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tv   9 News 6pm Next  NBC  November 16, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm MST

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here illegally for sanctuary. whether trump can pull millions of funding inden rr chooses to-- denver chooses to ignore the law. these denver police officers hope to make a bigger point. a first thanksgiving for some in colorado. the mystery message that can only be seen from the sky. who is marty? we will find out, next. 2 men, 2 promises, president elect donald trump says he will cities that ignore immigration law and deport people in the country illegally. mayor hancock says this is a welcoming city safe for people who are here illegally. here is the conflict and the question. for people here who illegally who live outside denver? perhaps where local leaders would welcome deportations, is mayor hancock telling them to come to denver for sanctuary?
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denver has been a welcoming, inclusive city. we are the city we are today in terms of our inclusivity, in terms of economic vibrancy, in terms of being one of the most welcoming places in the country to live. we always encourage people to follow law. that is not what we are saying. what we say is we are not going to needlessly detain people when there is not a lawful warrant for us to detain individuals and we won't needlessly break up families when not necessary, it become as greater burden on all funding from sanctuary cities is more of a threat if he can get congress behind him. that is what we heard from metro state political professor, norman. he took us back to the speed limit fight of the 80s. >> the federal government used its spending power to tell states that they had to adopt 55 miles an hour speed limit. if you didn't, you lost some of your federal high way funds,
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said congress has the spending power and if it is legit, you can't cut somebody off completely, but you you, in a sense, punish someone for not doing what you expect them to do? the answer we have kind of, on the books, is yes. >> mayor hancock told us it is too early to tell if trump is serious about the funding threat. the mayor did say that he is not in favor of a san francisco-style declaration that would order denver city workers not immigration agents. nation wide there have been a wave of hate crime reports since the election, some will be bogus. the owner of a car that was spray pranted admit-- spray painted admits he did it himself. there are elements of hate warming to the surface. the vandalism of a tran gender woman's suv with swastikas and slurs.
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>> you don't think it would really happen in denver, denver is not that kind of town. and then immediately followed up by fear and shock. i come upon my car and see the back of it and see the spray paint on it. it just-- it is utter shock. it was very specific to the transcommunity. so i am assuming that it is someone who knew of me s had been watching and knew what was going on with me. you become fearful. that helped me through, unfortunately i didn't see who put them there, i had left to go inside, come back out and see in there. it is an immediate boost to your spirit. it helps, people see and disagree with it. not everybody is like that. i still love you.
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that is driving you. we all have fear. time to get over the fear. love each other. we keep fighting. we don't back down. we keep showing who we are. we keep showing the strength and unity in numbers. we keep showing the love. we love everybody. that is how you beat hate. >> talking about the election and its impacts is how we will move forward together, not respecting people with opposing beliefs. that is why next is airing an hour long special friday, a town hall version of our elect just talk segment to bring together coloradans who all agree on one thing: civil discourse. >> i am a registered democrat. i would vote against a democrat if i believed in a different candidate. so i don't just necessarily vote because i am a democrat for the democratic party. do you do that just because you are a republican?
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go with him right or wrong? >> there are going to be people that disagrie with me and that is-- disagree and that is fine. that is why i love this country. we can disagree. >> rather than continue in the, you know, tug of war we have going on, we need to sit down, lets just talk and come together. >> social media, last night what i want to know, i would like to know why you think that things will be better, what it is exactly and let without insulting the other party. which ever side you are on. do it without an insult or name calling. and i have to say, i lost a friend. >> we are visibly divided nation, in fear of people and their response to all of this, there are protests and beating people because i voted for somebody. that is what scares me.
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this and listen. and i believe that you can't necessarily change anybody in one conversation. i wouldn't be out here trying to change her opinion. but i am glad that we can try to work together on our opinion. >> our next hour-long special, lets just talk, friday night 6:00-7:00 p.m., we will be on tv6:00-6:30 and then continue the conversation on the next time a prescription drug company tells you to ask your particular drug, consider asking that doctor if he or she took money from that drug company. we look at the side effects of a hundred drug price increases, chris vanderveen has this advice. >> reporter: their complaints resonate. >> it is unconchinable. >> i have no choice. >> reporter: some wonder if even their doctors need to be more concerned. >> i don't think anybody in the system is taking into account the patient's financial health. >> reporter: the side effects
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has a reason or 2 or a hundred thousand reasons, head to there is a link on our website. plug in your doctor's name and you will see if your doctor accepted payments from the pharmaceutical industry. here is why you should care. in 2013 we found 8 of big players in pharmaceuticals handed out 64 million and change 2014, the give aways hit 152 million. last year 178 million. payments to doctors nearly tripled in 3 years. so try it yourself. be warned, you just might not like what you find. >> chris has been saying, dollars to doctors doesn't imply wrong doing but it is worth considering. chris told our entire newsroom to go to the website the next time we interview a doctor about a drug so we can be more transparent in our reporting.
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something officers families which we would remember every month-- wish we would remember every month of the year. the chance to share thanksgiving dinner for the first time. a sign usually visible only if flying over the front range. >> we did a double take at the computer, am i crazy? or is it written thon building?
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denver police officers released their first ever police officer calendar today. they are not shirtless, so, come on now. eyes up top, ladies. this is not that kind of calendar. a group of officers wives compiled it. it features men and women who work for the police department but it shows them doing what they love to do outside of work. goals to show the human side of officers criticized in mass for the actions of a few. flip flow and you will see familiar faces who news stories, including tony lopez shot in a traffic stop last year. they are sold on amazon with proceeds to the denver police foundation. thanksgiving is the best when you are a kid, you make the pilgrim hat, trace your hand, boom, it is a turkey. you eat your face off. no judgment from anybody. there a school in westminster where thanksgiving has a bit more meaning. we visit through the lens of photo journalist anne herbst.
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with so many traditions. >> can't get enough corn. >> just getting the pumpkin pies ready. >> warming the stuffing. >> reporter: of all the traditions, the kids table has always been a favorite at westminster's hodgkin university. >> where did they come, boys and girls? >> reporter: marine has been cooking thanksgiving dinner for her classes for 15 years. >> the reason why we do this is because we love all of you very, very much. >> reporter: this is more than >> compare and contrast. >> reporter: this is a history lesson for the students. >> why do people immigrate? >> reporter: english learning. >> they came from america, but from where? >> england. >> reporter: a concept a lot of them understand. more than half of the 120 kids are immigrants. >> for many this will be their first thanksgiving in the united states. i thought it was important for them to know our history and the
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>> the pumpkin pie and mashed potatoes. >> i can't believe all these features did this all for us. >> you were hungry. what would you like? >> reporter: it is a day they will remember. >> i have received letters from kids in high school, do you still do the thanksgiving? >> how are you doing? >> reporter: making the stress of cooking for a room full of kids worth it. >> you did a great job. >> reporter: something mrs. willy can even be thankful for. >> i love teachg. for. >> reporter: for next, this is anne herbst. >> beautiful, boys and girls.
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we won't spend a bunch of time telling you what the weather was like. seems pointless. seriousl record in denver. dear weather, we love you. >> dear weather, thank you for the amazing, beautiful days. >> dear weather, you did what you could. tomorrow it is going to be cold. but thanks anyway. >> dear weather, thank you for being so warm. >> i have never seen weather like this.
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we call it forecasting fun. i am meteorologist kathy sabine. the warm before the storm. a beautiful evening in downtown denver after that record high they mentioned of 80 degrees. we will see the number cut in half the next 2 daywise the arrival of a fast-moving storm bringing heavy snow to the northern and central mountains, a trace to lower elevations, rain. dia may see at least 1/10 inch of precipitation, making it the first official snowfall of the season but it is the high country reports doing well with up to 10 inches of snow at steamboat, aspen, vail, tellier ice, key stone, 3-6 inch tlz. winter weather and travel advisories have gone up. we expect a dry overnight period tonight. we do expect a dry drive for you
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tomorrow afternoon, fast-moving band comes cruising through and that system is bringing a mix of rain and snow around the area. as we look at the forecast for denver for tonight, we are calling for calm and quiet conditions with our low just about 40 degrees. tomorrow, that will be just about our high temperature with, again, a bit of a rain/snow mix in the afternoon. clearing by about this time tomorrow night. lows fall into the teens. friday looks to be cold, windy, nice weekend warm up coming up and temperatures will we love solving mysteries, this started with a google earth search. someone spotted a message on top of a warehouse in broomfield. they thought it was a frank and asked us to check it out. what anne herbst and i found out was far from a prank, actually a pretty beautiful story. >> reporter: sometimes the best hiding place is right in plain sight.
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something and miss the whole picture. >> 12 stations, 10 in the air, 2 on the ground. slap the toes, i want to hear it. >> we are a circus performance country. >> reporter: bet you didn't expect that in a building like this. >> you never know what you will find around here. >> reporter: you never know what you can find. >> lines straight. >> reporter: slow down. >> did a double take at the computer, like am i crazy? is figured it was some weird thing a programmer put in for body. >> reporter: a mes-- buddy. >> reporter: a message on the roof that simply said "hi, marty." >> we joked about it, showed it to members and life went on. >> reporter: like life so often does. little did they know the folks holding the answer to their 2-word mystery lived right down the street. >> gale bench is marty's wife. >> he thought it was so cool. >> reporter: she can tell you
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groomfield sky line. so can randy law. >> that is the sign, the "hi, marty," sign. >> reporter: randy owns the warehouse and hired marty's nephew to paint the roof. >> 52,000 square feet. >> reporter: 52,000 square feet of white paint. no wonder boredom set in. >> he asked if we could paint a message, we talked about what he would put up there. he was thinking "hi, mom." or something like that. marty was learning to fly at the airport right across the highway from the roof. >> i said, look, marty could you fly over my building, take a picture so i can put on a brochure? >> reporter: marty had no idea what he was in for. >> he was so excited. he was like, honey, i got to show you something. i got to show you something. he showed it to people all the time. whenever he took somebody out,
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>> reporter: a billboard sized way to give back to a guy who gave so much. >> marty is one of the best human beings there was. he was an oral surgeon. he did a lot for free. i would guess one of the only faults i can think of on marty is he gave too much. >> reporter: marty's love for his family, friends&community was never hidden. >> marty was a hell of a human being. >> reporter: the next part of the story is not hidden either. >> we were ozarks and marty said i want to tell you all something, he said i want you all to know that i have done everything i ever wanted to do in my life. i have the most wonderful, beautiful wife. i have grand children, if i died tomorrow, i would die the happiest man. i got up and hit him and told him not to say that. i am like, don't say that. and he died the next day. >> marty's friend was behind the wholes when the small plane
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airport, the plane went down. >> at his funeral, people were standing outside the building while the ceremony was going on. to show their love for marty. >> reporter: a memorial that everyone could see. >> makes me smile. >> reporter: yet there is another that lasted even longer. >> i offered to have someone put "rip" underneath it. >> i told him i thought it would be cooler-- i know he looks down on us. i have no doubt. i for him just to see "hi, marty." >> reporter: 2 words most of the world may never see. but for the man who meant so much. >> he was very loved and that shows it right there. >> reporter: they are right there in plain sight. >> he still is very loved. >> reporter: in broomfield with photo journalist anne herbst, i
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joanne young writes your statement that president elect trump will deport illegal
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try being a journalist and get the truth. joanne will have deportation, humanely." "for those here illegally, they have one route to return home." joanne, we can't be together if you don't love facts. no show tomorrow night. thursday night football. hour-long lets just talk special
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?[ music ] ? welcome to the broncos
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huddle. i got a couple of receivers who were nice enough to postpone their vacation for a couple of hours. i feel a little like trevor siemian to have you here. it's so nice that you guys won that game before the bye weekend, and jordan played a part with that big touchdown right off the bat. >> he made some big plays for us. but everybody is talking about the touchdown. but just his he caught it for 18 yards, and that got us into field goal range. then he catches an amazing pass. i knew he was in the entire time. >> we've seen these amazing catches you made during training camp. you made this catch, and you got blasted. actually caught it twice, i think. >> which you don't want to do. you want to catch it the first time.


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