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tv   9 News 6pm Next  NBC  November 29, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm MST

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checked off the most significant accomplishment of all. @q >> taylor 1'2fsad the fe of t t taylor graduated and had a full career with the state patrol, he would have checked that goal off his bucket list time and time again. >> reporter: trooper clint rushing's very life is a testament to that. they were side by side investigating a crash when a meth ?u?dealer ing a traffic stop came their direction. i before that morning, but in two and a half minutes i knew the guy he was and the trooper he would have. >> reporter: and that's why taylor's mother had always been so proud, from his childhood to his army service to the start of his trooper career. >> from the age of 4 he always wanted to build his muscles and go into gxthe army. i miss him. i miss his touch, his feel. >> reporter: today carol
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my that day as a mom. i will forever be his mom, but you know how hard it is to be a mom when you don't get to see your child every day? don't get to hear your child every day? it's heart breaking. >> tefo was the first of three members of e colorado during that time. president-elect donald trump suggested this morning on twitter that flag burning should be a crime, a crime punishable by the loss of american citizenship. currently there's only one conviction that can strip a natural born american of citizenship, and that's treason. trump might be serious which puts him at odds with conservatives, he could be using a literally incendiary
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family's conflicts of interests, or it's suggested he's trying to provoke protesters into flag burning to discredit them. so we asked our people if turn was crazy, sneaky or what? >> i think he's probably crazy like a fox. the reality is it's an established law by the supreme court that flag burning, as disgusting as it might be, is protected by the first there are ridiculous protests happening across the country right now, and if there's one thing we're seeing consistency it's that they're getting more and more over the top, so if he's actually inducing them to burn flags to hurt their pr case, that might be a thing that's happening. >> look, donald trump is serious, seriously trolling all of us. i mean, the simple fact is that this guy spent the entire
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scandals, be it signing the front of a $25 million settlement check to victims of turn university scam or the fact that the people he's been appointing to cabinets all over thplace have been wildly unqualified or the same establishment republicans he claimed to want to drain the swamp of during the entire campaign. still out doing mop up today. it's fully contained, firefighter speak for confidence that hot spots won't get beyond control. and facebook got dramatic asking people to mark themselves self-if they lived near green mountain. it worried a lot of moms of people that live in denver that were far from danger, come on
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will get a knock on their door this week from a determined woman trying to help them keep their homes by stopping subpoenaing that's perfectly -- stopping something that's perfectly legal, investors buying up homes. i tacked along with her. >> reporter: jill's knuckles have to feel it on a day like today as she works her way through this mobile home park. it's the that might want you to slam the door until you find she wants to save your home. >> the county created a lena against the home -- lein against the home and then it's sold. >> reporter: and it's perfectly legal. the investors are banking on the owners not paying the lein, but after a year the investor can apply for ownership of the mobile home, and scoop it up
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essentially. >> the investor with a lein as little at $73 in one case on here can come and have ownership of the entire home. >> reporter: so jill is warning owners. she has a list of 25leins sold at auction earlier this month. she got it because she was at the sale. >> people are literally sitting around the table googling names betting on who won't be able to pay. see, here it is. >> reporter: jill helped out a mom from her son's and now she's trying to help others, so she invested. >> i quickly realized between the prices plus the premiums i couldn't buy all of them, so i underlined the women and bought all theirs, so i bought nine. >> reporter: now she's on a mission to warn the 16 others. >> i'm out causing a ruckus, and telling every to pay so it doesn't happen to them.
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state legislators to fight this, so the best advice before you buy any property, check with your county pressurer or local recorder to see if there's an outstanding lein, and of course pay your bills. though she found a lot of leins dealt with clerical errors. >> >. good work. thank you. with eileened within the last -- we learned within the last hour the future of loretto they're closing, declining enrollment and accreditation issues. the nonprofit that owns the lands doesn't have a preference on whether its sold to another educational institution or commercial developer, but with classes scheduled through 2017 it's way too early they say to discuss a possible commercial development at loretto heights. a homeless veteran passed away in wyoming earlier this
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at his side, but he was laid to rest today with people surrounding him. the coroner was determined to find his family or close friends. finding none she invited the whole community to come to his funeral, which made for a wonderful scene. his sister was located at the last moment, and found hundreds of people gathered to brother, and met the nurses that comforted him in his final moments. >> gratitude. gratitude is the only word i can use to express it, that all of these people could come out and, a special place in my heart goes to the nurses from the icu who came to this service to tell me they were with him when he died. i'm a nurse myself, and, um, it
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that they would take the time to do that. >> we like they are determined to no one who serves honorably should be forgotten, and we're working on an in depth story on the veteran and his service. tonight's recommendation is a chance to get out there and do something. volunteers are needed to light the luminaries at the colorado freedom memorial in aurora on thursday, friday, and saturday. if you've never been out there, this is it's a beautiful and serene place, and only more so when 6,000 luminaries are lit. one for each name, eachman or woman in colorado lost in combat. find the details on the next facebook page. and life for those that return home is not always perfect, but some in the community are committed to
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roots. there's a nonprofit calls veterans to farmers. >> i thought it was going to change the world, and now i'm 35, and i still think i'm going to change the world, just in a different way. it's something about it. you ask any gardener, it's just, you just got to keep doing it, you know, it's the reason to get out of bed. >> my name is john. >> i'm scott. i forces. >> served in korea. >> active duty navy. >> i served from 2003 to 2008. >> did one tour in iraq. >> i was watching tv in australia when the towers went down, and i thought well maybe i could do something about that. >> i was a medic in the military, and all i knew when i got out of the military was i didn't want to work in the medical field. got back went to college,
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business world, worked in the corporate world, and then ended up linking with these guys. >> veterans to farmers. it's pretty self-explanatory. a reentry grace system teaching veterans a -- reintegration system teaching veterans a variety of techniques. >> my hope is that i can make food that doesn't travel great distances that makes people feel good when they eat it. >> we don't actually charge e we fuelly pay them because it's like an -- actually pay them because it's like an on the job training program. we just see working with the plants how it truly helps people become reintegrated. >> toughest part? >> yeah, it was tough coming back and adjusting back to the civilian world. actually went through really bad separation anxiety because
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three years. >> only one guy i've met before, and the others are strangers, but it was an instant brother hood. i didn't think i -- i don't think i realized how much i missed it. >> i'm going back to the person before i was deployed. >> it's like you have a purpose again. >> you say you want to homeless, well, we have a very real opportunity to do that. these dogs are outstanding in their field, and a next viewer wants to know why. plus, your chance to pick the humiliating facial hair style i
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fort collins has an idea to solve the shortage of homeless shelter, but the city needs churches and community services offer places, and now they need volunteers tivand set up overnight. it's rked in nashville, tennessee. >> it allows for some things our permanent shelters can't, so some organizations have been willing to take couples, people with pets, so we're really testing the community capacity to have an on going program like in nashville.
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permanent shelters, but they fill up fast in the wintertime. you can find information about the pop up shelters in the next section on our next question comes from an inquisitive viewer, margo asked what the heck's going on with the dog statues at broomfield high school, and they'r k the grass. they were made by the baseball coach himself, and he puts them on the field in the off season to keep the field clean and keep the the geese off. and the material for the dog's ears is flexible, and they flap in the wind and make them more life like. no goose stealing onto his field. and we're in the closing days of no shave november, and this beard will soon be no more. my wife is sad about that, but if you help us raise money for
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decide what questionable facial hair i'll be sporting on the first day of december. the choices, a ron burgundy mustache, a fu man chu or muttonchops. weigh in now, and i'll abide by the vote of the people tonight and tomorrow. if you help us hit the fund raising goal, even $10 helps, i'll roll in in whatever you choose thursday, and check us next page, if you kick in $10 i'll kick in $10 too. we'll check the results before we leave the air tonight. the word of the year from webster's is looking to be depressing unless we do something about it. and the boss, you can be it if you ask nicely, and the city
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welcome back, i'm meteorologist kathy sabine here in the 9 news studios, and we have a windy and chilly night ahead. the high temperature today
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everyone's talking about the wind blowing to almost 60 miles per hour between sterling and fort morgan around an area of low pressure. the winds continue on the fear eastern plains, and that could mean areas of blowing snow. temperatures cold the rest of the week. hard to believe it's still fall. big area of pressure bringing wind and cold to the midwest, and out ahead of it the threat of severe weather, and much needed rain to the fire zones we'll get a little reprieve, break from the snow here in colorado until friday, but check out the numb for tonight. 15! you'll feel that tomorrow morning. with sunshine you'd think it would be warmer, but it ? won' be. seasonal highs in the 40s, and then this weekend the parade of lights, and freezing is the high with a few flurries. little warming trend into the weekend. back to 50 degrees. hard to believe winter right around the corner.
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up here, but fascism will be webster's word of the year unless a bunch of us go online and search for another word. the dictionary people are practically begging us to do it. the number of look ups is how they choose the word of the year. they wrote there's still time to look up something else. anything else. come on. there's a movement floomididdle. the boss is coming to town tomorrow. it's the book tour for bruce springsteen that's been all over the news [ singing ] the new owners of the tattered cover posted this to convince bruce to stop for a meet and greet. inventively done, and this would be your public service announcement to avoid that
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we are back with a sign, an old sign that hasn't been
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it's a sign spotted by a next viewer in denver's wash park, and if the sign looks a bit vintage, bill says it's because they're actually hold overs from a long gone parking lot, traffic hasn't come through in ages. he's tried to get the city to take the signs down, but no dice. perhaps the people on roller blades and bikes still attention to them. you can always send us a sign that makes you go huh. all right, let's check on on the facial hair monstrosity you've assigned me to wear thursday. i'll do it if you help us hit the fund raising goal in the no shave november campaign, raising money for research in the fight against mention cancer. ron burgundy mustache, about a
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muttonchops look really solid for thursday. up until 6:30 i'm matching your donations, so find us on the next facebook page or my own facebook page. we'll try to kick things off the rights way to close up the fund raising. thanks to everyone that's donated, and i'll see you next
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katy perry, a secret engagement? e.t. has the exclusive s ring. then dollywood in danger. >> go, go, go! dolly parton's theme park surrounded by wildfire and flames inching closer. what she's telling us today and she reveals never before told stories of childhood trauma. >> we thought we were going to do. behind the scenes with jackie kennedy transformation. will playing first lady win her another oscar. >> it's very scary to take on someone that people know so well, and we are in new orleans
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property brothers. >> what's sexier? popping your pecks. >> or slapping your keg. >> this is "entertainment tonight". >> a raging fire threatening to destroy dolly parton's beloved amusement park. we begin with katy perry flaunting some brand-new bling in new york. did orlando bloom put a ring on ? ? >> first, let us give you a close-up look at the giant rock. it's an oval cut yellow diamond surrounded by tiny baggetts and katy is holding her perfectly manicured hand in a i've got a little something -something i want to show off. could it be that after ten months of dating kabloom is engaged?


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