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tv   9 News at 4 O Clock  NBC  November 3, 2016 4:00pm-5:00pm MDT

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help of an oral medication, but now she's trying something different, an implant. >> it's such a sense of security. >> reporter: the probufen implant is placed under the skin of a patient's arm and slowly releases the drug which attaches to receptors in the brain and reduces the craving for opiates and symptoms of withdrawal. patients have to have taken the oral medication before they can get an implant. >> we'll check in with you every day for a >> reporter: dr. nathan moore of med now clinic in aurora is one of 15 doctors trained to surgically implant the implant. >> patients can lead a pretty normal life without having ups and downs, withdrawals and being out of work. >> reporter: the drug in the implant has been available in oral form since 2002, but that can have drawbacks like forgetting to take it or taking too much or too little.
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taking their medication, that have lost their medication or had it stolen. also some patients divert their medication, so they sell it to somebody else. >> reporter: but the implant prevents that from happening in six month intervals. some patients may have to use that for years. >> i am really excited. i think it's going to go really well. tomorrow is a whole new day for me i feel like. >> reporter: maya rodriguez, 9news. >> another fascinating effort to try to fight they democratic. the implant -- fight this epidemic. the implant costs nearly $5,000. some major national insurance plans have indicated they will cover it. the company also offers financial assistance to patients. the man known as big al was laid to rest today after being brought through five points on horse drawn carriage. albert bill al richardson was a long time leader with the five
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denver. big al owned a popular nightclub. he was also a long time deacon at the grand memorial church of god. the 89-year-old air force veteran was buried in fort logan. search crews think they're closer to finding the body of a missing toddler in wyoming. they are looking in a landfill where cheyenne's garbage located. the 13-month-old was last seen in cheyenne october 22nd. his mother's boy friend logan rogers has been charged in the toddler's death. he told investigators silas died after falling from a corporate at home and he put the -- from a counter at home and he put the boy's body in a counter. berthoud high canceled classes today after a teenager was found dead inside. deputies got a report of a missing person early this morning. a teen boy left his home and
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his safety. his parents told police he may have gone to the school. when deputies arrived, they found a door open at the school. it wasn't soon after that they found the boy's body. there is no threat to the school, students or staff. anyone with information is asked to call crime stoppers at 970-221-6868. you can remain anonymous. sunny and mild across the metro area this afternoon, a gorgeous day outside. meteorologist becky ditchfield is outside in backyard, a gorgeous evening in store for all of us, too. >> yeah. it's a perfect day to be out here. we've got gorgeous temperatures continuing through this evening into the weekend. the downside to all of that, though, still is no rain, at least not in town. take a live look outside where it is blue sky. we've got a couple high thin clouds on the horizon. that's it. what i want to show you is the current drought monitor. while we don't have any severe drought conditions across the
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collins is under a moderate drought. most of the rest of the state is under just abnormally dry conditions with the exception of northwest colorado. so we really could use some rain, at least east of i-25 soon. mountain areas do have a chance for some of that rain and even snow in the forecast as we get closer to the weekend. it's 70 near downtown denver, 69 at dia, officially 74 up in greeley, longmont 701, 507 for estes park, idaho springs at sitting at 68 degrees. not a whole lot is happening around the state at the moment, but to our southwest a low pressure system is bringing showers to parts of arizona and new mexico. that will push in towards colorado and that's going to be bringing our mountains that chance for rain. for the remainder of the afternoon and the evening temperatures hanging out in the 60s till about 6:00. we'll get down to 57 at 7:00 with fair skies and at 8:00
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same headed our way including for the weekend. so we'll talk about that and a little time change that's coming up in a couple days here soon, too. >> nice tease, becky. but it's good weather for folks that might be going outdoors to a football game. >> absolutely. >> those of us inside will look outside and say wish i was. all right. thank you. >>th election presidential candidates donald trump and hillary clinton are focusing their attention on florida and north carolina, both big battleground states. if the ball campaigned for clinton in -- president obama campaigned for clinton in miami today warning voters if turnout is low, trump will win. the former ku klux klan leader
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>> just a few days ago donald trump was endorsed by the official newspaper of the ku klux klan. do any of us have a place in trump's america? >> no! >> we have to find a better way to talk to each other, to disagree with each other, to respect each other. >> that, of course, melania trump. she came out to support her husband today in pennsylvania. it's the first time she has campaigned without her husband. north carolina is getting a lot of attent says it plans to send election monitors to four north carolina counties. one of the counties, cumberland county, is being sued over reports thousands of voters were illegally removed from the system. the elections director told nbc news last week about 3,000 voters were removed. the state says the removals are people are. federal law says otherwise night days before an election.
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are legal. federal law says otherwise 90 days before an election. the naacp filed a lawsuit. >> every new yorkian should be angered by -- every north carolinian should be angered by this type of activity. we will have an immediate restraining order and these persons will, in fact, be allowed to vote freely. >> voting rights advocate year saying the state failed to process thousands of voter registrations through the dmv. a federal judge last week said north carolina likely violated the voter registration act. north carolina is a battleground state in the presidential race. analysts say it could also shape the control of the senate. political leaders in britain are sorting through a
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european union. a leader in the european party says he's worried the country will try to block or delay the exit from the eu. a court ruled the government can't start the process for brexit as its known without involvement of the parliament. >> the government is disappointed by the corporate's judgment. the country voted to leave -- by the court's judgment. the country vote to leave the by act of parliament. this judge in important and complex matters of law, it's right we consider it carefully before deciding how to proceed. >> as always in british parliament, the peanut gallery weighs. the government said it will appeal the decision to the supreme court. the white house is urging britain and the european union
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nearly a 1/4 of people polled in one denver survey said they'd had job loss or can't find work. now one project is working to make sure that those folks have a hand up. more than 100 service providers working with a group called denver's road home provided free medical exams, legal help, employment advice and other services for hundreds of people today. this was a one day event open to all ages of people homeless or at risk of becoming homeless. the executive director of road home said th difficult to navigate at times. >> the most important and the most frequent display is just gratitude. i think people understand their situation. they appreciate the fact that there's a city and a community that are aware of their issues and more importantly are willing to come out and do something about helping them navigate that system. >> denver's road home is a city
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the homeless all year-round. work still happening on speer boulevard heading into downtown denver, but it should wrap up soon. i don't know what soon means anymore. we've told you this a few days now of it was expected to be completed yesterday and before that even. public works says crews have been working to replace a concrete steam vault under the road. xcel said the underground vaults are deteriorating, so the road could collapse if the vault doesn't get repaired. it has to get done. the lanes will that should be -- repairs are completed. that should be soon. the longest championship drought by any major american sports team shattered. the chicago cubs fans are still not leaving the ballpark. they are living in the moment saying this happened. it happened. this is a live picture outside of wrigley's field. >> as they should, soak it in. fans have been there since last night.
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very late 10 inning game, what a game it was. nbc reporter jay gray has been awake since the win last night. >> reporter: it was an all nighter, a party that spilled into the morning, thousands filling the streets around wrigley field packing bars and taverns across chicago, a celebration 108 years in the making. >> i don't believe it. the whole game, i was like is this really going to happen and i don't believe it. i don't know what to say, man. >> this is a dream come true. >> reporter: a dream and for years a nightmare of futility shared by generations of cubs fans. >> the last time the cubs had won thomas edison was alive and they hadn't invented sliced bread yet. >> the cubs won the world series! >> reporter: a win that for cubs fans is the greatest thing since sliced bread in a world
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seven and extra innings before it was decided, the championship so important to this city. die hard fans waited all night just to get a glimpse of the team coming home with the trophy and the party continued here at wrigley field all day, fans drawn here after generations of waiting for a world series win. hope tested for more than a century and for the cubby faithful unwavering, faith championship and a new place in baseball history. jay gray, nbc news, chicago. >> it's a game people are going to be talking about for the rest of baseball history. it was something else last night. >> but to think that -- first of all i thought two thoughts. i don't even know if they tried to have school today because you know kids stayed up all night long trying to watch that, but watching the faces of
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it was like no, no, we can't lose. it was just so scary. >> that told you everything you needed to know about what was going on in that game. it was so back and forth. it looked for most of the games like the cubs were going to take it clearly, no problem and the indians rallied. >> yes, they did. >> it was a fun game to watch. >> you know some of those indian fans are hurting today, too. the biggest celebration still to come in chicago. tomorrow the fans will line the streets of the >> we know how fun that is in denver. the internet has pretty much taken over everything, but people still want their newspapers to chronicle the historic event for the cubs, so much so that. iconic chicago tribune actually ran out of its hard copy. >> good problem to have. the tribune tweeted today own a piece of chicago history.
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not long after was a tweet didn't get your paper today? we're on it. there's a link to their site. it says we hope you can wait a few more hours for your hometown newspaper chronicling the victory. the late game and big demand to make it was really hard to handle. it's exciting because they are that local newspaper and a lot of people don't support the newspaper the way they used to. >> be cool to do, frame it in your man cave. >> even people around the >> it's history. colorado state fans will appreciate. this the school's president, tony frank, made a really interesting prediction in february. he tweeted it's a rare csu snow day. does this nine 2016 will -- does this mean 2016 will be the year the cubs win the world series? well done. from cubs fans to buffs fans, folsom field ready for a
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taking on the bruins. >> as we head to break, here's
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woman who was jogging near south university and crossland way was hit by a driver who didn't stop. deputies say marcus slide fled the scene. tina bener was left with physically devastating injuries, five surgeries to rebuild parts of her body that were shattered to pieces. however, she never lost sight of her goals and has an even bigger focus, something she has believed in a long time and tina is joining us >> thank you. >> first of all, the past year what you have been through, how in the world did you get through? >> i was able to get through with my family, my friends by my side, my church, my faith and just the outpouring of love from complete strangers, the countless cards and prayers sent my way. it was really humbling to be in that position. >> so many times we hear about these things and we wonder whatever happened. now we know what you went through and it was a teacher
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the road like an hour after you were hit. we've gone through the whole trial and you have great forgiveness in your heart, too. >> thank you. accidents happen. it was just something that unfortunately happened that morning, but all i could do was look forward and make the best of it. i wasn't going to wallow in the pain and the suffering that i went through. i just wanted to take what happened, put it behind me as be that's after countless physical therapy, my physical therapist and then also i work with a trainer who works to get me stronger and my family by my side. i don't want to be defined by this accident. this is just 1 little notch in my life and i want to move forward from this and be a better person. it sounds kind of like a cliche, but i am a better person and i hope the people
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what i've dealt with and how i've dealt with it. >> well, i know they are in many ways, in far because what's really neat is several years ago you got together -- in part because what's really neat is several years ago you got together with a group of women to have a fall market to help a young girl who didn't have the means to get to college get a scholarship to go to college, help her through the testing to get throug college and you started this and made crafts and vendors and it's really grown. >> i think back six years when we first read a book and really shared a common goal of wanting to better the education for young women and it could make such a difference in a young woman's life if she's given that opportunity. >> the fall market is saturday from 3:00 to 6:00. the address? >> 205 west county line road in
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the owner has been gracious enough to left us use the space. >> great women vendors there 3:00 to 6:00. be there and know that tina is helping to pay it forward continuing even after surviving something that should have taken your life. >> thank you. i appreciate that. >> thank you so much. we hope you continue to heal. >> thank you. >> nice to see tina walking around in our newsroom today. next your photos could be making you an easy target, what
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if you have a homeowners association but don't know where to turn for help with problems, we are having an hoa line 9 today. volunteer at the community associations of colorado are here to take your questions, the number to call 303-698- 0999. lines are open until 5:30 tonight. posting pictures and tagging locations on instagram may not seem like a big deal,
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are calling geo stalking. an investigation by our sister station in st. louis found hackers can easily use information found online to find you. safety experts say geo stalking is fairly common now. deleting social media accounts often doesn't help because hackers or stalkers will pull locations of photos friends maytag of a person. recent examples include the pokemon go robberies and the kim kardashian jewelry heist. >> the software so the more you tweet from a particular location, i can actually start to see exactly maybe this is where she lives. maybe this is where she works. >> frightening stuff. to help location controls you can turn off the feature on your smartphone. ultimately experts say just be careful what and where you post. no one is safe from these types of privacy issues. the mayor of el paso, texas, says more than $3 million in
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separate payments for a downtown streetcar project to be directed to fraud lent bank accounts. -- fraudulent bank accounts. city leaders learned of the scam in october and it concerned someone posing as a vendor to obtain payment. a new system is being introduced that uses coffee couples made of bamboo. shop owners say the disposable paper couples with plastic lids produce a lot of waste -- cups with plastic leads came up with a program called just swap it. when a customer buys a reuseable cup, they have a deposit of over 4 euros which they get back when they return the cup. so far they like it. >> a few shops around denver are doing something similar. we're back to warmer weather and it won't cool down soon. >> no.
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outside and the rise is real because the stands are going to be filled and we won't see this otherwise, the rise. becky is back with the forecast for if you need a jacket, maybe
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need to make it in the job world. that is the goal of the organization welcome back, everybody. providing women with the tools they need to make it in the job world is the goal of the ga outfit. 9news reporter christine noel explains. >> reporter: sometimes it's the smallest things. >> holy cow, look at those legs! >> reporter: simple like a new pair of shoes. >> that's amazing. oh, my gosh. >> reporter: that can spark a fire in a woman's confidence. >> yes. >> reporter: for kelly cash she just landed a new job for the holiday season. >> what do you think? >> you look fantastic.
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>> i love the sweater. >> me, too. >> reporter: so she came here to dress for success, an organization aimed at empowering women by arming them with the tools they need to thrive in the business world. >> allows women to come together, learn from one another and have opportunities to shop in their boutique. >> reporter: it all begins with helping them look and feel the part. >> oh, yeah! >> reporter: for no charge at all. for many it's a game changer. >> i wanted i wanted to be more and do more. >> reporter: it is here where cara burns got her fresh start. >> struggled with drug and alcohol addiction for many years, pretty much since my teen years. >> reporter: that addiction and life around drugs sent her to federal prison for 2 1/2 years. she was released in 2013 ready to turn her life around starting with a job. >> i needed clothes. i needed an interview outfit and i didn't have a lot of money. >> reporter: she was referred to dress for success and they
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for her interview and five more when she landed the job. >> it made me feel important and it gave me some confidence. >> reporter: and now she spends her time giving back to the organization that helped her and so many other women take that first step in a great new outfit. >> i like these shoes. >> reporter: and a fancy new pair of heels. in denver christine noel, 9news. >> an important first step, right? >> it is. >> you dress right, you feel good. >> you're going to al interviews and any i've got to present myself in the right way. >> dress for success is by appointment only. volunteers help each woman find exactly what they need. >> it's important to know a lot of people want to donate to dress for successful they're in need of all business a to taper, jewelry, land bags -- business attire, jewelry, handbags, all that information
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shape. donate. we want to remind you manufacture the men at 9news, some -- many of the men at 9news, some more obvious than others, are participating in a great cause growing facial hair. >> how am i doing? >> there's a little bit of envy going on. drew always does well, too. >> last year the 9news people raised almost $18,000. we ranked third overall in the no shave team leaderboard, so we're pretty good okay? if you're interested in not shaving or donating, go to we have an article with a link how to donate to our no shave november campaigns and a link to start your own competition. we encourage you to donate to the shining stars foundation, an awesome colorado foundation which takes kids living with cancer and their families on cool trips and excursions.
4:34 pm people have some pretty funny comments. >> you had some good ones today. >> we'll leave those out of here. twitter is hilarious right now. please donate. we would love for your assistance. >> those photographs last year at the end. >> give us a couple of weeks. we'll get back to that. saves me 15 minutes in the morning. >> it does cut down on your time to get ready. >> which is >> men have it so easy. you definitely don't need the facial hair right now which is something you typically need in november. >> becky ditchfield is in the 9news backyard, no need for the beard for warmth. >> no kidding. you might be on the warm sidestepping out and about. it has been so mild recently, the afternoon temperatures continuing that way the next couple days. yesterday cooler, but today back into the upper 60s and
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the weekend even into parts of next week. let's take a live look at what's going on. this is fort collins, mostly sunny skies over northern colorado, looks beautiful at the csu campus, not a cloud in sight even as you look out towards the foothills. here around up to we've got mostly sunny skies -- around town we've got mostly sunny skies in denver, calm winds and not a cloud in sight. it's just been stunning here. temperatures officially got up to 69 degrees at dia. average. our average high 58, the record 79 which was set way back in 1915 and we didn't get anywhere close to breaking that today. we won't be back in the 70s likely for a little while. 70 now around fort collin and greeley, ray 77, 72 around lamar and burlington, springfield cooler at 67. we're at 52 in leadville, 59
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grand junction. here in the 9news backyard with mostly sunny skies our current temperature 68 degrees. so beautiful out here in the 9news backyard, quite a bit warmer than yesterday. in fact, as we look at that 24 hour temperature difference, we're about 8 degrees warmer now than this time yesterday, 5 degrees warmer around greeley, 7 degrees warmer in fort collins, 11 degrees warmer around steamboat springs, just about everywhere across the state a little warmer around the region, not a lot going on in colorado, no rain, no snow right now. out to our south and west we're noticing some scattered rain showers throughout parts of arizona, into new mexico, becomes more isolated. that is an upper level low. that upper level low will slowly make its way closer to colorado and it will take some of the moisture over arizona and push it this way. do we see a chance for rain
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no. we will see increasing showers throughout our mountains. let's talk about how all that times out. 8:30 tonight we're still dry from the western slope to the eastern plains. we'll be clear along and east of i-25 and clear up to the mountains. 9:00 tomorrow morning we're also still very dry along and east of i-25, also still dry in the mountains, but by tomorrow afternoon at about 3:00, 4:00 that's going to change. that upper level low gets closer. it's going to bring in some of that moisture. its way into those southwest san juans. that area of moisture is going to stretch north as we go into friday and saturday and by saturday afternoon it will be close enough here to denver to bring us clouds, no rain but clouds and then out to our west to our foothills we'll see a chance for some showers. also as we head into the next couple days, next couple hours, in fact, we have a pretty big
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mentioning. the buffs play tonight and we're looking at mostly clear skies, 50s, cool, calm conditions. it's looking good. then those temperatures will tumble into the 30s for overnight lows, 39 in denver, 33 greeley, 37 fort collins. eastern plains will see 20s, 30s and 40s for lows. 29 sterling, 40 our low for burlington, 35 in between there for yuma. in the mountains overnight lows in the 20s and 30s, low 40s across the western slope and similar in temperature to us tomorrow. highs in the upper 60s there, 50s for most mountain areas of denver reaches 69. so does greeley, fort collins 68 and 70s on our eastern plains, middle 70s stretching from sterling down to go lamar. so again tonight denver 39 our low, clear skies, winds southwest at 5 to 15 miles per hour. tomorrow 69 the high, sunny start to our day as we see some of that rain and snow increase
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town, winds southeast 5 to 10. a chance for some showers in our foothills saturday. saturday's high 66. we're going to get a few more clouds here saturday, but we won't get the rain. we're breezy. skies clear sunday, 68 the high, 63 monday, a little cooler and then after that we're stuck in the 60s even throughout next week. now a couple different things going on on that calendar, we're voting tuesday. we've got great weather to go out and about place and over this weekend i think a lot of folks will look forward to. this daylight saving time ends officially 2 a.m. sunday. that means saturday night before you go to bed we're all going to sent those clocks back one hour -- set those clocks back one hour. we'll get an extra hour of sleep, so bonus coming up this weekend saturday night into sunday. i know i for one am looking
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sleep that extra hour. >> i was going to say becky, have you been able to train the little ones? that's the problem. >> they come downstairs and say it's wakeup time and i say no. it's nighttime. >> put them in their place, becky. >> until they keep poking me in the eyeball saying can we watch tv? i want to see a movie. >> open your eyelids and say are you awake yet? >> boy, this sounds like ryan needs that extra hour because he works early sundays. >> i'll take it. movie stars are in denver for the 12th annual denver film festival this week. >> next why denver is such a
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the denver film festival now underway slow casing new films of all varieties right in our own backyard. >> filmmakers, actors, writers and directors will be in town the next several days. they will watch and discuss more than 250 films.
4:44 pm
off last night with stars like actress emma stone. her film la la land was the first screening. the film is a musical set in modern day los angeles where an aspiring actress and jazz musician played by ryan gosling struggle to make ends meet. stone talked about how she was able to connect with her character. >> i think audition the song kind of in the end that my character sings, the lyrics of that are about being a fool who dreams and making a mess and how it's kind of worth it to make the mess. i definitely related to the lyrics of that song and those ideas. >> the festival screenings will be at four locations, the c film center on east colfax, the festival annex on west colfax, the ua denver pavilions on the
4:45 pm
house. >> the 10th annual denver arts week starts tomorrow, but the city is kicking it off today with a new public mural. the mural will be in the santa fe art district on santa fe drive. denver arts week is meant to expose more people to art in the metro area. for example, the colorado ballet taking 20% off some of its upcoming productions of the nutcracker, so that's pretty cool. there are deals with the denver museums of nature and science as well. more than 40,000 people are getting ready to pack into buffs fans are excited. >> the buffs are back in a big way and playing ucla. aaron matas is back live next
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we may have mentioned that boulder is quite the place to be right now and especially tonight because the buffs are ready to take on another pac-12 contest against the ucla
4:49 pm
year or two. it's like usc, ucla, but not anymore because the buffs are ranked 15th this week in the college football playoff top 25. >> plus ucla is not doing so hot. >> no. they're having an off year, but we'll take it. >> 9news sports reporter aaron matas live at folsom field. tonight is the blackout game, everybody dressed in black excited for the big game. >> reporter: yeah. there is plenty to be excited about here in boulder. we just haven't seen this in quite some pac-12 south conference. they control their own destiny right now in terms of reaching the conference championship game. a win tonight would give them five wins over conference opponents this year. get this. that would match their win total for the past five seasons combined. so this is kind of unheard of in recent history for the buffs and they're favored to win tonight big time expectations
4:50 pm
favorites over ucla. this rebuild has taken some time. bumps fans have had to have a -- buffs fans have had to have a lot of patience and we had a collapse to ask head coach mike macintyre about the process. >> roll up your sleeves and hard work and young men that kept believing and they stay here. in today's world as you know, everybody wants a quick fix. it's not going good, transfer. our guys stay. they kept working and kept believing in us as coaches and be they also believed in the comradery of a team. they're a true team. iron sharpens iron and they really have done that. it's fun to see that. it really inspires me that young people still want to do that. they're leaving that legacy here for the guys behind them. >> reporter: cu with four regular season games remaining, three of the four right here at folsom field. so they are set up to make a run at that conference
4:51 pm
is their goal from the beginning of the season. kickoff is set for 7:00 against the bruins. >> hey, your beard is looking okay, pretty good, by the way. you're getting there, almost as good as mine, just saying. >> reporter: i had a little head start, which i need. >> it's like sticking with it. you know, the buffs, they stuck with it, this team that a lot of people didn't believe in two, three years ago. maybe a year from now you could be beard. >> reporter: that's right. ill just have to hold out the home -- i just have to hold out the hope, stick with the process and trust those around me this will work out. >> by the way, really enjoy the game. it will be good. i bet the weather is just perfect up there. it's a good environment to be in right now. >> reporter: absolutely. it was interesting hearing mike macintyre talk about the game this week. he said, "we're excited to play
4:52 pm
let's do some of these 3:00 or 4:00 kickoffs because it's beautiful at folsom field. he likes playing under the lights but wouldn't mind playing in this atmosphere either. >> and that backdrop is good for recruiting seeing the flatirons. >> enjoy the game. >> reporter: thanks, guys. if you're looking for a good cuddler, we have just the pup for you.
4:54 pm
4:55 pm
friends at clear creek rescue have brought us heidi. she is just so sweet. heidi is -- put your face up so everybody can see. there you go. heidi is a 1-year-old black mouth kerr. she is a real love bug, super sweet. she's got a great temperament and is eager to please. she came right up to me to say hello and sniff my hand just a little bit ago. she is crate trained and she is learning to walk nicely on a
4:56 pm
instinct and could be a good choice for a multiple dog home or even a sole companion and she would like her person to be around as much as possible. she also enjoys chasing the frisbee and daily hikes. she is spayed, right? >> yes. >> she is spayed. she's up to date on her shots. so we really need to find heidi a good home. i tell you what, she is so sweet we actually had to rc had her head on our laps just wanted to be loved on. she is such a good dog. so let's find her a good home. 1-year-old, that's it. >> she looks like a good cuddle buddy. >> for sure. >> we'll try to find her a home, shouldn't be a problem. we do that pretty well here on 9news. >> we'd love to have a little update on that. in fact, speaking of bandit. we say we have a great success rate. it's really not us.
4:57 pm
faces, but we told you about this little dog on tuesday, bandit, and bandit was with the humane society of boulder valley and remember, bandit had been hit by a car but was doing great and stuff. that's why they were like let's find a perfect family. >> he had kind of some hip issues and stuff, but look, he's doing better walking around and now he has a new home. that is awesome. thanks to whoever picked him up and gave him a new home. i'm sure he's nice and happy. >> i think sometimes you ar beginning, new life. i'm taking him. >> he looked like a sweetheart, so good stuff. >> heidi is the next one. >> no problem. heidi will be adopted by tomorrow with that cute face, love her. >> that will do it for us right now. stick with us for 9news at
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next at 5:00 what prosecutors say is fueling this year's higher homicide rate in denver. >> also ahead gives americans a glimpse into her role as first lady if her husband wins the presidency. >> and a republican group showing a lead for hillary clinton in colorado next on 9news. >> this is 9news. of the 51 homicides that have happened in denver this year only eight of them were gang related. compare that to 21 gang related deaths at this time last year. another type of murder is
4:59 pm
police and social workers puzzled. >> statistics show one in three women over the course of their lifetime will experience domestic violence. >> it's an unfortunate topic to consider only as numbers. so here are the faces. consider maira cordero and her mother raquel stabbed to death july 22nd allegedly by angel chavez who has two children with myra. an arrest affidavit shows they had lived together despite not getting along. >> there certainly can be of embarrassment in reaching out for help in identifying that you're experiencing some sort of abuse or violence, but there also can be a lot of fear. in many abusive relationships there's a lot of threats about if you ever tell anybody what's occurring, it will only be worse. >> reporter: margaret abrams is director of the rosed rose
5:00 pm
opened the same day cara was shot and killed by her husband. >> the center is it trying to make easier access to resources and services for domestic violence victims. >> since opening the center has served hundreds of women and children, work that seemingly will never end. of the 51 homicides in denver this year 10 were because of domestic violence. last year there was only one domestic violence murder in denver. >> unfortunately i don't have a good answer to that. >> explaining the spike is of an abuse -- difficult as understanding the mind of an abuser. abrams says public awareness will be key to addressing the problems. >> we're also hearing from a number of family members or friends or co-workers who are worried about someone that they care about. >> abuse is a ticking time bomb which is why she and the denver police department in the wake of these too many deaths are asking if you see something, say something.


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