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tv   KTVU FOX 2 News at 4pm  FOX  February 15, 2023 4:00pm-5:00pm PST

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strongest supporters, telling us that he hopes the mayor reinstates him. i strongly believe we need to keep the chief here. i've been here for 19 years i've seen 10 police chiefs. from ktvu. fox two news . this is the fourth. and this is a live look right now. inside oakland city hall, where mayor mayor tao is expected to step to the podium at any moment to reveal whether she plans to reinstate chief armstrong or let him go in 30 days since mayor tao placed the chief on administrative leave after a scathing report from an outside law firm, accused armstrong of failing to hold an officer accountable for misconduct. chief armstrong disputes those findings, saying he never gave anyone special treatment. welcome everyone to the four this afternoon. i'm alex savage heather holmes in an interview with ktvu. just yesterday, mayor towel called the allegations against the chief serious, and
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she said that she was working closely with the police commission on how to proceed. ktvu 10 really standing by live now inside of city hall, where the mayor's news conference is expected to happen at any moment. now expecting this big announcement, henry, do we have any sense about which way the mayor is leaning here? no so fa% . alex mayor centauros keep kept things very close. that says, we don't know which way she's leaning. we've talked to associates of the chief, and they don't even know which way the mayor plans to go. that includes the attorney and a pr spokesman for the chiefs. at this point, all eyes will be on mayor shanked out as to whether she keeps or cans, the chief all over alleged missteps and gaps in internal investigations of sergeant michael chang. you recall sergeant chang involved in two controversial incidents, including a hit and run crash involving a department issued tahoe in the san francisco parking garage. that's in 2021. then, a year later accused of firing his gun inside a service
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elevator at opd headquarters. alright so, henry, can you tell us a little bit more about the process? what has been going on here? over the past 30 days? we talked about the fact that that we have a deadline today, mayor town has to make a decision one way or another about how she wants to proceed with the chief. whether or not he keeps his job. what is this? what do we know about how this process has been unfolding over the past 30 days and how the mayor has been trying to gather information to make this crucial decision. first of all, we've had internal reports and investigations by the clearance dire outside law firm that was hired by the independent monitor, robert warshaw. so those reports in which we have obtained those confidential copies that have blasted the chief for allegedly dropping the ball as far as internal investigations of this sergeant, the key question here that the mayor is trying to figure out is should the chief have known every single detail about these two misconduct cases
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involving the same sergeant. or as he's told us, you know, i can't possibly know every single detail. that's what i have staff for. he says. the buck stops here with him. had he no. okay henry, i also want to ask you. the police commission expected to meet tonight. how do you see the commission playing a role here? do you think that that's a reason why we're actually going to hear from the mayor prior to that meeting tonight? yeah that's a good question here. there's you know, there are multiple ways that a chief could potentially be fired either to the mayor or through the police commission and the court, of course, behind the scenes that independent monitor. so at this point, we don't know if the mayor has been in, uh, in conjunction with the monitoring in determining the chiefs future. now, let's take a look at what led to where we are today. oakland mayor xiang tao, ending weeks of speculation over the future of police chief laurent armstrong just 10 days after being sworn in as mayor,
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place, the top cop on leave confidential reports obtained by ktvu accused the department of gaps and missteps in investigations into a sergeant accused of trying to cover up to incidents that sergeant michael chung is seen here being introduced by the chief at a news conference last year to talk about department drones. in 2021 change is accused of hitting him mercedes with the department issued chevy tahoe in the san francisco parking garage and not reporting the crash outside. investigators say the chief failed to hold chung and others responsible in 2022. chang has also accused of firing his gun inside a service elevator at oakland police headquarters and then throwing the shell casing from the bay bridge. the outside. investigators say the department failed to consider that a potential crime armstrong is a product of west oakland and attended mcclymont high school. he joined opd in 1999 and rose to the ranks, eventually becoming chief. previous top cops have come and gone because of disagreements over the handling of officer misconduct. in an interview with ktvu this
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week, we asked armstrong why he would want to be chief despite the highly political nature of the job. i care about this city and want to city to be a city that's safe. i wanted this department to be a department that gained the public's trust. because i want people to have confidence when they call on the police. so that interview the chief had with us the other day as part of the massive pr campaign that he's had explained why he believes he needs to be reinstated. he's spoken outside the rally with the acp superior court he has met with his attorney attorney has met with us and we just need to know what is going on, and we'll try to find out within the next few minutes when mayor shantel makes an announcement. live in oakland. henry lee ktvu fox two news, no doubt about it. chief armstrong has been lobbying hard to be reinstated to that position here, and we do expect to find out within the hour whether chief armstrong will, in fact, keep his job as the head of the oakland police department again, a news conference with mayor xiang tao expected to
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happen at any moment there at oakland city hall. as soon as it gets underway, we'll head back there and bring it to your life. we certainly will now to other news and criminal charges in that deadly and destructive house explosion in san francisco a man was in court today to face several charges related to that fire. that blast killed 51 year old reader prize who was inside the home last thursday. well the very next day on friday, police arrested 53 year old darren price. and he appeared in court today facing charges of involuntary manslaughter, manufacturing, narcotics and two counts of child endangerment, the district attorney saying police and the arson task force have determined that price was processing hash oil at the home a dangerous operation that they say involved highly flammable chemicals. that led to that explosion. we are not talking about somebody growing marijuana in plants and plant form. we're talking about something that was extremely flammable and very dangerous. and as we see caused
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an explosion that not only engulfed his home but damaged several other homes in that neighborhood and really could have done much more damage than it did to other people. obviously we vehemently deny these accusations, and i think that once all of the evidence is turned over discovered reviewed by experts further investigated. that mr price will be exonerated. that blast also sent a health care worker who was inside that home at the time of the explosion to the hospital with severe burns to her hands and face. prosecutors say they have pushed to keep darren price in custody. he is due back in court on friday, when he is expected to enter a plea now back to that breaking news in oakland, and we are expecting to hear now from mayor shane tell on her decision regarding oakland police chief laurent armstrong. will she let him go? or will she reinstate him? let's listen now to mayor tang shell.
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the mayor making read the statement. open it up for questions. questions will be related to this topic only. i will be moderating his next so you can get in line and the mayor will be the only one answering questions today. everyone a chance to get out. okay? all right. thank you. yeah.
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thank you all for coming. today i have reached the decision about chief laurent armstrong's future with the department. i believe strongly in the future of oakland. our police department. has made great strides. greece trades over the years to be fair. to oakland residents and its own officers. but there is so much more to be done and to do and my job is to make absolutely short that we that we continue our progress. this investigation began last year under the previous administration. as i came to this decision. i had two major considerations in mind. first. that we appropriately address the findings of the independent investigation. second that we in
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oakland, continue our work. and reforming our police department. not by checking boxes by by instilling a culture of integrity. and fairness at every level. oakland needs a police department. that welcomes opportunities. for improvement rather than immediately rejecting criticism. and i made a commitment. as your mayor. to ensure the police department in the city can prove once and for all. that oakland is ready to ensure constitutional policing. without federal oversight. within days of being notified that the city needed time to carefully review the findings and evidence in these very serious cases. chief armstrong. made a number of statements that
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troubled me. in response to the public report that concluded that opd has repeatedly failed to rigorously investigate misconduct. and hold officers accountable. chief armstrong said these were not incidents where officers behaved poorly. he stated that he did not believe these incidents reflected systemic problems. instead chief armstrong described the underlying incident. as a minor vehicle collision. he said the officers made mistakes. he publicly stated that the sergeant involved in a vehicle collision was held accountable. disregarding the independent investigators findings a serious flaws in the disciplinary process. i've taken the time to review the cases and consider the evidence and conclusions as to each other subject officers,
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including chief armstrong. publicly discussing the merits of these discipline cases would be highly inappropriate. but i can't say that it is clear to me. that there are systemic issues. and the city needs to address them. and that we cannot simply write them off. as mistakes. the federal judge overseeing the city, said that he was profoundly disappointed. in the evidence he'd seen and that the report demonstrates significant cultural problems in the department. the federal monitor determined there were systemic issues seriously enough to render the department out of compliance with an important requirement of the negotiated settlement agreement. and i personally believe this report shows the absolute necessity. have continued reforms. to address the issues. they have come to light. and it's oakland
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continues to improve. it's the police department. we must be confident. that our chief will be effective in making sustainable improvements. that can be recognized by the federal monitor. the federal court and the people of oakland. oakland is committed to reform. not simply because of the conditions of the n s. a but because it is the right thing to do. i also want to add that i've had the pleasure. to work. besides so many fine opd officers. these officers serve the public trust and i've seen them work extremely hard to maintain and build this trust. they were asked to serve our city with integrity, and they show up and they do it every day. oakland's leadership must live up to the
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standards we set for those officers. in order to finally bring it in to oakland's federal oversight and not risk risky investments we've made for over 20 years. it's an absolute requirement that my administration, including the chief of police, be able to work closely. with the monitoring team. and to speak credibly before the court. chief armstrong has my respect and appreciation for his service to the department. into the city that he grew up in and that he clearly loves dearly. and he will continue to have my respect and appreciation. but i am no longer confident that chief armstrong can do the work needed to achieve the vision. so today. i have decided to separate from chief laurent armstrong from the city. without cause. this was
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not an easy decision. but it's one i believe is necessary for that progress to continue. it's precisely because i admire chief armstrong that this has been personally very difficult. but this process has reinforced my commitment. to making decisions based on the best interests of the department. and the city of oakland and not based on personal feelings. or relationships. even the decision to place chief armstrong on paid administrative leave was difficult. i did not make that decision because i had pre judge the outcome. instead, i did in order to keep an open mind. i've now had time to weigh the information. i'm sharing my thought process because i want to be as transparent as
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possible. i realized this mean that the police commission and i now have a difficult task of finding that police departments next leader and role model. and i look forward to working with them. i know that they share my commitment to seeking a diverse and experience pool of applicants and to finding candidates who are committed. to reform and who have demonstrated the ability to improve community police relationships. i also believe true reform does not stop with accountability only so we must also work to reform the systems that have failed, and that is something my administration will focus on in the coming weeks. and months. i'm available for a few questions, questions one at a time. we'll stay. everyone has practiced. there's no rush. no need to hannah, start up here at the front. this page news out.
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mission as well. or is this a. my father, but there was between the mayor of this commission wondering. well the oakland police department when they opened the police department complaints and investigation, their policy and practice is to make disciplinary decisions within 30 days. while i could terminate the chief at any time without cause. i said from the outset that we should treat all members of opd the same regardless of rank, so i am honoring that policy in setting the set the same standards for the chief. the 30 day timing laps today, and while i had hoped the commission would be able to review the investigation and recommend action, it was not able for them to do so by the deadline and i have the utmost respect for the civilian oversight process. in the end, i am responsible for making sure we have leadership at opd that is committed to necessary
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reforms can work with the monitoring team and have credibility before the courts. all right. you are watching oakland mayor shen tao holding a news conference at city hall this afternoon. and she has just made a huge decision about the future of oakland police chief laurent armstrong saying a short time ago that she is letting the chief go separating with the chief over those accusations that he failed to hold an officer accountable for misconduct. of course, the chief put on leave. about a month ago , mayor tao saying during this news conference. this was not an easy decision, but she is no longer confident in chief armstrong to do the work. she believes that this decision is needed to get the police department to continue on the path to those necessary reforms so that it can finally get out of that federal oversight again . we're going to have much more reaction to this decision made just moments ago by oakland mayor to basically get rid of the oakland police chief laurent
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mint and we are expecting another freezing cold night. definitely chilly chill in the air continues, and it looks like one more round of frost advisories and freeze warnings. so we'll get ready to bundle up first thing tomorrow morning as i call there continues to move into northern california and the bay area. first, we'll show you some of the highest from this morning from twenties out there for santa rosa, walnut creek, border creek sand in selma marin county 30 degrees even out towards the coast, half moon bay, 34 gilroy, mid thirties and castro valley. 35 degrees. there is that freeze warning in place for the north bay valleys up towards sonoma county, napa county for tonight into your thursday morning. overnight temperatures could be in the upper twenties to the lower thirties towards the inland
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valleys and out toward the standing clara. value of a frost advisory not as cold temperatures in the thirties showing you this, the forecast model, we could have some changes next week. in terms of rainfall, it is dry in the short term dry through the weekend, but rusty, a pattern change and possibly a real cold pattern change that could include some low snow levels. into next week . but right now, though, we are in the clear some cloud cover offshore is going to approach our coastline for tomorrow, so it's not going to be completely clear and sunny for tomorrow. just some scattered high clouds paying us a visit. and, of course, the winds have been kind of the weather headline over the past few days, and right now you can see some breezy conditions in a few spots, but no wind advisories wins from around 10. to 12 miles an hour. you can see half moon bay. the northwest in about 10 mph current numbers out there. lots of fifties, the warm spot sneaking up into the sixties that toward napa and santa rosa. santa rosa 62 degrees here is our live camera, looking out towards sfo with lots of clear skies this afternoon bundle up once again,
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overnight temperatures will be in the thirties to right around 40 degrees. partly cloudy skies a cold start to the day, but you can see the overall weather pattern. this area of low pressure is going to keep us on the chilly side at least before tomorrow morning, and then another. system will bring in some more clouds throughout the day. tomorrow and into your friday we'll talk more about that and have your full weekend outlook coming up in just a few minutes. okay mark. thank you. we want to turn back now to the big story. we continue following this afternoon. just a short time ago. oakland mayor xiang tao. made a huge announcement about the future of the oakland police department. and she announced that her decision is to let go of police chief laurent armstrong, who of course, has been on leave for about the past month or so, facing those accusations that he failed to hold an officer accountable for misconduct. okay so we want to get some reaction now and bring in former bay area police chief peter dunbar also spent a number of years more than 25 years, working as an officer in the oakland police department, also one of its deputy police chiefs first peter
4:24 pm
your reaction to this decision by the mayor. to fire chief armstrong. disappointing but understandable looking at the investigation that was released confidentially confidential investigation released anonymously. there's some real serious issues that i think he has to take responsibility for. but is disappointed because here we go again with the revolving door of chiefs and one thing that organization needs is leadership stability. it does need that stability and the oakland police department as you well know, and as people watching, of course no, it has not been there over the past decade or so. let's let's put up on the screen to remind everyone where we are with with the recent history of police chiefs in the city of oakland, we now have seen 10 different police chiefs just in the last 10 years. these are the for most recent chiefs right there on your screen we're talking about now. former police chief laurent armstrong. former chief susan mannheimer, darren allison and ann kirkpatrick. all right there . what what does this do to the
4:25 pm
morale within the department and the trust the community has in the oakland police department. well, i think obviously demoralizes the folks here we go again. the monitor is still there doing the things that the process is that they want to have happened. and now another chief has fallen by the wayside because didn't adhere to making those things happen. the community trust is obviously that's something that's always a big deal. and i think chief armstrong put that is his number one priority is so here. here we go again, finding someone else to leave the organization while the rest of the organization tries to stabilize and move forward and protect the community and the community. yeah that's one thing that we saw from chief armstrong as soon as he was placed on administrative leap was going back to those community members , and many of them came to his events, including city councilman noel gayo, who represents district five. i mean he was an outspoken advocate for the police chief. and what does this do in terms of the
4:26 pm
relationship between the mayor and the community and the mayor and some of those council members to well, that's a good question. i think the mayor's new and i think the mayor had to do what she felt was best being the new mayor. why did you get through the reforms? i think she spoke about what? what her goals were. and i think that those are things that relationships that the mayor has to work with. and maybe, and move forward for once and for all to get rid of this consent decree and move forward with the community trust and there's just so much to do, but i also think they need to look at people develop people within the organization better. um you see these things happen. you wonder what is behind certain decisions. and one thing that monitor doesn't provide his coaching and mentoring, and i think that's one thing that's missing in the organization. i think that that would that would help a lot. but in the meantime, here we go again. who's next? yeah and that's certainly the question here. now. obviously the city has to start from scratch and search for a new police chief. and we know that takes a lot of time as you you look back at what we have seen
4:27 pm
unfold here with this scathing report from the outside law firm. what what? what do you believe? we're the biggest missteps by police chief laurent armstrong that led to this decision. well to a fault. he trusted his people, and he trusted his people to tell them what he should have heard. i also find it really weird that this thing was leaked because why was it leaked? um who leaked it? i guess that's maybe something that someone finds out down the road. but you trust your people to give you a full report because you can't look at everything in an organization that large with that many internal affairs cases that are going on no excuse, though he didn't have those people in place to give that information. that's one thing. the next chief has to make sure there are people around that can be trusted to provide those information not be filtering that information, so the chief alone can make that decision. and with the buck stopping here as that chief armstrong had said the mayor today, really reinforcing this idea of oakland being committed to reform and finally ending the federal oversight? i know this decision
4:28 pm
just happened a few minutes ago , peter, but looking forward chief armstrong came from oakland. he spent a lot of time with an o p d. and what might the mayor be looking for in the next chief? someone she could trust someone who could independently work with the monitor monitoring team in the community to move forward with that, with community trust with crime reduction with developing people in the organization looking for a very talented chief, there are people within the organization that i believe could do it, but i think just the optics of this requires probably someone from the outside to come in. all right. peter dunbar, retired bay area police chief again more than 25 years with the oakland police department really appreciate your time. today we will have much more coverage on this big decision by the mayor to fire the police chief coming up later on in the show as well. thank you, peter. welcome alright. up next here on the floor. it is american heart months and your brain health could also make a big difference. we will talk
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with the local expert about how stroke awareness can help you live a longer and healthier life
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this guy loves a great offer. let's see some hustle! it's and recently some of the top lines in the stroke. medical profession gathered for an important three day conference focusing on understanding, preventing and treating a stroke. and joining us now is dr nicole rosendale, assistant professor of neurology at ucsf. thank you so much for being here. dr the international stroke conference put on by the american heart association. it's definitely a unique opportunity to see the late breaking science so share with us a few of the highlights that came out of that conference. absolutely well, thank you for having me it's always a delay to talk about. this is heart disease is the number one killer of americans and stroke ranks number five was clearly very important topic. um and the american heart association holds the international star conference every year. it's fantastic this
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year, i would say, you know, there's over 1500 presentations made last week. many well as researchers really diving into how we can help folks prevent stroke and recover better after stroke. there are a number of different studies that really stood out a few that were highlights for myself, you know, especially in living in the bear area was a study that really looked at, um neighborhood food access in terms of risk of stroke, and so they found that for folks who are over 50 who live in areas with a really high density of fast food and access to kind of the high processed junk food. their risk of stroke was higher. um and so with that the researchers were really hoping to highlight the importance of neighborhood and access to healthy food. and
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actually, the american heart association is launching a multi million dollar program really to create definitive evidence that food is medicine and that programs like food as medicine helped to improve health. um and , you know, prevent and chronic disease. that's certainly a really important connection that we all need to make. so how do we maximize our heart health, including stroke patients. well so certainly the importance of food, you know, as as i just mentioned, you know, nutrition trying to eat as many fruits and vegetables and integrating that reducing salt is also another really important piece of that and then exercise remaining active, doing even a little bit of walking every day can really improve. both heart health and brain health. overall important for people to keep in mind. simple steps, right. we can all take those two to better ourselves. something else that came up at the conference was the role of technology in stroke
4:34 pm
prevention and recovery. tell us about a new app that's in the works. yes so there was a presentation about an app that's being developed with the idea of helping people recognize when stroke symptoms there have happening. there are medications that we are able to give in the setting of stroke, but it requires that people come to the hospital very quickly after the symptoms start and so really, the goal of the app is to use facial video of people to try to identify facial landmarks and notify them risk. of stroke between you know facial asymmetry, whether they can hold up their arm or not, and whether they're having slurred speech, and so the goal is really to help folks identify when they need to call 911 and get to the hospital quickly. we have those warning signs. we just had them up on the screen. it's really an acronym. the word fast, right face, drooping arm weakness. speech difficulty. time to call 911. obviously once that app is up and running, that will be
4:35 pm
crucial to survivability. hey, thank you so much, doctor really appreciate you taking the time to talk with us today. it's a pleasure. thank you. alright coming up after the break here on the four. we have more on that breaking news. we continue following in oakland this afternoon. just a short time ago , mayor shen tao announced she is firing oakland police chief laurent armstrong over those accusations that he failed to hold an officer accountable for misconduct. we will get reaction from an oakland city council member on life is uncertain. it's okay to feel stressed, anxious, worried or frustrated. calhope can help access, calhope free and secure mental health resources today. call our warm line at 833-317-4673 or livechat at
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- life is uncertain. with calhope's free and secure mental health resources, it's easy to get the help you and your loved ones need when you need it the most. call our warm line at (833) 317-4673 or live chat at today.
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or firing the police chief. that happened just minutes ago. city councilman noel gayo is joining us and noel, you publicly supported chief armstrong. i'm guessing you're very disappointed with this decision surely am you know, i've been at on the city council offered 10 years and i've seen what 12 police chiefs in place and certainly when it comes to chief armstrong. i have the greatest respect and honor for him. certainly when it i have never met in growing up here in oakland and east oakland, i never met a police chief that has walked with me and my neighborhoods there with the merchants try to provide support for safety and also dealt with the hoodies when we needed to meet with the hoodies in the area. so i'm disappointed. and that decision. here we go once more. we're going to spend four or 56 months, hiring someone and wind up with someone on the outside. coming in. that won't
4:39 pm
even know where fruitvale avenue is to. we're living through, so i had the greatest honor and respect, i think when it comes to community in my community and the fruitvale area and east oakland, he was highly respected. and so i disagree with the decision that was made and certainly the one that needs to be fired and had been terminated years ago, and i tried to do that, through my roles counsel was to monitor i've never seen him in the in my area in east oakland. all he does is show up once every three months to look for something that's wrong so he can keep on making a million dollars a year. and that million dollars we can use in oakland to clean my streets fixed my streets as opposed to giving it to another monitor. i don't need any more investigators. more people telling me what to do. oakland has to do it and do it. well it's starting from the from the mayor all the way down to the neighborhood, and i think she chief armstrong demonstrated, uh
4:40 pm
um not only the character, but its willingness to work with the neighborhood make a difference, but at the same time you know, i do appreciate that he was supporting. we're with our police officers working with them and trying to create a safe community. uh and that's the bottom line for me. i here we go through another process, looking for someone else to tell us how to do it, and i have a monitor that i try to work with the u. s attorney to perhaps get the judge to move away and maybe let the attorney general rob bonta does have paid hired investigators, attorneys investigators that can do investigations and let the state handle that without the taxpayer paying another million dollars to someone that come from out of town and tell me what's wrong with the police department. you know, you heard councilman you heard the mayor saying that essentially, she wants to respect the these findings from
4:41 pm
from the federal monitor here, and she believes that this decision to fire police chief armstrong moves the city and the department closer to being coming out from under federal oversight. do you? do you disagree with that notion on the council for 10 years, and every year? it's the same oil. well let's do this. let's bring this other monitor. oh yeah, the judge sits there. well, you know, i'm gonna give it to going to give you 10 things. you gotta change. we fix those, and here comes the next year. well, you know what? you've got two left. oh no. you know you got another one to prove. maybe you can do that. or you have half of one. you got to show results. but now here i am again. the judge and i go to the hearings. the judge, that's why you gotta come back by april, 11th. and tell me what you did or what we need to do to correct it or fix it. but yet he's got someone from outside of oakland, coming in once every three months, hires attorneys to do the investigations
4:42 pm
veat but attorneys to do the investigation and you know, with any city with any government, if you if you're looking for something questionable, you can certainly find it. but oakland easter gift from under the esa we spent over $20 million to have a federal oversight and we're still at it a million per year having somebody find something wrong while i agree it. i helped create the police commission and anyway site. it's really disappointing that now we're gonna be on the market for another city administrator, police chief economic development director and so forth and, uh big holes to fill their in oakland councilman, though i mean, it's clear how frustrated you are, but what's next in this process? i mean, i know that this decision was just made. but what are you hoping for? in the next chief? what are you hoping in? that person
4:43 pm
brings to opd and that the mayor essentially makes a good decision. you know, what i need to do is do away with the monitor. and have the judge. the federal judge perhaps can transfer that over to the state level to have oversight. but inspectors that are here in oakland. they can work with us to make the our public safety a lot better. yeah is that something that you've been in contact with with attorney general robert his office and what is the response been to that request? you know what? i received that direction for the police, the national police officers association in washington d. c they turned me on to dianne feinstein that hated the judicial, federal judicial body and i worked with her city chief of staff and attorney to get to the city attorney here in san francisco to help me in that process to move on, and but you know it we
4:44 pm
go that far. you know, you only got 12 issues left. you should be out of it this year or in six months and, uh and here i am still nine years later, um, trying to get from under your federal oversight of people feel like the goalpost continues to continue to be moved. finally, before we let you go, councilman gay, okay. can we ask just sort of procedurally here it obviously there's going to be a lot of people in the community. you're sort of channeling the frustration that is going to be felt by a lot of people in the city of oakland about the firing of chief armstrong. does he have any recourse in all of this? is there any way he can appeal this decision? mm. hey, look, i fired the land. kilpatrick the last police chief, where the same thing the monitor stated that she didn't do not only did we pay her for the year she had left, but then we wound up costing us four and five million and i think with, you know, the with the work that chief
4:45 pm
armstrong has demonstrated. and it's gonna cost us as he goes o, and, uh, and in the meantime, you know, i'm looking for a city administrator. i'm looking for a police chief and all other and, um yeah, it's gonna be a challenge here in the city of back to square one. all right, we certainly appreciate you taking the time today on a busy busy day in the city of oakland. huge news about the firing of police chief laurent armstrong. oakland city councilman noel gay. oh, good to see you. thank you. thank you. thank you. thank you. thank you. okay moving on to what has now become one of the latest trends taking over social media. how d influencers hope to make a lasting change by quashing all of that pressure to shop till you drop. barry of weather. we are in the clear right now, but get ready for another cold night. as we head into your thursday morning. ande your wee nd
4:46 pm
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this right here. d influencing you better be clued into influencer marketing is no longer working. i repeat, it's no longer working. you can go on influencing. this is the latest shopping trend to take over tiktok more and more popular tiktokers are pushing back against the growing pressure to buy viral products that are promoted on the platform. calling it d influencing and this trend is a real threat to the influencer marketing economy, which is now worth more than $16 billion. the whole idea here is to move away from promoting over consumption and only promote products that are actually worth the money for more on this, we're joined now by abrar al hedy from cnet. good to see you abroad. thank you for taking the time. where where did
4:49 pm
this trend come from here? what? what what inspired this? and what does d influencing look like on tiktok? yeah d influencing is basically this idea that instead of me trying to convince you to buy something , i'm going to convince you not to buy something and what the stems from is really a lot of people are tired of the fact that every time you go on instagram or tiktok, people are telling you what to buy. and at a certain point, you look around and you see you have 20 water bottles or 16 different shades of the same lipstick and basically, it's to fight back on over consumption and just convince people that you don't actually have to buy every single thing that you see online and you don't have to believe that that product is going to change your life because it probably isn't yeah, it seems like a lot of people just sort of got tired of every time they go onto tiktok or any other social media platforms, constantly feeling like someone's trying to sell you something. i mean, that really is the sense but social media influencers. they can make a whole lot of money. do we have a sense about whether this trend of d influencing is actually
4:50 pm
having an impact? whether it's sort of cutting into the bottom lines of these influencers? you know what's so interesting about this trend is that and a lot of these videos. people don't just tell you not to buy anything at all. but they'll tell you here's a cheaper version of that product that everybody's talking about. so a lot of these videos aren't necessarily going to keep you from buying more things, but they're going to try to convince you that this is a more frugal way to buy this thing that this will actually change your life instead. and so it's kind of ironic to see this. the fact of the matter is, you know, the internet will always be a place magazines will always be a place tv will always be a place where people are going to try. right to sell you a product. that's it's how these creators a lot of these creators make money. it's obviously how these companies make money, so we're probably not going to see some massive revolution where people just stop buying things altogether. it is interesting, right people telling you hey, you know, don't buy. this product is not worth the money and then sort of steering you over to buy some some other sort of similar product. what point to the d
4:51 pm
influencers become influencers again. exactly and that's what's so interesting about this because you also think about you know a lot of these products that they talk about our beauty products, skin care products, hair products and in in society. it tends to be a pendulum where we go from saying, hey, you need to do this 10th step skincare routine to no, actually, you just need this one product, but you should really buy this one product and this is going to really change your life. and then we go back again to you actually need several products and here's what's going to happen. you're going to buy all of them and you're going to be happy about it. and so we, you know, we're just at that point in the pendulum where we're winning towards the minimalist, you know, vibe, but people are still buying things. alright we appreciate your perspective here on this latest tiktok trend to borrow hedy from scenic. good to see you. thank you for having me. okay let's go back update on the forecast another cold night to expected across the region. frost advisories freeze warnings tomorrow morning, so some thirties, maybe a few neighborhoods starting tomorrow morning in the upper 20. so another chill in the air for
4:52 pm
first thing tomorrow morning so you can see the freeze warning in place just for the north bay this time around for portions of sonoma county marine county in napa county. overnight temperatures could be in the upper twenties. to the lower thirties. and then if frost advisory for all the areas in blue, this is for the inland valleys out toward the santa clara valley as well. temperatures not as cold, but still in the lower thirties. low to mid thirties so definitely another cold start. tomorrow morning. partly cloudy skies for your thursday and then into the afternoon hours, at least compared to today, the biggest change will be just a few extra high clouds paying us a visit. here is a national perspective right now occurrence laboratory. as you can see a sharp boundary with temperatures. you can see it's 63 degrees in new york city. compare that to a 38 in chicago right now, and that cold air is actually backed out to the west as well. it's also impacting the barrier, whether that's why we have some chill in the air, at least for the morning hours. here's a satellite where you can't see this big batch of clouds out here and this cloud cover will be approaching our coastline tomorrow and then once again into your friday, that's just
4:53 pm
about it. some high clouds drifting in to the bay area right now, though, we are in the clear winds, of course, happened a big story over the past few days. right now it's still breezy, but nothing extremely strong. we're not talking about any wind advisories out there. winds around 5 to 8 to around 13 miles an hour this afternoon. here's a live camera, looking above a sunny san francisco and current numbers. santa rosa 62 degrees san francisco 55. a bunch of fifties were conquered oakland and in san jose 56. so here's that chilly start tomorrow morning. 28 the thirties to right around 40 degrees, and then into the afternoon hours, most neighborhoods in the fifties but once again, a few neighborhoods could be approaching the 60 degree mark tomorrow afternoon. why has it been so cool? old world. we're talking about this area of low pressure out to our east. it's kind of ushering in some cool air. so another chilly forecast for tonight and then we're watching out for this system offshore. this will send in some high clouds once again for your thursday and then into friday. the rain bands remain
4:54 pm
offshore. maybe by friday, there's a slight chance coastline, but the main impact will just be some high clouds drifting in. that's the forecast model shows. in fact, it's showing you that rain band offshore. this is four o'clock tomorrow afternoon, so not out of the question. even tomorrow we could have a sprinkle near the immediate coastline. and then for your friday we will have partly cloudy skies and the weekend it looks just great with lots of sunshine and temperatures trending back up for both saturday and into sunday, highest four. tomorrow will be in the fifties to right around 60 degrees. so once again we're bundling up first thing tomorrow morning, and then it's scattered high clouds drifted into the region throughout the day, and that would be the case into your friday so some scattered high clouds next couple of days. weekend features lots of sunshine. temperatures warming back up. it's just a nice forecast on sunday and partly sunny skies and a monday heads up, though in the next week, we could be talking about a pattern change a cold pattern change that could boost the shower chances and very, very cold, in fact, cold enough that we could be talking about some very low snow levels here in the bay area, so next week could be
4:55 pm
interesting. more sunshine between now and then. alright mark. thank you next on the four today more questions surrounding that series of mystery objects that have been shot down over u. s airspace, the white house continuing to field questions and concerns will have more up next. business can happen anytime, anywhere. so help yours thrive and stay connected with the comcast business complete connectivity solution. it's the largest, fastest, reliable network. advanced gig speed wifi. and cyberthreat protection. starting at just $49.99 a month. plus, you can save up to 60% a year when you add comcast business mobile. or, ask how to get up to a $750 prepaid card. complete connectivity. one solution, for wherever business takes you. comcast business. powering possibilities.
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from the biden administration on exactly what types of other flying objects were shot down over parts of north america since last friday, gillian turner has more doubt force from the white house. china's threatening the u. s agencies responsible for downing and recovering a suspected chinese spy balloon off the carolina coast earlier this month. united states has insisted on the use of force overreacted and escalated the situation and used it as a pretext to illegally
4:58 pm
sanctioned chinese enterprises and institutions. china firmly opposes this and we'll take counter measures in accordance with the law. china's foreign ministry spokesperson made the vague threat wednesday without giving details about the countermeasures or identifying who precisely they want to retaliate against with tensions already high between the two countries. american officials have now sanctioned six chinese entities linked to beijing's aerospace programs. this following the february 4th incident, the communist country says the us is overreacting, claiming the balloon was an unmanned weather airship accidentally blown off course they made the choice to fly this woman over the continental united states, and there was a deliberate choice of their part major consequences. right now. some of the payload from the balloon is being examined by teams at the fbi lab in quantico , virginia. it's clear our defense and intelligence agencies remain laser focused on gathering every piece of information. what about what happened over us and canadian airspace. this comes as the white house remains silent on
4:59 pm
exactly what types of unidentified flying objects were shot down over alaska, canada and lake huron since friday, administration officials say there is no evidence they were part of china spy program. pentagon and white house officials tell fox news they have been aware of the chinese espionage balloon program for months. they also say they briefed congress about it back in august. at the white house. gillian turner fox news. ktvu fox two news at five starts now. but i am no longer confident that chief armstrong can do the work needed to achieve the vision. so today. i have decided to separate from chief laurent armstrong from the city. breaking news. now at five laurent armstrong is out as oakland's police chief. the decision comes amid controversy surrounding his handling of two misconduct investigations. good evening. i'm julie julie haener mike mibach. oakland mayor xiang tao, making the announcement within the last hour. the decision to fire the chief comes
5:00 pm
just one month into her first term as mayor ktvu henry lee live outside opd headquarters. with more on the breaking news, henry. career of oakland police chief laurent armstrong, accused of dropping the ball in department investigations into a sergeant, the mayor this afternoon, saying the chief has got to go i've taken the time to review the cases and consider the evidence and conclusions as to each of the subject officers, including chief armstrong. publicly discussing the merits of these discipline cases would be highly inappropriate. but i can't say that it is clear to me. that there are systemic issues. and the city needs to address them. and that we cannot simply write them off. mistakes. oakland mayor xiang tao, ending weeks of speculation over the future of police chief laurent armstrong


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