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tv   9 News First at 430AM  NBC  December 2, 2016 4:30am-5:00am MST

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y26zsy yvpy will say their final farewells to a colorado state trooper killed on i-25. he's just one of 3 lost the same way in the last 18 months by people not following the move over law. the message law enforcement is sending now in the wake of those deaths still to come. cheryl here with marty, corey and gary. it's another cold one this morning, but today it could lead to snow. at least a little here in the metro. marty has details. . > the community will
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donahue later this morning. trooper donahue was killed last week on i-25 near castle rock when he was hit by a passing truck. the service begins at 11 at denver first church of nazarene. his family has released a statement on their loss.. it reads in part-- if you see emergency personnel on the side of the road, please slow down and move over. two little girls are going to grow up without their daddy and there's just no good reason. it reads in part-- if you see emergency personnel on the side of the road, please slow down and move over. two little girls are going to grow
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law enforcement officers drove home that point with special patrols thursday. one officer would stop a driver for speeding. during the traffic stop, another officer would keep watch for drivers not moving over. colorado law says: drivers must move over at least one lane for emergency vehicles with lights on. if you can't get over- slow down. during the operation, more than 180 tickets and 70 warnings were given to drivers. > a make shift memorial for the family found dead in continues to grow today. police say jennifer laber had bought a gun on tuesday, the day she and her sons went missing. police say laber shot herself. her sons 5 year old ethan and 3 year old adam each died of a single gunshot. the family was found the next day. a family spokesperson says they're blindsided, but depression may have played a roll in the deaths. a denver police officer - accused of stealing money and filming himself while doing it is expected to be in court today. investigators say officer julian
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he later told them the money must have "fallen into his bag." his body camera showed him counting the money and it never made into his written report. archuleta has been suspended and facing multiple charges including tampering with evidence. lakewood police and a-t-f agents are hoping to generate tips today in 5 recent fires they're calling suspicious. monday's fire on green mountain was the most visible one the fire burned through to leave their homes. luckily, no one was hurt and no homes were damaged. investigators say they've ruled out natural causes for that blaze. and they say four others in november were also not started by natural causes or by accident. 9 each of the fires started some time around dusk. investigators are asking for help - to find who may have set them - and to prevent another one. they are asking people in and around green mountain - to watch
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west metro fire has set up a tip line. it is: 303-987-7111. fewer students are choosing to become educators, putting more of a strain on the state's teacher shortage. the denver post reports there was a 2 point 2 percent drop in the number of people finishing teacher prep programs. that figure comes from this year's legislative educator preparation. there were fewer than 25-hundred people who completed the programs during that's a total drop of 24 percent since 20-10. the state says the shortage hurts schools around the state-- but is particularly tough on rural areas. an unexpected announcement from president- elect donald trump -- after a spokesman said there would be no more cabinet announcements till next week -- mr. trump let one slip during a rally last night. tracie potts has details on who it is... and why this confirmation could be tougher than
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president-elect :00-:24 "we are going to appoint mad dog mattis as our secretary of defense. but we're not announcing it til monday so don't tell anybody." a surprise announcement during president elect trump's evening rally in ohio. known as a hardliner on iran, retired marine general james mattis faces an uphill battle for confirmation -- he needs a special civilian waiver because he's only been retired three years. this morning, mr. trump's back in new york after applauding a thousand carrier manufacturing jobs not moving to mexico. president-elect "companies are not going to leave the united states anymore without consequences, not gonna happen." but 13-hundred carrier jobs are headed south of the border. "i'd wish he'd be able to save ours also." "we feel like we've been forgotten." after last night's rally... today it's back to work on the transition. the secretary of state nominee... still unannounced. sources tell msnbc's joe scarborough they're looking at new candidates -- the current and former ceos of exxon-mobil. tracie potts, nbc news, washington. later today-- michigan's elections board will consider president-elect later today--
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will consider president-elect donald trump's request to block a hand recount of all 4.8 million ballot president elect trump won the state by 10 thousand 7 hundred votes a recount is already underway in wisconsin. we could hear a first report on the number there so far later today. next week in pennsylvania-- a hearing is scheduled for monday on green party candidate jill stein's push to secure a court- ordered statewide recount. recounts aren't expected to flip nearly enough votes to change the outcome in any
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hiking trails-- is reopening today after 3 months of renovations. work on the manitou incline included repairs on retaining walls, construction of new drainage structures and stabilizing ties and slopes. the trail is only about a mile long-- but takes you up 2 thousand feet!!
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starting early this year, targeting americans through email to get money. what you need to pay extra attention to this year.... then-- who's in charge of the holiday shopping in your house?
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about the manufactuer of these baby bath seats and chairs are recalling them due to a drowning hazard. they are the lexibook baby bath seats and chairs intended for children six months and up. the product does not meet the federal safety standard, which includes requirements for stability. the seat can tip
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the products were sold online at amazon dot com, way fair and other sites from january 20-13 to last august. consumers should stop using the product and call the online retailer where purchased for return instructions and to receive a full refund. scammers are constantly thinking up new ways to take your money. and-- this time-- they're combining two things we all pay for: taxes and healthcare. 9news consumer reporter tarhonda thomas is tracking this latest scam from the information center. tarhonda-- this one's pretty sophistocated. it sure is. scammers know-- plenty of people are still confused about health care coverage under the "affordable care act." well-- they're using that confusion to "take advantage" of people... and take their money. here's how it get an email claming to be from the irs. if you have "obamacare"-- the email says you owe additional money for your plan. "consumer reports has" seen people be targeted by this scam. that's why the group is sending out a warning
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pay attention to who the email asks you to send a check too. scmers tell you to "make it out" to i-r-s. that's a "red flag."??f? any checks to the real i-r-s are actually supposed to be "written out" to the "united states treasury." then-- there's that issue of receiving notice via e-mail. beware-- though... sometimes scammers also send their fak the regular mail. experts say-- you can consult a tax professional... or call the i-r-s directly, if you're suspicious about a letter or email. the phone number is 1-800-829-1040. and, if you get that fake email... before you delete it... forward it to the i-r-s. they've got a special department to investigate scams. the email address is "phishing at i-r-s
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with a "p-h." the i-r-s wants to hear about all of these scams-- so they can try to stop them. thank you tarhonda who's in charge of all that the holiday shopping? him... or her? a recent study finds there's a massive divide between how men and women think they spend money. according to the study by credit cards dot com, 68 percent of women say they are primarily responsible for their household's holiday shopping. however... just 30 percent of men said that a woman is in charge of it. the study found the trend also plays out the same way for groceries, clothes and more.
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year since a married couple gunned down more than a dozen co workers in san bernardino. how the community and police will honor them today still to come. then-- protestors of the dakota access pipeline claim a national retailer is refusing to sell them supplies as winter moves ahead. how that retailer is responding to the accusation just
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colombia are being prepared for the journey home. many of those on board that fight tuesday were members of a brazilian soccer team. 6 people survived. meanwhile--bolivia' s civil aviation authority has indefinitely suspended the airline that operated the jet that crashed monday in colombia. it looks like the jet ran out of fuel. 30 soldiers with colorado's army
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the team will be in the country for nearly a year to help support operations there. they're set to come back late 20- 17. this unit last deployed to iraq during 20-09 in support of operation iraqi freedom. a departure ceremony is set for 5 tonight at resurrection christian church in loveland. in just hours-- a somber anniversary gets underway in california. today marks one year since a married couple opened fire at a holiday offi 14 people were killed and 21 others were hurt. police killed the attackers during a shootout later that day. workers will have a moment of silence to remember their fallen collegues today. a 14 mile memorial bike ride is also set for this morning and ending with a community gathering is scheduled for tonight. retail giant ace hardware is denying it's ever refused to sell supplies to protestors of the dakota access pipeline. protestors have been camping out
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the 3 point 8 billion dollar pipeline. they say it threatens their drinking water and ancestral burial grounds. protestors have tweeted out what they claim is a statement from ace asking stores in the area not to sell them camping supplies. a spokesperson with the chain says they have not banned any sales at any stores. a state official also says law enforcement never ordered ace to halt sales to demonstrators. the buffs take the field again tonight for the pac 12 championship. they'll play at levi's stadium-- the same place where the broncos once won the superbowl. hear from a man who's played for both teams coming up. the buffs will take
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this time, the team is playing for the pac-12 championship. fans are fired up after cu's tremendous turn around. they'll take on the washington huskies tonight at levi's staduim. both teams had the chance to check out the turf thursday. will be in same place where the broncos won the super bowl. tyler polumbus who played for both cu, and the broncos is back for the big game. tyler will also be back on the field, or at least the sidelines for tonight's big game helping work the
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your own watch party or head out to see the game, we want to hear your party or head out to see the game, we want to hear your plans and see your buffs pride. using the hashtag be on 9 and we'll share them later in the show. get tweeting while we check in with marty and amelia. we want to remind you to join us
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lights. some of us from the morning crew will be on the float for tonight's event. it'll get started at 8 a t the city and country building at 14th and bannock - at 8. if you can't make it in person, stay home and watch on channel 9. saturday's parade - which is not televised - starts at 6. alright-- how does free cake for l what one bakery is offering patrons, but there is a catch. we'll explain just ahead.
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free cake for life, that person will just need to play detective and help nab a thief. are hoping their free cake offer will help catch whoever broke into the bakery. instead of offering a cash reward for information leading to an arrest, the bakery is offering a free cake every month - for life. the bakery will also holding a "window buster sale" to help replace the 900 dollar window,
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? ? ? when you find something worth waiting for,
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ance while you're mastering life.
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patrol family today. burying yet another one of their brothers... the accident that killed a colorado should have been avoided. every driver can take a simple step, to make these accidents stop... his family says there 2 girls who will grow up without their daddy - and it never should have happened. today, colorado state patrol trooper cody donahue's family, friends and community will honor his life of service. 9news reporter vida urbonas is live at the first church of nazarene in


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