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tv   9 News at 6pm  NBC  January 13, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm MST

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his sister, antoinette said he died, a father in his 40s. as for the parents, duran said her mom is well at the hospital and her dad is fighting for his life. he fell from the second floor window while being rescued and landed on his head. the fire injured 6 people, including the parents, a firefighter, and a few neighbors ran inside to help. the firefighter has been released but we don't know about the neighbors. the denver fire department is investigating the fire. the state legislature is now in session. here is a preview of the partisanship. how democrats are on the left, republicans on the right, this is the opening speech. as you can see, not many signs of unanimous agreement. 9 news reporter brandon rittiman explains with red meat issued served up, compromise will be key. >> we have one day down, 119 to go and we expect hundreds of new bills to pass and become law in
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all of those bills need to be at least a little bit bipartisan because we have split control of chambers, republicans control majority in the senate, democrats in the house. social equality, promoting equal pay, college affordability and avoiding budget cuts to hamper education for the democrats. reps are talking getting rid of regulation, protecting the gas and oil industry and the taxpayer bill of rights, even if that means painful budget cuts. both parties wanting more highway lanes and infrastructure for the state but disagree how to do that. leaders of both parties hope they can find compromise because that can be tough in an election year. >> the conventional wisdom, we run into an election year, i hope it isn't the case this year
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when we go into an election. >> unfortunately a lot bleeds into the building. the speaker and myself will keep focused on what we can do. >> any issue you can think of can and will come up in the next 119 days. we want you to have your say on it, if you go to, you will find our guide to being a citizen lobbyist in the colorado legislature. it is packed full of links, good information, how to find bills and look through them and tips how to get attention of lawmakers with all it business going on down here. that is on right now. also coming up in this building tomorrow, it is the governor's state of the state address, addressing a joint session of both chambers at 11:00 in the morning, you can watch live on channel 20. at the capitol, brandon rittiman.
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talkuments sealed in the case against sienna johnson, charged with conspiracy to commit murder as an adult. she made detailed plans to harm students and staff at mountain vista high school in highlands ranch. another 16-year-old has been arrested but not yet charged. the judge wants to keep information seal until he has determined johnson's case will continue in adult court. defense attorneys want your back in the juvenile system. the retrial for a man convicted of killing his wife in western colorado moving to the front range. michael black sentenced to life in prison for the 2001 shooting death of his wife jennifer in grand junction, he got a new trial in 2014 after learning a juror lied about experiences with domestic violence. lawyers thought it would be difficult to seat a new grand jury following 15 years of publicity. nee retrial-- no retrial date has been set.
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acknowledged she was a long-time member of domestic violence, she answered no when asked if involved in domestic violence. a judge sentenced her to 10 days in jail for lying to the court. denver police are looking for a man caught on video monday, he approached a woman near 44th and chambers and sexually touched her. the victim said he left in a silver or gray 4-door vehicle, described as a black man in mid 20s, 5'3 and 56 tall al jazeera america is shutting down after the launch, it made headlines about the report implying athletes, including manning, took human growth hormone. the report does not say manning took hgh, just that it was delivered to his home under his wife's name. manning denied the claim.
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and other athletes are suing al jazeera, officials blame the economic landscape of the media environment for shutting down. al jazeera america will stop operating april 30thfelt broncos tickets are still available but will cost you, on stubhub we were surprised to find ticket as cheap as $150. others nearly $9 ,000 avording to vivid seats the match up has the highest median ticket price games, $410. that demand is allowing broncos ticket holders to put a price on loyalty. there are steelers fans ready to buy. >> it is kind of a little mix, probably not. it is a playoff game, a big-time deeg. they need all the home fans-- deal, they need a lot of home fans. >> the amount of work the broncos put in, you can't sell them out. not fair. >> if it was my seat, i am going. going to be a great game.
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the harm? just think back to the 2005 afc championship game, broncos fell behind, yellow towels took over and our home field looked like theirs. probably not at all accurate poll on twitter found 60% who responded said they would not sell their tickets knowingly to a steelers fan. broncos fan are loyal and confident, only the really confident fan, though, will commit this way. at the scissorhand design studio in northglenn, broncos fans have been carving fandom into their hair. the owner said they have done 50 broncos haircuts in the past 2 weeks, each one done using a free-hand technique. fans we talked to say it is really the ultimate fan statement. >> you know what is cool about it, is when i get the designs i throw a good bronco hat on to match and people, 99% of my day is, where did you get that? where did you get that?
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>> something we are passionate, the art work like this, so, definitely, welcome all bronco fans, come in. >> it shouldn't grow out before the super bowl so it will work out. morris says if you are thinking about one, it is $35. today we have been featuring bronco tattoos, those are more permanent, anything showing your dedication to the team, send pictures and stories about them and you can post them on instagram or tweet with earebroncos. tomorrow we focus on your broncos gear. >> who knew there were that many bronco tattoos? too many cover with clothing. >> it is winter, you don't often get to see all of them. >> that is true. be proud. temperatures take a down turn to close the week. >> you may have to cover up the tattoo. why ski season is off to a strong start
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for nearly 400 drivers, 2016 started on low point, arrested and in jail for driving under the influence. according to c-dot authorities arrested 396 drivers for dui in the state over the new year holiday, lasting december 30 through january 4, up from 367 arrests from the year before. the heat is on enforcement periods, the state patrol-- or the state says officers arrest nearly 7400 people, actually down by 450 from 2014. ski season is off to a bet
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ski country usa, an association of 21 resorts says earlly skiing was up 10% over last year. the early season, as they define it is opening day, october 29 through december 31st. ski country usa says higher than average snowfall and the hype of el nino year boosted traffic and they note holiday booking at resorts were up. millions of americans dreaming of a billion dollar prize in tonight's powerball jackpot, the largest in the world is $1.5 billion. the 1 in 292 million chance of winning isn't deterring many from playing. stores have sold more than $2.5 billion worth of tickets if you win you can take $930 million or $1.5 billion over 29 years, and the payments grow over time. the first payment, you would get, though would still be more than $22 million.
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i mean, to fantasize about what you could possibly do with $1.5 billion. >> just share with everybody because it is a great amount of money. >> thousands of americans, including some 9 news employees joined office pools. in tampa a couple friends organized a large pool on social media, 140 friends chipped $500 a piece and bought $70,000 worth of tickets. what is more american than the lotto? the triumph of hope. americans spent more than $70 billion in lottery tickets in 2014, more than on sporting events, video games, music, and movies combined. a reminder, the drawing is tonight at 9:00, it may come up as a topic of discussion on 9 news at 9:00 and 10:00. >> you think? >> possibly. >> $2 to have a fantasy. >> or $500 if you are in the pool in tampa.
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maybe just want to enjoy in the 50s. and ice. >> hope you enjoyed the 5 seconds of summer, or fall, we
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hithere, welcome back, i am-- hi, there, welcome back. i am chief meteorologist kathy sabine in the 9 back yard. all i can say is wow, westminster, way to show on a wednesday, great color in the sky and johnny covering the broncos, look what he sent in for us? keep the sunset pictures coming tonight. 51 in january, not too shabby, the average high is about 44. holding to 37 at the airport, winds out of the south, calm in the back yard outside the studios, we have been running 43-- comfortable at 43. kicking up the wind out of the south, creating gusty winds anywhere from 20-40 miles an hour over some of the higher passes, those winds die down tonight only to return tomorrow. high wind watch areas in yellow, just south of colorado down through central new mexico, a
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to the west it is all snow. measuring the snow in feet in the sierras between now and sunday and they are done with the snow in the great lakes and northeast, that alberta clipper moving off shore after creating treacherous driver conditions, gusty winds and blowing snow. cold arctic air follows into the region again tomorrow. high pressure bridge breaking down response not 1, not 2, but 3 weak weather systems crossing the state starting tomorrow. temperatures trending downward but seasonal, we are on the fringe of the cold air mass. 31 in indianapolis. few high clouds around the area, smooth travel weather for first part of the day tomorrow. snow increasing across the mountains, no winter weather or travel advisories but those going skiing and snowboarding will have showers in the afternoon. 11 gunnison, 16 greeley, 27 colorado springs. highs cold for western colorado. mild for southeastern colorado
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to the 30s for the second half of the week and upcoming weekend. the forecast for tonight, fair skies, light winds in the city, winds along the foothills die down and return tomorrow. mid 20 ppts to start, mid 30s in the afternoon and high of 45. expect flurries in the foothills tomorrow night. light snow in denver friday. cold weather friend for the weekend, clearing saturday, flurries sunday and a little break observe the next storm arrives, middle part of next week. when the guys take the field, 38 degrees with partly cloudy skies, make sure you bring a jacket as flurries are possible. hi, everybody, manning may or may not play terrific this weekend but he won't under any circumstances be terrible. broncos held the first full practice today since learning the steelers would be the second round nfl opponent. manning signed a bunch of autographs in pittsburgh last
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pen to touch one of those famous yellow terrible towels. >> i will sign a towel but the pittsburgh steeler towel, that is reserved for, you know, bradshah, and dan, swau. that is their towel. i sign a lot of orange, going back to tennessee and here in the broncos and a lot of blue, and little green in high school. so, terrible towel, pittsburgh steelers. >> the broncos huddle begins in just a few minutes, 9 news sports reporter rod mackey is hosting from team headquarters. >> the broncos are talking payback sunday, times 2. make up for that week 15 setback against the steelers on the road and secondly, avenge the playoff loss won to indianapolis last season where they were not at their best. >> worried who would play who next and not wanting to face,
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wanting to say worry about the coach but it wasn't said. we didn't play too well or have a chance to worry what was going on. sthoo i don't think we had all the way focus, i think we had, everybody had their mind on, trying to get paid, coaches trying to leave and get head coaching jobs, this year everybody is focused. >> denver is all on the steelers, only team to score 30 or more against them this year. something we will talk about with tj, the guest on the broncos hudler and emanuel sanders as wulz. see you at-- as always. see you at 6:30. 36 and 2 warriors are in town to play the nuggets tonight and we are live, 9 news sports reporter, aaron matas at the pepsi center. >> reporter: final time these 2 play each other, one last
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hand golden state a rare loss, warriors are 3 and 0 verses denver already this year and currently on pace to shatter the mark for best record in nba history. the 1996 bulls went 72 and 10. double the warriors record right now and they are saeb 2 and 4 kaegs-- 72 and 4. they could attract a big crowd, something mike malone said he is not used to seeing at pepsi sent sxr fans didn't like the comment. -- center and fans didn't like the comment. >> facts speak for themselves, the fans that come, we appreciate that. one thing that gets lost in all of this, which, you guy with can challenge me if you don't agree, from the day i got hired in my press conference i have said repeatedly it is on me and this team and this organization to give our fans a product they can be proud of and feel good enough about coming out and supporting. not once have i said 14 and 24 because of our fans, i don't
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because i have done a bad job and we, as an organization, haven't done the job we need to. >> reporter: if the fans do, in fact, turn out and the building is full it might not be exactly what malone is thinking of because i am sure plenty of those fans will be cheering for seth curry and the golden state warriors. >> they are storming the court after the nuggets win. pop quiz, tonight' drew or false question. pay attention, drew or false, a better chance of the colorado rockies winning the next 10 world series titles than you winning tonight's powerball jackpot? drew or false? rockvise the worst odds in major to capture the 2016 championship but still more likely to win 10 straight than you cashing in big later this evening? the direct answer is-- it is false.
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billion times 100 chance of the rockies winning the next 10 world series and just 1 in 192 million of you getting richane few hours. -- rich in a few hours. >> it is encouraging. >> we said earlier in the week, same thing as the broncos winning 6 straight super bowls, i figure what is more likely? 6 straight for the broncos or 10 for the rockies? >> my son, math genius, there is a better chance of the rocks winning 3 in a row, but not 10. >> 3! we will take 3.
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today's stock market action is reminder when things are going badly for you, they could go worse. stocks plunged bringing s&p down
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broncos huddle is next, we
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