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tv   The Eleven O Clock News on KTVU FOX 2  FOX  January 17, 2023 11:00pm-11:30pm PST

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alexander, with the help of volunteers feeds the homeless in oakland every week. she is co founder of arthur gene safe place a nonprofit. i'm doing something that for that one moment in time, they help someone else, um, without judgment with respect, alexander tells me she was once homeless herself and loves to serve those less fortunate coming hard. i just it's a passion. but now she says she and her nonprofit will be without a home after january 31st clothes and things like that will put him in backpacks. and would you know, bring that out to alexander runs her non profit out of her home in san pablo tells me she's lived here for 12 years, but the property owner's failure to fix multiple code violations is forcing her out. she and her grandson, who volunteers by her side are packing up and praying that they will find a new home. give up, but it's just that is it is very
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scary and be honest with you scared and grieving, she says her partner and the nonprofits co founder ronald wolf died three months ago. still she's determined to continue their mission. you're welcome, von tells me. she's battling an addiction to crack cocaine, she says. alexander's weekly offerings of a hot meal are a lifeline is a lot. you know what i'm saying? she comes up. he comes every sunday and you know, we i'll be right here every sunday, alexander says. helping others gives her strength. i just keep going one day at a time. one day at a time. i'm looking at resources my whole world. it is. feedback is crumbling down, but i believe that i'm gonna be stronger after we when we get through this, alexander is moving most of her belongings into storage. she plans to stay at a motel for two weeks. beyond that, she says, she has faith that things will work out for more information about her nonprofit, go to the web links section of our website
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ktvu. dot com in oakland, amberleigh ktvu fox two news, southern california congresswoman katie porter held her first official campaign stop for u s senate. right here in the bay area, met with the democrats of ross more club in walnut creek tonight. the orange county congresswoman is the first to declare a run for dianne feinstein. senate seat. senator feinstein, by the way, has not yet announced if she plans to retire or run for reelection. night porter pledged to fight any effort by congressional republicans to threaten the future of social security and medicare. to take away what you have worked for. and your ability to enjoy your retirement and your later years . it is absolutely on the line, and there are some colleagues, including some in our own party , who are quick to ring the hands and say, we just can't afford to help our seniors. that is b s. the porter campaign released a poll of california voters showing her with a double digit lead in a general election
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race against congressman adam schiff. sleepless nights for some castro valley residents who worry their entire neighborhood is in danger. this comes after a eucalyptus tree smashed through a house there and pin the owner to his sofa. ktvu jana katsuyama spoke with neighbors and the family about their new petition calling on alameda county to take action. there's a lot of nervousness. i know there's a lot of sleepless nights. it's a nightmare that bonnie frisvold and other neighbors in castro valley do not want to see repeated. the giant eucalyptus tree remains right where it toppled over more than one week ago, kelly canyon creek behind the homes flooded and on january 7th. the tree came crashing down right on top of the gonzalez family home on sandy road, pinning the owner, a father of four underneath where he'd been sitting on his living room couch. you're sitting on yourself. for watching a football game. the last thing you expect is a tree, too. come through your ceiling and literally separate your family
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in half. he has major broken bones, major rehab ahead of him and having to learn to walk and things like that again. friends and neighbors are trying to help the gonzalez family by setting up a donation page on go fund me, they say the father, jose is the sole breadwinner now in the hospital, his wife, heather, trying to manage with the four children still going to school, but without a home. neighbors say they're scared. the same thing could happen again. all these trees are at risk. and we need help. carol allen is another neighbor who joined in to start a petition calling for alameda to do something about the remaining trees. it's a lot of homeowners can afford these trees to be removed or topped off. it's really expensive. i mean, starting is like 15,000. some residents say the county told them the trees are the responsibility of the homeowners . but the homeowners say it's the county that planted the trees years ago and should send an arborist to evaluate the safety. the soil is getting damper. the trees are getting
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heavier. the wind 50 mile an hour winds. this is a hazard, and it needs to be addressed. the family and neighbors have called a tree company to come at eight a.m. wednesday and start removing this tree from the house as well as one other that is nearby. they are hoping that the county will try and help them out reporting from castro valley, jana katsuyama ktvu, fox two news san francisco city leaders are announcing new assistance to help small businesses recover from the recent storms. san francisco mayor london breed announced a number of new grants and other support today, small businesses within the city's flood zone could receive up to $5000 those that are outside the flood zone , but endured significant damage could receive up to $2000. applications open on friday and must be submitted by february. 10th u haul says it is offering free storage for california flood victims the company says 10 of its company owned and operated stores in california will offer 30 days of self storage and you box container
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usage to residents who sustained flood damage and need assistance during this recovery process. you have locations in freemont, san francisco, santa clara and the sacramento area are taking part in the offer. at 11 tonight . palo alto police are looking for a man who robbed a subway sandwich shop in palo alto last night. police say it happened at about 8:30 p.m. the unarmed suspect demanded money from the cash register from an employee at the store on middlefield road in the charleston shopping center. the worker was not hurt , and no one else was in the store. police responded quickly , but could not find the suspect. three people, dozens of pomeranian dogs and several cats were all pulled safely out of a fire at a property in martinez. contra costa fire responded to flames coming from a garage at a home on barber lane this afternoon, one person at that house was taken to the hospital for smoke inhalation. authorities say 70 dogs and three cats were found on the property. firefighters tell us that cause does not appear suspicious. investigators were on scene the fire had it's been
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determined the fire started in the garage. the garage had quite a lot of material stored in and it's always a little bit difficult for us to determine the exact location or the cause of the fire. we believe it may have been electrical. um and it had so far as we know had nothing at all to do with the animals that happen to be residing at the home. and contra costa animal services says the dogs were from a licensed breeder. we're told the owner had temporarily moved the dogs to the home because of the storm and that the animals are in good care and good condition. after the break. we are learning more about a stolen ambulance from san francisco that was abandoned in oakland. the suspect still at large tonight. also the vallejo police department fighting back against ghost guns, the federal funding helping support a citywide initiative. business can happen anytime, anywhere.
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fired ambulance that was stolen last night, leading to a lengthy pursuit across the bay area. the ambulance turned up abandoned in oakland crime reporter henry lee has the story. surveillance video shows an ambulance parked outside at home in san francisco, with a medic getting out within minutes, though the ford f 3 50 would be stolen by a thief when they got to the front door of the home and opened the door, they realized that their ambulance was gone. a motive for the crime unknown, but it could be anything from a joy ride to someone after the drugs inside, there could be a number of
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factors. i'm going to sell it. i'm going to use the items that are in there. i'm going to use it for a taxi to get me from point a to point b. it all began at about 6 15 monday night, the fire department was called to a home near 40. seventh in irving in the city's outer sunset. a patient was suffering from a condition related to the cold. this crew made the decision to remotely lock this ambulance to facilitate leaving the heater on. but within 15 minutes, medic 83 was gone. officials won't say how it was taken. this man who didn't want his face shone saw the chaotic aftermath. a second ambulance had to be called sfpd showed up stupid like, how are you going to steal an ambulance card first responders. they need to save lives. they need the ambulance. the thief, chp officers on a chase down the peninsula across the san mateo bridge and in our traffic cams caught part of the pursuit lawn force mint on a pursuit. with blatant disregard for public safety. authorities say the thief even activated the emergency lights. at one point, the thief ran red lights, officers decided to stop chasing it because it became too dangerous. the ambulance was later found abandoned near east 12th street and 17th avenue in
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oakland san antonio neighborhood. the ambulance had its tires blown out because of police spike strips used in the pursuit. if it's a total loss, it could take up to two years to replace because it needs a special chassis to negotiate san francisco's hills and narrow streets. this isn't the first time an ambulance has been stolen in san francisco last august, a man smashed a post into an ambulance with the medics inside and stole the vehicle from the best buy parking lot. the investigation is ongoing. anyone who knows who stole this ambulance is asked to contact law enforcement. in san francisco. henry lee ktvu, fox two news. new at 11, the city of elk grove honored an officer a year after he was killed in the line of duty officer tied, linnehan was on his motorcycle on his way to work along highway 99 last year, the morning of january 21st when he was hit and killed by a wrong way, driver. tonight the city unveiled a sign that will dedicate the stretch of 99 between sheldon and grant line roads and his honor. sacramento county sheriff jim cooper helped push for the dedication while he was still in the state assembly. and they are
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coming down highway 99 they see that sign. i want them to think about the sacrifice that all in this profession give. um ty gave his life doing what he loved to do, and that is support our community. officer lenihan previously worked in the citrix heights and gulf police departments and was very well known and popular within the community is survived by his wife and two children. police department is getting a large infusion of money to help help in their fight against gun violence today, northern california democratic congressman mike thompson and john garamendi presented a check for $830,000 to vallejo. police for the ghost gun and gun violence reduction initiative. violent vallejo police will use the money to install a gunshot detection system in areas of the city where most violent crimes occur. the technology uses sensors, algorithms and artificial intelligence to detect, locate and alert law enforcement to gunfire. earlier today on the four we spoke with
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congressman thompson about the importance of the money for violence prevention. gun violence is a major concern of mine. i worked overtime to try and bring about gun violence prevention ghost guns are real problem for every community in every district in the united states of america, people, most people who who obtained ghost guns aren't doing it because they're benevolent gun collectors or hunters or want it for home protection. these are guns that are made without syria. all numbers. you can buy these kits without a background check. the funding for the vallejo police department was secured in the fiscal year 2023 government funding bill at 11 the t s a recorded a record number of firearms found at airport security checkpoints throughout the country. last year, the agency says it prevented more than 6500 firearms from getting past security checkpoints. 88% of them were loaded. there's a
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number of confiscated guns surpasses the previous record set in 2021 by 10. t s a reported that firearms were found at 262 airports last year , but the most were discovered at hartsfield jackson, atlanta international. a tornado narrowly missed a sacramento county home over the weekend. we're hearing from the family coming up after the break, and the price of margarine and butter on the rise. we'll talk about what's behind the sudden spike. and some showers back in the forecast, not a big deal, but wet, especially on that late afternoon commute. i'll have that coming
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if you switch to cabenuva, attend all treatment appointments. ready to treat your hiv in a different way? ask your doctor about every-other-month cabenuva. with every-other-month cabenuva, i'm good to go. to peter's the story. after egg
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prices recently jumped a whopping 60% the latest consumer price index report says the price of margarine jumped 43.8% and butter shot up 31.4% from a year ago. it's very expensive and it keeps going up. why do you think that is because i bought some last weekend. it was like six something. xanatos market and willow glen jan heard says the clover. butter she bought last week was just over $6. and now it's $7.59. so what's causing the jump in the price? the national milk producers federation says milk was being used to produce more cheese than butter last year as butter consumption lagged behind significantly in the u. s. we have a lot of things going right in america, and we got a ton of things kind of going wrong, but i mean, i can't imagine people are enjoying cookies with butter. going up that much. the federation also says dairy farmers trim their cow herds during the pandemic, but they're
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now looking to build up their herds again to meet demand. margarine producers are blaming the war in ukraine for disrupting production of vegetable and soybean oils, which are used to make margarine. what have you been doing to save? ah, just buying, uh, bulk food. less fast food, just healthier stuff. rising food costs overall have impacted most americanste of inflation appears to be easing, but even with the rising cost, this shopper says there are some items like the butter she uses that she simply won't cut back on going up. the milk's going up. everything is going up. but i'm not gonna give up clover. national milk producers say dairy farmers are increasing production, but it will be a few months before the prices get back to normal. lamonica peters ktvu, fox two news california's public health department said today. the updated by violent covid booster is safe and
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effective following questions that might lead to an increased risk of strokes in certain populations. state public health officials say their assessment aligns with the cdc after an investigation did not back up an early preliminary signal about a potential increased risk of stroke in people over 65. yosemite national park is once again requiring visitors to wear a mask while indoors around public transportation in the park due to an increase in the transmission of covid 19 in the area. yosemite is in mariposa county and, according to the cdc , that county is currently saying high transmission of the virus family narrowly escaped severe damage to their home when a tornado briefly touched down over the weekend. this happened just east of the town of harold that's about 30 miles south of sacramento, christina salsameda and her daughter, adriana, we're out of the home saturday when it hit. the national weather service did confirm the small tornado touchdown east of harold for about two minutes with an 80 mile per hour peak wind there
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tornado narrowly missed the family's house, but it didn't some other damage. underneath there was like a whole deck that was there, and it's completely just flattened. smashed this shadow was right next to the other shed like they were right next to each other side by side. routes from structures and would that was being used to build a new barn. we're throwing all across the field despite the damage the south sea to say they are very grateful that no one was hurt. alrighty we're checking in on another weather system shows up tomorrow. here's how it works out. it's colder system, so as it comes down, it's going to bring cool air dropped the snow levels by tomorrow afternoon evening. there you go rain and then we get back into a super dry pattern like a real dry pattern. it's going to last for at least a week, maybe longer, probably longer, which is fine with me when we did this dance earlier, and we were bombing every time we get a 10 day break. no i'm thinking. wow. 78 10 days would be kind of nice right now. here is that system. this computer model right here. there's a
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system here's right now. here's tomorrow morning. you see the valley fog kind of showing up kind of contours, the topography down here in the east side of the valley, some value flawed kind of showing up down towards kinda out there towards um salinas valley and then eight a.m. this system still north. clouds come in. about one o'clock for all of us, and then this system is it's behind schedule by about a couple hours now from where we were earlier on this model, but here we are six o'clock in the north bay. and then here we are at nine o'clock across the central, but it's gonna take a couple hours to migrate through the north base. so that's going to get you a half inch of rain up there and then by 11 o'clock is starting to push out. did you get that kind of 4 to 11 from north to south, narrow band, so it's not like the whole bear is getting wet at once will be the north pendant central made in the south bank of live our forecast for tomorrow as that, and then the forecast for thursday is what i just left up there. they're stages clear. and then
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here's that system. cold air. lot of it. so the still loves we low 6 to 12 inches, maybe more. temperatures right now are running cooler than last night because the where the system is coming from over and out little forecasts near freezing. i don't get closet. i think some areas again always point to forest ville, but they could they could pick up a freezing temperature for sure. 32 you don't need freezing to get frost is you know? so you get frosted 38 degrees, maybe even a little warmer than that. there's the five day four catholic for some frost bit of fog in the morning and then rain late in the afternoon tomorrow. all right, bill. thank you. woman. donna is going on a tour for the first time in nearly three years, the queen of pop announced a greatest hits tour to mark 40 years since the release of her debut album, the 35 city global tour will kick off on july 15th in vancouver, british columbia, and we'll come to san francisco's chase center on october. 4th tickets go on sale this friday at 10 a.m. while years before he was throwing touchdowns with the san francisco 40. niners quarterback brock purdy was putting work on
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the baseball diamond. he played baseball at perry high school in gilbert, arizona. that's outside of phoenix, but he didn't pitch a lot. according to his high school coach. purdy was actually a shortstop before moving over to third base of position. his coach says he adjusted well to he was always one to stay after putting the work. actually, atlanta pulled some of the numbers on the holy cow he had, like a 1.20 p s. you know his fielding percentages 9 44. i mean, the kid was legit. pretty did lead his high school team in a few stats. but despite that pretty sat down with his coach after his junior year to inform him that he was going to focus all of his energy on football coach damian tippett said. brock clearly made the right decision , though he said there is no doubt in his mind that party would have gone on to play at least college baseball quick reminder here that you can watch brock purdy. in action this sunday, right here on ktvu fax. two. we have the niners cowboys matchup kick off set for 3 30. plus we also have the point after following the football
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the united will exchange visits within a two day period. president biden has such a tour of the california flood damage on thursday, but before he does that he received a visit from the reigning nba champions today . warriors one in washington yesterday today resumed the tradition. they practice twice under the obama administration, or your players and executives visit with the president and vice president and their best known representatives spoke on behalf of the team. for us to be here to find that the comments
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energies within. you know what we do on the court and what we represent, and, uh, when it comes to providing hope, inspiration, belief to everybody that watches display that's what you do and your roles leading our country to say again. thank you for letting us be here to celebrate and for our families, our staff everybody here on the on the stage and means the world and hopefully this isn't the last time so thank you. the first grand slam tennis tournament of the year is underway and the number one seed and defending champion is already out. rafi on the dog was obviously not 100% in his second round match against mackenzie mcdonald of the united states. the 35 year old doll how to take to medical breaks he's in the far court at match point here after mcdonald won the first two sets by the score of 64. the doll hits into the net is mcdonald wins the third set 75 mcdonald's is 65th ranked player in the world has never advanced
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past the fourth round into grand slam event. well they played some epic games in the past, and the 49ers in cowboys are set to do it again on sunday at levi stadium. last time, the 49ers won a super bowl, the nfc championship game had to go through the cowboys muddy candlestick park. eric davis got the 49ers started when he picked up a troy aikman pass and returned it 44 yards to the end zone. 49ers with 38 to 28 winners and then went on to win super bowl 29. and you only have to look back to last season for the eighth time, the two teams met the playoffs. that one was a thriller. 49ers built 23 to 7 lead and then had to hang on as time expired on that prescott san francisco winning 23 17 cowboys coach mike mccarthy on the chance for his team to get redemption for last year. well i think we're all excited about it. no, no question. i think you know when the season ends the way it did. and you know, i think it's natural. i mean, that's that's all part of the
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competitive spirit. you know, we're all going through the cut ups and you know in that game will be part of the cut up. so yeah, that that that will resonate with our guys. but and i think that's all natural. and the resurgent san jose state basketball team in albuquerque tonight to play two lost new mexico. that's a marin more stronger. the hoop, two of his 24 points and spartans even with the lobos for the first five minutes final seconds of the first half and air ball for the lobos turns into a hoop for morrison. easy mexico, heading to the locker room with a nine point lead, and then the lobos poured it on the second half healing house with the lob daisy. lobos outscored the spartans by 11 in the second half. new mexico pulls away to a 77 57 win the lobos are 17 and to san jose now, and even three and three in conference play 12 and seven overall, but it sounds a state that's a resurgent program. they were kind of a laughing stock for a couple of years, new coach got things turned around their competitive and just about every game they play. now i'm sure they're
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thinking about march, something called madness, right? that would be nice conference coming up, isn't it? home life? thanks, joe. thank you, everyone. thanks for watching. thanks for joining us. goodnight. (phil) councilwoman dunphy, how do you respond to allegations that you look super sexy in your new suit? i haven't been elected yet. come on, kids! we gotta vote! honey, come on. please stop filming. i'm just excited! after today, you are going to be a councilwoman, and i am going to be a first husband. and if you don't stop filming, you're going to be my first husband. all right, everybody, come on! do you know what you're doing, kids? you guys are manning the phone banks. alex, you're in charge of that. why is she in charge? and what's a phone bank? (claire) hmm. that's why. phil. i got it. i will be driving 50 of our finest senior citizens to the polls, assuming, of course, that they remember that i'm coming for them. where you at? (laughs) high-five. old people occasionally forget things. okay. everybody, let's go. let's go. wait! real quick! sorry. everybody get in there. jump in there. i just want to say how proud of you we all are.


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