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tv   KTVU FOX 2 News at 5pm  FOX  January 13, 2023 5:00pm-6:00pm PST

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wreg and christina. we are looking at a bit of a law as we mentioned just a moment ago. the next round of heavy rain is expected to arrive as saturday morning. here's a look at storm tracker to where we had a dumping earlier this morning, but by about lunchtime, it turned over to scatter showers, and that's where we stand still at this time with the north bay and mainly dry a few sprinkles there right over us, san rafael and then on the north edge of sonoma county, we've got a few reports there as well as st helena as we shift into the central bay and mainly dry wind here, a few scattered showers over the hills. but to the south , we've got some rain there from mountain view over towards san jose saratoga along highway one. oh, one from san jose through morgan hill. and then as we shift our eyes east over the diablo range, we've got some light rain falling there near mount hamilton's into the sierra . we go where the snow continues to fall here right now, the snow level right about 5000 ft that is expected to drop by tomorrow, down to about 3500 ft and the winter storm warning rolls all
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the way through the weekend and into monday night, so very treacherous weather expected there for the weekend, especially getting up over those passes. and for us, we showed you those pictures of the coastline where we have a high surf warning in place until 10 a.m. tomorrow with large breaking waves of possibility and onto the coastal flooding of coastal flood advisory that starts early tomorrow morning, we'll go until nine o'clock again. this is when we do expect that. heavy downpour to return to the bay area. you can see it's for our basic communities as well as our northway valleys, but the entire bay area remains under a flood watch for the possibility of flooding going on in those low lying areas and the drainage areas. better details on the timeline and what we can expect for your weekend coming up. all right, rosemary. thank you. we'll see you soon. mud from a steep hillside came crashing down on a marin county apartment complex, forcing several residents to scramble to find other places to stay. ktvu is tom vacar spoke with people those apartments, he continues. our team coverage live from
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downtown fairfax, tom. well the fact of the matter is that this may well be a harbinger of bad things to come for many bay area hillside neighborhoods. 19 people who live in this three building six unit complex at the foot of a very steep hillside have been evacuated from a call to stack just off ulema drive in fairfax. about 10:15 a.m. friday . the 13th bad luck came rushing and crushing down. heard a crack, which i thought was thunder. and when i looked out, i saw the mudflow. it was not fun. three of the units have been affected with structural damage to the buildings. my house next door to my sister's house, also got fully caved in by a landslide and a really big tree. this is still an active and developing situation out of an abundance of caution, evacuating even some of the structures that are not being
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directly impacted by the flow to make sure that if this gets any bigger and widens out that those residents are protected my car up there so we can get out. i'm still quite a bit of shock and trying to figure out what i'm gonna do with my four children. had this been a simple tree fall insurance really would not be a problem. but this looks like a landslide. and the further apartment thinks it's a landslide and generally speaking that is uninsurable. but the bigger problem. that massive hillside behind this complex, but it hasn't necessarily done everything it's going to do with more rain coming in. like many bay area communities, steep, unstable hillsides abound. our fear is this is kind of the first of many to come. i really, really loved living here. good place to read kids first yard we ever had so it's gonna be tough,
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but we'll get through it. now until we get some dry out, and we need a lot of it. any new slide has the potential to get worse with mirror humans having very little ability to do much about it. until things dry out. reporting live. tom baker, ktvu fox two news. i imagine those who structures were not impacted , but we're still evacuated. are they being asked to stay away until we get through the rest of these storms? you know, mid next week. it's not clear yet because the city has to go out and or the county, actually, in this case has to go out and actually look at the situation. they have to decide a housing people can come back in. and that may be a long, long time, because, remember, as i said, this is an active situation so more stuff keeps coming down. they're not very likely let people get back in there because those three units got missed. we're lucky. if more that hillside comes down , and we're talking about a very steep hillside. that could be a
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problem and therefore i don't think failure going to be going back anytime soon. dangerous situation there. tom baker live in downtown fairfax for us tonight, tom. thank you. the stretch of route 84 in southern alameda county that connects fremont to signal is back open. caltrans crews removed the final debris that had piled up on niles canyon road during the recent storms. cleanup crews working for 11 days to get that roadway back open one of the entrances to briana's park in lafayette remains closed because of a landslide. the lafayette ridge staging area is currently closed. all other park entrances are open, the east bay regional park said reopened some parks today, but authorities say beep pared to see those parks close again. so far, the worst fears at the monterey peninsula could be cut off from the rest of california have not come to pass , but mandatory evacuation orders remain in effect tonight in parts of monterey county, ktvu. mark sayer joins us through the town of spreckels to continue our team coverage mark well, christina, this is where
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the salinas river crosses under state highway 68, which of course, is one of the main routes under the moderate peninsula and what you're seeing behind me here that is not the river that is overflow from the river. the actual river is off in the distance behind those trees. salinas river is more than 100 miles long. that's why heavy rains occurring a day or two ago can dramatically impact what is happening here and why evacuation orders have been issued. like many others, melissa czarnecki is under an evacuation order. but at this point has not left her home in the community of spreckels. police came to the doors and said, we are recommending that you leave. but they told us that three people on our block with the only ones that left they shouldn't be home. but we know people are but they should be prepared to leave on a moment's notice. so it's preparation and planning is where they should be at. this is highway one heading southbound into the monterey peninsula, and this is where the area of concern is. this is the salinas river if it had risen to
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a certain level, this overpass might have to be closed the same with state highway 68 to the south, which also heads into the monterey peninsula and highway one southbound big sur. that is closed due to a washout so the monterey peninsula could have been cut off from the rest of california. there's no issues with highway one at this moment in time, there's no issues with highway 68, but officials are taking no chances on the rain, the river nor the ocean tides. the state office of emergency services has dispatched to urban search and rescue teams to the area, including california task forces three and four with personnel from both the san mateo and oakland fire departments. you know, the community has been impacted. from bottom to top, whether it's a facility being shut down and being out of work for a few days or your home being inundated and having to find a way out in the middle of the night. now since the salinas river is so long, exact predictions can be challenging supervisor lopez who saw their tells us that some
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farmers upstream have been opening their skill ways. there have been some levee breaks upstream, all of which likely prevented some of the river water from getting all the way down here into the salinas valley. so in this case, that is a good thing, however, with the upcoming storm for this weekend , obviously, there's a whole lot of concern. about what could be ahead again. the water behind me that is overflow. that's not actually the river. reporting live from the near the town of spreckels and monterey county. i'm mark sayer, ktvu fox two news. thank you. there was a barajas shooting like wrap up pop pop pop pop. coming up how neighbors in an open community helped police score a major bust of ghost guns and testing tesla's self driving system scrutiny growing over the feature after a few high profile crashes, including a pile up on the bay bridge are brooks jarocz goes for a ride along grizzly discovery on the campus of uc berkeley will tell you what we know about human remains found in an unoccupied building.
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golden gate bridge is the holiday weekend kicks off. you can see those storm clouds brewing on the coastline waiting for more rain to come. after one day reprieve, showers returned to the bay area today and more is in store for the weekend. look at a two hour time lapse of the radar down in the south bay as we check on the rain, and you can certainly see a lot of green and yellow in this direction as those bands of rain make their way back into the bay area. in lafayette, now a student at aquilani's high school, is in the hospital after a suspected drug overdose on campus district officials say around 10 this
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morning, the student was having a medical emergency and staff had to administer narcan, a lifesaving medication designed to reverse the effects of an opioid overdose. when paramedics arrived, they rushed the student to the hospital. district officials have not released any other details about the age of the student or their condition at this time, unsettling discovery on the u. c. berkeley campus authorities today say they found human skeletal remains inside of an empty building. ktvu evan sernoffsky joining us live from the campus tonight in berkeley, where that discovery was made of learned. christina, we're here at the clerk cur campus, which is just south east of the main u. c. berkeley campus. and around here , there's sports gyms. their student housing. there is beach volleyball courts. but if you look behind me here at building 21, this is where authorities made that gruesome discovery. campus officials put out an alert to students on friday, saying they discovered the remains on tuesday afternoon.
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they have not identified the remains or said whether it was a man or a woman who has found the coroner's office will perform an autopsy to determine the cause and manner of death, officials say. it's unclear how long it had been since the person died. but they did say there's no outstanding cases of people missing from the campus community. we spoke to a man who was working in the area when the body was discovered. here's what he had to say. we saw a lot of police activity. there was construction site. they were like, demoing everything out of this building. and then all of a sudden just stopped and the next day we like saw the corner would come in, and there was a lot of police activity doesn't surprise me that much. there's a lot of homeless activity here, so it was abandoned. building figured probably something like that happened. now we're back here in front of building 21 on the clark kerr campus, where authorities say it's actually not been occupied here for quite
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some time, and we're still waiting for that coroner's report, which is going to answer some of those really important questions about how this person died, and, of course, who they were reporting live in berkeley , evan sernoffsky. ktvu fox two news. thank you. an update tonight. there are nose founder elizabeth holmes will reportedly have to complete a mental health program after she gets out of prison, according to legal documents obtained by tmz. the specifics of the program will be at the direction of the probation officer last year, holmes was found guilty of defrauding investors of hundreds of millions of dollars and sentenced to 11 years in prison. teams he also reports that homes will have to pay for a portion of the mental health program. severe weather is also being felt on the other side of the country, as we've been talking about. rescuers are racing to find survivors in the aftermath of a deadly storm system that barreled across parts of georgia and alabama. you can see just some of the devastation at a
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daycare in the city of selma. there are reports the system spawned at least 35 tornadoes. and killed at least nine people. fox's stephen going is live in selma tonight for us and stephen what is the latest assessment there? hello greg. people are in full recovery mode after those tornadoes on thursday. right now, dozens of emergency crews are trying to restore power to some of the hardest hit areas, including selma and surrounding communities like toggle. we want to show you some video from taga county right now, you can see that those tornadoes just turned houses upside down. ripped trees into the devastation just continues for miles and miles this morning, people said that they were able to see some of that for the very first time when they went outside. now there are at least seven people dead in that county. and that accounts for all the desks we have seen in the state of alabama so far across the south. more than 30 more than 40
5:16 pm
potential tornadoes that the national weather service is trying to confirm. people say that their communities just turned upside down, but they are just grateful to be alive. one man, i spoke to said that the damage is shocking, but the amount of help he's received from neighbors is no surprise. i believe here for 15 years. and just being here yesterday it was hard to get a grasp of where i was at a small community. we all know each other and everybody, no matter if you've ever had any differences or not, you come together and wipe all that away and just get the job done there. everybody's been super nice and helpful. well as you can see here, i'm also i'm a victim of the power that we don't have right now. my lights have stopped working, but you can kind of see these power crews behind me and they are working to restore power for all of us here tonight. people in this community are hoping there's going to be a federal disaster
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declaration to help speed up the recovery. in selma. stephen going fox 13 news. state water officials are continuing to monitor areas forecasted to see water levels rise to flood stage and rivers and lakes. the department of water resources says seven locations in the state are forecasted to exceed flood stage and 23 are expected to reach monitor stage. over the next five days. there have been several reports of levees failing. some of the areas being actively monitored are the horror river in santa cruz and monterey counties and salinas river. the salinas river in monterey county. it's currently above flood stage at spreckels. and is forecast to peak this evening. it will remain about flood stage through sunday. forecasters say the russian river and sonoma and mendocino counties is expected to reach flood stage at auckland today and further downstream in gardnerville on sunday, sierra could see more than four ft of snow this weekend. the heavy snowfall connect driving on the mountain passes difficult
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saturday through monday. whiteout conditions are expected on highways 50 and 80. forecasters say the snow should be less in intense on sunday, but people staying in homes and cabins during the long mlk holiday weekend will need to be prepared to dig out. it's a little bit of a break on sunday, but more rain coming in sunday night into monday as well, as you know for the sierra on monday, finally, beginning to dry out on tuesday more on that coming up in just a bit. let's talk about what we can expect for the next 24 hours. a live look from ktvu across the oakland estuary. san francisco there in the background, we do have mostly cloudy sky still around the bay area, and we have the scattered showers falling as well. here's a look at the rainfall amounts from the last 24 hours really began to pick up again early this morning. and there we have it been lohman reporting an inch and 70 to 100 thus far, marin almost an inch and 4/10 santa rosa almost an inch. we have san francisco coming in 40 to 100. redwood city, 7/10 san jose a little bit
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less than 10th of an inch, but it continues to fall. in fact, san jose one of the spots seeing scanner showers continue at this time north bay. it's very sporadic. a little bit right here off the coastline. near ocean beach and pacifica. and then as we shift our ice towards the south, we've got san jose stretching over towards saratoga and areas over the diablo range . the future cast here giving you a good idea, rolling through tonight, mainly dry. few scattered showers. but look at what is on our doorstep by tomorrow morning by four or five o'clock, it's moving in and do expect the brunt of the moisture to move through. during the morning hours. there are seven o'clock. and then into nine o'clock. it's already moving out . we have a wind advisory that goes along with all this rain and the wind advisory will expire at about noontime, stopping it at one o'clock. taking an i ride in here where we will have the 49ers game getting underway looks like mainly dry conditions, at least when it comes to the rainfall falling from the sky, but going to be very soggy out there. and then right around sunset.
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another round of rain moving through scattered showers tapering off through the evening hours. another system coming in late sunday, lasting into monday . the rainfall amounts with this next system anywhere from 2 to 3 inches will be possible to expect the minor flooding once again in those low lying areas as well. is that poor drainage areas mudslides will be a possibility with the winds gusting to 50 mph. we could see down trees and power lines. better details on what we can expect for the rest of the weekend and in the extended forecast, i see dry weather returning more on this coming up. if i won that much money, i know that there's a space trip that you can take, even though it's like an eight minute trip. so anytime you play that game who's been to space, i'd be able to raise my hand. go. i have. what would you do if you want tonight's making millions billion dollar jackpot after the break, we're heading to allow a store near the nevada border where people waited hours to get their ticket. coming up at six o'clock video of a gallery owner
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is san francisco hosing down a homeless woman spread far and wide online tonight? we're hearing on camera for the first time about
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billion dollars. that's what would be the second largest mega millions. jackpot is up for grabs tonight after three months have gone by without a winner boxes. actually, soriano joins us live from the lotto store in san bernardino county, ashley. a lot of people want this money and, of course, already making plans. if they do win. what are they telling you there? that's exactly right, greg. i am outside the lotto store. it has cleared out because they closed for the day. but there was a long line of people waiting around. so we decided to ask them. what are some quirky things they would spend the money on if they want. we got some pretty interesting answers. people waiting in the hour long line at the lotto store on the california nevada border erupted
5:24 pm
in cheers and applause as they finally reached the entrance. for the fourth time in four years and the second time in the last six months, the mega millions jackpot has reached $1 billion. lozano from henderson. nevada has an out of this world idea if i won that much money, i know that there's a space trip that you can take, even though it's like an eight minute trip. if i had that kind of extra money, i would definitely do that. and i can say hey, i was in space. so anytime you play that game, like who's been to space, i'd be able to raise my hand. go i have romero from henderson, nevada waited an hour into half to get her ticket. first thing i would do is i would buy like a bunch of like protein powders. you know, they're like pretty expensive. nevada is one of only a few states nationwide where you can't buy a ticket. so some folks like bobby rivera from north las vegas drive nearly an hour to the california state line. what would you spend this money on in a crazy way? chicken farm? why price of eggs are
5:25 pm
crazy. that's why and they're ill is still some time left to go grab your tickets. so good luck to everybody playing in tipton, ashley soriano, ktvu. fox two news put you on the spot. you've been asking these people these questions all day. what is your crazy thing? if you win, i'm sure you've got a couple of tickets fall out there. i have thought about this all day long because i am not as creative as some of those folks you heard from today. but you know what? i think that i would just buy a bunch of taco bell's everywhere because i'm obsessed with the restaurant. so honestly , but i'm gonna ask you the same question. what would you spend the money on rays onto something ? christine we go to space. you take a little flight. you say that you're a guy that went to space. i like that. actually one quick one for the road. how long did that line get at its longest today? i know. you said it was about an hour long. we've seen that line. go even longernstratn the screen can sho just wrappedd
5:26 pm
the entire building. people waited over an hour hour and a half to two hours and they're closed up for the day now, but people were really dedicated to get their ticket. all right. whatever it takes, actually venmo your money so you can buy your tickets and then we'll all split it three ways. all right, ashleigh. nice job out there. give it to houston, visiting southern california today, delivering a message we are ready for the storm. our storm coverage continues. next palo alto officer taken to the hospital after getting shot by a ghost gun details on his recovery plus more on the c st
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this is a look at the radar to our time lapse from earlier this afternoon. actually it looks like yeah, it was just right before this newscast and that is the east bay there san jose as well. you can see pretty much the south by getting the majority of that rain. we are continuing to monitor it as well. the stormy rather knocking out power for about 2500 customers across the bay area. the latest update from pjd shows that the majority of affected customers live in the south bed . 1700 customers there are without power tonight and there are more than 400 customers impacted in the north bay 250 customers on the peninsula less than 100 in the east bay and its efforts cisco in the south bay 49ers site, and george kittle did not have power for days.
5:30 pm
last night, he tweeted yo, pjd. i've been without power going on four days. help would be appreciated. thanks just trying to prepare for something this weekend. the utility responding to the 49ers star on twitter, saying, quote we have got our offense, defense and special teams on this, george, we've got the power back for 2.4 million people through the past two weeks storms and we're going to get you and everyone else still out back on as soon as we can, so it's still unclear, though, whether or not kittles power is back on california office of emergency services is now prepositioned personnel to respond to our latest stormy weather, state and federal officials provided an update today in sacramento on the state's response to areas affected by the winter storms. callow es has sent swiftwater rescue resources and firefighters to eight counties in central and northern california. additional resources have also been deployed to the oakland fire department. these storms are amongst the most deadly natural disasters in the modern history of our state. the
5:31 pm
impacts of these storms have have been significant. as of this morning. there are about 6000 people under evacuation order. another approximately 20,000 people without power and sadly. 19 people have died. administrator dan creswell was at the briefing. she toured storm damage to areas today to give president biden update on the level of support that will be needed in the future. governor gavin newsom visiting santa barbara county today to give details on california storm preparedness foxes fill schumann continues. our team coverage live from montecito force tonight. hey, phil. well great governor newsom talking about pre deploying search and rescue teams. local fire departments also pre deploying resource is this an example of improvements made to flood control channels? this is in montecito, where, of course, five years ago, the deadly mudslide killed 23. so obviously this is being taken
5:32 pm
very seriously. we start this report a little bit farther south down the coast in ventura county. arthur hertz has lived near the beach in ventura for 10 years, playing his guitar under clear skies on the ventura promenade, he said, what a lot of waterlogged people in this state are thinking already had enough. but you know, we're going to get what we get so it's usually only a couple of weeks out of the year, though, in the last 10 years. this was the raging storm control channel known as the montecito creek on monday today, take a look. the threat of flooding reduced considerably as the week has been mostly dry. a lot of cleanup has been done. ventura rv resort evacuated twice has been temporarily closed, heavy mud blocking roads has been removed. so now the question is, how bad will the next round b. here we are trying to get ahead of this governor gavin newsom in santa barbara county to talk about storm preps today said the
5:33 pm
state is ready common sense. be vigilant. if you have an intuitive feeling that something just ain't right. about driving left versus right you know, don't do it. just work through this weekend. back in ventura county, where the recent storms have left behind massive piles of driftwood, the unstable weather system still churning up massive swells. the waters technically off limits due to contamination, but surfer jeff belser was out there. there was a sewage breakup creek road stop you then. no i figured, you know, it's a really big board. i figured if i could keep my head out of the water and just get through the surf and surf the outside would be fine. hard to reconcile a lovely afternoon walk along the pier with the fact that california storms have already claimed at least 19 lives. ventura resident linda drev instead. got it right mother nature is telling us who's boss. it's not us water we wanted, right. we wanted water.
5:34 pm
we got water. you wanted water. we got water. a lot of it as we come back here live, greg. i just wanted to show you this. this is one boulder. the size of this thing. this is what came down the hill hundreds and hundreds of these five years ago , just blasting through homes. and as i mentioned killing 23 people now the improvements that they've done here, including a massive storm and debris basin that governor nuisance spoke in front of today have really done their job. no serious injuries or deaths in this area. no major property damage from the series of atmospheric river storms that project done with about 13 million of money from the federal government as well as money from the county. everybody's talking about how well everybody is working together in dealing with these storms again. 19 people have lost their lives. but the thinking is without all this preparation, it could have been even worse. reporting live in montecito. i'm phil shuman, greg
5:35 pm
. pretty remarkable visual there , phil. phil. thank you for your work there in montecito appreciate you keeping us updated their stay with ktvu as we follow the wet weather through the weekend, download the free ktvu weather app and head to our website for the latest updates and information. ktvu dot com each palo alto, where police officer is recovering tonight after he was shot in the foot by an armed suspect. the shooting happened near fordham street and purdue avenue around 11 o'clock last night. police say officers were trying to pull over the suspect, 44 year old willy wiley for a vehicle code violation wildly, then got out of the car and ran away. police say they eventually caught up with him, and that's when the suspect opened fire. during the traffic stop the subject flip from officers on foot. there was a short foot pursuit, they were able to catch the suspect. there was a struggle and during the struggle , the suspect shot off handgun one time. striking the officer. the officer was taken to the hospital and has since been released. no police officers
5:36 pm
fired their weapons. investigators say the suspect is armed with what's called a ghost gun that was converted to be fully automatic gun with a high capacity magazine man is under arrest, accused of making ghost guns and test firing them in a usually quiet oakland neighborhood. our crime reporter henry lee here now after talking to people who live there who were under siege. henry christina. this was a frightening situation. residents repeatedly jarred by rapid gunfire, even staff at the nearby alameda county coroner's office heard these shots, but now in arrest and charges against the suspect there was a barrage of shooting like wrap up pop pop pop pop. elizabeth jefferson, a nurse says she's been hearing gunfire on her block in recent weeks in oakland, szabo park neighborhood reminds me of when i was under military base back home. on the wire zone. another woman who lives nearby and didn't want to go in camera says she was terrifying. just heard a lot of bullets and i got away from my
5:37 pm
doors and my windows because i didn't know where they were coming from. according to oakland police, it turns out one of their neighbors, 33 year old michael wynne was responsible. this individual was manufacturing these weapons and these weapons not more likely would have ended up on the oakland streets. oakland police chief laurent armstrong says win was also putting many of these guns up for sale, but he apparently needed to make sure these weapons could passed muster with customers. it was clear that he was test firing these weapons as well as some of the evidence that we recovered inside the property. it's dangerous because these days we don't know who is our neighbor. and we can end up being dead in our house. jefferson showed me a bullet casing that she found on her driveway, possibly from the 30 caliber or a k type weapon. it all began about 7 45. tuesday night, oakland police began receiving many calls about gunshots being fired on broad more view, not far from the oakland zoo. the suspect was arrested after police say he came out of his home wearing body armor. officers say they found a bullet casing in his driveway. police say they seized at least 20, a ar 15 rifles and
5:38 pm
handguns all ghost since as well as tasers in the three d printer that was used to make the weapons. the chief hopes the arrest will give neighbors some measure of peace, so it really for us was us being able to double down on my commitment back in september that gun violence and focusing on removing guns from our community. now in 2022. oakland police recovered about 1400 guns and about 25% of them were ghost guns. this defendant's been charged by the alameda county d, a with firing a gun with gross negligence, having assault weapons and making a ghost gun live in the newsroom. henry lee ktvu fox studios. thank you. 49ers fans gearing up for wild card weekend but finding red and gold to wear to the game. well that might be a bit of a challenge the faithful flooding the team store. plus we have an update from oakland animal services regarding their 50 dog adopted tho we're com
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you walk around levi stadium on game day, and you can, of course, see people wearing jerseys from all different eras of 49ers history, and a new star is rising in quarterback brock party. the 49ers team store in santa clara is rushing to meet the demand for his jersey reporter jesse gary tells us it is all good for business. football fueling a seemingly insatiable appetite. in santa clara and beyond, 49ers fans milling about the team store and snapping up merchandise ahead of saturday's first round playoff game against seattle. wearing that jersey you feel like you're part of the team. the excitement is there amid a sea of player jerseys tantalizing to followers . brock parties number 13 is in short supply, at least for women's apparel coming down to get pretty jersey from my wife, but they didn't have them. once
5:42 pm
dubbed mr irrelevant, purdy's early sub success solidified him as a star against tampa bay. the supply of blank jerseys typically kept on hand where used midseason to make number 23 jerseys. once christian mccaffrey was traded to san francisco so no blanks to fill in with purty. we're able to really react and we were messaging one another during the game as it was happening and saying we think pretty is gonna going to be in established starter for us. we were pressing jerseys here in house for what blanks we had available. that was in december, and a month later, there's still a leg with supply, keeping up with demand. the problem of too much of a good thing and big money hangs in the balance. what's merchandizing is globally about $30 billion professor j. w stewart says part of that pie will be seen as the 49ers play in the nfl postseason tournament . the niners embarrassment of too many stars and too few ready made jerseys serves as a
5:43 pm
question retail for other teams . the 49ers keep winning and pretty continues to play the way that he has. we could see a few more delays in the supply chain so those faithful to the team may need to be patient with it as well as winning creates all kinds of unanticipated problems . santa clara, jesse gary ktvu fox to sports reminder of the only place to see the wildcard matchup. seahawks niners right here on ktvu kick off tomorrow at 1 30 in the afternoon. basically the cars driving right now on its own. it's still ahead . we are test driving tesla's self driving system after some high profile crashes, including this pile up right there on the bay bridge. and i'm tracking another round of what? and windy weather for your bay area saturday. better details on what you n
5:44 pm
5:45 pm
business can happen anytime, anywhere. so help yours thrive and stay connected with the comcast business complete connectivity solution. it's the largest, fastest, reliable network. advanced gig speed wifi. and cyberthreat protection. starting at just $49.99 a month. plus, you can save up to 60% a year when you add comcast business mobile. or, ask how to get up to a $750 prepaid card. complete connectivity. one solution, for wherever business takes you. comcast business. powering possibilities. shopping what went wrong is
5:46 pm
still under investigation, but now new questions over the full self driving software. we wanted to find out how exactly it works . and if there are any quirks are brooks jarocz hit the road and went along for the ride. it's time to test the tesla and its full self driving capability behind the wheel. wilmer a y in founder of tesla, owners, east bay if i do it twice. that's the steering wheel turns blue meeting. now it's driving on its own well. other makes use lasers or radar for autopilot. tesla relies solely on its advanced cameras to do the work, so if i want to change links to the left, just turn on the signal looks already you can tell. there's no cars behind it, did it. but the full self driving system is under scrutiny, including investigations by the federal government. on thanksgiving day, a tesla driver caused a multi car crash on the bay bridge surveillance video shows the model s changing lanes
5:47 pm
in coming to an abrupt stop. then in eight car pile up, no one was seriously hurt, and the driver told investigators he was in full self driving mode. i feel that person wasn't being attentive. we sent out to see what happens in a similar scenario while we're in a model three, the self driving software is the same. so we are in full self driving mode right now. it's back enabled again. so, um, i'm. holding the wheel. it hasn't asked me to do anything. we're going 50 miles an hour approaching the bay bridge tunnel in the same lane, then rolling by the same spot with roughly the same amount of traffic. everything appears. okay everything's great. yeah, it didn't. it didn't. it's actually asking me to change lanes to go a little faster, so i'm going to let it do it. changed lanes. no problem. still going speed limit. no issues. full self driving here was a
5:48 pm
success, raising questions about what caused that crash. the driver was not responsive. that's the one thing that's really obvious wall is testing director at motor trend, he says. despite the name, self driving requires an attentive driver ready to take over. we are still years if not decades away from that true self driving ideal, where somebody could sleep in the driver's seat or not even being the driver's seat at all drivers have reported an issue with phantom breaking where the car suddenly starts to stop or other cases where the tesla senses a threat. that's not actually there it fails routinely in every day. basic situations that human drivers can safely negotiated, underscoring the need to keep your eyes on the road and hands on the wheel. it should give us a warning and a few seconds chancellors f s d will tell you to pay attention. there you go. a place like turning force to wheel and it starts blinking.
5:49 pm
but if you don't and the warnings are ignored there you go. it's counting down to disable the auto pilot. right there. i'm slowing down right now. we found the shutdown happened quickly too quickly for comfort taken over because we're going to slow, so i've never done that before, but feeling that that could have been the condition that they were going through proof and unresponsive driver can be a danger and that tesla's technology is still intelligence in progress. oh no, it's not perfect. it cannot replace the driver right now. no way. brooks jarocz ktvu, fox two news. focus on the afternoon evening, dr. experiencing some what roadway although not a lot falling from the sky. a few scattered showers out tonight and then it picks back up tomorrow morning. here's a look across the oakland estuary towards san francisco, where we started out with a soaking and
5:50 pm
then into the afternoon, it began to break away to scatter showers. here's where we stand right now. just a few sprinkles over areas of the north bay. looks like closer to san rafael. maybe over towards us. tiburon and then shifting into the central and south bay. we've got some areas over the center cruise mountains over towards saratoga, san jose and off to the east. over the diablo range , some light rain pockets of moderate rain near mount hamilton's looks like livermore , 5 80 in and out from tracy. you're going to find some wet roadway there and then into the sierra, where the snow continues to pile up in the winter storm warning will last until monday night. if you do have plans to drive up, do expect it to be very hazardous up there with white out conditions of possibility, and they may even have to close the highways at times. meanwhile here at home high surf warning until 10 o'clock tomorrow morning, and we're seeing large breaking waves out there today at coastal flood advisory begins early tomorrow morning, and we'll also go until monday. and so the
5:51 pm
takeaway here is it's not just for tomorrow. it's for sunday and then getting into monday. more rain expected. the flood watch for the entire bay area also goes until monday. we'll start tomorrow morning. our wind advisory will come with the next cold front that is going to bring us a good amount of rain tomorrow morning, and it will run in chill about noontime and here's the forecast on that wednesday begin to pick up in the overnight hours by four a.m. we're seeing the winds along the coastline in our hills where you have the reds, the oranges, the pinks and then by 78 o'clock, it's of course, that is strongest and then by noontime, it does begin to taper off. we're back in to the yellows, so expect the breezy conditions with the strongest winds coming during the morning hours. rainfall amounts for tomorrow, anywhere from 1 to 3 inches for our bay area communities will have the snow piling up and snow levels will be dropping tomorrow down about 3500 ft. going all the way out into monday night. we're going to have several inches of rainfall in our wetter spots could see 2 to 4 inches
5:52 pm
for some of our urban areas and feet of snow 3 to 5 ft. expected in the sierra. let's try and time this out for you. here's the future cast. here's where we stand right now. state of california getting wet. here's a look at the next system coming in on saturday, we will see the burnt to the moisture moved through during the morning hours and then for the afternoon. scattered showers. here's a look at sunday, starting out mainly dry. this is sunday night. moves in and then monday looks a bit wet. we finally dry out on tuesday and right now it looks like tuesday wednesday thursday , maybe even into friday could be mainly dry temperatures around the bay area at this time in the fifties and for tomorrow morning, upper forties to low fifties rain wind. even the slight chance of her thunderstorms will be with us for the niners game in the afternoon. 57 degrees will have a few scattered showers out there, hopefully going to be mainly dry at this time, and then into the afternoon for the rest of us mid upper fifties. your extended forecast temperatures will remain on the
5:53 pm
cool side. but again, we've got to get through these next few days of the rain and the flooding concerns as well as the wind. we finally try out on tuesday back to you looking forward to next week, rosemary. happy update now from oakland animal services. shelter officials say they had 24 big dogs adopted yesterday after appearing on ktvu mornings on two. they are now close to reaching their goal of having 50 dogs adopted in five days. the shelter is overcrowded, and officials say there is an urgent need to find dozens of dogs a home by monday. oakland animal services is holding extended adoption hours throughout the weekend. the government is investigating hundreds of new reports of unidentified flying objects to many of which are flying in sensitive military airspace. a newly declassified report by the government released by the director of national intelligence revealed 510 reports of ufos sightings mostly came from navy and air force pilots. most have been determined to exhibit quote,
5:54 pm
unremarkable characteristics. and could be characterized as unmanned aircraft systems or balloon like objects, the report says. some have been sighted over restricted or sensitive airspace, highlighting possible concerns for air safety or adversary collecting information on this friday, the 13th san jose's winchester mystery house started hosting flashlight tours , visitors get the chance to roam through the halls of victorian mansion that's said to be haunted. guests will see the homes, dizzying floor plan and hear tales of previous inhabitants. the flashlight tours will happen every friday evening until february, the 24th still ahead with rain in the forecast all weekend. pest control experts are warning bayberry residents to be on the lookout for some unwanted guests . coming up at six o'clock. the governor has unveiled his proposal for fixing a major budget shortfall. now, ate
5:55 pm
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the recent storms and flooding can lead to rodents and other animals looking for shelter in your home. gilbert jimenez calls himself rat man and he is on a mission looking for clues at this lafayette house. this little dark smudge mark that's eroded. jumping up on here, squeezing through here getting in this sub area right here. you can see the red mark there, too, so their bodies are kind of greasy and those are rubbed mark's zones, a professional pest control company and says with the recent storms, he's been flooded with calls this week for rodent control. i've been getting caught cause like three or four days. they're just
5:58 pm
getting so cold and flooded with all this water. they're just trying to find shelter. many of the calls are first sightings in kitchens. i have people with rats under kitchen counter, eating their bananas, avocados. alameda county vector control says they have been getting calls to. we have gotten calls people they seem rats. you know , getting flushed out of the storm drains you have any. we have norway rats living in our sewers here in oakland and alameda. daniel wilson is the community relations coordinator and says when storms doers, flood rats can get desperate. some of the worst things we have is rats coming up the toilets in the people's homes. that's right your toilet, wilson says. already this year they've had one call, so it's always a good idea to keep the lid down. wilson published a research paper in 2018 showing increases in rome. odin calls during rainy years, rami david and his wife, jenna own eco pest control in oakland and say they've seen a jumping calls about rodents entering homes in woods that we
5:59 pm
saw also a medals we saw. also, they're chewing all four. garage doors. plastic digging is so easily for them to dig, especially under the foundation , david says. it's very important for homeowners to check the area around their foundation and clear it so that you can see any holes contra costa vector control and alameda vector control offices say that they offer free side evaluation so that they can identify any potential problems reporting from oakland jana katsuyama ktvu. fox two news. this is ktvu fox. two news at six recent storms have left behind flooding, landslides and serious damage across the state and california now braces for another round of rain this weekend. we've experienced destructive flooding of homes and infrastructure, levee breaches and overtopping mudslides. hurricane force winds
6:00 pm
in many of our communities and even had a tornado touched down the state is now asking president biden for a major disaster declaration. good evening. i'm christina redundant . this comes after at least 19 people have been killed as a result of winter storms, which have caused up to $34 billion in damage so far. car. it could even cause some problems for tomorrow's 49ers game against seattle live. look inside levi stadium, where the field currently covered by a tarp. it could be uncomfortable and wet for people in the stands. reminder you can watch that game tomorrow. one o'clock on ktvu channel too early rain and low clouds have caused problems at sfo today. there is currently a ground delay in effect for the airport. flights are currently experiencing an average delay of an hour and 40 minutes. meteorologist mark tamayo and joins us now mark how's the timing looking for this storm this weekend? and i think the next one will wake you up first thing tomorrow morning, so yeah. early t


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