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tv   The Eleven O Clock News on KTVU FOX 2  FOX  October 23, 2022 11:00pm-11:30pm PDT

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minute now the san diego goalie comes out lindo prica takes advantage fica and as an easy trip to the goal, the roots go in front to nothing. they went three nothing. now it's understand antonio for the next round of the playoffs. on friday in use continue rolling on. all right. thank you. next at 11. take care of our patients in the way we think is the best way to take care of them. we are striking to basically to stand up for our patients and for ourselves, hundreds of area nurses planning to walk off the job tomorrow, demanding change to what they call unsafe working conditions. the 11 o'clock news on ktvu. fox two starts now. hello again, everyone. i'm julie julie haener mike mibach. the five day strike will affect three etcetera hell's campuses in oakland and berkeley ktvu is lamonica. peters has more on the nurses demands as well as the hospital's response. we feel like the hospital isn't doing enough to ensure that there are
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appropriate measures in place to handle. a situation that might escalate california nurses association and national nurses . united says they've been bargaining with the hospital since june of last year and represents 1800 nurses at sutter health out to bates summit medical center campus is the union says abe's emc campuses now have a 50% turnover rate, which is higher than the national average. when we spend the time and energy to mentor them and precept them, we would like for them to stick around and be part of our team. team. and so we goes to the hospital, providing the measures and the support to continue to mentor them and lift them up. gabler says. newly trained nurses are finding safer working conditions and even higher pay at other hospitals, which ultimately can lead to staffing shortages at alta bates. nurses say violence in the workplace is a huge deterrent and the hospital needs
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to discuss ways to keep the staff safe while they're working with patients and families, even calm and rational. a person can become unhinged in a hospital environment because having someone in the hospital family member a loved one or being a patient yourself. it's a stressful experience, just because someone is still strike is scheduled to begin at seven a.m. on monday, october 24th and will end on saturday morning. gabler says the members agreed to a five day strike and will only strike longer, if necessary. c n a. and in in you represent 100,000 members throughout california and more than 225,000 registered nurses in the country, sutter health released a statement saying in part by moving forward with a costly and disruptive strike at alta bates summit medical center union leadership has made it clear they are willing to put politics above patients and the nurses they represent. we stand
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by our commitment to patient safety and alta bates summit medical center remains open and fully operational despite the unions actions in oakland, lamonica peters, ktvu, fox two news. frost advisory is now in effect in parts of the bay area, and there is actually some snow now in the sierra berkeley snow lab and soda springs. so it's first snowfall of the season lab sits at an elevation of about 6900 ft, and with more on these colder temperatures, we turn to chief meteorologist bill martin. i tell you what, man, it feels good to have the cooler weather around. it really does, and it kind of you can just feel winter is coming on. it's around the corner. the jet stream is starting to cooperate. that's why the cold air is here. yes, it's a frost advisory first when we've seen in quite some time since last winter or last late spring, but it's like i said earlier in the tent. it's a low grade frost advisers, not you're not gonna go out and find your pipes, you know, covered in ice or cracked or if that's not how this goes down. we're not going
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to see below freezing temperatures. we're going to see temperatures in the low thirties, mid thirties and upper thirties in the cold. two spots of the north and east bay. that will get you some frost, for sure in terms of worrying about pipes and things like that. should not be an issue. so in terms of how how heavy duty is this frost advisory on a scale of 1 to 10, i'd say it's a two in terms of concern, and i'm not. i got some plants out there that could use if it was a real cold night i'd cover them up. and i'm not sweating this tonight. so with that in mind, these are the forecast overnight lows for tonight, you can see well above freezing and most area locations. but as mike points out you know you're bringing in this cooler air is come in. there's gonna be clouds this week and a chance for some sprinkles, or perhaps a shower fingers crossed on saturday night into sunday, but overall, this door is kind of been kicked open in terms of the jet stream and hopefully something will come our way soon. i'll see you back here in the full forecast in just a minute. okay? we'll see you then. bill thank you with the frost advisory. now, in
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effect, people across the bay area are preparing for the first cold snap of the season. ktvu is elissa harrington has the story. okay? get ready to bundle up. frost advisory goes into effect for much of the bay area late sunday through monday morning. it includes the north bay, outer , east bay and santa clara valley. drastic change in weather for places like concord , which hit 94 degrees just last week. i could feel the little bit of change. it's getting cooler at night. but i wasn't expecting to be. ah, ah frost advisory. not so soon. thomas titus, this store manager at bill's ace hardware off clayton road showed us tarps and blankets to protect plants sensitive to the cold, he said. they stocked up ahead of the colder months blanket that you would put over your your fruits and vegetables or your, um flowers that you might have blooming right now to protect them. so they don't get frostbitten. some garden centers. i called said they typically cover plants once the temperatures dip into the thirties, tied to set another big seller during chilly weather
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is protection for pipes. come in for a number of things, um, pipe wraps. the phone pipe wraps. um they sometimes do come in for a broken pipe, so we'll end up helping helping them with the parts bingham in with the national weather service, said cold snaps in october are not'se season. most people are going to realize that we don't have the marine layer. we don't have that coastal stratus coming in the in the morning, and that's what's allowing for all these cold temperatures to happen in concord, elissa harrington. ktvu, fox two news palisades tahoe ski resort posted these photos today to social media. you can see a little snow out there on the ground. the resort is scheduled to open for the season in less than a month on november 22nd heavenly and northstar plan to open a little earlier on november 18th, while diamond peak and kirkwood are set for an early december opening, well, strong, gusty winds and drying conditions right here in the bay area had
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pg and e considering planned power outages. and more than a dozen california counties. safety shutoffs are still possible tonight for customers in portions of sonoma, napa and lake county is going into the weekend, though p genie warren thousands of people that they could be affected in 13 different counties that had some individuals stocking up on generators, batteries and solar powered lights. chavez and matt mehan san jose's two mayoral candidates, faced off tonight at a forum hosted by sjs you votes , the group brought up a number of issues, including homelessness, the local economy and whether they say for the proposal to allow non citizens to vote in local elections. i believe citizenship should be an aspirational goal and that voting should be a fundamental right and responsibility that is part of that citizenship. mehan is on the center's a city council. his opponent, cindy chavez, is a santa clara county supervisor. she too, opposes allowing non citizens to vote. i
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do think that we have to be much more vigorous and rigorous in our fight for both immigration reform, but also continuing to make sure that we're advocating , for example for daca youth. the winner will replace mayor sam liccardo, who will turn out of office in january at 11 in los angeles county activists with an anti jewish group demonstrated on a freeway overpass and this comes as officials are investigating anti semitic flyers that were found on people's doorsteps. over the weekend, activists with an anti jewish group drapes signs on an overpass of the 405 in los angeles that red kanye is right about the jews and honk if you know the message was likely an outcropping of kanye west recent anti semitic remarks, and last night flyers denouncing jewish people surfaced at homes in brentwood and beverly hills when he came out six in the morning to get his paper. this is what he finds right here, a plastic
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bag filled with sand with this visceral paper. which claims that 96% of all media is controlled by jewish people, and this is all to produce hate. police say they believe the flyers are connected, possibly to the same hate group that staged the protest on the 405 l . a district l. a district attorney george gastone issued a statement on twitter saying in part white supremacy is a societal cancer that must be exercise coming up after the break a judge ruling in favor of a california bakery owner who refused to make wedding cakes for same sex couples, also a debate today between governor gavin newsom and republican state senator brian dalli. the issues that took
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ext couples has won a major victory in court. a superior court judge ruled in favor of the owner of pastries bakery in bakersfield, saying she acted lawfully while upholding her religious beliefs. the owner had cited her christian values for refusing to work with same sex couples. no word on whether the state department of fair housing and employment which filed the lawsuit will appeal governor gavin newsom and republican state senator brian dally. debated in san francisco today, the two candidates sparred on issues including gas price. is abortion. and homelessness. ktvu political reporter greg lee as the story. contrast with my
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opponent could be more crystal clear he does not support reproductive freedom does not support reproductive choice. i want to, uh, start out by thanking the governor for taking time out of his, uh, for going forward on his dream of being president of united states and actually coming to california and having a debate, governor gavin newsom and republican challenger, state senator brian downey wasted no time taking shots at each other. the two met in the first and only gubernatorial debate before election day. the two men addressed several topics, including an issue top of mind for many voters, cost of living and gas and what he's done in the last four years has throw money at every single issue more than there's ever been, and what are the results for californians higher gas prices, inflation, homelessness on our streets. our schools are failing. our children and people are fleeing california. california is suffering from high inflation, and that's why we've provided $18.5 billion. in tax rebates, which you opposed. proposed $9.5 billion in rebates that are
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going out right now to help offset these inflationary costs . the debate hosted by kqed at their studio in san francisco, the men clashed on climate change the drought, education and abortion. newsome spent money from his nearly 23 million reelection war test on ads in other states, including pro abortion billboards. dolly is against expanding abortion rights. he wants to make this a sanctuary state where all of the americans can come here and get an abortion at the expense of california taxpayers. i would absolutely take that out of the budget. we believe in reproductive freedom we believe and reproductive care. california's values are well established in statute. we want to codify them under prop. one dolly targeted newsome and the state's homelessness crisis. the governor is focused on running for president and he's gonna leave calif leave california. just like he left san francisco with homeless people off the street when he said he was going to solve those issues, it's $15.3 billion. there's a real strategy real plan and there's accountability for the first
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time, newsome pointed to his new care court program. while dalli said if elected, he will declare a state of emergency to address fentanyl. the campaign has been a steep challenge for dalli registered democrats outnumber republicans in the state nearly 2 to 1 and newsom's consistently held a hefty lead in the polls. after the debate, both men made their final pitch to voters. do you want four more years of what you already been getting, then stick with him? if you want something different? you can vote for me, and we can have some change in california accountabilities relates to these accountability plans on homelessness and housing, so i couldn't agree more more is not better. better is better. we need to see results. taxpayers deserve it something to note here. there's been lots of speculation about newsom's potential aspirations to run for president in 2024. he was asked directly today and he said, if we elected he will serve a full four year term. greg lee ktvu, fox two news the midterm elections are two weeks from tuesday with a number of key races that will decide the balance of power in the house
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and senate democrats who are hesitant to campaign on the economy, in the midst of rising inflation, are pivoting to social issues like abortion to win over voters and turning up the heat on republican candidates who have questioned election results. we want to shore up our elections, so they are very honest and every voter knows that it's an honest system . republicans talk about how they concerned about security, but yet you saw what happened on generous six the whole world saw it. last year, the justice department created a special task force to combat rising threats against election workers and voters. polling locations are stepping up security and hoping to avoid trouble. alright i hope you had a nice weekend getting ready for the week ahead. the weather looks pretty good. there'd be a few clouds will be obviously the cold temperatures tomorrow morning. these are the highs from today highs tomorrow will be quite similar to these, uh, maybe a little warmer couple degrees
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warmer mid seventies and the warm spots maybe some upper seventies but a mild week ahead, which is great news for fire concerns, obviously and their quality. system after system after system after cm all just kind of clicking through. they don't really hit us directly, except on saturday, we get a drive by her saturday night into sunday morning, but what it is it's just a progressive pattern that has short waves moving through to the north of us all week. so that's gonna keep us mild. that's going to bring the clouds in. that's going to offer the opportunity. for something down the road. in the words. the jet stream is no longer bottled up and logjam and creating a situation where we're just having the same consistent whether it's going to start acting. it should, anyway. acting like fall and early winter, so we'll see how that works outside right now. there's no fog. as you know. temperatures are generally in the fifties, about where they were last night, maybe a little warmer, napa five degrees the story is going to be that low pressure that went through here yesterday and brought the snow to lake tahoe that has deposits
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of coal there and when the winds die down at night, we get overnight lows. that'll be cool above freezing, certainly even in the coldest spots, but it'll be it'll be a fraud. there's a frost advisory as you know, but it's not a big deal. it's not. i wouldn't worry about it too much . you know, there's some frost advisories and freeze warnings. the worry a lot about this is a low grade stuff. i mean, with overnight lows in the upper thirties, you're going to get a little frost, but it shouldn't be a real huge deal unless you have super sensitive crops, especially in the north and far east bay. so the forecast highs tomorrow. yellows are seventies . there they are a bunch of 70 the clouds to the north all up there, and that's how this whole week is going to look. some clouds will come through on tuesday, wednesday and thursday. but they're just gonna keep brushing by to the north, brushing by to the north. these are the forecast highs for tomorrow. about four degrees, three degrees warmer than today and the five day forecast and you can see those clouds start to really start to fill in on tuesday, wednesday, thursday and friday and then on saturday and sunday. maybe something saturday night into sunday morning, but
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really the big story here is we're still avoiding fire danger and we are in a situation where we're looking at the systems being the system being opened up to some potential rain down the road. yeah we could use the rain for sure, bill. thank you. 11 tonight, apple is expected to make its latest update to its iphone operating system. tomorrow the iowa 16.1 will bring new features to iphone wir newer. the new features include access to the workout and meditation subscription service , called fitness plus, users will no longer need to have an apple watch to subscribe. a clean energy iphone charging feature lets users lower their iphones carbon footprint. the iowa 16.1 update will also let iphone users make an icloud shared photo library and receive live activities for third party apps on their lock screen. starting tomorrow, momo's cafe will begin a new pay what you want policy at the downtown vallejo restaurant. this is thanks to rapper laura russell.
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they were renovated the cafe and his covering costs of breakfast and lunch through the end of the year. momo's is known for its french toast, pancakes, chicken and waffles and webos rancheros law. russell who grew up in vallejo, as long been a fan of momo's cafe, he's done performances, even a book signing there and says giving back to the community means the world to him. kohner manny melinda's says. everyone is welcome to come and eat at momo's and pay whatever they can afford. hey pay what you want. if you got a dollar if you got $10, if you don't have anything you can come in and get a meal. this is for anybody who wants to come in and eat. there's no judgment for whoever. mama's cafe is located at 402 georgia street and serves breakfast and lunch until two in the afternoon daily. california inflation relief checks are scheduled to be sent out tomorrow. so far about 3.5 million californians have received them. they're meant to help with rising inflation from the cost of living to the rising cost of gas
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. the payments are between $200 and $1050, depending on income level and family size. those who filed their tax returns electronically will have the money deposited right into their accounts. by tuesday, the powerball jackpot continues to grow. nobody hit all those winning numbers last night, so that means the jackpot is now $610 million. the current jackpot has been building since early august, and the next drawing is tomorrow night. well, sports wrap is coming up at 11 30. here is a look at what joe and jason are working on christian mccaffrey makes his 49ers debut. but the story was how easily patrick mahomes and the chiefs carved up san francisco supposedly elite defense. we'll hear from the team following today's tough loss at levi's warriors were in a giving mood with one of their former coaches, pregame but once the ball went up, it was a different story. warriors kings highlights and reaction coming your way. it is a full half hour sports coming up at 11 30 on sports wrap. also ahead tonight
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justin in los angeles county. it is a 73 ft floating barge that automatically picks up waste before it floats out into the ocean. the vessel is called trash interceptor. double. oh, seven, and it's getting the job
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done when it comes to harvesting bottles, plastics and other types of debris. the beaches and the coast of orders of california are world famous for being beautiful, but unfortunately it's not after the rains when there's tons and tons of trash littered around, so hopefully that won't happen anymore. going forward. the machine was created in the netherlands, and this weekend's launch marks its first deployment in north america. interceptor double oh, seven, expected to collect 30 to 50 tons of trash per year. hundreds came out this morning for the 30th annual lafayette ezrin for education. organizers say it's lafayette's most popular family event of the year. runners walkers, stroller pushers and even people with dogs made their way from the lafayette reservoir to downtown. there was a five k and 10-k and two mile events. participants raised money for schools in lafayette and habitat for humanity raised more than
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$200,000 today at its cycle of hope fundraiser as ktvu james torres reports. hundreds of people pedaled for the cause, starting at foothill college. we're gonna win this. just after seven this morning, a few dozen people started their 100 mile bike ride and raise a few bucks for a good cause. you know, i work for a different charities. so doing charity work is really close to my heart is the cycle of hope put on by habitat for humanity in the east bay and silicon valley. every hour of the morning, the next wave of cyclists would take the starting line at foothill college in los altos. some writing for 60 miles , some little as nine miles. so this is a way that everyone can participate. you can get on a bike. we even have a virtual options so you can hike, walk, swim whatever you want. but it's the way you can do something to support affordable housing. and i think a lot of people really want to do something right now. this is the event fifth year,
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its first since the beginning of the pandemic. good enough for a house. we will not be in our beautiful house right now, if he wasn't because of these people committed to help and to and to participate in this event, beltran was invited out to the event today. the cyclist riding this morning yet to see who they are helping and how the rest of our life we're going to be, you know? graceful and, ah, because because all that we have now. all that our life has changed is because of them is because of people like them more than 700 people signed up this year, event organizers say it's great to be back in person raising money and awareness to support giving people access to affordable housing. everyone pitching in a real community effort to get that done is what we're trying to emphasize here, and this community of cyclists is doing that today. reporting in los altos james torres ktvu. two news. opera lovers had a
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chance today to peek behind the curtain at the war memorial opera house in san francisco. visitors were given tours of the historic building they learned about the instruments used there and even got a look backstage. the open house was part of the celebration of the opera's 100 season as well as the 90th anniversary of the war memorial opera house. thanks for joining us tonight, but we're not done yet. joe and jason are getting the microphones on his sports wrap is coming up next, a lot to talk about football basketball. ball baseball and hockey. hockey soccer. e root g
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to much patrick mahomes and not enough defense as san francisco drops its second straight game. it's very frustrating losing socks. four years are up for 50 points in the second quarter to reload three. i don't want to see that man get hot, but then go ice cold. 11 straight misses. could they hang on against the king's dusty baker leads the astros


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