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tv   9 News at 10pm Repeat  NBC  November 18, 2016 1:05am-1:45am MST

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? ? ? ?
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? ? [ cheers and applause ] ? >> carson: that was explosions in the sky on "last call." "the wilderness" is the name of their new record. we'll be right back with our "last call" spotlight. ? $3.50 sub of the day at subway, there's never been a better time to try something deliciously different... ...because every day of the week, you can now get a featured six-inch subway sub for just $3.50. so mix up your lunchtime routine, and treat yourself
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? >> carson: welcome back. it's the "last call."
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call" spotlight. check it out. ? >> i swear a lot. and i do have to stop swearing so much, because it ruins the show 'cause you have to bleep it out. i think i need to make my [ bleep ] better [ bleep ]. you know? like i don't -- i don't want to waste my [ bleep ]. if i was like, riding on a sea doo and all of a sudden there was like dolphins, and i'm like under the water, go pro on, i come out dolphins go over me, rainbow, cameras capturing t what the [ bleep ]. like that's a good [ bleep ]. but if i'm just there just being like on the beach, eating like a taquito, being like, oh this is a really good [ bleep ] taco. it's like, don't say [ bleep ] there, man. but if there's the dolphins and [ bleep ] light and that, that's when you say [ bleep ], that's the good [ bleep ]. does that make sense? >> oh, it makes perfect sense. >> [ bleep ] ? i'm matty matheson and i'm the host of "dead set on life," the greatest tv show in the world. galaxy, universe, infinity.
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back for season two of "dead set on life." this is the party i've been looking for. i'm going to do more. travel more. there's a cow down here on the beach. eat more. i'll have the fatty brisket. >> i just don't want to be a glutton. >> neither do i. ? >> who am i? i'm an amazing world class chef from toronto, canada. you know, got a few restaurants in toronto. doing some stuff on the internet chef. chef guy. ? how good of a chef do i think i am? i don't know man, i'm pretty good. i don't know like -- i don't know. i'm good. i'm definitely not the chef that's on television in the kitchen, right. like, there's definitely two -- like, when i do the how to videos, i'm kind of yelling and like being funny and like, some fans take that to the hundredth degree and like, they'll come in the restaurant and be like, what the [ bleep ] is up. what's going on, matty?
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restaurant. i don't know like, why you think like, i'm like that all the time. or i met a guy at the shoe store, dude was like i can't believe like how like you're really quiet. i'm like, i'm by myself looking for a pair of shoes. do you think i'm just like going to walk around and like punch someone in the back of the head or like, what's your [ bleep ] expectation of me? ? from the time i like was a professional chef, 2005/2006, you know i had about a 10 year span of being a psychopath. my personality is very high lot. i used to do a lot of drugs. i loved partying. i loved cooking. i would go to other peoples restaurants and chug wine or rip my shirt off or like, you know like i was an animal. i was young. our industry embraces that. we want to be vikings. in my mind, that's what i thought was cool. now i look back on it and it's like kind of ridiculous. and i was often very, very drunk or really, really high. >> just [ bleep ] eat it. >> i can sort of squeeze it out, yeah. >> that's good.
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>> i think the show is me experiencing things that i've never experienced before. traveling, eating, meeting people and kind of getting just a little bit -- a layer deeper than usual. i love restaurants because it's such a human thing. it's the one time when you can't lie. you eat something an it's just [ bleep ]. it's [ bleep ]. you know? and you eat something that's amazing and it's amazing. i love that about it. there's no lying. and i think with television you can manipulate some stuff but it's still -- we're trying to make a show where we don't lie. person that's suppose to be on television. if i'm vulnerable and excited and willing to listen and talk to these people on camera and hang out and just see a little bit of their world then, i think that that's amazing television. everyone has a cool story. everyone has been broken. and everyone's put themselves back together and you got to wake up everyday and you've got to [ bleep ] live. >> do you want to like go over there? maybe see if we can see like footprints or a hole or something? >> it be like looking for a
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>> needle in a football stadium. well, it's like looking for a seal in the god damn arctic. that's exactly what it is. the show has been able to bring me to so many amazing places. go to louisiana, hanging out with like cheeky blakk. she's like the queen of twerk or invented twerk. we go to nunavut. nunavut is crazy. it's, you know, the arctic up in canada. and that's places like being on the moon, you know. it's above the tree line. just craters and ice and snow. and insaneik i want to make it even more intense. like i want to start having like more like, docu-style, actually and have like more cameras on all the time. 'cause there's things that you miss and you're like [ bleep ] what were we shooting at. we're like no, that woman just said that like black people need to stop talking about slavery 'cause it was a long time ago. what? that old woman i louisiana. someone said that. horrible person. yo. racism? get out of town. no go. all human.
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get used to it, you freaks. confederate flag, suck my [ bleep ]. ? if everyone acted like me, the world would be a better place. so start acting right. be nice to people. give love. learn how to cook, you'll be a better person. and then you cook for many people, then all of a sudden they're happy. world's a good place. food is the best thing in the world. food and laughter. start laughingor start cooking [ bleep ] things up. learn from it. and then all of a sudden you're laughing at yourself, laughing with the other people in the room, you're having a good time. world changed. ? >> carson: don't go anywhere. more "last call" is on the way. we'll be right back. to keep up to date with the very latest celebrity news, videos and pictures, be sure to check out
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? >> carson: that's our show. a big thanks to everybody here at 97.1 amp radio for letting us hang out. before we go, we're gonna send you over for a little more music. here are explosions in the sky, and we'll see you soon. ?
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? ? ? ?
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? ? ? ?
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? ? revenge of mariah's ex. is he trying to destroy her new s show? ? >> the new drama as we catch the backup dancer lookinger and mo
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in danger? >> the new investigation into charlie's ex. we have the disturbing police car. >> shelley duvall'ssfall from fame, struggling with mental illness and her cry for mental health today. >> if i say i'm healthy the first thing they'll do is hurt me tonight. and we hit the beach with the stars of "baywatch." watch out zac efron and the rock, i'm on the set with the women giving the sexiest man alive a run for his money. >> what >> dwayne. >> never rock or daddy like you call me. daddy. >> now for november 17, 2016, this is "entertainment tonight"o weill mariah's ex-fiance destroy her dock you searies? >> mimi looked just fine when she took the stage last night with her famous new accessory, that infamous new backup dancer. ? ? >> there's mariah last night on
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backup dancer brian tanaka, but check out what this guy does. he escorts mariah on stage and we see the handlingering a few seconds on her waist and proving he could be boyfriend material and he hoists her daughter monroe on to his shoulders. clearly mariah is moving on and does her ex james packer wants to be erased from her life? footage of him edited out of mimi's docuseries. >> i don't know what other people think about me, and they don't know my story. they don't know my life. >> apparently, packer is all over the first episode and he wants e! producers to take him out, but this is where it becomes a he said/she said. the team says that's totally falsee but our mariah source says the bulk of the show is them planning a wedding. he's using bullying tactics to
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your dock you searies? >> i don't know. he's not really that type of, let me be a star type person, so i can't force that. >> so where's packer now? we are told hees in seclusion in buenos aires. all e-mails are now bouncing back and the phone numbers are disconnected. >> more from our mariah source. that demand of a $50 million inconvenience fee which james' side obstruction? the two are at a standoff and while packers' lawyers have tried to get the engagement ring back, no way, if i've got it, you can be sure i'm going to wear it. >> mimi's pov, she still feels used for her fame. packer claims no, she's the queen holiday season and she knows he's trying to ruin it for her.
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expecting a child with girlfriend brittany bell. >> i've got a baby on the way. >> from brittany bell? >> absolutely. >> i wonder if that news will make it to mariah's show. >> news about charlie sheen's ex brooke mueller. police were on the hunt for brooke and their twin boys after the report that she had been hitting them. tonight we have the disturbing dispatch call. ? ? >> he two kids in a blue passenger car. she is beating the kids, and she's in black pants and a shirt. >> after this call believed to be about brooke, the utah highway patrol located her, the boys and the nanny in an interstate. mueller was then taken to an area hospital for evaluation. now 39 years old, brooke has a history of drug abuse problems and a source close to brooke
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relapsed and this is not normal behavior. mueller's sister told us brooke was in utah to be closer to her outpatient treatment and also for the boys' school. >> in 2011, brooke was arrested for cocaine possession and allegedly assaulting a woman in aspen, colorado. she was sentenced to 12 months' probation and entered a rehab program. in 2009, life was happy for charlie and brooke when we visited with them at home with newborn, bob and >> they are charming. one is identical to charlie, but their marriage was plagued by troubles and they split in 2011. even after the breakup, charlie told us they will continue to co-parent their twins. >> it is the most important thing because you know, these guys, they don't -- they had nothing to do with what caused that ever. it's not their fault, but they do deserve the benefit of two parents in their life, you know?
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mother was flown to be with brooke and their boys and hh was asked to comment on his ex-wife's situation, and he did not respond by our deadline. shelley duvall who we all remember from the shining and shelley is nearly unrecognizable today as she opens up to dr. phil about her struggle with mental illness and what she tells it's disturbing. >> if i say i'm healthy the first thing they'll do is hurt me tonight. >> who w >> whoever is -- doing night work. >> uh-huh. >> well, that's what i want -- >> off-duty police work in black and white. >> yeah. >> taxi. >> 67-year-old shelley duvall was once one of hollywood's biggest stars. >> i like to think that i'm a chameleon of sorts. "e.t." was with her dozens of times after she shot to fame
1:28 am
shining". >> here's johnny! >> today in a startling new -pinterview with dr. phil shee looks remarkably different and her comments are unsettling. >> the man who ii threatening me -- >> she worked with robin williams in "popeye" who committed suicide in 2014. >> i don't think he's dead. >> you don't think he's dead? where do you think he is? >> shape shifting. >> he looks real good in some forms and in other forms he >> i have, yes. >> shelley retired from acting around 2002. since then, she's been living in texas. at this point her diagnosis is unclear and she's hoping dr. phil can get her the help she needs. >> think i'm very sick. i need help. >> that's why i'm here? i certainly hope she gets the help she needs and shelley's interview with dr. phil airs tomorrow. >> cameron matheson is in new
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corden's new car pool karaoke is happening and i understand he just picked up another huge superstar. >> he definitely has and you know how frustrating it can be to fight traffic in manhattan, but it's got to be a total holiday when madonna is riding shotgun. ? ? >> there they are rocking out yesterday to ray of light and madonna's latest hit along west 55th street in manhattan, hell's kitchen neighborhood and the late late host behi and madge riding shotgun and seven gopro cameras catching the 58-year-old and at one point, seat belt off she was grinding on james. ? ? madonna didn't even try to hide from onlookers who were tweeting up a storm and at one point she turned down the window, mugged for the paparazzi and gave a outside the range rover the material girl couldn't hide
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she swarmed the second time carpooling in nyc. >> that was quite beautiful. >> corden's first time was for the tony's and madonna's fourth, why new york this time? she had to host in the city. ? ? >> madonna took no time instagrams to promote her segment. no word yet that she has something to plug. her tour airing december 9th on showtime. >> that tour, incredibly successful. madonna had 55 cities and had 82 shows and grossed more than $100 million. you go, madonna. >> nancy? >> she never slows down, does she, cam? >> nicole kidman never failed to impress looking like a million bucks every time she walked the red carpet. come on, when nicole is on mommy duty, it is funny how differently her kids see her. >> i would go to the school to pick them up nd they were,
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sweat pants and jeans. >> the mom of four 8-year-old sunday rose and faith margaret inspired her to step up her fashion game. >> they were, like, can you get dressed up and do your hair and put on makeup and wear heels? they're girly girls. >> nicole's channeled that girly look last night rocking a blouse and skirt while getting cose owe the red carpet with husband keith urban. the pair as clearly smitten with each other at the premiere nicole plays an adoptive mother in the film and keith couldn't help, but gush to us about his wife's real-life parenting skills. >> loving and maternal, you know? teaching me a lot about how to raise children. >> up next, she reveals what could be her biggest diva moment ever. you won't believe what she wore while in labor. >> then -- only we are on the set of the new star wars movie
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ford and carrie fisher's affair. who nearly caught them in the act. plus a big bang exclusive.
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? look at that, who does this beautiful baby boy belong to?
1:34 am
did you get that? little journey's mama megan fox. daddy is brian austin greene who shared pics of noah and a redhead. all of them are too darn cute. talking about babies now, you won't believe jennifer lopez said she wore during labor kicking off tonight's show and tell, j. lo's diva delivery. >> soaking p the sun in a sexy black one-piece it's hard to believe that j. lo is mom to 8-year-old twins max and but only j. lo can get away with wearing a white fur coat the day she delivered. she says, quote, it waa in the middle of a snowstorm, it was huge and it was the only coat that would fit me. can't argue with the queen of dmram. j. lo tells the new issue of harper's bazaar little emmy may be following in her mom's fashion footsteps. she's learning to sew already. >> next up, donny wahlberg and nick lachey brings the boy band.
1:35 am
the blue and says you want to do a show together? >> they have the cbs sitcom encore about a boy band that reunites twice a year after their heyday. no word yet if they'll also star and life totally imitates life and donny getting ready to tour farrow fan boy over gigi hadid. she is folken for alrrady. >> i was a ffn of her and her body and zayne gotto they co-host the music awards together on abc and they will be there. so will john and christy and we have nelson's name on the feeding to the late prince if there will be a surprise tribute to the purple one and not expected to attend, jay-z and he can always do an impression. >> i have a new line of diapers i'm creating for blue with a ee because it's easy. >> another big music show is on
1:36 am
j. lo's ex marc anthony will be honored and he's also going to perform and the show airs on the univision network. our sneak peek. what's got sheldon so upset? >> everything is stupid and i want to go home. >> we have two big movie exclusives. only "e.t." is behind the scenes of "rogue one." a star wars story. >> swimsuits, shirtless zac pffon and the sexiest man alive. get out the sunscreen. >> all of the makeup artists come around with a squirt of baby oil between takes. >> i'm in trouble. closed captioning provided
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now an exclusive sneak peek at tonight's "big bang theory". >> that is unbelievable. good for her. >> i'm a concert genius. it couldn't have happened it a
1:40 am
when a co-worker nabs a hefty $500,000 award. >> it's not called the genius grant. it's the macarthur fellowship. it's not like frankenstein. it's frankenstein's monster which brings us back to that simpleton over there. if anyone is a genius it's me and i would have brought that full circle. >> make sure you check out "the big bang theory" tonight on cbs. >> "baywatch" hits the screens this summer andar reason you see this is the beautiful bodies. it stars the sexiest man alive and zac efron looks like a greek god, but at the end of the day it's the women of "baywatch" who may steal the show. ? ? >> the shot went out of zac being oiled up. is there someone who is oiling up? clearly there is a certain amount of sunscreen that has to go on people.
1:41 am
come around with a squirt of baby oil and hay just lather you down. >> yeah. ? >> we're hanging in miami beach with the sexy stars of "baywatch." the ladies are right over there. >> no, the ladies. >> yes. >> hi. >> mike kelly who plays pamela anderson's role c.j. parker. was there any pressure when you booked this role? >> a little bit. a little bit, for sure. >> welcome to baywatch. >> was there you said i just want to breathe and have some ice cream? >> you're the cheater??o cf1 o >> a total cheater. >> playing stephanie holden is hadera originally played by and ra paul. have you done any workouts? >> zac has a guy that comes on sets sometimes and when zac is busy he'll give us a quick workout and we're just trying to look like zac all of us. it's the goal. >> i try to give myself a cheat. >> okay.
1:42 am
>> alexandra who plays summer quinn and that was nicole eggert's role in the series once played the rock's daughter in the blockbuster "san andreas". >> what do you call him? >> dwayne. >> i think it would be weird to say good morning, the rock. or hey, the rock. >> she never calls you the rock. >> she calls me d.j., never rock, never the rock or daddy like you call me. >> happy to be here. >> i have my hands full. actually priyanka has her hands full playing the villain and the rock is almost a foot taller than she is. >> can you imagine me intimidating dwayne like this. listen, be scared. no, i have to wear my super-high stilletos and i'm looking straight into the eye and then yeah, i'm pretty intimidating. >> i'm in trouble. i'm in trouble. ?
1:43 am
>> how much fun is it? >> we're hanging out on the beach every day. >> it's amazing. it's like a party every day. >> it really was one of the sexiest sets i've ever been on. baywatch was her favorite show when she was a kid and looking back, she can't believe she watched it with the slow-motion running and the makeout scenes. >> we told you how carrie fisher claims she had a secret affair with harrison ford during their carrie cleared up something else and any reports that she said harrison was bad in bed are utterly false. good to know. thank you very much,,carrie. >> that leads us to our big only we are taking you to the set of "rogue one." a "star wars" story. >> everyone will stop, and you remember, oh, we're actually in "star wars."
1:44 am
that i've been thinking about for quite a long time. >> the time to fight is now. ? >> every day they grow stronger. >> felicity jones and diego luna take on the empire in the newest adventure in the galaxy far, far away. here's what we know, first, in the "star wars" time line, they take place right before the original movie and sets up the rest of the intergalactic saga. >> here's our director garrett that text you see at beginning of a new hope. that is essentially our moving. >> the death star. a terrible weapon. >> through their journey we see the formation of the rebel alliance and the death star plans. >> everyone not willing to leave it behind? now is your chance to speak up.
1:45 am
we hear he's stockier than your average droid. >> that is a bad idea. >> rogue one pays homage to the o ridge nah will recreating it, like this and worth of princess leah's legacy. >> it was a flight. >> how many do we need? >> and as for speculation that felicity's character jim might be related to david ridley's character ray from >> i like to use davey just because they both have brown hair doesn't mean they're >> exactly.


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