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tv   9 News at 6am  NBC  November 28, 2016 6:00am-6:44am MST

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. it's 6:00 a.m.
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out on the streets early sunday morning. recount efforts in wisconsin kick to high gear today. state officials are meeting to discuss a possible time line of a recount of elections in that state. green party candidate jill stein pushed for the recount. >> stein is expected to request a recount in pennsylvania. she has until 3:00 this afternoon to file the request. she says it's important to figure out if hacking changed the results of wants to make sure the states with tight rules got it right. and a mass public ceremony for castro. cyber monday sales expected to hit $3.4 billion today. that's up 10% from last year. retail hers say they're preparing for heavier online traffic than last year.
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sunday night. it sent the game to overtime. broncos lost it at end 30-27. . yeah, he hit that upright. bounced on through. darn. >> bounced right in. snow in the mountains, wind in the foothills. marty joins us from the backyard. it's fairly still. >> it is calm here p nice and cloudy. eastern skies beginning to lin -- so slightly. going to be chilly outside. areas that are windy will affect you off and on throughout the day. clouds thicken. 45 degrees isn't going to have the nice sunshine warming you up as we so often get. wind gusts at 20 to 30 miles per hour occasionally this morning and early in the afternoon. it will die down after 4:00 or 5:00 this afternoon. the wind will be back up again
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as far as wind chill today, we'll look for it to feel like it's in the 30s for most of the day. sit going to be a very cool day running 8 to 10 degrees cooler as far as your experience of it than what the actual air temperature will indicate. mountain areas getting decent snow, 3 to 5-inches in several places with more on the way. i'll detail that in minutes. lots going on at 6:00. sky 9 will not flyod of gusty conditions. they take off from rocky mountain metro airport. up to our high country drive, our tunnel cam is up. there's flowing snow in both directions and both sides of the tunnel. on top of that, several issues piled up this morning. we'll start off with a roll over crash reported along the westbound crash leading up to eisenhower tunnel itself. this patch of yellow is overlay
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stretches from golden up towards the exits toward loveland pass. eastbound across i-70, there's a jackknifed truck. on top of that, loveland pass remains closed down. cheryl, high country big talker this morning. everything else around town is quiet. >> thank you amelia. there is a lesson to be learned from tragedy. at least that's the hope of the colorado staol of their troopers, cody donohue, killed by a driver on friday. the driver, 41-year-old gomez ruiz is charged with careless driving resulting in death. jessica, there is such a somber but important message every driver out there today. >> right. if you think about the situation
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find themselves in the situation if not paying tension on the roads. just a reminder to move over if you see a first responder on the side of the road. you can come across a situation like this and put a law enforcement official at risks. the suspect, 41-year-old gomez ruiz charged with careless driving resulting in death and failure to yield right of way. he was driving a commercial when he hit and killed trooper donohue he did stay at the scene, was eventually arrested aors as short time after t?rooper the next day on saturday. we're still waiting to see whe l make his first court appearance. csp lost three troopers in 18
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three standing outside their vehicles investigating crashes, helping direct traffic when they were hit and killed by vehicles. if not, this happens. just a heart felt plea to be careful to prevent deaths like this trooper donohue leaves behind a wife and two young children. he was an 11 year veteran of csp. we'll talk more about his life, legacy as well and how you can help his family coming up. >> very, very sad for sure. thank you jess comcast.
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the only one casting doubt in the presidential election. formal request in pennsylvania today as well. she says it's important to make sure every vote counted in those states with tight election results and to make sure the integrity of the season was not compromised. >> this is not about helping one guy and hurting another guy. this is about providing a system that we, the voters, can believe n. >> president-elect donnsin and pennsylvania and has a small mi.
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had. the president-elect had choice words for that recall effort calling it fraudulent and the work of, quote, cry babies. >> this is a total and complete distraction and a fraud. something they should drop. hillary clinton's campaign lawyers say they have found no evidence of hacking in the election. they did not initiate the recount. they said they did take p it. >> a fire burned through a families house sunday. this happened on east 136th avenue. everyone was able to get out of this mobile home safely. it's unlivable now. fire investigators are trying to figure out how that started. be careful in the high country. the range and parts of aspen this week bring rep cent
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it triggered large avalanches saturday near cameron and berth passes. that can be a tough combination of snow and high wind. >> that is really the big trick when you get the wind. it comes over the ridge lines and deposits tons of snow on the lee side. that creates dangerous conditions. getting more snow. when you ski inbounds, you're always safe. they take care of you at the resorts. fiveh winter park. we continue to see snow decrease in the mountains. it's going to pick up later in the day. second surge of moisture in utah headed our way. several areas with advisories and warnings. this is the additional snow we anticipate. front range mountains do okay. heavier snow west of vail pass and down through the san juans. nice in this storm that isn't
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thank you much. we have highlights and low lights from the overtime loss and what it might mean for playoffs. how your golden can might be
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close to 20 at times, gusty again tomorrow. few random snowflakes. no accumulation. windy wednesday, dry, cool, calm thursday. some light snow friday just in time for the first leg of parade of lights. kicking off monday start which will carry a of folks back to work after several days off. enjoying our thanksgiving holiday.
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and central park, eds start overall. city -- dry start overall. approach to 270, right lane is where the action is. keep it in mind, scooch over to the left as you make the transition. loveland pass closed to the west because of wind and conditions. there's a roll over on the approach of eisenhower tunnel. on top of everything else, jackknifed semi truck near the exit to u.s. 40 and backups growing quickly. all right amelia, thank you mu after 6:00. great second half by quarterback semian. >> this is going to sting for a
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the impact of playoff race. insider mike cliff brakes brake -- breaks it down for you. >> i'll give you the good and bad that happened in this overtime loss to the kansas city chiefs. first, the good. trevor semian cemented himself as this team's quarterback. he's been their quarterbackll him. there's talk about getting tony romo in a trade next year. all this talk that trevor semian isn't good enough. he was the best the broncos had sunday night against the chiefs. clutching the second half at three touchdowns. then he leads the team on field goal drive on the first drive in overtime. it's not enough. that leads us to bad.
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historic defense, one that won the super bowl for this team last season. they only had to stop them one more time, one more stand. they had fourth and 10. they gave up 11-yard completion to tyreke hill who no one knew here in denver before last night. he all of a sudden scoring three touchdowns, kickoff return, reception and sweep to the right. tough loss for the broncos. it means they're going the very end of the season. from denver, mile high stadium here, 9 news. >> all right mike. thank you much. if you want to win a super bowl ticket or win one the next half century, find a golden ticket or golden can. bud light is placing 37,000 gold opinion cans in selected packs.
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the next 51 years the promotion runs through january 13th >> they're taking a scene from a movie, the old chocolate factory. >> chances are if you're going to next 51 super bowls, you will see the broncos. >> you should expect that hopefully once or twice. 6:18. wasn't all bad news for broncos fans sunday. how one couple managed the show before hit ever
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birthday. police believe it stemmed from an argument of two men on bourbon street. five are out of the hospital and
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indian reservation. those that stay, they warn could inmate wrote a and said thanks for tasing me. that so many respects. you can see there can be such a relationship form in an unusual place. like that firstniso2?fs minneso contest, aomal becomeso compete wear?djd gear.
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outgoing and do the best in everything you do. >> she didn't win. she's inspiring muslim women around the world we'll have more on her incredible story coming up. first, a check of the weather and traffic. >> windy conditions up and down the front range today. that's going to put a chill on you if out and about, especially late this afternoon. clouds thicken back up. not going to get that direct sunlight warming you up. next three day, windy for them. cool but calm thursday. of course friday, the first of two parade of lights. we may see snow early in the evening and clearing out perfect holiday weather with temperatures in the 20s for 8:00 p.m. friday parade. 6:23 and we're loading up on our drive. seeing more and more volume across key locations like 25 and 84th avenue. 270 in both directions and also
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here. u.s. 36. see the flat irons in the distance. nice calm start across the city. that includes most the area freeways. looks like a new problem here, cull fax west side of 225. i'll have the details as well as
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. welcome back. we invite you to join us for parade of lights. starts in front of the county building. repeat performance 6:00 p.m. on saturday. we do televise the friday night version live on 9 news. if you can't make it down there, supposed to be chilly. it will be nice and get you in the holiday spirit. maybe warmer saturday. friday and saturday t annual 9 news >> cold never stops anybody. huddle close to people around you. >> that's right. santa, elfs, parade of lights. the one we didn't invite, kranpus.
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he punishes kids. this is from australia. i knew you wanted to know that. >> yes, trivia for my next
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during the day. current readings in the 30s and 40s, teens and 20s. extremely windy on the con then -- continental divide. 30s and 40s by mid-morning. with the wind, we do not have concerns for air quality. moderate air quality during the day, no wood burning restrictions during the day. pick it back afternoon, just plain windy and dry on the plains. 40s for the front range and northeast. 350s -- 50s downle south. 20s and 30s in the mountains west with a good surge of snow moving in late tonight. we'll talk about how much more snow is on the way in a few. >> we check in with sky 9 about now usually. they're staying grounded today. they're taking off around u.s.
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for stronger winds keeping them on the ground today for safety reasons. live view at i-25. loving that tech center start. off to the south and east. we have a problem on broncos parkway and drive leading up to jordan road. two car crash, busy interhang west side of parker road. up to the north, problem on the 0. lane. over to the left and west side, loveland pass closeed. jackknifed semi truck on eastbound 70. >> got to be careful. wisconsin, michigan, pennsylvania, three states where election recounts could happen. it could start as early as this week. 9 news reporter joins us. all eyes on wisconsin now. >> definitely gary. wisconsin officials say if
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end, this recount could begin thursday. recount has to begin 35 days of election way. ll ste hasm$oney4 sary clinton'n intends to?f back
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series of ts. he said hilled have won the popular vote if you deleted the millions that voted illegally. there's to evidence that actually happened. 6:35 now. the president-elect will continue meeting request potential cabinet -- meting with potential cabinet members today. set to meet with david clark jr. mentioned as possible head of homeland security. he ran as a democrat but surrogate for the trump campaign. it's many cuban americans in florida are celebrating castro's death saying it's end of tyranny in cuba, thousands are paying tribute to their former leader and his legacy. >> a somber air in cuba. tens of thousands are expected to gatherer in the streets to honor castro. the form her president
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he died friday at 90 years old. the young cuban boy at the center there of a controversial debate in the 90s says castro was like a second father to him. gonzalez was 5 years old when he was returned to cuba after his mother was killed trying to flee to florida in 1999. this sparked a custody battle between family members in florida and his father in cuba.
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direct traffic when hit and killed by vehicles. law enforcement officials reminding drivers to be careful. if you see first responders on the side of the road, move into another lane. support has been pouring in for trooper donohue all weekend. his go fund me page currently has $50,000. three troopers in 18 months time. when they were outside their vehicles, investigating crashes or directing traffic. it does highlight the dangers of law enforcement officials and the dangers they face everyday as they're out on the roads. trooper donohue was hit and killed friday near cast million rock on i-25. he was investigating an accident at the time. csp thanked everyone for support over the weekend.
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honored him t11 year veteran of csp with absolute and flag at half staff. law enforcement officials can't say it enough. it's the number one cause of fatalities for officials across the country. they're sayingrivers really need to be careful. . >> there's a law in place for yielding to emergency vehicles. there's a reason this is there. this is why. we don't want this to happen.
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party this near 56 and chambers. forecast. an advisory there. about -- rabbit ears pass area. through the elk mountains 6 to 10. 2 do 4 inches from high valleys and plateaus above the colorado river toward steam boat springs. this is a nice storm. >> need the snow up there. that's for sure.
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missed field goal, overtime. sunday night football had just about everything except the one thing broncos f?m towi going to stior?i?? awhil >>gy is.
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. welcome back. black friday weekend sales turning over to cyber monday now. millions of people expected to be hunting for today. >> judging from numbers, we're going to be up here next year. trying to compete with cyber sales over the weekend. numbers from the national retail
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shopping online. they're expecting 112 million to be online today. wal-mart, target, all over the internet. e bags are seeing a new trend. mobile shopping 95%. tablets and your phones. local they've got cyber monday. new deals every hour on the hour. i'm looking for this today. hopefully i get a good deal. >> timing is everything. good time to do that. all right cheryl. >> thanks guys. >> what could be the biggest cyber monday in matt granite geu every deal with one click.
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slept in days figuring this out. matt? >> not since before black friday this is my favorite day of the year going live to midnight. streaming from my condo tonight. i want to begin with a quick break down. all on 9 if i speak quickly, i apologize. give me 45 seconds of your time. i'll save the average viewer $400 or more. $520 l those e bag deals. tech backpacks down to $49. vera bradley, totes and bags. local deal on 9 my wife hated this pattern. there are other options. still left over from black friday. 16 $5.00 off that. many kitchen items uncharacteristic. $120 down to $49.
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$500 to $189. that's on 9 the 59 dollars tablet, $33 tablet there. we saw three tv deals drop i just posted including home theater items. 60-inch sound bar down to $189. $180 pair of wireless headphones dead to $39. that's on 9 all of those amazon deals left over from the $30 discount or 40% on tablets, good ways to go. even fit bit equivalents back at $32. best deals in the county, 9 none of these items are paid products. all merchants safe. i'll be online all day. i apologize for being so quickly. there was a lot to get to.
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i'm going shopping. this is a live view of castle rock this morning. see the flag moving along there quickly. 35 miles per hour wind over the area. that'soi t and on throughout the day today. i do have some i'm getting ut.ave doublenches?b? this is thfe n snow area. very impressive sn aroun??:(d te
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like this. southbound speeds are high toward i-70 couple charthouses let you know about including the crash -- couple of crashes to let you know about. as we school up towards i-76, there's a huge pothole blocking up the right lane or obstructing obstructing the right lane. look at delays coming in. eastbound and westbound near 270. folks slowing down a lot happening in the high country commute. jackknife semi and roll over near the tunnel. >> thank you much. it's 6:50 now. a contestant in a minnesota beauty pageant is making history and turning heads. >> she as become the first contestant in the miss minnesota u.s.a. pageant to wear a
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evening dress for the competition. she said the headpiece makes her feel most like herself. she hopes to break down stereotypes while em poriering others. >> i want -- while empowering others. >> we lose sight of our you creekness. >> she -- uniqueness. >> she made it to top 15. she did not win but she's a winner. no question about hit. >> a, she's gorgeous. you can tell she's got a fabulous personality. good for her. hey, a windy start to our
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. windy wednesday, calmer thursday. snow continuing in the mountains this morning. it picks up this afternoon. one main core storm system moved through in the west now. secondary one movings through utah following along level wind. it will continue to give snow through 4:00 or 5:00 tomorrow morning. things dry out in the mountains. few breaks. problem is in places you have wind that's going to feel cooler. 8 to 10 degrees cooler. plus going to be cloudy. snow decreasing slightly in the
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additional amounts of snow in mountain areas. wind, a big problem in foothills a. long i-80 into western nebraska and north eastern corner of colorado. we'll slow the wind down along the front range this is evening. it's going to ramp back up tomorrow. 20s, 30s in the west. 40s front range and northeast. starts getting warmer down south. with the wind, it's never halowid-20s tay. 10 to 20 miles per h isolated ss
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morning. 6:59. enjoy the ride.
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he?3?]l donohue. by all accounts, he wasell respecd and are by csp and coworkers but amongst the community as well.'s k kindn dedicated to his and also to his j he leave wifend two
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that message died, four hurt?7 r severalings?= inings in?[fore 2. ?suay. one hurtokee. eone fired shots the theho a man brailling his 25th -- celebrating his 25th birthday was killed in recover. police believe the shootings stem from an argent of two men officers are looking fornsin toy recount reque made greenction party jill stein. president-elect donald tmpss w?.
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br?v?h$oncos eed in ot. >>windy aroundfo'??jy here toda.
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bidding farewe. the is death. ?x?m>>chaos on bourbon stree??f?


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