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tv   Late Night With Seth Meyers  NBC  November 28, 2016 11:37pm-12:05am MST

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m have a great night. i hope to see you tomorrow. bye, everybody! [ cheers and applause ] ? ? ? >> announcer: from new york, it's "late night with seth meyers."py tonight -- vince vaughn,i?, chief anchor of abc news, george stephanopoulos, comedian liza treyger,?ql featuring the 8g band with hannah welton. ? [ cheers and applause ] ladies and gentlemen, seth meyers. >> seth: good evening. i'm seth meyers. this is "late night." how is everybody doing tonight? [ cheers and applause ]
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let's get to the n2y??ews. the chicago cubs won the world series last night against the cleveland indians. it's so great, because if the cubs can win the worlds, serie that means anything is possible. oh, [ bleep ]. [ laughter and applause ] [ bleep ]. [ laughter ] following the chicago cubs victory in game 7 of the world hillary clinton tweeted a message of support saying, quote, "way to make history, cubs." while donald trump tweeted, "polls show i won world series. crcubsooked elong in jail."?g; [ lauger ae ] so the indians lt last night. while otritiilnd ouifhey lostn tuesda??
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account,hat haveeen dormant r er a year, suddenlveral tweet donald trump.?- ?n'russia.(?2??tiwe [ ughterndpplae ] will repoedly large celebration, because he is fo??teader,av duke,?i
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and finally, a cafe in switzerland that was supposed to offer men oral sex along with their coffee, is considering replacing sex workers with high-end sex robots. "yeah, but how's the coffee," asked nobody. [ laughter ] ladies and gentlemen, we have a great show for you tonight. [ cheers and applause ] he is one of my favorite actors. he's in an incredible new movie called "hacksaw ridge." the fantastic vince vaughn is here tonight. we also have the chief anchor of abc news. george stephanopoulos is stopping by. [ cheers and applause ] and we'll have stand-up comedy from liza treyger. it's a great show. but before we get to all that, with the election still five days away, republicans are already threatening years of political paralysis if hillary clinton wins. with some promising to block her supreme court nominees for years and others saying she should be
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? [ applause ] >> seth: we're in the home stretch and both sides are in overdrive doing everything they can to get people to vote. tuesday in ohio, for example, president obama told supporters that if they went to the polls to vote early, they could also go to taco bell and get a free taco thanks to a world series promotion. >> because i've been watching the world series, i'm aware that because francisco lindor stole second base in game one, everyone in america gets a free taco at taco bell tomorrow. [ cheers ]
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they shouldn't -- [ laughter ] they shouldn't make joe biden stand in the crowd like that. [ laughter and applause ] but what -- by the way, what a sad state of affairs it is when you say "get out and vote. we have to stop an insane man from having the nuclear codes." and people go, "eh." but you say, "free taco," and they're all, "yes, we can!" [ laughter ] now in the closing stretch, the campaign of course has been dote suddenly the very chatty fbi has discovered more e-mails potentially related to hillary clinton's private server. and republicans are pulling out all the stops. in fact today texas senator ted cruz, who once called trump a pathological liar after trump attacked his wife and accused his dad of being involved in the assassination of jfk, campaigned for trump in iowa. and as he was getting ready to board the jump jet, cruz pushed back on suggestions he wasn't fully behind trump.
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divisions among republicans. i'll make a point i'm getting ready to get on a gigantic airplane that has donald trump's name painted on the side of it. >> seth: "in fact this is very similar to the airplane lyndon johnson was sworn in on after my dle [ laughter ] nonetheless, the investigation of hillary's e-mails is a political gift for trump, as long as he can stay on message and not say anything crazy. a task apparently so difficult for him, trump had to give
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nice and easy. >> seth: he had to talk to himself about acting sane like he's on a et. [ laughter ] "okay, donald, theres cake in the break room, but you don't need cake. [ laughter ] a moment on the lips, a lifetime on the hips. be mired in legal crisis for years. and his rhetoric, and that of thop
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that's the last movie you should be bringing up. and then there have been?x call to violence from trump supporters if he loses. for example, former gop congressman joe walsh recently tweeted that if trump loses, walsh was asked about that ket." comm??ent on msnbc this week an wasn't especlly convincing in trying to defend it. >> why tweet that? why put that out there? >> well, first off, it's a musket. it's a -- craig it's a metaphor. it's a call to arms.
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go ahead, enjoy. ?.the itsy bitsy spidewent up the waterspout. down came the rain clogg the gutter system creating a leak in the roof.
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?e ] >> seth: welcome back, everybody. and please, give iup for the
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also, we've been incredi long t with the 8g band. she is the former drummer for music legend prince. w husband and wife duo, counter culte, "women's institution", is out now. hannah welton, e [ cheers and applause ] thank you so much for a fantastic week, and please come ba soon. now, if you have been following the news lately, then you know that last week was one of -- >> all right pal, take a hike. what's going on over there? >> oh, sorry seth. someone's trying to get into the vip area. >> seth: jim, there's no vip:! what are you talking about? >> iot your handwritten note, saying that you wanted me to rope off the vip area just for your nephew, derrick. it's g??i?dot your signature an everythi?eng. [ ughter ]g?y? >> seth: derrick, geover here!
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but it looks like i can't leave him alone for two seconds. so now he has to sit here with me at the deskhere he can't get into any trouble. [ laughter ]?u >> seth: hi. er >> i like your make-up. >> seth: uh-huh. eric -- i mean, derrick, what are you doing? why are you -- [ laughter and app illustrated, i've sort of been getting bullied and i've been getting bullied a lot at school specifically.
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ht >> seth: oy, you know wh. yeah. okay. i guess i could see that's pretty good. >> seth: yeah. >> could we try switching roles? >> seth: okay, sure. uh, yes so i'll be the bully. hey, derrick, your hair looks
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>> i'm his principal. an wto be in detention today, but someone took him out of school. >> seth: oh, my god. let me guess, you got a signature on it? w
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until it feels better. [ laughter ] derrick, what's the matter with you? this isn't theid -- [ laughter ]?? th isn't the kid i know, buddy. it. the kid i know had a good heart. remember when we went to the susset county pumpkin' chunkin'? you gave your binoculars to that little kid so they could watch em' shoot the pumpkin out of the cannon.
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? >> well, the truth is,w shouldn't have done that stuff. i guess i was just acting out, because last week you missed my piano recital. >> seth: oh, god, the recital.?w >> i looked out into the ku ?"?audience and i saw one empty but you weren't there. i gus i could play it for you now. >> seth: oh, that would be you could use eli's keyboard. >> that's okay. i brght my own. roll it on out, alex. >> seth: you, wait- cheers and applause ] >> seth: you brought your own >> yeah, i bring it everywhere i go.
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[ cheers and applause ] this is dedicateto seth.
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'til i'm gonna need somebody to pee on ? you just call on me brother if you need a friend ?j. ? we all need somebody to pee on ? ? we might have a problem that you'd understand we all need somebody to pee on ? ? pee on seth pee on his face
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to pee on ? ? i just might have a problem that you'dnderstand we all need somebody to pee on ? ?ee and in his hair all over his body ?v3? ?or it won't be long somedy to pee on ? pee on his fe ? >> sin ? and in his hair?joc all over his body ? ? for it won't be long that i'm gonna need
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come on now pee on pee on??8? pee on ? ??w?f9k@: [ cheers and applause ]g?u s you're a terrible kid. you're a terrible kid. >> i know, i know. >> seth: we'll be right back with more "late night."[ cheers? ?
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? ? live garde?p
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including tuberculos. serious, sometimes fatal infections and cancers, including lyhoma, have happened; as have blood, liver, and nervous system problems, serious allergic reactions, and new or worsening heart failure. before tell your donhuwctor if you've been to areas j>?9 where ceain fungal infections are common,
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"old school." he stars in mel gibson's wod war ii drama, ? "hacksaw ridge?o", which is in theaters tomorrow. let's take a lk. because he will undoubtedly be f too busy wrestling with his ??o conscience to assist --
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??m? >> seth: i love it. this is the veasdoing on a very. >> but i made commitment. come see seth meyers.- not pretty good gunslinger with the writing behind the camera. >> seth: well, thank you. >> and i said, i can't not come
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>> it is great to be ha. >> and t fnk sroom.t this go to good is a flower if it's
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>> seth: yeah.ful history? >> right? are a great teams keep it that . la?.ughter ](? >> seth: yeah, exactly. >> seth: now ty can move on to this brave new world, that we're all -- >> we just love the cubs. they seem to win.f >> seth: you got to sing "take" >> yes, the offers came in. >> s?+?keth: youneers came in.d "pippin." with but i'm open to it. [ light laughter ] >> seth: there you -- answered the call. >> i answered the singing call, that's right. >> seth: it must have been fun. you've done it before, but to do it at the world series
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game was late and we lost, that the score becamendeniable for the cubs. and a lot of people see that -- >> seth: oh, i see. >> as the catalyst moment. >> seth: turning point! [ light laughter ] >> that was a turning point. >> sh: turning point.? >> that's right. [ chfsw'eers and applause ] >> seth: they lost that game. again, and they couldn't catch up. >> but we did score one run. we didn't give up any more and then we won three straight. >> i mean look, i'm just aan at the game. but there's a lot of people out there putting the high beams on this guy. and guess who this guy is? the seth meyers show, baby. >> seth: there you go, perfect. [ laughter ] >> come on. >> seth: congratulations on th on last night, s#o?8ut it.e was this is based on a true story of is conscientious objector who then saved -- 75 was it, liv? >> amazing. read the story, i never heard of it. had you? >> seth: i had not. >> and it's a true story and it was just unreal. i think the thing that was most powerful to me was, the war is terrible -- i'm stating, you know, understating it.?v but in most cases or a lot of cases, people really d?f?figres you know, to survive. but this guy consistently, not
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bring them back to safety. d do it even for people that for the enemy. he just, you know, saw people in that. so it's really an incredible story. i was just so moved when i read the script tt there was someone out there that was like this. and you know, they actually had to kind of tone down some of the achievements he did, because career have played drill sergeants that weren't drill sergeants.
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thank you
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[ cheers and applause ] >> seth: my thanks to vince vaughn, george stephanopoulos, liza treyger! hanna welson, the 8g band! stay tuned for carson daly. we'll see you tomorrow. [ cheers and applause ]
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? welcome to "last call." tonight, we're at skylark here in new york for our show, and we've got an awesome one for you. coming up, !!! makes its tv debut the regent in downtown l.a. but first, kylie bunbury is poised to break out in a huge way, thanks to her starring role as major league baseball's first female player in the new series, "pitch." let's head over to the church key now for more. >> i have so much more respect them because i grew up with


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