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tv   The Ten O Clock News on KTVU FOX 2  FOX  October 23, 2022 10:00pm-11:00pm PDT

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what's it like having xfinity internet with supersonic wifi? it's fast... like beyond-gig-speed fast. yeaaaaaaaaay!!! with three times the bandwidth, and the power to connect hundreds of devices at once. get the xfinity supersonic bundle with unlimited gig speed internet, wifi equipment included and a free 4k streaming box. all for $50 a month with a 2 year internet rate guarantee and no annual contract when you add xfinity mobile with unlimited data. switch today! snow in parts of the sierra in the cold weather is about to settle in right here in the bay area. people aren't used to waking up to temperatures in the forties and potentially even in the thirties, and less than one hour of frost advisory will be in effect across much of the bay area. good evening, everyone i'm
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mike mibach julie haener. this advisory will last well into tomorrow morning. some temperatures might even approach near freezing numbers. we have team coverage this hour. ktvu is elissa harrington has more now on how people are gearing up for a dip in temperatures. but first chief meteorologist bill martin with more on the advisory bill. first one of the year, coldest night where we will have seen since obviously months ago and during the winter and the spring and we are setting up basically for a night that's going to have temperatures in the mid thirties low forties we might see some freezing temperatures are from forest hill in greenville, but the point of that is at 38 degrees. it's not you get frost . and so that's where the frost advisory comes from the areas included on this frost, advisor of the hills. not necessarily around the bay area proper around the bay proper berkeley and oakland and places like that , but in alviso, but when you get to san jose, you've gotta frost advisory. so that's going to be in san jose. it's going to be up in the north bay. it's
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going to be down towards more gun hill gilroy into santa cruz as well. so what that means is temperatures already. getting chilly into the fifties and forties. overnight lows will reach down into the thirties above freezing for the most part , but still very cool and as cool as we've seen, frost advisory, it's not going to just wipe out your crops or anything, but it's definitely one of the court. the court of states we've seen in a while, and so if you do have something super tender in the garden, you may want to cover it up, especially in the north and east base. bill thank you now to our elissa harrington . she's live in concord tonight, where she talked with people preparing for this change in the weather. alyssa. that's right. i'm in toto santos plaza, where it is getting a little bit chilly. in fact, i just saw some people walking their dog and they had their dog wearing a warm coat, so the weather is changing, and as bill mentioned, it's going to be felt different in certain parts of the bay area. get ready to bundle up. frost advisory goes into effect for much of the bay area late
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sunday through monday morning. it includes the north bay, outer , east bay and santa clara valley. a drastic change in weather for places like concord , which hit 94 degrees just last week. i can feel the little bit of change. it's getting cooler at night. but i wasn't expecting to be, uh, frost advisory. not so soon. thomas titus, this store manager at bill's ace hardware off clayton road showed us tarps and blankets to protect plants sensitive to the cold, he said. they stocked up ahead of the colder months blanket that you would put over your your fruits and vegetables or your, um flowers that you might have blooming right now to protect them. so they don't get frostbitten. some garden centers. i called said they typically cover plants once the temperatures dip into the thirties, tied to set another big seller during chilly weather is protection for pipes. come in for a number of things, um, pipe wraps. the phone pipe wraps. um they sometimes do come in for a broken pipe, so we'll end up
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helping helping them with the parts. bingaman with the national weather service, said cold snaps in october are not highly unusual, but the chill will certainly be the noticeable since it's the first of the season. most people are going to realize that we don't have the marine layer. we don't have that coastal stratus coming in the in the morning, and that's what's allowing for all these cold temperatures to happen. another spot getting some winter like weather tahoe, which got its first snow of the season. this is video palisades tahoe posted on instagram and these pictures are from grand lombok in most resorts are still about a month away from opening. of course, this frost advisory means the weather is changing, and it's just a good idea to prepare yourself for these colder months . coming up on a night like this . it's a good idea to also bring your pets inside or make sure they have shelter reporting live in concord. i'm elissa harrington ktvu, fox two news. alright alyssa. thank you . it snowed at berkeley's sierra lab in soda springs yesterday,
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and low temperatures kept the snow around overnight and into today, the lab sits at an elevation of nearly 6900 ft. the lab says it received about 1.4 inches of snow, and workers there say they could see more snowfall throughout the week. gusty winds and dry conditions right here in the bay area had pg and e actually considering planned power outages and more than a dozen california counties , safety shutoffs are still possible for some customers in portions of sonoma, napa and lake counties. 5800 customers were warned about the conditions going into the weekend and that had people stocking up on generators and batteries as well as salt solar powered lights. i put in a backup generator for both. the house in the office. so since since they've started doing the outages. i think i've used the generator. um, maybe one or two times. pg and e has already notified customers who could potentially have their power shut off tonight. to attend tonight. cindy chavez and
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matt mehan san jose's two mayoral candidates, faced off tonight at a forum hosted by sjs you votes, the group brought up a number of issues, including homelessness, the local economy and whether they support a proposal to allow non citizens to vote in local elections. i believe citizenship should be an aspirational goal and that voting should be a fundamental right and responsibility. that is part of that. citizenship. my hand is on the san jose city council. his opponent, cindy chavez, is a santa clara county supervisor. she too, opposes allowing non citizens to vote. i do think that we have to be much more vigorous and rigorous in our fight for both immigration reform, but also continuing to make sure that we're advocating , for example, for daca youth. others were trapped. the winner will replace mayor sam liccardo , who will turn out of office in january. governor gavin newsom
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in republican state senator brian dalli debated in san francisco today at the two candidates for governor sparred on issues including gas prices, abortion and homelessness. ktvu political reporter greg lee was there for what was the only debate. between the two candidates. contrast with my opponent could be more crystal clear he does not support reproductive freedom does not support reproductive choice. i want to, uh, start out by thanking the governor for taking time out of his, uh, for going forward on his dream of being president of united states and actually coming to california and having a debate, governor gavin newsom and republican challenger, state senator brian downey wasted no time taking shots at each other. the two met in the first and only gubernatorial debate before election day. the two men addressed several topics, including an issue top of mind for many voters, cost of living and gas and what he's done in the last four years, just throw money at every single issue more than there's ever been, and what are the results for californians higher gas prices, inflation,
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homelessness on our streets? uh our schools are failing. our children and people are fleeing california. california is suffering from high inflation, and that's why we've provided $18.5 billion. in tax rebates, which you opposed. you're opposed $9.5 billion in rebates that are going out right now to help offset these inflationary costs. the debate hosted by kqed at their studio in san francisco , the men clashed on climate change the drought, education and abortion. newsome spent money from his nearly 23 million reelection war test on ads in other states, including pro abortion billboards. dolly is against expanding abortion rights. he wants to make this a sanctuary state where all of the americans can come here and get an abortion at the expense of california taxpayers. i would absolutely take that out of the budget. we believe in reproductive freedom we believe and reproductive care. california's values are well established in statute. we want to codify them under prop. one
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dolly targeted newsome and the state's homelessness crisis. the governor is focused on running for president and he's gonna leave calif leave. just like he left san francisco with homeless people off the street when he said he was going to solve those issues, it's $15.3 billion. there's a real strategy real plan and there's accountability for the first time, newsome pointed to his new care court program. while dalli said if elected, he will declare a state of emergency to address fentanyl . the campaign has been a steep challenge for dalli registered democrats outnumber republicans in the state nearly 2 to 1 and newsom's consistently held a hefty lead in the polls. after the debate, both men made their final pitch to voters want four more years of what you've already been getting, then stick with him if you want something different you can vote for me, and we can have some change in california accountabilities relates to these accountability plans on homelessness and housing, so i couldn't agree more more is not better. better is better. we need to see results. taxpayers deserve it something to note here. there's been lots of speculation about newsom's potential aspirations
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to run for president in 2024. he was asked directly today and he said, if we elected he will serve a full four year term. greg lee ktvu, fox two news and after the debate, we spoke with menlo college political science professor melissa michelson. she said. the timing of the debate didn't really matter. because people who tuned in we're likely big supporters of dalli or big supporters of newsome, she said. for any undecided voters, the real impact will be felt in what's written and said about the debate. with the debate is more about in terms of maybe affecting the turnout decisions or the vote choice decision of undecided voters is what are they going to consume about it tomorrow or even tonight? what are they going to see on the news about it? what are they going to see on social media about it? and then what are they going to see in the commercials? you know, in the advertisements that the two candidates put out and that's really why the debate matters. in contra costa county . tomorrow is the last day to
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register to vote to receive a ballot in the mail. residents can still register to vote after tomorrow, but then they'll be required to vote in person on election day. residents can register to vote online on the registrar of voters website or they can fill out a voter registration card. those cards can be found at most city halls , libraries and post offices in the county. hundreds of nurses in the bay area plan to strike tomorrow morning, those nurses said, because of poor working conditions, they are going to walk off the job. the five day strike will affect three of sutter health's campuses in oakland and berkeley. ktvu lamonica peters live tonight they're in the newsroom. with more on the story, lamonica. healthcare professionals throughout the bay area. continue sounding the alarm about what they say are unsafe working conditions. now nurses in oakland and berkeley are hitting the picket line tomorrow , demanding that these issues be addressed. i want to say first and foremost, no nurse takes the decision to go on strike lightly california nurses association
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and national nurses, united says they've been bargaining with the hospital since june of last year and represents 1800 nurses at sutter health's alta bates summit. medical center campus is the union says a bs. emc campuses now have a 50% turnover rate, which is higher than the national average. when we spend the time and energy to mentor them and precept them, we would like for them. to stick around and be part of our team. um and so we goes to the hospital, providing the measures and the support to continue to mentor them and lift them up, says newly trained nurses or finding safer working conditions and even higher pay at other hospitals, which ultimately can lead to staffing shortages at alta bates. nurses say violence in the workplace is a huge deterrent and the hospital needs to discuss ways to keep the staff safe while they're working with patients and families, even calm and rational person can become unhinged in a hospital
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environment because having someone in the hospital and family member a loved one or being a patient yourself, it's a stressful experience. just because someone is ill strike is scheduled to begin at seven a.m. on monday, october 24th and will end on saturday morning. gabler says the members agreed to a five day strike and will only strike longer, if necessary. cn a and in in you represent 100,000 members throughout california and more than 225,000 registered nurses in the country. sutter health just released a statement and i'm going to read you part of what it said. it says by moving forward with a costly and disruptive strike at alta bates summit medical center union leadership has made it clear they are willing to put politics above patients and the nurses they represent. we stand by our commitment to patient safety and alta bates summit medical center remains open and fully operational despite the unions
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actions. mike patients. i mean, what about patient care? how will that be affected this week? lamonica will extra nurses be brought in? well it is my understanding that the union has they're aware that the hospital will be bringing in replacement nurses, if necessary in the hospital, says that they are going to remain open and operational. so who knows where this is going to end up, but both sides say they want to come to some sort of agreement. alright, lamonica peters live tonight. they're in the newsroom that story, lamonica. thank you in the city of petaluma police say pedestrian died after being hit by a car and what police describe as a slow speed collision that happened in an apartment complex on the 300 block of north mcdowell boulevard 12 40 yesterday afternoon. police say a man fell backwards and hit his head after he was hit by a car making a right hand turn out of the parking lot. that man was taken to the hospital where he later died. his name has not been released, and police did not also release any information about the driver. details tonight on a deadly shooting at
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a dallas hospital. what we know about the alleged gunman who opened fire in the labor and delivery ward also the white house, urging people to continue to apply for student loan forgiveness. despite a court order pause to the program.
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hospital. in dallas that left two nurses dead. officials say those nurses were working in the labor and delivery ward when the gunmen opened fire yesterday, according to police, methodist
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hospital. security officers shot the suspect, identified as 30 year old nestor hernandez, who is currently on parole for aggravated robbery. police say he had an active ankle monitor on at the time of the shooting. hernandez who was reportedly at the hospital to be with his girlfriend was transported to another hospital for treatment. his condition is unknown, police say, though he has been arrested on capital murder charges. investigators have not provided a potential motive for the shooting. the white house is urging student loan borrowers to continue applying to have some of their debt forgiven despite a federal appeals court order that brought a temporary halt to the program. the white house press secretary says the temporary order, which was announced late friday, does not prevent borrowers from applying for college debt relief. the temporary state mandates the biden administration to not act on the program while a legal challenge is pending. six republican led states have taken legal action to block president biden's college debt relief plan , a celebration of the black panther party was held in west
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oakland today. the block party was to recognize dr huey p. newton day and the anniversary of the unveiling of a newton sculpture in the event was organized by the dr huey p. newton foundation, and while the day was set aside to celebrate and honor, the black panther party and newton, some oakland leaders also took the opportunity to promote changes needed within the city. my goal is to make oakland the model for what housing should be a d commodified form of housing where everybody has access to having a roof over their head and a safe, clean place. not just a tough ship, not just a tool shed what everybody has a place where they can thrive and feel safe. that is my goal. and so i want to make oakland the model for what that looks like. the statue of newton in west oakland, was installed last year , and it commemorated the black panther parties 55th anniversary. okay checking out the weather. today's temperature is kind on the mild side. not that similar from what we saw yesterday. temperatures tomorrow
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will be slightly warmer, but not much, maybe into the mid seventies, and it's gonna get cold tonight. the israeli highs from today and you can see that 72 in the antioxidants. pretty mild 72 fairfield 61 pacific coastal fog, not a thing right now. i think we're going to be free of that for a little while as temperatures inland start to go down and temperatures overnight tonight as we talked about there is that frost advisory. i just want to say that it's a frost advisory. but it's barely a frost advisory. in other words, this is on a scale of 1 to 10 if i were to say frost advisory level 10 that i'd be worried about like you buy plants. five i'd be like, i guess i might. if i really tender place. this is like a two. so it's i wouldn't be sweating it too bad in terms of unless you're up around forest ville greenville. maybe sebastopol. some of those north far north bay. you kaya! clear lake. you guys know where you are, but the most of the bay area, not going to be a thing. what will be a thing is gonna be chilly when the kids leave the house tomorrow morning to go to school or you head off to work.
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and you might be scraping the windshields a little bit, but i don't think there'll be that much of it truthfully. so these are the forecast overnight. lewis, we did talk about these already. don't need freezing temperatures to get frost as you know. so 37 degrees in santa rosa will get you frosted again. it's a low grade. schedule one on a scale of 10 scale are scheduled to on a scale of 1 to 10 frost advisory. and then this is the pattern for this week. you see all that progressive activity to the northeast? don't you can't use the timing on this or even the intensity of it. but do you saw all that activity? all that weather coming from the north? part of the reason we have a frost advisory tonight. it's cooler because we just had one go through. but these guys are going to clip through the bay area this week. and finally on the weekend, maybe maybe bring us a chance of a sprinkle. we'll do the full forecast when i see you back here. all right. we'll see you in a bit. bill. thank you. starting tomorrow, momo's cafe will begin a new pay, which you want policy at the downtown alejo restaurant. this is thanks to rapper law. russell who renovated the cafe and is covering costs of
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breakfast and lunch is through the end of the year. momo's is known for its french toast, pancakes, chicken and waffles and weightless rancheros. russell who grew up in vallejo, has long been a fan of momo's cafe. he's done performances and book signing there and says giving back to the community means the world to him. owner manny melendrez says. everyone is welcome to come and eat at momo's and pay whatever they can afford. hey pay what you want. if you got a dollar if you got $10, if you don't have anything you can come in and get a meal. this is for anybody who wants to come in and eat. there's no judgment for whoever. was cafes located at 402 georgia street and serves breakfast and lunch until two p.m. daily. a major airline now dropping those first class seats, the reason behind the move coming up after the break. also ahead. coming up in sports. the 49ers fall short to the kansas city chiefs here. what head coach kyle shanahan had to say about his team's performance following today's
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lost and another round of those california relief checks going out in the mail tomorrow who can expect to see money in their
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halfway through, bam, get hit by a driver. when i knew my injuries were serious, i got on the internet. i made a phone call. when i spoke with jacoby & meyers, they let me know i was in good hands. they made sure they understood everything that was was going on, and that they put me in the right hands of the best doctor available. the insurance company tried to lowball me, jacoby & meyers
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stayed dedicated to focused on my case. i felt reassured and i wouldn't lose everything i had due to medical bills and things like that, and that they would give their best to get the best settlement for my case. ping first class on international flights because an executive says quote customers are not buying it. chief commercial officer vasu raja says the airline will use the freed up space to provide more business class seats for international travelers. the airline is also planning to debut new suites and premium seating on select new aircraft in 2024 for flyers, looking for extra luxury habitat for humanity raised more than $200,000 that had cycle for hope. fundraiser today as ktvu is, james torres reports. hundreds of people pedaled for the cause at foothill college. we're gonna win this. just after
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seven this morning, a few dozen people started their 100 mile bike, ride out and raise a few bucks for a good cause. you know, i work for a different charities. so doing charity work is really close to my heart is the cycle of hope put on by habitat for humanity in the east bay in silicon valley every hour of the morning, the next wave of cyclists would take the starting line at foothill college in los altos. some writing for 60 miles , some as little as nine miles. so this is a way that everyone can participate. you can get on a bike. we even have a virtual options so you can hike, walk, swim whatever you want. but it's the way you can do something to support affordable housing. and i think a lot of people really want to do something right now. this is the event fifth year, its first since the beginning of the pandemic. good enough for a house. we will not be in our beautiful house right now, if it wasn't because of these people committed to help and to and to participate in this event, beltran was invited out to the
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event today. the cyclist riding this morning yet to see who they are helping and how the rest of our life we're going to be, you know, grat all that we have lifs because of them is because of people like them more than 700 people signed up this year, event organizers say it's great to be back in person raising money and awareness to support giving people access to affordable housing. everyone pitching in a real community effort to get that done is what we're trying to emphasize here, and this community of cyclists is doing that today. reporting in las altas torres ktvu. two news, california inflation relief checks are scheduled to be sent out tomorrow. so far about 3.5 million californians have received them. they're meant to help with rising inflation from the cost of living to rising gas prices. the payments are between $200 and $1050, depending on income level
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and family size. those who filed their tax returns electronically will have the money deposited into their accounts. by tuesday . northern california university now seeing a spike in crashes on campus, what school officials and police are doing to help also had less than 10% of eligible people in the state have received the new covidighef vaccinations.
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in berkeley, are scheduled to shut down overnight for four days this week, starting tomorrow, all eastbound lanes will be shut down from 1 to 5 in the morning. tomorrow in tuesday , all westbound lanes will close from midnight to five am on wednesday and from 11 pm thursday. 23 in the morning friday. caltrans says the
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closures will allow crews to work on the pedestrian bicycle over across in there at the gilman interchange. drivers heading east will detour off the university avenue exit drivers heading west will take the albany exit. the u. c. davis police department is looking into what appears to be an increase in crashes on campus this fall. many of those accidents have involved bikes in east scooters. reporter liz i meet retells us. the police are not taking a closer look at traffic safety. wait. traffic is busy at uc davis, whether it's people getting around in cars on foot. or on a bicycle. it has campus police concerned about safety, watching what they say appears to be an increasing crashes. 22 so far this fall u. c davis police says many involving bicycles and electric scooters, which police say they're seeing a lot more of this year a lot. it's fun. it's once you right around the c. davis scooter freshman paulina rodriguez says she uses it more than her bicycle campus. in quarto and bike isn't really
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convenient because the tire tends to pop a lot. actually my chain fell yesterday. so um, relying on my scooter for now, mainly watching out for people walking like they'll just be on their phones across the street and won't look to see who's coming concerned about drivers speeding student lihong share rides his bicycle from west village across hutchison drive near highway 1 13. there's two lanes that come from the highway . the first is over there and you can see over here. the car is really fast. this area was the focus of a recently completed construction project, adding new sidewalks and bike lanes, specifically aiming to improve the commute for those traveling through here. half a mile east on hutchison drive at dairy road was a scene of a deadly crash in may, and 19 year old student on her bicycle died in a crash with a garbage truck . campus police say traffic safety is a priority and they'll have officers out educating people to make sure everyone is following the rules of the road
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, no matter how they choose to get around. and again, that was was a mitri reporting. uc davis police say they've received complaints from community members about people on bikes and scooters, not stopping at stop signs or traffic lights. but they say they're still looking into exactly what's causing the crashes and where most of them are happening. do york could become the latest state to allow students to take mental health days? this comes amid increasing concern for the mental health of students as we come out of the pandemic. states including arizona, colorado, connecticut and washington, have already passed bills giving children mental health days. in addition to sick days if lawmakers in new york approved the bill, students could have days to de stress starting next academic year. i'm definitely for it. i've got seven grandchildren. they've got such stress on them. grades pressure . students shouldn't be penalized if they need to address those issues. according to findings from the cdc, 37% of students at public and private
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high schools nationwide reported that their mental health was not good, most or all of the time during the pandemic, all right, turning now to the latest on the coronavirus, according to the latest data from the california department of public health, just 9% of eligible residents statewide have a have had a by vaillant booster. that is the first covid vaccine directed at the highly infectious omicron variants responsible for almost all new in fact. actions in california. the counties that have the highest percent of people who have had the shot are marin and san francisco at 17% shot has been available to the wider general public since last month. the midterm elections are now two weeks away from tuesday with a number of key races that will decide the balance of power in both the house and the senate, and some areas. security at polling places is being stepped up amid rising threats against poll workers boxes lucas tomlinson as the story from washington when voters head to the polls, and just over two weeks from now, there's a sentiment that control of
10:34 pm
congress won't be the only thing on the ballot and as people go into vote, they need to recognize that there are certain candidates who are anti democracy. democrats were hesitant to camp pain on the economy in the midst of rising inflation are pivoting to social issues like abortion to win over voters and turning up the heat on republican candidates who have questioned election results. you don't believe in this perspective. the 2020 was stolen. then you're not a good republican. your a rhino. we've never seen that before. a recent fox news poll found that 63% of voters consider election denial to be a major concern. republicans insist their focus is on, making the process more secure and restoring faith in the system. we want to shore up our elections, so they are very honest and every voter knows that it's an honest system. republicans talk about how they are concerned about. security but yet you saw what happened on generous six the whole world saw it. last year, the justice department created a special
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task force to combat rising threats against election workers and voters. polling locations are stepping up security and hoping to avoid trouble. voter turnout could break the midterm record set back in 2018. more than 5.5 million people have already cast their ballots either in person or by mail at the white house. lucas tomlinson. fox news. jury selection in the tax fraud trial against the trump organization begins tomorrow in new york city. the case centers on special perks allegedly doled out by the former president's business entities. the prosecution says the trump corporation and trump payroll corporation awarded off the books, benefits things like rent free apartments and lease payments for cars to some top executives who failed to pay taxes on them. chief financial officer, alan weisberg is set to testify at the trial as part of a plea deal he made with prosecutors. stanford educated british politician is the strong favorite now to be britain's new prime minister. conservative
10:36 pm
rishi soon on, the former treasury chief was in a tight race for support from his party with former prime minister boris johnson. but earlier today, johnson said he wasn't going to run again. the race comes after former prime prime minister liz truss resigned after just 45 days in office. students received his m b a from stanford as a fulbright scholar in 2006. he could be declared the winner as soon as tomorrow. russian forces continue to target ukraine's power grid, ukrainian officials say more than 1.4 million homes are without electricity so far, and concern is growing as winter approaches . it's part of the reason that ukrainians and their allies are calling for more support. as ukrainian forces advanced on the southern city of crisan. russian backed officials are urging civilians to flee. the ukrainians say russia mind a large hydro electric dam in the region and may blow it up to cause a massive disaster and slow the counter offensive. winter is coming, so it's really imperative that the us
10:37 pm
government and politicians continue to support the war effort not only through passing funding but also engaging in the international community and discussion with nato. russia's defense minister spoke today with european counterparts, saying that ukraine plans to use a dirty bomb on the battlefield . there is no evidence to support this propaganda from moscow, but analysts are concerned this could be russia's way of laying the groundwork for a false flag attack. tonight a new report is shedding light on just how much a family will spend on their next trip to disneyland. what you need to know and how much you need to save before your next visit. and it's going to be a cool one. tonight we'll chat about that and have the full forecast five day coming up tonight. your workplace environment may be affecting your health. the new report just released by the u. s surgeon general.
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sir tallied up for a family trip there, a report says costs for a family of four to spend a day at disneyland before counting the food could come to as much as $1100. the tally was based on two adults and two children between the ages of three and nine and takes in inflation values as well. cost would include parking, getting the genie plus to skip lines and park hopping ticket. allowing them to enter disneyland california, the california adventure park with food and souvenirs, the cost could be closer to $1500. a new report from the u. s surgeon general is sounding the alarm about toxic workplaces. experts say those workplace environments can have a negative effect on your emotional well being as well as your physical health. charles
10:41 pm
watson as the story from atlanta. it's a finding that comes as no surprise to many workers that you're overly demanding ball so work schedule could be taking a toll on your help, and we spend more of our time in our life at work, then we do not working. the report released friday by the surgeon general says it toxic workplace cannot only be stressful for employees. but can also manifested health conditions like heart disease, cancer, depression and anxiety. some of the biggest factors on workers' well being include low pay, harassment or discrimination, overwork or long commute. the report identifies five components of a healthy workplace. those include protection from harm, giving workers enough time and space to do their work and connection and community of filling up inclusion with coworkers and bosses. we all need i feel like we're included and supported and trusted in the workplace work
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relationships matter. other things for companies to focus on include work life harmony, the space to be able to take care of personal and family issues. mattering at work. the feeling that the work you do deserves a purpose and opportunities for growth and career advancement. we are very work oriented work, first culture and maybe this will shift the needle a little bit towards promoting and culture of health and well being . experts say the pandemic forced both companies and workers to reevaluate their priorities in place a bigger focus. on work, life balance and atlanta charles watson. fox news. celebration today in honor of dia de los muertos, the victims being remembered at an oakland community gathering. also our chief meteorologist, bill martin, is tracking a frost advisory across the bay area tonight, and we're going to check back in with
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abrasion in honor of the day of the dead 28th annual event included dance performances, arts and crafts and several altars dedicated to the deceased . the organizing committee voted to create one alter this year to honor the victims of school shootings. the group unanimously decided that that was going to be the focus of this longer term . offend us. and yes, the theme of it changes were just kind of really reflecting on those that we've lost and, um, really honoring them today. the altar dedicated to the victims of school shootings will remain on display at the museum through november. 27th after being a no go last year, ironman california is back. that triathlon was canceled in 2021 due to dangerous rain, but athletes are taking on the courses this year in sacramento reporter oka or co. mana has the story. loud
10:46 pm
cheers and rounds of applause, echoing at the finish line of the ironman, california more than 3000 people from all over the world coming to sacramento to take on the epic triathlon. lauren jesperson, crossing the finish line with a huge smile on his face. this is his first iron man, lot of work and i'm super happy to be done. just person telling me he put his all into this race. it's been a goal for a really long time and so figured start training for it? many of swim, 112 mile bike ride and 26.2 run their goal to test their strength, endurance and grit. first time iron man, kelly tran, describing completing the race as triumphant but tiring, exhausted. and glad to be done.
10:47 pm
it's a fine. event um, glad i signed up like two months ago, so i'm actually glad i did it. that mix of excitement and exhaustion also felt by first timer jason mary field. it feels awesome. and, uh, i'm ready for a nap beer. had some rest. others are veterans of this race . this is number 20 full iron man time. iron man, stephen bang, telling me this is all about continuing to push himself feel fantastic. the idea. how was to come here and try to qualify for the world championships again? everyone thrilled to be on the course, especially in california's capital city. thank you to the city of sacramento for putting this on. it was just amazing support lots of fans. and again that was or cowman reporting a lot more athletes wrapped up late tonight and some will even
10:48 pm
be finishing up tomorrow morning , powerful hurricane made landfall along a sparse, part, sparsely populated stretch of mexico's pacific coast. hurricane rosalind came on shore as a cat three storm with sustained winds of more than 125 miles an hour. local media did report. two people died after taking shelter and unstable structures. that had collapsed during the storm storm hit between puerto vallarta and mazatlan. residents and tourists were warned to brace for the wind to brace for the rain, along with possible flash flooding and landslides. alrighty then these are the highs from today. we kind of looked at him once before, but you get an idea for how mild the weather has been. temperatures tomorrow, the slightly warmer this whole week, mid seventies. uh i don't think eighties are in the cards. for us. it's going to be cool pattern. i want to back this up. i want to show you here's tomorrow and just see that this is a model long range. and i just want you to see see all that stuff coming up from the north. one after another. there's clipping by clip by clip
10:49 pm
by then, a more of a stronger, more organized system shows up here on sat next saturday, right there. um so what does that what was that show? you just shows you that that pattern that was locked up and like a logjam last week is done. i mean, we are in a we are into the potential for weather now, in fact, we might see a sprinkle or something. saturday night, we'll see how that goes. but the big picture is progressive pattern. haven't seen one this year yet and i think we got one. so hopefully that amounts to something measurable agree to get a little bit of snow, you know, last 24 hours or so a little bit of rain, but be nice to get a you know a series of storms in so we'll see how that goes. but right now, the way this week goes few clouds here and there in the five day forecast, maybe a sprinkle saturday night and sunday but the general texture of the week will be just mild temperatures. the overnight lows are cool. they'll be called the next couple of nights. it's a frost advisory. but like i say, it is a low grade. fast advisory . it's not. it's not. i'm not
10:50 pm
freaking out about my plants, so i don't think you need to either. and this maybe europe in granville or healdsburg or some of those far northern counties, but in terms of its just barely on the edge of criteria for frost advisory. these are the winds. the winds are very light, and when the winds die down, the temperatures have an opportunity to drop down. don't need 32 degrees to get freezing. so we're gonna get frost. pardon me. you do need 32 to get freezing. but you don't need 30 to 32 to get frost 37 38 will get you frost. maybe even 39 or 40 degrees, depending on the surface of the frost wants to for months. the forecast for tomorrow yellows seventies few clouds to the north of us, but nice. mostly sunny, mid seventies to maybe some upper seventies 77 fairfield 77 in the eniac sunny day. not so sunny. the next few days. we're going to see a lot of clouds come in over the top of us the next few days. you see this in the five days, so here's monday, and you can see the clouds showing up on tuesday, wednesday, thursday and friday, and that's those
10:51 pm
clippers coming by just and when i say clippers, they're just going to be north of us, and they're gonna go boom boom boom right through seattle, portland , new far northern california again, seattle got a big break or washington state. oregon fires batter quality for the last week. occur, so record high temperatures last week. boom fires not out, but certainly getting major containment on the fires and air quality because of this pattern has improved ridiculously much better. so it's a good story all around. looks like we're kind of getting ready getting close to some winter weather. you guys, i'll see you back here at 11 can't wait. all right, bill. thank you coming up tonight in sports, a dominant display of offense from the golden state warriors. as they take down the sacramento kings will bring you the highlights from tonight's game that got a little tight in the fourth quarter. then on the 11 o'clock news officials in southern california are investigating after anti semitic flyers were passed out in a community overnight.
10:52 pm
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a shortage of excitement around the 49ers this week with the acquisition of christian mccaffrey. that excitement lasted for about a quarter today , levi stadium, but in the end, one team looked to be one of the nfl's elite. the other did not plenty of anticipation at game time with mccaffrey, the former stanford star, taking the field for the first time as a 49ers against kansas city. caffrey was a factor early running for a first down here. mccaffrey used in limited duty with very little time to study the playbook. 49ers picked up a field goal on their first possession. then, after taking advantage of an interception, it was jimmy garoppolo rolling out of the pocket, finding ray ray mccloud with an eight yard score. 49ers headed 10 lead to be very much a match for the chiefs. but this was their high watermark. mccoll
10:55 pm
hardman around the corner, then goes 25 yards to the end zone in the second quarter. he ended up with two touchdowns rushing. one receiving 49ers had a chance to take the lead board for halftime, but grappler throws one up for grabs picked up there. by joshua williams no points after the 49ers trailed 14 13 at the half quickly. 21 13 clyde edwards, hillary goes nearly untouched to the end zone just a minute and a half into the second half, and the chiefs added on patrick mahomes fires to justin watson before yards in the score. mahomes threw three touchdown passes. the chiefs will put up 44 points on the previously highly regarded 49ers offense, then further insult here for the united still in the game when garoppolo was sacked in the end zone by the chiefs. frank clark play more symbolic than crucial in a day in which the 49ers defense had no answer for mahomes and the chiefs 44 23 , the final 49ers fall 23 and four and have some explaining to do we have some place where i thought we had some
10:56 pm
opportunities and we didn't do well, especially on some self inflicted things. um which i think when in all three phases, so regardless of the players. we've added, we have good players, i believe, and i believe we added another one. but we got to play better take advantage of that. we expect the warriors to provide nothing but first rate entertainment all season and in their third game of the year, they did just that tonight. sacramento kings in town, and that meant mike brown and leandro barbosa, both part of the warriors organization last season, got their championship rings. this was a close game until the warriors offense, namely steph curry exploded in the second quarter, curry and fox off his feet. then the onslaught begins pre had 63 pointers. in the second half the warriors put together the first or first half. that is 50 point second quarter in franchise history, curry would finish with 33 points. the warriors went to the locker room within 89 to 71 lead, but they weren't able to coast in this one. most of the king's deficit was made up against the wearer subs and went to messi, metsu jam that shot
10:57 pm
down the lead was cut to four points with 104 to play. the warriors finally put it away in the final seconds, andrew wiggins with the steal and trip to the hoop for two of his 24 jordan pool also had 24 points. the warriors up their records, too. and one with the 1, 30 to 1 25 win. 2022 world series is set in your absolutely forgiven if you didn't have houston against the phillies as your choices before the season began the yankees trying to avoid a sweep tonight as they hosted houston in the american league championship series, the astros dusty baker still after that elusive world series title as a manager, two teams in a 44 tie in the sixth new york harrison bader rides a hector nearest pitch high and deep to left graders. fifth home run of the postseason gives the yankee fans hope that there could be a chance to avoid elimination. but houston is a team that doesn't go down easy and the seventh after the astros had tied it. alex bregman got a solid hit off homes. jeremy pena came home with the lead run. after six hours away. aaron judge was the
10:58 pm
yankees last chance in the ninth. ryan pressly. grabs his comebacker and the astros have their sweep 6 to 5. the final houston is headed to the world series for the fourth time in six years. and earlier the films were trying to wrap up their nationally championship series against san diego. they got on the board first, reese hoskins has the green light on a three and old pitch puts a huge darvish pitch into the left field seats. that's a two run shot. hoskins fifth homer, the postseason in front to nothing, but the seventh time the padres closed within one josh bell's drive to right up, sir anthony dominguez, jake on worth home game tied at two stage was then set for some high drama in the eighth. philadelphia down 3 to 2 with the runner at first nobody out, but bryce harper goes opposite field against robert suarez that one carries out for harper's fifth homer, the postseason. the phillies win the game 4 to 3. take this series four games to one. they're headed to the world series for the first time since 2009 fairly
10:59 pm
against houston on friday in houston. for games one that is and after an o and five start, the sharks have at least managed . a couple of wins now is the result of their four game eastern road trip sharks on the second half of back to backs today in philadelphia scoreless game in the second period. thomas hurdle from behind the net to erik karlsson, who won times he shot past felix sanderson. one, nothing san jose beating sense. then, with time running out of the period, jacob magnet is one up from long range is redirected by stephen lawrence. the sharks added an empty netter. james reimer stopped 31 shots for his 26th career shutout. three san jose sharks improved two and six and the oakland roots in san diego in soccer's usl playoffs tonight. no score yet in the 35th minute when charlie dennis controls the past, then hits the goal of the strong left. the roots took that one. nothing lead to halftime is on top 52nd
11:00 pm
minute now the san diego goalie comes out lindo prica takes advantage fica and as an easy trip to the goal, the roots go in front to nothing. they went three nothing. now it's understand antonio for the next round of the playoffs. on friday in use continue rolling on. all right. thank you. next at 11. take care of our patients in the way we think is the best way to take care of them. we are striking to basically to stand up for our patients and for ourselves, hundreds of area nurses planning to walk off the job tomorrow, demanding change to what they call unsafe working conditions. the 11 o'clock news on ktvu. fox two starts now. hello again, everyone. i'm julie julie haener mike mibach. the five day strike will affect three etcetera hell's campuses in oakland and berkeley ktvu is lamonica. peters has more on the nurses demands as well as the hospital's response. we feel like


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