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tv   KTVU FOX 2 News at 4pm  FOX  January 16, 2023 4:00pm-5:00pm PST

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are in direct threat where earth is moving around them or in line with them. from ktvu. fox two news. this is the fourth. giving you a live look now at the east shore freeway, a lot of blue sky out there we are. finally finally seeing a little bit of sun and getting a much needed reprieve from all of that rain, but whether headaches they continue as mudslides and flooding continue to affect big parts of the bay area, welcome everyone to the four on this monday afternoon heather holmes claudine wong ktvu evan sernoffsky has been following the unfolding trouble in the east bay and evan, tell us what you're seeing out there. claudine heather, we're here along st andrews road in the oakland hills, which isn't very far from the oakland zoo. and if you look behind me here, there is a massive landslide that right around nine a.m. this morning, this whole hillside came cascading down, and there's
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a large oak tree that's now planted in the middle of the street. that oak tree used to be on the hillside crews have been out here and all over the east bay, trying to clean up messes just like this one. wet weather may have subsided, but storm caused problems didn't let up monday. in livermore, floodwaters surged into homes and galloway street in the predawn hours. just feel sick to my stomach right now. pretty much gloria, full force home filled with six inches of water . she spent the morning mopping up the messes. the waters receded. i'm like thinking, okay, no flood insurance. i tried to get flood insurance several years ago, and they said , oh, you're not in the flood zone. you don't need it. and here we are. brandon taz home was spared. but not his car woke up today so that my car was flooded and kind of freaked out of it and the berkeley hills a mudslide spilled into homes on middlefield and wildcat canyon roads around seven a.m. noticed
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that the back door that it was. unusually dark and he looked at the back door, and it was already about four ft. of mud in front of our backdoor around 14 people were evacuated as firefighters and geologists surveyed the scene at this time. we just evacuate their homes that are in direct threat where earth is moving around them or in line with them. south of massive mudslide spilled onto alvarado road in the claremont hills, oakland hills, had their share of trouble too. this hillside on st andrew's road collapsed for the second time in as many weeks. we could hear the creaking of the tree, you know, like quick like it's cracking. and we go okay and then just starts inside. sets and it we thought it was going to topple over, but it just slips straight down in the middle of the road crews were busy cutting up the tree throughout the day as the entire east bay braces for more landslides. claudine, heather arborists here on st andrew's
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road have actually been making pretty steady progress all day. once they get that oak tree chopped up will probably bring in a front loader and start scooping up some of this mud and slurry and hopefully get this road back open, but it seems like these all over the hills that they're going to be working on for the days to come. despite this nice weather we're having. for now, reporting live in oakland, evan sernoffsky ktvu, fox two news. alright, thank you , evan well, state water officials are continuing to monitor rivers and lakes, which are expected to rise to flood stage. the department of water resources says it's keeping watch on some waterways in the bay area and along the central coast, where flood watches are in effect. despite the break from the rain, forecasters say there are several locations across the state that could still see flooding this week as water makes its way to rivers and lakes. some of the locations are forecasted to remain high, and there are a small number of locations like the salinas river in a couple of areas in southern california that are forecasted to rise later this week and as
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water makes its way through the system. water officials say a few areas will approach or reach flood stage within the next few days because it does take time from the for the water from the rain storms to reach those rivers and lakes. more storm damage to tell you about in santa cruz county were a popular sightseeing area has collapsed right into the ocean. ktvu jesse gary live along westcliff drive there in santa cruz with the look at the situation, jesse heather were near the intersection of woodrow avenue. i'll move out of the way, and you can see why this stretch of roadway is now closed from columbia street to david way when it reopens whenever that will be likely be down to one lane as the other lane, at least a section of it. it's now in the sea. the new curiosity at the santa cruz coast is the collapse and its aftermath. i've been here 40 years in this neighborhood. i'd never seen that before. neighbor sarah young says the roadways demise started 11 days ago, strong waves crashing into the
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cliffside below. westcliff drive slowly eroded the soil. we saw the waves hitting the wooden fencing that was all along here and watched it just explode up in the air. santa cruz officials closed the roadway from columbia street to david way to the number of people coming to see mother nature's reshaping of the coastline. it's tragic we're just shocked. this is our playgrounds where we walk. and it's scary. resident gwen berliner says global warming is creating stronger storms which leads to more erosion along the coast. climate changes here. this is proof beyond anybody's denial that climate change is here and causing this. we need to adapt. we need to plan we need to take, uh steps to eradicate or two take care of the climate changed. and the city is going to have this stretch of roadway closed for the near term. coming up at five. we'll talk to a structural , i'm sorry. civil and
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environmental engineer about what the fix will be both in the short term and the long term. for now. we're live in santa cruz, jesse gary ktvu fox news. we'll see you at 5 30. such a pretty pretty place there, jesse. how far does this road closure go? is it is it just a couple of blocks or does it extend further? this section where i am, is, uh, let's see 12. but to about two blocks together, right? it's not. i mean, it's walkable. it's not too far, but it's an area where people like myself like to drive along here and look out over the ocean, and that they go ahead and pan pan to your right. and you can see heather just mentioned how beautiful it is. this is how beautiful is and you can see. the waves are still really crashing against the rocks and when the storm was at its height of its fury. from what i'm told the radio waves to hit those rocks that you see and they would reach you if you're standing on the other side of the street, so that's why you have this situation with part of the street now in the sea. yeah
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yeah, the water just eating away at the hillside. there are jesse gary. looking forward to your report a little later at five. thank you. well big tree came down onto a trail in walnut creek. want to show you what it looked like on the contra costa canal trail near heather farm park. this is across from the dog park. and that tree came crashing down this morning. and as you can see, there, it spans the entire length of the trail, making it impassable. and the recent series of powerful storms as many homeowners taking a closer look at the trees on their property. countless trees have come down in the past two weeks because of the saturated soil and the high winds, and experts say residents should watch out for warning signs that a tree is in trouble. if you have a leaning tree that's number one that's definitely going to be the first treated topple over. if you look at the side of the tree trunk, and you see any of the soil uplifting or moving. that would be a tale sign of an emergency as well. warner says the eucalyptus trees, redwoods and monterey pines are also most likely to
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come down. okay well, high up now on mount diablo, take a look . you can see some patches of snow visible today at the peak. this is the view from sky foxx all thanks to our thanks to our clear skies out there today, but unfortunately, those clear skies won't last long as rain makes its way back through the region later this week, meteorologist rosemary oroczo joins us now from the weather center to talk about what we can expect. the next few days. it was certainly nice to see the sun today. it was yes, i agree. and we are going to have the sunshine for at least a couple of days. the next storm comes in right now. it looks like wednesday night and it will move through fairly quickly and we will be try once again on thursday. let's take a look at what is going on outside our doors at this time, a beautiful view over the golden gate bridge and a little bit of sunshine out there, mixed in with those clouds still see just a few lingering showers. if you take a look at storm tracker to here, and we move in closer to skirting wrong hide along the coastline and over the santa cruz mountains, and this is what we do expect, at least for the
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next few hours, continuing to push out of the area by tonight , meanwhile, into the sierra, where snow levels are down to about 3000 ft today, and that's why we actually had a little bit of snow mountain diablo mount hamilton's here at home but for the sierra, the advisory for winter travel there will continue into the overnight hours doesn't expire until tomorrow morning now for us the rain has stopped falling from the sky. but as we've been talking about here we are still looking at a flood watch and those flooding concerns as the water continues to filter through and move through those drainage areas, so a flood advisory is in still in place until midnight for areas right there between windsor and santa rosa for the small streams and creeks in that area, and then as we shift over into alameda, alameda creek near signal as as well as areas close by into union city can experience it's a little bit of flooding going on until about six o'clock. meanwhile outside of that is a cool, breezy one right now. half moon bay reporting wind gusts to
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25 in our temperatures in the fifties, we've got 51 in nevada , 50 to san francisco. better details on what we can expect and moving forward, including the next storm and all the way into your weekend coming up. okay rosemary. thank you. there are more questions this afternoon surrounding those classified documents found from president biden's time is vp as yet another collection of files is discovered at his home of the weekend, prompting some more questions about national security, plus elon, musk and tesla facing a fraud trial set to start tomorrow, here in the bay area. after a judge regret rejected a request to move it to texas. that's all for this. subway keeps upping their game with the subway series. an all-star menu of delicious subs. there's the philly, the monster, the boss. if i hadn't seen it in person, i wouldn't have believed it. eating is believing steph. the subway series. try subway's tastiest menu upgrade yet.
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county sheriff's department says deputy fits found two victims dead in the street a third person shot in the doorway of the residents and then three more victims were found inside of the home. investigators believe there is a gang connection to these killings. questions continue for president biden regarding the classified documents that were found at his home in delaware boxes. caroline shively has more now about the call for answers in washington. what in god's name is that all about that was president biden's question for republicans tax plans on monday. turns out republicans have similar questions for mr biden over classified documents. the president's lawyers announced this weekend that an additional five documents were found at mr biden's delaware house last week . in addition to those found over the last two months in his garage and former office this white house has been so inconsistent and so hypocritical from day one team hasn't been fully upfront about each
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discovery. they say it's a balancing act to be transparent while also respecting the integrity of the special counsel's investigation. us attorney general merrick garland tapped former u. s attorney, robert heard to lead the biden investigation. that's after he named a special counsel in november to look into hundreds of classified documents found at former president trump's mar a lago resort friend, mr kummer says, we're just looking for equal treatment. that's all we're looking for. i think it's good that this is in the hands of special counsels on both sides. on monday, the white house released a statement saying that house republicans have no credibility and that president biden is doing the right thing. but legal experts point out mishandling classified material is a crime by the fourth discovery. i and the other details that have come out it's really impossible to spin this to say that it's not a very serious violation. house republicans are now demanding visitor logs for the president's home in delaware, but his lawyers say they don't exist
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because it's a private residence in washington. caroline shively fox news well, lawmakers say southwest airlines needs answers by february 2nd about the massive travel disruptions we saw during the holidays, 15 democratic senators sent a letter to southwest ceo robert jordan's they wanted to explain why an estimated 16,000 flights were canceled. the senators also want a response to claims by southwest workers about problems stemming from outdated software and staff shortages. and say he needs to address consumer demands for ticket refunds and reimbursements. the trial is set to get underway tomorrow in san francisco over a tweet about tessa made by the company ceo, a federal judge in san francisco rejected elon musk's request to move the civil trial against him from california to texas. musk's attorneys argued that negative media coverage of mosques since his buyout of twitter has poisoned a potential jury pool. the trial involves a suit by
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tesla's shareholders, who argued that they were misled by an august 2018 must tweet that said he had lined up financing for a tesla buyout. that buyout deal never happened in a rally in the company's stock price ended abruptly, more prices rising in just about every area in the past year, according to moody's analytics, the average american household is spending about $371 more on basic necessities than it did just a year ago. the biggest increase was seen for housing, followed by food. the bureau of labor statistics as americans spent about 11.8% more on groceries compared to last year, and you probably noticed it's costing a lot more to heat your home during our recent stormy weather, pg and e is warning customers. that utility bills are expected to be higher again this month, all due to the recent surge in prices for natural gas customers are already paying higher bills due to an approved rate hike that took effect back in the beginning of the year. on
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january, 1st well, next right here on the four portions of highway 37 closed due to flooding now reopened, but this water long highway is an ongoing problem. we're going to have more with an (vo) at wells fargo, direct deposits come up to two days early with early pay day. what if everything came two days early? (hero) have a good weekend! alright now... have a good weekend. (co-worker) but it's wednesday... (co-worker 2) see you monday! (co-worker 3) am i missing something?
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and want to show you a photo of caltrans. using pumps to clear that water from the roadway yesterday this was in novato between highway water one and atherton avenue. the water was drained back in novato creek, which overflowed its banks on saturday. and caltrans says westbound traffic is now reduced to one lane because of flooding and nearly three mile stretch of the highway had been closed in both directions since saturday, traffic was detoured to highway 101 and the richmond san rafael bridge. okay, well, this stretch has been problematic for some time, and there are concerns that the situation will continue to worsen. joining us now is fraser schilling, director of the institute of transportation
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studies. there are u c davis. thank you so much for being here . why does this section of highway 37 so many issues. well first of all, i am the director of the ecology center. not not the ideas, which is a another scientist, but essentially the land elevation is relatively low compared to the water elevations that we're seeing increasingly both because of sea level rise and also because of postal. storm water runoff, so those things together will basically squeeze the water into exactly this picture of the high rate flooding, and so any coastal infrastructure is going to be at much greater risk of flooding over the coming years. the graphic in the background behind me, this is actually a map we developed about 10 years ago. showing two areas of greatest risk on 37 1 of which now floods fairly regularly whenever we
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have these big storm years okay , so, 10 years ago here, here we are. now why hasn't anything been done to improve this really important transportation link? god's sake. good question. best coast, probably the state government, but i think it's primarily the cost so elevating this highway, according to our estimates, was about 4 to $8 billion would be much less expensive to route the highway inland over land. it's just not ever going to flat from sea level rise. but it's really hard to move. highway infrastructure both mentally, you know, picturing it being somewhere else, and also just getting everybody to adjust to a new traffic patterns. but it takes a while for this scale of adaptation, but that's essentially what we need to do is adapt these coastal infrastructure systems to a new reality. i understand it takes time. but as you mentioned, it's already been 10 years. there is also an environmental component
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to in the vast marsh restorations. yeah yeah, and that's one of the big issues is that we are at the same time. we're thinking about these coastal infrastructure and seeing this increased rate of flooding, the marshes are getting flooded more often as well, which they're not adapted to, and so they're essentially going to be converted to med flats in other parts of the world. that could mean those marshes just migrating inland. but in california, you hit that steep hillside in the marshes have nowhere to go. so in the bay area, we could see the loss of the vast majority of the coastal marshes that we have. and so it makes any adaptation on the shore line very difficult from an environmental perspective. yeah, and what are the consequences of that? well the consequence is that we lose the marshes. essentially unless we find a way to reduce our department emissions. our greenhouse gas emissions. uh or we encourage the marshes or help the marshes to elevate themselves, but that that second
4:23 pm
is very difficult and probably not feasible. uh in the narrative future. okay so where do things stand on? potential fixes? i mean, are people seriously considering elevating that section? yeah yeah, i think in the meantime, we're dodging bullets, you know, but there's only so long. you can do that, and at some point, we're going to have to bite the bullet and spend this this scale of money. we're talking billions of dollars for these individual highways. that's for the expensive options. i mean, the engineering approach is typically to try to raise the highways or any infrastructure above the water. but another way of thinking that we're increasingly seeing around the world is to actually move away from the water and say you can't fight the tides and storms, so let's just move uphill where it's safer. alright well really appreciate your time today. thanks again. hopefully we won't be covering any additional flooding in that area. but i get a feeling if we get more rainfall, we most likely will.
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thanks again for your time. appreciate it. my pleasure. features that researchers have developed artificial leaves, which they say can generate clean, renewable energy from thin air and sunlight. the artificial leaf is made from special glass fibers designed to trap moisture in the air, then when exposed to sunlight, the technology converts the water vapor into hydrogen. natural photosynthesis occurs by taking carbon dioxide from the air together with sunlight and produces sugar affectively storing the sun's light in the chemical form. well we wanted to do the same thing. take sunlight and water from the air and store that sunlight energy in the form of hydrogen. well the artificial leaf technology is still in its infancy. researchers say their next steps are to increase the efficiency of the leafs hydrogen production. right celebrating martin luther king jr day. both his legacy and his lessons.
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plus, we're going to talk live with the group pushing conversations around social justice. the steps it says are needed to achieve racial equity , plus with more wet weather on the way emergency responders are warning communities to stay vigilant. thankfully drying out , at least for now. i think we will have dry weather for the next couple of days before the next system roles in wednesday night. better details on what we can expect from that storm and what you can expect business can happen anytime, anywhere. so help yours thrive and stay connected with the comcast business complete connectivity solution. it's the largest, fastest, reliable network. advanced gig speed wifi. and cyberthreat protection. starting at just $49.99 a month. plus, you can save up to 60% a year when you add comcast business mobile. or, ask how to get up to a $750 prepaid card.
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many tributes and commemorations . president biden delivered an address in washington talking about the progress that's been made since the civil rights movement of the 19 sixties. foxes. charles watson reports from atlanta. great filling up streets all over the country monday marking martin luther king jr day smart for many, it's a time to reflect on his message of peace service and equal justice for all americans, people coming together as one, but it should be like that every day. civil rights and community leaders highlighted the progress that's been made in the decades since dr martin luther king junior's march on washington in 1963 in his i have a dream speech. we are living that part of the dream, black people and white people today are joining hands and living. the american dream also say there's still
4:29 pm
more work to do to achieve equality. we have not yet gotten to the mountaintop. we have not yet climbed to where martin luther king envisioned us. president biden delivered in addressing the national action that work in washington, d. c, where he italian recent legislative accomplishments aimed at helping black communities as well as the historic appointment of catania , brown jackson to the supreme court. you know, this is a time for choosing. well we choose democracy over tac rasi or community over chaos. love or hate. the president also called on congress to approve voting rights legislation, which failed to pass last year in atlanta. charles watson fox news and back here in the bay area, east bay congresswoman barbara lee, issuing a statement about king's work and his famous i have a dream speech, saying, in part that queen quote, deliberative vision of a nation where all people are truly equal where
4:30 pm
america finally lives up to its original promise of freedom and justice. for all we have come so far as a nation since that day. today we celebrate that progress and honor all who fought in the civil rights movement in the years that followed, but she says, our work is far from done. there are people that they don't yet have the tools or the platforms to fight for justice for themselves, and we have voices voices that matter. voices that carry weight. all of these issues really can be resolved. if we come together, you're watching a video from the w. k. kellogg foundation, talking about the seventh annual national day of racial healing, which is tomorrow. it is a day about conversation and solidarity and a day where maybe we can get better at having these difficult but important conversations. let's talk more about that conversation. let's bring in la june. montgomery tab ron, president and ceo of the w. k. kellogg foundation. good afternoon to you. hello good afternoon. so you call it racial
4:31 pm
healing, calling that a process and make people and communities whole and i think i talked to a lot of people who feel exhausted . it's been a rough several years and we talked that in in focusing on the progress is important, even though there is a lot of work to be done. absolutely and you know, we talked about it as a process because it's a conversation, and it's a way of engaging that allows everyone to tell their story and be heard and affirmed , but it's more than a process. it is a practice. it is a way of being and as you talk about the exhaustion um, what we want to support at the kellogg foundation is how these conversations become how we engage with one another on a regular basis can conversations . how good are we or how bad are we about having it i feel like in, you know, in recent times, we have had very important movements. i mean, we've talked
4:32 pm
about and we've seen people take to the streets and say this is important. we've had black lives matter. stop ap. i hate we have so many places where it's been really important to stand up. it's the after that to say, have you recognize this is a conversation that we need to have. are we making progress there? we are definitely making progress and part of the purpose of the national day is to change that narrative and actually show examples around the nation where this work is happening continuously. people are coming together at the community level and changing policies and practices in ways that advance opportunities for all and best the purpose of its not a day while it follows martin luther king day. for the point of taking a vision into action. um the true vision is that we connect people. and show people
4:33 pm
how to connect. and are we struggling that with that scene , seen a protest that we see on tv and seen someone point out an issue. are we struggling at saying to that person always saw that that means something to you . can we talk about it? can we say that? that may not be my experience. that may not be something that i know personally about, but i want to know. it is. it's a journey. we call it the journey that we each take. so yes, people are at different places on this journey. but what you will find if you go to our day of racial healing that or website, we provide conversation , aids and tools and instructions so that people can get better at these conversations actually looked at that that you had on your website. i thought it was really interesting. you know, you have kind of, uh, five points, right? reinforce the purpose. set agreements open the conversation deep in the conversation and then bring the conversation to a close. i know that you go into
4:34 pm
in detail on your website. exactly kind of how to do that. but i think the point for me was it's not a bad thing to know that this is a conversation that's difficult to have that. you know, if you talk to a therapist or someone to help someone guide you through what is difficult and sensitive and personal. absolutely we know that. uh but we have to get good at that. that is who? how we must connect across our humanity . ah there will be differences but to understand how to create a space where you can have those difficult conversations and allow everyone to be affirmed in the process, not a blaming or shaming exercise, but one that enhances knowledge and shared understanding. that's how you get to the collective action that must be taken in communities to create better places for children and families to thrive. we just showed showed
4:35 pm
things to how to do it. would you have advice for people on but also not to do. i mean, i know that, uh, you know, for the a p. i experienced some of it. a lot of people tell me it's not a thing for you. you don't experience racism that that for me can be. you know, something that really kind of shuts me down. is there something you would say in general device for people who want to listen and be a part of the conversation but are worried about saying the wrong thing. so first of all, we are have been harmed by racism, racism. we all have pain there and we need to heal. so this is a conversation for everyone. and we also know that this isn't a place to blame or shame. it's about affirmation is really valuing everyone's story. you have a story. you have a journey that past present and future and when we connect around that story, you see the commonalities between us and as we show up in our own humanity, that's where the real work begins to figure
4:36 pm
out how we can coexist in a place where we can create opportunities for everyone. and we all want to feel whole. alright thank you. we have to leave the conversation there, but we hope many, many more conversations. continue in montgomery, tab ron president and ceo. of the w. k kellogg foundation. thanks so much for joining us. all right back now to our stormy weather. an early damage estimates are coming in for how much these storms could cost our state in monterey county alone, officials say there's been at least $30 million in public infrastructure damage during the recent storms . this, according to a report from the county to the governor's office of emergency services, some analysts say they think the storms have caused more than $30 billion in damage and economic losses in california. from all of the flooding, power outages, landslides, fallen trees and road closures. the bay area's on house had been hit particularly hard by the storms. ktvu elissa harrington looks at what's being done to help the
4:37 pm
estimated 4000 people experiencing homelessness in oakland. spreading some warmth on a cold day, members of oakland's evergreen missionary baptist church held their annual blanket and blessing drive where they drop off winter supplies to the community man. this year wet and stormy weather has made their mission more important than ever. the weather this year has been horrendous for the even less with homes, so to be out here in the elements is a lot. i just want to remind our community that we are better together, so listen, listen all hands on deck. lawrence brandon said they packed more than 100 bags full of clothing, toiletries and food boxes. church members offer their own house neighbors, hot cocoa and warm chili. many have been staying intense and are unequipped for the amount of rain, wind and hail the area has experienced during the latest series of storms were very
4:38 pm
concerned about people living outside, especially with the rain, and then how cold it has been, and that's why we're going to share a little tenderness with blankets and, um gloves, socks and you name it. this encampment on west grand avenue people hugged, shook hands and thanked the volunteers. the church also brought along a doctor in case anyone had a minor issue that needed medical attention. alameda county did open some additional warming shelters during the worst of the storm. but some homeless advocates say there really should be more especially with how long this weather has lasted in oakland. i'm elissa harrington ktvu, fox two news. okay so as we brace for another round of rain later this week, emergency crews warned not to get storm fatigue. the bay area has, of course, coped with weeks of persistent rain and the damage continues from the storms . what people are ready for this break, especially we're seeing today. police and other safety authorities are telling us to be careful in the coming days because those dangers in the
4:39 pm
dangerous conditions persist. i've just got through calling all the parents and saying we need you to come get your children because we don't have power to do landscape construction management, so it's been difficult in that world trying to stay afloat literally and hypothetically. the chp says it wants people to make sure that you're driving safely during the reign with your headlights on and going more slowly when the wet weather returns. alright let's go to rosemary oroczo forecast and the sun was really good to see. today it's going to take a more than a little sandy dry us out from all this rain, though. yes and i think moving forward, at least for the next several days, we should be in pretty good shape. we do have a storm coming our way right about 48 hours from now, but it looks to really pass through fairly quickly and bring earning us quarter inch, maybe half inch of rainfall before it heads out of the bay area. i'll show you that in just a moment, let's take a look at the dry weather over the golden gate bridge and the golden gate park at this time, beautiful out there. little cool, little
4:40 pm
brisk. you need the jacket still, but thankfully, you don't need the rain jacket. here's a look at some of the rainfall amounts from sunday into monday, brentwood picking up an inch 70 to 100 sfor, more than an inch and a half as well as san francisco oakland airport, almost an inch and 9/10 multi ah below two inches and a quarter. san ramon and 8/10. and as we showed you early on, we've got some snow. mount hamilton's mount diablo is the levels of all the way down to about 3000 ft. and that includes for the sierra where it continues to fall there. so here we are. watching the storm continue to skirt the coastline and head into southern california and we are going to remain this way, at least for the next few hours will continue to dry out to through tonight, but areas long pacifica down the san mateo county coastline over the coastal range and into santa cruz. we may still have a few of those showers falling over the bay area. meanwhile, the breeze out there very strong in some areas happened, very putting wind gusting 25, san jose 21 or north bay hills and mountains
4:41 pm
level. also pretty breezy and our temperatures are cool 54 in oakland, 50 to san francisco 50 degrees in novato. it's just a matter of time before you slip into the upper forties. the future cast here will show you what the next storm and what we're talking about. for here we are at this hour continue to push out tomorrow morning. we wake up with dry conditions with the dry conditions and the clear skies. are going to be chillier by five even 10 degrees. some of our inland cities will drop into the thirties for tomorrow morning. and then here's a look at wednesday morning, we start out drive, but this is what is upstream. so by the second part of the afternoon, we noticed an increase in cloud cover and if this remains on track by sunset , it's moving into the lake county north bay and will continue to push through the bay area through the evening hours. but by early thursday morning, it's out of here and we are done for the rest of the week. rainfall amounts quarter inch, maybe half inch or so. and into the sierra. more snow expected, perhaps half foot to a foot there, so that's what we coming
4:42 pm
our way wednesday night into early thursday morning for tomorrow morning under partly cloudy conditions going to be a chilly start just near freezing near santa rosa, upper thirties for san rafael 42 san francisco along the peninsula, low forties upper thirties too low forties expected for the inner east bay even along the east bay shore, 40 degrees expected for hayward and then into the afternoon temperatures will be very similar. today maybe a little bit warmer and perhaps not as much wind out there so that the sun shining and less wind. we should feel pretty good. the extended forecast here increasing clouds on wednesday before the rain moves in wednesday night. then into thursday. we're already drying out. i think, by thursday morning, hopefully even in time for the morning drive for already dry and we're dry on friday, getting into the weekend temperatures inched up just a little bit upper fifties to about 60 degrees, expected for saturday sunday under sunny skies back to you. okay, rosemary. thank you. brock party with an impressive postseason
4:43 pm
performance saturday against those seahawks, but those back in his high school say well, they expected nothing less. he deserves everything he gets. is that kind of kid? properties play under friday night lights as told by his former school teachers and coaches. also we'll have a live discussion with a former nfl scout about what makes brock pervy so special. ♪♪ for skin as alive as you are...
4:44 pm
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when you add comcast business mobile. or, ask how to get up to a $750 prepaid card. complete connectivity. one solution, for wherever business takes you. comcast business. powering possibilities. around of the playoffs. the team is going to host the winner of tonight's game between the dallas cowboys and the tampa bay buccaneers while we all wait, we want to take a closer look now at 49ers rookie quarterback brock purdy, who had a great postseason debut on saturday. ktvu is sports anger jason appelbaum revisits pretty high school days and says those who knew the quarterback then
4:46 pm
are not surprised he is excelling this season. rock purdy has come a long way from his hometown of queen creek, arizona, just outside of phoenix. those who knew him well will tell you he hasn't changed a bit was known throughout campus for being a great person. i mean, we're talking cafeteria workers, um, custodian, security guards. they all knew brock and they all love brock because of what he did. preston jones coach purdy for four years at perry high school, he says, being a good person. has always been more important to purty than being a good football player. and the guy he was off the field was just as impressive as the superstar. he was on the field helped put the perry hi pumas football program on the map, leading the relatively new program to the state championship games, both his
4:47 pm
junior and senior seasons. that competitive nature was evident and purty the student as well. his junior year english teacher katie came, brah says much of his success. comes from his discipline and leadership qualities, which were on full display in the classroom into some sort of competition as to who could, um bro. you know a paper ball from across the room into the trash can and it became this huge competition, she said. the star football player never acted like he was the best, but it wasn't lost on everyone else in the classroom that he was, you know, go to the bathroom, and i'm the board. you have to write your name, ham. but you know, brooks and the board so i would know who was leaving and kids have right underneath it the goat and he would just come in and shake his head, you know, just embarrassed. cambria says purdy was a great story. student who cared about academics and put in the work to get good grades. she recalled how he went the extra mile, including the time here and extra credit. by
4:48 pm
dressing up for a class great gatsby party. everybody dressed up in twenties where and brock came dressed up, but he came in his full cowboy year just broke through and through it. that's just who he was, and he didn't change who he is ever perfect people, but he's about as close to perfect as a as a kid that i've that i've had the privilege of the coaching jason appelbaum ktvu fox to sports. okay so parties pretty perfect. joining us now is larry crew grew up 95.7 the game and foreigner and former nfl scout larry always a pleasure to see you. boy party had a better debut in the postseason. then some niners legends, he really seems so levelheaded. how would you describe the 23 year old rookie and what you saw on saturday? he is level headed. that's great. that's a great way to describe him. you know, he's a he's a player that has great faith. he's got a strong family, and he just knows that, you know, um
4:49 pm
he's gonna do the best he can do. but that football is not his life that he's crowned id and he's he's got, you know his family and he's got his faith and, um, so he's a he's a. he's a very he's kind of an older soul for a 23 year old guy. he's got a lot of maturity that that's the word maturity that you see when it whether it's in the postgame interviews or on the field. i've got to like 230.2. i mean, there's i feel like there's been every game the first game he comes in. he does well and was like, oh, that's the first game and in the second game of the playoffs and every single time he's been tested. oh, he's down, but now he's coming back. there was that pass at scrambled and then the pastor. you know brandon aiyuk, who said that he owes him one now for that amazing play that to me showed he still stays calm it. it really is incredible. what did what did the scouts missed when they were looking at him. you know, they have a very specific, um, standard that they want each player position to fulfill and instead of being 62
4:50 pm
and £225, he was six ft and change. and um, unbelievably, that was enough to deter people . he was very accomplished players a four year starter. you let iowa state the fourth straight bowl games. he had a great sophomore season, but i think one of the things that they missed was that he spent time after his senior year in college, working with some guys on his mechanics to throw and the actually increased his velocity on his ball, and i think that's helped him dramatically and that extra velocity has made him a pro caliber quarterback. yeah. and larry as we mentioned, you have been tasked with finding the next talent for teams and what you do if you can kind of take us into the mind of brock party and what this experience must be like christian, mccaffrey says. that party really has a confidence in himself. but i can guess that walking into a situation like this has got to be a bit overwhelming. oh there's no question. plus you
4:51 pm
have a room full of men that have already, you know, align themselves behind jimmy garoppolo, so you can't just come in and be a rock rock guy. you can't come in and try to give the you know. let's do it for the gipper speech. you have to be genuine. you have to be offset authentic. you have to be real. you have to be tough. you have to be tremendously smart to learn kyle shanahan system. he's demonstrated all of these traits and to a man. he's one over every guy in that room. they still have great affinity for trey lance and jimmy garoppolo. but there's a level of respect that brock has earned and he's really earned it, um, winning them over game by game practice by practice. yeah, he certainly has. and he's won a lot of fans over as well. all right, larry, we'll let you go. we're all excited about tonight's game to see who will be taking on the 49ers and brock party again. appreciate your time today, larry absolutely any time. all right. next on the four. the search continues for three missing passengers lost in that
4:52 pm
deadly airplane crash in nepal, rescuers say. concern that it may be a recovery mission.
4:53 pm
4:54 pm
in germany as russia continues its invasion of ukraine is part of a new expanded combat readiness program, which will include specialized weapons training and complex combat maneuvers. the military says. the goal is to get about 500 troops trained and back on the battlefield. every 5 to 8 weeks . a similar program will start in oklahoma this week. and the pentagon says if it is successful, it will be expanded . meantime ukraine is still reeling from a weekend of heavy russian air strikes targeting mostly civilian areas in kharkiv for s 300 missiles hit critical infrastructure and industrial facilities and the city of pierrot. they're still pulling bodies out of an apartment complex was hit on saturday. it
4:55 pm
is a national day of mourning in nepal after a plane crash that killed at least 68 people rescue cruiser back on the scene searching for any possible survivors. a day after the tr 72 plane crashed into a river gorge , the flight from the capital kathmandu plummeted from the sky as it was attempting to land at a newly opened airport in pokhara. rescuers repelled down the steep hillside to search for survivors, but police say the terrain is making it difficult to also remove bodies from the crash site. rescue crews have located the flight data and cockpit voice recorders, which could help determine what brought that plane down. the crash is nepal's worst plane crash since 1992 when an aircraft crashed near the capital, killing all 167 people on board. bob boss on the run for more than 30 years now in custody the decades long search for mateo denaro
4:56 pm
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now in custody after italian police ended up 30 year manhunt today. matteo messina denaro rio was italy's number one fugitive special operations squad that captured him says he was at an upscale clinic receiving treatment for an undisclosed medical condition. foxes greg palkot has more he spent decades as the world's most wanted organized crime fugitive now italian mafia boss matteo denaro is behind bars. he was arrested on monday in sicily after 30 years on the run, having been tried and convicted in absentia of dozens of murders. italian police say the capture was the culmination of years of investigations that ultimately led to a private healthcare clinic in palermo. officers of the special operations group as part of investigations, coordinated by the public prosecutor's office arrested the
4:59 pm
fugitive matteo dinero in a health care facility where he went for treatments. after the arrest was announced. italian prime minister meloni flew to sicily to personally thank the officers involved in the operation, calling it a quote great victory of the state. denaro was the last of three major mafia kingpins who had evaded capture. all three were ultimately arrested in the same area of sicily, underscoring the difficult task of reining in the mafia's power and influence throughout italy. even during his time on the run , denaro was considered the country's top cosa nostra boss and officials there say while this is a big win, it's far from a knockout punch. with the mafia still deeply entrenched in italy's power structure inside when we talk about power, we have to think that the mafia actually put their people in administrative positions. they have dozens in public administration. the narrow was taken to a secret location after his arrest. he now faces
5:00 pm
multiple life sentences in london. greg palkot, ktvu fox two news, ktvu fox two news at five starts now. we've been joking around and be like, are you here for a pothole? you're here for a pothole in about like 60% have said yes. now at five damage from the latest storm, leaving a big pothole on highway 101 and more than a dozen two dozen flat tires, the bay area drenched by yet another wet storm overnight. good evening, everyone. i'm alex savage. julie julie haener by itself. it probably wouldn't be so troublesome. but this follows weeks of storms that have soaked and battered the bay area. this latest mess is a combination of shifting hillsides and rising floodwaters, mudslides, causing a mess across the east bay and in livermore, a street swamped with water one man using a paddle board to get around. we have team coverage after the latest round of rainy weather. ktvu is tom baker is at the lake mendocino reservoir, where the army corps of engineers


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