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tv   The Eleven O Clock News on KTVU FOX 2  FOX  November 8, 2022 11:00pm-11:30pm PST

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tonight as the vote count in the midterm elections continues one of those victories. the race for governor. governor gavin newsom looks ahead for a second term tonight. his biggest challenge was from republican brian dolly , who trailed in the polls really throughout the campaign. newsome criticized by dolly for his handling of the pandemic. the governor spoke earlier tonight in sacramento on winning a second term on beating the recall and also the likely victory of proposition one. deeply humbled to have the privilege to extending my term. as governor of the state of california, but i'm also deeply motivated. uh and mindful of all the energy in this room. particularly the affirmative steps. the state of california took people of california took. and unambiguous terms to assert. uh, our values and to go on the offense. and the state overwhelmingly. that we are a freedom state that we support. the rights of women and girls, reproductive care. reproductive rights now are trying in the
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constitution of the state of california. the governor also thanked his wife and four children who were on hand for tonight's celebration. we're also watching a number of big races in the bay area this evening. one race will decide whether san francisco district attorney brooke jenkins will continue to serve in that role. here's a look now where the race stands. jenkins leading both john hamasaki and joe elliott. oh varanasi, ktvu is and really is tracking it all for us tonight. she joins us once again live from san francisco with more amber julie, there are still plenty of supporters here at harborview restaurant along the embarcadero. they tell me they're confident that she will hold on to her league to win against three other candidates. mayor london breed appointed her during the after the recall of ben chaser, bodine and then earlier tonight, jenkins addressed the crowd and what sounded a lot like a victory speech. i feel very thrilled
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about where these results are at this point. um and just can't tell you how thankful i am to san francisco and to this army of people who stand for the right thing. and i do also want to give a shout out right now to mayor london breed. who did, of course, spend a lot of hours trying to figure out who she should appoint. she entrusted me to do this job. he wants san francisco. they want to be all say they feel like challenges around public safety have gotten out of control. and so the bigger issue here is accountability. and making sure that when those lines are crossed, that we can trust the top person who's responsible for prosecution to do their jobs and to address it, it doesn't always mean jail time. it could mean giving someone a second chance.
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it could mean rehabilitation, it could mean someone who's struggling with mental illness who needs to be in a facility to get some help and support. it can mean so many different things. and i think that brooke jenkin understand that she understands the challenges of this work and she's very courageous and is prepared to make the hard decisions to protect the public. well after jenkins made her speech, she greeted the hundreds of supporters who gathered here to cheer her on now, if her whole if her lead holds, she will become san francisco's first elected latina and black d a julie mike. understand you know the number one job at the d a. is to ensure public safety and i hear what the mayor is saying, but there are san franciscans out there who think the d a is not doing enough? did she address how she will go after criminals and if she will go after all criminals in san francisco? she didn't get into specifics. but what i found interesting was a lot of the folks in the crowd recognized
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them as being family members of homicide victims, and there was a lot of asian americans in this crowd of supporters who fought to have you know, hate crimes addressed it. so yes, while the d a did not specifically address how she was going to do that a lot of supporters here were people that were part of the recall and some were definitely family of victims. alright early live tonight in san francisco, amber, thank you, and we are following very close races for mayor in oakland, as well as san jose, oakland, the most high profile candidates in a very crowded race of 10 candidates for city council members, and tonight no candidate has reached the 50. of the vote. right now, you can see the latest numbers. they've moved a little bit since the earlier our lauren taylor in the lead right now, with 35% to xiang tao 29% ktvu elissa harrington is tracking the race for us tonight. she's live in the city of oakland at the campaign party headquarters for lauren taylor, alyssa.
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that's right. you know, it is packed here tonight, a lot of supporters out here and lauren taylor said that he was feeling good about these results. but it's certainly too early to call, especially with rank choice voting now, before we came here we were at the election party corner tower, another city council member, hoping to come out victorious tonight, she talked to us about how campaigning was for her and how she is feeling after this first round. yeah the neighbors . it is our labor union analyze. is our firefighters, grocery workers are trans union everyday people. paul's closed at eight o'clock.
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i want to show you some video from outside the courthouse earlier this evening where people were dropping off their ballots. oakland is going to get a new mayor for the first time since mayor libby schaaf took office in 2015. this has been a crowded race. there are 10 candidates, and some of the front runners include how currently serves as district for city council member. also city council members lauren taylor and trevor reid and former city council member agnosia and i got a chance to catch up with read a little bit earlier today as she was making the rounds at different voting events throughout the city. and she told me no matter who wins, she knows oakland will be in good hands. this is a critical crossroads of this city is in and people want to see who is going to lead us into our next best chapter, and i'm certainly believing that that will be me as our next mayor. some of the big issues. the candidates have said they will prioritize include public safety, housing and keeping businesses here in oakland, so still a lot of votes
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account and anything could happen. good morning. live in oakland. i'm elissa harrington ktvu. so alyssa, if either candidate or one of the candidates doesn't reach that 50% threshold, then it will be decided by ranked choice voting as we've seen in the past, do they get a sense of how long that process will take? so how long we will know before who until who becomes the next mayor of oakland? right you know, this process could take days. you know, it depends how many rounds they have to go through. but the candidates i've talked to say that they are going to be up throughout the night. they are going to keep going and that they are all feeling pretty confident and pretty excited about tonight. a lot of activity they're going on in oakland tonight. alyssa. thank you. not just oakland, either. there's another race for mayor getting a lot of attention this evening, and this one is in the south bed. that's right. supervisor cindy chavez and councilman matt mehan want to replace outgoing mayor sam liccardo. as you can see, it's a close race with right now. matt mehan is in the lead with 52% of the vote to
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cindy chavez 48. ktvu is lamonica peters has been tracking both campaigns. she joins us now live in san jose with what they're saying lamonica. that's right. i'm here at the headquarters for cindy chavez, where she spoke to us about an hour ago and said that she would not be coming back out tonight to speak to her supporters because the race was just too close to call. the last we checked santa clara county's website. there was a difference of about 5000 votes between the two with as you mentioned matt mayhem, pulling out slightly above her, but that could change as the votes continue to come in, but earlier today, we did hear from chavez and she talked about coalition building that she had done in her long history of service here in san jose, and how grateful she was to the people who had voted for her. we also stopped by matt may hands watch party earlier today, and he talked about his grassroots campaign. you know, he's pretty new to politics here in san
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jose. he is a city council person, but he does not have a long history here. and he talked about just the volunteers and all the people that got behind him in this race, so i want you to take a listen to what he had to say, as well as cindy earlier tonight. you know, i'm just grateful for how much all these supporters sacrifice for this campaign. it was an incredible grassroots movement were out spam, but we were never outworked. our team did amazing job to understand from the bottom of my heart. i couldn't be more grateful to each and every one of you. i couldn't be more proud to be a part of san jose's history. i couldn't be more proud to be a part of your lives and to the to everybody in our community. whether you voted for me or not well when you should have but whether you voted for me or not, whether you voted for me or not. thank you. so much for loving your city enough to invest in it. now there are still a few dozen
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people here at cindy chavez has headquarters and again, this race is too close to call and hopefully sometime tomorrow we will know whether or not it will be matt mayhem or cindy chavez for san jose's next mayor, newcomer versus the veteran in there, and a lot of money, by the way spent on this particular race in there. alright lamonica peters live in san jose lamonica. thank you. alright let's take a look now at how some of the state propositions are doing at this hour passage of proposition one leaves no doubt that abortion is legal here in california, you can see the numbers 68% saying yes to proposition 1 32% saying no. the abortion debate has intensified across the country ever since the u. s. supreme court overturned roe versus wade in june. supporters of this proposition, say it would prohibit interference with someone's reproductive rights opponents say california already spends large amounts of funds on abortions and they were concerned this would increase that total, with additional funding going to thousands of people traveling from other states to have abortions here in
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california and another healthcare proposition here for your prop 29 on the bow. this impacts patients in need of dialysis. across the state at clinics. if approved, it would require a doctor, nurse practitioner or physician's assistant to be present during treatment at outpatient kidney dialysis clinics. as you can see , 70% are voting this down at the time. 30% voting yes for prop 29. the balance of power in congress is still at stake. at this late hour coming up, we will break down where key senate races stand. and election officials still taking those ballots there in contra costa county county. them it's going to be a long night along morning tomorrow we'll take you live to martinez, where some of that work is underway. still tracking the weather. most of the raindrops have ended, but there's still some out there, and there's still potentially some more to come.
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♪ for power in congress. right now , four seats are in play, with both republicans and democrats securing 48 senate seats of political party needs 51 seats for control or 50 seats, plus a tie breaking vote from the vice president. both independent senators caucus with democrats right now, effectively giving both major parties 50 senators, with vice president harris making tie breaking votes, the situation has created
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contentious senate campaigns in multiple states and going into tonight most political analyst us were really in agreement that republicans had a pretty good shot here at flipping the control of the house. 435 races going in right now. 76 seats are in play, and here's the total. we had 166 seats for the democrats. 193 for the republicans, mind you, a party needs 218 to be in control of the house and a flip of the control to the republican party would possibly be put california republican kevin mccarthy on track to become the house speaker ktvu political reporter greg lee, standing by a lot of talk about this red wave going into today, not quite seeing that, at least at this moment tonight here, greg julian, certainly not the night that republicans expected but certainly still on track to get the house all day. we've been preaching patience when it comes to vote counts, especially in the close races and in the remaining races that will dictate the sway of the senate. it's gonna take some time and pennsylvania though fox called this race in the last hour in
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favor of the democrat, lieutenant governor, john fetterman contentious race between fetterman and republican dr mehmet oz, this seat vacant after republican pat toomey retired. it was a victory in pennsylvania in 2020 that gave joe biden the presidency. it's a huge victory for democrats tonight in the commonwealth as we take a look at the numbers that are still coming in here. here's what fetterman told his supporters a short time ago. i never expected that we were going to turn these red counties blue, but we did what we needed to do. i understand ation across every one of those counties and tonight that's why i'll be the next u. s senator from pennsylvania. now to the race that many believe the direction of the senate could hinge on the same place that gave democrats the majority in 2020, georgia. incumbent democrat raphael warnock, facing republican and former nfl star herschel walker
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. this race saw historic early turnout, and at this hour it continues to tighten. there is a libertarian in this race, and you can see both men warnock and walker under 50% if neither gets to 50 we will see a runoff in december now to the southwest arizona democrat, former astronaut mark kelly trying to hold onto the seat he won two years ago facing republican in trump endorsed blake masters, some hiccups in the state with voting machine problems, likely delaying results, but the latest numbers we want to show you here in this race, uh, masters was trailing kelly at last look. will bring you those numbers when we can. we want to bring in our political analyst brian sobel's we see mark kelly leading masters 58 42 brian kevin mccarthy spoke spoke a short time ago and he said, it looks like it is clear. we will take the house in that case. if republicans take the house. what are the next two years look like for the biden presidency? well, lots of contention. first of all , because the margin is so slim in the house. um it does change
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. all the committee chairs. it changes the tenor of the house and joe biden. president biden will have to decide what he's going to do greg over the next two years to try to work with republicans. if the senate stays and democrat hands, all legislation is going to be gummed up. so it will be incumbent upon the president to try to find ways to get his legislation passed by working with republicans, so there may be a bit of a silver lining here for gridlock or more gridlock, gridlock and certainly compromised brian silver. we always appreciate you your analysis. thanks for being here tonight. my pleasure, as always , julie, back to you guys. all right, greg. thank you, brian. thank you. one bay area congressional race we are watching tonight will replace retiring representative jackie speier, state assembly member kevin mullin and san mateo county supervisor david canada. both democrats want the job right now. here are the latest numbers you can see kevin mullin in the lead with 57% of the vote
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, and as we've been talking here , as the results come in the prospect of a congressional shift to republican control does have many republicans celebrating in democrats kind of bracing here for the next couple of years. ktvu jana katsuyama has reaction tonight. she's live. what was a gop watch party in walnut creek channel. that's right. mike and julie. we talked to republicans here at the bourbon highway barring kitchen in walnut creek. we also talked to kevin mullin over on the peninsula just to get some reaction as both people on both sides of the bay and both sides of the aisle looked very closely at this congress congressional basically battle to see if republicans do take the house. republicans at a watch party in walnut creek. we're keeping an eye not just on local but also the national races, many said. they feel this midterm election . it's bringing out new voices, diversity and a generational shift in the republican party
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progresses, and we continue to see these wins. it's giving me a little bit of help across the country. we need a balance of power. because of one political party is in charge of all branches of government. they could railroad things that shouldn't happen. i think that having speaker mccarthy will be a huge advantage republicans throughout california at all levels, so if we win some of these targets seats, they're going to focus on bringing up republicans beneath them. for school boards city council, these republicans are optimistic that the gop can take control of the house and say that would have an impact on california republicans as well. meantime across the bay in south san francisco, democrat kevin mullin appeared with retiring congresswoman jackie speier, who endorsed him for her house seat. he's leading fellow democrat david canada, and said that if he is elected, he plans to work hard to get legislation passed for the peninsula. even if republicans take the house. i think americans are tired of polarized government. they want
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a federal government that works they want to congress that works . they wanted democracy that delivers for them. so look, i think it's really early at this point to sort of make any projections on where the house is going. but either way, the goal here is to be an effective representative for the people of the 15th congressional district. we're gonna have to go. and congresswoman, uh, speer said that mullins is somebody who has already proven he can work across the aisle of the state assembly. so she thinks if he is elected to that seat that he will be a good person to be in that role to work in a bipartisan way. that is certainly something we heard right here at the contra costa gop watch party. they just want to see congress get some things done. julie alright, jana katsuyama live in walnut creek for us tonight, janet. thank you won statewide race where republicans actually appeared to show considerable strength during the campaign was for controller. republican lonnie chen was the only member of his party to get more votes than his opponents in the june
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primary. a win tonight would make him the first republican to be elected. to statewide office in california since 2006, but he's currently down 12% points. malia cohen with 56% of the votes. jenn has 44% jenna barry native service right now as the chair of the state's board of equalization. malia cohen 26 is one of two gaming initiatives on the ballot it would legalize in person roulette, dice games and sports wagering on tribal lands and sports betting at certain horse tracks. right now, you can see it is failing in a big way. 70% voting no. 30% saying yes, these weren't expected to win. people in favor said this would create much needed tax revenue for california opponents believed it could lead to more underage gambling and addiction . alright then there's prop 27, it would legalize online and mobile sports. betting looking at the numbers right now, also failing in a big way, with 84% rejecting it. 16% saying yes. if it did pass, this could increase state revenues $500 million a
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year. if it fails, sports betting would continue to be illegal. all of those last minute vote by mail ballots and contra costa county have been collected and brought here to this warehouse. i'm brooks jarocz live in martinez. we're going to bring inside where all the action is coming up. alright here's another look now at the state at some of the state wide races in the race for lieutenant governor, incumbent democrat eleni lakis hopes to keep that seat. she's facing republican angela underwood jacobs from the l. a area right now, you can see the latest numbers lakis winning in a big way right now, with 61% of the vote, but only 33% of the precincts are reporting. and here's where we stand when it comes to the attorney general of california, rob bonta. right now the democrat has the lead over the former us assistant attorney. nathan hochman. more results from election night still ahead after the break, you're watching the 11 o'clock
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nothing brings the pack together like a trip to great wolf lodge. now open in northern california.
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but let's take a peek real quick here at three of them. at least the results. prop 31 was asking whether a 2020 law that outlawed the sale of certain flavored tobacco products across the state should actually take effect. 65% said. yes 35% said no proposition 28 was designed to guarantee 1% of each year's state education, budget to arts and music programs. funding in public schools. estimates put that figure around $1 billion. supporters argue arts and music programs are needed, critics say , locking the state into specific funding requirements could create problems in a budget shortfall, as you can see. 63% voting. yes for proposition 28 37% saying no proposition 30 actually had
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governor newsom, campaigning against what's being pushed as a climate initiative. this proposition would raise taxes on high income earners. that's a 1.75% additional tax for those who make $2 million or more a year right now. 57% of californians have voted said no way on prop 30 43% said. yes the revenue from this would have scope to support zero emission vehicle programs, wildfire response and prevention activities. as of right now, it looks like prop 30 will fail. one race in alameda county will make history no matter the outcome of the race for alameda county district attorney will give the county its first black d, a civil rights attorney, pamela price, and chief assistant district attorney terry wiley. both want the jobs. you can see terry widely right now in a close race with 52% of the vote, pamela price with 48% so just 4% separating these two candidates to become the next d a there in the county. election
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officials still working tonight counting all those ballots, ballots ktvu brooks jarocz live in martinez work. election workers are wrapping up after polls closed and ballots were collected. how's it looking brooks? but you know, earlier we were in the tabulation room. now we're down the street at the warehouse and this is where they have collected all of the vote by mail ballots both from those drop boxes and also people who dropped off those vote by mail ballots at a polling location. now, after they're all collected and put in these different trays , they're actually brought to this cage back here and this big machine and here is mr tommie gong, the chief deputy clerk recorder. thanks for being here. so tell me what we're witnessing behind us right now. and what is happening into the night exactly so as a staff are preparing the ballots from both the drop boxes and from the polling places they're scanned through this machine here, which is scanning the barcode for each envelope and also capturing the signature. after the envelope so
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that it could be prepared for signature verification, which are our first step towards processing the vote by mail ballots. and why is that so important? critically important , because we're required to compare the signature on the envelope to the signature on file. that's what's required for the vote by mail ballot. so then from here what happens next tommy from here after the signature verification takes place at our office at our office area, then they get put through a second time, and that's when it separates the ballots that are good to develop that are challenged bowser challenge that we send a letter to those voters to give him a second chance to be able to get there. get that ballots counted. curious what you thought of turnout today and how things went. did you experience any issues? no issues were experienced. i think we're looking at. it's so hard to predict how many of these ballots will return to develop, you know, to the polling place and that the dropbox so you know it could really boost up our
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numbers. in terms of our turnout . it could be getting us closer to 50 55% turnout. when do you expect to have all of the results tabulated? oh it's going to take. it's going to take some weeks, so we're going to count what we have tonight from the polling places, but then we're gonna be doing updates and a large part of the updates are going to be all of these vote by mobilized processes. we plan to have our first update out on thursday, late afternoon. finally what would you like to say to the voters who did come out to vote as well as all of the poll workers who donated their time to help you? you know, it really is a great effort in terms of the county working together all of the poll workers that and all of our all of our staff that there's all the preparation and everything. we couldn't do it without a village, so to speak, and then to serve the public and all of the voters just the same, tommy , thanks so much for your time tonight really appreciate it. and this is our effort in trying to pull back the curtain a
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little bit. and show you the entire process from start to finish reporting live in martinez, brooks jarocz. ktvu fox. two news people still at work there tonight. brooks. thank you. all right. we've been talking about the mayoral race in san jose and oakland. but down south. there's another tight race going on. this is to become the next mayor of los angeles. democratic congresswoman karen bass along time elected official in los angeles going against billionaire developer rick caruso. you can see caruso right now, with 50.2% of the vote karen bass with 49.8% of the vote again, neck and neck here as we head into the late evening hours on this election day. all right. a couple of propositions in san francisco impact the future of jfk drive prop. i was designed to revert both jfk drive in the great highway to their pre pandemic configurations. supporters think drivers need access to the road . while opponents want pedestrians to have free access to the areas as you can see proposition one or i


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