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tv   The Eleven O Clock News on KTVU FOX 2  FOX  January 16, 2023 11:00pm-11:30pm PST

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son, who was found dead off highway four, was the victim of a hit and run. the 11 o'clock news on ktvu. fox two starts now. we have new details tonight about the death of an east bay teenager who disappeared on new year's day in contra costa county. hello again, everyone have alex savage, julie julie haener. investigators now say he was struck by a driver who took off ktvu. zambelli joins us. now she's in the newsroom after speaking with his family. amber julie, his family tells me there are still a lot of unanswered questions surrounding the teenager's death . they say they will not give up their search for answers. this is an aerial view of highway four eastbound between port chicago highway and will pass road in contra costa county, the location where the highway patrol now, says damon lazenby was killed by a hit and run driver and his body was found on the shoulder of the road. but the family says there are still many unanswered questions since
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relatives, friends and law enforcement had searched that area multiple times. we walked the highway we didn't see him. we walked all that area. we didn't see him. then all of a sudden he appeared. i just find that strange and i just want some help. damon's body was discovered not far from where his green folks wagen was found on new year's day along port chicago highway below the highway for over past the engine was running and the lights were on. but the front driver's side tire was flat. his mother tells me. he called her shortly before his disappearance, and that is cell phone and wallet are still missing. someone had to see something. could you please help us? help us find a way where we could move forward because i can't begin until i know what happened to him. family members say they started searching for damon in that area. as soon as he went missing. that area was thoroughly checked by several of us at different times. what do you think? i think he was hit.
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he was hitting someone got scared. law enforcement did its own extensive search. relatives say it doesn't make sense that a six ft three teen would not be seen along the side of the road for almost a week before being discovered for, uh all of us to come up short, including the center dogs. technology. many eyes and support from family and loved ones to come up short. we just don't buy it. family says they're grateful that he was found, but they want to know who's responsible for killing him. please come forward because i can't rest until i know what happened to my son until i know exactly what happened to my son. chp says damon was struck by the right front portion of a dark colored sedan. we reached out to the contra costa county coroner's office for the cause of death, but have not heard back. the family is planning to hold a memorial for damon. january 25th julie. i hope they can get answers to their questions, amber, thank you and
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the chp has a tip line to provide information that can help investigators with this case that phone number is 7079174. in one alright now we turn to the damage caused by the recent storms. and that was the scene in the east bay today, the wet weather may have subsided, but storm caused problems have not let up. this mudslide happened to the oakland hills and it was caught on camera neighbor said she heard cracking sounds before the hillside started to slide. this was the second mudslide on st andrew's road since rain started pounding the bay area over the past couple of weeks further north in the berkeley hills and mudslides spilled into homes this morning. oldfield road, wildcat canyon road, and the spiral about 10 homes were evacuated as firefighters and geologists surveyed the scene. all three roads were closed due to the slide. there are no reports of any injuries. landslides in the berkeley hills led to the cancelation of several youth
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sports classes today on the clark kerr campus. ktvu is elissa harrington shows us a mudslide came within feet within feet, rather of the cal gymnastics club. it's becoming a too familiar sight here in the bay area, another landslide this one near the golden bear rec center at uc berkeley on the clark kerr campus infrastructure can't handle the amount of water falling on us right now, student danny quickly realized the thick mud was too much for his scooter to handle me back to my dorm and like i can't go there now, obviously because it's a lot of roads closed. it's inconvenient , but what are you gonna do cuts through the middle of the wreck and youth sports area on sports lane. many programs are held in these buildings and on these fields, all youth sports classes were canceled monday. the slide closed the pool sport courts skatepark, the softball field where this giant tree toppled over. and the gym for golden bear gymnastics to the door. i
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tried to open it. it was locked , and her dad missed the email about the cancelations and showed up to gymnastics class to find the door locked and parking lot nearly empty tomorrow. it's back on. a few other students showed up as well and found part of the road covered in mud. there wasn't anyone sitting there, and they were like no cars with my teammates, so i was like was it canceled and i didn't know the slide starts at the edge of the clark kerr track and spills all the way down the hill to the basketball and tennis courts carried mud trees and debris into the road and onto those courts, trees down the tree blocked our way around the back. no one can really plan for a year's worth of rainfall in a week. right, so i think, you know, taking a deep breath and realizing that this sort of stuff doesn't happen that often . we don't know of any injuries or major damage because of this landslide crews need to get out here and clean this all up before traffic is allowed back
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through in berkeley. i'm elissa harrington ktvu, fox two news. part of highway 13 in oakland remains closed tonight following a landslide over the weekend. the chp has working to remove down trees and mud from the southbound lanes tree fell onto the freeway last night between broadway terrorists and moraga avenue. according to the chp. those lanes should be back open by three o'clock tomorrow morning. pescadero residents have pulled together trying to weather a week long power outage and widespread flooding from the recent storms as ktvu jana katsuyama reports now that small community in san mateo county has been in one of the hardest hit areas and faces big challenges with cleanup. places where you'd never see. creeks or anything or streams, all this water just gushing down from the hillside because it's so saturated, eric says. the weekend rain brought more pain to bask todaro. this video from the weekend shows the main
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intersections flooded. this creek was flowing here in in the pasture across the road. about three ft high ridges on the municipal advisory council. and he says, this small community of some 600 people, it's surrounded by two creeks that swelled into rushing rivers over the weekend wrap around the town and they both raised and they try and get into the marsh and fill up the marsh. but the marsh backs it up because the marshes flat and then you have a high tide at the ocean. pushing the water back in the water just comes right back up the creek fire shared this video showing part of stage road in pescadero collapsing over the weekend. that section still blocked off in need of repair. cal fire has had extra crews on duty, extra equipment staffed. a lot of people held on duty to start this equipment, a lot of replanting with, you know, special dispatched units around the county. even the fire station was surrounded with sandbags. the nearby creek flooded the roads. both lanes were blocked in both directions , had numerous road closures,
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county crews had to remove massive logs and debris, which had blocked the creeks flow, causing the flooding. the power pole nearby was also pushed over and had to be replaced. i personally was out without power for about six days. yeah, and some people long er. maybe seven days. many trees along the creek's banks were brought down . eric says pescadero is incorporated with no funds for these disasters and farm workers are the hardest hit in the community. when it's flooding like this and raining, you're not farming, and if they're not farming, they're not working. and so they're missing out out on paychecks. state and county officials did come to visit pescadero and look at the damage, and people here are hoping that they will get funding to help with the cleanup and improving infrastructure. reporting from pescadero, jana katsuyama ktvu, fox two news. residents nonprofits and local governments in santa cruz county can now apply for federal disaster assistance. federal funds started rolling in last week after president biden issued an emergency declaration
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for 42 of california's 58 counties. the money is earmarked for clean up and sanitation repairs and other storm related services. and this thursday, president biden is planning to visit our state central coast to visit the hard hit communities is still unclear, though which cities are on his itinerary, slow and dangerous drive tonight for people traveling through the sierra. let's show you video of highway 50 through el dorado county, the highway in both directions packed with snow and peppered with icy spots. snow in the foothills cost some challenges for travelers who were headed home after a three day holiday weekend. last night, there wasn't much on the ground, and when we woke up this morning we had about a foot. it's a lot . it's been interesting. i'm scared driving in it, but other than i we woke up. we can open our door this morning. it was has been interesting, but i like it. it's beautiful. and tonight, chain controls are in effect for highway 50 and interstate 80
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heading through the sierra. already the rain is dried up for a little bit. we're getting dry conditions throughout almost all of the bay area that lasts all day tomorrow, then changes on wednesday. also tragedy strikes central california what's being revealed about a mass shooting that left a family of six dead? also a southern california family is searching for answers after their son was killed in mexico while celebrating his first wedding anniversary. business can happen anytime, anywhere.
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of us are still bitter shower activity down south towards monterey. we've got some weather coming in. let's take a look at this is a computer model. this will take us through the next two days. so first thing i want you to notice is tomorrow morning, the valley fog in the central valley. so here we are about backed it up seven a.m. c in the central valley and some bleeding into the fair fat or fairfield area. some valley fog that is and then tomorrow afternoon, right tomorrow evening dry all day and then we get into wednesday morning and you see the valley fog returns hard to see what the high clouds coming in. but wednesday is going to be a cloudy day starting in the morning, and then you see this thing show up. in the north bay around four o'clock five o'clock six o'clock , but it's moving fairly rapidly , so it looks like rain. it looks like 10th of an inch to a quarter of an inch, which is child's play compared to what we've seen, but you know, even after a little bit of a break in the weather, which we're seeing today and tomorrow, it's still
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gonna cause some issues even a quarter of an inch because it's just going to hit the watch hit the ah, um you know what makes sense, saying the moisture. the field the solid the mud that's already out there. i just yeah. so curing temperatures outside right now in the fifties, and that happens sometimes i don't have a script. sometimes i got to do that. 55 napa 55 in vallejo 55 impairments of forecast highs tomorrow, so ground saturation was trying to say the same for like, three weeks. now i can pull it up, but anything that hits is going to hit and run right and also when the ground gets what the clays we have around here. the place. it's under a lot of that soil, and it expands, and that's what it's doing right now, even though it's not raining, and it pushes that soil down. that's when you see those slumps in the in the hillside, especially in the east bank. here's the five day forecast little bit of fog tomorrow morning showers on wednesday night, afternoon and evening and then boom. dry doesn't get warm, really? but it gets dry back into the mid and
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upper fifties. so you guys back here tomorrow? okay thanks. bill officials in central california are investigating a shooting that left a family of six dead, including a 17 year old mother and her six month old baby. the sheriff's office is describing this as a cartel style execution. it happened around 3 30 this morning at a home in goshen, which is just east of isil aea. two victims were found in the street, a third victim shot in the doorway of the home and the three other victims were found inside that home. now authorities say they're looking for two suspects. the sheriff's office has not released a potential motive here. investigators say they conducted a narcotics related search warrant at that home just last week. new at 11 tonight, family and friends of an orange county's public defender. are demanding information about his death in mexico over the weekend, 33 year old elliot blair died saturday at his hotel in rosa rita beach. he was on a trip with his wife celebrating
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their first wedding anniversary when he fell from 1/4 floor balcony. mexican investigators are calling it a tragic accident . but blair's family and coworkers believe he was a victim of a brutal crime. u. s officials are also looking into his death but have not released any details. vigil will be held tomorrow for a riverside county sheriff's deputy who was killed on friday while responding to a domestic violence call in the town of lake elsinore. officials say that when deputy darnell calhoun approached the home, the suspect started shooting at him. when another deputy arrived, that suspect shot at him as well . the suspect was ultimately wounded and taken into custody. the sheriff in riverside county said. calhoun joined the department last february after serving with the san diego police department. his family said it was a lifelong dream of his to become a police officer. our family is just devastated over any went in. he wanted to be anything to service community
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, so he was just that type of kid wanted always served. so you know, so when he finally got the opportunity to become a law enforcement, i mean, i mean he was happy as parents were really happy. a vigil for deputy calhoun will be held tomorrow. but today many brought cards, letters and flowers to the family's restaurant to honor him. kind of talked about his wife and how she's got little babies at home and how you know daddy's not coming home and harry is coming to you know, show our love. deputy calhoun leaves behind a wife and two children. his wife is pregnant right now with their third child. still to come tonight in honor of dr martin luther king jr. we're diving deeper into an issue he passionately focused on in his lifetime, his mission to eradicate homelessness. plus a large mobile home park in northern california remains evacuated tonight following days of severe flooding.
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rouz have been helping people leave using boats and even carrying some residents out of the floodwaters. people who live in a nearby apartment complex are doing what they can to protect their homes. one man is relying on a broom and bucket to keep floodwaters away from his unit. it gets anymore. it's gonna start flooding into my house. into my apartment. several side streets near highway 99 are submerged in water. a section of highway 99 from a campo to lodi is also shut down due to rising floodwaters. today dr. martin luther king jr is being remembered for more than fighting for racial equality. the civil rights icon also
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believed eradicating poverty would help transform the quality of people's lives and create equality for all americans. ktvu south bay reporter lamonica peters has the story. nearly 55 years after dr martin luther king jr was assassinated, the legacy of his life, his work and the battles he fought, continues to influence the activism of some californians today, there with him, but i want you to know the night. and we have a people will get to the promised land. dr king often campaign to end poverty in america, something state economic mobility advisor michael tubbs knows all about further before i was the mayor before i was in basic income programs. i was growing up in poverty and watching my mother worked incredibly hard. i'm watching sort of neighbors and friends do everything they're told to do. it's still not be able to pay rent. tubbs was elected mayor of stockton in
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2016 and was the first mayor in the nation to offer 500 dollars and guaranteed income for two years to its residents. he also founded in poverty in california last year and in partnership with the state has been conducting a statewide listening toward to hear firsthand from people living in poverty, guaranteed income and studying dr king in college, his last book, where do we go from here? he talked about how to solve her poverty by solving for everything else. and maybe the best way to software. poverty is the most direct. united way bay area released a report last week showing 49% of the calls received on their 211 helpline in a three month period were about housing insecurity and a lack of basic needs like groceries. the bay area group serves about 600,000 households , 80% of them people of color. i think it says a lot about um, just that we're still living in a system that isn't working for everyone, and there's a real need for change. there's a real
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need for resources. batson says united way bay area helps people with basic necessities, housing assistance, employment opportunities and tax preparation, all important factors to keeping people out of poverty. it's our mission to mobilize, um others. the whole bay area around dismantling these root causes of poverty. um like i think dr king would also say that he was dedicated to both tubs and bats and say that institutional policy changes will be needed to address california's poverty issues and to bring equality to all people in the state of california. lamonica peters, ktvu, fox two news. tomorrow is the seventh annual national day of racial healing and to understand more about what that means. we spoke earlier today on the four until the june montgomery tab ron, who is the president and ceo of the w. k kellogg foundation. we talked about it as a process because it's a conversation, and
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it's a way of engaging that allows everyone to tell their story and be heard and affirmed , but it's more than a process. it is a practice. it is a way of being and as you talk about the exhaustion um, what we want to support at the kellogg foundation is how these conversations become how we engage with one another on a regular basis. montgomery tab ron says part of the purpose of the national day of racial healing is to highlight opportunities for everyone in the community. the first black character in the famous comic strip peanuts is now a permanent presence at pioneer high school in santa rosa. the sculpture was provided by the charles schulz museum, where franklin had been in storage. one teacher liner says franklin exemplifies the school. well he is a minority kind, strong and intelligent shoals introduced the character in 1968. shortly after the
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assassination of dr martin luther king jr alright, coming up in sports tonight. 49ers opponent for this sunday is now set. joe fonzi will let you know who it is next to break in the rain a beautiful sunset tonight here in the bay area. this was the view from oakland overlooking the estuary. things are finally starting to settle down after an intense series of storms swept across the state. you're watching the 11 o'clock news here on ktvu will be back after the break. business can happen anytime, anywhere. so help yours thrive and stay connected with the comcast business complete connectivity solution. it's the largest, fastest, reliable network. advanced gig speed wifi. and cyberthreat protection. starting at just $49.99 a month. plus, you can save up to 60% a year when you add comcast business mobile. or, ask how to get up to a $750 prepaid card. complete connectivity. one solution, for wherever business takes you. comcast business. powering possibilities.
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to this guy. this was playoff game number 43 for tampa's tom brady bucks hosting the cowboys in a game that was all dallas dak prescott put the first points on the board with the 22 yard scoring pass to stanford product, dalton schultz. the cowboys couldn't do tonight was make extra points. six nothing dallas that meant tampa could have taken the lead here early in the second quarter. brady fakes, then throws to the cowboys jaron curse in the end zone. amazingly that's the first red zone interception brady has given up in 409 attempts. after another touchdown and missed extra point, dallas added on prescott avoids the rush, then find schultz the second time. the cowboys then missed the third extra point took an 18. nothing lead to the locker room. if there was any doubt it ended here. prescott throws his fourth touchdown pass of the game on the fourth and fourplay cd, lamb and just a little bit open. prescott threw for four scores ran for another, quieting the doubters who are ready to write him off. that's something to celebrate back at the watch party in dallas cowboys are
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moving on the future of brady very much up in the area already has a big payday waiting for him when he decides to get into tv, but no doubt take a little time to decide his future after this 31 to 14 loss. for the 49ers are now set to meet the cowboys in the playoffs for the ninth time. the most recent was just last year in the wild card game one by san francisco will meet sunday at levi's at 3 30 of the previous eight playoff meetings between the two teams. the cowboys have won five 49ers have won three tough task for the warriors today, the team that has not played well on the road this year. had a quick back to back in washington after lost yesterday in chicago, members of martin luther king's family and ceremony before today's game day before the defending nba champs will make a visit to the white house was the two guys in the backcourt who kept the worries in this one jordan's pool with a nice little move and hope in the second quarter on st in front by two. then as the half was ending pool looked like he might drive,
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but instead step back and nail the three the warriors by five at the half and the game in which pool had 23 points in the quarter 32. then there's that other backcourt guy. you probably heard of the warriors down one midway through the fourth. steph curry. well guarded falls away for three that goes the words in front by two that one worth another look , the warriors very happy to have a healthy curry back in the line of 41 points from korea today, now minute and a half to play the wizards need to stop. curry misses this time. a draymond green hits the boards and kicks it to pull who buries another 1 17 points. 10 assists , six rebounds for green, where's bounced back with a 1 27 1 18 win their back to an even 500 to 22 22. sharks also had a matinee game today hosting new jersey in a game that turned out to be a heartbreaker. will clark adding a little winter sports viewing to his menu, the sharks and devils tied to in the third period, michael simmons shot turn back. look at the effort by nick bonino to get the rebound spin and puts down his in front time about to expire. now the devils have removed their goalie
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jack hughes gets the puck past james reimer with just 8.6 seconds left. sharks that close to win as they headed to overtime came down to a shootout and that's where the sharks lost it for the final . alright, j how you doing? phil dunphy. what do i have to do to get you to ask, "what do i have to do to get you into this car today?" well, why don't we start with a test-drive? i'll get the keys. sounds good. right where i want him. come here. come look at this. this thing warns you if you deviate from your lane. in my car, that's my wife. "andre, if you try to kill me, i swear i will kill you!" well, i guess this is what i'll be driving for the next 39 months. this is my dna talking, but you do not seem sufficiently excited about the prospect of driving a new cadillac. no, it's great. i've just leased the same thing forever. part of me wants to shake things up. i don't know. get something like... like that.


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