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tv   9 News at 5pm  NBC  November 10, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm MST

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the transition of the power of the executive branch is underway. president elect donald trump was in washington today. protests of our future president continued across the country in the form of student walkouts, people taking to the streets. today marks 70 days until donald trump's inauguration becoming the 45th president of the united states. he met with president obama at the white house today. president obama said they talked about organizational issues in setting up a white policy. president elect donald trump said he looks forward to dealing with the president, consulting him in the future. the transition between presidents is a major undertaking logistically a massive amount of work that has to happen in the next 10 weeks to hand over the federal government to trump's new administration. politically speaking there's a delicate dance between trump and president obama, two men very much at odds. here's 9news political reporter brandon rittiman. >> okay. well, i just had the
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president elect trump. >> reporter: well, this is awkward. >> we had never met each other. i have great respect. >> reporter: after an hour and a half behind closed doors barack obama and donald trump set aside years of personal attacks saying they share a common goal now. >> a transition that insures our president elect is successful. >> reporter: the transition. it's a multi-million dollar project. the federal budget includes $9.5 million to help donald trump take over the ra that pays for office space, transition staff, consultants, travel costs, government and charter aircraft, communications, printing and postage. >> we discussed a lot of different situations, some wonderful and some difficulties. >> reporter: we didn't get a lot of specifics. staffers were not in the meeting. despite the new cooperative tone, there's still bad blood according to president obama's press secretary. >> he said on monday froth is
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is temperamentally unfit to be commander in chief, uniquely unqualified. >> the american people decided. the election is over. >> reporter: they didn't resolve their differences, but the two spent a lot of time talking about staffing the white house. president elect trump known before this for firing people on tv has a lot of hiring to do. he's got 4,000 political appointments to fill he hopes before inauguration. on his way out he got some free advice on dealing with the -- current president on dealing with the press. >> don't answer questions when they just start yelling at you. come on, guys. >> donald trump was a different kind of candidate to be sure and sources from the colorado trump campaign say he'll be a different kind of administration. allergy than looking for people who -- rather than looking for people who served in the last republican white house team, trump said they're looking for
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sector to fill these jobs of they're taking applications online. go to their website if you have a burning desire to work for the trump presidency. inauguration day is coming up on january 20th. >> are you going to try to apply for one of those 4,000 positions there, brandon? >> they have a remarkably detailed application form where you can upload yours are play and all kinds of stuff. >> it see jamie diamond's name floated around as treasury secretary, jpmorgan's chief. >> the cabinet appointments will make news as they come down the pike. there's a lot smaller pieces of the administration that need people to run them as well. >> brandon, thanks so much. after meeting with president obama trump met with house speaker paul ryan to plan the agenda for the nation. the president election says he wants to appeal and change
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deals, reform taxes and build a wall on the mexican border. donald trump's presidential transition is marked in part by demonstrations across the country. today in san francisco more than 1,000 students walked out of high school classes, marched to the city's financial district carrying a rainbow flag and signs. thousands have taken to the streets around the country since tuesday including students here in colorado. trump supporters have taken to demonstrators they're hypocrites for not accepting the democratic process. tonight there is a planned protest downtown at 5:30 outside the capitol. beware if you're driving through the area. it could affect traffic. democrats are coming to terms with their new reality, a republican controlled washington in both houses of congress. >> this is the most incredible
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my lifetime. >> we've been given a temporary lease on power, if you will, and i think we need to use it responsibly. >> democrats have shown signs of looking for common ground. house minority leader nancy pelosi called donald trump yesterday and said the infrastructure projects he talked about earlier are a starting point to agreement of bernie sanders is promising to work on trump with policies that help lives of working families. however, democrats are preparing for a fierce fight ahead trump's vow to choose a more conservative supreme court nominee. as for the clintons who have been on the national stage since 1992 when bill clinton was sworn into office, the future is unknown. friends of them say they need time to reflect and absorb the reality. theme have their choice of book deals, corporate advisory boards and possibly academic
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of book deals, corporate advisory boards and possibly academic affiliations when they're ready. the principal of jeffco junior senior high school is on administrative leave. 36-year-old anthony edwards is facing domestic violence charges. he was arrested tuesday. according to a letter sent to parents, the incident did not involve students or staff at the school. the husband of a csp trooper killed last year while trying to stop a drunk driver is suing the man who hit her and the bar alcohol before the crash. jaimie jursevics was killed by eric henderson last november as she directed traffic on interstate 25 near castle rock. she was on the highway assisting another trooper with it a crash. henderson was returning home from a broncos game. according to court documents, he drank during, before and after the game. a civil lawsuit is seeking unspecific damages from henderson. it names brooklyn's, the bar
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henderson was drinking after the game. the suit alleges brooklyn's served him alcohol when he was visibly drunk. want want reached out to brook -- 9wants to know reached out to brooklyn's. they cannot comment at this time. denver police say a man facing charges now 20-year-old steven wiley accused of killing one person and wounding another. as officers took him into custody, an rtd transit police officer grabbed up a child and carried her out of a potentially dangerous situation. 9wants to know reporter anastasiya bolton found out that officer was jerry torres. at 6:00 we hear what was going through his held as he tried to get the child to safety. children's hospital colorado is taking part in the nation's largest autism study. several colorado families will join the research. 9news reporter victoria sanchez talked with a mother about what
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>> reporter: 7-year-old griffin has autism. >> the diagnosis is devastating, absolutely devastating. >> reporter: mom george ann learned her son had the developmental disorder when he was 1 1/2 years old. since them the family has depended on a combination of behavioral therapy and patience. >> for instance, my child did not say i love you until he was autism is still mysterious. >> there isn't one cause and a lot of times we really don't have one specific reason to tell a family what has caused the autism. >> reporter: dr. sandra friedman with children's hospital colorado hopes that will change through the nation's largest autism research study that will gather medical and behavioral medication, family history and dna from 50,000 families across
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join. >> his autism is like an on on. as soon as -- an onion. as soon as they feel back a layer of it, there's 10 more layers we didn't realize that play a roam. >> reporter: the subjects collect saliva from each family member and then it's mailed in. george ann knows answers might not come right away but one day might help griffin and other children. >> i can rest easier as a parent knowing that some did today could affect his life 30 years from now. >> reporter: in aurora. >> that's what i hope to get out of it. >> reporter: victoria sanchez, 9news. >> the study is for adults and children with autism. children's hospital of colorado would like to line up about 200 more participants by the end of the year. there's more information on the story at if you'd like to join. another beautiful day and what was a beautiful week, highs in the 60s, but it will
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>> history is made for the colorado legislature for who will leave the statehouse of representatives. >> a fashion exhibit coming
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colorado's house and state will soon have new leaders. they're already talking about what they want to tackle first before they officially take the helm. >> getting to work, coming up with a transportation statewide plan. we'll look at education. we want to make sure that every boy and girl in the state are able to reach their full potential. >> transportation funding is probably first and foremost, construction defects still one
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with the house. >> republican kevin grantham was chosen as president of the senate today. house democrats elected representative crisanta duran as speaker of the house. the current speaker and president are retiring. they reached term limits. voters in the city and county of pueblo voted to keep its flourishing marijuana industry. voters rejected measures to close 10 recreational marijuana businesses including dispensaries, cultivation facilities and businesses that make into storing water right under your feet. crews are using huge drilling rigs to collect soil samples and underground aquifers. during good rainfall and snowfall years they would be able to store excess water to use when we're really dry. denver water says this is the first step in seeing if a system like this could work in the future.
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on no cliches like the force is with denver art museum, although we were tempted. star wars and the power costume opens sunday, features more than 70 original costumes designed for the seven films of the star wars saga. among them the lavish gowns, uniform of troopers, there is an explanation of what inspired many of the costumes and artistry of each piece. >> just the level of detail of these costumes, some are on film only a few seconds and they're absolutely amazing. >> organizers think this exhibit will attract visitors that otherwise would not consider going to an art museum. it runs through april 2nd. i didn't see dv8 in there
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fan and i'm going. >> i'm going to go. warm today and a little cooler tomorrow. >> there could be some much
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no heavy coat needed in the backyard tonight. i'm meteorologist kathy sabine, another beautiful fall day in colorado, but this time next
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few snow flakes around here. we'll see. not tonight. in spite of a dry front coming through, mid-60s again. mid-60s in colorado where we should be in the mid-50s this time of year and we'll go cooler tomorrow and then warmer for the weekend ahead of that chance for snow next week. currently 55 degrees, winds northeast at 9, calm in the backyard outside the studios, 64 degrees downtown. you know what? the storm system that tracking is approaching the northern mountains but doesn't have a lot of moisture. steamboat continues to make snow, as does keystone, many of our favorite resorts having to postpone or delay opening dates because of the lack of snowfall. don't panic, holiday skiers. we have some mountain snow coming in before thanksgiving. you wouldn't know it by looking at the water vapor imagery. we have a few showers in southern texas, a little moisture on the pacific northwest, all that moisture riding over the top of the
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pressure, a dry front moving through today, a second tomorrow and the big change tomorrow is cooler air. we're on the fringe of the really cold air in the mid-west but with an east to southeast flow we'll have potential for patchy fog on the eastern plains late tonight. other than a few high clouds drifting into the southern mountains that fog tomorrow morning, mostly sunny in the afternoon and temperatures will be seasonal. cold night tonight, 22 in leadville, 29 in steamboat, 34 in greeley, 38 in pueblo. high temperatur and stay there, the coolest day of the extended period will be tomorrow, but a good travel day. headed to idaho springs, blackhawk no issues, light sweater and 50s. in the city tonight, a few early clouds and then clearing. patchy fog to the east with overnight lows in the mid-30s. sun is up tomorrow at 6:39. kids will need a jacket at the
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about freezing, mid-50s by lunchtime. i don't know we'll touch 60 tomorrow with a cold north wind behind the secondary dry front. for the weekend back to the upper 60s on saturday, mid-60s sunday, close to 70 monday, 70s are possible tuesday and wednesday as well and it is thursday into friday that we have a chance for a few flurries here. it does not look impressive. it does not look great, but it's there and certainly be colder and the mountains will see some beneficial snow. beautiful cloud cover around the area, high and midlevel clouds coming in. we are tinder dry at the surface, that moon tonight so beautiful, the waxing gibbous moon, a cool day with temperatures in the 60s. we'll all be out there, adele, ryan, myself, kim, everybody
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these locations. you'll find the 9news personalities to greet you. you don't have to get out of your car. we'll take your nonperishable food items. of course, your cash is welcome. we'd love to hear what you think about the election, weather, anything. come out and see us and we'll chat. >> it's so much fun. we're doing new coats this year. we want to see a lot of people out there. >> something we don't think about in this weather, but it's coming. eventually that cold weather is >> let's help our neighbors and get to know some of you guys. just ahead the nuggets will have their work cut out for them at the pepsi center.
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the dow set a record today, broader markets closing mixed. the dow rose 218 points to close at 18,808. the s&p ed
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when you find something worth waiting for, we'll help you invest to protect it for the future. financial guidance while you're mastering life.
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from colorado's sports leader here's drew soicher. >> hi, everybody. broncos star von miller was able to handle dancing with the stars judges len bruno and carrie's criticism, so some punter's opinion can't hurt his feelings. miller couldn't help but notice that marquette king was mocking his dance moves. king has studying von's dances. however, instead of getting angry miller thought the concept of a dancing punter was fabulous and enjoyed the show. >> punters dancing, they always say it's a no fun league or whatever it is. you got punters out here dancing, that's dope. if the score was different, it would have been even doper. nuggets have just their
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town. nugs should have to head back to denver with momentum, but their road trip ended with a loss to the memphis grizzlies on a buzzer beater. it was the most dramatic finish to a cross-country state championship we've ever seen and the winner hardly remembers how it happened. 9news prep reporter taylor temby is still catching her breath. >> reporter: races are typically won at the end. but on occasion they're decided before the gun is even fi harder. >> reporter: at this year's state meet denver north cross- country runner kayla young. >> to maybe try and kill her legs a little bit. >> reporter: -- was going to put her best shoe forward with the idea maybe it would pay off. >> even if i try something new and it's risky, the worst that can happen is i'd get second again. >> reporter: young finished as runner-up to katie rainsburger in the previous two state meets.
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chance for an individual title and it all came down to the last stretch. >> when you're down to the last straight-away, your only thought is to get to the end. >> reporter: she was trying to catch quinn mcconnell, the 3a defending clamp. snipe just started sprinting. -- so i just started sprinting. my legs were like no, we're not doing. that. >> reporter: 70 yards from the finish line kayla's eyes went from her opponent ground. >> i definitely thought it was over when i fell. >> reporter: but then mcconnell's legs quit. foot race suddenly took on a literal meaning. the winner would be the one who could stay on their feet and cross the finish line. kayla gimped across. >> from the time that i got back up till like the finish i really don't remember that
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>> reporter: for now the only thing she does remember will have to suffice. >> i have dreams of it. >> reporter: staying on the podium. taylor temby, 9news. strange but drew, the first round of aeneid bank challenge in sun city, south africa, was delayed due to a pack mongoose. about 20 of these slender mammals ran across the green, strange but drew. >> there's so many of them. >> mongoose said to be very smart animals. however, if that was true, they would be driving a cart on the golf course. >> they were getting exercise. >> they're slender and carnivorous. anything else? >> evil mongoose, no shot, just
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hitting the ball. did you notice that? and then stopped and kept going or eating the ball probably. >> they go rogue and they're carnivorous? watch out. >> mongooses. they're not generally dangerous. >> they're very cute. >> nbc nightly news is next.
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tonight, face to face inside the oval office. obama and trump, bitter political foes, meet for the first time. the president who accused trump of being unfit to serve and trump, who accused obama of being an illegitimate president. what they said b anti-trump protests erupt around the country. also, where hillary clinton was spotted today smiling after that devastating defeat. plus, "nbc nightly news" exclusive, we have the names of the people president-elect trump wants to have access to america's top secrets. some surprises and some controversial. officers ambushed while responding to an emergency. a gunman opens fire. and the app trap. just in time for the holiday shopping rush, crooks and thieves are infiltrating the app store.


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