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tv   The Ten O Clock News on KTVU FOX 2  FOX  January 31, 2023 10:00pm-11:00pm PST

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good evening, everyone. i'm mike mibach julie julie haener. we have learned the boy suffered puncture wounds but is expected to recover the cemetery. county sheriff's office says it received a call of a child attacked at about 6 50 this
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evening along tunisia's creek road that is in a rural mountainous part of san mateo county, about nine miles south of half moon bay. the sheriff's office says the child was taken to a trauma center suffering from puncture wounds, but did not say whether the boy was taken by a private car or or by ambulance deputies were unable to find the mountain lion. there's no word on just how old the boy is. the department of fish and wildlife is now taking over the investigation. san mateo county sheriff christina corpus released a statement in the last hour saying in part our coastal community has endured so much these past few weeks. our entire agency has set in of this news and sends many warm wishes to the child for a speedy and full recovery. our thoughts are with the family at this time, and we do have a crew on the way to the scene, and we'll bring you more information as we get it into the newsroom, and tonight the half moon bay community came together as one offering support, prayers and love to the families of last week's mass shooting victims. ktvu south. a reporter lamonica peter is live tonight in half
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moon bay with more on tonight's memorial service, lamonica. mike this community is still in mourning. and now they say, being together and supporting one another is going to be a big part of their healing and in moving forward. it's been eight days since seven people were gunned down in half moon bay farming town in san mateo county . hundreds of people came together at our lady of pillar church to pray for the victims, their families and the entire community. after the memorial service, they walk down main street singing while holding lit candles to show solidarity. whether there is fair. we are part hi, joe. people are still trying to wrap their minds around what happened. i was not born here, but i grew up here. i've been here like 30 plus 35 plus years and never did we expect this supporting the
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victims, families and each other seems to be everyone's main priority. right now. we need this so that first and foremost, we remember that we are a community together that we form community together. and from there through that unity, we can find those solutions building it together. other hand in hand, clearly on my mind a lot, and, uh, saying extra prayers and hoping for things to improve soon for the victims and for the family families of the victims. at the end of the procession, people gathered at the i. d e s hall on main city county and the chamber of commerce sponsored the dinner, hoping to create a time of fellowship and unity. we will be here for them and continue working on getting all those fears kind of vanishing little by little. i'm sure they will never go away. but just feel i just feel safe. city and county officials want to remind people that counseling services
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are available to anyone who needs it. for more information about that, just go to ktvu dot com and click the link for this story. for more information, write together hand in hand, as the mayor said, alright, lamanna computers live tonight in half moon bay, lamonica. thank you. and tomorrow, governor newsom is planning to join the california attorney general state lawmakers in sacramento to announce a new gun control proposal. at least five gun reform bills have already been introduced into the state assembly and senate so far this session. an 18 year old man who was reported missing in san francisco has been found dead in the city's bayview district, according to sfpd. maxwell george malts man was last seen on january 6th at his apartment on sutter street at leavenworth officials now same altman was found dead in the bayview on january. 23rd his cause of death has not been released. authorities have not said whether foul play was involved. anyone with information on his death is asked to contact police. police. san francisco
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police also say they're investigating a deadly shooting in the bayview district that happened this morning. officers responded to hester avenue at about 7 20 this morning. they say they found a man dead inside a parked car with a gunshot wound. so far, sfpd is not providing any other information . you attend a pedestrian bridge. indonesia is now closed and in need of being taken down because of safety concerns. the police department says the bridge that crosses right over military west near mary farmer elementary school was found damaged this morning. part of the bridges path appears to have sunk. military west has been shut down and will remain closed until monday. police say the bridge is beyond repair. it needs to be rebuilt. there's no word yet on what caused the damage. the tenants of a san francisco apartment house feel victimized twice. they say they were forced out by fire, and then thieves looted their homes . multiple times. ktvu is amberleigh live in the city in amber. those tenants believe that that after the fire were preventable that's right, julie
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. we're on oak street in front of the house that was damaged by the fire. as you can see, it's boarded up. tenants say there is a lock on the gate. but the problem is it doesn't keep out thieves because it's broken. it's all gone. belongings destroyed in the house virus sitting on the sidewalk in san francisco's no open neighborhood , just some really, really sad story on the fact that our house is literally on the ground. on sunday, january 22nd about 1 40 in the morning, a fire broke out at this old victorian home that houses three flats. tenants tell me they are now homeless. this is video. the tenants say they took after crews put out the fire. the tenants say they were allowed into the building to grab clothes and assess it ease . they say what was salvageable was moved to one room. they say this video was taken a day later when they returned, only to find that their home had been looted . every drawer is flipped inside out there. just everything is broken. that wasn't touched by a
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fire. items stolen include computers, cameras and video equipment they used to create videos for skateboarding publications. ted meter, says what's irreplaceable or two watches that belonged to his late grandparents. survivors of the holocaust. it hurts me so much to know that those watches either they're going to get sold for $2 or they're going to wind up in a trash can somewhere and it just eats at me. every single day loss could have been prevented if the property management company have properly secured the building right after the fire, and once the lock was installed, and thieves broken tenancy management did not do enough to protect their home. the building manager put the exact same broken drilled in lock. you can just pull open back onto the are building. these were able to break in multiple times have less hope in humanity and trusting people. property management company issued a statement that says
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they have licensed personnel on site the day of the fire to secure the property to industry standards. and that quote despite their best efforts, someone drill the lock on the gate to gain entrance. that same day, our locksmith was dispatched to reinstall the lock and a set of chains and locks were put into place to further secure the building. just to be alive and. the tenants say they're staying with friends. they plan to get legal advice on how to recover some of their lost. only one tenant says he has renter's insurance. i'm told that so far, police have arrested one person for breaking into the property. julie yeah, that is so sad. their homes or their where they're staying is burned, and then their possessions stolen amber. thank you. no it's in alameda county's new district attorney is reopening several cases involving officer involved shootings and in custody deaths that had previously been cleared . the a pamela price announced
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the creation of a public accountability unit that will launch and now review eight cases. three of the six officer involved shooting cases where recently reviewed by the da's office, with findings released in december that no criminal charges were justified. police shootings in pleasant in hayward and fremont are among those being reviewed. the cases go back as far as 2007. two in custody deaths are being reviewed. as part of this process. they do include the death of mario gonzalez in alameda in 2021, the 26 year old died after being restrained by three officers, an independent review found there was not enough evidence to pursue charges and former d a. nancy o'malley declined to prosecute the case of a woman's suicide at santa rita jail in dublin two years ago, is also being reopened. officials say. veneta martin killed herself in her cell in 2021. deputies at the jail were cleared of any the wrongdoing. district attorney price says martin was not of cel
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visits were not properly kept. martin was jailed on suspicion of assault with a deadly weapon , but the case was suspended to determine her mental cup had competency. what happened, tyree? is a disgrace to this country and many across the country preparing to mourn the killing of tyree nickels how his family and supporters are calling for justice. tonight more women are taking top corporate jobs. but jennifer siebel, newsom says there's still plenty of work to be done the new action she's taken with stanford in advancing diversity in the boardroom. and across advisory tonight, again in the bay area, not as cold as last night, but still frosty. and then there's rain coming in the five day i'll see you back here
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the other day a hornets nest fell on my head. it's not ideal, but we'll manage.
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just like i manage without home internet. sure i wish this hotspot was a lot faster. but my phone works, sometimes. it's not that bad. ew. it is that bad. don't settle. get xfinity home internet for just $19.99 a month for 1 year with a free streaming box call, click or visit a store today. who was coming at him with a large knife. we want to warn you. some of the video is graphic and difficult to watch. the video shows the officer telling the team to drop the knife, a total of five times the suspect refused, and the officer fired his gun, twice striking the suspect in the arm and stomach. the investigation by the tracy police department in the san joaquin county district attorney's office is now ongoing
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, but police say they will recommend to the d a that assault with a deadly weapons charge filed against the team. part of our criminal investigation into the suspect. um we've been in direct consultation with the district attorney's office and at this time our primary focus is the medical care of the suspect. um it is clear to us that at this point, we will likely make a recommendation of charges of assault with a deadly weapon on multiple counts. the suspect remains in critical condition, but is talking and expected to improve. a man is in jail, accused of shooting and killing a police officer in the central valley. the shooting happened at about noon today in the city of selma, which is about 16 miles south east of fresno. police say the officer was responding to a call of a suspicious person in someone's yard. the officer was shot several times as he was leaving his patrol car. police say a 23 year old man was later
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found with a gun and arrested in connection with the shooting. the officer's name, still has not been released. funeral for tyree nichols will take place tomorrow. vice president and the families of brianna taylor and george floyd will be in attendance as foxes rich dennison reports. the nichols family is now demanding nationwide police reform. we are going to continue to fight this fight around police brutality and killing until we get federal laws change call to action from the family of tyree nichols, the 29 year old memphis man brutally beaten by police during a traffic stop earlier this month on the eve of nickels funeral, his family is demanding more transparency and accountability from the memphis police department. they delivered their message inside the historic mason temple. the same place. dr martin luther king jr delivered his final speech the night before he was assassinated. we will continue and tyree's name hit up to barton's mountaintop
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on. that's why we wanted to start this right on this sacred ground, while police are still investigating nichols death on monday, two more officers were suspended without pay. the memphis fire department also firing three of its personnel. what happened? the tyree. it is a disgrace to this country. a total of seven police officers have been disciplined. five were seen on body cam, video restraining tasing and pepper spring nichols, who died three days after the encounter. those five have been charged with second degree murder. let's make sure his death was not in vain. president kamala harris will be attending nichols funeral in memphis on wednesday. the eulogy will be given by the reverend al sharpton. rich dennison fox news. another incident at the martinez refining company to tell you about tonight, the refinery says material and some out of service equipment started to smolder at about noon today, you can see the smoke in this
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view from sky foxx, contra costa health services responded to monitor air quality. they say no threat to the public was detected. the refinery says it made notifications to local agencies. you may recall, authorities are investigating a release of dust containing heavy metals at the refinery last thanksgiving. in that case, officials say the refinery did not provide proper notification to the public. you see, berkley has fired a long time women swim coach over allegations of rampant bullying and discrimination the director of athletics announced today that cal has parted ways with coach teri mckeever after an independent law firm conducted an investigation. mckeever was placed on leave back in may after more than 40 current and former swimmers accused her of verbal abuse. uc berkeley says the final report found that mckeever violated several university policies on race, nationality and disability discrimination. mckeever denies the allegations. alrighty we had
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a nice day. today temperatures got into the mid number fifty's with some low sixties. that's where we go again. tomorrow be a nice day. like today we have a frost advisory late tonight into the early morning for i'll show you those areas. these are the highs from today. tomorrow's highs will be quite similar. it'll be a cool one. i mentioned that frost advisory. no freeze warning now we had a couple of those the last couple of nights but no freeze warning tonight. it's not going to be as cold, but frost will show up in the usual spot. so be prepared for frost in the inland bay valleys away from the coast. you know san francisco? no frost advisory , but just because you're not within that advisory, saying parts of fremont, you easily going to get some frost. it's just a function of how much you get. i think he's inland areas will see much, much more frost. then obviously the places closer to the bay. so that's it crossed advisory. tomorrow's gonna be a beautiful, sunny day, but things changed rapidly as we go into friday, some shower opportunities and then again on saturday and sunday, so some wet weather coming back into play here, not a big storm, not a big series of storms, but what weather nonetheless i'll have
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that full forecast coming up. all right. we'll see you in a bit, bill. thank you. very based paypal plans to lay off 7% of its employees that will impact about 2000 workers. paypal has its headquarters in san jose. the announcement came in an email today from chief executive dan shulman. the company says it's part of a broader effort to reduce costs. stocks rallied on wall street today on hopes that inflation is easing. the dow gained 368 points. nasdaq rose 190, the s and p was at 58. the markets got a boost from a report showing that wage growth slowed at the end of last year. traders now expect the federal reserve will raise interest rates just a quarter of a percent tomorrow. a new area code goes into effect in northern california tomorrow. starting tomorrow. a new 369 area code will go into effect in the same region as the 707 that includes napa and sonoma counties, as well as parts of marin and the coast stretching to the oregon border. phone lines in that area can now be assigned a number with the 369
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area code. still ahead tonight, police in the south bank cover what they say was a months long crime spree. investigators say they haven't yet though. piece together all of the clues and the finishing touches coming together for the chinese new year parade in san francisco police are planning to help the parade go on without any problems on saturday night.
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nearly $620 million in restitution for his role in a $1 billion fraud scheme. federal prosecutors say. ryan guidry of pleasant hill was sentenced on conspiracy and money laundering charges. guidry was vice president of operations for dc solar, based in venetia. prosecutors say the company defrauded investors by selling them thousands of mobile solar generators. it never even manufactured. it also falsely told buyers they could benefit
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from federal tax credits by leasing those units back to d. c. solar. today in san francisco . courtroom testimony continued about the economic impact to tesla shareholders from a pair of tweets sent by elon musk. one economist said the damages to tesla shareholders in august of 2018 told it anywhere from four billion to $11 billion invested investors sued, saying must claim that he had financing to take tesla private cause them financial harm. must testified that he was looking after the shareholders best interests with those tweets. the case is expected to go to the jury on friday. tonight a man in san jose is charged with killing two people, but only one body has been found our crime reporter henry lee tells us investigators say the two killings were part of a violent crime spree that went on for several months. 34 year old ricardo diaz in jail, accused by san jose police of a violent crime spree, including assault stabbings, and two shooting deaths back in 2021.
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validated gang member for whatever reason, chose to live his life in the encampments and creek areas of san jose. prosecutors have charged with two counts of murder, even though the body of one victim hasn't been found wouldn't be too hard to make a body disappear. hopefully we find it in may 2021 police say padilla shot and killed 49 year old thomas kalemie, a near west virginia and provokes not far from the virginia to station four days later, padi allegedly through this toyota tundra in reverse, hitting livermore motorcycle officer keith penny alameda county prosecutors have charged with attempted murder and assault several weeks later in late june. 2021 san jose police say padilla shot and killed 43 year old samuel torres , who was homeless encampment near coyote creek and war creek drive. police believe padilla buried the body near his encampment. the deal was arrested in july 2021 but not for the homicide. he actually had a firearm on him that he tried to discard. obviously that
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was recovered. he was arrested and even though he was behind bars, police say padilla hatched a plan to get rid of torres's body while he was incarcerated. the suspect contacted associates outside of the jail and said, hey, this is where the body is. i need you to go get rid of it. police searched the creek area without success. they did locate some sort of anomaly at this location where it was described. that was dug up. we did find some remnants of a burial that took place there. authorities suspect towards his remains were placed in plastic bags and thrown in dumpsters and storm drains. but even without towards his body, authorities say the case can move forward based on circumstantial evidence. the last nobody homicide case here in santa clara county was that a missing teenager sierra lamar, who disappeared near morgan hill back in 2012, her killer was convicted and to this day, her body is still has not been found. in san jose henry lee ktvu fox studios. some a battle
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over a new housing proposal. the ending stephanie nisha curry, we're hoping to see also ahead. tonight the state puts up hundreds of millions of dollars to advance some major transportation projects who stands to benefit and brock purdy weighing his options as far as how to treat his injured elbow. joe fonzi will have the details about why the niners quarterback may be able to return earlier than first thought. that's tonight in sports and california's first partner, jennifer siebel. newsom is on a mission to help companies bring more women to corporate boards. the new resource launched today that companies can access for free. there's always a fresh deal on the subway app. like this one! 50% off?! that deal's so good we don't even need an eight-time all-star to tell you about it. wait what? get it before it's gone on the subway app! you go by lots of titles
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heard at stanford today for a fireside chat. newsome and stanford have partnered on a new venture to bring more diversity
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to corporate boardrooms. ktvu is jana katsuyama sat down with newsome to talk about the free resource she and stanford have developed. jenna julie siebel, newsom and stanford said that they gathered best practices from a wide range of corporations and then created an online tool, which they revealed today at an event on campus. as more women take top corporate jobs. there are also calls for more representation on corporate boards of directors. on tuesday , california's first partner, jennifer siebel, newsom and stanford university, announced the launch of a new board diversity playbook or committed to representation and again, making sure that we have diverse women around the tables of power . researchers created the playbook looking at best practices. siebel newsom says, changing boards that have often centered on male executives. and wealthy members of the community requires a shift in corporate culture. it's just what we need to move forward and solve some
10:29 pm
of these major problems. change in boards focus from money and power to prioritizing caregivers and diverse communities if we can get them to shift and open their hearts and minds a little bit to be more collective oriented and more community oriented, and bring more women into power and around those tables who have different life experiences. corporate board. diversity still does not represent the u. s population, according to a report in 2022 by the data firm equilar looked at the russell 3000 index that covers about 97% of u. s stocks , and it showed that women were holding 28% of board seats on public companies, a new high but still low representation and only about 14% of war directors were black, asian or hispanic. nick i've been the only woman and also the only person of color on several boards over the course of years, miriam rivera, ceo of ulu ventures, says board diversity can help strengthen cos i certainly think that
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boards that are more representative tend to help their organizations to be more responsive to their customers and to actually be more profitable, because a lot of the times we're not engaging in the same kind of group think the board diversity playbook is a free online resource hosted by stanford. vm where women's leadership innovation lab the co founder, laurie nishiura, mckenzie says it presents four steps for companies to take with case studies and resources were thinking about smaller private companies that really want to diversify their membership of their boards, but maybe don't have the resources to do it. mckenzie says that 1300 women were added to california company's board of directors after the state passed a law requiring 123 board members be women. a judge later struck down that law, but researchers say that it really created pipelines julian mike so that it proved that there are women who are out there who are eligible, but oftentimes just don't have the path or the connections. okay,
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so this is something that's up and running. they have launched it. do they know how many companies are actually going to use this new tool? they're not sure this is a completely new venture, but one of the things that they said is oftentimes big companies have recruiting companies that they can hire. this is really focused on those smaller companies, the startups that might not have those resources, but it gives them that extra edge and the knowledge from fortune 500 companies about what is working in the past. okay, janet, thank you. the new senate clara county board president gave her state of the county address tonight with the theme of building together. i have a job where i get to show up every day and work with others who share this commitment to public service to repairing our world into alleviating injustice. i am filled with energy and gratitude. susan ellenberger said as she's beginning her second term in office is not daunted by the size of the challenges facing the county, including homelessness and mental health services. i have a
10:32 pm
job where i get to show up every day and work with others who share this commitment to public service to repairing our world into alleviating injustice. i am filled with energy and gratitude. ellenberger also stressed the county's efforts to improve access to childcare, including a $30 million investment in behavioral health and early education, she said those investments, support families and improve the county's economy. the town of atherton has approved a controversial new housing development and some people are not happy about that, including neighbor's death, and aisha curry. after hours of debate this afternoon, the city council approved the project ktvu is tom baker explains the issue. steph curry salary, $48 million, and aisha curry. parents of three children, ages. 4 to 10 have written that tony city of atherton, where they live that they are opposed to at the turn
10:33 pm
, allowing more family housing to be built directly behind their home, the curries, road safety and privacy for us and our kids continues to be our top priority. and one of the biggest reasons we chose atherton as home. if this project is approved contractor would have to knock down this $3.9 million house and then put 33 story buildings on it, which would have 15 to 18 total units. but many other tony ins and even folks from redwood city are also opposed to the state required proposal. to provide additional affordable multi family housing. that the city needs to vote on and submit to the state. on tuesday, so it gets a lot of commuter traffic coming through here cutting over going on to selby already. it's not an issue of not in my backyard lady. seven oh, seven is across my back fence, an apartment building. the street. it's on is equipped to deal with overflow traffic. oakwood boulevard
10:34 pm
divides atherton and redwood city. this location is not set up for the type of traffic and overflow parking etcetera that you would expect from a development of that size packed city council heard mostly opposition to the state mandate people millions of dollars to live here and expect in return privacy and space. you need to push back harder and not be so quick to assume we must do what they say. in the end, the city approved using this to submit its plan to the state of california. whether or not it will fly is unknown. tom baker, ktvu fox two news. more money is coming from the state to complete the caltrain electrification project. caltrain is being awarded $367 million along with keeping the electrification project on track , officials said. the money will help keep caltrain financially secure. the project is said to be completed by the fall of next year. caltrain says it will
10:35 pm
reduce greenhouse gas emissions and improve service for writers , the valley transportation authority also getting state funding $375 million will go to wta for the part extension into downtown san jose. the money will help v to qualify for federal funds totaling $4.6 billion in all, the state announced awards of $2.5 billion for public transit today, the former headquarters of the employment development department will become housing under a plan announced today, the building and two other adjoining buildings would be turned into about 1000 units of housing. they're located on the capitol mall in downtown sacramento. at least 20% would be set aside as affordable, including 10% for very low income families. they will be converted after their current tenants relocate in 2025 coming up tonight at 11 winter storms of damaged homes and businesses as well as roadways across the state. the new helping offer to those struggling to rebuild not right. a frost advisory again tonight we'll look at where that
10:36 pm
is, and we'll take a look at the rain the wearing thin among republicans with new york congressman jorge santos his new attempts to step out of the spotlight. everyone is making room hm. *coughs* seriously? for the medicine cabinet's new essential. binaxnow -- with reliable covid-19 results in just 15 minutes.
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do we still need these pregnancy tests? everyone is making room (kids yell and giggle) yeah, no. for the medicine cabinet's new essential. binaxnow -- with the same technology doctors use to test for covid-19. actor alec baldwin for the deadly shooting of a cinematographer on the set of the movie rust. baldwin has been formally charged with involuntary manslaughter. cinematographer helena hutchins was killed in october of 2021 the sap in one a gun with live ammunition that baldwin was holding discharge. baldwin has described the incident as a tragic accident and says he was told the gun was safe and had no live rounds. us. officials say four key suspects in the killing of haitian president juvenal
10:39 pm
muise have been transferred to the united states for prosecution. the case has been at a standstill amid death threats that has spooked local judges was shot 12 times at his private home in july of 2021. the suspects now in custody of the u. s government include two haitian americans, who were among the first arrested after maui's was shot also charged as an elderly pastor, doctor and failed businessman whom authorities have identified as a key player. the fourth suspect was identified as a colombian citizen who is among nearly two dozen former colombian soldiers charged in the case. york congressman jorge santos says resisted calls to resign but today he said he would recuse himself from committee assignments. santos told his colleagues this morning that he will remove himself from the small business and science committees until he is cleared of both campaign and personal financial investigations. santos has been facing criticism since he was elected in november for lying about his past, the congressman told house speaker
10:40 pm
kevin mccarthy yesterday that he agreed that his presence on some committees has become a distraction. i think it was appropriate decision that until he can clear everything up. he's off committees right now. i don't understand what the play of the day is. we have said from the very beginning that jorge santos is not fit to serve on any committees. santos is facing several state and federal investigations into his campaign finances. he's also under investigation for fraud charges in brazil for using a stolen checkbook. more than a decade ago. police say two monkeys taken from the dallas zoo were found in a nearby abandoned home after a mysterious disappearance yesterday. no arrests have been made. dallas police said today they found the two emperor tamarin monkeys after getting a tip, investigators said. they then went to the city went to the empty home rather in lancaster, just south of dallas , and found the monkeys safe inside a closet. the monkeys have been returned to the zoo. the monkeys were found missing and their enclosure was cut
10:41 pm
yesterday. francisco's world famous chinese new year parade just four days away after the break, we'll give you a behind the scenes look at some of the fabulous floats that will make their way through the streets of sentence isco, and it's shaping up to be another cold one out there tonight. our chief meteorologist bill martin, will have the complete bay area forecast c business can happen anytime, anywhere. so help yours thrive and stay connected with the comcast business complete connectivity solution. it's the largest, fastest, reliable network. advanced gig speed wifi. and cyberthreat protection. starting at just $49.99 a month. plus, you can save up to 60% a year when you add comcast business mobile. or, ask how to get up to a $750 prepaid card. complete connectivity. one solution,
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for wherever business takes you. comcast business. powering possibilities.
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for the lunar new year parade on saturday, san francisco police and the sheriff's office said that they will be fully staffed to cover the event. the chinese chamber of commerce anticipates a record breaking crowd of about one million visitors as far as getting around, organizers are encouraging people to take transit, including the new central subway to get to this weekend's parade. we do expect a very, very crowded weekend. we're incredibly excited about that. we have our sheriffs and police out here. we have d e m out here. we have fire so we're ready for anything that comes at us. but i do want to recommend that everybody tried to get here a little bit early. organizers are encouraging people to enjoy the community street fair, including food and live music. they say one third of chinatown revenue is generated during the month long new year festivities . and as we enter the year of the rabbit, a crew of artists very hard at work making those floats. ktvu christian captain takes us behind the scenes at
10:45 pm
the final preparations for the lunar new year festival and parade. behind these roll up doors on a san francisco pierre, a team of artists work hard to create magic. one by one. these floats are assembled truckloads of lumber, hundreds of yards of lights and as much as a quarte e rabbit is the fourth animal in the chinese zodiac and is known to be the luckiest of the 12 animals. stephanie mufson from parade guys, says parade watchers will see bunnies everywhere this year. get the rabbit. super cute, so that's been really fun. um also, there's a lot of different interpretations of the rabbit. some of them have really embraced the cute. some of it's more about like really leaping with some authority and some strength work on these floats started months ago, and in the final days before the parade, the pace of work here reaches a fever pitch. the artists here like we win say they've created
10:46 pm
a community working hard side by side, learning from each other and creating something truly special, often workinghours. eve about being here that it just feels it doesn't at times like it doesn't feel like work. even though i come home. i'm exhausted, but i'm just like that that you know it was a good day's work cause san francisco community alliance for unity, safety and education commissioned this float. think we're going to be good and then you see they say the float is designed to be a visual symbol of the many ways we all came to this country and now share in its dream are different cultures coming together as we step into the future, when you look at our float, it tells a story whether you walked to america whether you sailed to america, whether you flew to america, we all have so many things in common as the work nears its end. those here will work right up until the last moment, perfecting each float. pausing only at the end
10:47 pm
to take in all their hard work. my favorite part of the whole process is that two hours before the parade when we're done, that we've done everything we can do, and then we get to sit back and start to watch people. flood in they see the floats. they get excited, and that's the best moment for me. in terms of the zodiac. the year of the tiger was a year of action. the year of the rabbit is supposed to be a year of reflection and introspection. the hope is the year of the rabbit will usher in a year of peace in san francisco . christien kafton ktvu, fox two news. and the chinese new year parade in san francisco is scheduled for this saturday night and for the first time since the start of the pandemic , you can watch it live right here on ktvu, fox two. we will have a special newscast at five o'clock that evening. our parade coverage starts at six. alrighty we're watching the long range model right now. we're going to put it up and look at the next
10:48 pm
seven days. i'll give you an idea of what's happening. it gives you an idea of the timing as well. it's not super perfectt partly cloudy of this system that rolls in late thursday night into early friday morning and then kind of putters out. we get a little bit of a break throughout the overnight hours on saturday and the sunday and then right around here saturday night around 89 o'clock looks like we could see some more showers. lots of this is going to change a lot. but you get the idea, right? you see a couple of weather systems, both of them. i would say pretty weak. some of the rainfall accumulations. this is over the course of both of those weather systems, so it's pretty light. you know, in monterey, it'd be 2/10 of an inch with each with each passing storm. so these storms have produced maybe a quarter of an inch to a half inch in some places, but i think it's going to be pretty light overall. just because the systems are not all that that moisture laden live camera shot outside. it's cold. there's
10:49 pm
chili. we've got the frost advisory. no freeze, warning. we did have that last two nights, but not as cold tonight. so a frost advisory. and again it depends how you handle frost. if you really you know your vegetation such that's an issue . you know, you know if you do, and then the other thing is just getting up early and scraping the windshield. these are the forecast overnight lows and, yeah, it's above freezing in many spots this morning. we did have some upper twenties, some of the really cold spots around lake county. up around santa rosa. tomorrow morning, more low thirties mid thirties, so chilly but not record breaking stuff. these are the current temperatures. it's already down to 35 fairfield, so it's not gonna be hard to hit freezing there. there's a big satellite images showing stuff in the pacific that will work its way here. eventually the cold air is working its way around this low that's sitting out to the south and the west east of us. that moves off on friday and then we get this opportunity friday, uh , friday morning and a little bit into the friday mid morning, then a break and then we get
10:50 pm
back into it again saturday night into sunday morning, and it's gonna change lots going to change. if you think about the chinese new year parade. i would keep it on your on your book because i think the showers are going to happen after right now is how potentially work out we'll know a lot more, obviously, as we get a few days closer. but i think the weather turned out to be okay for that, and we'll get some good snow in the mountains of winter storm warning will be produced up there, most likely on saturday night into sunday. i'll see you back here at 11. okay we'll see you then. bill thank you. positive news tonight for the survival of the western monarch butterfly, scientists say researchers recorded more than 330,000 of the orange and black butterflies during the most recent count. it's the highest number in six years. back in 2020 volunteers counted fewer than 2000. back in the 19 eighties, the population was in the millions. biologists are not sure what's behind the rebound. but overall, the butterflies still face destruction to their habitat and food sources. the makers of chat, gpt says it is
10:51 pm
addressing concerns about students using the technology to cheat at school users have asked the free artificial intelligence ab to write academic essays even take a test that was developed by open ai. that's a san francisco based research company . that valve versus a that they have now released a tool that can detect whether text is written by artificial intelligence or a human, although they add that is not full proof coming up on the 11 o'clock news. we are staying on top of a developing story of a mountain lion attacking a young boy on the peninsula. what authorities know so far about what happened and coming up next in sports. two days after losing the it c championship game, the niners. lose the architect of their number one ranked defense joe fonzi with the story up next
10:52 pm
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so it's important to recognize the signs. sound like you? call your cardiologist and ask about attr-cm.
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tonight in sports. it is a pro sports cliche, but it's true win or lose. the final game of the season is the last time that group will ever be together as a team. 2022 version of the 49ers was together one last time today , cleaning out lockers and headed to the off season. the team that came up one win short of the super bowl for the second consecutive year will have new draft picks and free agents, not to mention 25 free agents of its own management will have to prioritize. whether or not to try to resign some of the bigger names among them jimmy ward, mike mcglinchey, harsher robbie gold, samson bukom 49ers didn't get where they ultimately wanted to go this year, but this season was anything but a bust. we went almost 100 days without losing. and. we we thought we were ready and we and i think we still believe that we were ready in the nfl. and that's life in general, you know, um, it just has a way of punching in the
10:55 pm
mouth. sometimes you know, and things not going your way, but it's how you bounce back. it's how you respond from it. what you learned from it in the year like this and beingknow, still e where you want to be, um you know, i get it. you know you get to that age, but honestly, i'm just taking it one day at a time. let's see how that goes. before that fateful play on sunday, the 49ers thought they had things pretty well figured out as far as their future quarterback situation is concerned. brock purdy had earned the starting job and then he was hit as he threw by eagles linebacker hassan reddick yesterday revealed that pretty separately tariff his owner collateral ligament in his elbow. it's still being evaluated as to whether or not pretty needs complete reconstruction of the ligament repair or even the possibility of no surgery at all. pretty much with the media today is the 49ers cleaned out their lockers still uncertain about exactly what his off season will entail , except he knows it will
10:56 pm
involve some serious rehab. for all the games i played and stuff that was still my mindset was just to win and let everything else fall into place. so for me to claim or say anything in terms of what's going to happen, moving forward, that's out of my control. um i'm going to do what i can get back healthy and be ready to compete. come forward and you know, just be ready for whatever coach asked me from that. it is a given that change comes to the end of every pro sports season under defensive coordinator tamiko ryan's. the 49ers had the best defense in the nfl expected that ryan's would be rewarded with the head coaching job, and he will now get that chance with the houston texans. ryan's played the first six years of tenure nfl career in houston try to reverse the fortunes of the team that went 3 13 and one this past season. bosa, who was named the 49ers len eshmont award winner on his former defensive coordinator. i'm just gonna miss his his smile every day is positivity. and how are you appreciated the
10:57 pm
defensive line and how he made sure to make us feel like he appreciated us and he let us know that every day it was a perfect match, honestly, given where i was coming from out of byu position list, i guess you could say and um, being asked to play the mic position and a guy who had played it at a high level to help develop me and, um you know, i'm not the player i am today without him. the denver broncos also have a new head coach after a year in the broadcast booth, sean payton has decided to take denver's head coaching job. peyton was still under contract with the saints and new orleans will reportedly give the broncos get the broncos first round draft pick this year, along with future 2nd and 3rd round picks in exchange for being allowed to hire payton. payton was the saints head coach for 15 years and two different states, leading them to their only super bowl championship in 2009. the bay area has lost a man who was an iconic figure during his sports era, campanelli took over a cow
10:58 pm
program and basketball in 1985 that hadn't been in the postseason since 1960. campanella's first team beat ucla, ending a losing streak to the bruins that had reached 25 games. campanelli eight years at cal, the bears qualified for postseason play. in four of them . a native of elizabeth, new jersey, campanelli stayed in the bay area after his coaching days at cal after prolonged illness. kappa nellie died last night at the age of 84. it is check this out time on a tuesday night, the lakers at the knicks with time running out in the first half. take a look. dennis shooter just flings a moon ball toward the hope that goes in. take another look, and you'll just say it's about the most nonchalant buzzer beater. you'll ever see. take a look at it. throw it. it's going in. lakers needed every one of those points. they won 1 29, 1, 23, and over time, lebron james had a triple double and that one looks. yeah he didn't even look surprised that it went in. it was just like it's going in. yeah, got it. and this one goes
10:59 pm
into the category of don't try this at home. the man's name is jonas zorro in germany . for the record. he is wearing did either. and if they burn the hoop sit, you can do it. and i m wondering how you're dreaming. you're right. the first one did not get on whatever works. yes thank you. next at 11, a mountain lion attack on the peninsula and tonight, the sheriff's department says a boy is recovering in a hospital. the 11 o'clock news on ktvu. fox two starts now and good evening, everyone. i'm mike mibach julie julie haener. tonight's mountain lion attack happened in a rural and mountainous part of san mateo county, a few miles south of half moon bay. ktvu is jana katsuyama has been following the latest developments for us tonight in the newsroom, janna. well julian mike, we have learned that the boy is expected to recover from this attack. take a look at this
11:00 pm
map, and it shows you where this happened. it was about 6 50 this evening in an unincorporated part of san mateo county, about nine miles south of half moon bay. we talked with the san mateo county sheriff's office tonight. they tell us that they received a call about the mountain lion atta tunisia's crk road. here is video that we have just received from that area. it is a very rural, very mountainous part of san mateo county. deputies say they arrived at the scene but say they were unable to find the mountain lion. the sheriff's office says the child was taken to a trauma center. he has been treated now for puncture wounds . san mateo county sheriff christina corpus released a statement saying. in part, our coastal community has endured so much these past few weeks. our entire agency is saddened of this news. and since many warm wishes to the child for a speedy and full recovery, our thoughts are with the family at this


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