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tv   9 News at 6am  NBC  December 1, 2016 6:00am-6:52am MST

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. it's 6:00 a.m. here's your thursday morning kick start. grief counselors will be at bear canyon elementary to help students and staff grieving over the loss of two boys found dead in the van withir they had been missing since tuesday. a car chase and crash in colorado wednesday. it all ended when one suspect was arrested. >> today local law enforcement agencies will be out looking for drivers ignoring colorado's move over law. it>> the suspected cop killer is dead after an overnight stand off in tacoma, washington.
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after the hour long stand off officers shot the suspect and rescued two young kids held in the home. we could see a verdict handed down in a former charleston police officer's murder trial. michael slager was seen shooting and killing .
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goes, we see the deck of clouds over us at present. they're going to join us light wind late in the day. snow showers going on few spots in the mountains. this is not the main core of the storm. that's still off north and west up in the front of utah and south eastern idaho. it will drift down into the state late this afternoon, moving to western colorado tomorrow morning, the way things shape up now, cloudy, few flurries here and there. snow doesn't watch up until after the morning rush or tail end of the rush. as well as some mountain areas during the day tomorrow. as far as the mountains and west go, at most in the western valleys. an inch to three. highest ridge lines, only 2 to 6
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most of us in the or less category in one inch or less. closer to foothills, better shot of getting an inch or so. one to three inches in the foothills. all these amounts by the end of the day tomorrow not tomorrow morning. >> all right. we'll track throughout the day with you and rest of the weather team. i-25 and thornton parkway, that sums it up southbounders 104 and 184th avenue. we're seeing an easy northbound start up towards 120th as well as up towards fort collins. let's go downle south. i-25, both sides of the highway looking great overall. no accidents all the way towards colorado springs. i-25 from downtown to tech center less than 15 minutes both directions. not much to look for other than an issue across boulder drive.
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now the water main break to u.s. 36 is closed down. best and easiest alternate route colorado avenue to jump on u.s. 36. >> always appreciate the alternate routes. thank you. denver police are investigating an explosive device found in the area. someone told police about it. they came out and removed it. they haven't said what it was. a sem an officer. east of 28 -- killed a cyclists. five others were killed since august. a judge is sentencing 39-year-old silver around 8:3 this morning. denver police say he was driving around in a black suv with blue and red flashing lights and siren in march. he was trying to pull drivers over. his lights were still flashing
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the lafayette community wants to make something clear, hate is not welcome in the town. people came out to support businesses vandalized. someone spray painted racial slurs on the market on the road. someone through something through the eats and sweets shop two blocks away. people packed in on wednesday hoping to send a positive message. >> so many people came in and showed us tops just -- us ton of love today. offered to help us with our window, just lots of caring. it was really a beautiful day. >> after gathering at the eats and sweets shop, the crowd walked over to the market. police believe the two crimes could be related because they happened so close together. they're asking anyone with information to come forward. well the town of parker is
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dividing that town. 9 news andrew sorenson went to park they are week. a lot of people going to show up in a zoning meeting at the new hotel. >> that's right. town leaders look to sell their economic development office they've been in now a couple years. now the market is hot down there the -- down there. the hotel. the things that draw people here, classic western feel, historic main street. >> has the small feel even though it's growing around us. >> people like kathleen are worried those things may melt away with the town's latest project the economic development department is moving into an older building they've been looking to sell for years >> i don't mind the building itself.
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where other properties like the apartment project lauren pope works on. >> so far so good. >> it seems to be popping up left and right. hope says her project had to jump through hoops to satisfy the town. she expects it will too >> the town will be independently owned by a company called mars development. the lower floor would be shops and restaurants. they say it's to attract people to main that's great. >> i'm excited for the growth in parker. it will bring busiton our businesses here. >> the project is catching heat over parking. some a it's already too tight. others say it's too big. they say it will be about the same as the one across the street. all that considered, the building is going up and still bringing some people down.
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7:00 p.m. tonight. the project could move quickly and be fully approved by december 12th. speaking of frostiness, how's it feeling out there marty? >> feels like what a lot of people call the first meteorological day of winter. we say astronomical is on winter solstice. many use december 1 first day of meteorological winter. sure el toos like it. teens and sure feels like it. teens and 20s over most of colorado. don't anticipate higher than 30s and 40s in the front range and 20 and 30s in the mountain this is evening. going to be a modest storm for both the mountains and really more especially here. light wind for you today. hovering right about 4 to
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>> thanks. move over when you see an emergency vehicle on the side of the road. it's not only courtesy but the law. >> we here at 9 news decided to give drivers a refresher course. >> good morning. many of you looking for a way to really give back to your community this christmas season. coming up at 6:15, i'm going to
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it will track in tonight and move over tomorrow during the day. breaks in the overcast. things thicken later tonight. by late evening ; things form along the continental divide. along 285 and running over loveland and bertha passes. highs today, similar to last two days. big difference being a lot less wind over the front range.
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20s and 30s. if you're out and about at lunch, in the shade, fairly chilly. not going to be that bad. snow picks up north western colorado and makes a slow move through the night. single digit wind speeds. forecast much of the state this afternoon, highs in the 30s, 40s in the east. 20s and 30s in the mountains west. 41 downtown. few clouds here and there. especially early and again tonight. by late tonight, early tomorrow morning. couple flurries in and near the foothills. unimpressive snow. starting mid-morning, wrapping up by tomorrow engde and what ca wetter system coming in monday ght and tuesday. we'll update date that over the weekend. problems out and about across our roads. sky 9 over the water main break at united states 36.
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repairs anticipated throughout the day. how to get around it, this intersection around the dorms is going to be very busy near the highway interchange. let's take a look across the rest of our drive. looking at our cdot cam. they've got it so zoomed in here, red signs. flashlights southbound 25. center lanes blocked. hov and right lane sky 9 over the water main break. very busy start there use colorado avenue as the best and easiest alternate route to drop out there otherwise, looking good, less than 15 minutes downtown and tech center. 14 minutes after 6:00 now. denver ronald mcdonald house bumping with music today for good reason.
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>> nice. colleen is there this morning. the radio thon kicked off 15 minutes ago. >> yes, it did guys. >> this is an awesome tradition they do. we've got all these people taking phone calls now. we have the young bronco cheerleaders getting ready to perform in a little bit. the main focus today is toe we want everyone to come together to just remember the ronald mcdonald house. kick of kosi air waves joining me now. >> that's great. >> you raised $330,000 last year. what's the goal this year? >> we want to meet that. let's do $350,000. do a million dollars.
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nine news viewers. they can call or jump onto our website kosi 20 dollars a month is what we need. think of what you spend $20 a month on. >> starbucks one month. maybe help a family. it takes $20 a night for one family to stay here. >> right. you could help a family for a week. $140. if you could afford that, that's a week stay for a family here at one of houses. there's two. we're at the denver location. there's the aurora house. they just expanded. they're now up to 118 rooms. it's beautiful here. so nice. >> it's gorgeous. all decked out for christmas. for you medium at home new to denver or don't understand what they do here. this gives families a place to stay when their child is receiving care at the hospital. it keeps the family together. at the holiday time like this,
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people. >> any time of year let's suppose you live in nebraska or denver. can you imagine having to try to afford a hotel for two weeks? >> sometimes a night is hard for a lot of families. this gives back and helps families stay together. i'm going to tweet out all information. we'll be with you all morning. wonderful morning. thank you so much. call in right now. >> le year. >> it's just -- the ronald mcdonald house does a great job. thank you both. thanks to the king. >> big thanks to kosi. we like most americans are avid sports fans that stay loyal to our teams. you'll find few fans more die hard than soccer fans. beautiful tribute for the team killed in a plane crash later
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home. >> the boss was in denver wednesday giving me and a bunch of other fans something to do
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z26zuz zvpz y26zuy yvpy flags fly at half staff tomorrow. day for funeral state trooper donohue. he was working at the scene of an earlier accident on i-25 near
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the truck driver didn't move over. state troopers, deputies, police officers. it requires drivers to move over at least one lane when approaching emergency vehicles with lights on. if they can't get over, drivers need to slow down dramatically. >> public service announcements
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we sat down with colorado state patrol and castle rock fire. we wanted to talk to them about what they're seeing on the road and what we can see as drivers to help them do their job better and safer. >> use to be a time multitasking was doing two things at same time. now technology gives us the opportunity to do lots at the same time. really driving is a singular activity. you need to pay attention and operate the terrifying it can be to have cars going by you at 80 miles per hour and they're literally six feet away from you. >> so you really do want to slow down, give us the room, the lane, move over. everybody walks away from this. >> actual colorado law. if you see emergency vehicle,
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you're required to move over at least one lane ultimately we'll put ourselves in jeopardy to help other people. people understand behind the badge there's an actual beating heart. there are families we want to go home to her single night. understand it's not just a uniform. it's a calling for us. it's a calling that we want to protect our local communities, our state as a whole. >> so rock fire suggests the five second rule. he says to keep the distance which gives you time to react and brake in time. pick a spot up ahead, count to five. that's the distance. faster you go, the more space you'll need between there it's a good reminder. he's right back in the day, multitasking was two things. now we do so much stuff. people get bored in the car and
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it's putting people in jeopardy. >> it's not brain surgery to realize pull over when there's a fire truck, police car or ambulance on the side of the road. >> that's partially because it's not required in every state n. colorado, the law is you have to get over at least one lane. you have to slow down. that's for the safety of everyone. >> unfortunately we've seen too many examples lately of why that law is in effect. thank you corey for doing been 41 years since i saw him for the first time in omaha.
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on a lan 30
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. everybody is blindsided. we had no indication, nothing like that. >> family, friends say they just never saw this coming. a mom and her little boys found dead in the family minivan a day after they went missing. this morning a community mourns. police try to what happened. fans filled two soccer stadiums in two different countries. touching tribute to the brazilian soccer team lost in the plane crash earlier this week. it's a first?? for frontier ic meaning behind last night's flight from denver to miami. >> it's friday eve. we are joined by marty in the
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>> it's a nice holiday festive weather event for parade of lights tomorrow. few snowflakes possible in the area. clouds this morning steadily drifting off east. more clear skies in the morning. skies dramatic here. calm conditions down here. still kicking up between 20 and 30 miles per hour along the continental divide. going to slow down there have during the day. light snow falling in a few pockets the main center of this system i should say in idaho and utah will drift into the state late this afternoon and this evening into the mountains. tomorrow morning, cloudy thennow picks up during the late morning, early afternoon time frame. not much snow in the western valleys, generally an inch or less in ridge lines or mountains. 2 to 6-inch snow. late start.
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doesn't seem like a flurry in the morning. most of us get an inch or less close to the base of the foothills. this is by the end of the day tomorrow by 8:00 or 9:00 tomorrow night. tomorrow morning should be okay. we'll be here tomorrow to you know if that >> sounds good. sky 9 over the biggest delay in the city now. lanes blocked at senter and left backups progressed to 35 minute delay coming into the north end. drivers can use wash wash or huron. here's a ground level view coming in from the -- can use washington or huron. here's a ground level view. delays and speeds of 5 miles per hour coming in. side streets washington and
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towards wads worth, everybody is forced to divert around it. >> we have a water main break through today. harder. this morning counselors are at the elementary school in highlands ranch to help classmates and teachers cope with the news. andrew sorenson is here.
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>> a passenger called saying they saw her van behind a store. the neighbor mentioned depression. they don't know what happened. sheriff's office is asking people to give the father space to find answers. >> and also allow us and the lone tree police department to piece this together and give this father the answers that he so desperately a suspected drunk driver is landed in jail. it started 3:00 in the afternoon when deputies spotted the drunk driver. deputies started chasing after the car but called it off feeling it was getting too dangerous. an hour later, the same car crashed on southbound i-25.
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two hours later, they say he carjacked someone in boulder county. spike strips brought an end to the crime spree in loveland a suspect is dead, officer dead, two young children safe after a standoff in tacoma, washington overnight. police say a man shot and killed a police officer during 90 minutes ago, police shot and killed the suspect, rescued the two young kids from the home the kids are okay. today we could learn the fate of form former charleston south carolina police officer who's deadly shooting of an unarmed black man sparked protests and anger last year.
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today. video shows him shooting scott in the back as he ran alive. slager said he feared for his life. soccer fans are among the most loyal in the world. when their team hurts, they hurt. look no further than in two stadiums wednesday night. . >> fans packd two stadiums one in columbia and one in brazil to honor lives of the members of the soccer team that went down in columbia monday. 71 of 77 on board died. the plane was headed where the team was set to play wednesday night in the first round of a south american soccer
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the names of those killed. fire burning in and around gatlinburg and pigeon forge killed seven, bushed hundreds of homes and businesses. 14,000 have had to evacuate. now evacuees are looking for signs of their missing loved ones. >> looking for my wife con stance and my daughter lily who's nine, my other daughter chloe who's 12. >> president obama 209 -- out to 2 -- to the governor of tennessee. we talked to one student who lost her home in gatlinburg. she's been at school this week and hasn't seen it in person. she's seen the pictures including this showing a concrete investigation left behind. a lot of her friends also lost
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damaged by smoke and wind. >> as you imagine, firefighters in tennessee are working nearly around the clock. we saw this on johnson city professional association facebook page. talk about hardworking people. this may be the closest thing to sleep this group of firefighters has gotten the last week after battling raging wildfires. out there sleeping on the streets. 6:39 trip to cuba wednesday night with a flight from denver to miami. passengers have a lay over in miami. commercial flights between united states and cuba are resuming after 50 years. part of president obama's thawing of relations with the island nation. american airlines made the first trip earlier this week. frontier plans to run daily flights to cuba.
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plane marty might greet you as you come on board. >> the mascot was picked to be featured on one of the planes. as held earlier this year. the school with the most votes got a chance to be premiered on a plane. they got the trip to dia to see it on the plane. congrats. >> you have something in common, name marty. >> handsome animal. we've have you ever seen one like this? probably not. got to be on the international space station to see a sun setting beyond the earth?
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evening. >> thank you much. marty, thank you. today is world aids day. city of denver announced a new initiative to fight the aids epidemic. we'll talk to experts about efforts the city has made so far fighting this horrific disease. he didn't know hit at the time but trevor was injured injured in the loss to the chiefs this
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. one of three statewide recounts requested by jill stein. other two in michigan and pennsylvania. president-elect wisconsin. >> he and vice president mike pence announces a deal with heating and air conditioning company air carrier. he credits policies with keeping 800 jobs in the state going to be outsourced to mexico. >> they started talking and being happy that they would be able to maintain their jobs,
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their family once again. >> federal leaders briefed by the company on the deal. 800 workers are going to be laid off. i like this variation. this was several snow. it's snowing around here. moderate drought over the front range. extreme drought down south. next few days, going to take the rain and snow, put it together here. looks like fairly heavy precipitation in the southeast u.s. they can use it. early next week, we have another storm system coming through. going to be way colder around here. looks like we're going to get more snow coming up monday and
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avenue. check out the long line of headlights. blocking the left and center lane. express planes and far right lane are squeezing around this
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talk about how we're going to do that. >> the initiative outlines three knew per three -- knew numeric goals. 90% of those diagnosed on care and on ms. 90 of suppressed. in denver, 6 to 10% of people living with hiv are unaware which is still too high. our goal is get that as low as
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looked in 2015, 90% have viral investigation which means complete control of the virus which leads to long healthy life and healthy immune system. very low risks for hiv smission. >> we talked about our numbers compared to rest of thew countr. how does- one of th north american gn onto the 1990 initiative. we're close to san francisco with how well?s?n?: we're doingh meeting these metrics that sarah was talking about. i think we're very important for the providers that w the denver. particularly at?n denverqs> pubc health. then the infectious disease practice at universit wee also fortunate in the fact
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d research around hiv. of that helped? u meet these gos.
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some have seen him 50 or 60 times. others have never seen him live. >> been listening to him my whole life can't believe i'm here >> never been to any. >> like his work ethic. >> i got to meet him. said boss, first saw you in omaha in '75. he said omaha wow, like i omaha, wow? >> any way, i said thanks for great music. he said sure. that was it. i got this great picture. >> worth every second. >> i think so. it was a lot of fun. could be number 12 instead of 13 lining up before center hope friday for the broncos sunday. starting quarterback trevor sprained left foot during the overtime loss with kansas city.
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it get twisted up in there. the rookie would get second start of the season sunday against jacksonville. >> all the guys have trust in them. it's kind of been exciting to see from the time it came from in the building. he's doing a good job. he has been so i'm sure i'll keep doing that this week. if i can pra just fine. >> ,000,000,no easy for broncos -- boy, nothing easy for the broncos. >> they did?ur have cu's numbern the hardwood last night.
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moderate storm. calm conditions today. 30 to 40 degrees. midday clearing. followed by clouds. rereappearing, removing in during the afternoon. light snow in mountain areas. especially on the continental divide. central and north western colorado. wind continues to drop down through the day. great to see north eastern colorado get a break from that
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>> checking in on our cam here, southbound to 88. slow down from the north end. i know they're zooming in, moving afternoon. left and center lane blocked. s
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slow down. was hit and killed friday. 6:28, overnight standoff with suspected cop killer over in after the -- in tacoma, washington. >> police shot and killed a man after a standoff. the two children are not hurt. election recounts beginning today in washington where president-elect donald trump woy hillary clinton. recounts will happen in michigan and/#??@ pennsylvania also cloudy skies tomorrow morning. unimpressive tomorrow. much better snow for tuesday. one thing for sure, going to be way colder the early part of next week. we'll rebounded slightly toward the tail end.
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fall, early winter. >> thank you much. we're heading over to channel 20 hope you can join us. ta good morning. nature's fury. the death toll rises to seven in the devastating tennessee wildfires, as new tornadoes rip through the south overnight. now, more than 30 days. breaking overnight. a police officer shot called to a home in washington state. the suspect barricade inside a home for hours. victory t-elect trump, kick


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