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tv   9 News at 5am  NBC  December 2, 2016 5:00am-5:26am MST

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patrol family today. burying yet another one of their brothers... the accident that killed a colorado should have been avoided. every driver can take a simple step, to make these accidents stop... his family says there 2 girls who will grow up without their daddy - and it never should have happened. today, colorado state patrol trooper cody donahue's family, friends and community will honor his life of service. 9news reporter vida urbonas is live at the first church of nazarene in
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donahue's funeral is today...vida - the community will celebrate the life ?] of colorado state trooper cody donahue this morning. the service to honor his life .. begins at 11.
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25 south of castle rock. donahue was 34 .. he leaves behind a wife and 2 young daughters.. he returned to a job patrolling the streets just three weeks before his death. his family says it was his choice: he wanted to go back and help keep the public safe. his family has released a statement saying .. they want people to be aware .. and the next time you see law enforcement on the side of the road, move over and slow down. his family says there are no words to express how great their loss is .. and that he was the rock of the family .. under colorado law, drivers must either move over for emergency personnel or slow down. law enforcement officers drove home that point with special patrols thursday. one officer would stop a driver for speeding. during the traffic stop, another officer would keep watch for drivers not moving over. colorado law says: drivers must move over at least one lane for emergency vehicles with lights on. if you can't get over- slow down. during the operation, more than 180 tickets and 70 warnings were given to drivers. this morning at about 9:45 .. a small detail of cars, including trooper donahue and his family, will leave the ellis littleton .. and tto bring trooper his whernds and fellow law en his life. corey here. meteorologist marty coniglio joins us. marty-- clouds in the forecast all day... also happening
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will be in court today, accused of
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stole 12-hundred dollars from a suspect's car as he was helping investigate a crime scene back in october. today he'll be in court for an advisement. police say a school employee noticed some odd behavior between a teacher and female student -- and now the teacher is accused of sexually assaulting her. poice arrested westminster high school teacher benjamin forbes for sexual assault on a child -- after that employee reported the behavior to administrators. forbes has resigned from the school. a denver health physician will no longer see patients anytime soon -- after directing racial slurs at the first lady. denver health anesthesiologist michelle herren posted about first lady michelle obama on facebook quote... 'monkey face and poor ebonic english. there -- i feel better and am still not a racist. just calling it like it is. end quote. denver health says the post does not reflect the hospital's values. officials there didn't fire herren. but the university of colorado school of medicine
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member -- is terminating her appointment. families are saying goodbye to about 30 soldiers from the colorado army national guard today. the batter a, third battalion, 157th field artillery regiment -- based out of longmont -- is getting deployed for nearly a year to help support operations in afghanistan. there will be a departure ceremony for the soldiers at the resurrection christian church in loveland -- at five tonight. a construction company is paying up over 200- thousand dollars after a chemical spill killed thousands of fish in the big thompson river. the spill happened back in march -- when the american civil contractors were working on u-s 30 west of loveland. colorado parks and wildlife says they'll spend 207- thousand dollar settlement on restoring the fish habitat.
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candlelight walk.. people walk down washington ave with candles in hand, singing carols. the event starts at 6-30 tonight. also starting tonight -- a show that combines breakdancing... with classical music. red bull's flying bach series starts tonight at the buell theater. some are calling it the most successful breakdance shows on earth. tickets are anywhere from 30 to 80 dollars. you can find more information at red bull flying bach dot-com. for any hikers that want a hard core challenge -- the reopens today. the popular hiking route was closed for three months for repair work. there will be a ceremony to celebrate the reopening today and anyone wh comes will get to
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coming up with a solution to its fake news problem... we'll tell you what to watch for to make sure you're informed correctly, still ahead. but first... the inspiration behind buzz lightyear from toy story will be pulling from that undying spirit today. the american explorer looking for adventure even after a hospital
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a shootout with 94 hundreds gathered to honor fallen tacoma police officer reginald 'jake' gutierrez thrusday night. a domestic violence suspect shot and killed the officer wednesday night. the community remembered him outside the police station -- with music, speeches, and prayer. the vigil ended with a version of amazing grace. astronaut ?=?0buzz aldrin will head home today -- after crews airlifted him out of the south pole. the 86-year-old was criss-crossing the extreme locations advocating for science education. but he got sick while he was with a private tour -- and had to be treated at a hostipal in new zealand. he had fluid in his lungs -- and has on antibiotics. doctor john torres has flown two rescue missions to the south police himself. he says it's good they caught it in time. aldrin was the second man to walk on the moon -- right
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it's playing out like a horror movie -- and the videos of still unaccounted for. but search teams say the firestorm burned so hot -- they may never be able to find some bodies. mayor says despite the amount of damage -- the communy will stay strong. starting this morning -- the 14- thousand people in
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it's not unusual for kids to ask for things for themselves. but what about when your child wants to give to someone else? 9news reporter tarhonda thomas is here with a details on a new opportunity for kids to give back.
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yes. and it's never too early for kids to learn that lesson. "that's" what one group of "local moms" thought. and-- now-- they've created a new opportunity for "philanthropic preschoolers."
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across the state... and maybe even the country. their website features a list of volunteer opportunities for kids. we've got a link on our website, le
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and a partridge in a pear tree... ever wonder how much cash you'd need to gift the 12 days of christmas? it's a pretty penny. that's next. any ideas what the
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christmas would cost you this year? let's tally it up -- from 12 drummers drumming all the wagmy to a partridge in a pear tree... it would a to 34-thousand, 363 dollars.
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. french hens stayed s.e same -- 182 ?o?? but the price of
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months for the buff p championship


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