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tv   Today  NBC  November 28, 2016 7:00am-8:22am MST

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bidding farewe. the is death. ?x?m>>chaos on bourbon stree??f?
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trump leader now one of the
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40% off everything.
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all of her holiday shopping this year. >> i don't have to deal with the crow crowds and chaos. >> if you're planning on splurging today make a list and check it twice. it will help you avoid overspending. search the internet for coupon codes and always be skeptical. >> do your research ahead of time to know which item is the lowest probable price. it doesn't mean going for the cheapest item you find. you may think or see that cyber monday sales are stretching through the entire week. a lot of stores like target and walmart are hoping to cut into amazon's real estate of all of that online shopping. >> thank you. we'll look further into this.
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exciting finish between the broncos and the chiefs. let's start with the game winning kick. go?wthh.chfs win30-27.tcl bou o
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? ? good morning pick a look at channel 24 9news 7:00 a.m. cyber monday has arrived experts say this year could be a record breaker.
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fight the fad this holiday season. coming up, our nutrition expert will explain how to get back on track after thanksgiving. heading into the next two weeks, really good stuff. so they have my attention. let's check the current drive. i thought i would start with this picture. mountain snow lovers will appreciate that. a couple tire tracks. what a chilly start. in the city, some sun glare. this is c-470. eastbound delays near santa fe.
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additional inches of snow. another 6-10 inches from tonight until tomorrow morning. a cold day in the mountains. twentys and 30s. mid-40s here. with the wind and the clouds, it will feel a lot colder than that. windy conditions stay with us tomorrow and wednesday. it does get more calm thursday.
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three years ago and ever since experiences. now she is out with a n accusations about the church's alleged conduct. we'll talk to leah in just a
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why?intion of this very publicbi
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it is for the?1peho but it is a people who just maybe d't h i'm getting th what the strength and not messagenj is. >> the first episode gets int you. you were a member of this church since you were a little girl. >> most of my life. >> what was it's difficult to a was an actress and i have a lot
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now they're suffering for speaking out. >> i think that's something that a lot of peoplink, i don't unde. like i church, you don't want to be in it anymore, you just leave. >> right. well, that's the difference here is that if you speak out, you're labeled an enemy to the church and the church has policies on how to deal with its en?
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the dedication it takes to be a. and it's not easy to just walk away. because most people say, why not you've eve known.ingry you're giving up your whole life i5because that i what it takes o be a scientologist. then?+?!? be losing bause mt of your family and friends are
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where to find the biggestmonday the women on your list.eals" fo
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8: 9gwo? millions of americans clicking away, selling di?wgital rts with screen for cyber
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and porch bandits make off with millions of packages during the holiday seaso one neighborhood resnded to the problem a little
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more details on that. around for a while. as temperatures will hold into
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for whatou argas and how to s plus, can't stop the beat. ?own with the all-star ca next live musical, and get the happ and getting in the holiday spit ? have yose christmas ? >> josh groban stops by studio
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monday, november 28th, 2016.lx ? we'recelebrating our birth "today."??s?vwh?#?3aq?l??hre? fk >> and maine.
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really didn't expect that news. >> repor??r: down, students gathering in silence during a national nine-day stretch of mourning. >> i think that fidel castro was a good man. he always fought for the rightsk whether donald trump will havana, will reverse the recent moves president obama had mace in cuba when he takes office. >> is it possible he keeps some of these changes in place? >> nothing is definite. he'll be speaking with his advisors. >> reporter: this as several u.s. airlines are launching new flights to cuba in the comin >> are you hopor >> yes, i am. i have to be. >> reporter: today's events will kick off a week of public
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military will escort castro's in addition to winning the electoral vote, trump is claiming he won the popular vote if you ded,m millions ole illegally. he provided no evidence supporting that claim. new orleans police are looking for two suspects in connection with a deadly shooting that happened in the french quarter. police say an argument escalated into gunfire on sunday unleashing chaos and panic on br
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that shooting took place in of aped-spite police presence in place for the thanksgiving weekend. coming up, jean chatzky's
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well this here's a load-bearing wall. we'll go ahead and rip that out. that'll cause a lot of problems. hmm. totally unnecessary and it triples the budget. we'll be totally behind schedule, right? (laughs) schedules. wouldn't it be great if everyone said what they meant? the citi? double cash card does. it lets you earn double cash back: 1% when you buy, and 1% as you pay. the citi double cash card. double means double. we're back, 8:08.
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a happy cyber monday. >> thank you. >> it's called getting nothing done at work day. >> i just ordered a dozen illuminators. toilet boils wls everywhere. we all know we do it, right? a new survey shows 65% of workers admit to changing their computer screens when online shopping and the boss but you don't need to hide because that sames shop online at work. th a t't excessive. i think it depends on thein of u we tng in general? >> when yousk question --
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in the office. you're sitting at you're desk and then your co-wor sits downe desk or cubicle next >> what would be the worst offenders? who brings sardines to the office? >> who cooks them? >> cheese and eggs. >> eggs. >> honestly, who eats sardines? >> with a little spicy mustard. >> on a cracker? >> i'm wrong. i admit. don't send hate e-mail. i loved sardines as a kid.
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anchovies though. >> next time you are making say lamb, dissolve three or four anchovies in the pan first, then cook the lamb in that. >> post it online, al. post it. >> all right. we done with this topic? >> we're hungry now. who do you guys love to follow on instagram? >> kevin >> who do i follow? i follow everyone at this table on instagram. s)?yyo have some good ones with vail. i follow all the musicians. >> bleacher report. >> well, apparently "rolling stone" has ranked the 100 best instagram accounts. here are the ones topping the list. this is not surprising.
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beyonce. are you ready for number four? >> give us. >> the tsa. yes. the transportation security administration -- yes. okay? it wins for the posts showing all the crazy items people try to bring on planes. for example, this plated dragon claw. someone put that in their checked baggage. >> you don't want that in carry-on. >> what do yoo nothing good. a large dagger hidden inside the replica of the eiffel tower. or what about this gas mask adorned with bullets? it was stuffed into a carry-on bag. "rolling stone" calls the posts fascinating andent en entertain.
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guy. tamron, save us. >> here we go, guys. if you saw john mayer onn airplane recently, here's why. he started watching nbc's hit show, "this is us." the family drama winning rave reports for beautiful story telling. over the weekend john tweeted this, just saw first episode of "this is us" and i'm hooked. crying and the next episodes. just gonna let this first ones
8:05 am
ever -- watching it on an airplane. >> you and "the notebook." >> one weak moment. jennifer lopez, another favorite around here. over the weekend j. lo hit the town in miami with her friend and jennifer got caught dancing. like no one was watching. ? >> stop. >> moment of silence. >> what do you got? >> happy thankso>giving. >> i lov?we that we were like n one was watching. whe watching j. o9 tho pants?
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i'm going to go do weather. phoex, arizona, 60 degrees. tomorrow, more of the same. minne minneapolis, ten degrees above average. tucson is about ten degrees
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>>. we've got different them a?n?w?n good. mefhe seein m sales that a
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we'll talk about the site apps in just a second. but there are different ses that will roll outou ??]amazon. you aetting gd one.we'rtartin r day seasok on winter big thi6s
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why? why? >> because it tracks historical xg?e??prices on amazon which isy good barometer. yo seef make sure that you're doing all of thesee caught up in it? in the app sre we've had a big prob8wlem this season with fraudulent apps. yosxu downl aoadn to shop at a particular merchant, you're getting the real app. you can tell because the real app won't have reviews faulty english. it will reviews. if you've got no reviews on an and if you don't see any
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>> going online, i'm going to be putting a lot of personal information on to websites. how do i protect myself? >> no matter what device you are shopping on, your phone, lap t be, or tablet, if you haven't downloaded the latest version. don't shop on a public wi-fi. bit cards hav it is. just stick to one credit card. it gives you a place to track all of your shopping. >> a lot to think about on cyber mourned. jean, thank you very much. guys? >> we're just shopping online. >> you're on some gamer website over here. guys, the next big musical on nbc that's live is one week away. >> this time it is the cult classic "hairspray." it is set back in 1962. it tells the story of a teenager who wins a spot on a popular
8:12 am
>> nbc's joe fryar sat down with what you'll see is a cast. >> reporter: "hairspray live" of big hair,qo?f?sfi bright wardrobe, and energy. >> everyone sou?khk amaz every >> everyon is excited.? they kept nst, i was like, no, what? >> repor?;uqxter: they? offered sn?f?teak pk at the cy p the beat." ? ? you can't stop the beat you can't stop the beat ? >> this group has so much experience performing in front of crowds, whether it is on broadway or in concerts.
8:13 am
live with millions watching. >> is yone nervouzs?as? gee, when you put it tha?z?b?t . by maddie ?tballio. >> do you?
8:14 am
i for telling me that. keep it coming. >> it's true. >> which one is?h?7maddie? >> martin short played maddie's dad which also makes him firestein's husband. >>lutely. wsmw voice and t?'??k> arianna, you are a rofesk yes. very much so.
8:15 am
i am moved to tears every single time. >> what's the message you hope people get out of this? >> i think the understanding that we're all different. that's what makes us brilliant as a race, as a country. >> i hope people remember, too, that the arts have the power to change lives. that's really what the message is, i think. >> reporter: powerful ideas wrapped in a live and lively three-hour spectacle.
8:16 am
news, los angeles. >> just like here, live. no net. >> i was thinking like my ?+-?ach? hurts -- by t?@?jhe w what we do is not like that. we use a prompter. but can you but they've gotzga chenoweth. they've got a bunch of broadway stars. they'll be great. >> catch "hairspray live" wednesday, 8:00 eastern, 7:00 central, right here on nbc. >> you were singing! j talented singers.
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good morning. i'm cheryl preheim. a look at channel 249 -- 9news
8:18 am
campus. the campus has tweeted out that there is an active shooter on the north side of the campus. telling students to keep sheltered, to run, hide and fight. we know that police are on the campus there are 65,184 students enrolled at that school we will continue to follow that breaking news for you. the colorado state patrol is heartbroken today after losing the third trooper in 18 months they say the latest loss should never have happened. if a truck driver had just followed the o and been more careful, his life could have been spared. we will tell you the message that the state patrol has for every driver in colorado. and with johnson election officials will meet to discuss election results. jill stein is fighting for recalls a two other states as well. the president-elect is calling it a waste of time and money. let's start off with the high country.
8:19 am
a look at the berthoud pass. drivers in denver are not dealing with a lot of volume we do have sun glare. coming up on channel 20, we will talk about accidents slowing down the drive. windy conditions will continue here at times during the day. maybe not windy at your house. but you will see a time and time again through the southern and western parts of town but we do anticipate more snow to fall in the mountains. tw right at the average high -- 46 but the wind will make it feel more chilly. true again tomorrow and wednesday. you may be able to see a few snowflakes flying around tomorrow. not affecting us much. light snow is possible friday morning. and a weekend warm-up work we
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evyo>> i'mavannah guthrie. illumination. >> i like thegy a stork. >> mthey made me a bull what they wereoi us. >> that was fun!
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not online. y s the "steals and bargains for the women i your life. gorgeous!??:?. >> come on, ser man. bring the weather. al roker's got the forecast. see strong stormsctead, you can plains got some heavy snow.?u wet weather in the?ue pacific
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here at "today," we are launching our second annual share kindness campaign. so together with our sponsor, the y, we'll be shining a spotlight on stories of empathy and generosity throughout the month all while working toward the goal of inspiring 1 million acts of kindness. the y, of course, is a great organization that helps strengthen communities year round. we'll kickhings off by committing 10,000 acts of kindness at ys across the country. but, of course we help, too. in order to reach that 1 million, go to and use the #sharekindness. let's get the kind in mess conversation started. head to "today's" facebook page and share the kindest thing someone has done for you. we'll be tracking your responses. each one bringing us closer to that million acts of kindness mark. let's do all together. all right, tamron. thank you so much. this was day one of our extra special holiday edition of
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help you achieve a stress-free holiday. >> every single day we're going to have a bargain for every single person on your list. today we begin this amazing segment. for your moms, sisters. >> all the girls in your life. i have you covered. start first with the hat and gloves and scarf. everything's 100% cashmere. the retail $160. you either get the hat and the gloves, or you get the scarf. different colors, different pa >> either the hat/gloves, or the starve. >> how do these fit? >> try that on. >> i actually have a big head and it fits. >> oh, you do? >> yeah. 7 3/4. >> i'm just going to try one on. >> the neiman marcus and sax, retail $160. >> oh, it fits. >> yes!
8:26 am
>> jewelry department. >> jewelry always big. >> one of our favorites! jennifer miller. >> retail $225. this is a choice again. the "it" bangle which you can stack. retail $225 for either, or this delicate drop necklace. it is 14-karat white gold or yellow gold plating. the necklace is adjustable. you can wear it as a longer, you then the -- these are great, again, stacked. i love mixing metals. >> what's the price? >> retail $225. this deal -- $59 for either. >> what! $59 for one bangle or one necklace. let's go to the handbag department. >> retail $498. it is called the joy bag, appropriate for the holiday. available in six colors. there is organization inside.
8:27 am
>> it's cute. >> $498, the deal $99. 80% off. >> what! that's crazy! >> bear with me here. these are french. it is a basket of senses. retail, you either get one hand soap, a hand and body lotion and a hand cream -- or, the second set is two soaps. the deal -- $17. up to 71% off. >> wow! >> what's great about this, you can split it up into different gifts. >> your mom always does that. she says my mom gets the set,
8:28 am
>> it is very efficient. the retail $425. classic cultured pearls, either white or pink or< it's almost like/????mmg o le the deal, $79. 81% off. >> i love this. >> so pretty. this can auallyouble a these candles, $112. . you get two, and mix and match.
8:29 am
handbags from ?+onna ehrlich. candles? fro panier. little h and xela aroma. coming up next, we're going to get animated. we will take you behind the scenes of the new movie "sg" and show you how they
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be the duck. we sent keir simmons to find out. >> everyone in this city gets a shot at being a star. ? ? darling stand by me ? >> reporter: "sing" is a movie about, as you might expect -- singing. ? ride like the wind ? >> reporter: featuring stars like matthew mcconaughey, reese ? yeah ? >> are you okay? >> oh, yes, i'm fine. thank you. >> reporter: are animals. >> thank you. >> reporter: and i recognize those voices. to find out how matt and savannah made this unlikely transf transformation, i headed to this unlikely place.
8:33 am
>> reporter: paris. yes, paris. where i met the director of "sing" on his way to work. matthew mcconaughey, reese witherspoon. >> they're amazing. but the real divas, if i'm honest, matt and savannah. >> yes. this is where the magic happens. >> reporter: movie magic. blockbusters like "despicable me" and others were made here at of and imators. bonjour, everybody. >> bonjour! >> reporter: the secret of a great animated character. is a really great vocal performance. >> you know what's great about hitting rock bottom? there's only one way left to go -- and that's up! >> reporter: and like the stars of the movie, matt and savannah need to deliver. little pressure, guys. >> let's do it. >> take one. >> this is take one. >> welcome to "today," everyone. i'm matt lauer.
8:34 am
>> garth did the old, that was perfect, but we need to change some things. >> could do better. >> you may be thinking there's something a little different about these two. >> that's because we got animation makeovers. >> savannah definitely giving us some options there. trying to inspire matt. she used to be a dancer maybe. >> could you do hand thing again? >> i'm sorry. >> welcome to "today," everyone. i'm matt lauer and i'm savannah guthrie. >> bingo! >> where's my s.a.g. card? >> once matt and savannah had chosen their animal characters, this guy working with just her voice, state of the art software and a $20 mirror to get her expressions right, it is bringing savannah, the stork, to life. where's matt? down the hall.
8:35 am
the other half is being done by nicholas over there. >> welcome to "today," everyone. >> he's gotten laid-back, in-control die dialect.ryone.i'. >> i'm savannah guthrie. >> you may be thinking there's something different about these two. >> that's because we got animation makeovers. by ill lum nation. i like the new look. >> he looks good. we'll be right back. >> reporter: it took just five guys less than a month to do 20 second think how much work goes into a whole movie like "sing"? >> it is very much a celebration
8:36 am
>> repor so you're recording
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sleep of your life. right now save 50% on the ultimate limited edition bed. hurry, ends soon!
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>> announcer: the citi concert series on "today" is proudly presented to you by citi. josh groban has sold more than 25 million records around the world. now he's taking broadway by storm, starring in natasha pier 1812. if that's not enough, he's got brand-new holiday music as well. josh, always good to have you here. >> good to be here. >> broadway. you admitted to me. >> broadway. it was my original dream. i got sidetracked into this music business thing which has been the greatest experience of my life. but to finally be getting to this amazing community and be doing it with a show i love this much as been an absolute thrill. >> it has been worth the wait.
8:40 am
performance, "as for mr. groban making his broadway debut, he's not merely adequate. he's absolutely wonderful. >> that's great. the music is so fun. i get to grow a beard for the first time really in my life. when i did "fiddler on the roof" in junior high i could not grow one. i'm excited to have facial hair. >> i have one of the most popular holiday albums ever. what's tso >> it's been a while since i released that record and it's been a minute since i recorded anything holiday. i felt like this is a song i've wanted to sing for a long time. i owe it to my fans to do one after a while. >> happy to have you here. ladies and gentlemen, josh groban. happy to have you here. ladies and gentlemen, josh groban. ?
8:41 am
christmas let your heart be wise ? ? from now on our troubles will be out of sight ? have yourself a merry little cistmas keep theuletide gay ? ? from now on our tro??ublesc,a9 will be out of sight ? ? have yourself
8:42 am
keep the yuletide gay ? ? from now on our troubles will be miles away ? ? here we are as in olden days happy golden days of yore ?ful friends who are dear to er near to us onceore ? through the yearshw
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vand vanderwaal captured our hearts on her way to winning "america's got talent." >> she's about to release her new ep, "perfectly imperfect." i loved seeing you at thanksgiving. was it fun being in a parade? is. >> absolutely. it was freezing but it was so worth it. >> i want to thank you, too, because my nieces were there and you did one of these. and you made -- >> when i came in here, you came up to me, y you at the thanksgiving day parade. i was like, i know. we locked eyes. >> how was your thanksgiving? >> real nice. we have a real thanksgiving like the day after. we absolutely had our real like thanksgiving. but that day we just like went -- i think we went to like a steakhouse. >> all right. cool. >> nice. how exciting is it to have this music coming out? >> really exciting. i can't wait for people to hear
8:45 am
>> no. no. >> i love your yukulele. >> can you play us to the break zp is. >> >> yeah. ? i don't know my name ?
8:46 am
hello everyone. i'm gary shapiro. on this 9news update. breaking news at ohio state university in columbus, ohio, where there is an active shooter situation that has been going on for the past 40 minutes or so. this is a live look he department they say seven people have been taken to the hospital for injuries. the local affiliate in lummus, ohio is reporting that eight people have been hospitalized and the shooter has been killed. it has not been killed by law enforcement that comes from a local affiliate in columbus, ohio. we will keep track of the situation. people are being told to shelter in place until this is resolved. again, that is at ohio state university.
8:47 am
the wind was whipping last night. >> it will be whipping again coming up tomorrow. gusty wind throughout the day today. more mountain snow moving in later this afternoon. a few breaks in the overcast during the day today. a good 3-7 inches -- at and above 9000 feet for the front range mounds structuring all the way toward vail. twentys and 30s and the mounds. uncomfortable day to be out.
8:48 am
8:49 am
grace vanderwaal welcome to a monday morning, november 28th, 2016.
8:50 am
fast. >> and does not age. >> i love the t
8:51 am
>> how was your thanksgiving? >> i had a great?8than family i we county in rktoights. someone backfliping. >> very symmetrical. very uniform family. >> how was patti labelle's? >> i took the train to philly. i watched you guys on the parade, then went up to philadelphia to visit patti labelle. i brought some pictures. this is me and patti labelle. her dog. super spoiled. i now have to figure out how to frame this. she had it in the rear part of
8:52 am
just everywhere. then -- that was the setting. you walk in and it is patti labelle thhe the at her own ?d??$ thing. party and she sings at her own ? party.?
8:53 am
that's why i'm back at patti labelle's next thanksgiving. as a parting gift she gives you a pie when you leave the house. i was in the car eating the pie. >> because you were in the pie business. >> patty's pie went viral. you worked. >> though it is not work. it is an honor to be part of this holiday tradition. >> yeah. absolutely. >> i mean i grew up watching this. again, as many of us did. i always begged >> you were photobombed by spongebob. >> of course my kids have been coming for years. courtney, the oldest, slept in. although she joined us later for dinner. >> lela's hair. is that ombre??? >> ye d at danielle. had a verye thanksgiving. >> that's aly. can you believe your kids are this old ?znow?up
8:54 am
have obviously somebody who's working. i'll have a college freshman and a high school freshman. >> what will you do with all this time? >> oh, bring it! >> you have time for holiday entertainment. >> nick and i went to see "moana" this weekend which was spectacular. >> what's the story line? >> she's a young girl destined be chief of her village. and -- but there's an environmental catastrophe going voiced by dwayne johnson. she goes on a quest to find him and set things right. >> that is so cute. the movie brought in $81 million over the five-day >> that's the number two top thanksgiving weekend opening, ever. "frozen," $93 million. it didn't get quite there. but obviously this has struck a chord with people. lin-manuel miranda did the
8:55 am
actually get into "hamilton." >> the story we were talking earlier, she's obviously in that genre of the dizsney princess bt one that doesn't need a love interest, just goes out -- >> she's doing h there was a study on fact that girls now identify more with the princess saving actually the guy or not
8:56 am
thing. there is a new app called atom tickets. you can even preorder your >> can you do it now? >> get on it. those are going to sell out. >> is this the official start of the holiday movie season? >> some people say november 1st. bj?rsome people say thanksgivin week. some people say now. >> what should we be looking for? >> this is like playoff season for me, right? with nicole kidman and d9r?r pal from "slumdog millionaire." it is a powerful story. bring your kleenex. the little boy who anchors t first half of the?u/ movie is omenal. that's my favorite but "la la land" comes out in a couple of weeks, a musical with ryan gosling and emma stone. the two of them can sing and can dance. >> ryan sings, too? >> yes. >> he does everything!
8:57 am
this is kind of back to his roots, in a way. i would call this front-runner to win best picture oscar. the other movie is "fences." this is the movie adaptation of another play. broadway. just unbelievable. >> both of them are incredible. denzel directed it, too, byhe way. >> my list is very unusual, i think. i saw "nocturnal animals." it is super dark. it's emotional roller coaster. it is all kinds of levels of not holiday but it is so amazing. it's -- my heart was pounding. jake gyllenhaal, phenomenal.
8:58 am
but how you temper this -- every night leading up to christmas i watch "love actually." it's been a ritual. i put it in. i'll pause it. i don't watch the whole film. i just wracatch it in increment. >> never seen it. >> i can't live like this. >> best christmas movie ever! >> you have to go a long way to top "elf." >> i don't think so. opening scene of "love actually," you are at the aiort and it reminds you of that moment when you are greeting a loved one. >> we didn't fly. up next, just like the movie, all roads lead to forrest gump? i don't even know what that means. and you never know what you're going to get when tom hanks recreates his famous scene. we'll show you what happens with tom as i guess a flashback.
8:59 am
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"today take.
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he did with it with a fan. he often gives speeches in hollywood and never has notes. very impressive guy. >> that's an interesting factoid attempt -- >> zach our stage manager -- >> we're actually trying this right now? >> first of their corn flakes look different. >> they look the same to me. >> well, okay. is is the big breakfast. of all thing. it's dry. it's on't evnf ss with ilk or something. >> don't think so.
9:04 am
rong flavor.? >> feta cheese is like y l?>?#< cottage cheese out.>> it falls .
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from your turkey induced coma and kick your holiday shopping plan into high gear. >> editorial director of "latina" magazine is here with a round-up of the hottest cyber monday deals. >> good morning, robin. you look beautiful. >> thank you so much. appreciate it. it is a big shopping day but 122 million americans will shop online this year making cyber mourned one of the biggest shopping days of the year which is crazy. we have tons of deals. >> the samsung 65-inch this is a 4k tv. it is a smart tv. you can stream music and movies. this one usually retails for $2,200. get it today at for $999. is having half off their samsung -- >> $999? >> $1,000. $1,200 off.
9:11 am
>> how about the kindle. >> this is the biggest deal for kindle all year. us retllyls for 80. great. >> i have one of these in every room in my home. >> this is the newest thing. this is mini but it is mighty. no0m?y?9lay it in different roo. has remote control. om??mas last year. home. what are we with here? >> these are earth shatteringal. >> 258-piece tool set?
9:12 am
handyman, or a ?y+?diyer, they available as craftsman. everything they it is usually $400. today it is $140. >> people?g=3? love these keuri. >> keurig is having a site-wide deal. and also free shipping. not only coffee but they have hot cocoa and tea which is really awesome. deal. >> really. you can't go wrong. people love this. moving over slowly. slowly to the kid's part of this. what do you have? >> this is the american girl. just right up street. it is the most iconic doll collection ever. really amazing deal these dolls right here. you get the mini one for only $14. book set for only $14. those are great deals.
9:13 am
you can give to a friend. this accessory is a little sleeping tent. isn't it super fun? your dolls can camp out. it is only $42 which is over a 50% discount. >> it is normally $85. >> radio flyer's doing different deals every two hours? >> if you go to, every two hours they are giving deals. at 10:00 you can get some of the most popular to 50% off. you just got to keep checking in for those deals. >> radio flyer is giving away five of these tesla s cars. these are the kid replicas of the actual teslas which are amazing. you can go forward if you want. this is augie. >> apparently he's out of gas. >> this is a $500 retail.
9:14 am
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[ chuckles ] as you can see, sometimes progressive isn't the lowest. not always the lowest! jamie. what are you doing? -i'm being your hype man. not right now. you said i was gonna be the hype man. no, we said we wouldn't do it. his name, d you know that? 650 tv what? >> episodes. >> 650 the shows combined.
9:26 am
>> we dow kw you got your big break as bad boy malcolm winters. for your role.ytime emmy award >> look at my hair and look at my teeth. you ended your 11-season run earlier this year. >> tt's65 episodes right there. now shemar is starring in it the new film"the bounceback" playing a relationship expert who helps people find love again. >> you know i'm about to go do my seminar. you really should come. >> no, no, i'm cool. i have a perfectly healthy love life. >> please. no, you don't. >> how do you know? >> you're a grown man who's never been in love.
9:27 am
>> a famous girlfriend would be nice. think about it. up and coming relationship guru
9:28 am
front of a camera?fm. excuse me red-eye voice. 23 ar but i'm really excited about
9:29 am
here is just a lly, fun story about love. haven't seen,"criminal???w ?n engaged, married an had a bab in like thr episodes. i "the to be
9:31 am
>> u ?y4next, we already know gracer?l talef?g?ntno?g gracer?l talef?g?ntno?g will your favorite things co tmeether at the holidays,
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ukulele. gracenderwaal ntly?s"america's got?$? ?p has a great tune called "i don k whic comparisons to taylor swift. >> amazing. now the 12-year-d is about to january. u still feel like a teager? how areall? >> honestly, i never wentnto th s home schooled
9:37 am
i'm really stu intit.x??ci cet o you've gotme. >> we're gladvm?. a is here. at are you goi t us? >> know m??v(o?
9:38 am
trying?ud?? i went fromqq blandul to
9:39 am
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