians from ucsf who have been participating with the general since 18 73, the research component, the compassionate care the dedication to patients and bringing everyone together. in that model was so critical as we went on to take care of the community during the covid pandemic, and as i said earlier , the s f g took care of over 30% of saint franciscans during the covid pandemic and remarkably, and this is truly i think the landmark piece of information only 800 people died in san francisco over a two year period during the covid pandemic , and that was truly because of
4:41 pm
the medical leadership at csf g, coming together with the civic leadership to provide care and to do the predictive analytics about how to deliver that care and where the communities of greatest need were so that secretary could be there for all members of our community. remarkable response during these crises came before we go. we're almost out of time here. but just when you let everyone know about the celebration coming up this sunday to mark 150 years of service for san francisco general absolutely. so there is a five story banner that has now , um, on the front of csf g. and so you can certainly see that we also have banners throughout the city as we launched the 150th anniversary and the mayor has declared august 28th. the zuckerberg san francisco general hospital day. and then we will continue this legacy throughout the year and have our
4:42 pm
culmination of many of these activities, including our parts in us f auction for all of the hearts that we will be commissioning on february 9th 2023, then we will bring that theme all the way forward into august 28th 2023 or more celebrating to come. alright. kim meredith really appreciate your time today. thank you. thank you. still to come here on the foreign art exhibition gets a lengthy extension. the end demand designs part of the globe ture exhibit and where you can see it. and i'm tracking a cool down in time for your bay area weekend. better details on what you
4:43 pm
4:44 pm
for decades, i've worked at the intersection of domestic violence and homelessness. so when prop 27 promised solutions to homelessness, i took a good, hard look. it's not a solution. 90% of the money goes to the out-of-state corporations who wrote it. very little is left for the homeless. don't let corporations exploit homelessness to pad their profits. vote no on 27. you have even more time to see who pays extraordinary creations
4:45 pm
at the legion of honor museum in san francisco and joining us now live this afternoon as thomas campbell, ceo and director of the fine arts museums of san francisco boy, what an exciting and beautiful exhibition and now it's being extended. it's fantastic, heather for having me on. yeah we're just thrilled. we've had a record number of visitors since the show opened in april. something like 175,000 people have seen group pays beautiful fashion ensembles, and we're just thrilled that we can extend it for another three months. talk about her designs. i mean, they are extraordinary. yeah she i mean she grew up in miles china, an era of suits and total anonymity. but she was inspired by stories that her maternal grandmother told her about the beautiful, beautiful textiles. she she had as a child at the tail end of the qing
4:46 pm
dynasty, and when goa pay grow up and became a professional designer, she set up her own, could sure house called the rose studio. and she's realized this very, very beautiful costumes that are partly party fashion, but they're also theatrical. they blend different influences from around the world, their fantasies and staging them in the museum. you really have this fantastical sense. there's music . there's light and the just these are transporting the quality of the fabric. the materials, the craftsmanship. some of these. some of these costumes took literally this dress that took 50,000 hours to make so it really is out of this world. they are beautiful. so what can people who are attending the exhibit? what can they see how many of her works are on display? so we have about 80 ensembles, and about two
4:47 pm
thirds of that is downstairs in the exhibition space where you see the different collections, but also we worked really closely with with goa pay to choose some pieces to have up in all permanent collection galleries, along with the sculptures and ceramics and paintings. because so many of her works respond to different kinds of influences. and so when you see them in the galleries with with these other works of art, it really kind of like it sizzles everything. everything really comes to life. well i'm really looking forward to checking it out myself. thomas campbell appreciate your time this afternoon. glad to see that we'll all have a little bit more time to take in this beautiful exhibit. thank you again for coming on the show. tremendous thank you so much for having me and by the way, that exhibit will run now through november 7th, and you can view it at the legion of honor. museum tickets are available online at tickets dot f a. m s f. .org. and around
4:48 pm
the bay area this afternoon. temperatures coming up by a few degrees over yesterday, still very enjoyable. for most, a little toasty, far inland cities . we're going to cool those numbers down getting into your bay area weekend. how about this and iconic view over san francisco where we have the low clouds and fog already returning over the city, working its way into the bay and we'll cross over towards the east bay. by about sunset. beautiful one out there a little bit of patchy drizzle to start. yes, or this morning and we'll see the same as we get going tomorrow morning. right now. temperatures in santa rosa 84 degrees 60 in san francisco upper eighties and conquered 76 in hayward in san jose 81. we showed you in the last half hour again, most areas a little bit warmer than yesterday. the monsoonal moisture continues to the east of us. we're not going to have to deal with any of that coming our way for the weekend, north lake tahoe. so if you're thinking about heading to tahoe. you're in good shape. take a look at those numbers in just a moment. little bit closer here just a little bit of a
4:49 pm
circulation going on right there off the coastline and helping to bring us a little bit of a sea breeze feels pretty good out there. in most areas. here's a look at the cloud cover getting into the evening hours crossing over the bay. and then while we sleep it fills in. here's a look at tomorrow morning patty drizzle and joined by all that cloud cover looks like it may actually work its way through the delta into the sacramento valley for tomorrow as well and then we get into the afternoon. pulls back. we are partly sunny at the coast and look at what is going on ride in here. portions of our east bay shore as well as the peninsula. maybe partly sunny to partly cloudy for most of the day, so a slow clearing day for some a little bit closer to the water. meanwhile temperatures will range from the low fifties and santa rosa, too low sixties and anti. och these numbers haven't changed much in the last several days and then into the afternoon, going from a little bit above average to a little bit below 83 expected for santa rosa tomorrow. 66 for san francisco 70 in oakland, eighties livermore and 80 degrees over san jose. okay for the peninsula into the afternoon
4:50 pm
, a beautiful 77 in san mateo into the north bay will go 74 in napa and for the inner east based some of our warmer spots hit 90 today will go into the eighties 84 livermore 86 expected for antioch. here's a view of what's happening in the tahoe area right now. a nice warm one. mostly sunny skies eighties blue canyon, south lake tahoe. areas over truckee. and then as we get into the weekend , nice and warm on saturday, only a tad cooler on sunday. beautiful beautiful weekend by the water again. no monsoonal moisture threat of thunderstorms . the extended forecast for us we'll see a near repeat on sunday. we do get into some warmer weather monday, tuesday wednesday but still nice and comfortable for most sixties at the coast number seventies around the bay and low nineties inland. back to you. great looking weekend there, rosemary. thank you. americans could soon make it back to the moon up next on the four we get a sneak peek ahead of the artemis rocket launch will tell you what this mission means for possible future lunar landing. francisco
4:51 pm
officers did not arrest a man. witnesses say they caught trying to steal a catalytic converter. we told you about that story, the police chief now defending that decision. in a one on one interview with kate abuse, henry lee he's officers. from my review of this yes, as far as they could take it. given what they had. coming up in five. we have a live report plus exclusive body cam video of that exclusive body cam video of that incident. what's the difference between prop 26 and prop 27? 26? not one dime to get people off the streets and into housing 27 generates hundreds of million to help solve homelessness. the choice is clear yes on prop 27. in order for small businesses to thrive, the choice is clear they need to be smart. efficient. agile. and that's never been more important than it is right now. so for a limited time, comcast business is introducing small business savings. call now to get powerful internet for just 39 dollars a month. with no contract. and a money back guarantee.
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all on the largest, fastest reliable network. from the company that powers more businesses than anyone else. call and start saving today. comcast business. powering possibilities.
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what's the difference between prop 26 and prop 27? 26 is a money grab that doesn't guarantee a cent for non-gaming tribes. 27 requires 15% of all state revenues go to non-gaming tribes. the choice is clear. yes, on 27. from cape canaveral, florida on monday. more than 100,000 people are expected to watch that launch in person, along with anxious necessary scientists boxes. jonathan serrie has details now this high stakes lunar test flight. nasa is about to make history with this first flight of the artemis program. nasa taking its next giant leap to put americans back on the moon, the massive 322 ft tall
4:54 pm
spacecraft consisting of the space launch system, rocket and orion crew capsule, is currently sitting on the launch pad at nasa's kennedy space center in florida, waiting for liftoff on monday as part of the agency's artemus one program this new deep space exploration system. it's going to take us back to the moon and two new science discoveries that we can't even imagine. yet the out of this world mission will send the unmanned craft on a six week test flight around the moon and back to earth, putting the $37 billion mega rocket through rigorous stress tests in preparation for a future lunar landing. we want to make sure that it works absolutely perfectly when we do that, and that we understand all the risks. we're going to learn a lot from this test flight. this test flight is just one small step. if successful, will send astronauts on the space flight within two years. the goal of artemis three is to put americans back on the moon as early as 2025 more than 50 years after the original apollo
4:55 pm
landing the agency ultimately hoping to set up a lunar base to help future missions to mars, we want to stay on the lunar surface and know how ah, we're going to go to mars. the 240,000 mile flight to the moon is expected to take about a week. if successful, the capsule will splash down in the pacific at the end of the mission in atlanta. jonathan serrie fox news. well it seems like everything we own these days is getting smarter. coming up here on the four. today we'll tell you about the smart fabric technology that could change how you get dressed
4:56 pm
♪ (don't stop me now) ♪ ♪ ♪ (don't stop me) ♪ ♪ 'cause i'm having a good time ♪ ♪ having a good time ♪ ♪ i'm a shooting star leaping through the sky like a tiger ♪ ♪ defying the laws of gravity ♪ ♪ (don't stop me now) ♪ ♪ 'cause i'm having a good time ♪
4:57 pm
♪ i don't wanna stop at all, yeah ♪ ♪ ah, da, da, da, da da, da, ah, ah ♪ searchers. is unveiling a special kind of textile to create so called smart suits for people technology could revolutionize medical devices and even help out with rescue missions. foxes marianne rafferty has a closer look.
4:58 pm
pretty soon we could all be walking around in real life superhero suits. biomedical engineers in australia unveiling new smart textile technology, a special blend of cloth material and artificial fibers that act as muscles giving the fabric the power to shape shift and lift objects nearly 200 times its own weight. we have a lot of obligation for our fellow z, given their incredible flexibility and strength, researchers say smart textiles can improve our health and even save lives with options to turn them into medical gear to assist with physical therapy portion. circulation and more. we can use to mess up with above divide for human augmentation, or we can support disabled people to work again. engineers also say smart textiles can be used for rescue missions after natural disasters , citing how the fabric can wind its way through rubble, grab people and bring them to safety
4:59 pm
. currently the inventions are powered by syringes that manually controlled hydraulic pressure to the fabric, allowing it to open and close. researchers say in about two years, they hope to have them operating wirelessly so they can be commercially produced. but smart textiles aren't just for external use. project officials are in the middle of developing a device to wrap around a person's heart to help it pump blood. marianne rafferty fox news ktvu fox two news at five starts now. give us tickets. not right. you know, i would hope that everybody um, who's listening to this understands that if we arrest people, we need enough information evidence to arrest them. now at five new body camera video from san francisco police from an incident drawing criticism officers not arresting a man witnesses say was trying to steal a catalytic converter tonight. the police chief is defending their decision. good evening. i'm brooks jarocz
5:00 pm
cristina rendon our crime reporter henry lee said. down with the top cop. he joins us now live from san francisco police headquarters. with details from that interview, henry plus the exclusive body cam video. brooks and christina chief bill scott tells me his officers did everything they could detain this guy for about a half hour in the middle of the night, but there just wasn't enough evidence to arrest him. san francisco police body cam video shows officers from richmond station detaining a man who neighbors say was trying to steal a catalytic converter from a car. it happened at 24th and anza. it's three in the morning. this. honda later determined to be stolen, had a partially cut. catalytic converter problem was no one could tie the man to the attempted theft, even though officers had their suspicions very suspect the windows down the cars unlocked. there we go. and the and the cats have cut so they let him walk away and gave him some paperwork says you're detained, but you're never arrested, okay? this is for you. you can do with it. you know, whatever you want.


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