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tv   KTVU FOX 2 News at 5  FOX  September 30, 2022 5:00pm-6:00pm PDT

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strangers and interlopers, disrupting through education can't walk by myself at night. you see berkeley, a university known for its academic excellence, but some students like olivia freedom rights say they're concerned about safety. there have been people in my dorm last year. um that weren't supposed to be there. we believe it was a homeless person. they weren't dangerous, but they weren't supposed to be in the building. on thursday, the university held a zoom meeting for uc berkeley parents worriige residence hall south of the campus. just hours after that zoom meeting to startling incidents about 9 30 thursday night, a victim was attacked on lower sprawl plaza on campus and suffered facial injuries. a little more than two hours later. another aggravated assault at bancroft and ellsworth at the edge of campus. the victim was stabbed in the hand by a man who took off on a bike. just a block away at durant and ellsworth. earlier this month, police reported an anti asian hate crime where the attacker tried to hit the victim with several rocks. it's
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incidents like these that worry students and their parents tell them like i have a meeting at night. they're like, make sure you take the bus first year student medic wall says she does try to reassure her parents. sometimes it's a little concerning just with in dark areas, you know, so i like to take the like, night safety shuttle or the bus back. the university has its own police department and campus officers often respond to incidents alongside city police officers. a lot of times, you know, we don't want to have the question of where the jurisdictional boundaries are until we actually get on scene officer jessica perry is with the city of berkeley police department. anything that's going to go over the radio. uc berkeley can actually listen to our channel. if they want to, and vice versa. we can scan our local channels to figure out what's going on in the area, but even with to law enforcement agencies in town, some students are skeptical. i'm not sure if police is the response to a lot of these issues. i went to cal and covered city and campus crime, and i always kept my head on a
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swivel cops here warning students be aware of your surroundings know what's going on? don't be so engrossed in your cell phones and gadgets reporting live at uc berkeley, henry lee ktvu fox to do you, henry. thank you. this friday night traffic trying to play catch up after a brush fire near to 80 led to a backup. the delays happening in the south bend direction north of magdalena avenue in los altos, chp reports severe backups. the fire itself burned a couple of acres and did get close as you can see to at least one home before firefighters got the flames under control. they are still on scene, so drivers are asked to expect delays. alameda county's newly elected sheriff, says the agency's deputies are owed an apology. it follows the shakeup at the sheriff's office that resulted in 47 deputies being relieved of their duties, guns and policing powers after it was discovered that they were hired despite receiving not suitable marks on their psychological exams. three deputies have since been retested and reinstated and an email sent from her campaign
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account today, sheriff elect acenas sanchez wrote. when i take office, i will be focused on what has recently been brought to light, it is clear that process is flawed. she added that she will make sure the sheriff's office follows all state regulations and laws governing its hiring processes. when she takes over a sheriff in january one update on the victims from wednesday's oakland school shooting, ktvu has learned from highland hospital officials that one victim is improving and no longer listed as critical. one remains in critical condition. six people in total, were shot at the king estates campus. the four other victims have been released from hospitals. oakland police say all six are connected to the school but were not the targets of the shooting. they continue to look for three suspects. two cities in santa clara county have joined forces to help improve the lives of those living in rvs. ktvu south. a reporter jesse kerry joins us livem palo alto, where new service will provide assistance for those in need. jesse greg,
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we first learned of the move mountain view program four years ago. it provides safe parking spaces for people who are living in their rvs such as the spaces here behind me today, the next step in improving the quality of life at these parking lots. one. 23 and. snip of a pair of scissors. safe parking space residents gained access to the next quality of life issue. what we're trying to do now is moved beyond spaces and really move into improving their living situations. the residents of the 12 safe spots in this palo alto lot now have access to showers. laundry machines, library books and clothing for job interviews. i think it's a labor of love, i think we see that our families are in need, and just because you're living an rv doesn't necessarily mean the facilities in your rv work. tens of thousands of dollars and time were needed to transform what
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was an old fire station into a room with added value. i love it very nice together. move mountain view started in 2018 with six safe spaces and now has 112 in mountain view and palo alto. but the big problem is facing a housed residents and those living in rvs continue to grow, and we have to go farther faster and do more. if we're ever going to catch up and surpass the need that exists in our valley. participants here hope the simple pleasures that most take for granted will be a guide for what life can be like for all those struggling to find permanent housing for cities to be able to see that it works in our particular context is important and hopefully they'll open up their doors and open up their spaces so that we can expand the program over time. reverend leong says the families that come here typically cycle through every three months or so , and that these types of facilities and the amenities
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that are offered actually help people find permanent housing. life in palo alto this afternoon. jesse gary ktvu fox two news back to you in oakland, jesse what has been the response from neighbors in the area? are they supportive of this program? well, greg, you know, there's always been some kind of pushback. whenever you say you're going to have a lot with people who live in their rvs are going to stay, however. participants here and you know, founders say that because this program is gaining is gaining traction and being successful. people are here in the lots. they have an area where they can wash up wash their clothes, get clothing, etcetera, and then the other lot over in mountain view they bring in dignity on wheels to provide that kind of service because that's their the area is kept clean. it is weakening the arguments against these types of lots. gary live in palo alto for us, jesse. thank you. a brief
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moment of calm amid the chaos. take a look at this a rainbow forming in south carolina e impounded the coastal part of the state after causing catastrophic damage in florida. we have live team coverage of those recovery efforts. ktvu tom baker is checking out the multi agency approach after ian, but we begin with fox's madeline rivera, who has more on the rescue and recovery efforts from fort myers, florida, madeline. good evening, christina were enough more mobile home park here in fort myers, and i know it's a bit hard to see because it is dark. but hurricane ian really made a mess of this place and a lot of people are coming back to check on their property for the first time, and they're trying to just salvage whatever they can. ian coming ashore for a second time as a category one hurricane north and south carolina bracing for the potential of life threatening storm surges up to seven ft, as well as winds up to 85 mph and flooding up through southern
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virginia. in charleston residents preparing as best as they can, while officials encourage them to stay indoors. as the storm moves through the area. we just secured the house and, you know the cars in the garages and yeah, waiting for what will happen. next door's stay off the roads if it's the wind, coupled with the trees with the flying debris. meanwhile in florida residents are taking in the extent of the destruction left behind by the powerful storm took everything from everyone. it's just devastating, tearing through entire communities, leaving millions without power and some stranded due to impassable roads and bridges. just want the people of florida to know. we see what you're going through and we're with you. we're going to do everything we can for you and rescue workers continue their work to help those trapped by the storm surge. hundreds of high water rescues being carried out with the u. s coast guard flying into some of the hardest
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hit areas. and if you do want to help out, a florida disaster fund has been set up about $12 million has been raised so far, xena. and mentally what can you tell us about people who have been able to return to their homes and see what's left of their properties. we talk a lot about shock. a lot of people here say they don't have the words to describe what exactly took place here a few days ago. a lot of people who have been cleaning up say they're doing so out of necessity and the person i spoke to in this trailer home , or rather rv home behind me. she was telling me that she's a local. she's from here, and she's never seen anything like this before. so she wanted me. to tell viewers that she wants to leave them a message if people tell you if officials tell you to evacuate, do so because property thinks that can be replaced, but lives clearly cannot. that's the message she wants to leave viewers with
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christina rivera in fort myers tonight, madeline. thank you card working around the clock to rescue people stranded in sanibel island cut off from florida's mainland after hurricane ian hit suitable, officials said. 200 households reported staying on the island during the storm, the coast guard released dramatic rescue video showing several people being brought up to #### or being brought up to safety. they also climbed into special baskets and hoisted onto a helicopter. lee county officials say several sections of sanibel causeway, which connects the barrier islands, including sanibel and captiva to the mainland, were washed away by the storm. the storm, not just destroying property, but also lives. the us death toll from ian now up to 17 as florida authorities confirmed several drowning, deaths and other fatalities, and the days and weeks ahead appear daunting. ktvu star baker continues our team coverage with this part of the story, tom want to tell you that today, the real work of rescue and recovery began in southwest florida, the real wore
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the modern multi disciplinary multi tasking multi agency approach to sorting out the damage and fielding people to deal with it could occur methodical, you know, that's this whole thing right? it's methodical, retired menlo park fire district chief harold chappelle. hellman was one of the architects of famous 28 national urban search and rescue teams. including the one he headed, sponsored and based in menlo park. his team rescued thousands of people on his watch . first order of business prioritization mobilization, recon getting air assets, uh and then looking to see where the worst couldn't be. the disaster area is divided up into specific limited areas. to which all manner of emergency professionals can be deployed and assigned to these are called
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grids. that's the methodical peace and that is the key word water is 90% of your fatalities , and these tropical systems comes from water. that's why we spend so much time talking about the dangers of water teams are sent out on the most dicey issues. swiftwater rescues plunking people from homes being overwhelmed by floods. and as necessary recovery of bodies. that's what the female teams are for. when we come in, right, we have to operate autonomously other than outside of chain of command. florida hits 70 times by hurricanes and tropical storms since 2000 has become one of the nation's leaders in the means and methods. such massive immediate responses require there's a well world machine. because it is they're probably look at the closest to california and texas. do you think that this response will be better simply because they knew in advance just how bad this thing was likely to be and have
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mustered the correct forces with the newest of knowledge is to deal with it. yeah i think that's a fair statement. 100. the last hurricane that tore through this area in 2004, that was hurricane charley hit exactly the same place that killed 15 people and did $17 billion in damage seen in has already surpassed that and probably would go a lot farther. tom baker ktvu. pakistan is a lot of work ahead for these emergency crews, tom. thank you. in rural beach, south carolina. heavy rain and storm surge flooded streets is ian moved ashore, forecasters said all along that flooding was ian's biggest threat here. by the time the storm leaves part of the carolinas could have seen a powerful storm surge of up to seven ft. national guard troops have been on standby to assist with water rescues. the red cross is on the ground, providing aid and resources to hurricane victims, and ktvu and fox are trying to help in that mission. you're invited to join the effort by scanning that q. r
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code on your screen, fox says donated $1 million to the relief effort, money for shelter, meals, medical supplies and more. well done there. yes and in is certainly not over. it's going to be a contender throughout the entire weekend. we'll show you what it looks like on storm tracker. plus we will take a look at the first weekend for the month of october. and hardly strictly bluegrass is underway in san francisco's golden gate park. we'll take you inside the music festival and give you a taste of all that music. at 5 45 a rescue or resource rather for the people in ukraine, dealing with the trauma of war. but i'm just really afraid that this war what changed me? to some extent that i would not be recognizing myself anymore. this year, francisco company behind a new mental health center.
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eight park hardly strictly bluegrass is back and underway. ktvu christian captain joins us live from the festival christian . this is the first time the event has returned for in person performances since the pandemic. yeah that's right. and there's a lot of pent up demand. this free music festival is a fan favorite . you might be able to hear some of the music and you can see some of the fans out here already gathering at one of the many stages out here in golden gate park. this festival is one of the reasons why september and october are some of the city's busiest months for visitors. the sounds of music are filling the air is hardly strictly bluegrass
5:18 pm
gets underway after a pandemic pause, organizers say the free music festival in san francisco's golden gate park is an important statement to say that the city and all it has to offer culturally is back with an impressive list of artists lined up harris steve earle, who are perennials, and we also have all this costello. people are psyched about him, marcus mumford of mumford and sons drive by truckers. those are some of the biggest names, but i always tell people you know, move around, check out other things find maybe your next favorite band like something. musicians like oakland's own, sata say, returning to the bay area and performing at a venue she visited herself as a spectator, she says it's amazing . i've never done a festival before. this is like the first one. my grandparents used to come here. like all the time. this is a beautiful park. i came in high school so it's crazy. please don't look. the festival got underway. fans filled up the fields and took in the music.
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deborah and harold evans are visiting san francisco and say hardly strictly bluegrass is a welcome discovery. this is just really amazing. we've never been to this part before, so we just enjoying the people. the music and the weather. it's amazing we held from jacksonville, florida first time in california, travel , experts say, with foreign travel from asia still slow fall events like hardly strictly bluegrass helped bring domestic travelers into san francisco. hardly strictly bluegrass. this weekend. fleet week the italian heritage parade, you name it. it's not only a great time to celebrate san francisco for us residents, but also for the visitors to really come here and enjoy our best weather. enjoy every thing this city has to offer. yes. and hardly strictly runs through the weekend. with shows tonight, saturday and sunday, greg. looks like a great
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time and good for the city. christian. have a good time out there. a critical mass bicycle ride celebrating 1/30 anniversary tonight. of course, the celebration of bike ride, so if you're going to go to downtown san francisco tonight, expect plenty of cyclists critical. mass started in 1992, with bicycle riders taking over roadways to protest for safer infrastructure for riders. ktvu to amberleigh is looking at the historical significance of giants anniversary and how the right has changed over 30 years will have that story coming up for us tonight on the 10 o'clock news. we are tracking ian as the storm makes makes its way up the east coast in making landfall in the u. s four second time in south carolina a few hours ago video from the pawleys island police department shows winds whipping rain along streets at already flooded from the storm. we welcome in meteorologist roberta gonzalez. hi, roberta christina, certainly a force of nature, let's get to it. it
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plowed on shore at 11 05 our time today as a cat one hurricane there you have it, making landfall just outside of georgetown, south carolina. i'm gonna give you a better view of this because boy, the rain feeder bands extend out 1000 miles, the wind field at least 485 miles. this is still a dangerous and deadly system. right now it's been downgraded to a tropical storm. we'll just call it ian 60 mile per hour winds moving to the north. north and wobbling to the west of 15 mph. we have storm reports all up and down the coast from the carolinas all the way into. now virginia, you see a strong storm surge there. you have also tornado right there that has been reported and a whole lot of flooding. this is going to continue all weekend. this is going to continue this weekend as well. a finger fog moving into the city of san francisco. right now, the golden gate
5:22 pm
bridge is shrouded in a duck of cloudiness. current air temperature 57 degrees in half moon bay to 89 degrees in brentwood. never mind that 95 therapy field. i double checked it. it's really 88 degrees. it's warm. alright wins are going to become more consistent out of the west and onshore. push 10 to 20 mph. you'll need a light jacket out the door. we do have the fog. it's going to penetrate the central bay in the overnight hours. a wake up with a hint of some stratos is going to linger along the coast a little bit longer for a saturday so we'll bring down the temperature is a couple of notches and it will be more pronounced and enhanced on your sunday as far as our averages for the first day of october. it's going to be a perfect autumn day just temperatures about three degrees above normal and the tri valley . we'll call it like this coastal cloudiness tonight saturday, waking up with the gray slate than seasonal and on sunday clouds sun mix cooler. day the cooler said the weekend . well sports some temperatures for you coming up. still. and speaking of sports, the 49ers
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forecast as well. back to the desk. big game ahead, roberta. thank you coming up scientists touting a new drug in the fight against covid-19. they say it turns the virus against itself, an infectious disease expert weighs in next and the recent spike in gas prices has the attention of drivers across the state. of course in governor newsom coming up at six o'clock why the governor believes there is
5:24 pm
5:25 pm
potential to turn covid against itself. it's called n m t five, and it was designed at the scripts research institute. joining us now to explain how it all works is ucsf infectious disease expert dr peter chin hong, dr peter. thanks so much for joining us, this does sound some promising in terms of treating covid-19 and its variants. explain how this works. well christina. what happens normally with covid is that it has little, um spikes that try to get in to the
5:26 pm
receptor, the police that it tried to open the door to get in the body and in this drug, what it does is that its central warheads to block that part of the virus from entering the body , so that's called an ace two receptor, and it's rendered useless. so if you think of it like you're trying to get in your door, you don't have the key. and that's essentially what we're trying to do with the virus. okay so then this drug we understand is already fda approved in terms of variation of that drug has already been fda approved for therapeutic, um , neurological disease. can you explain what you know about that , because right now it's only been tested in animals. yes so, uh, typically what this is in the category office teaching an old drug new tricks. and that's been done before with other drugs and covid like ivor mactan . so with this new agent, it's already been evaluated for other indications, but not for covid. so to get fda approval, you actually have to study it in
5:27 pm
humans of for covid. the good news is that there's a whole truth of safety information about it. in humans. for other indications, just not covid. it's likely going to be some time before we see it potentially hit the market. but i think it's also a good reminder about covid boosters because there's new details out this week that obesity worsens outcomes for covid-19. what are we learning now? yes so that that's some really interesting work at stanford and what they did was for the first time show that fat cells could actually get infected by the virus and cause a lot of inflammation and might explain why obese people may have more serious disease outcomes. this was surprising because again coming back to your first story there is no receptor. there's no door knob or keyhole to enter the fat cell. so it's entering then some way that we don't fully understand and may actually be the reason why, uh, some virus
5:28 pm
might have sanctuary cites the cause chronic conditions along covid so it may spiral off into a whole bunch of research and me hopeless on the sand. some of these kind of conditions as well is the hope that this new drug could potentially then reduce the risk for people with obesity or other high risk factors. i think we really have to understand specifically how these drugs get into the fat. and specifically how they target virus that reproduces itself and makes the body angry in the fat because in the fact there are all these immune cells that can go awry, and if we have better agents that can exploit some of these basic understandings that we're getting, i think we'll go a long way. i think right now we're seeing really the first generation drugs were hoping that we can get 2nd and 3rd generation drugs that will be more effective. alright doctor peter chin hung with ucsf. thanks so much for joining us, as always. thanks so much,
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christina. children's discovery museum of san jose held a special event today the mask was removed from the discovery duck mascot character helped thousands of children understand the importance of wearing a mask during the height of the pandemic, but now with covid cases declining, museum officials say it's time discovery duck removes her mask face coverings are now optional. there. you see the removal for optional for visitors to children's discovery museum. danger along the northern california coast. when a driver goes off cliff coming up the response from first responders. plus our coverage of ian continues as the storm moves north. people in florida are getting a look at the destruction left behind a live report on recovery efforts coming up
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what's your pick? guidance in a fatal hit and run leads to an arrest. released pictures are of a green toyota tacoma you can see here with an extended cab investigators say. on january 7th, the driver was traveling north bouton center road when it hit a pedestrian crossing at capitol expressway. the unidentified men died days later from his injuries. the most important factor of this is that a family member now has lost someone and not have closure to understand why this happened. the only person who truly knows why this happened is out in the wind and should come forward. at the time. this
5:33 pm
marked the fifth fatal vehicle versus pedestrian accident in san jose. but as of today, there have been 26 pedestrian deaths in that city up from 19 last year. anyone with information about the january 7th accident is asked to call police fire crews responding early this morning to a car over a cliff along highway one south of pacifica. rescuers repelled down about 200 ft to reach the mangled car. the driver was apparently the only person in the car would have careened off the cliff near gray whale cove state beach just south of devil's slide. first responders were able to stabilize the man so that he could be taken to the hospital. there's no word on his current condition tonight. this stretch of highway one south pacific asia, notorious for crashes that have sent cars plummeting over cliffs. as he and affects the carolinas. people in southwest florida are beginning to look forward to our toward recovery, the national oceanic and atmospheric administration releasing aerial images of the damage caused by the storm along the gulf coast,
5:34 pm
social media, users are turning to crowdsourcing sharing phone numbers, addresses and pictures desperate to find and rescue loved ones. boxes adam west killjoys aside from punta gorda, florida with one of the hardest hit communities there, and austin how are people doing tonight? yes christina. basically, parts of this town were underwater immediately after the storm hit. now things have dried off a bit. people are leaning more toward now getting some of the debris out of the way. fixing up some of the structures that were damaged. we're in front of one of those mangled structures right now, but you can't see it because there's still no power on power has not been restored to so many parts of the state of florida. still over, a million outages reported. it is pitch black out here, but take a look at some footage we took earlier today as we drove around town we did see a lot of people getting started with their recovery efforts. we saw plenty of power line workers. we saw people clearing brush from streets and businesses. we also saw people removing those protective boards from their windows to protect them from the wind. power is
5:35 pm
still out in much of this area and all across the state. many businesses are closed around here. gas also still hard to find around here. there was one gas station open as we drove around punta gorda today that one gas station had a line all the way down the street people waiting in line quite a long time to get that gas. now this afternoon, we visited peace river wildlife center. it's an animal sanctuary that rehabs injured and orphaned native florida wildlife like eagles and tortoises. there we have facility was mostly destroyed in the animals had to be moved from that location. some of their animals, sadly did not make it through the week. it wasn't necessarily the storm itself that killed them. but the stress of having to be packed up in tiny little crates and then the places they got moved to got hit anyway. so then they had get moved again and again, and you know it, so it's not ideal for these animals. now just south of pentagon orders. fort myers. that's where fox news took a helicopter flight to view the damage. yesterday afternoon, we
5:36 pm
saw boats in marshlands. we saw pieces of wood were homes once stood cars that are still completely underwater. the county sheriff says. this hurricane caused damage like he's never seen before. i've been in florida over 20 years. to me. i've been through hurricanes before, but this one in particular this rocked us. and a grim update coming from that sheriff today. he confirmed that hurricane in kill, at least 16 people that number just in his county alone back to you. the damage is so devastating there for those families. austin westfall in florida for us tonight. thank you so much. the aftermath of ian will be a serious test of florida's home insurance market already faced major hurdles before the storm, and that will be further strained by claims from home homeowners hoping to recover and rebuild foxes. geri willis has that part of our coverage. damage claims from hurricane in are expected to total 40 to $60
5:37 pm
billion, according to industry experts. the state's insurance market is taking a blow, making recovery even more difficult for homeowners eager to start repairs. there were a couple of issues at work here. there was excessive litigation, there were fraudulent roof schemes that which were commonplace, and so you came into the hurricane season. the 2022 hurricane season the state of florida had a lot of issues going on. having nothing to do with the natural disasters. at least six insurers closed this year before ian made landfall and another 30 or on the state's watch list due to financial instability. all this even as florida has missed a direct hurricane hit in recent years. damage claims from ian will strain remaining insurers, including the state backed operator, citizens once insurer of last resort, but now the industry leader with 1.3 million policyholders. already the state has the highest insurance premiums in the country, more
5:38 pm
than double the national average , and experts are bracing for even higher premiums in the wake of ian but even though citizen has deep pockets, it may not be enough to make homeowners hole. that's because the vast majority of damage left in the wake of ian is due to flooding and only 18.5% of homes and counties where people were told to evacuate are covered by federal flood insurance policies, just as other major hurricanes have become political footballs in may do the same. democratic gubernatorial candidate charlie crist, already criticizing incumbent ron de santis for not fixing the ailing insurance market before ian's landfall. geri willis fox business florida citrus industry took a big hit from the storm, the head of florida's citrus trade group believes up to 80% of the oranges at the largest groves were blown off the trees. harvesting season doesn't start for several more weeks, but orange growers were already expecting one of their smallest
5:39 pm
crops since world war two airports in florida that had closed for days because of ian are now back open this morning. flights resumed at both the orlando and tampa airports. those airports look like ghost towns for days. some people were stranded in florida because of the shutdowns flights out of sfo to both tampa and orlando were scheduled to take off today for the first time since tuesday. our coverage of ian continues on air and online. you can stay with us as we track the storms direction and check in on the damage of behind you also find the latest information on our website ktvu .com. deadline day for governor newsom to sign or veto hundreds of bills on his desk an update on the new laws in our state plus nato calls it the biggest escalation since the start of the war. russia formally annexing some 15% of ukrainian territory on friday i'm tr
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governor gavin newsom to sign or veto bills passed by the state legislature this year and just yesterday, the governor's office took action on more than 150 bills that the legislature had already passed, leaving a little less than that amount for today, according to politico. among the bills the governor has already approved is a first in the nation ban on the use of harmful chemicals commonly found in school uniforms. they're known as p f a zor forever. chemicals are often added to clothing and household items to make them water or stain resistant. they've been linked to health problems, including cancer and hormone disruption. the ban goes into effect in 2025. another bill signed into law is meant to ease the transition for people who finished serving time in prison. it automatically seals some nonviolent felony records. four years after the person completes their sentence as long as they haven't had any more issues with the law. this means those convictions won't come up in basic background checks and
5:43 pm
cities will not have to forgive parking tickets for people who are homeless. the governor vetoed that bill would have required cities to clear $1500 in fines for people who are living on the street or in vehicles. newsom says he likes the idea but did not think the statewide requirement was the right approach. the supreme court held a ceremony this morning to formally welcome new justice, scatology brown jackson to the nation's high court. jackson is the first black woman ever to serve on the supreme court, while justice jackson was sworn in. at the end of june. she begins her role ahead of the court's new session on monday. in the private ceremony, she took another oath led by chief justice john roberts. the two then walked down the steps of the supreme court after the ceremony and posed for a picture . president biden and vice president harris attended the ceremony. we're baseball game on deck board tonight. we've got a football game on monday and smack in between. we have the first weekend of october. the
5:44 pm
forecast for all of that still coming up. you heard roberta say it. the 49ers getting ready for a rematch of last year's nfc championship game against the l . a rams will take you to practice as the team hopes to rebound prop 27 sends 90% of profits from online sports betting to out-of-state corporations in places like new york and boston. no wonder it's so popular... out there. yeah! i can't believe those idiots are going to fall for this. 90%! hey mark, did you know california is sending us all their money? suckers. -those idiots! [ laughter ] imagine that, a whole state made up of suckers. vote no on 27. it's a terrible deal for california. we win. you lose. have heart failure and still experience
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unresolved symptoms? heart failure and seemingly unrelated symptoms like carpal tunnel syndrome... ...shortness of breath... ...irregular heartbeat... ...and lower back pain could mean something more serious called attr-cm a rare, underdiagnosed disease that worsens over time, so it's important to recognize the signs. sound like you? call your cardiologist and ask about attr-cm.
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it would have condemned it's referendums in four ukrainian regions as illegal. the resolution would have demanded an immediate halt to russia's invasion and the immediate and unconditional withdrawal of all of its military forces from ukraine. the next step, russia must defend its veto before general assembly foxes trey yingst has more from keith. celebrations ringing out in red square on friday as russia takes a big step toward redrawing its borders. it's the largest annexation in europe since world war two vladimir putin formally signing papers making occupied parts of ukraine russian territory, prompting swift condemnation from around the
5:47 pm
world. in washington, the white house announcing new sanctions aimed at stopping russia from rearming its military calling it the best way to ensure the ukrainians can continue their counter offensive. united states is never going to recognize this. and quite frankly, the world is not going to recognize it, either. he can't seize his neighbor's territory. and get away with this simple as that. and that counteroffensive is still rolling on officials here , shrugging off warnings about attacking with the kremlin now calls russian territory and also pushing nato to accelerate ukraine's application, despite claims from russia that it could mean another escalation. defacto so use nick defacto allies. we trust each other. we help each other and we protect each other. this is what the alliance's. meanwhile, the pentagon is working to accelerate delivery of the latest us weapons package worth $1.1 billion, and defense officials say they expect to announce even more military aid in the coming weeks. we continue to evaluate what will be needed. and make provisions to provide
5:48 pm
that that security assistance and so that will that will be ongoing. the u. s. also proposing a resolution at the un that would push russia to withdraw its troops from occupied territories in keep tree angst. fox news russia's war on ukraine has terrorized and taken a toll on those living and working there and now san francisco based company is hoping to rescue thousands dealing with mental trauma. ktvu brooks rose has a look at a new health center in lviv, set to open next week. this started with an idea and an investment after four months of construction, a mental lifeline will soon open in la vive ukraine, a country of 44 million people. suffering. these traumas of bombs falling near them every single day that takes a toll on people's mental health, and we knew that was coming and curtsy linked. san francisco based just answer the company employs nearly 300 in ukraine, even amid
5:49 pm
the war, many of them stressed, worried or traumatized. i'm just really afraid that this war would change me to some extent that i would not be recognizing myself anymore, nadia simons says. even a city ambulance triggers thoughts of air raid sirens and explosions. it's an example of why her employer is putting money into action. a new 5000 square foot mental health center will open next week, a place of healing for soldiers and citizens suffering from ptsd , anxiety, depression or fears. sometimes we don't realize that we need help. yeah. and usually like help with mental health is not something that we realized. if you have a warned yeah, you probably would see it and someone would suggest you know you need to go to that to dr yeah, so, but when you just behaving a little bit differently than maybe you're tired, so we have a lot of explanations. why we are okay.
5:50 pm
20 professionals, including psychiatrists and psychologists will soon care for anyone in need for free. the goal is to serve 15,000 this year alone. phone another 40,000 next year, all guided by one mission help where other people aren't helping. and fill in the cracks next on the list safety and surveillance drone pilot school will soon be launched to get more eyes in the sky on the enemy. just answer donated 11th sophisticated drones in honor of the tech companies. 11th year in ukraine, a testament to the bay area's reach to improve the health and lives of ukrainians. this is a tricky time in a tricky situation as war and this is when they need our support more than ever. brooks jarocz ktvu, fox two news use. time for a recap it 11 05 our time this morning hurricane e. in category one made landfall just outside of georgetown, 61 miles outside of charleston. take a good look
5:51 pm
at this extending out 1000 miles . the rain feeder bands already stretching well into washington d c. with this shows you is this going to be a good contender for a very viable, intense northeastern kind of condition all weekend along the eastern seaboard and the deep south east back at home. we've got the fog forming is pushing into the central bay temperature y 64 sam. francisco to 90 in concord were totally shrouded in a deck of cloudiness at the golden gate bridge right now. temperatures 16 pacifica 88 degrees and sommerfeldt. it was 74 degrees in san francisco today, about three degrees above average. notice the nineties well inland 89 in san jose, as well as to the north and santa rosa. we do have this big shield of cloudiness and it's been deepening our by our ever since about lunchtime today, so this gives you a good idea. we're going to have the clouds into the central bay by eight o'clock tonight. if you have any evening
5:52 pm
plans, please take notes. that overnight. we'll have a shallow deck of cloudiness work its way all the way into the tri valley and as far north as santa rosa, otherwise it dials back to the coast, but it hangs tight there during the afternoon hours for your hardly strictly bluegrass festivals, address in layers, and then sunday, it's a more enhanced marine lair. so sunday will be the cooler day of the next two. coming up. all right, let's wrap this up and put it pretty bow on it because tonight some coastal cloudiness fills in for the first day of october. it's going to be a seat. is an old day and then sunday additional cooling takes place. we've got a baseball game tonight, and you know the drill, dress and layers. alex cobb on the mound for the good guys. he's a righty 66 degrees at first pitch tonight, bottoming out. 51 in santa rosa to 62 degrees in antioch's fifties around the central bay tomorrow's daytime highs for the sixties at the seashore seventies baseline seasonal 78 degrees in napa back into valais
5:53 pm
hope venetia martinez, even american canyon. here's your extended forecast. a little warming takes place on monday additional warming by wednesday. are you ready for some football we got oh, that's a charger is coming to town. i don't know how that happened. here we do. we even have the wrong howmet so excited. no it's a chargers. it's like a lightning bolt. the rams the rams are coming. no no wraps. no charges are coming on monday. right all right. well, we got football 77 degrees. enjoy your weekend, everyone. roberta was right this monday. the san francisco 40. niners host the l. a rams. you can see the niners at practice today, preparing for the game. they are looking to bounce back. after falling last week to the broncos. the rams will be no easy task coming into this week. a two in one record. these two teams are very familiar with playing each other and the 49ers looking for revenge after falling to the rams in last year's nfc championship game. today. quarterback jimmy garoppolo spoke about what he expects going into this week's
5:54 pm
game. they know it's inside. now we know them inside and out. and so at the end of the day, it's going to be man on, man. you know, you gotta win one on one battles and let the rest take care of itself. but we got, you know, coming with the right mindset and be ready to play supercup show like no matter how you try to slice it up where the guys are dublin, they mean whatever it is like the guy finds a way, you know, i think the connection and chemistry with him and stafford is one of the best i've seen in the league. and in a long time those guys are always in sync and always on the same page with which makes it tough. as a defense to defend those guys because they're they're so good. they're so precise that what they do, and they make it a really tough challenge. speaking of defense, the niners are still without two of their top defensive players. eric armstead, jovon kinloch, both miss practice with injuries, their status unknown for monday. first responders, helping out four legged friends after ian coming up sights and sounds from some emotional animal rescues coming up at six o'clock. police in stockton are investigating
5:55 pm
five killings that all have similarities to one another. why they believe one or more killers may be responsible for all of
5:56 pm
naomi: every year the wildfires, the smoke seems to get worse. jessica: there is actual particles on every single surface. dr. cooke: california has the worst air pollution in the country. the top 2 causes are vehicles and wildfires. prop 30 helps clean our air. it will reduce the tailpipe emissions that poison our air kevin: and helps prevent the wildfires that create toxic smoke that's why calfire firefighters, the american lung association, and the coalition for clean air support prop 30. naomi: i'm voting yes on 30.
5:57 pm
this is from government officials in orange county, florida, first responders sharing the sights and sounds of animal rescues after ian drenched central florida with extensive flooding. it's gonna be really difficult right now. yes, it is. were you able to get your most valuable belongings out? night my husband
5:58 pm
might my dogs. i'm good. how to your baby. this is dixie dixie, sweet. ready. go.
5:59 pm
this is ktvu fox two news at six. flooding down trees, destroyed homes and massive power outages. what was hurricane in leaving a trail of devastation in its path been in florida over 20 years? to me. i've been through hurricanes before, but this one in particular this rocked us. the storm has weakened and is no longer classified as a hurricane , but authorities are only beginning to understand the extent of the destruction. good evening. i'm greg lee and i'm christina redon. as of now, at
6:00 pm
least 17 people have been killed as a result of the storm after making its way into the atlantic , ian made landfall again in south carolina earlier today. nobody has been reported killed in south carolina and the state's governor says he is thankful that this situation wasn't as bad as it was in florida earlier this week. be careful and be smart so far. fortunately no deaths have been reported to us as a result of the stone. but there's still life threatening conditions that we need to continue to be very careful. in florida, at least two million people are still without power search and rescue crews are going door to door in many of the hardest hit areas to look for people who remain unaccounted for as ian barrels in the carolinas. let's bring in meteorologist mark tamayo who has been following this story, mark tell us about the conditions of ian now continues to a week until they call it a post tropical cyclone. but still this will deliver quite a bit of some rainfall into the weekend


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