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tv   9 News at 5pm  NBC  December 1, 2016 5:00pm-5:27pm MST

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people, but thankfully no onwer mountain green investigorsay on green mountain one month. in fact, e three fires first we november, the fourth fire actually discovered after it burned. they believe that these fires west metro fire is anw
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trails the open space areas. ;hat you to look is one, a physical description as best h what exactly they're asking anyone for help because you never know, one of those tips could really, really help in their investigations. >> that's true. so how large is the area in which these fires have been set? is it just green mountain? >> reporter: yeah. they haven't been specific about exactly where all of
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impressive at all, but hey, you might find just a little snowfall on the way. looking ahead to the weekend, tennessee. hurricane force winds fueled wildfires monday night forcing more than 14,000 people to evacuate the city of gatlinburg, tennessee. officials say they are making progress searching for any survivors and homes and businesses burned by the wildfires. more than 80 people have been injured. there has been some rain the last couple days, but it's not enough to stop the fires from spreading and homes are still
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state trooper cody donahue killed in the line of duty last friday will be held tomorrow in denver. his family released a statement today ahead of the service that reads, "thank you to everyone who has sent love and prayers from the bottom of our hearts. there are no words to express how great our loss is. cody was the rock of our family. he was always there to make us smile, lend a hand, give our hearts are forever broken. we do want to take the opportunity to ask all those who have been touched by this tragedy, if you see emergency personnel on the side of the road, please slow down and move over. two little girls are going to grow up without their daddy and there's just no good reason. law enforcement officers drove the point home today on i-25.
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pulled over anyone who didn't ?m?emery vehithe n when shthe law. it's simply refused to as
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live with all the other -- it's to live with all the other health problems and challenges we have. a new international destination from dia is just the start of a whole new wave of flights overseas. >> also ahead just how much would the 12 days of christmas cost you? probably more than you want to
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we're hosting donor line 9 this afternoon. volunteers are here from the donor alliance to answer any questions you might have, and exactly how the process works. the number to call is 303-698- 0999. our volunteers are with us until 5:30. so you have another 20 minutes or so. a funeral home in the columnian city of -- colombian city of medellin is preparing the bodies of the plane crash monday. last night thousands packed the stadium in colombia where the brazilian team had been set to play. aviation officials confirm they
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fuel. in radio traffic between the cockpit and control tower the pilot reported a total electric failure and that the plane ran out of fuel when asking for a priority landing. a short time later the plane crashed into a hillside. three players and a journalist who survived are still in the hospital in critical condition. the two surviving crew members are awake and talking. service to a new international destination began today autoing -- today v alares began service today. 9news reporter maya rodriguez tells us about more direct destinations to denver passengers next year. >> reporter: every year 50 million passengers make their way through dia about. 3million of those are going a cod directly, a number that will crime -- abroad directly, a number that will climb next year. the first flight between monterrey, mexico and dia is
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from denver with others coming next year. >> next year southwest will inaugurate service to belize starting in march. >> reporter: on top of that, denver's frontier airlines began its service to cuba this morning, though not direct yet from denver, passengers heading there from dia say having commercial service to new places makes travel easier. >> in the past it has been on charter airlines, but to go especially frontier out of denver to miami and then on to havana, i think it's fantastic. it's exciting. >> reporter: beyond that current airlines will also expand international routes from denver this summer. >> lufthansa will increase their frequency from munich going to daily service and iceland air will offer nine flights per week in the summertime. >> reporter: but they say
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>> we'd definitely like to see more nonstop service to central and south america. we see that region growing. in addition, china is a market we're continuing to on andtry to build demand for that region. >> reporter: something airport officials hope will keep denver even more interconnected with the world. >> dia currently serves eight countries with direct international flights. they say the country with the most flights from denver is mexico. it's the season of you can donate on colorado gives day, december 6th. it's an annual statewide movement to celebrate philanthropy across the state. some 9th graders are collecting food for the i have a dream foundation in boulder county. the foundation helps at risk kids in school and get on a career path and learn about paying it forward. >> i believe that if you help people, you will feel better
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>> right now on you can find out more about how it all works. you can also find a link to a nonprofit you want to donate to. last year $28 million was raised in one day. that's a record setting year that we hope to break this year. if you are thinking of buying someone everything listed in the 12 days of christmas, prepare to compare for 23 birds and spend a ridiculous amount of money. th is still 182 bucks like last year, but the price of two turtledoves is 85 bucks more than last year, 375. you go all in, hire all the pipers, drummers, leaping lords and milk maids, you'd spend $34,363. pnc wealth management tracks the cost every year to measure yearly inflation. why you would want 23 birds i have no idea. >> how do you figure the cost
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maids? >> i'm not sure. there's a good chance we'll see snow in the metro area tomorrow. >> danielle is tracking an incoming storm. incoming storm. it's just a preview of ? ? ? when you find something worth waiting for, we'll help you invest to protect it for the future. financial guidance while you're mastering life.
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it was a nice mix of sun and clouds as we welcome in this new month.
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spectacular, too. of course, we had a little haze this afternoon, too but nice to see those colors against the downtown denver city skyline. as we head toward this new month, temperatures, of course, cooling off. our average out at dia 30 degrees or so for the month. rainfall, precipitation, just a little over .3 and snowfall about 8 inches and if does look like there might be some coming -- it does look like there might be some coming in that extended forecast. low 40s this afternoon in fort collins and denver, a couple degrees shy why we this time of year, 50 in ray, 25 in leadville, rifle, grand junction. at the airport partly cloudy skies, temperatures cooling off already. we're at 30 degrees, winds east at 8 miles per hour. here in the 9news backyard feels pretty nice with a coat on, 31 if you're heading out. grab the gloves and hat. we're watching this next storm system push in bringing snowfall into montana, idaho, starting to roll into salt lake city. for us it's still dry in eastern colorado and will be
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if you're traveling overnight in that direction, you night find a little bit. -- might find a little bit. in town mostly cloudy skies, temperatures falling to the upper teens, 7 degrees in kremmling tonight and craig, 2 in telluride, teens in southeastern colorado. high pressure has been around and kept us dry a couple days. it starts moving out as this next storm system starts digging into the southwest. this will churn up a little bit of an upslope flow. that me into the foothills. we could watch for a few flurries in the metro area tomorrow afternoon. i'm not anticipating a ton. if anything, i think the snowfall will be the heaviest over the mountains. by 11:00 tonight partly to mostly clear skies, clouds continuing to increase. the snowfall is beginning to form around the foothills throughout the morning to 2:00 or 3:00. heavy snowfall towards the santons as well.
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evening, we'll be wasping skies starting to clear out. tomorrow is cooler, so make sure you have all the warm gear handy, about an inch or less across the i-25 corridor. i'm really going more toward that less point. 1 to 3 for parts of the foothills and a little bit more. once you move up i-70 toward the central mountains, tomorrow 34, cooler, clouds around most of the day. the sunset tomorrow is 4:34. 40s across the eastern plains, not the high country, 27 in idaho springs, down to 20 in nederland. in northern colorado we're watching mostly cloudy skies and a few flurries. the parade of lights, maybe one late flurry as folks get ready to see the gorgeous floats come by. it will be cool. bundle up, but a warm-up is on the way for the weekend. look ahead towards next week and we're watching the next storm system. it will fact a good punch,
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y26zqy yvpy gains for blue chip banking and oil stocks pushed the dow to a record high today. the dow gained 68 points to close at 19,191. s&p fell more than 7. nasdaq
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from colorado's sports leader here's drew ic imagine what former cu football coach johnembry must be thinking. he got whacked after two lousy seasons while mike macintyre was retained after three worse ones and now is recognized as one of the top leading coaches in the country. for leading the buffs turnaround macintyre was named the walter kemp coach of the year again today.
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last in the season but instead won the south division title. he joins bill mccartney as the only cu man to receive that honor. buffs face washington in the pac-12 championship game tomorrow night and year live. 9news sports reporter aaron matas is in clair, california. hey -- santa clara, california. hey, aaron. >> reporter: hi, drew. the buffs got here to the title game with the greatest turn- around in pac-12 history, 1-8 lastea south division. weave never seen anything quite like it, -- we've never seen anything quite like it, but the buffs team doctor has done some reminiscing. this all has a familiar feel. >> what absolutely should be the finishing blow. >> lots of years of losing, no bowl games. >> reporter: buffs team physician eric mccarty has a sideline view of the rise, although he's seen this turnaround before.
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through as a player from 1984, 1-10 where we barely won one game. >> reporter: mccarty was part of bill mccartney's first recruiting class at cu. he played through that one win season and then head the team to bowl games in two of the next three years. more importantly his class helped lay the groundwork for the 1990 national championship. >> no. 1 for colorado. >> our dream came true hoping we'd be voted national champions. >> we take great satisfaction with what's going on now with coach macintyre and guys that play knowing this team went through the same thing we went through. >> reporter: the boulder high school graduate rejoined the buffs in 2003. >> some people wrote off colorado years ago. they're never going to be good
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>> reporter: 10 wins, more than any other year since mccarty took over as team doc. his contribution is different now, but he is assisting in another buffs renaissance. >> in gets us so emotional to see them playing so hard and to see them play with toughness, togetherness and as some swagger that we haven't had in years. >> reporter: the rise is real again. buffs and washington tomorrow at 7:00 mountain time. drew, this building has been kind to colorado teams already this year. we'll see if the buffs can get
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much like the broncos did. trevor siemian still has a boot on his left foot increasing the likelihood paxton lynch will start sunday at jacksonville. lynch has been patiently waiting for another chance because all he can remember about his nfl debut? >> the fact that we lost, you know, is the biggest thing to me. i didn't really want to lose my first start. so just kind of wanted to go out there and, you know, give it another shot because i didn't play so well my first time. so i knewi so with the opportunity i'm getting, you know, i'm just preparing to go out there and play as well as i can. colorado state couldn't understand why they were such a heavy underdog last night and now neither can anybody else. rams upset archrival colorado in boulder in more than 60 years csu winning consecutive games on the buffs home court. they played with an anger still evident long after the final buzzer. >> you guys all think we were
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did you? don't lie. yeah, you all thought we was going to lose by 16-2 and guess what, we beat them by 15 and we're on to the next one after this. >> so there. >> chip on the shoulder. >> that's a boulder on their shoulder right in boulder. tonight's bobblehead birthday boy is larry walker, 50 tonight, and tiger woods shot a
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welcome to downtown minneapolis. dallas and minnesota, set to meet in a crucial nfc showdown tonight. rookie phenom, dak prescott and the cowboys, bring the nfl's best record. and will be looking for an 11th-straight victory, as they visit sam bradford and the 6-5 vikings, on "football night in minnesota." >> if you want it, go get it.


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