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tv   9 News at 530am  NBC  November 28, 2016 5:30am-5:53am MST

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southeast metro area. 30 to 40 miles per hour from
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danger listedsf?g
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>> absolutely. even through comments, they've been sharing since friday. notice the deaths happened in similar ways. these troopers were standing out of their cars when they were hit and killed the national law enforcement officer memorial fund tracks deaths of law enforcement officials in real time. it says since didn'ts are number one cause of death for law -- incidents are number one cause of death for law enforcement officials. 124 law enforcement officials were killed in 2015. 52 of them were traffic related. that is something we know all too well in colorado. as well traffic accidents claiming the lives of three members of csp in past two years. latest happened on friday on
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as trooper cody donohue was investigating a crash there, this is taking a toll on csp. they once remind drivers about the heart break. >> needless to say, it's been a difficult couple of years between the troopers killed. the crash, the trooper was involved in another c sadly he died at the scene. >> the truck driver who investigators say hit and killed the officer is facing charge this is morning we'll go into that more. >> an important reminder everyone. be careful out there. thank you jessica. >> wisconsin election officials will meet today to talk about possible recounts.
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presidential election recount with jill stein. she'esting a recount. officials say there's no evidence of wrongoing d she's going to make a similar request in pennsylvania today. donald trump won the electoral college and said he would have won the popular vote making a shocking claim. he took to twitter sunday saying millions voted illegally in the presidential election. he mentioned accusations of voter fraud in hampshire, california. mr. trump did not offer any evidence to support the claim. he also added the recounts are a
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sure it's fair the clinton campaign found in evidence of foreign interference or hacking in the election. there's little chance of recount changing anything substantial about the election outcome. the green party hopes to file for recount in michigan and pennsylvania. all right. just adding to the drama a little bit i guess. so, today you can avoid the chaos, lines, still get the deals. it's cyber monday. it's your chance to take advantage of holiday discounts fr couch. 9 news reporter andrew sorenson has been watching the deals from the newsroom. millions expected to log on today. >> absolutely gary. deals are everywhere. this graph is y. this is from the u.s. census bureau over 10 years on e-commerce. it's going up 10% every single year. so, all the stores, wal-mart, target, trying to compete with these guys.
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60-70% off. one of the interesting trends we see is e bags will. >> e bags is huge. >> it really is a big deal this year. a lot of people are going through stores checking deals online. competition, you're getting better deals. couple resources to check out today, the natio cyber they're doing a different deal every hour. this is jcpenney. another 20 minutes on their coupon. body shop up next. couple things coming up after that to check out. then we have 9 matt grab -- matt granite, our consume her guy. he's got more than 30 deals on 9 >> we'll talk to him in a little
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. >> how much did we save? it's all relative to what you were going to spend in the first place. it's still snowing in mountain areas, especially grand mesa area. this is one of the spots that is going to do well out of this storm. the snow taking what i call a breather. as we look to the west, pretty obvious there's more on the way moving into utah now and continuing to move to tomorrow morning, we're going to move up into the black hills and central dakotas. as far as additional snow goes on through this time tomorrow. front range mountains into the 3 to 7 range west of vail pass especially in and around the mountains and grand mesa 6 to 10. 4 to 8 in the san swans. some of the valleys -- san juans. some of the valleys.
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tomorrow morning. that's on top of what we have. >> thanks marty. would you like the real experience of cutting down your tree? you can cut down around red feather lake this week. . >> that was a great. >> sock her and professional football team any way. broncos. >> some nights it's your night. this guy had a great night.
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. boy what a game the broncos thought they had it. last second field goal went south. they lost to chiefs in overtime. game started out slow. neither started in the first quarter. denver down 9 to 3 partially because of this play. it was a return. that's when the broncos started? to play. they caught chiefs came back and pushed to overtime. in the final few minutes, gary kubiak decided to call on the kicker for a 62-yard field goal. yeah, his foot slam into the grass. ball bounced off the upright gave the chiefs enough time to move down for their own field goal that hit the upright. this bounced through. he said he usually makes that
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>> i was grateful for the opportunity. as a kicker you dream of a 60-yard field goal to win. i was disappointed in at least my effort for my result. >> yeah, the end score 30-27. denver's next game jacksonville in florida. that's next sunday. not all bad news for colorado football this weekend. don't forget about college football. chance to play in the rose bowl. they'll play in the championship game for pack 12. it's the post wins in single season for the buffs since they went 10-3 back in 2001. winning ways increased attendance and brought more money to the program. some that were there for the 1990 championship season. this one is even better. buffs play number five on washington friday for the pack 12 title. if they win, chances are they
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that in itself means $18 million for the pac 12. >> it's been a while since folsom field was rocking out like that. people running on the field. good to see. colorado rapids out of the race for mls cup. they lost to sounders for the second leg in the finals sunday. the game was scoreless up to the 56th minute. seattle scored the first and only goal the win gave seattle the series 3-1. >> they had a goodso 1 billion packages to show up on people's doorsteps the next couple week wills. >> you're not the only one watching out for gifts. thieves could be lurking to steal them. we see this every year. how one neighborhood is not going to let that happen coming up. >> you do because it's windy out there this morning. 20 to 40 miles per hour winds
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over 50 -- close to 50 miles per hour over loveland pass a. -- pass. amelia reporting the pass is closed no. restrictions on indoor wood burning during the day today. snow, i'm going to highlight additional snow forecasts from now through this time tomorrow morning. gunson area over the plateau as well as steam boat, hayden, 2 to 4 inches. front range mountains 3 some of the heavier snow west of vail pass. north of rabbit ears past and down through san juans especially 9,000 feet. this is decisionle snow as we get -- additional snow as we get the second surge moving in tonight. >> 5:47. hitting the roads again. out here to the west, our c470 drive across the corridor. so good so good.
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highway 93 as you head between gold and boulder. a very windy start for you. music across the pass now shows there's blowing snow out there heading west back into town here. not a lot of problems as we kick off today. loving this start across southbound 25. first spots to slow down on this monday drive. >> amelia, be careful in the mountains i guess. annual 9 news parade of lights kicks off downtown from the city building 9:00 winds through the streets and steps off again for repeat performance at 6:00 p.m. on saturday. now we will televise the friday night parade live on 9 news again at 8:00. if you can't make it down there, please join us. might be warmer saturday. you have your choice. watch us friday and saturday. parade of lights is always a
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. it's gotten to the point it's gotten worse. we decided to put out the bait pack. >> the bait pack. front door package thieves have targeted essential neighborhoods in recent weeks. a 38-year-old army veteran named eric snow is taking matters into
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eric caught two guys trying to steal a package on surveillance over the weekend. they didn't get away with anything good. eric left them aurprise courtesy of his 95-pound german shepherd named heidi. a unique tactic muzeing the neighborhood. much as we enjoyed know. hey. get your revenge any way you can. snow continues in the mountains, wind continues on the front range and north eastern plains. storm track as the one storm is
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clouds around here. especially late this afternoon. we'll be completely overcast. chilly, chilly, chilly because of wind today. 40s for our highs. that's our air temperature. 20s and 30s in the foothills. decrease in snow comes early. increase in later on. snow amounts as i detailed a few moments ago. with wind in the mountain foothills, gusty for north eastern colorado and jay cent areas in nebraska and wyoming. 20s and 30s in the mountains with 40s and 50s over the eastern plains and south eastern colorado. cloudy day in general. windy conditions, mid-40s today. mid to lower 20s tonight. winds stay up close to 20 miles per hour, ramps back up tomorrow. a few random snowflakes here and there, no big deal. windy wednesday. light snow friday.
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small degree by the middle of the day. i don't anticipate a big impact from that system. >> thank you marty. we've got all sorts of problems now in the last few minute across the i-70 corridor. we're going to start off with the live view of the eisenhower johnson tunnel. you can't see problems near the tunnel. both directions east and west will be affected by these issues. first across the big picture, golden. that area of wind closing down loveland pass. avalanche concern. u.s. 6 shut down across loveland since yesterday at i-45. a roll over crash leading up to eisenhower tunnel itself. this is going to cause backups into the high country. to the east, there's eastbound i-70 jackknifed semi truck right at exit to u.s. 40
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country commute. we'll keep you up to changes and potential closures on twitter to
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. it's 6:00 a.m.


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