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tv   9 News at Noon  NBC  March 3, 2016 12:00pm-12:30pm MST

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. good afternoon, thanks for joining us.
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story out of gateway, a colorado man is being charged with kidnapping and rape. >> this man is a death row inmate, he's former and he's been free 30 years now. he held a woman captive and repeatedly raping her. he held a homeless woman captive for months and sexuality little assaulting her after he agreed to have her stay with him and having her work in his home. he's been charged with a total of ten counts including imprisonment. he's being held at the jail. his arrest record here in colorado goes back 40 years. according to the colorado bureau of investigation, he has four previous arrests in our state.
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in 1987 and one in 1998 and 1991 for property damage and criminal mischief. his neighbor tells 9 news he was a recluse. we'll have more on this story and we'll continue to follow it throughout the afternoon and social media and >> it's huge story and it's disturbing. another big story is the presidential race, mitt romney blasted republican presidential candidate donald trump as a fraud who he says will lose to democrat hillary clinton in the general election. >> trump is is the front runner this came the republican establishment has gone into attack mode against him. >> a war of words who won the gop nomination in 2012 and the billionaire hoping to win in it 2016. >> donald trump is a phony, a fraud, his promises are as worthless as a degree from trump university. >> and donald trump. >> mitt romney is a stiff.
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fight for the heart and soul of the republican party with a viable field down to four candidates taking the stage for tonight's debate in detroit. romney is giving voice to party insiders who believe their brand is being hijacked, but someone who talks like a republican, but has a history of playing both sides of the political field. >> he's changed his positions not just over the years, but in the course of the campaign. and on that klu klux klan three days in ary, the trump strong super tuesday showing demonstrates he has plenty of support where it counts, at the polls. >> you look at what's happening i won a lot of states, but millions and millions of people are joining the republican party and going out to vote. >> the republican party fighting to win with or without donald trump. brian moore more nbc news washington. the republican's next debate is tonight, one
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ben carson is not participating in the debate. that's fueling speculation that he'll be dropping out of the race soon. >> and with the moderators tonight, megyn kelly and donald trump. >> fireworks, every hour there's a new twist on this. let's talk about the weather, something pleasant. it's a beautiful day and it started out that day. check out what mother nature was up to. it makes you happy to be in colorado. >> one of the reasons for that beautiful sunrise is because it's so dry right now. marty is in the backyard, we have a small chance of rain. >> it's coming up in the foothills and in the afternoon. if you want some down here you'll have to wait until monday. it will be dry from now, until then. yesterday was all about wind. look at this guy, this is
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tree working like crazy, winds gusted to 50 miles per hour, still going between 25 and 50 in the mountains and foothills, and we're starting to see southerly winds kick up between 0 and 30 miles per hour on the plains. filtered sunshine for up rest of the day. low 60s, it's not completely sunny, but with the absence of wind it will be quite pleasant for the rest of the day today. dry conditions will stick with us here for the next couple of days. our next good chance for rain is going to be monday of next week. that's in our planning forecast. >> we'll look forward to hear about that marty. thank you. the sheriff fred wegener said he's suspended monte gore. the sergeant quit. nate carrigan was killed and he
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incident. it was about procedural issues, under sheriff gore issued a press release. he wrote that he drove with the hospital with the sheriff and he did not. three armed suspects are wanted for an armed carjacking. one long gun was involved in this carjacking, so now, officers are looking for a gray chevy equinox that has colorado plates. this is all corrected to a craig's list ad. the victim may have been responding to one of these ads. the arrangement had something to do with drugs. the victim was taken to the hospital with nonlife- threatening injuries. a it had her is safe at home today. her grandmother is facing misdemeanor child abuse charges. >> a little girl was wandering
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working his block and he saw the two-year-old girl in a diaper standing in the middle of a busy street. several cars went by and didn't stop. he grabbed her and took her to safety. he called 911. he's seen other people in the years and helped people out of the snow or car trouble and called this one over the top. it made his heart start beating fast. >> seeing the little kid, you know, it kind of puts a lump in your throat, just to see her out there, so, i knew i had to get her and make her safe. >> when deputies showed up, they went door to door to find her family. she was missing for at least 30 minutes. >> the girl's grandfather was watching her. he told her he stepped away to go to the bathroom and he was watching a movie and thought
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slipped out of the house. he's been cited for misdemeanor child abuse. >> that's scary when you hear about a child alone wandering the street. >> i know, so young. a live look at boulder, it's a beautiful place we live in. it's 303 day. we're celebrating our great state. >> you've been finishing us pictures through twitter and social media showing us pictures what makes colorado beautiful to you. not over. we've seen so many -- the day is not over. we have seen so many. keep tweeting us your pictures. >> i found a great place to get a sausage po boy. the lost cajun. that's what's great about colorado, everybody is from all over. you'll find all kinds of different things. >> let's check out the gallery
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another thing about colorado we have beautiful golf courses, steve and my husband wanted to golf. >> and you said no. >> he's busy. still ahead you'll love this shot. it's an 11-year-old made this,
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filtered sunlight, the clouds will get thinner and the sun will get stronger, we'll reach our high at 3 or 4:00 in the afternoon.
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tremendously windy, winds are gusting at 2 miles per hour. eagle's nest is looking at the wilderness cash, the mount is afternoon. it's stretching into idaho, headed our way. on the front side of it you can see the few clouds over the front range. those will scoot off to the east, they'll give as you little more sun in the next couple of hours. dry on ht doppler here and that's the way it's going to stay. current readings in the mid- to upper 50s, and this is in the western valleys, well into the 40s through the central part of the state. we've topped 42 degrees at the present time. 54 in the backyard. filtered sun, we'll get more sun in the next couple of hours. this leaves us with a dry day around here today.
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a couple of degrees cooler in northern colorado and in morgan county, and it's running 10 to 15 degrees above average. windy conditions at or above the 7,000 foot level. this is at and slowing down to 30 miles per hour later in the day. it's going to pick up later tonight unfortunately. for us today, the cirrus clouds will do it. sunshine for a good bit of the state, the sun will be able to shine through and give us shadows in the area. our 60s extend up to 76 and move down to colorado and through western colorado, good looking day in the mountains. mid-40s, it's right on up towards steamboat springs. we'll have an occasional big southerly winds, especially on the east side of town. a few high clouds, staying in
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lows and then tomorrow, we mentioned that there's a really small chance of a shower in the foothills, a couple of hundreds of an inch of moisture over that. dry over the weekend, clouds and sun in the afternoon, and monday is our next shot of rain that could get to the quarter to an inch of rain and we're
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. a man who lives in breckenridge died while crashing into a tree. the coroner's office said this 26-year-old died of blunt force trauma. he was skiing on a intermediate run when he collided with a struck a tree. he was not wearing a helmet at the time. he had been living and working in breckenridge. he was originally from new to this 11-year-old boy we showed you a little bit of earlier, he's showing up tiger woods on his new turf. >> the boy pulled off an amazing shot on today's new course -- tiger woods' new course. [ applause ] >> that's awesome. >> get it in the hole! >> this 11-year-old will never
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it was the opening at the blue jack national. it's a course that tiger woods helped design. frazier took the shot and can this guy train me, he's like that. >> he's so cute, isn't he? >> that's awesome. it's been a staple at the five parks neighborhood for about a decade now, but the food isn't the only thing that makes jack's bar and grill so special. >> jack miller opened a coffee shop in nevada nine years ago. at the time he hired one person with disabilities, he hired more and he realliedized how did he indicated the employees were for their jobs. now, it's a coffee shop bar and grill and prep kitchen. the employees are 70 people with disabilities, a blind pastry chef and a hostess who has autism.
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opportunities, and everyone gets paid and somehow the lights are on and if i can make money, that's even better. >> he's a selfless guy. >> this is a chance of employment and independence, many of these employees have never had. >> every day it's made from scratch every day, it's designed that way to offer as people. >> that's great. >> we'll have more on jack's at 4. >> wouldn't you like to support jack's, now that you know about the good it does to help others. that goes along with impact investing. their investments on companies and programs that are making a positive impact. >> what's great about impact investing, it's investing with the intent to improve people and the environment. you can do it to make more money. >> yes, you can.
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there's the dance troop, this was set up in the marketplace, and they'll work hard to attract 200 individual investors and foundations shopping for groups and foundations to support here. it gives back to students seniors and the homeless who live in the neighborhood in downtown denver. they need $2 million to buy from the landlord. anyone is invited to go and watch tomorrow. these are groups looking for
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nbc has teamed up with the science foundation and the us patent and trademark office, science and innovation. >> kate snow profiles an
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found a way to turn viruses into batteries. >> from smallpox to flu to hiv, viruses can be harmful. this scientist at the institute of technology is using viruses to turn new materials into batteries. >> i bet you within these billion viruses within this little test tube, i bet you one of them will stick to a battery. >> she thought by tweaking the dna of a virus she could create a virus that attracts conductive material like gold or copper to build highly efficient miniature batteries. when i first proposed this idea the reviews came back i was insane, you cannot have a link between a genetic link and a conductor material. >> when they're exposed to conductive material whether
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goes the entire length of the virus creating and in owe skilled wires. they're used to make battery electrodes and rolled out and put into a small coin cell battery. she proved that her viruses could be used to build batteries that are thin flexible and able to fit into nonstandard shapes, a self sustaining battery. >> nature is a fantastic problem solver. >> by harnessing nature's prophecies, she has been able to turn something in nature into a battery. some more. >> if the viruses keep attaching, does that mean the batteries lost longer or forever if they keep attaching.
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know, we have a place for you to go through and for other smart people. the nano technology series is on nbc take it and fill me in. >> for those who love roller fun.
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six flags are stepping up the game, they're going to have 9 roller coasters to have 9hd experiences, you can fight off superman all on the roller coaster. they'll open up at six flags in the spring marty you should do it.
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i think it would be too much. >> you need a little baggy. >> they would have to be synced perfectly to your movement or your brain will tell you different things and your stomach doesn't like that. >> note to self, i'm not doing it right now. >> send a good friend up there. >> a good friend. >> high clouds will be thin, and our good chance comes on monday. by the end of the week it's warm once again. >> thanks for hanging with us marty.
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the face that launched a thousand tweets. chris christie's blank stare hijacks super tuesday. >> now on "extra"! >> what are you doing back here? trump wins the primary, but chris christie wins on twitter. the face that stole the show. >> the headlines are hilarious. chris christie, blink twice if you need help. >> what his facial expression was secretly saying and what trump's ex-wife, marla maples thinks of his white house run. >> how do you feel about possibly being the first


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