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tv   KTVU FOX 2 News at 5pm  FOX  February 17, 2023 5:00pm-6:00pm PST

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boulevard. he then went two blocks up and attempted a carjacking at 107th in international boulevard. that's when opd got involved the intervene. they followed the suspect they told him to drop his weapon at the time he did not comply. and both oakland police officers opened fire striking. the motorcyclist crashed in the area of 105th avenue and international boulevard. he then ran eastbound to 107th. avenue and international boulevard, where he attempted an armed carjacking of a vehicle. officers were nearby. gave verbal commands to the motorcyclist to drop his firearm. he did not comply. for the safety of the victim. and our community. opd officers discharged their firearms. and
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struck the motorcyclists. that suspect was taken to the hospital. he has non life threatening injuries with it speak to an eyewitness on the scene who said she just lost her brother. recently two shootings here in the streets of oakland. the life. we live in oakland, you know. it's sad, you know? because all our young people are dying, you know for what? for nothing, you know? oakland police tell us the suspect may be linked to other crimes here in the cities of black male in his early twenties or perhaps early thirties. they don't know at this point. he is in the hospital right now tending to his injuries. they did tell us that international boulevard has been quartered off for a good block both ways that 107th and 103rd in there, urging residents in this area to stay away while they conduct their investigation
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. that's very latest were life here in the city of oakland. i'm frank mallicoat ktvu. fox students, frank very quickly have we heard anything about the status of that attempted carjacking victim? the second person in that car? they okay after that shooting from what you understand? yeah greg, we did hear. apparently that person is okay. but obviously a little shook up to say the least. but no injuries there. police intervened very quickly. all right, frank mallicoat live in oakland for us there with that breaking news, frank. thank you. shooting comes while opd deals with turnover at the top of the department today for the first time since he was fired former oakland police chief laurent armstrong spoke publicly. our crime reporter henry lee here now, after hearing from the ex top cop in henry, he's pulling no punches isn't christian fact he spoke to us just minutes after that officer involved shooting you was a former city employee. armstrong is now speaking more freely than he has before, but it's outspokenness before he was fired. that helped push enough the door. that i was
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wrongly terminated. for standing up for the city of oakland as a police chief. i did my job. and i believe i did it well. former oakland police chief the ron armstrong is speaking out two days after he was fired by mayor xiang tao. failure to fight for the oakland community. he had harsh words for both the mayor and the independent monitor who commissioned the report from an outside law firm. that report said the chief and his department failed to hold sergeant michael chung, responsible for two alleged cover ups to write a sensationalized report like you all have had a chance to read. is unfair. it's unfortunate, he says the mayor's decision to fire him was not bold, as some have said. i believe that it takes courage to stand up to a bully. that bully, armstrong says, is this man robert warsaw , the monitor who's paid a million dollars a year to investigate issues when that opd and to report them to a federal judge, she took the easy route. she accepted the monitors conclusion. faced it without weighing the evidence. sergeant
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chang and now two lieutenants accused of botching the internal investigation are all on leave the city now, once again searching for a new chief, i think we're sick and tired of seeing this, you know, repeated process. oakland chinatown community leader carl chan says armstrong was responsive during anti asian attacks in the neighborhood. he says the constant change in leadership at opd is not good for the city every time when there's a, um, a new chief being so called fire or replaced and the stability not only in the police department, but it's also within the entire city, and it doesn't sit well with many, many communities for armstrong. it doesn't sit well, that he's now out of a job will always be yours. i will always be your oakland chief. i love this city is my home. you'll see me around. this won't be the last you hear me? armstrong did not take any questions as he left. i asked if he planned to sue. he would not answer. the mayor declined to comment today, and the monitor does not discuss his
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work. next monday, many community groups plan a rally outside oakland city hall once again. to support armstrong. christina alright, well, we know you'll keep following this story and, you know, we know you will keep us posted. henry. thank you. antioxidant government and police officials are apologizing to their community for a snail's pace. response to two restaurant burglaries. ktvu is tom baker joins us from the newsroom with the look at the issues that led to that four hour response, tom pace indeed, the police chief has issued a written apology. the police officers association blames it squarely on inadequate staffing and on the mayor. in the wee hours of wednesday morning, two burglars broke into antioch's hillcrest restaurant and taphouse as well as co seen a medina mexican restaurant by smashing their windows. the hillcrest alarm system notified the manager who immediately called the police watching the crime on his home computer recorded on the many restaurant cameras. but there was no
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immediate police response. even with the burglars inside. so a few minutes later, he says, he called dispatch again called dispatch in the middle of that, telling them that i was watching it and they told me that there wasn't nobody available at the time to come out and be here as soon as possible. the unhurried and apparently unworried criminals were thorough. 8 to 10 minutes walking through the restaurant. they went through every cabinet every covered employee lockers took their time going through everything. around 13 to 14 minutes from the time they broke the first front door until the time they loaded up outside the side door. even though this is about a late police response, the police public information officer told me she has been ordered by the city not to discuss this with the media. it's hard to understand when you have an active burglary in progress, and you have visual. of it, and still, you can't get anybody to come out after spending most of
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the day, getting the run around and trying to get an interview about a four hour response with no success, the mayor finally agreed to talk for hours. i'm sorry, that's just that's just unacceptable for hours is unacceptable. mayor lamar thorpe as well as the police officers association, agree. that more police officers are needed, but they disagree on many other issues. we've done police reform . we passed the $30,000 and senate package to attract new officers. we have historic number is going to the academy right now. we've got critical work to do to keep the residents of antioxidants. i'm making that i have made that commitment and that continues to be my priority. i don't have time for the police unions games. taphouse manager said he understands the police shortage and gave officers this much credit and the officers once they reacted to. it did a great job with a follow up. sunday now, thanks in large part to the taphouse video and police arrested and jailed two suspects , and when they arrested him.
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they had guns. they had a lot of money, and they had a lot of drugs. tom baker ktvu fox tunings. alright, tom. thank you. and we have an update now on the man accused of firing blanks inside of a san francisco synagogue. dmitry mission was back in court today for arraignment. he entered a not guilty plea. he is charged with multiple hate crimes and felonies today also denied bail for mission. the 51 year old was arrested last friday and surveillance video here shows him pulling a gun or allegedly pulling a gun inside the schneerson center synagogue on balboa st. no one was hurt. a motive for that incident is still unknown. the man accused of causing a deadly house explosion in san francisco sunset neighborhood is going to be released from jail judge this morning granted darren price bail. he's being released under restrictive house detention with electronic monitoring. prosecutors argue that he posed a flight risk due to his dual american australian citizenship. however, the judge said there was not enough evidence to find
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that releasing price would cause injury to others. supreme court has said there are legal requirements that the government must meet, and in this case, the judge found that one of those requirements was not met that there was not evidence that mr price would be a substantial danger. and would cause great bodily injury to someone if released. price is not yet entered a plea. he is facing charges of involuntary manslaughter, orson drug manufacturing and child endangerment. investigators say price ran a hash oil processing lab in his basement that caused a deadly explosion, which killed his wife process scheduled to return to court next friday. well the family that lives next door to prices home, lost everything in the explosion. they speak to ktvu s brooks jarocz about what they're dealing with now, plus violence after a concert in san jose caught on camera coming up. a witness describes the attack on a street vendor. and around the bay area this afternoon, notably
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warmer with the warming trend continuing into your holiday weekend. better details on what you can expect. coming up plus tahoe ski resorts gearing up for a busy holiday weekend. we're going to take a look at the roads this
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home. woman. he confessed to spraying with a hose. the order was filed today. the same day that gallery owner call your gwynne was scheduled to be arraigned in court. his attorney asked for a postponement, which the court granted when is facing misdemeanor battery charges for this incident that went viral after video was posted to social media attorney spoke outside the
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courtroom today. and i'd like to read you something. a sergeant at the san francisco police department had to say about this case, he said, and i quote i spoke to many local merchants. they know the homeless woman. they described her to me is being severely mentally ill. stating that she often steals food from restaurants. defecates openly in front of their businesses. gwynn later apologized for his actions. his arraignment has been postponed to march 23rd, where he is expected to enter a plea. attorney general rob bonta was in oakland today, where he announced the establishment of the state's first ever post conviction. justice unit. the unit will work in partnership with local district attorneys. it will conduct investigations and reviews aimed at resolving wrongful or improper criminal convictions. banta says the unit will quote, reduce harm and increased trust in the criminal legal system. for the first time
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in this department's roughly 175 year history. we will have a team dedicated solely to ensuring the integrity of criminal convictions statewide and working to correct potential miscarriages of justice. among the units duties it will review and evaluate case is being handled by the department of justice in casesconviction inte. during that event, ktvu asked the attorney general about questions being raised about whether his wife, assembly member mia botha should chair the budget committee that will make decisions about funding for his office. uh decisions about who serves on certain committees and subcommittees are decisions made by the legislature. so i refer you to the legislature. consider the pullback. assembly member mia bonta said today that assembly ethics attorneys have said there is no violation of ethics rules and holding the position. she said that she was appointed by the speaker to provide a voice for communities
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affected by issues of public safety, but would not answer further questions. horrific crime caught on cell phone video after a concert thursday united asap center a sidewalk vendor with his back turned is savagely beaten. san jose police now investigating this crime ktvu south bay reporter jesse gary joins us live from s a p with the video and details of what led up to this attack. jesse. christina we talked to the vendor in this case who was injured, he says. this all started after one customer wanted free food. what happened next? has sjp d investigating that vendor out of the hospital now but recovering and people who witnessed this recounting what they saw. there is a difference when you see it on the wire, but it's very different when you see them person because you just can't believe that this is actually really this bystander asked. we withhold her name her face and alter her voice to safety concerns recorded one of several clips of a fight outside asap
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center thursday night crowd had just attended singer anna gabriel's concert before heading home. some attendees stop for food. from a sidewalk vendor stairs on the south side of the arena, she says the alleged attacker and vendor identified by witnesses as school argued over the speed of service and payment, then his lady friend got involved was happening between the girl and the street vendor to god. i comes in from literally like about interest street land., not small portrait off conft resolution. unfortunately road rage seems to be not exclusive to the roadways these days. san jose police say this incident happened around 11 45 pm and has been assigned to an investigator asap. center executives released a statement which reads in part safety at s a p. center events continues to be our top priority. we continue to
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actively communicate with city officials to ensure that public spaces outside of the arena are safe for all guests. we will continue to prioritize this issue until an adequate solution is reached. some witnesses snapped pictures they claim show the suspect's vehicle plate number, while some wait for an arrest. there is shock, dismay and disgust that such violence took place minutes after the show ended in my part and individual friends in this and hopefully you can man can get justice. i will because truly this is okay. hope you cry. the vendors who works for 27 years, says he was hospitalized overnight. just released this morning. he has a broken nose, concussion. if you happen to tol san jose police are alive outside asap. jesse gary ktvu fox two news. we'll head back to you up in oakland, said that that was just an unprovoked attack over that he wanted for free. alright, jesse. thank you.
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more san jose police officers will soon routinely patrol areas that were once the city's largest homeless camps. guadalupe river trail and the coyote creek trail will be patrolled by officers from the department's bike patrol program . the san jose city council voted unanimously this week to spend $400,000 to expand bike patrols in both areas for six months. both trails have problems with large homeless encampments. hundreds of homeless people once lived in the now cleared areas. police have issued a warning about a new internet scam. investigators say that some brentwood residents are being contacted by scammers posing as representatives from norton antivirus. in one incident, the victim was directed to cancel their subscription online by opening a web browser on their laptop opening that browser allowed the scammer to gain access to the victim's laptop remotely access their bank account information in a second. the incident, a scammer allegedly told the victim that the company accidentally deposited a large sum of money in the victim's account and requested a transfer the money
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back alright. it's officially holiday weekend tahoe ski resorts to expecting big crowds with mostly sunny skies and plenty of snow on the ground. these are live pictures now from highway 50 at meyer's in south lake tahoe. caltrans shilling no problems getting to the mountain , either on highway 50 or interstate 80 last hour on the floor, kevin cooper cooper gave us the rundown on conditions on the slopes. they're gonna be doing a lot of grooming this weekend, just telling it out, so there's plenty of groomed terrain for the families to get out and enjoy it. there. parks will be groomed off pieces gig really good as well. and if you go to the back country they avalanche conditions right now are low conditions above below and near treeline. sounds like a good weekend. there are still more than two months left in the ski season, but some resorts have already received their average amount of snow for the entire year. it's just up there a couple of weeks ago, so gorgeous and yes, going to be gorgeous there this weekend with temperatures in the afternoons
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in the forties with mostly clear conditions. how about for us? we have very pleasant weather in store for our holiday weekend as well. here's a look across the oakland estuary san francisco there in the backdrop mix of sun and clouds across the bay area this afternoon. as a result of a storm that is offshore and just pushing some of that cloud cover our way. meanwhile the bigger story for many, perhaps the notable warm up by seven degrees oakland hayward at this hour by seven santa rosa in novato by five over sfo temperatures ranging from upper fifties in areas like livermore to about 60 degrees in san francisco 60 in santa rosa, santa rosa, right about 63 degrees in the last hour or so, so temperatures are beginning to cool down just a little bit, and tomorrow morning is going to be a cold one. i'll show you those numbers. in just a moment. the winds have been generally light. we do have a bit of a northeast flow coming our way, so it's a dry flow, and it tends to warm things up and as original begins to build in temperatures will be climbing with each passing day. right
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now, it looks like sunday is going to be the warmest day as a full reporting calm conditions. hayward just a light northeast breeze at five. livermore reporting six. if i pull back just a bit, you can see the cloud cover overhead and one more stretch even farther back the storm well offshore and not coming our way. in fact, it's going to sink a little bit farther south before it makes a path towards baja california, so we have dry conditions for the state for the weekend and beyond . here's a look at the temperatures for tomorrow morning going to be a very cold start for inland cities, including santa rosa. 1 degrees above freezing for you there at 33 degrees above freezing to start your morning conquered in livermore 41 in san mateo, 41 san francisco as well as oakland. our temperatures tomorrow will be a little bit warmer than today and right about average for some smidge above and other areas. santa rosa at 65 for tomorrow. 63 expected in oakland san jose 66 a better look at the afternoon highs for tomorrow and the rest of your holiday weekend and that
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tahoe forecast coming up in just a little bit. still no help from fema or the transportation department two weeks after that train derailments and toxic chemicals into the air lucas tomlinson and east palestine, ohio all have the details coming up. and coming up tonight at six o'clock. a former contra costa county sheriff's deputy is accused of stealing a gun from a courtroom and falsifying police reports. now he's facing felony charges. life is uncertain. it's okay to feel stressed, anxious, worried or frustrated. calhope can help access, calhope free and secure mental health resources today. call our warm line at 833-317-4673 or livechat at
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- life is uncertain. with calhope's free and secure mental health resources, it's easy to get the help you and your loved ones need when you need it the most. call our warm line at (833) 317-4673 or live chat at today. 18 ohio, and this comes two weeks after a massive toxic train derailment. but residents there aren't buying it. foxes lucas tomlinson has the latest residents of this small hyo town say there's still waiting for help. two weeks after a train derailment contaminate the area with toxic chemicals, much of the blame falling on transportation secretary pete buttigieg. but locals also say they need help from fema, which
5:25 pm
was forced to deny a request for emergency aid due to a legal technicality. the head of the epa, defending the federal response, saying his teams have been going door to door here since day one. we've tested the indoor air quality for close to 500 homes, you know, we have not detected any elevated levels if you want your home tested. we will test your harm. there's also plenty of criticism for the rail company norfolk southern, with residents claiming the cleanup effort isn't moving fast enough. the company is handing out $1000 checks to anyone in the east palestine zip code, calling it a quote inconvenience fee. but some folks say it's not nearly enough to cover the long term damage. nobody's going to want to buy a house here, anybody going to come to this town and want to buy anybody's produce or fruit off of the fruit stands anymore, and as the ntsb investigation ramps up resin and local officials are demanding more transparency, some suggesting the evacuation orders were lifted too soon. they sent us home and you know, two days. three days later, we
5:26 pm
finally got the manifest of what other chemicals were on the train. it's the whole thing is absurd. governor mike dewine says he plans to open a free health clinic here in town to address some of those lingering health concerns in east palestine. ohio lucas tomlinson fox news they left their san francisco home moments before deadly explosion next door. the family who lost nearly everything is left to pick up the pieces. hobby club fears it was their balloon shot down by an f 22. we take a deep dive into the amateur activity that's got a lot o attentio
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new red bull infusions at jack in the box. ♪ to deadly explosion at a home in san francisco's sunset district investigators say was caused by an illegal drug manufacturing operation. as we told you earlier, the suspects darren price was granted bail today but will be restricted to home detention. the explosion, leaving neighbors without a home . ktvu is brooks rose joins us live from the neighborhood where cleanup continuous brooks well, greg here on 22nd avenue barricades are still blocking the street and police officers are keeping a close watch to make sure no one tampers with what is now a crime scene. this is a story really about timing because the family that lived in that yellow house there they were home that morning and minutes after they left kaboom. it's all gone. everything burned out like you can't. do you see
5:30 pm
anything, wiping away tears knowing their san francisco home was nearly wiped away in an instant. the blast blew up their next door neighbors house more than a week ago. investigators say it was caused by a drug manufacturing operation. daryn price now faces several charges , including involuntary manslaughter. his wife was killed and a caregiver was hurt , causing price to have tears to in court. i'm sure he didn't intend to harm anybody. he just , you know, made some very bad decisions and people are suffering the consequences. david garth and his family included. he remembers getting the call at work from his wife, nang, she rushed home from her preschool teaching job, wanting to see the damage not knowing their sunset district, home of eight years was nearly destroyed . what are you talking about? i don't understand. what are you talking about? and i was just like i can't talk to you right now. but it's actually it's out.
5:31 pm
houses badness because i'm married to talk to them. it's our house. miraculously no one was home that morning, including their six year old daughter, vanessa. i can't imagine what could have happened to us if it's happened. even though like 30 minutes before or doing the night while we're sleeping. this is a cheerful picture of vanessa before the blast, and this is the same spot in the house. just 30. minutes later destruction. my first thought was thank goodness we were alive and there was nobody inside. normally i would have been in there at that time. most of their belongings are no more one wish for vanessa was to find her most prized possession. the teddy bear she's had since she was a baby, and actually, we were able to recover the teddy bear. he smells like ash, but he's in one piece, just like this family leaning on one community to help them replace what was lost. now the family's home has been red
5:32 pm
tagged. they tell me they're staying with friends here in the bay area, there has been a massive outpouring of support. in fact, that family has received nearly $50,000 in donations live in san francisco sunset district. brooks jarocz ktvu fox two news. just shocking to see that before after you showed us brooks there. okay. tonight and safe, brooks. thank you. police interfere field the rest of the man accused of killing his wife after both were reported missing earlier this week. police say they found greg hobson yesterday but not his wife. a new the two were lasting, traveling together in a silver toyota tacoma with a camper. police say that based on the evidence they found they believe on new has been killed. over the course of that investigation, they developed probable cause to believe that mr hobson had murdered his wife and new police did not say why they suspect that hobson is responsible for his wife's death . anyone who may have seen the couple or their truck is this past week is asked to call
5:33 pm
fairfield police analysis by us officials has reinforced conclusions that the balloon shot down off the coast of south carolina was in fact, a chinese spy balloon. the debris from the remnants of the balloon are now on their way to the fbi lab in virginia for deeper analysis. now military officials will look to examine the three smaller objects shot down in the eight days following the china the spy balloon incident. president biden said yesterday that they were most likely private balloons used for recreation or scientific research. the white house insists that the u. s airspace is safe. there shouldn't be any overarching concern by the american people that that the skies are somehow full of attack balloons or that they're that they're greater risk. president biden has tasked the government with updating regulations for unmanned aerial objects. the white house would not roll out shooting down more unidentified aircraft over the u. s if they are deemed potential threat hobbyist club in illinois says that one of their balloons is missing and
5:34 pm
may have been shot down by the us military. last weekend. a group in san jose says that khabibulin's have been in the skies for decades despite only now getting worldwide attention. ktvu is mark sayer takes a look. this video from 2014 shows a high altitude balloon being launched from south san jose as part of a stem outreach effort with menlo college. the balloon was provided by the san jose based california near space project where ron meadows is founder. students are learning by flying these flights around the world. they're they're learning communications aviation . the interest in high altitude balloons began in early february when the u. s military tracked and ultimately shot down with the government says was a chinese spy balloon. but a week later, the military shot down three more balloons over us and canadian airspace, which could turn out to be nothing more than scientific or hobbyist balloons . at some point, this would
5:35 pm
happen. i didn't think it would happen to this degree, ron meadows says. the latest technology he called super pressure balloons, fly well above commercial aircraft and carry only small location transmitters. but as these tracking maps show they can ride the jet stream and travel all the way around the world. one stayed aloft for two years and made 35 trips around the earth. through all these years, we've never have had a complaint from one single government. no one's complained, but meadow says the recent incidents could prompt changes, including better identifying the balloons by way of some kind of database. give our government other governments a better idea of the flight, what it is, and maybe, um, they would have a description of what tracking our tracker or tracking system they're using on the flight. so all governments would feel comfortable with these causing no problems. as for that men, though, college balloon it eventually reached 89,000 ft and
5:36 pm
came down on its own outside of modesto. gonna hurt anyone anyplace anywhere reporting from san jose mark sayer, ktvu, fox two news. we're learning more about the man who died after he was struck by u haul truck in brooklyn on monday. the victim, identified by police is 44 year old dj was a single father of three and worked as a food delivery driver. he was on his motorized scooter. when police say the driver of the u haul you're seeing there went on a rampage, striking and killing you. eight other people were injured in the attack. officers arrested a 62 year old man has been charged with second degree murder and multiple counts of attempted murder of former memphis police officers pleaded not guilty today in connection with the violent arrest and death of tyree nichols. the officers were indicted last month on felony charges, including second degree murder, aggravated assault, aggravated kidnapping and official sc five were fired. diary nichols died on january
5:37 pm
10th three days after the brutal encounter with police. his mother and stepfather were in the courtroom today when the former officers entered their pleas. they didn't even have the courage to look at me in my face. after what they did to my son, the resolution of this indictment. to which mr mills has pled not guilty must be carried out without sympathy or prejudice that it must be based on the facts and the law. and not the raw emotions that our country is currently experiencing. there's five officers face up to 60 years or more. if convicted. they're scheduled to be back in court in may. still ahead of the area startup that could make the future of endoscopy ease easier after the break. we're hearing from the first participant, allowing a pill bottle inside his body, plus details on the shortage, doctors in contra costa county say is cause for concern will be right back.
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are in the privacy of your own home for thousands of dollars less sound impossible, but a local startup is on the cutting edge of making that happen. ktvu is frank mallicoat shows us this new medical technology. they're rainbow logo is boldly displayed outside their haywood. startup indie onyx. what's in a name? in this case, everything for us, it means to go inside the human body to understand what is wrong and t x is medical shorthand for treatment. we want to fix it. ceo torrey smith founded the fledging startup four years ago . he's taking aim at the multi billion dollar in das capi business. bytic swallow ble pill camera that remotely maneuvers through your
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gi track, detecting early cancers, ulcers, bleeding and with no prep, no sedation, no recovery time and no hospital visit for a fraction of the cost with pillbox. our goal is basically just to make a pill camera that moves under its own power. that would function over a zoom call where the patient could be in their living room of all places. there's no need physically to go to the hospital. just drink some water. get on a zoom call. swallow this little robot. and your doctor is suddenly basically giving you the visual equivalent of an upper endoscopy cardiovascular threshold exceeded, admits the idea spawned from the eighties movie inter space where dennis quaid and his spaceship are miniaturized and injected into martin short's body. he was seven at the time. great shot here and now, 35. yearser, this aerospace engineers pill bot has gone from this large
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prototype in 2019, swimming in pools to a complex, high tech mini swimming eyeball that is now months away from institutional review board clinical trials at the mayo clinic. we basically just have little teeny electric motors, little little rotating propellers. it's got six holes in it. and all it is, is just a little floating eyeball that can squirt water in any of six different directions and kind of like a little apollo command module with those little thrusters, right, so just kind of moves around the hat. smith was the first to swallow pill bot back in 2020, his first of 15 trials. no i can't feel anything which is weird, because, like, you know, you can hear it buzzing has since swim inside a cadaver body stomach at the mayo clinic. the biggest hurdles now are improving its maneuverability and video clarity right now, you know, hardcore gamer would grab our xbox controller and tell me, tory this video game sucks,
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right. i need better optical perf field of view . i need to focus at need more optical clarity. indiana exes in year four of the 10 year journey they received $3 million in seed money, and the scrappy startup has since moved from smith south bay living room. to an 8000 plus square foot east bay operation, whereas r and d crew is working around the clock to improve its software the pill but has received a lot of attention. but a date for fda approval is unknown. but dr vivek come bari , the chair of gastroenterology at the mayo clinic in florida is very encouraged all of us in the field. i appreciate, but this is the logical path that will eventually get on. and so you know, we're all eagerly awaiting for it. i think timeline from now to when we do our first in human studies. there's probably 18 months to two years, and this is the start. you know, we're
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starting in the stomach and hopefully we've got to move to other organ systems. and then eventually, you know, some micro type surgery down through these little puma robots until we're actually manipulating until we're attacking cancer, right where it lives in real time, like some kind of video game, then the mission of nd ah, ticks is still unfulfilled. so here's the future of telemedicine. frank malik oh ktvu, fox two news. ap genie announcement that should appeal to customers coming up how the utility is rewarding customers that help prevent rotating power outages last summer. and good samaritans rushed to save a puppy running loose on a busy l. a freeway the dramatic rescue during the morning rush hour. and i'm tracking a warming trend just in time for your holiday weekend. better details on what you can expect coming up.
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that was running down the freeway drivers tried to scoop up that dog near the scene of a separate crash that happened during the morning rush hour in the san fernando valley, a local nurse managed to coax the puppy back into her car. see it there . she's an animal lover. of course, she has four dogs of her own, she says. at first, the puppy would not get out of her car. she was definitely scared at first was stuck in my car for about 30 minutes, she warmed up and then i was able to get her into the bathtub. give her a warm bath. and then she played with all the other four dogs and got happy and she's just been running around the house now and in the backyard. glad she's ok. the dog is wearing a collar, but no tag. street says the chips to reunite the dog with her owner and is in the process of checking to see if the dog is chipped. there is rising concern about a shortage of doctors in the contra costa county health system, and the shortage is only expected to get worse in a
5:48 pm
statement that physicians and dentists organization of contra costa says this is negatively impacting patient care. the union is currently negotiating a new contract with the county. according to the union, 83 out of 285 employed positions are listed as vacant. and we are learning more about the condition that after bruce willis is battling well, this has been diagnosed with frontal temporal dementia that evolved from a previous diagnosis of aphasia last year brain disorder which affects communication for more insight on this, we spoke to clear day on the four chief program officer at the alzheimer's association of northern california and northern nevada. temporary dementia is really a group of disorders caused by progressive nerve cells. cell loss in the brain's frontal and temporal regions of the brain, so it impacts the brain differently than you might see an alzheimer's or other types of dementia, impacts, language and impulse control very early on. day goes on to
5:49 pm
say there are known known risk factors for ftd except family history. she also says the condition is more commonly developed in adults. ages 40 to 60. stocks ended the week with a mixed finish on wall street. today the dow was up 129 points . the nasdaq fell 68 the s and p was down 11 today, economists at goldman sachs said they expect to see another interest rate hike by the fed in june to their forecast, along with increases in march and may that could push its key interest rate to close to 6. pg and e plans to give bill credits to customers who helped conserve energy and prevent rotating power outages during last summer's heat waves p genie will provide about $35 on average and bill credits to some 1.6 million customers. those customers participated in p. genies power saver rewards program rewards customers who reduced their energy use on days when callous, so issues of flex
5:50 pm
alert or energy emergency alert watch. football fans that that big rather on the super bowl and set a new record for legal online sports betting more than 100 million transactions replaced during super bowl weekend that is up 25% compared to last year, according to geo comply. it is a company that tracks are verified. online sports bettors locations super bowl 57 was the first one played in a state where sports gambling is legal. we are coming into some very pleasant weather in time for your holiday weekend. get a load of that sunset right behind me have a mix of clouds and sunshine this afternoon as a storm again remains off the coastline earlier in the week, we thought it may actually brush areas along the coast and bring us a chance for scattered showers. that is not the case for looking at partly cloudy, dry conditions and as i showed into the last half hour, that storm is well offshore. part of a southern california and working a little bit farther
5:51 pm
south towards baja california as it finally moves across, so for today, the mix of sun and clouds temperatures came up by 5 10 degrees compared to yesterday afternoon and getting into the weekend tomorrow will see temperatures come up just slightly right now. sunday looks like it will be the warmest day. and then we do begin to transition on monday. here's a look at the future cast rolling you through the weekend and mix of a partly cloudy skies mostly clear notice. the ridge has pushed that rain line all the way into canada, so we are looking at dry conditions through sunday, monday going to be dry, but we begin to see temperatures fall off just a little bit. the rain hopefully returning to the bay area by tuesday and wednesday. i'm stopping it for you right there on wednesday afternoon, and we are seeing another shift in the pattern pacific northwest in the west half. of the country. they're dealing with a little bit of wet weather. so we're looking forward to that between now and then we can look forward to some enjoyable weather. mount diablo reporting in north breeze at 13 mph. we have a north northeast flow in place that
5:52 pm
will keep things dry. i and tends to warm things up just a little bit as well. heyward reporting a five or com well as mountain view our temperatures outside right now. not too bad, beginning to cool off just a little bit upper fifties right now. walnut creek 59 in napa 60 degrees in san francisco. 61 over san jose tomorrow morning. temperatures are going to be in the thirties once again for inland cities, another cold start. just above freezing and santa rosa a few degrees above freezing over areas like concord in livermore and around the bay not quite as cold but still very chilly. 41 for oakland cemetery . oh as well as san francisco, mid forties to start your day in pacific and pacifica. you're expected to land right about 60 degrees for the afternoon. these temperatures are right about average, even a little bit above in areas like santa rosa going to 65 for tomorrow 64 in livermore, and we'll call for mid to upper sixties from san jose into more. organ hill. if you're going to lake tahoe, we've got some gorgeous weather
5:53 pm
here. we do have the sun already against setting and temperatures are in the thirties. at this time, south lake tahoe just a couple degrees above freezing a truckee only a little bit better than that. and then as we get into the overnight hours, temperatures going to fall off dramatically below freezing to start the mornings. tomorrow's sunday and into monday. meanwhile the afternoon highs will be in the forties with mostly clear conditions and generally light winds. which is good for skiing. right your extended forecast here sunday again going to see those temperatures at least a few degrees above average around the bay area upper sixties in the forecast, temperatures dropped slightly on monday and will introduce the chance for some wet weather tuesday and wednesday and notice those afternoon highs. you're going to need the winter coat once again back into the mid upper fifties, back to you holiday weekend. rosemary you all right. look at this. a farmer in germany was stunned when he discovered a baby lamb with six legs. born in his barn. the lamb is having a little trouble balancing and moving around. despite the extra
5:54 pm
limbs, the farms vet says the newborn is in good health wants the newborn lamb gets a little stronger. mom and baby will rejoin the other lambs in their pasture. still ahead of five for the first time in years of a areas the largest auto show is back. we'll let you know the new opportunity at this year's showcase coming up at six o'clock. we're staying on top of breaking news. oakland police officers opened fire on a man accused of riding a motorcycle recklessly and attempting to carjack a driver. but officers have shared so far about what happened. also ahead. it's been more than a week since the major earthquake rocked turkey and syria and rescue teams are still finding more people underneath the rubble .
5:55 pm
go the extra mile this presidents' day in a volvo mild-hybrid vehicle.
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5:57 pm
this. bay for the first time since the start of the pandemic, the silicon valley auto show returns this weekend earlier today on the line, kelley blue book editor brian moody joined us to talk about the automotive showcase and he talked about the different cars that will be featured as well as the opportunity to test drive and see if electric vehicles are for you. one of the big things that this year silicon valley auto show is that you can actually get behind the wheel of some electric cars. so going on test drives is nice. but if you think you might be interested in an electric car, get behind the wheel and see if it works for you. organizers say it is the largest auto show in the bay area featuring everything from electric to exotic cars. it is open until eight tonight tomorrow from 10 a.m. to eight p.m. and 10 a.m. to six p.m. on sunday. tickets are available. online parking is free. it is home to more than 1000 boats and yachts. the annual miami international boat show is underway this year. we are
5:58 pm
learning the higher end models are selling really fast boxes medicine, alworth has more from miami beach. we are at the world's biggest boat show on one of the biggest boat this princess yachts sells for around $17 million, but here's the thing this whole right here that we're on, already has an owner and that's something that we're hearing from all the high end developers. they simply can't keep up with demand. you know boats that are under 26 ft. those are the ones that have seen a slowdown as we've dealt with inflation and interest rate concerns, but big boats like this one they do well because they're buyers are less concerned with interest rates, and they're more concerned with the market great six weeks. since the first of the year and actually, the last couple of weeks to sample was pretty decent. um just look at the stock market. voting industry follows stock, but it's important to keep in mind that 90% of the boats purchased in the u. s are under 26 ft so that consumer is concerned about interest rates. another sector
5:59 pm
of the consumer that's growing at boat shows like this one or those interested in electric vehicle boats. it's a growing sector that's picking up steam and leaving behind the exhaust. obviously, grids need to get smarter. and obviously there's that's above my pay grade in terms of who's dealing with the grid. when i first started doing this would be approaching marinas and i'm like, hey, look, you know, electric boats are coming, and they're like there are electric boats, and now they're going. oh, i know there are electric boats. they're familiar with them, and they're really interested in it. electric vehicles are still shorter and range and smaller in size, so not getting a hot tub and those anytime soon. i'll send it back to you. this is ktvu fox two news at six, staying on top of breaking news tonight. oakland police officers shoot a man accused of driving a stolen motorcycle recklessly and then attempting to card track a driver. he brandished a firearm , pointed it out a victim inside of a vehicle, a passer beer. and ended up. you know, demanding
6:00 pm
demanding the vehicle at this hour. police say that the motorcyclist was not seriously hurt. good evening. i'm cristina rendon greg lee. the shooting was reported at about 12 45 this afternoon in the area of 107th avenue and international boulevard in oakland. ktvu is amber lee joins us now after hearing more from police. amber, what have you learned? greg we're on international boulevard. i'm gonna turn this way to show you were at the scene of the police shooting behind me. we can see what appears to be the motorcycle the suspect was writing. investigators are still here. more than five hours after the incident collecting evidence. police say the shooting of an attempted carjacking suspect happened around 12 45 this afternoon. they say officers spotted a motorcyclist driving erratically but that they did not chase him . instead they deployed the police helicopter to follow. the motorcyclist crashed in the area


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