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tv   9 News at 1030PM  NBC  November 20, 2016 10:30pm-11:00pm MST

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staff. but let them know they're always welcome, around, and part of this family. but it's not my football team. it's their football team. >> it all started right here at hughes. and it won't be forgotten for sure. >> thanks for staying late! you'll find your car when the sun comes up in the morning! [ laughter ] nuggets missed 17 foul shots and still won easily tonight. nuggs beat the utah jazz on "star wars" night. i believe it was darth vader who once said you are unwise to lower your defenses. that's true when murray gets hot. he scored 16 of his 18 in the 4th quarter. college hoops. csu was beat bin stanford for the 8th time tonight. rams committed 20 turnovers and lost for the first time this season, 56-49.
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from indianapolis collapse -- still of the night comes from indianapolis where peyton manning wiped a tear from his eye during a halftime perfornce honoring the super bowl. >> sometimes, you know, your allergies can kick >> oh, like onions? >> well, we get emotional as
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[ bells ringing ] swords and booze, what could go wrong? it's the annual champagne cascade benefit this afternoon. this year's event raised money
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an organization that helps veterans following their service to america. >> it's always a good cause, too. you know, just as much skill by getting the bubbles to come up by tapping with a sword. >> you think? >> i was impressed! >> captivated every time for sure. 9news continues "broncos
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this is 9news. ? [ music ] ? [ dramatic music ] hi, everybody! and welcome to "broncos
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drew soicher, rod mackey, mike cliss and chad brown on the broncos bye week where we should have nothing to talk about. but instead, tony romo decides he wants to play for the broncos next year. mike, do you expect the bronx to express mutual interest? >> i don't. but never say never with john elway. years ago, i went on one of these tv shows and they asked me -- >> you can't remember which one. [ laughter ] >> well it was >> name drop! >> you asked! i didn't know how -- if i should lie or go ahead with the story. anyway, i go on that show and say, no! the broncos aren't going after peyton manning! they're committed to tim tebow. the broncos see that show. they call me and say, mike, you may want to dial that down. did you know what tim tebow's numbers were on 3rd down? right away, i knew the broncos were going after peyton manning.
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admitting they made a mistake with paxton lynch with the first round -- >> are you buzzing right now? [ laughter ] >> anyway, i'm saying, no. they'll have no interest. >> chad, should the broncos make it happen? >> let's see. we have an older quarterback. >> yep. >> injury concerns. >> yep. >> lack of playoff success. >> yep. >> sounds pretty familiar, doesn't it? >> right, right! [ laughter ] two trips to the super bowl, including one championship, right? >> but numbers, for a team that wants to devote so much money to the defense side of the football, i don't think it fits where they're at right now. and taking that first round pick of lynch and throwing autoway, i don't think that's what they -- throwing eight way, i don't think that's -- away. i don't think they're ready for that right now. >> he's a great guy, but he's not peyton manning. >> right. not at the same level of
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hearing this. >> i almost chuckled. it was different when peyton manning here. nothing against tim tebow -- a little against tim tebo. right now, trevor siemian is the guy they have faith in. so he's won games for them. he has the broncos in position to do this! even though it's not technically his rookie year, feels like his rookie year because it's his first year on the field. i think they're satisfied what they've got. i'd be shocked -- >> these first ten games for the broncos had a little bit of everything, including the loss of their head coach for a week with complex migraines. kubiak needed this break as much as anyone. now that he's back, he wants more out of his quarterback. ? [ music ] ? >> there were a lot of challenges in the 1st half. i'll ask you. you had the little medical setback.
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>> i'm good. i think i'm good. >> reporter: yeah, you look good! >> yeah, i feel fine, mike. made that flight coming home much better. but that was a big win before the break there for our team to get to number seven ten games into this. that was a long stretch. a lot of football. and we were playing things great. >> reporter: that schedule gets tough on the back end. maybe didn't look as tough when the season started. but teams are playing. >> yeah, you get one division with three 7-1 teams. that's unheard of. it's going on in the afc west right now. we'll all play each other. when we come back against kansas city, i think they're 17-2 regular season games in the last two years, mike. so they're playing extremely well. >> saints rush 4. trevor siemian steps in the pocket and he's down -- >> reporter: he's not the biggest guy.
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he has a lot of season left here. is there any way he can play and just absorb less of a hit? >> well, i think there's a couple of things going on. obviously to protect him better. one of his strengths is making plays, very courageous. but stepping up in the pockets or just playing, playing, playing. so it's something that we have to address. and we have been. but something he can those shots off of him. >> the fact you have trevor siemian in his first year, no one knew who he was. you're now basically down to first year tailbacks. are you pleased with 7-3 at the break? >> you always want to be better. there's a couple situation that is could have been a little worse. mike, you just try to stay even kill, you know, when it's good. let's go, keep pushing. when it's not good, let's have confidence to keep pushing. this league is extremely tough.
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we control our work. because, like id is, we'll all play each other. to it's be fun. i'm excited for the team -- it'll be fun. i'm excited for the team. i can freshen them up and the organization over the next week. and here we go. looking forward to our fans being there a couple weeks. got moved to sunday night. will be a big game for us. >> reporter: will you be able to relax? >> i don't know if i ever relax, mike. but we'll do evaluating and t [ chuckle ] >> we need to let our players know where we're headed when we come back. >> reporter: see you next week. >> thank you. >> reporter: thank you, buddy. ? [ music ] ? [ music fades and ends ] all things considered -- and there's a lot to consider -- ranging from a super bowl hangover to an inexperienced quarterback to his own personal health scares, he seems to be doing a great job. >> last year, you could have given him coach of the year. and this year -- not just on
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we keep talking about it. should be paxton, should it be trevor siemian? kubiak knows what he's talking about. he's winning games for the broncos. i think there's a lot to be said for what this coach has done. >> you added the things you talked about, drew, the super bowl hangover, the inexperienced quarterback, his health scare, that makes the job that much more difficult. but the best coaches get everybody in the building thinking the same way. they have everybody going at >> for two years now, been excellent at getting the team to follow his leadership. >> didn't do anything today and picked it up. [ laughter ] >> drew with one of his best ever next. ? [ music ] ? >> aahhh!!! he took a beating in new orleans but has learned from
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we go one on one with quarterback trevor siemian when "broncos tonight" returns. guests of "broncos
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?[ music ] ? [ upbeat fanfare ] the broncos' most pleasant surprise through the first ten games? it's not colin kaepernick. it's not mark sanchez. not first rounder paxton lynch. it's not and never will be
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it's trevor siemian! the seventh round pick from northwestern where he was mostly a backup. look at him now! [ dramatic music ] ? [ music ] ? >> he'll be hit and slammed to the turn -- >> trevor, i haven't seen a quarterback hit like that in the superbole probably since brady in the championship game. is there a knack taking a hit and living for another play? >> yeah, i don't know if there's a knack. a lot of that is on me. but that's, you know, i'm no different than anybody else. what whatever it takes. i'm very, very happy and lucky to get the win down there. >> reporter: what do you mean by some of those sacks are on you? you're the guy getting clobbered. i know kubiak was talking about depths in the shots?
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guys to tackle those guys. they're on scholarship, too. when you're that deep in the pocket, it's too tough on those guys. for a lack of a better word, i'm screwing them over. [ snicker ] >> i'm still amphetamining a feel for that. it's -- i'm still getting a feel for that. >> reporter: the offensive line has taken some criticism here. what do you say to the people out there about your offensive line? >> i they have everybody has. and we need to being better. and i think the exciting thing, though, is we're doing some good things but we still know there's room for improvement and room to grow. so i don't think wear a finished product by any means. and we're ten games in the season. that gets me fired up. >> do you hear it? some of the noise out there? you're the quarterback. it seems like a quarterback never satisfies the masses no matter who you are. >> right. >> do you hear some of that
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do you read? listen to the sports talk radio? >> you know, not really. i think as a quarterback -- in any position, you have such a good compass and gauge on what you're doing and what you think is good enough for yourself. so, you know, like everybody else in the building, i'm pretty tough on myself. and i may be doing good or what people may see that i'm doing good and i don't think i'm doing so well. it goes back and forth. but i think locker room does a great job of blocking out the noise. >> reporter: in march, not too much people knew who trevor siemian was. now you're nine starts into your career. how's it going for you? >> it's going well. ups and downs obviously. still learning, growing. but the one thing is i've had a heck of a lot of fun. it's been a blast all the way through. riding the rollercoaster, winning games, losing some, bouncing back, and being a part of our locker room is pretty special.
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>> reporter: cool. appreciate it, trevor. >> yeah, thanks. >> ten games in and i can't decide if trevor siemian is the most fantastic surprise in broncos history, a placeholder until paxton is ready, or the most boring quarterback in history! which is it? >> i think all of them apply. >> a little of each! >> yes, a surprise but boring doesn't give about. i'll go with number two because trevor is tied for third in the nfl for the most impeccable throws! we may already been in the paxton lynch era or could be talking more about tony romo. mike, i know you'd love that. >> no! i'm leaving. [ laughter ] >> i'm going with what you said. all of the above. i think it's a little bit of
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and he got these wins we would be in the paxton lynch era right now. i know you like to laugh at me -- but there's still a chance that trevor could be the guy of the future. if he keeps winning games and gets it done and stop throwing those impeccable passes, could be the guy -- >> he's an excellent passer. that's what's impressed me ant it. he's very accurate. i'm i'd love to see kubiak open up the passing game for him. after watching them today, it's the same offense. maybe their conservative deep pass which is the second safest pass you can throw. it's the intermediate pass i'd like to see trevor siemian try more. it's the understated personality he brings to the field. no matter how bad things get, he's unflappable and comes back. i think that's the best characteristic. >> ten games in and not sure if the broncos will get to the
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playoffs altogether. >> they'll get in the playoffs. i don't think they'll have home field advantage throughout. i think winning be t division, getting the bye, they can win. but i think they're in the postseason. >> but a tough division in football. who knows what the raiders will do tomorrow night. could be an eighth win. so they could possibly do either one! they're set up to do either one. it'll be interesting to see how this plays out. >> break these final six into three and three. they have to three. the final three are new england, kansas city on christmas night in kansas city, and the raiders who just smoke the broncos. so these next three the broncos have to get that cushion going. >> they play all the team astoria head of them! >> control their destiny. thanks for staying up late and watching "broncos tonight." 9news at 10:00 continues right after a photo finish. goodnight! ? [ music ] ?
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the list of the things that millennials do things differently. many of them don't use credit cards but use debit and cash. >> they're avoiding debt. but there's a downside. >> reporter: 19-year-old nolan riddle is working through college and is very careful with his money. that's why, he says, he doesn't want to get a credit
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pay off. and i don't want that to be me. >> reporter: that may sound like a smart move. but not having a credit card can hurt you in other ways. consumer reports experts says responsibly using a credit card and building a high credit score are both crucial. your credit score goes into all kinds of financial transactions. getting a mortgage, auto insurance, a car loan. and you can't have the best credit score unless you responsibly use cr says people should aim for a credit score of at least 650 or higher. and credit card use accounts for about 34% of that score. >> you have to pay all your bills on time and in full. >> reporter: set up payment alerts on your smartphone and don't keep your credit card information on file with retailers. that can make it too easy to click and buy. right now, nolan uses cash or


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