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tv   9 News at 10pm  NBC  November 30, 2016 10:00pm-10:33pm MST

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>> an officer's body cam captures the moment 12 shots were fired in a shooting that has now been determined to be justified. >> you're not the only one waiting for holiday packages, advice how to stop porch pirates. >> the day that some believed would never happen, tonight a plane leave denver bound for >> it didn't look bad when it happened, but the broncos starting quarterback hurt his foot, his prospects for playing sunday. 9news starts now. a cyclist was hit and killed by a semi tonight in boulder, the trash shut down the area east of 28th and arapahoe. at this point we don't know the name of the cyclist or the circumstances around the collision. this is the sixth cyclist to be killed in boulder county this year. the previous five happened from may through august. a chase, two carjackings and a crash over the course of
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colorado today, there's one suspect at the center of it all. it started midafternoon and ended when police put down stop sticks. it started around 3:00 when a drunk driver was spotted near the area of owl canyon of larimer county. deputies chased but called it off feeling it got too dangerous. about an hour later the same vehicle crashed on southbound i- 25 near the berthoud exit. investigators say the driver ran to a house and stole a car there. two hour later they say the same man carjacked someone -- hours later ey man carjacked someone in boulder county. spike strips ended the chase in loveland on 287. the suspect was headedwas hurt. a police officer was oo e e you get perspective sh?z:ooting hands ?7w!
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have been a warning. security cameras recorded laber and her two boys leaving bear canyon elementary elementary. her husband reported them missing around 8:00 last night when they didn't come home. 12 hours later her van was found near the now closed sports authority loading dock near c-470 or quebec. >> we had no indication, nothing like that, no abrupt behavior by any means, just blindsided. >> that family spokesperson a role, although no one is sure. police are not saying how laber and her sons died except to say there is no threat to the community. bear canyon elementary will have counselors available for students and staff. a pe teacher in jefferson county is expected in court next week on sexual assault charges. michael beuno was arrested this morning.
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conifer high school face charges including sexual assault. he's in jail on a $25,000 bond. flags will fly at half staff friday and the day of the funeral for fallen state trooper cody donahue killed last week when he was hit by a truck while working the scene of another crash on i-25 near castle rock. tomorrow special patrols by several agencies will be out looking specifically for drivers not obeying colorado's move over law. it requires drivers over at least one lane when approaching emergency vehicles with their lights on. if they can't get over, drivers need to slow down dramatically. tomorrow's patrols will be conducted by agencies from denver for those working the south metro area including greenwood village and focus on i-25. tis the season for holiday deliveries, a busy time of year for porch pirates. 9news reporter sman has advice how to avoid getting your packages pilfered. >> reporter: if we're speaking
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>> just right up here, not very far. >> reporter: -- then john shea has 1 job. >> probably about 250 stops. >> reporter: make sure each of his 250 packages gets to each of their 250 owners. >> it's a tough job. >> reporter: understandable, it really grinds his gears when that doesn't happen. >> if they didn't get it, i don't know who took it. some people just like getting stuff for nothing. >> reporter: stuff for knock, a trend that always ticks up in this time of giving, of all times. >>wo would double, if not triple during the holidays. >> reporter: jerks. john's boss knows there's not much he do. >> it certainly does increase around this time. >> reporter: if you are getting a package, have a neighbor take it shipper hold o have it sent to your workplace or ask delivery drivers to hide the package which they'll
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aren't home. >> for the most part i can pretty much remember where i left it. >> reporter: this season let's make a pact and make sure we don't cough up our well deserved gifts of giving to those who don't deserve them. in denver dan grossman, 9news. >> as with my theft, your best -- any. this, your best hope of getting -- as with any theft, your best bet of getting your package back if it is stolen is file a the fbi set a record for background checks on gun buyers on black friday. it beat last year's total by 400 and set a national record. in colorado the cdi instacheck unit processed more than 4,300 background checks, the most in a single day in the agency's
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recently in bias motivated crimes. the victim spoke out last week after racial slurs were spray painted on her apartment door. aurora police say when she arrived home last night, she found notes attached to the door with more racial slurs and a threat. they're asking us to stop using her name due to those ongoing threats. >> it's the kind of thing that has to be addressed. it can't be ignored. it can't be has to be publicized unfortunately because we need to le people know that they are and will be safe in this city. >> -- let people know that they are and will be safe in this city. >> police know they're looking into reports of other bias motivated crimes over recent days. rain today will help slow the wildfires in tennessee, but the drought is so severe it won't be enough to stop them.
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contained in severe county. seven people have died. at least eight others are missing and several people are in the hospital. the fire in eastern tennessee and the great smoke where i mountains charred more -- smoky mountains charred more than 15,000 acres. dolly parton promises to help those who lost everything. in a statement to the dollywood foundation she announced the my people fund. shetch says, "the dollywood foundation will -- she says, "the dollywood foundation will the families who lost their homes in the fires for six months moll they can get back on their feet -- months until they can get back on their feet." frontier denver flight from denver to miami began tonight. passengers will have about an eight hour layover there and get into cuba around 5 p.m. commercial flights are resuming after 50 years. american airlines made the first trip earlier this week. frontier plans to run daily
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we could see snow in the metro area on friday. it's not the first snowfall, but it's still a good time for a winter driving refresher. 9news reporter dan grossman found some new things to pay attention to this year. those of you who have been driving in colorado for years shared your advice and know- how, too. >> reporter: let me guess. you've probably see this story before. >> we can't have enough reminders. >> reporter: and you've probably listened to driving instructors talk about ho >> when it's sloppy, you do not have control. >> reporter: no, really. but before you write this off just listen a few more moments. >> you get really accustomed to driving around when it's nice. >> reporter: because it's easy to forget there are some under the radar laws that could get you find, the first of which? >> they actually say gripping in the code. >> reporter: gripping tires. good snow tires are required by code 15 or the track law.
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of three things to drive on colorado roads when it's inclimate, mud and/ tires, four wheel or all wheel drive with tires at least 1/8- inch thick or good old- fashioned chains. >> legislation is part of the challenge. it's incumbent upon us to learn how to be safe in that environment. >> reporter: code 16 is a last ditch safety effort before cdot closes the highway and mandates every car, truck, motorcycle, whatever uses chains if it wishes to be on the road. it's rare, but cdot did implement it this past march during the blizzard. so it doesn't hurt to carry a set of chains in your truck. there you have it. a $600 fine could await if you choose to follow other advice. it's also important to remember that puffing or starting your car before you get in it till it warms up is a tickettable
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legislation that says you can puff statewide as long as you have a remote car starter, but police have long warned us they can still be a good inroad for they've. >> what about those tire treads, remember those? >> yeah. you always got to make sure they're an 1/8-inch thick. put a quarter in there. if the head is any bi about 1,000 fans got to meet the boss and mark it off their bucket list. 1,000 people got to meet bruce springsteen during a book signing at the tattered cover in colfax. the wait in line about three hours to get everybody through. the visit and photo op was short, but it was face to face. gary shapiro got to mark that one off today.
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classical music to dementia patients had very unexpected promising benefits. >> he served in world war ii and then set out on a new mission at age 100. >> another cold front on the way, the forecast tomorrow and an update on the chance of snow friday. >> and a busy beaver who clearly does not buy into the concept of holiday goodwill. >> reporter: and the rams is
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what started as a program to help bring life classical music to people with dementia uncovered an unexpected side effect. researcher at csu started to notice something as the patients were exposed to more of the performances. it found the dementia in most
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they saw positive changes in mood, cognitive function and relationships. scientists say although the findings are very preliminary, they are promising. he served his country during world war ii. at age 100 he made it his mission to honor every jewish veteran buried in st. louis. then at age 101 this year he had a simple holiday request. ralph shower asked for help buying food. it's not for himself. he wants to help distribute it to people in need. on most days he doesn't get streaming by his house offering to help. >> he is just coherent. he knows what's going on. it's just amazing. he's been blessed. all the things he's done in his life. >> getting food for people who need it and who may not be able to get it on their own, it's a good gift. >> good gift, love his voice, too. several people have organized a food drive in st. louis this weekend to make sure ralph gets his wish fulfilled and that
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season. the rockefeller center christmas tree is dressed for the season in new york. the holiday tradition started in 1931 and has sing become a song filled live broadcast tradition. the steady downpour in the city didn't stop people from celebrating the lighting. the 94-foot norwood spruce was cut down in upstate new york earlier this month. it's wrapped in more than 50 now l.e.d. lights and will stay on display in midtown manhattan through now a bah humbug counterpart by this disgruntled beaver that ransacked the aisle in the dollar store in maryland. animal control arrived. they snapped a few photos with the help of a sheriff's deputy before they subdued the mischievous beaver and relocated it far from the big lights of the holiday displays. >> maybe he wanted to get into
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escape the cold. that's what we're all thinking as temperatures have cooled down significantly, a far cry from how we started off the month, 60s, 70s and one 80- degree day this month, temperatures running well above average, precipitation slightly below and the snowfall 1.7 inches officially at dia. of course, our average for the month, 7.5. looking ahead toward december, of course, a nice cooloff, temperatures usually running in the low 30s, .1-inch about 3 -- precipitation about .3 inches. right now it looks like florida is the only folks looking at below average precipitation. tonight out at dia it's quiet and calm, temperatures cooling off in the mid-20s under mostly clear skies. the winds are picking up out of the south, southwest at 13 miles per hour. look at that wind chill.
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little chilly. our temperatures will run in the upper 20s right there at about 27. across hd doppler 9 tonight so and still will produce a little snowfall in the western slope and the high country. right now we have clear skies from the western slope to the eastern plains and that means tonight it's going to be cold, 12 degrees at the airport with clear skies, lights winds. will watch for good -- we'll watch for good radiational cooling, 9 degrees in celling, 1 in alamosa, -- in kremmling, 1 in alamosa. high pressure shifts to the
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that one starts knocking on our backdoor and bringing snowfall for folks in the west and the mountains, but drier conditions in eastern colorado one more day before we watch some of that snow push into the front range. up in steamboat spring everything is wit out there, larry pierce cap -- white out there, larry pierce capturing this great shot of the trees and slopes. overnight into tomorrow morning we're watching clouds push into the metro area. tomorrow i anticipate more clouds than sunshine, a couple the northern and then southern mountains about 3:00, 4:00. along i-70 it might be tricky tomorrow afternoon, icy, but no travel advisories posted. tomorrow 41, denver partly cloudy skies, mid-40s for eastern colorado, 20s and 30s in the foothills and mountains for your thursday afternoon. again partly to mostly cloudy skies, hazy in the city and the system finally pushes into the
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right now looks like an inch or less, certainly a cooloff, but look at that weekend, 40s and 50s with sunshine on the way
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from colorado's sports leader here's drew soicher. >> hi, everybody. i have a friend who is a csu fan that's so tired of colorado football's the rise is real the rams is real axiom and tonight it was true. the rams is real, bad grammar and all. colorado made it 2-0 over cu in boulder. rams buried the heavily favored buffs in the 2nd. final score 72-58 and we're live. 9news sports reporter aaron matas is in boulder tonight.
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yeah, the rams is real. colorado state came into this game as double digit underdogs and they admitted afterwards that they took that personally. they took that lead in the 1st and then coasted to a double digit win of their own. >> i know you guys all think we was going to lose, right? did you? don't lie. yeah, you all thought we was going to lose and guess what? we beat them by 15 and we're on to >> you got to find a way to win this game ugly. they make the game ugly. they're a very physical team. i got a lot of respect for them, but you got to win ugly sometime and we weren't mentally tough enough to win ugly tonight. >> we needed this win to show everybody that we were with just the little brors in colorado. >> reporter: the -- bros in colorado. >> reporter: the rams have only won here nine time, but
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first time since 1951 that they've won back to back games in boulder. the rams is real. >> we'll let you go know, aaron. we can hear your stomach growling. [ laughter ] >> obviously the clean-up crew. nuggets suffered their worse loss of the season tonight, sloppy, sloppy nugs beaten at home by the last place denver turned the ball over 19 times. it seemed like the heat took advantage of every one of them. nuggies lose 106-98. strange but drew, tonight's game with the 76s are was postponed due to condensation -- 76ers was postponed due to condensation on the floor. the hockey game was played there overnight and the condensation probably from
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if i told you broncos quarterback trevor siemian was injured again, you might say my left foot, although it's true. it's his left foot. trevor suffered a sprain on this play early in overtime with the kansas city chiefs. if you look real closely, you can see a twist in there. trevor said it felt kind of funny and was surprised he might have to miss the game sunday with the jaguars. 9news broncos insider mike klis broke the story again and explains why this gh so terrible on the pages of his notebook. >> reporter: indications are paxton lynch will be the broncos starting quarterback sunday at jacksonville. rather than fret about the possibility of playing without trevor siemian, why not get excited about getting another look at the 1st round rookie. >> all the guys have a lot of trust in him and it's kind of been exciting to see from the time he came in the building to
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i'm sure he'll keep doing that this week. if i can practice, great. if not, i'm sure paxton will be just fine. >> reporter: funny how it works in the nfl. two weeks ago during the bye, there was a lot of talk whether it was time to reach place siemian with lynch. now people might just get what they wish for and oh, no, the broncos are in trouble and they might be, but then again we've seen the broncos rally around an in experienced quarterback before. quarterback was day to day with a boot on his foot, peyton manning missed 6 1/2 games. brock osweiler who we now know is not all that went 5-2 as manning's replacement helping the broncos to a no. 1 playoff seed.
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any excuse for the paxy dance. still of the night comes from boulder where c umass cot buffalo chip was physical -- cu mascot buffalo chip was physically upset in the loss to the rival of colorado state in the still of the light. any 3rd grade teacher would cringe at the idea the rams is real. it does have a good ring to it. >> it does. >> now know what is? >> what is the rams? >> a good pen holder i noticed. i use it all the time. it goes in his horn. >> so you could have a triple pen holder. >> you could put three pens in there. that's exactly right. >> genius.
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