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tv   9 News at 6am  NBC  November 29, 2016 6:00am-6:17am MST

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. it's your 6:00 a.m. kick start. a plane carrying soccer players crashed. a sixth person was found but later died. dozensf near a fire on green mountain in lakewood are back at their home this is morning. evacuations lifted late monday night. that fire burned 300 acres, luckily didn't burn down anything. it's 90% contained. sentencing today for the driver that hit and killed a colorado state trooper and badly injured another may of last year. a jury found him guilty of first
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murder. he'll be sentenced to life in prison. someone shot a man near logan mom night near i-25. he -- logan monday night near i-. he later died at ho'ospital. a8d family is using craigslt to final person or people responsible for killing the knife.
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services pre care act known as obacare. he tweeted in 9 we could see frry or two in the we'll see it. >> ildee few flurries especiallynd as wi the course of the nex couple hours. throh the middle of the
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morning in our corridor that closedn? lanes of the accident tangledp?t?@?04d me lanes of aqw hugee, fire crews here. we're learning more details queblo highw 2.candou morning.
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because he quote, wasn't man enough to raise a child. a woman accused of shooting deputies will appear in court today. fallace was protesting when she pulled out a gun and started firing almost hitting one of them. she's charged with felony possession of a firearm, attempted murder charges against her have been dropped.
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as emergency evacuation is being ordered for the rest of the protestors at standing rock. a winter storm is expec tted roll into that area today and could last the week. north dakota 's??l?nerive orderg people to leave immediately and take stuff with them. scores of people have been there most camping out. they're?:?t: worried the pipelie could pa lieutenant -- could pollute drinking water inhe their own be is morni. a 300-acre fire forced them to evacuate much of monday evening. they were allowed back in shortly before 10:00. jessica oh is at the fire line this morning. firefighters hope to finish
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hour's time. this has been aon fors. not just because we have seen wind gusts like this but also because it has been very dry this season. some of the residents are pointing out brush like this on top of green mountain and surrounding thempletely dry now. givesidea of challenges firefighters are facing. green mountain fire reported around 6:00 yesterday evening. the parkway. this fire started out on the ridge creatingf7nknu a fiery trl inching towards neighborhoods near the base of the mountain. everybody who had to evacuate to crayton middle school, they did get home as of last night. you can imagine how some felt leaving their homes. some had little to no warning about the fire and left without warning. .
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they still will have a lot of work to do today even though this is 90% contained. they're hoping to have it fully contained today. they'll enter the mop up phase of this fair. there's the investigation aspect as well. crews don't know what caused it. they're hoping to look into it. marty, while you were saying, like dry conditions. >> not only dry and windy but cold as well. here's the current wind gusts. we have reported over the front
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that makes it unpleant to be outside working. >> sounds chillyo me. oh my goodness. today several big meetings for president-elect donald trump
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we'll be here friday m skyr4ylld highway 2.
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we've been alerted of this morning. out to the west, snow pack condition across i-70 chain and traction laws required for sections of 70. check before you leave the house if headed to high country. corey, quick look to south side. dry creek sws aleas tuesday drie to work. >> looks lik it theremea. ou announcements, what'ra that the
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>> it's clear it was not widespread and happening as a result of this. >> experts say recounts are expensive and unnecessary.
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monday. it was all caught on camera. on airport surveillance video, a woman is seen running from the plane's taxi to terminal. she pulled over the exit door and jumped out. video shot from a passenger inside the plane shows the door still open. it's still a mystery why she did this. it freaked out her fellow passengers. >> the attendants told everybody stay seated, leave seat belts
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would be a good word. >> yeah. thafully they were on the groundthe woman isn and is going to go haveve>j? medical ?-ua >> gee really a strange one. >> nerea anyinge likacp?? (z firste'ic. >>indy today. i want to focus littl later?)cjm out of
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police. we've got to get the condition of people?j??" inside? this veh. we'll have updates in a few minutes. the rest of your drive across denver as well as the metro area, very quiet hiding back to work.
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. we've been looking forward to sharing this all morning long. from the field of play to field of food. it's been a long journey for jason brown. it's one he says he doesn't regret a bit. >> that's for sure. as a seven year pro, bro was earning millions of dollars. at the height of his career, he left it behind to become a farm tore give back to the -- farmer
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he turned 27, same age his brother was when serving in afghanistan and died, he decided to serve. he brought a farm in north carolina. he grows food and donates to the hungry. >> i don't want any type of notoriety other than people to say you know what, thai)s just some kid from the cou?zntry!t tt can play a little bit of football. look what he's doing with his life now. if he can do it, i >> he said for him being in the nfl was just meaningless. he had nev?xer a day in his life which blows my mind. getting into it obviously tough. at first he learned most on youtube. he did youtube video farming. this year alone, his farm grew 250,000 pounds of sweet potatoes to feed the hungry. he walked away from a
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contract. >> what he does now has more?n vae than anything could assign a dollar amount top if that's what he does as a rookie farmer, watch out.
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fe in ant acrding to our meteorologists hour yesterday. five streets near the base of the mountain to be evacuated. some of the residents they hadn't lived herehe there were fires before. an?]?
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no are 2 northbound stretch sing huge backups as you head t part-q has
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to my top. >> makes sense why she sent this letter to the city of aurora earlier this year. i w trying?h?q be someone recognized everywhere she goes. >> it's head start of becoming president which i want to do >> she hasting with him


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