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tv   The Eleven O Clock News on KTVU FOX 2  FOX  October 19, 2022 11:00pm-11:30pm PDT

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something like 80 a exactly right. thank you at 11. there is always like that sense of like. i guess scared nissen me, especially because i'm not from here. the very least the school can do is to hire like professional security guards full time you see berkley, taking steps to help students feel safer on campus after cases of recent violence, but some say it's not enough. the 11 o'clock news on ktvu. fox two starts now. tonight private security guards are sitting right outside some uc berkeley dormitories. good evening, everyone. i'm mike mibach julie julie haener. it is a new effort by the university to keep students safe. but some question the long term plan. ktvu is among amanda quintana spoke with students and parents. just like seeing their presence makes you feel better that at least there's somebody there watching for some uc berkeley freshman. they don't even need to see the new security guards to feel safer.
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there's usually someone sitting in our bike rack, but they're not there anymore. so we attribute that to the security person. the private security guards were hired by cal following a big push from parents, specifically a coalition of almost 1000 parents that mobilized on facebook concerned about violence around campus. i definitely feel like they're hearing us, and i think that that we're definitely moving in the right direction. kimberly plumber is one of the core founders of that parent group. her daughter is a freshman. her dorm was the one where they had the sexual assault of a female employee in the bathroom. the homeless man who was in there, showering in the girls' dorm floors. um and then, of course, there was the a r 15 that was used in holding up a student for their backpack. right outside our door. all of that happened before a quadruple shooting october 8th just down the block on the corner of telegraph and durant. one man was killed students taking video from their dorm rooms of the victims. being pulled from a car , but the private security is only temporary. the university
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says. they will only be here for about a month until the school can hire trained students to monitor the dorms. but parents say that's not a substitute for real officers or professional security, and some students agree. the very least the school can do is to hire like professional security guards. full time university also plans to hire two more you see police officers and students employed by you. cpd to be community service officers, but some students want to see more done. we really need 24 hour security . there are currently three security guards each night patrolling three of the dorm complexes from 6 30 at night to 2 30 in the morning. in berkeley . amanda kintanar ktvu fax two news. 11 university of california students and faculty are urging ucs president to hire undocumented students to work on campuses. statewide job prospects for thousands of young people have been cut off because
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new enrollment in dhaka has been shut down by federal judges. dhaka is the federal program that allows young undocumented immigrants to live and work legally in the us the letter to u c president michael drake says hiring undocumented students would help them greatly and enhance the research education. and public service mission of the university. the federal prohibition on hiring undocumented people does say it is illegal for state entities to hire undocumented students crime prevention group hosted a town hall meeting tonight in oakland . the group youth alive, has partnered with last days deliverance ministries church to talk about a recent surge of violent crime in the city. among the topics was the upcoming election and a push to vote for candidates promising to do more about crime. organizers also say getting a neighborhood youth center back up and running will be key. we need help in east oakland. ah! and we need 85th center. we need donations to get that center back up and running
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because we want to focus on prevention alive, says its mission is to break the cycle of violence with the help of youth leaders, counselors, case managers and intervention specialists. oakland mayor libby shaft delivered her final state of the city addressed tonight as she nears the end of her eight year term. she spoke to supporters about the city's successes and remaining challenges. ktvu is jana katsuyama live. in the newsroom with the mayor's message, jenna julie mayer shaft decided to take this away from city hall and instead delivered her speech at the casa arabella housing development that put affordable homes on a former bart parking lot. she pointed to that project as an example of city community partnerships, and she featured one oakland woman who now has a house and small business, thanks to programs started during shops tenure. what an honor. it's been to be your mayor for eight. and i'll be honest. long years, oakland mayor libby schaaf began her final state of the city speech
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by going back to her oakland roots in the fruitvale district , where she says she began her political service in 1999. the mayor is not a singular person. the mayor is. amazing teen said her team successes have been built on community partnerships over her two terms. shaft said she recognizes the problems. oakland still faces crime. homelessness and the rising cost of living. she says she has confidence oakland ceasefire strategy will help reduce crime, but she did not address police staffing shortages on homelessness shop said her administration built strong new programs and services and in the last five years we have quadrupled oakland's shelter capacity. and we've added more dignified options. the cabin community model, and she said the city has made great gains in affordable housing. in the last eight years, we have created almost 20,000 new homes in
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oakland also pointed to public private partnerships, as well as the oakland innovation fund, which has helped create new pilot programs. shaft pointed to tiffany lusk, otto's family who has moved into a home and new business thanks to the programs . i'm just one story, but there are many stories in oakland. um that are very similar to ours. all of these programs were new innovations, scotto says she feels that it's really the role of government to listen and respond to people's needs. oakland's we love you. it is pinned the honor of a lifetime. to serve as your mayor. thank you. and she also said that she is proud of getting the a's waterfront ballpark deal as well as oakland promise and the generation fund, which provides scholarships to low income students. her term ends january 2nd and julie. she would only say that she plans to remain in public service, but she would not say exactly how alright jana katsuyama reporting live in the newsroom. thanks, janna. the
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open mayor's race has two candidates running neck and neck . now, new polling from the oakland chamber of commerce shows. the two front runners are city council members lauren taylor and xiang tao. taylor is polling at 21% and tao at 20% taylor is considered a moderate and tell more progressive. there are 10 candidates on the ballot. a candlelight vigil was held in stockton tonight to remember the six people who police say were killed by 43 year old wesley brownlee as suspected serial killer. stockton's mayor, police chief and sheriff attended the vigil. along with residents from the community. they light candles and held signs in memory of the victims. brownlee has been charged with three of the murders, but officials said more charges are likely. it was an emotional time for friends and family members of the victims that tonight's vigil i want to thank the stockton police department, the sheriff for working so hard to help find the killer of my brother and all of
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tom knight, stockton kelly for getting together and helping us find my brother's killer. i thank you guys with all my heart . he was my heart. and so he was my everything. joe did and i think everybody is being held with no bail and is scheduled to be back in court next month. doctors in the santa clara county public health system have formally submitted and notice to go on strike 450 doctors in the valley positions group plan to go on strike early next month. the two sides have agreed on pay scales in the next contract, but several sticking points remain, including workload and staffing levels. the strike is expected to f emergency and outpatient services at santa clara county hospitals and clinics to close the county is asking for a state board to intervene to prevent essential workers from striking. at 11 at california biotech company has received fda authorization for its over the counter covid saliva test. the text is made by
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aptitude medical, which is based in the city of goleta. the emergency use authorization is for the company's metrics test. it uses technology similar to pcr test to detect covid in a person's saliva or from a nasal swab. the test is now authorized for nonprescription use at home. first native american woman to launch into space is now orbiting the earth and she is from the bay area. astronaut nicole man was born in petaluma . she arrived at the international space station almost two weeks ago. those close demand say she's an inspiration to the entire north bay community man says she even brought a little piece of home into space. a small dreamcatcher given to her by her mother when she was young. i have that in micro quarters every night, you know, to remind me of my family and my community. she's from our community. um and it opens such an amazing pathway for our our young. our young people, um, including our young women, um,
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to see that really there are no limitations. man will spend the next five months away from her husband and 10 year old son working on the s s with three americans, three russians and one japanese astronaut. candlelight vigil tonight in honor of domestic violence awareness month. the community support available for victims across the bay area, also ahead tonight, a hollywood actress in the bay area tonight her work to help end the stigma surrounding mental illness. care coalition, where are we on alaska airlines? we found that people are raving about their customer care. i mean, take a look at this! wow! [dog barks] says here they have the most flights from the west coast. they fly to chicago, hawaii, cancun! wow! do they fly to my magical faraway kingdom of care-a-lot, way up in the clouds where anything is possible?
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they have direct flights to vegas. close enough! ♪ ♪
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ointment benefits state authorities say brandy iglesias fraudulently collected $145,000 between 2020 and 2021 claims were filed in her own name, as well as the identities of convicted murderers. scott peterson and cary stayner, who are both on death row at san quentin. prison officials say iglesias was employed by a private company that contract id with the prison. candlelight vigil in fremont tonight to bring awareness to domestic violence as ktvu is lamonica peters reports. bay area advocacy groups want everyone to know help is available during this domestic violence, awareness month and beyond. one in three women and one in four men in the us say they've been physically abused by an intimate partner. when somebody is in trouble as a community, we need to support that person. we need
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to validate their feelings every year about 10 million people experienced domestic violence. bobby mcdonald says she became an advocate in 2016. after her cousin's husband murdered her. they were in the parking lot. he got out of the he got, uh, shotgun out of the back of his car. shot her left her to die and fled to mexico. um they did eventually catch him. 35 years of life. wednesday's call of action was part of a nationwide campaign called everyone knows someone. ppe. ppe. the event included a song poetry and an open mic session, allowing people to express their thoughts about domestic violence. my tree , one of the participating groups specifically serves the south asian community meeting survivors, language and cultural needs. immigration can create
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additional barriers for survivors to come out of a abusive relationship or even to seek out help. so we understand that position and that's how we connect with our survivors. other advocacy groups involved included norichika north american islamic shelter for the abused and save alternatives to violent environments. research shows that the most dangerous time in an abusive relationship is when someone is trying to leave their abuser. it's really important to have a safety plan in place. oftentimes the abuser takes a survivor trying to leave as an infringement on the control and the power that they've been trying to exert in that dynamic, so i'm having a safety plan. talking to an advocate ahead of time just to make sure that you thought through all of the logistical pieces as well as the emotional pieces that come into it leaving if you are someone you know, needs help, you can go to ktvu .com and click the link for this
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story. for more information. lamonica peters, ktvu fox two news. hollywood came to san francisco tonight for a fundraiser for nonprofit, helping to end the stigma surrounding mental illness. actress glenn close is the co founder of bring change to mind . she hosted the 10th annual rebels and revelations fundraiser at bimbo's this evening alongside stars like melissa mccarthy. zach williams , the son of the late comedian robin williams is on the nonprofits board. it provides programs to support teenagers around mental health issues. as much as we need to help them. they're teaching a lot to us. they're the ones teaching us that it's okay to talk about this stuff. it starts with a conversation. the stigma ends. talking about this affects every single person that i know. i think everybody on the planet is either personally affected or know someone who loves someone. close co founded the organization after her sister was diagnosed with bipolar disorder. organized shoplifters
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, forcing a retailer to close it's only san francisco store. the ceo is frustrations after a series of burglaries and why, he says the city is descending into chaos also ahead, thousands of fentanyl pills hidden inside candy wrappers seized at a california airport. what we know from d e. a officials and right after this break, we're going to get into weather and talk about the big cool down that's coming in time for the bay area weekend. i'll have that right after ♪
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a small fire in petaluma yesterday. 27 year old high may, pineda was arrested on one count of arson with a special circumstance in relation to the fire near petaluma boulevard
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south. the arrest was made by law enforcement officers with the cal fire sonoma lake napa unit. pineda was booked into jail bail set at $200,000 activewear company has closed its doors in san francisco, at least temporarily, as ktvu christian captain reports the ceo of the company says san francisco is descending into a city of chaos. hey street in san francisco is lined with restaurants, cafes and boutique shops, but one of those shops could epoxy, a high end activewear outfitters closed its doors. a sign in the window reads, in part out of concern for our team safety. we are temporarily closed due to increased crime in the neighborhood. poxy ceo expanded on that on a post on linkedin davis smith saying, as of today, we are closing the store due to rampant organized theft and lack of safety for our team. he says . it's sad, but san francisco appears to have descended into a city of chaos. we've become a shoplifters paradise. it's lloyd silverstein is a third generation san franciscan and
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heads up the hayes valley merchants association. he says he has witnessed firsthand the kinds of mass theft that cotopaxi cites as its reasons for closing. there are professional shoplifters that come in, and gangs from outside the bay area, and they've got a well oiled machine. they'll park somewhere, the gangs will come out. they'll go in and they will hit stores and they'll take a bunch of stuff. but there's also the un housed. there's also the mentally unstable, he says. could epoxy is just the latest business to leave, he says. another business called it quits this week. also long established, business friendly competitor of mine. why storages got broken into too much. employees just quit too often just because they were tired of having their stores. ripped off. local merchants have said they're frustrated that they've reached out repeatedly to elected leaders and to the police looking for help, but they say any additional attention they receive is fleeting. needed the support of our police department the support of our supervisor support of other agencies in the city to stand behind this so that our customers feel safe
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that my employees feel safe. and that our streets are clean. now we reached out to the mayor's office and the supervisor for the area supervisor preston's office says they understand that this is a temporary closure, and they'll be talking with the business on thursday, the mayor's office also weighing in saying that public safety is top priority. the mayor's office also pointed to the new d a, and efforts to recruit more police officers to increase accountability and safety in san francisco christian captain ktvu. fox two news. 11. thousands of fentanyl pills were found hidden inside candy wrappers at los angeles international airport today l. a county sheriff's detectives from the narcotics bureau and d a sees 12,000 suspected fentanyl pills disguised amidst bags of candies and snacks. they say the small blue pills were hidden inside containers for sweethearts, skittles and whoppers. the suspect fled before being detained but has been identified. a full investigation is now underway.
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looking into the weather is going to be another nice day tomorrow. just not as hot today. we had a few records yesterday was warm to today. warmer tomorrow about four or five degrees cooler, so we're peaked on temperatures are going to work our way downward temperature scale as we head into the bay area weekend with a big change in the pressure systems, and so we're going to see the, um the pattern become more progressive for the potential for some rain in here. becomes more of a reality and that might even see a few sprinkles late on saturday night into sunday in the far north bay. i'm not so sure it'll be there, mostly up in the mountains around lake tahoe, but the change things are changing nonetheless. but not after your after this record heat that we had today. san francisco is 90 degrees downtown. so that ties the record, which is significant, though those are old records in san francisco. these are the highest in other cities from out the bay area. 90 in san francisco is a hot 1 82 pacific is pretty darn warm temperatures tomorrow with an onshore flow and maybe a little bit of patchy fog will come down and that's the big shift. we're going to see more of a westerly wind develop as we go in and
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southwesterly as we go into the weekend, but just general cooling overall and again fire danger was up today, but we got away with it because we haven't had multiple days of massive heat like today. tomorrow will be slightly cooler fire. danger will still be up, but not high because we're not looking at diablo winds or anything like that. to indicate that we have a need a red flag warning temperatures are running about where they were last night. the forecast highs tomorrow. the yellows are seventies oranges or eighties and so you can see lots of those lots of yellows and oranges. 60 screen in the nineties are red, but just device to say the heat still in the valley. the record heat up in red bluff and reading today, the record heat up in seattle is soon going to end with this system that's coming in this weekend. tomorrow temperatures will cool accordingly. and then the five day forecast shows. um but it doesn't show it, but it kind of does if you interpret the temperature as of 80 degrees on friday, is that trough starting to nudge in to the northwest and into northern california and bring us more of a typical fall weather pattern.
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i'll see you back here tomorrow night, and we'll certainly update this. all right, bill. thank you, but we have an update right now on that pg and e power outage in san francisco power has now been restored nearly 6000 customers. several western neighborhoods were affected, as well as san francisco state university city college and part of daily city. that outage was first reported at about 8 30 tonight. coming up in sports, it's niners and chief sunday. a matinee at levi stadium. we're going to have the latest niners injury report. has some key players
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fanduel and draftkings, two out of state corporations making big promises. what's the real math behind prop 27, their ballot measure for online sports betting? 90% of profits go to the out of state corporations permanently. only eight and a half cents is left for the homeless. and in virginia, arizona, and other states, fanduel and draftkings use loopholes to pay far less than was promised. sound familiar? it should. vote no on prop 27. ary news dominating the headlines with the 49ers these days. well today a bit of good news at the top of that list. the good news list is. cornerback jason verrett hasn't played since terry in his a c l
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week one of last year, so that's 14 months ago, but he was back at practice. in fact, he's been a practice the last few weeks. he's a full go should be playing against kansas city on sunday. defensive end nick bosa is also in line to make his return after injuring his groin 10 days ago and carolina trip. williams hasn't played since suffering a high ankle sprain week three in denver, but the best left tackle in the game practice today could play sunday. safety jimmie ward was testing out a soft cast. at practice. he broke his hand against the panthers 10 days ago yet didn't realize it right away, so actually stayed in for a few more plays. it always takes me a stanford to the realizes broke, and i kind of diagnosed myself. had a lot of broken broken bones, you know, kinda know it's something broken that man a lot. how many hot about five or six? maybe seven. since i've been in lead, you don't count the league. probably
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eight. yeah that last scar tissue tough guys day after beating cleveland to advance in the division series, the yankees were back at it in houston for game one of the american league championship series against the astros. and we all know what aaron judge could do with the bats but check out what he can do with the glove to six ft. seven laying out rob alex bregman of a hit and at least save one run, maybe two, and then we're tied at one in the sixth. gourriel launches one out . that's a solo shot. astros take the lead. two batters later , chaz mccormick. he's going the other way, and that is a solo home run. it would prove to be the game winner. dusty baker's squad beats the yankees 4 to 2, so they leave that series one game to nothing. how about the padres and the phillies? and that's bills quarterback josh allen. they got a bye week, so he's enjoying game two of the nlcs phillies up 41. when josh
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bell is going deep, that one's just fair phillies cut it to san diego, cuts it to 4 to 2. then they tie it up and with the bases loaded in the fifth, brandon drury oops. one in there . you're pro far wants. soto come in to score padres. they come back to win it 8 to 5, so that series is evened up at a game of peace game three friday in philadelphia. the warriors are off tonight and tomorrow they host the denver nuggets on friday. so our spotlight game of the night luca dodges and the mavericks taking on the phoenix suns. around the screen. look at this play. the math would go up by 22 on this incredible shot by don sick. he goes up and under devin booker for the off balance shot dances had 35. this was a rematch of last year's playoff series. but the sounds they come all the way back to tie it up. and then we just 10 seconds to go. stefan curry's brother in law, damien lee, now in phoenix, the tough baseline jumper.
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former warrior hit a couple of huge threes as well. he plays hero in phoenix in his first game with the sons as they battle all the way back to win the game 22 down to winning it. damien lee, the star (lisping) haley, your dad's on the phone. he says it's urgent. he's with a surgeon? i think he said "sturgeon." i am ripping these stupid braces off the second i get home. phil, hold on. i'm gonna put you on speakerphone, okay? phil: (muffled) andy's on his way to propose to beth! we can't hear anything! just toss me the phone. all: no! no, you're right. we all have our strengths. i'm a great gift giver. here, cam. oh. dad? andy's on his way to propose to beth! (all gasp) aww! that's very sweet! it's not sweet! haley and andy love each other, but they don't know it! all: whoa. is that true, honey? what makes you think he's in love with me? i could tell by the way he hugged you goodbye. phil, are you sure about this? claire, i think i know the look of love in another man's eyes. this is crazy. should i call him? his phone's off, but he said he was going to the beach. (sighs) i know what beach he likes. i thought you were the "beach" he likes.


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