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tv   9 News at 530am  NBC  December 1, 2016 5:30am-6:00am MST

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are dead -- a husband now a . simply blindsided. a mom and two kids are dead, husband is a widow. investigators are trying to piece it all together. stopping the stigma. today is world aids day. taking action to raise awareness. kids want to talk to santa? there's an app for that. gary and corey with you on this thursday morning. 1st of december. we were just talking about that. >> punching ourselves it's december 1st -- pinching ourselves it's december 1st already. >> months have flown by. >> count down to christmas has definitely started. >> our meteorologist is joining us. feels more like the christmas season. >> is it ever. quite cool out here again today. temperature miss teens and low
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with this morning. not very windy. partly cloudy conditions through the morning and afternoon. highs today only anticipated to be in the lower 40s. we wrapped up november. we were knocked out of top sick with cool weather. even though it looked like a warm month, it ended up to not be the case. 30s, 40s not much wind at all. light snow showers going in a few mountain locations. that's still ahead of the main storm system which is not a big storm moving through idaho, utah, western sections of montana. light snow in the mountains tonight. we'll begin to see snow. not so much during the rush hour tomorrow morning but more during the morning. it picks up in the foothills and
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afternoon and slowing down by late in day. as far as mountain areas go and western valleys, one to three inch snow generally below 7,000 feet and spotty basis on the ridge line. two to six inches by the end of the day tomorrow. not much here at all. most of us, less than one inch. closer you are to the foothills, better chance you have of piling up an inch or so and one to three by the end of the day tomorrow. as you head out of t boulder or getting out of boulder jumping on u.s. 36, we want to start off with information about a water main break. the entrance ramp from 28th street getting onto u.s. 36 is shut down. road crews just arrived to repair a water main break this morning. alternates around here few moments ago. 28 and u.s. 36th where most the action is. we'll have details in just a
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denver, one exception crash north of i-70 along 40th and airport boulevard. light backups have formed. folks access the corridor east of town. u.s. 6 over loveland pass could be gusty as well. for the most part, quiet start. sunrise 7:02. working to find out more about the explosive device found in someone's home late secured and removed the device. we'll update you when we know more. >> a family, neighborhood, school. a mom and her two little boys missing turned into a death investigation. >> so many people want to know. this is just -- it really
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and friend's mouths. they say there was no hint of what was to come. the sheriff office doesn't have answers right now. jennifer took her son out of school early tuesday. she was last seen coming out of the bear canyon school with both sons. her husband called police when he hadn't heard from them by 8:00 p.m. sheriff deputies got a tip of the families morning. they found her and her two kids dead. we don't have more on why that developed. the word depression came up. many can't believe what's happened. >> everyone is blindsided. we had no indication, nothing like that. no abrupt behavior by any means. just blindsided. >> douglas county sheriff hasn't said if anyone else is involved. they don't expect her husband
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>> that's tough for sure. this man pretended to be a cop and tried to pull over teenagers. a judge will sentence him tonight. the 39-year-old put red and blue flashing lights and sirens on his car and tried to pull over two teens leaving a 7 /11 in mark. his rap sheet is 13 pages long. a chase, a crash has one suspect in custody. deputies say the three hour crime spree started around 3:00 wednesday afternoon when they spotted a drunk driver near the oil canyon area. they started to chase the suspect but called it off saying it was getting too dangerous. the same car near i-25. the suspect wasn't done the investigators ran to a house, stole a car and later carjacked someone in boulder
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was hurt. president-elect donald trump still betting people for his cabinet. all picks from ties to washington or wall street. there's a new antiestablishment possibility. that is sarah palin. nbc news sources say that the alaska -- former alaska governor is candidate for veterans affairs department. head of the veterans affairs department. >> still manhattan u.s. attorney , one of america's hardest charging prosecutors. he met with trump wednesday. trump asked him to keep the high profile post he's held for seven years. he agreed to stay on. >> president-elect asked presumably because he's a new yorker and aware of great work our office has done over past seven years. he asked to meet with me to ask whether or not i'd be prepared to stay on as united states
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have done it independently, the last seven years. >> keeping him is a sign mr. trump is keeping the campaign promise to crack down ton down -- down on corruption. my wife con stance and my daughter lily who's nine. >> families are find loved ones as deadly fires continue to burn through the smokey mountains in tennessee. seven have died. hundreds of homes gone. 14,000 evacuated. a devastating situation. one that people have not seen before. . >> we're praying for t families and are very dispressed at the loss of -- distressed at the loss of life in this
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into these areas and recover. >> he says in 63 years in the area, he's never seen anything close to this and hopes to never see it again. dry conditions will continue here through the day today. relatively light wind this morning. i'm jurisprudencing ahead to tomorrow -- i'm jump ago head to tomorrow at this -- jumping ahead to tomorrow at this time. few flurries in the are developing here and there. spreading mostly to foothills. favoring western portions of douglas and arapahoe county and up into the foothills. that's where we will see better snow amounts, even light snow there will be. could be a flurry early on if you get ready for parade of lights early on. light wind, temperatures in the
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dress warm. we'll have a nice start out there after 40 years of loving bruce springsteen's music, seeing him live dozens of times, finally got to meet the boss. i was one of a thousand or so that lined up at the bookstore for a chance to spend about 10 seconds with him. it was kind of like a concert without the music. fan, young and old, some who have seen him 50 or 60 times, some who have never seen life. >> when he was delivered, we were listening in the delivery room. >> when it was my turn, i said first saw you in omaha in '75. he said wow omaha as in, i was in omaha? i said thanks for the great music. he said sure. that was it. i got this great picture. >> it was a lot of fun. he was a nice guy. had a tough job greeting a
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it was a lot of fun. >> like christmas day for you. i know you did a story on it. you were smiling ear to ear. >> it was really, really fun. seems like the nicest guy. i've always heard that. >> it's about time. you've been a fan for so long, been to many of his concerts. >> you talk in line with other fans i've probably seen 20 to 30 shows. some have seen 50 or 60. even bigger fans. it's amazing. >> were you listening to your two kids? did katie say no? >> that's another story. >> that's a die hard fan there no internet connection, no problem. netflix is letting you bing watch showing off line and -- >> if not, i'll be just fine. >> yeah, broncos i don't know. trevor is injured once again.
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for sunday's game. might be paxton lynch.
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. to world news now. thousands of fans filled the soccer stadium in brazil and columbia to honor those killed in the plane crash wednesday night. the individual pill was at team's home stadium covered in club's green and outside the city wiping out the entire team. 45 of 71 victims have been identified so far. only six people survived the crash. investigators are now checking the two black boxes from the crash site. the pilot had radioed out saying he was running out of fuel before the crash. . welcome back. the bus heading to santa clara,
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colorado going to face wash ash for -- washington tomorrow night at 7:00. talk about a turn around from 1 and 8 to 8 and 1. go boss. >> can't wait to watch that. >> broncos quarterback is injured again, this time to his left foot. he suffered a sprain during sunday 's loss to the kansas city chiefs. it happened in overtime. see it twist there. he said it felt funny when happened f. he has to miss sunday's game against the jaguars, paxton lynch would start. >> all the guys have a lots of trust in him. it's been exciting to see from the time he came in the building to where he is now, how much he's grown. thinking he's doing a good job. i'm sure i'll keep doing that this week. if i can practice, great. i'm sure paxton will be just fine.
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before. he came in the buccaneers game late. he played well then. the start against the falcons, he threw 223 yards, one touchdown, one interception, sacked six times. this was the broncos first loss of the season. few clouds over the area this morning. we'll break them up slowly through the rush hour. not going to be particularly warm for you. upper teens, low 20s. until we get closer to freezing. only low 40s again today. when you're outside looking, feels cool in the shade. across the state, wind in the foothills dying down during the day. cloudy conditions thicker and thicker in western colorado with light snow in the mountains and west by early this evening. we stay dry middle of the
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the denver drive up to fort collins, seeing light volume. few issues including a problem along 36 in boulder. 25 looking clear near the stadium curve. cull fax as well as santa fe. views across fort collins, very light. we want to talk about the drive across border. u.s. 36 near the baseline entrance ramp 25 or u.s. 36 blocked off now and expect delays throughout the day. plan ahead to make your way around. >> amelia, thank you much. netflix users can download several shows or movies to watch off line. it's available on phones or tablets android 4.2 or higher and iphones with ios 8 or above.
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content. do it on your phone or tablet to watch anywhere you want. >> you can now have a taste of dunkin donuts coffee in your pop tart the do have teamed up to create these flavors. va nilvanilla latte and chocolate mocha. i don't know how i feel about that. >> objection. it's a reminder
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. today is world aids day it's to get rid of stigma of aids. when hiv and aids was talked about in the 1980s, it was thought of as a virus that only affected gay men. now the cases in tripled. one in five of new hiv diagnosis are women. in a message t pontiff called for access to treatment no matter how poor. he said millions are living with the disease and only half have access to life saving treatment. >> we'll hear how the city and county have been working to lower the diagnosis, advances and treatment that have been
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tested. we'll talk to them at 6:45. it feels like 23 degrees this morning. >> no question. winter taking a hold over the state. light snow in mountain areas. going to pick up snow later in the afternoon. the intensity will get going. not going to be huge snow for the mountains and certainly not for us. few clouds drifting in and out of the area today. light wind. that's going to be thing you notice different than the last several days. wind is going to be down. s the aren't that much different. wind this morning in the foothills is going to decrease in the afternoon. snow picks up late this afternoon, really more after sunset. we start getting going in the mountains. by early tomorrow morning if you commute in or to the foothills, will be light snow 10:00 to
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us living up and down i-25. not much accumulation at all. single digit wind speeds today. 30s and 40s for the east. 30s mountains and west. 41 partly cloudy, hazy. light wind today and tonight. may see few flurries here and there scooting up towards the base of the foothills. snow tomorrow, an inch or less. most of us in the or less category. close per you are to inch. one to three in the foothills. warmer sunday, way colder tuesday. snow looks like a good bet there too. we jump on i-25 and 225. here's what to anticipate for now. hopefully we keep it nice and safe. for now, speeds in the 60s. light rail trains on time. rtd has no issues other than with the f line only resolved and only lasts five minutes.
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that. out across the drive, not a lot happening. we're tracking a problem in boulder with the water main break. the u.s. 36 is blocked off. we need you to prepare for it to be blocked throughout the whole day. we go to alternate route. jump on colorado avenue. that will allow you to jump on and access 36 easily. expect this issue to cause backups around baseline and 36 itse south of i-70 and across the side streets. doing okay. we've got a windy patch to the west affecting 70 and loveland pass. >> thank you. we're partnering for the ronald mcdonald house today. the goal is support denver families that have to care for a sick child. in seven minutes, radio thon will continue until 6:00 this
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inincentive to stay off the
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z26zuz zvpz
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. welcome back. why send a let tore santa when your -- letter to santa when your kids can talk to him themselves? they can leave a wish list on voice mail. santa will call you back with a personalized message.
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which is similar but instead of leaving a message, kids can face time with santa. last is call and santa tracker. it's a way to track santa's travels on christmas eve. >> why didn't i think of that? >> high-tech. >> so smart. i use to have to write a letter and send in the mail to santa. now there's an app for that. next frontier, new answers coming up at 6:40 meal i can't have said 7:02 sunrise. sky 9 launched to get a look over the morning drive. >> that's it for 9 news at
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. it's 6:00 a.m. here's your thursday morning kick start. grief counselors will be at bear canyon elementary to help students and staff grieving over the loss of two boys found dead in the van withir they had been missing since tuesday. a car chase and crash in colorado wednesday. it all ended when one suspect was arrested. >> today local law enforcement agencies will be out looking for drivers ignoring colorado's move over law. it>> the suspected cop killer is dead after an overnight stand off in tacoma, washington.


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