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tv   Early Today  NBC  February 1, 2016 4:00am-4:30am MST

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this morning we are tracking the weather all along the i-25 corridor. here you can see what it looks like in downtown denver, up in fort collins, and over to the west in boulder. good morning and welcome to this special edition of 9news 4am. it's monday, february 1st. we kick the day off with meteorologist marty coniglio. he's live in the 9news backyard. marty- this is just
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people waking up in johnson's corner, loveland and fort collins will have a snowy start to the day. 9news reporter up in johnson's morning noel.
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plows are already out - clearing roads and preparing them for the worst. they were busy yesterday. we passed six car crashes from denver to castle rock in just 30 minutes! denver public works deployed heavy and residential snow plows at midnight. and cdot plows will work 12 hour
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remember if you see snow plows working - don't pass them and give them extra space. today the world health organization will hold an emergency meeting to talk about the zika virus. they could classify the outbreak as a "public health emergency this would require a coordinated global response. two dozen countries and territories have confirmed cases of the virus. zika is spread through mosquitoes -- and can cause deformities in unborn babies. it does not have a cure. the department of corrections says one of its employees was involved in a shooting beteween two motorcylce clubs saturday at the national
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several others were hospitalized. the agency won't say how the employee is involved, or if he is a member of one of the two groups involved. and as 9 news reporter whitney wild reports -- now both clubs are blaming the other group for the shooting. vo: at the center of a deadly shooting saturday at the national western complex are two motorcycle clubs: the iron order, which has a law enforcement membership, and a well-known outlaw motorcycle club called the mongols. federal authorities call them a-quote- "major gang." official details are scarce, but attorneys for both sides say the other is responsible. attorney stephen stubbs represents the mongols. 00:58 they were staring at the mongols... 01:08 a group of mongols walked over to the iron order and said, get out of here. vo: stubbs says both sides began arguing. 01:37 and then an iron order pushed the chest of one of the mongols. vo: john whitfield represents the iron order. he says they were trying mongols jumped outnumbered multiples of five or started by the agent john motorcycle clubs before. he says tension arises when certain groups like the iron order emulate the so-called "outlaw motorcycle clubs" appearance, and attitude. sot: 02:35 when you look at the iron order, they say they're lot of stuff just like the outlaw motorcylce groups, 02:47 you de things and not expectwild, person of on
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person of interest, but say that person arrested.
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retired police officer keep his k-9 the ohio state law says if an officer retires before the k-9 -- they forfeit their right to purchase the dog. officer hickey retired but his k-9 a "healthy police put up for auction. hickey doesn't want to loose ajax... so his friend started a go-fund-me page so he would have
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dollars... hickey has already thousand dollars to bid. after hickey bids on give the extra money to a group that provides bullet proof vests for k-9 officers. we are just getting started on this monday morning.... after the break marty will have another look at your forecast. now let's take a look at how the roads are doing up in the high country.
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bowl against carolina. thousands of civic center park to cheer on the team. some broncos up the crowd. miles the mascot and the also there. game... we're going broncos magnets. is tomorrow at 6 a.m. in lakewood... and then again at commerce city. locations are listed on 9news dot com. the countdown is on to the iowa
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after the break how voters are feeling about the presidential
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learn who the first americans think should be our next president. nbc's tracie potts is on the ground in des moines, iowa this morning. she's been around town.... talking to voters and getting a sense of who tonight's winners
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presidential candidate :00-:04 "this is our time. this is the time for the men and women of iowa." final arguments... less than 24 hours before tonight's caucuses. presidential candidate :09-:15 "...large turnout in most iowa counties...we win." presidential candidate :16-:20 "i hope you will stand up for me. i hope you will fight for me." hillary clinton and donald trump have slim leads in the latest des moines register poll presidential candidate :24-:27 "we have to win this election, we have to win in iowa." but that same poll shows nearly 1 in 10 iowans are like cassandra: "i'm kind of an undecided voter." the register found nearly a third of democrats and almost half of republicans here have favorites: "i'm learning toward marco rubio." but could still change their minds... today! karen tentner's a democrat who may caucus as a republican: " make sure that a republican candidate we're not interested in is not included." vicky daniel interrupted her florida vacation to fly home for tonight's caucuses. "it's important. i wanna stand up for my candidate." that's what democrats have to do here - literally. unlike republicans, there's no secret ballot: "you have to put your hand up in public and say 'i am for this candidate.' that's really something. that's just hands-on public democracy." democracy... in action... in iowa... tonight. audio outcue: tracie potts, nbc news, des moines, iowa. 9news political reporter brandon rittaman is in iowa this morning. he'll have more on the caucuses over
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9news political reporter brandon rittaman is in iowa this morning. he'll have more on
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gives customers a unique view -- that's because it's underwater!!! the 'real poseidon' restaurant officially opens today. you can enjoy panoramic views while you eat. this concept lets you see the fish from a scuba divers perspective without getting wet. they serve thai food, mexican food... and indian food. there are about 40-thousand fish in the tank that surrounds the dining area. we love seeing all your broncos photos... they're so much fun... but today we're doing something a little different... don't worry it's
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this morning we're kicking off the day with a broncos video challenge... instead of a photo challenge. we want to see how your pets cheering on the denver broncos... we already have a few videos... just check out maude you can submit your videos through the your- take part of the 9news app.... or email it to your- take-at-9news-dot- com. we may end up putting them on t-v this week! thanks for joining us for this special weather addition of 9news 4:00am. we will have more news and weather updates for you all
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this morning we are
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