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tv   The Ten O Clock News on KTVU FOX 2  FOX  December 3, 2022 10:00pm-11:00pm PST

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nope. (laughs) that's very funny. um... but seriously, i would very much like your blessing -- sorry. i've got several concerns. i'm not on board. you realize this is just a-a formality. we've been married for almost 25 years. and the entire time, without my blessing. -okay, how many dog beds is this gonna cost me? -five. -three. -four. -done. -blessed! faq two. across the bay area today, people dodged a mix of rain, wind and cold and we're not exactly done just yet. good evening and thanks for joining us this saturday night, i'm cristina rendon people out tonight need to bundle up the
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bay area is seeing a lot of rain and cold weather. it is all about the snow in the sierra. good news for everyone in these cold temperatures. no reports of widespread power outages brought on by the system. pleasant hill family has a lot of cleaning up to do after watching a tree fall on two cars in the middle of today's rain. we don't yet know whether today's rain is completely to blame for this problem. thankfully, no one was hurt. no kids just hang out here. but you know, during the reign during, right, of course, you know, hanging out, but there's a basketball there was a basketball. uh what do you call court? hoop? they fell down. it's pretty strong. so that fell down with it. drivers don't see roads drying up just yet. from the look of this live image of traffic on the bay bridge drivers need to prepare for slick roads out there to stick around for some time, and it is more than a little messy on roads this year tonight, traffic just got moving again on interstate 80, east of soda springs. spinouts on the story.
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freeway headlines blocked earlier tonight. traffic is moving very slowly through that area. as you can see here in this live image chains are required as well. meteorologists. mark tamayo joins us now with the look at what to expect next from the weather. highmark christina. yeah, this is early december, and this is exactly what you'd expect here in the bay area. we had some pretty good downpours today. and, of course, the sierra snowfall even some rain up in the sierras. well i did see some light rain reports of some rain reports around truckee in south lake tahoe. earlier today. now in terms of the rainfall numbers, you can see pretty impressive and a few neighborhoods oakland and conquered approaching one inch of rain, redwood city and napa over a half an inch of rain not as much activity in the north bay can see for santa rosa only 10.12 so you can see that the focus the rainfall kind of focused in the northern, the southern half of the bay area, i should say so. here's a saturday system that green arrow and then we're watching that system up to our north. in fact, you can see that circulation. out in the pacific is becoming closer to the radar. first of all start
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off in the sierra. you could still see the snowfall and the rainfall coverage and we actually do have a winter storm warning in place all day sunday and so four am monday, and this was the act of radar pattern all day long. but the past few frames get an idea of the overall trend. things are beginning to move out of town. we still have some scattered rain, though, as you can see closer to san jose, south of san jose, morgen hill and gilroy and portions of the east bay also approaching solano county and fairfield, but it looks like a little bit. have a break as this system begins to kind of move on out of town, and then we're talking about that next system for your sunday in the shower, chances are actually going to be a reversal of today's pattern more right up to the north. not as much not as much to the south and we'll talk more about that guy. with your forecast interest a few minutes. alright, mark. thank you. the cold weather, always a concern for those experiencing homelessness, and it may have been the factor in the death of two people in south san francisco ktvu greg liggins has more on that and how local nonprofit in oakland is trying
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to help the and housed with basic necessities during this cold spell? late friday night inside the silver suv parked on randolph avenue near green avenue in south san francisco. two people were found dead a preliminary investigation from a hazmat team indicates the individuals may have been burning charcoal or something similar to keep warm and succumb to carbon monoxide poisoning. the people in this room are trying to prevent anyone homeless in west oakland from freezing to death this winter. they're packing up 1000, mylar blankets and other items to distribute to the housed leaders from east bay asian local development corporation and west oakland resident leadership council organized this effort as part of their annual holiday project, so every year they do something different. very cool, very fun, very open, but this year they decided to pay attention to the homeless encampments throughout west oakland. there's tons of them so much. when others learned of the
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effort they got involved in donated. the giveaway will also include socks as well as supplies for teeth cleaning and personal hygiene. and natalia you bald and his family are part of the team helping out it's an important lesson for our kids to understand, you know, they said, oh, it's such a cold day to be out, and i explained to them well. this is what other people have to deal with all the time mario will personally meet the people he's helping and likes the idea of giving back and helps people in need. dad don't don't have as much support that, like other people do encampment in west oakland as one of more than two dozen that were identified where people could use help the family plastic bags in hand filled with mylar blankets and other items set out in the rain and cold to find those in need. this woman was one of the first recipients beautiful things they're doing. for the baldy family. this is a way to give back to their community and educate their kids about giving in hardship. for the recipients. it's a warm
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gesture on a cold, rainy day with a thin blanket that could ultimately save a life in oakland. greg legans ktvu fox two news and take a look at how snow is piling up in some parts of the sierra. at one point today, the berkeley snow lab reported snow was falling at rates of 2 to 3 inches per hour. the national weather service expects snow levels will drop to lower elevations tomorrow. if you can stay on top of the storms this winter with the ktvu weather app, you'll find a live radar for your neighborhood and hour by hour forecast as well as any travel alerts. it is free to download from the app store. ktvu attend people marked the sixth anniversary of oakland's tragic ghost ship warehouse fire with an emotional tribute. ktvu elissa harrington joins us now live from oakland with a look at how the lives lost that night or being remembered through music. alyssa that's right. this was a very powerful performance composed by a bay area musician who said he wanted an outlet for
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the impact he was feeling from this tragedy. organizers hope this could also be a way for people in the community to come together, grieve and honor those who died. in a moving performance in oakland based orchestra marked the anniversary of the tragic ghost ship fire through music. the concert was called symphonic composer arturo rodriguez called it a night of community healing music historically has always been about healing and connecting with people and creating some kind of social change. so i'm just seeing this piece of music not only as a representation of the 36 lives that were part of a ghost ship. but also it's a call to action in a way to our leaders. rodriguez started working on this musical composition back in 2016 while
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grief over the ghost ship fire. he said he wanted for the families of those who died. rodriguez called those who perished. the 36 stars. i want to give it acknowledge that they it's their journey, so this music is a representation of their journey from their death into paradise. that's really the essence of a requiem. 65 piece orchestra was with awesome orchestra collective out of oakland organizer's said they wanted to give people in the community a place to come together on the victim's grieve and heal. before the show. we stopped by the ghost ship warehouse on 31st avenue in the fruitvale neighborhood. there was a small memorial on the sidewalk people left flowers, candles and photographs, letters making out the word ghost ship could still be seen on the side of the building. rodriguez said . six years later, they're still needs to be accountability. six years later, i just i hope we
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can bring more healing and more peace to the families and hopefully um city leaders are listening to the families and really holding themselves accountable that we don't have another event like go ship happen ever again. there were also counselors at this concert tonight in case it became too emotional for anyone and they had to leave the theater reporting live in oakland. i'm elissa harrington ktvu fox tuna. really nice special tribute, eliza. thank you. and the driver of the u. s postal service. big rig was killed in a hit and run crash in the east bay today. it happened at about one o'clock this morning in oakland on the south bong interstate 80 80 lane near the broadway exit. the chp says two cars were speeding when one of them crashed into the big rig, causing the truck to burst into flames. the driver of the big rig died at the scene. the driver of the car that hit the truck was picked up by another vehicle and then fled the scene . anyone with information is asked to call the chp. the u. s
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postal service released a statement about the mail in that big rig it reads. in part, the packages were bound for the airport to dispatch out of state out of 17 loaded containers. only four containers were impacted customers who think they may have been impacted may go to usps dot com slash help for further assistance. new attend a small earthquake struck in the east bay earlier this evening. it happened just before 4:30 p.m. near danville. the u. s geological survey reported that the quake was a magnitude 2.9. it was centered 3.1 miles northeast of diablo. there were no reports of damage or injuries. fire crews in san francisco rushed to an overnight blaze in a residential neighborhood. this fire broke out just after four o'clock this morning in the 400 block of franconia street at a three story multi unit building. nobody was inside. there were no injuries reported the streets surrounding that area. there were closed off for hours overnight. the cause of the fire is under investigation. state
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lawmakers prepared tonight to get back to work solving the state's problem with high gas prices coming up what they're waiting for from the governor. and world cup excitement, highs and lows. reaction from soccer fans following team usa is elimination from the round of 16.
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why. oakland keeps up a holiday tradition tonight with the lighting of jack london squares holiday tree ktvu ktvu own andre senior was on hand to help big thank you to everyone who braved the rain tonight. the celebration included a laser show with snow appearances of santa and frosty and special performances by 11 time grammy winner tony lindsay. new attend . consultants are telling the state it may have to pay $223,000 to every black resident
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to make good on promises of reparations for past discrimination. governor newsom has been advocating for reparations programs seeking to correct what he calls a housing , wealth gap and decades of discrimination consulting firm calculated that blacks lost $5000 per year. unfair housing policies. the states nine member reparations task is scheduled to meet later this month on the issue. cheering the red, white and blue. my goodness, this world cup watch party near cincinnati, like so many nationwide was just jam packed to the rafters and celebrated the u. s goal against the netherlands. sadly the game didn't turn out the way fans wanted. but he team usa national team did lose 3 to 1 today, ending its world cup run, and it's ktvu james tours, reports fans here in the bay area where heartbroken but they were also
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impressed. rain cold weather that's not stopping ang out to , but it sure helps that. not really many watch parties plan for an outdoor event six a.m. that's what time these folks lined up in san francisco's mission district, waiting nearly half an hour in the rain for doors to open. the netherlands had a two nil lead at halftime. the rain bothering no. one under the standard, deviant brewing roof, the world cup, it only comes around, you know every four years, so it's better when you experience around other people, and when they score when something exciting happens, it's nice to celebrate with others. organizers of this morning's watch parties say they knew what the storm coming in indoor watch party was a must. even if it did limit the number of people who could attend. the parties are about bringing people together. and you know, the city wants to show that hey, san francisco is back open for business and we can come together. we can enjoy the world cup down in san jose, a party that is normally out in
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the courtyard of san pedro square also went indoors. five minutes, usa had a goal and cut their deficit in half. then the dutch scored their games sealer finishing off the stars and stripes 3 to 1. it was a good run with these like beautiful young man, but i kind of made some big mistakes and a little heartbroken, but it was going to come out in the morning with the community and hang out and watch some soccer boys didn't quit. you know, we've got a young squad. we got a bright future team usa maybe out, but world cup watch parties in san francisco are still on for the rest of the tournament. the next event will be friday for the first quarter finals matchup at san francisco's civic center. the world cup is an international game. san francisco is an international city. we have people who live here that have heritage in many countries that are still in this thing reporting in san francisco . i'm james torrez, ktvu fox two
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news. president biden tweeted a message to team usa saying quote , fellas, you made us proud. we get up and keep going. here's to a bright future and 2026 back here at home. you can catch more world cup action over on k right here rather on ktvu. and when those matches are broadcast, you can find our newscast mornings onto over on ktvu plus. well, barry weather this weekend. we're talking about two systems. the first one really impacting the southern half and especially to our south. the other ones moving in from the north for tomorrow, but take a look at the totals from today. this is an atmospheric river where that moisture is focused. that's where the rainfall really adds up. you can see that being the case closer to big sur that lawman watson ville monterey, even in over an inch of rainfall , and we're still talking about some rain for tonight here in the bay area, but the overall trend the overall tendency the rainfall is decreasing, at least as the main action kind of moves on out to the east. but this is that some moisture plume as you
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can see, really targeting monterey bay and kind of moving up to the north that produced some of the rainfall we were experiencing today. throughout the day. now, the radar coverage here you can see the green showing up and that activity is kind of scooting on out to the east. so here you can see the radar right now. some light rain reports right now for the 10 o'clock hour in san jose, and in livermore. and out toward fairfield. reporting some light rain as well. current number of san francisco checking in 48 san jose 50 degrees napa 46 tonight not nearly as cold as last night. we do not have a freeze warning for tomorrow morning. here's our live camera looking out toward the san francisco still lots of clouds in place and look what happens tomorrow. we're talking about that second system that's going to come on board and that's going to boost the shower chances, especially up in the north base. tomorrow morning. we do bring in temperatures down to the thirties and the forties and here's the forecast model. the front tries to move on through early tomorrow morning. this is three a.m. sunday and then this
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is nine o'clock, you'll notice the best chances of shower activity. maybe a thunderstorm focused up in the north bay. this is 12 o'clock. you get the idea. we have some breaks in the clouds and more breaks in the shower activity but still a chance throughout the day. it looks like the bulk of the activity will be focused up in the north bay. some changes up for next week and we'll talk more about those changes. coming up with your full update in a few minutes. okay, mark. thank you. homicide investigator. others in new workers searching for clues in a shooting that left one man dead. it happened just before 2 30 friday afternoon along sunset avenue near ash street. officers arrived and said they found the man had been shot once, and he died at the scene. authorities are not going into specifics, but indicate the shooting does not appear to be random and out of the peninsula where 288 guns are off the streets of san mateo county tonight enforcement agencies, including the sheriff's office, redwood city in belmont, police and the city of san carlos, held a gun buyback today in san carlos. they gave out $50 for non
10:20 pm
functioning firearms $100 for handguns. shotguns and rifles. and 200 for assault weapons and unmarked, non traceable ghost guns. mateo county is now collected more than 2300 firearms since he's buybacks began in 2018. the whole purpose of it is to make cemetery county safer, safer place to live and to work. and again, it's just it's a voluntary program, and it's just an opportunity to bring your guns in if you don't want them. county supervisors pledged last year to hold gun buybacks at least through 2023 with funds from voter approved measure k a sales tax that provides local funds for local needs. wastewater samples do not look good tonight for covid-19 researchers coming up what their results say about the spread of the virus across the bay area later in sports, all of the action from today's college football championships were breaking down the highlights from the big games. and see how inflation maybe spurring a new
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wave of people to take on second jobs as uber drivers that story right after the break. sometimes a cough isn't just a cough so it's better to be prepared. keeping binaxnow handy makes it easy to test. and self test kits may be reimbursable with no copay through your health plan. with binaxnow, you'll have reliable results in 15 minutes with the self test that features the same technology doctors use. and detects multiple variants, including omicron ba.5 so you can always be prepared with binaxnow. the #1 covid-19 self test in the us
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of the holiday season. reporter erin have shows us what's driving the new business new at 10. the sound of clocking in i was born and raised in
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sacramento spent 40 years here, and i love it here. that's steven latham. he works in the medical field, racking up 50 hour work weeks, but in the last month he's tacked on an extra 30. behind the wheel, driving for uber. represents one of many types of people that love uber. there's a quiet folks, and there's people like to talk. david lewand became a driver two months ago to support his teenage boys recently. divorced single dad. the economy is not doing so well. rent is high groceries are high. so you need extra income financial reality facing the country. i just wanted to pick up a couple of extra dollars has mounted new data from uber shows across the world. there has been a 30% increase in drivers joining their platform. that's this year compared to last, but here in sacramento recorded one of the largest jumps across the country at 50. it's hard out there. this
10:25 pm
is a means and i'm very appreciative for the opportunity to be able to do this. and chief economist at numerator . people are having i compete with the skyrocketing prices? how do i put food on the table had web i christmas presents found during economic squeezes gig work like uber is what many people turn to usually as a second job, one of the ways that people make ends. meet in this kind of economic situation is through platform work to earn some more cash to support the kids. having a little extra money for them is one of the main reasons are not here or for presents. for me. it's just for the holidays, you know, just need some extra money, you know, to help. it'll go a long ways or simply the feeling of getting people to where they're going safely. it makes me feel better that they get home safe because i know i'm a nice driver. that was aaron hefter reporting 72%
10:26 pm
of new uber drivers say inflation and the cost of living has had an impact on their decision to become a driver. well, we are learning that the driver who was killed in a train accident in burlingame this week was a popular bay area jazz musician 58 year old andrew spate died thursday afternoon what his car was struck by two trains near the broadway train station in burlingame. speed was well known among many bay area music lovers and performed at such high profile events as the stanford jazz festival. he also helped guide the jazz program at san francisco state university, where he was a faculty member. governor newsom wants state lawmakers back in sacramento monday to fight high gas prices coming up what's at the center of his plan for this special legislative session? doctors get a new sign of a spike in covid cases across the bay area, and a local group of good samaritans gave santa's elves the day off. coming up. see who brought some holiday cheer to some children who have been ver good
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special session designed to take on problems with california's high gas prices. governor gavin newsom has said that he wants to hold oil companies accountable with a price gouging penalty. but it's actually zavala reports. it's unclear how he wants to make that happen. gas prices across california continue to fall debate is heating up on governor newsom's proposed price gouging penalty against oil companies. it's frustrating to be constantly demonized by this governor kevin with the western states petroleum association called the upcoming special session a political show. he could have had a discussion before the election. he chose not to. he picked the day that is largely ceremonial to hold a special
10:30 pm
session. state lawmakers will return to sacramento monday. that's less than a week after state regulators attempted to grill the state's major oil refiners about price spikes earlier this fall, but none showed up to protect private business information shielded by state and federal laws. at the hearing, some experts said the penalty would hurt not help gas prices in the state. but consumer advocates note oil profits nearly quadrupled this year compared to last. we also know that their profits are 30% greater in california than anywhere else in the world or the nation where they report their profits. so we are getting soaked. democrats will hold on to their super majority in the state legislature, but it's unclear if they'll agree to side with governor newsom. as of friday afternoon. newsom's office had yet to release any details on the proposal. some democratic legislative leaders told us they were unable to comment on what to expect next week. without his plan. the governor likes the circus man, just like you know, the circus showman. there's nothing behind
10:31 pm
the curve. republicans remain fiercely opposed to the proposal. the group next week plans to unveil a measure that will suspend the state's 54 cent gas tax. we need real answers, you know for the issues that are facing californians, multiple lawmakers have said concrete action on any of this likely won't begin until january. that was ashley's follow reporting. gas prices have recently fallen to a point where they're up to about only a dime compared to the same time last year. right now, the state's average price for a gallon of regular is $4.81 . a month ago, that average was at $5.49, and a year ago, the average was 4 69. tripoli analysts say that prices are falling because supply is up. demand is down, and they also say that they're falling because refineries are making a winter blend of gas right now, which is less expensive to me. make then the summer blend. russian authorities have rejected a price cap on oil and are threatening to stop supplying multiple countries that endorsed
10:32 pm
it. australia britain, canada, japan, the us and the 27 nation european union agreed yesterday to cap what they would pay for russian oil at $60 per barrel cap will take effect monday. new attend wastewater samples show a significant spike in covid-19 across the bay area. this data may give doctors a better sense of how quickly the virus is spreading while officials case or official case counselor up they don't include cases of people testing positive at home who don't report the information to health leaders when you track data in sections of alameda county, with the line line graph. the amount of virus in wastewater is on nearly a vertical line. and when we spoke with us ucsf infectious disease expert dr monica gandhi earlier this week, she stopped short of calling this a search what we're seeing in terms of severe covid pneumonia, the kind of thing that really scared us and really caused so much illness the last
10:33 pm
two seasons that because of our high rates of immunity, that is what is low now. samples from multiple bay area sewer sheds show similar spikes. and while no mandate is in place, the oakland public library tweeted today that it's strongly recommending people wear masks inside. the library says that recommendation is being made based on the covid cases on the rise in los angel a mask mandate foxes charles watson has the details. l a county department of public health has not definitively said a mask mandate will be restored, but the department says it is seeing some troubling numbers that could lead public health officials in that direction. take a look at this. l, a county currently averaging more than 3000 daily, new covid infections that is a 44% increase from the week prior and more than three times the cases. the county was recording at the beginning of november with those numbers,
10:34 pm
public health officials say l. a county is currently in the medium transmission area. and they say if those numbers continue on an upward trajectory they do expect the county will reach high transmission by late next week. that said case counts are not the only metric that officials are looking at their also keeping a close eye on covid hospital admissions in bed capacity, which, according to cdc, guidance needs to reach about 50. 18% capacity before an area is considered as having high transmission. the health care system is not necessarily stressed. when we just see a lot of admissions so that percent of beds occupied by people with covid is actually significant. and we need to see that we reached both of those, um, metrics in order to go ahead and ask people to do universal indoor masking a universal mask mandate is restored. that would mean residents in l. a county would have to return to wearing mask in public indoor settings
10:35 pm
like restaurants, gyms and grocery stores, for example, now whether or not people or cities within the county would follow such guidance is another big question when the county tried to re insead amassed, mandating the summer officials in places like long beach, pasadena and beverly hills said they would not comply. and that could be the case is more and more people try to move on from the pandemic . with cases of rsv and the flu going around l. a county officials are really trying to make sure that their hospitals are not overwhelmed. so we're seeing officials urge people to make sure that they're vaccinated. and for those folks who are already vaccinated, making sure that they're updated on their boosters in atlanta, charles watson fox news. new attended man is facing charges after the chp says he left his car running with the door open on the highway and more than $100,000 worth of fentanyl. inside officers received reports of a man walking on interstate 5 18 near the 9 80 interchange in
10:36 pm
oakland. that man was reportedly waving a gun and trying to enter passing vehicles. chp says they found no gun but said the man was under the influence of drugs and abandon his car at the harrison street on ramp. they say they found cash and a kilogram of fentanyl inside the car. the suspect's name has not been released. he was booked into the santa rita jail. video shows how hawaii's monologue a volcano keeps his spewing lava and ash coming up how this eruption is now threatening a mean thoroughfare on the big island. and a very of weather the rain showers moving out for tonight, but we are tracking another round of rain, especially for one part of the bay area and your sunday forecast and possibly into next week we'll have the full update coming up how nasa astronauts took a walk in space today.
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electricity water and heat. residents of the ukrainian city of kherson are feeling the effects of russian troops, damaging electrical lines that heating stations early last month earlier this week, ukrainian officials reported that part of their electrical infrastructure was repaired. delta airlines has reached a tentative agreement wit agreement announced last night.
10:40 pm
includes an initial 18% pay increase for all delta pilots. more negotiations are scheduled during the next few weeks. rank and file members of delta's pilot union are then expected to ratify the new contract. the agreement heads off the threat of a pilot strike during the busy holiday travel season. as you would expect. santa and mrs claus are quite busy this time of year, but the holly jolly couple ticks and time out today to drop by sfo and lift the spirits of some very sick children. in previous years before the pandemic, united airlines flew kids from local children's hospitals in a holiday trip, but when covid hit volunteers had to come up with a new idea, the fantasy flight parade, they turned the airport's arrival area into a winter wonderland where families can now drive up. meet santa and received christmas gifts. and these kids are very sick, and the parents are so appreciative that we're able to provides this wonderful event and saw some
10:41 pm
tears actually from parents. this was the third year of the fantasy flight parade. united workers dressed in all sorts of popular holiday characters. you see the grinch right there, and a lot of people dressed with candy canes as well. the vatican sends a message about the environment with this year's christmas tree in st peter's square, the white for which stands more than 80 ft tall was lit for the first time today. it came from a nursery in the small italian town of polenta. a handcrafted nativity scene was also unveiled, and it was created by artisans in northeast italy. the vatican says both the tree and the wooden nativity scene were sustainably sourced upholding, for instance, is commitment to protecting the environment. nasa astronauts ventured outside of the international space station today, coming up what they accomplished and it has been wet all day over much of the bay area. meteorologist mark tamayo returns with a look at what we can expect and when we can get a
10:42 pm
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10:44 pm
yes geological survey tonight shows how consistent the flow of lava from hawaii's mauna loa volcano is. and this is a live image tonight from the usgs showing exactly what is happening. monologue continues to split molten lava and ash and tomorrow marks exactly one week since those eruptions began for the first time in 38 years. reporter kevin you're its key. updates us on the threat as lava is now 2.5 miles from one of hawaii's major highways. biggest it's really slowed down and is currently spread out along the wide flow front, the world's largest active volcano continues to erupt in hawaii, steadily creeping towards the island's main highway. the lava flowing
10:45 pm
from mandala drawing massive crowds on the big island. residents say it's been remarkable to see the earth's power on full display magnificence. it's um. it's the kind of awe that is overwhelming . when you see the energy. the volcano was currently less than three miles from the highway, but experts say the community is safe. the ongoing eruption poses no threat to residents of south kona. the eruption of mauna loa began last week. it's the first time since 1984. lava has been spewing from two fishers on the volcano. scientists say they don't know how long this eruption will last, and there's no clear way to make any kind of forecast in terms of that no evacuation orders have been issued, though hawaii's governor did put out an emergency proclamation. currently vogue or volcanic smog is a concern for the community. but some are
10:46 pm
looking at the brighter side of nature. it's out of our control . but we can put that feeling of love and aloha out there. and just be a part of nature. scientists say that the gasses that are being emitted from the volcano kim potentially be harmful. officials in hawaii are currently monitoring air quality levels. in new york, kevin, your etc. fox news. that's the astronauts josh casada and frank rubio installed the rollout solar array at the international space station, and they did this during a spacewalk that lasted a little more than seven hours. it was the second spacewalk for both of the astronauts. casada and rubio are taking part in a six month mission. the next spacewalk for american astronauts aboard the iss is scheduled for two weeks from this coming monday. pretty cool. very cool. christina and weather wise. keep the umbrella nearby for the rest of the weekend and possibly into monday ather systm
10:47 pm
is going to move in from the north, taking a look here at the overall rainfall projection here. you can't see the activity for tomorrow. so this is for your sunday and instead of the focus being in the south bay, the bulk of the activity will be focused up in the north bay. rainfall likely there's still the chance for this actually some scattered showers to the central portions of the bay. and a chance for the south bay here . you can see some of the rainfall numbers throughout the day tomorrow, and those amounts could be adding up could be over a quarter of an inch in santa rosa, not as much activity in the south bay would still the chance down toward the santa clara valley. in the sierra. this was the scene earlier today out toward lake tahoe, and right now, in fact, the reporting some light rain out towards truckee, south lake tahoe and blue canyon , but still levels expected to come down for tomorrow. so the winter storm morning until four a.m. monday snowfall projections could be around 1 to 3, ft and still levels coming down to around 5000 ft. so here is kind
10:48 pm
of that the setup for today we have the saturday system. this is an atmospheric river kind of focused down towards central and southern california. so this was the main deal for today for us here in the bay area. this is the sunday system this area of low pressure. in fact, you could pick out that circulation out here in the pacific. this will bring the rain chances to portions of the bay area for tomorrow. as becoming closer. once again today system an atmospheric river and look at that moisture plume targeting moderate bay, the big sur coastline, even the santa cruz mountains. that first round of shower activity is beginning to remove on on a town and still the possibility of us lingering it light showers for tonight and early tomorrow morning. but not a lot of coverage to show you on the radar for right now. things will be changing early tomorrow morning. current numbers out there. santa rosa right now. 46 san francisco 48 degrees san jose 50 tonight, not nearly as cold as last night. we do not have a freeze warning for tomorrow morning, so that's kind of a good change for us. it's not as cold tomorrow morning.
10:49 pm
here's a live camera looking out toward the bay bridge out towards san francisco seems like a lot of traffic on the bay bridge for tonight. and the clouds still around for tonight into tomorrow morning. here's the forecast model. this is three o'clock sunday morning at as that front coming on board. this is early tomorrow morning, and then that area of low pressure kind of drops in from the north. this will boost the shower chances and maybe a thunderstorm in your sunday forecast of the best chance would be up in the north bay. but throughout the day, we could still have a few pop up showers. the show up across the region. this is sunday, four o'clock and it looks like we're to hold on to some showers. and your monday forecast off and on and still the possibility of an isolated thunderstorm as well throughout the day on monday, temperature is for tomorrow will be in the fifties to right around 60 degrees. occasional showers. once again, the focus will be up in the north bay. but down in the south bay. we still have to hold on to the chance of a shower. the niners game tomorrow afternoon and look ahead. your five day forecast. looks like we're tracking the more showers
10:50 pm
into monday. partly sunny skies for tuesday and wednesday and the chance of a shower for thursday. so christina, we thought it would never rain here again. well it is it looks like december is delivered delivering so far for us, we have nothing to complain about. we're getting the ready. alright mark. thank you or any old one warm coat drive wraps up tomorrow if you have a gently worn coat or jacket that you'd like to donate to bay area families just take it to any participating appstore or big o tires. there are dozens of drop off sites around the bay area, you can visit ktvu down. com slash one warm coat for a list of vocations or scan the cure code at the corner of your screen. coming up a dominant display from downtown for the golden state warriors as they extend their winning streak at home. joe fonzi breaks down the highlights from tonight's game next
10:51 pm
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10:53 pm
hello again, everyone. here's what's happening tonight in sports. this year's world cup was a good measuring stick for us soccer. the team that failed to make the cup four years ago was good enough to advance into the final 16, but not good enough to upset one of the world's elite teams. the us against the netherlands today with christian pulisic cleared to play after that pelvic bruises suffered in tuesday's went over iran. the dutch had already scored once in the first half and then added on when denzel dumfries center to daily blamed who buries the shot that seemed like an insurmountable lead us. desperate for some
10:54 pm
offense in the 76th minute it comes when politics centers the ball goes off the heel of teammate haji right. the ball, then finds a corner of the net as you see another look us with 15 minutes to try to believe in but that didn't happen. 81st minute now in the dutch get a textbook goal blamed two centers this time to dump freeze that pads it. the netherlands goes on to eliminate the us with a 321 win an emotional ending for the young u. s team that gave reason to think soccer in this country is headed in an upward direction. and the dutch earned their way into the quarterfinals , where their opponent will be lionel messi in argentina, argentina and australia. scoreless in the 35th minute, messi takes a pass from nicolas otamendi and scores the first goal in the knockout round in the 1000 game of his era defining career passes diego maradona for most world cup goals in argentina history with eight argentina wins 2 to 1 to earn that date with the netherlands on friday. the
10:55 pm
warriors tonight, playing their first back to back of the season at home and home cooking has been a good thing for them. this year. houston on a road back to back with golden state after its 10th straight in san francisco. well, this was a night in which the warriors three point shooting was on full display. steph curry from downtown for three of his 30 points, curry, eight of 17 from three point range is the warriors ran to a big early lead jordan's pool starting tonight, with clay thompson sitting curry to pool after the turnover pool had 21, including 53 pointers. rockets refused to go away, but the warriors got the shots when they needed them. there was andrew wiggins, who made his mark tonight. wiggins hit a career high eight threes of his own eight of 10 from beyond the arc. that's easy math. 80% wiggins led the warriors with 36 25 threes and all for 1 20 to 1. oh, one win their 10th straight at home. steve kerr on three point shooting and wiggins effort tonight. tonight we made a little more concerted effort
10:56 pm
to try to get him the ball early. and but more than anything, he was, he was just super aggressive, and the shooting was was amazing to watch. but we're gonna make a lot of threes. we've got great shooters, and we have a lot of guys who can shoot them. but we know we have a lot of improvement to make. oh this is conference championship weekend in college football in there have already been two huge upsets. last night, utah knocked off fourth ranked usc in the pac 12 title game. today, it was kansas state trying to do the same to third ranked and undefeated tcu in the big 12 championship game. tcu down eight late in the fourth quarter one. max dugan got the horn frogs into the end zone. they made it two point conversion. and then they went to overtime in ot. the frogs got the ball first on fourth and goal. kendra miller is stacked up short of the goal line that puts the wildcats in position to win on their possession. and they do just that ties. zentner lines himself up and he's good on a 31 yard field goal. kansas state of 31 28 winner tcu is 12 and one.
10:57 pm
it will be interesting to see which four teams will now play for the national championship. georgia will be one of them. the bulldogs playing else you in the sec title game and houses first start to the scoring else. you lined up for a field goal to take the early lead field goal is blocked that balls live as it sits on the four yard line. georgia's christopher smith knows the deal. he surveys the field scoops the ball up all the l s u players run over to the sideline that will be a 96 yard run for a touchdown bulldogs off and rolling to a 52 30 win at 13 and, oh, they will be one of the teams playing for the national championship. and another will be michigan, which stayed undefeated by beating purdue and the big 10 title game. the wolverines fell behind early, but then proved to be the superior team. donovan edwards has an opening and he won't go down until he goes 27 yards of the end zone. 43 22 the final the second rank wolverines are 13 in the best position since
10:58 pm
taking the head coaching job seven years ago. and the championship game that we pay a little bit more attention to herod ktvu, no states. jake julie haener familiar name for a 22 yard touchdown pass design pope in the mountain west championship game between the bulldogs and boise state. you're starting this season one in four fresno close with eight straight wins this 1 28 16 for the conference championship. something of a measuring stick for the st mary's basketball program. tonight. the gaels took on houston the first time the cougars have been ranked number one in the country since the days of clyde drexler and akeem elijah. one was trailed by 11 at the half and made a little run early in the second. mohini will hit a wide open three. saint mary's is within three. mohini had 14 points off the bench. but houston, then stretched it out marcus sasser to the hoop plus the foul the cougars hold on for a 53. 3 48 wins. there ain't no the gales have lost through in a row since winning their first for six games to start the
10:59 pm
season. and the sharks tonight in their third straight canadian city taking on the senators and ottawa nice puck movement by the sharks here in the first period, erik karlsson to tomas hertl. that's the second goal of the game for hurdle trucks having 2 to 1 lead. 22 now, though, in the second period with the senators on a power play drake patterson to tim russel beats cup of one and two goals for quad guerrero as the senators win five to the sharks are 13th in the 16 team western conference. and i'm not gonna hockey expert but 13th and 16th conference is not good. not good at all. also tomorrow's matchup big game for the niners, 49ers and dolphins. we're going to be there and we'll have a postgame show. all of that will see you from levi stadium tomorrow on that cloud cover and still the chance of a shower after the game. alright sounds good congratulations to julie haider and her family celebrating decatur's win as you mentioned really good stuff.
11:00 pm
congratulations to them. thank you so much for joining us for the 10 o'clock views if you can stay up to date on all of the stories, recovering ktvu .com. have a good night, everyone. -(book thuds) -(sighs) i'm beat. can you turn off the light? yeah, just give me a second. 5...4...3... 2...1. you missed our anniversary. (switch clicks) ♪ ♪ wow, that's pretty good. (coughs) uh-oh. oh, no. (coughing) ohh. (coughing) ohh!


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