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tv   9 News Special Edition  NBC  November 27, 2016 9:30pm-9:55pm MST

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>> mike: "volkswagen postgame report." we'll look ahead to the cowboys and vikings on thursday. and the panthers/seahawks on sunday. on nbc. final minutes. chiefs out of time-outs.
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incomplete, with the flag down. and webster says, not me. >> referee: holding, number 36 defense. five-yard penalty. first down. >> cris: kelce runs into javin webster and will drive him back. and maybe a grab at the top of this route. >> mike: not much. technical term. >> cris: yeah. >> mike: demarcus ware out. shane ray, rushing off the edge. >> cris: a little help. everybody is one-on-one. >> mike: they kill the play. >> referee: offsides, 58.
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still first down. >> cris: watch the center's head. see if he gives a little snap here. there. he's gave it a little snap of the head. and von miller thought he had a key. >> mike: the hours that coaches look for just that one edge. one little tip. 42 yard line. tyreek hill. goes down at the 33. got the first down. felt like he couldn't get anymore. he saves some time. >> cris: or saves something. 90 seconds to go. at the 34. smith working the middle. hit by brandon marshall, the
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brandon marshall and the job he has done. he has had such a tough job. he had to take over for danny trevathan. great tight ends and running backs. and he has been true to form. all of the signal calls. there's the leader. he's the i go that makes the calls. >> mike: barrett in the game. and demarcus ware going again. and ward makes the tackle. a yard shy of the first down. 1:18 to go. >> cris: you can count on it. anytime you get kelce one-on-one with anybody, no insult to nibble. that's where alex smith wants to go. >> mike: third and one. four-man rush. and throwing down to make the
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no timeouts for kansas city. they struggled mightily in the red zone. now, they have to punch it in to have a chance to tie a two-point conversion. >> cris: that clock is ticking. >> mike: 40 seconds left. and in the end zone. aqib talib goes high to tip it away. intended for conley. there's a penalty marker down in the back end. it's in the secondary. the middle of the field. >> cris: i thought he had him. >> referee: illegal contact. number 43 defense. five-yard penalty. automatic first down. >> mike: t.j. ward, the safety. >> cris: watch talib. he has the underneath coverage. nobody came in the flat and allowed him to drop back. that was justin simmons who almost got there.
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and it wou h?4e counte >> mike: 35 seconds left. ll throw it v;c$?c8$l the way t thatideline. >>?n cris: defensive the ntl y.r??2??c the middle of thfield, you make the now, it's scramble drillime to ? sack. obdeal of prsure in this ?"!j tuation. once.yqtig?s
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backs this way.west, it was tip thand with5 seconds left. >> cris: von miller had to put tonight. a tip pass. there's still time to complete one in the middle of the field. and still get up to the line of scrimmage. it's third down here. >> mike: right. >> cris: you do that and don't pick up the first down, you can't spike it. you had to have two plays in the le >> mike: you see, at the 4 to get the first down. conley, bottom of the screen. smith, looking middle. looking end zone. incomplete. harrison is there. wilson, the intended receiver.
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i don't know how many games i've done, where chris harrison is involved. and so many times tonight, whoever he was covered, has just been blanketed. he almost ended it here. >> mike: fourth down. bringing five. smith gets rid of it. it's a first down out of bounds, with hill, with 15 seconds left. he got 11. and a couple of cracks at the end zone now. >> cris: roby looked like he had a shot. and all you had to do was stop him short of the line right there. see if he can -- he was not at the first down marker. he'll have to turn up here. if roby could have made that hit. oh, my goodness. what a ball game this is. >> mike: fitting it would come
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no time-outs for kansas city. pressure, smith, against the blitz. inside, it is caught by hill. just shy. he is just shy. and the clock is running. kansas city has to get the ball. everybody thought it was a touchdown. they're not going to get a play off. and denver is going to get the win. >> mike: the officials stop it. they're going to look at it >> mike: my goodness. >> cris: i thought he got in, too. >> mike: they weren't going to get a snap off to clock it. >> cris: he goes down. you see, where we go. where is the knee down? down there. is it down? >> mike: does he have the ball yet, cris? he doesn't get possession of the
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>> cris: that would work in his favor, right? this would work in his favor. if he controls it there, you have the touchdown. oh, my goodness. so many things at work here. >> mike: is it clear and obvious in this situation? the call on the field is short. it has to be 100% sure for the replay center to overturn it. >> cris: there's one sd. and kansas city has to be ready. they have to wind the clock. and they have to have the play ready. it will be on the 6 inch line, at worst. is there control? i would argue, when he got control, he was over that line. or at least on that line. that is the same thing as over that line. >> mike: when do you have control of that ball? at that moment, where is the ball? and because of the bobble, seems like he secured it after the
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and we could be looking at 24-22, and a two-point conversion coming up. >> cris: andy reid may have to have two plays ready. one if he gets the touchdown and one to get the two-point conversion. >> mike: sometimes they say the call on the field. >> referee: after reviewing the play, when the receiver had complete control of the ball, he was in the end zone. it is a touchdown. reset the game clock to 12 seconds. >> mike: we have a two-point conversion here, the most important play coming up. >> cris: i'm going to guess they're going to put tyreek hill in a very important position here.obble. just not under control. and when it was, on the line. >> mike: kansas city has gone for two once this year.
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and they converted. >> cris: one thing we have not seen tonight is the jet sweep to tyreek hill. he lines up, and they turn around and hand him the ball. and he's not in the game. >> mike: fourth and two for the tie. smith will roll it. it's caught for the two by demetrius harris of all people. demetrius harris who didn't play basketball player at wisconsin milwaukee. hasn't caught a ball in three games. ties the game. >> cris: they didn't have football at his school. he's going to play basketball. let's get some rebound position right here. box out. chris harris. and there you go. can you believe this game is tied? this is sick.
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using every bit of that space. and harris couldn't get around him. he's caught ten balls this year. but they don't target him much . ties the game at 24-24. >> cris: let's give credit to alex smith at this point. he had to answer that entire drive that went the other way. all the momentum. going the way the denver broncos. an to tie it up. >> mike: that was game-winning. >> cri waf a win? get a two-point conversi??!?v
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to eric berry and let him get a touchdown. >> mike: that's how the first match-up between these two teams ended. you thought it was over. and the defense scores. changed the game. >> cris: was that in honor of john madden? >> mike: of course it was. >> cris: i do that every once in a while. >> mike: talk about a tremendous night for these two stud pass rushers off of the edge. houston was held in check in the second half. and success on the offensive end. >> cris: you have to wonder how healthy he is. he went out for a time. maybe the shoulder is hurting. for him to come back this soon. >> referee: we will begin the sudden death overtime period. each team will have an opportunity to possess the football. unless the first team that possesses the ball scores a touchdown. for a defensive score. there will be two time-outs by
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from the replay booth. this is heads. this is tails. what are you going to call? heads. heads is the call. tails it is. you have won the toss. you want to receive. denver won the toss and wants to receive at this end. >> mike: off we go, again, to overtime on a sunday night. and we will be right back after these messages from your local nbc station.
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>> mike: over time here in denver, all-even at 24-24.
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his brief nfl career. terrific second half. bibbs is back to receive the kick. twice a kickoff has ended in a touchdown. cairo santos with the kickoff. he will come out to the 25. the start of the game, tyreek hill, we discussed him earlier in the broadcast. scoring in different ways. the first rookie wh in the game nc?r=e 1965 a t f4%p
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>> mik? ?ge: jarvis jenkins in there. with the jets for most of the first half of this season. stop by demaryius thomas. the carry with marcus peters. they work on peters in a big spot. and thomas comes through. >> cris: you better hang on to the football. that's the first time we've seen marcus peters giving up a play. it was a carolina game where he stole it at the end of the game. on a catch very similar to that and turned that game around. >> mike: reception late in that game, with the chiefs comeback victories they had this year. from the 45, play-action. siemian. over the middle. incomplete. a lot of chiefs' hands were
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>> cris: ramik wilson, look at him on the outside. taylor going against gaines. watch the linebacker. right over his hands. ramik wilson was going to catch that one. you see that down the throwing lane here. and couldn't get up high enough to get that one. >> mike: saw the better move by gaines. second and ten. they will throw it. it's bibbs. only two yards. third and t, kendall reyes, joining tamba hali on the tackle. >> cris: reyes working on max garcia, sheds the block. stand him up. extend your arms throw him aside. beautiful. >> mike: always been successful in overtime. they have the most overtime
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patriots, c.j. anderson run, a 48-yarder. third and eight here. siemian, caught by booker. booker makes a man miss. to the 30 yard line. a gain of 23 yards. >> cris: so many times you get your backs on a linebacker. as it happened here. you have derrick johnson bouncing out there. d receiver coming out of college. making a huge play there. and derrick johnson, you can tell with that achilles, still limping around. >> mike: 22 on the reception. in field goal range, with the touchdown. bibbs, tripped up in the backfield. loses two yards on that one. >> cris: get the quarterback on
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him. as soon as he tapped that left foot -- let's take a look here. makes the catch. >> mike: hard enough, right? four minutes gone in overtime. second and 12. siemian, looking up top. flag is down. and the pass incomplete. demaryius thomas, trying to get open. acker was in coverage. and it will be against the chiefs. >> referee: pass interference, number 27, defense. automatic first down. >> cris: anytime you get the one-on-ones on the outside. here's young kenneth acker. watch how much physical presence there is, as a huge demaryius thomas just kept forcing his way
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ball thrown. there you go. now, this kansas city defense, gives up a loft yards. but just has been so good and so ??dieyn dynamic. got so many turns all season long. can they do it one more time, exhausted? >> mike: brooker. no gain. acker, who was flagged on the last play, makes this one in t run game. >> cris: it's amazing when you fofour quarters and give ?xz'ts
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originally brewed for the holidays. enjoyed ever since. stella artois. host one to remember >> mike: alex smith had a siemian had been really good against an outstanding kansas city defense. considering how many times these guys have been sacked and hit and jostled and taken off of the spot, he stepped up.
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of the story. he hesitated. he decides to bring up. and thomas, across the 30, to get to the 34 yard line. mcmanis, the kicker, and hit him out of bounds. >> cris: we found a new star in this league, tyreek hill. a free kick. and he hit the jets. and you can forget about catching him at that point. that wasn't enough. there we go. hand it to him on the jet sweep ou we'll score it that way. with one second on the clock. controversy, maybe. but touchdown, yes. and here we go, one more drive. >> mike: you can see the touchback here in denver. too many men out there defensively? >> referee: prior to the snap, 12 men on the field, defense. five-yard penalty. still first down. >> mike: instead of getting the drive to start at the 25 yard


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