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tv   9 News at 6am  NBC  November 16, 2016 6:00am-7:00am MST

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a car is on fire. this is what firefighters have been dealing with. a car on fire on i-25 north on greenland road. it blocked the right lane and should30 the fire started after the car hit a deer. nobody inside the car was hurt. >> that's good. glad to hear nobody was hurt. here's your wednesday morning kick start. amid reports that his transition team is in turmoil president-elect donald trump tweeted overnight say things
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the two vice presidents will have a meeting today to talk about the transition of power. denver and aurora police department say they will not get involved in forcing federal immigration laws. it is in stance about are president-elect donald trump's call of mass deportation of undocumented immigrants. it looks like an amendment to move slavery as a punishment for crimes in colorado to the constitution will fail. no votes are leading now. it be close enough there will need to be a recount. a jury convicted a man from greeley for killing his girlfriend's 2-year-old son. 34-year-old john white killed michael laura in 2015. his conviction carries an automatic life sentence. broncos line backer von miller is trying to stop the release of a the extape. "tmz" and smoking gun is
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lawsuit in los angeles. taking a live look at downtown denver. we are in an attempt to clear out homeless camps on tuesday failed. several people refused to leave broadway and lawrence. city crews will try again today. could today be summer's last gasp? we could see 70-degree temperatures today. high 70s before cooler temperatures and we head our way tomorrow. 9news meteorologist marty coniglio is joining us from the backyard. >> reporter: we came up short yesterday. today i think we'll break the existing record of 77 degrees. we did this in 1941. today i anticipate us to be somewhere between 77 and 80 for a daytime high. i do think we'll break this record high today. we have a storm headed our way tomorrow. now it is starting to show us a more northerly track than what
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heaviest snow further north. panhandle of nebraska, black hills, the southeastern part of wyoming and central wyoming as well as the colorado mountains. which leaves us a little bit on the dry side of this storm. yeah, it is going to be colder tomorrow but we may see 15 few 15 -- may see a few snow showers limited in the metro area to fort collins. heavier snow along i-80. east of vail pass tw inches. west of vail pass five to ten inches by friday morning. we are going to get the snow starting up later tonight. we'll stay good morning to sky9. they are over 25 near santa fe. showing us a smooth start between the central corridor connecting with the downtown and lakewood drive. everything is looking clear here. as we come out to the cdot camera there has been a big problem along i-25 northbound at greenland. a car struck a deer.
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fire. earlier this morning it was a big ball of flames. now the flames are out. there is gray smoke coming out of the vehicle. nobody was injured. what is left is a right shoulder blockage of the drive northbound and big backups. about half a mile delays leading up to greenland are still in place. it is a big curiosity factor. you'll see a lot of flashing lights. southbound speeds are still doing fine. coming up we'll talk about the east side of town and your drive out here as long as we can to hold the cops off. >> we are humans. we are not dirt. we are not garbage. homeless people refusing to leave after the city started clearing a downtown homeless camp. city says it is dangerous. the homeless say they don't have anywhere else to go. we have been at this camp site for the last few days. crews are heading out there again today trying to clear these people out of that area. >> reporter: that's right.
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people they would have to go for a few days now. they had yesterday marked as the day they would start clearing out these blanket forts and piles of personal belongings along this corner at broadway and park. these are similar to two other camps they cleared this year. they are dangerous and filled with human waste. unlike the other two camps some people are refusing to go here. this camp has been growing around the block of samaritan house at lawrence and broadway. homeless people shelters. they say they are suing. they should have a quite, right to rest. they turned the camp into a protest. they say they don't want to leave the street and give up what little they have. >> they want me to go in samaritan house with one bag. i have nine. if i have to give up nine bags yes i can go into samaritan house. but in the end where am i going
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down? >> reporter: we anticipate the police being out here today. it is unclear what they'll do unless they arrest people. >> thank you very much. this morning we are hearing conflicting reports of team trump on whether or not his transition is in turmoil. the president-elect took to twitter overnight and this morning saying things are okay and very organized and running smoothly. congressman mike rogers left on tuesday. house speaker paul ryan is showing a united front with the president-elect. >> this leadership team is unified. this entire house republican conference is unified. we are so eager to get to work with our new president-elect.
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reelected paul ryan as house speaker again. hillary clinton is making her first public appearance tonight since the election. she last spoke a week ago today after her loss to president- elect donald trump. the children's defense fund in washington, d.c. will honor her tonight. she once worked there as a young staff attorney. it electoral college will take away last week's victory from trump. one colorado elector is trying his best to make that happen. he is required to wrote for hillary clinton's with colorado's other electors since she won colorado. he is appealing to pick any republican except trump in december. he talked about his idea for a
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marine. i don't believe trump has courage and commitment. we have 34 days. i don't think the majority of the american public would mind if we avoided a trump presidency. >> on friday 9news is airing an hour long let's just talk special. it is an on going series with kyle clark that brings together people with different political views for an honest conversation. it is friday night 6:00 to 7:00. c-470. -- 9news. you can watch the second half hour on wind in the foothills is going to create high fire danger. similar situation in the valleys of grand county and for the southeastern plains. red flag warnings out for extreme fire danger for those areas during the day. storm track in. it really hits the mountains the best. especially west of vail pass.
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in nebraska is where we'll see some of the best snow for the winter storm watch area and the plateaus about two to five inches of snow. 8,000 feet west of vail pass five to ten. not bad. >> they are looking forward to it. >> thank you very much. two sides separated by their strow points and separated by a thin stretch of roadway. >> there have been a lot of protest overs the dakota access pipeline in north dakota. this one was a little different. >> you really and great sense of a different place. sights, sounds and flavors from a world away nestled into
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beautiful start to the day. predawn sky is fantastic looking from sports authority field at mile high all the way to the eastern side of the metro area. in the weather center today we are tracking this storm to the north and west. it is snowing in the southern portions of montana. that will sweep into central wyoming. mountains of central and
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ten to 18 inches of snow from this storm. we are not going to get that much around here mainly because the storm track is too far north. partly cloudy conditions for us during day today. 70s to 80 degrees. very windy in the foothills. curving along e-470, c-470 through the southern and eastern sections of the metro area. that's why we have the high fire danger in those parts of the front range. dry statewide today. we'll begin to see the snow move in the mountain areas late tonight. tomorrow morning. they are friday morning when the storm starts to wrap up. warm, windy in the east. windy and warm in the mountains. 79 record-breaking highs. much, much cooler tonight. mid 30s for you with cloudy skies. a midday pop up snow tomorrow. it is not going to be a big deal at all. it will be a lot cooler in the 40s here and 30s on friday.
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6:13. cdot has been over 25 and mississippi. it is clear. denver is kicking off their wednesday waking up hitting the roads. both directions of 225 are accident-free. slowdowns are starting to impact us. we are dropping out of the 50s into the 40s in parker. our i-25 drive around greenland dealing with a cleanup of a car fire from earlier this morning where a car struck a deer. no two lanes of traffic are getting by. backups not too bad. you'll encount our half a -- encounter half a mile of delays. prepare for sun glare. the 9news traffic app help you once you leave the house through the day. >> thank you very much. this week we are taking you around colorado to places with great stories hidden in plain site.
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gems. today andrew takes us a world away with a quick trip to a tea house in boulder. >> reporter: surrounded by the sounds of a bubbling creek it will be easy to think you are somewhere else. >> i have been coming here since i was two. >> there is not architecture like this. teas are amazing. >> it is a classic boulder spot. it is really fun. >>yo house you get a great idea and great sense of a different place. >> reporter: lenny, the owner of the tea house says there is a good reason for that. >> it is a design to put their culture in boulder. >> reporter: the whole building is from somewhere else. >> city of boulder decided to
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[indiscernible] >> reporter: that was in the early 1980's. trailblazers were trying to break the ice of the cold war. >> it is to bring cultures together people to people versus government to government. >> reporter: it took years to get the word through. >> they set out to build a sitting house. >> reporter: dozens of artisans crafted the tea house and shipped it to boulder where 200 pallets another for another few years. >> i was drive big the tea house at that point. i saw >> reporter: that's when martin got involved. >> i said that could be a really cool restaurant. >> reporter: nobody had a good idea what they were doing with this giant jigsaw puzzle. they could not figure out where the front door was. >> everything was in russian or persian language. we needed help. >> reporter: they to bring out a couple of persian artisans to show them how it is done.
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carving this plastic. >> reporter: they opened the tea house in 1998. 20 years later they share food from all over to people from all over. he keeps trying to piece together that international puzzle that's the foundation here. he thinks he is doing a good job. >> i wish it was because of my food. but the tea house is one-of-a- kind. it is definitely a treasure. >> it is a cool place. if you know the history it is cooler. >> boulder returned the favor and opened an internet cafe in 2009. >> another colorado gem. a florida man sentenced to 65 years in prison is now a free man. >> who was the first person waiting to give him a hug when he got out?
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welcome back. the man aused of killing a southwest airlines employee at an oklahoma city airport carefully planned the ambush. oklahoma city police say the gunman new michael winchester's routine and waited outside of the airport shooting him as he walked between a crowded terminal and the employee parking lot. the gunman then took his own
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he . north dakota pipeline protest called it a national day of action. dozens of people were arrested. protesters in north dakota have been going on since august over the controversial pipeline. tuesday it was different. people in support of the north dakota pipeline showed up and stood on opposite sides of the street in bismark. supporters weren't as vocal as those against the pipeline but their message was ea divide in our state now. how are we going to mend this? do they not think about that? once they are done they are done. they are going to leave and it is going to be left to us to clean up. >> standing rock and other tribes believe the pipeline will contaminate water supplies and ruin sacred grounds. forgive and forget is the motto of a florida woman shot in the face 26 years ago.
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opened arms when he was released from prison. he was 13 years old when he shot her. he started writing to her from prison and a bond was formed. after he was aleased they shared a meal as a free man blocks away from where the shooting happened. >> for her to be there for me 26 year, three months and ten days later after our incident it was just so amazing for her to be there. >> she said reunion with a long lost son 26 years in the make. he is in alabama in a reentry program. he has several people helping him look for work. he even wants to write a book one day. >> the gift of forgiveness. he was 13 at the time. two minnesota zoos are trying to raise awareness for charities. they got into a twitter war.
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warnings twitter. more on the cute competition coming up. here's a check of the weather and the traffic. >> the best of social media. >> absolutely. for us today the best of the sunrise just getting ready to come up over the horizon. we have warm conditions. 40s, 50s and 60s because of the strong wind in the foothills and then curving along and south of the metro area during the day. we'll have fairly strong winds up i-25 between here bad. tomorrow minimal snow middle of the day when the front comes through. a few flakes will be flying around. a couple places might get a brief bust up to an inch on the grass. it will melt down fast. >> thank you very much. it is so dry out here we now have a better of the car fire after a car struck a deer. the car burst into flames. what i want you to notice is
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we are lucky fire crews were able to get there quickly. this could have spread. delays exthe tend -- extends
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get ready for this. i guess opposites attract. paula abdul, new kids on the block and boys to men are coming together at pepsi center for an 80s, 90s flash back concert. tickets open to everyone on saturday. this is concert in 25 years. it is an online battle for cuteness supremacy. two zoos in minnesota in a war
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twitter with the help of adorable animals. the zoo upped each other on the cuteness scale. the zoos are going back and forth. we posted it to our facebook page if you want to see more babies. they are all cute. it. it will make you feel great. go to our facebook page and enjoy it. >> that's the kind of twitter war we can several nba franchises
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overnight president-elect donald trump tweeted to respond to reports that his transition team is in turmoil. >> we have we'll get them out. president-elect says he plans to deport millions of undocumented immigrants when he becomes president. the reason two of the biggest police departments in colorado say they won't be part of that. it seemed like a no- brainer. could a simple vote to get rid of slavery as a punishment for crimes in colorado be doomed by lack of clarity. a tale of two seasons for colorado over the next 48 hours. tomorrow we expect cooler temperatures and possible snow.
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high temperature. >> it sure looks that way to me. i'm staring at the phenomenal sunrise in the backyard today. for folks working outside it is already mild. we'll be fishing into warm territory during the day. if you are on the west side of town or down south it is going to be windy at times from central denver up north. i don't think the wind will be too much of an issue for us. dry across the state here. several areas with advisories now. we'll start r afternoon through friday morning in mountain areas west of vail pass. winter storm watch out for five to ten inches of snow. storm is moving further north. we'll see better snow in wyoming and nebraska. in the mountains of central wyoming ten to 18 inches of snow out of this particular storm. for us, because the storm track is shifting just slightly further the north that puts us on the very southern edge of
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no moisture for us. cold front comes through tomorrow. might get a couple pops of snow showers here and there. a minimal snow more the front range. it will be better along the wyoming and nebraska borders. let's check in with sky9 view. it is an incredible view out there. unfortunately we are looking at a new crash that's popped up here along your corridor. the location is i-25 and 6th avenue. this backup will be northbound on 25 in no lanes are blocked. backups are still light overall. we are looking at our travel times across aurora. 225 will see northbound and southbound backups 20 minutes for southbounders. northbound less than that. 12 minutes. average speeds are dropping down in the southbound stretch
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after the car hit a deer it burst into flames. nobody in the car was hurt. an area of grass caught fire along with the car. luckily everything turned out the best it could. the backups still extend for half a mile. >> thank you very much. fighting and chaos are said to be taking over inside president-elect donald trump's transition team. he he said the process is so organized and only he knows who the finalists are for his cabinet. several people have left the team after trump replaced new jersey governor chris christie at transition chairman. mike pence took his place. future vice president mike pence is in washington, d.c. today to have lunch with the man he is set to replacement he'll be meeting with current vice president joe biden at the
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bidenen plans to attend the luncheon. it is a question being asked more now that trump is president-elect. will local police be enforcing federal immigration laws. two of the biggest police departments in the state have been getting that question a lot this past week. 9news reporter tarhonda thomas is in the information center with more. denver and aurora police decided to address the issue. >> they did. they were getting just that many questions on it. denver and aurora police will law. this is not a reaction to trump's election. it is standard policy at both police departments. they don't plan to change that. worried residents have been contacting them. people like brandy who became to the u.s. when she was 15 are concerned they'll be deported. denver's mayor says the city will comply with federal laws. immigration enforcement happens on a federal level. years ago area police
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immigration and customs enforcement. they say that made people reluctant to report crimes for fear of big discovered as undocumented. they don't focus on immigration enforcement and they don't plan to start under a trump presidency. >> our policy is not based politically or on personal beliefs. it is based on the security of our community. we want to make sure everybody in our community feels are able to report crimes if they need to. >> it gives a little relief knowing that relationship the immigrant community created with the police department, they are showing up now. they are showing their support. but we are still afraid. >> in an interview with 60 minutes trump dialed back some of the tough talk on immigration this weekend. he said he'll only deport people who committed crimes and
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denver and aurora police made it clear their officers won't be doing that work. >> thank you very much. in response to the president-elect's plans to deport millions of undocumented immigrants the colorado immigration rights coalition plans to hold a rally at the state capitol at 11:00 a.m. they are calling on lawmakers at the city, state and national levels to protect immigrants and oppose any anti-immigrant efforts. several nba teams decided they are not going to stay at trump hotels the milwaukee bucks, memphis grizzlies and dallas mavericks will find another place to sleep while they are on the road. according to eight nba teams are still scheduled to stay at trump branded hotels during the course of the season. twitter is suspending a number of accounts assaulted
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steve bannon is a tied with twitter suspended them before but never this many at once. while many people in cities across america are protesting our future president some people in greece spent the night protesting our current president. thousands of people marched through the streets of athens protesting president obama's visit there. a lot were clubs in their hands. they say they are not happy about u.s. foreign policies and how they are affecting greece. think back to amendment ton your ballot. you probably had to read it a couple of times to understand it. the amendment will remove a line from colorado state constitution that allows slavery as a punishment for a crime. today we still don't know how this is all going to play out. 9news reporter colleen ferreira
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on this one. >> it is possible. the margin will be so close in this one. it is possible it could warrant a recount over here. 2.3 million ballots were cast. no is leading now. that means line in our state constitution that references slavery as a punishment for a crime will stay as is. the exact wording in our constitution states quote there shall never as a punishment for a crime. colorado replaced the measure to eliminate the language on the ballot. supporters say the constitution should be updated because it represents a time in trust when not all people were seen as human beings or treated with dignity. opponents say the amendment may result in uncertainty in prison work requirements and community service programs for offenders. if it doesn't pass, it is close
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the lack of clarity on the ballot. some say the wording was simply confusing when you read it. >> thank you very much. a man from greeley told investigators the family dog knocked his girlfriend's 2-year- old son down the stairs killing him. the jury did not buy it. tuesday night jurors found john white guilty of killing the boy in 2015. he said the family's pit bull the man who aurora police say stole a car and fired his gun while they chased him will be in court today. police say in september james draper fired multiple shots. he eventually pointed the gun at officers when they caught up to him. he is now facing attempted murder. broncos line backer von miller in the middle of a sex tape scandal.
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miller is ton name -- the unnamed athlete of a lawsuit filed last week in los angeles. a woman in california was trying to get miller to pay $2 million to stop the release of a homemade sex tape she made. a judge order the woman to keep it private until a hearing next month. miller and the denver broncos are not talking about this. we have a phenomenal sunrise going on across the front range today. up into the foothills of larimer county you can see beautiful glow along the horizon there. warm conditions anticipated during the day. windy in the mountains stretching up and down the front range all the way through southeastern colorado where winds will gust 30 to 40 miles per hour. that combined with humidities down in single-digits at times are creating extreme fire danger for southeastern plains, south and east of parker and castle rock. central portions of grand county and the front range foothills.
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november 16th is national fast food day. consider the definition of fast food. it doesn't have to be burger and fries. fast food is considered any meal with low prep time and served in a packaged form or quick dine-in or takeout and typically with a drive-thru. what is your favorite fast food splurge? live strong bracelets, trucker hats and tall white
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time. their football team is getting
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united airlines tickets will be getting more
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with the ultra low cost carriers like frontier airlines. there is a catch throw. the fare comes with restrictions like being nonrefundable and passengers won't be able to pick their seats. there is add-on charges like baggage fees. first it was the epipen then insulin. now patients are comparing to price of life-saving drugs their north payments. >> people with diabetes need insulin. the amount of insulin has gone up 90% since 2012. only three companies make insulin. they all compete with each other price wise which drives the cost up. with no generics on the market companies are free to raise the list price to $300 a vile. >> that is a lot for a vile of
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$24. >> $24 to $300. the drug has not changed. just the price. there could be relief on the way. next month there will be a cheaper alternative coming to the u.s. market. . this morning 9 wants to know coverage of rising drug prices continues online. we are getting a lot of feedback from yo experts on facebook live. like 9news for notifications later today. that's a facebook live starting at 11:00 are a.m. to answer anymore of your questions. night affects just about everybody. colorado is putting digital drivers licenses on the map. the two year pilot program is being rolled out in idaho, maryland and washington, d.c. digital drivers licenses will
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>> any time you need to present your drivers license or identification card at the airport or law enforcement it would be handy to have that digitally available so you don't have to worry about losing it. >> the program would not immediately do away with physical drivers licenses. details need to be worked out on when it starts and who participates. morning as far as the sky has gone. we are seeing a beautiful sunrise over the area live in boulder and the flat irons looking nice. a few high clouds over us during the egg -- during the day. they'll give us upper 70s for daytime highs. 50s and 60s in southwestern colorado. no snow in the mountains today. it gets going tonight into tomorrow morning where we'll see better snow.
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into the 60s through prime time. we are looking at 6:49. sky9 at i-25 and i-70 crowded on the southbound stretch. sky9 is north of i-70 looking towards downtown. you are stop-and-go beginning at 58th avenue. live views of i-70 in the eastbound direction between lowell and the i-25 merger. we have a crash eastbound across that i-70 stretch leading backups near lowell drop speeds down to 13 miles per hour past federal we are around 30. broncos are on a bye week. they are not playing again until a week from sunday when they host the kansas city chiefs. that gives them and fans a lot of time to overanalyze where they are right now as a team it is no secret that the offense and quarterback struggled at times this season. denver has won seven of the nine games he has started so
6:50 am
to do better. >> we want him to be great quick. i want trevor to play at a high level as he can possibly play at down this stretch. that's important for our team. one thing about it you get in these positions regardless of who is in there, whether they played 7 game or whether they played 70 games it is time to do your best. >> i think it is good. i think he expects a lot out of me. i of myself. cu boulder cracked the national top ten for the first time in 15 years. they moved up in the latest colorado playoff football poll. t he next two games determine the cu plays for the pac-12 championship. those games will be in boulder against washington state and
6:51 am
for the buffs down to the require. we know the cold weather is
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we are talking about warm weather for the early part of the week. and cooler tomorrow. we have the front cutting through the northwest corner of utah into northern wyoming where it is snowing already. central and northern mountains of wyoming will get a lot of snow out of this storm. morning clouds will give way to afternoon sun for us. very warm conditions. windy in the foothills then curving around to the south and eastern sections of town
6:54 am
70s to 80 degrees around here. it is dry through the day. dry this evening. snow doesn't move into the mountains until tonight into tomorrow morning. don't expect a ton of snow tomorrow morning. friday morning you'll see the new snow in mountain areas. 70s and 80s in the east. high fire danger from the front range foothills, castle rock, parker to the south. 60s in the mountains. a very warm day in wyoming and nebraska before they with this storm tomorrow with several inches of new snow. record warmth for us. i think we'll break the 77- degree record we set in 1941. tonight it turns cooler and cloudy. with mid 30s for our overnight lows. tomorrow it will be colder. because of the storm track i don't anticipate a very much, if any snow around here. even if you manage to get some to stick to the glass around
6:55 am
melt down quickly. none of it will stick to pavement at all. chilly day on friday. we bounce back for the weekend. a few moments we'll look into thank you and see how the travel weather is looking. >> sounds lovely. doesn't sound like your commute will be affected by tomorrow's moisture coming in. in the meantime dry and sunny. that's the name of the game north end southbound 25 commute coming in from 120th is on the light side. no crashes near 84th or 104th. couple key crashes we are track a northbound car fire cleanup in greenland. we have an eastbound 70 wreck near pecos. backups drop back to i-76. central records of i-25 improving after the wreck northbound on 6th avenue. speeds drop 25 miles per hour.
6:56 am
bridges. eastbound 6th avenue is affected by the sun glare. earlier crash westbound merging on to sixth no longer a big issue. outside to the public transportation update if you are hopping on light rail or rtd no delays. here's a look at the top stories we are following. president-elect donald trump is up early calling out "the new york times" for report saying that his tranti turmoil. several reports are out there saying that there is fighting and chaos among the team. this morning trump tweeted saying it is going so smoothly. congressman mike rogers quit the team on tuesday in a purge of people associated with the former transition leader chris christie. future vice president mike pence is in washington, d.c. to have lunch with the man he is
6:57 am
pence's wife karen is expected to join them. tonight hillary clinton will make her first public appearance since her concession speech. children's defense fund in washington, d.c. will honor her tonight. clinton once worked there as a staff attorney. they call clinton a life long champion on children. a jury convicted a man from greeley from killing his girlfriend's 2-year-old son. 34-year-old john white killed michael laura in 2015. he blamed the family dog. as you were filling out your ballots last week did amendment tstump you? it confuses a number of voters because of the language in it. involuntary servitude is not allowed unless it is a punting
6:58 am
election officials may do a recount. looking live in downtown denver there is an attempt to clear out homeless camps. it happened on tuesday but failed. several people refused to leave the the corner of broadway and lawrence. city crews will try again today&several members of the homeless community filed a lawsuit challenging the city's efforts to remove them from public sidewalks. current storm track gives us little if any snow tomorrow. kathy will update that the day. if it shifts we might adjust the numbers. we'll have cooler tomorrow and friday before warming up. a lot of folks got out of town and come into town. other than a light rain and snow shower on tuesday it looks like clear sailing traveling in and out for thanksgiving.
6:59 am
we want to know what your favorite fast food restaurant is. it can be anything from chipotle, panera, tokyo joe's. someone said chick-fil-a. i would eat chick-fil-a any day of the week. i said except for sunday. >> that's the only day there is not a line. keep them coming. we like that. that will be cool to follow today. if you new calendar to kick off 2017 denver police department has one for you. unvailing is later today. that's coming up on channel 20. we hope you can join us for that. that's it for 9news 6:00 a.m. lots more coming up on channel 20.
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good morning. smooth sailing. despite firings and reports of disarray, donald trump tweets that his transition is, quote, very organized, as the president-elect ditches long-standing protocol and the press and takes his famil airport shooting mystery. an nfl player's father gunned down in broad daylight, bringing the airport in oklahoma city to a standstill. the shooter found dead soon after. but what was his motive? >> the crime does appear to be premeditated. >> this morning, the search for answers. the o'reilly factor. bill o'reilly takes on megyn kelly over her claims of sexual harassment at the hands of their former boss, roger ailes.


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