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tv   9 News at 530am  NBC  December 2, 2016 5:30am-6:00am MST

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months for the buff p championship
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nurn and moved to arizona this morning. good b inn arizona and mountains of new mexico.z that pushing up to the valley
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friday investigating the of care and struck him?iq? shoqxulder ofighway. ?i)dthat?nq osuspicdk a t?wo weeksatrol the streets.
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they want people to be aware, sd slow dn. their going through now, h great
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the northbound stretch of highway 285. makes the way along to hampton. final location and where the church service is happening exists along hampton and boulevard window, along 285 west side of i-25 core endorsement there's expected to be a large presence here. closures could go past 1 1 this morning. 5:35 now. today the high school is celebrating the life of kim was killed in a shooting over the weekend at 16 years evidence. a fight started sunday, and the teen was ill canned. another man was hurt. the music program at the high school is holding a vigil tonight at 7:00 in utah park in aurora. police say the mother found dead along side her two sons killed herself. officer sass i the high land
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purchased before checking kids out. a family spokesperson said nobody saw this coming. community members set up a memorial in the parking lot where bodies were found. it's 5:36 now. president-elect led hundreds in on a big secret. mr. trump let everyone know happening monday. he announced him as a true general's general. he served as u.s. central command. the president-elect narrowed choice for supreme court nominee down to three or four candidates. one of his first decisions after inauguration will be nominate replacement for scalia. judge garland.
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highly respected brilliant people and he'll announce the nominee soon. mike pence's new washington d.c. neighbors are giving him a colorful welcome. several people on pence's new block in d.c. have been hanging rainbow pride flags to show displeasure about his positions on lgbtq issues. he's renting a house in the neighborhood before he moves into the vice president's mansion in january. a group of peoplere lights for a whole different reason. they're demanding end to denver's camping ban. the city started enforcing the camping ban for safety reasons. some say it's not fair to homeless people. there have been multiple sweeps trying to get people off the downtown streets recently. group is starting the peaceful parch at 6:30 tonight. natives, transplants, tourists alike have one thing in common.
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concert site. a number of disability groups are suing for discrimination at the venue. they say the city isn't allowing people in wheelchairs to access the site. there are only two wheelchair accessible roads. frank is frustrated especially because some are buying seats in the rows and reselling them online. >> a lot of people are coming in fraudulently buying the front row seats. that's one of the ethics. >> the group says they aren't looking for money, just necessary changes. we mentioned some of the
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valleys. this afternoon, it will begin to cloudp completely. we hold in the 30s. a few snowflakes flying around. really aren't going to have much impact on your day. >> take youo this week. small mountain town 45 45 miles west of denver. it's over one square mile. it's 8030 feet above the early days, this area started as a mining camp in 1859. brothers george and david grief fig split from the mining party one day and ended up finding gold in the creek. they claimed 640-acres to make the area a town. the mining town is famous for being one of the best places to visit around the holiday season.
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we're going to show you why it's so popular around the holidays in our next hour. >> that's cool. >> we'll take you on a tour in instagram. be a part of it through instagram. >> absolutely. all right. all or nothing for buffs tonight when it comes to pac 12 championship. >> we'll have more next. also you knew
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. welcome back 5:42. cu buffs playing for the pac 12 championship. hold on a second. look. >> it's been a turn around by
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washington number 4. >> can i keep it on? >> i like it. keep it. >> crews have been busy setting up for championship game. tyler polumbus is back. >> i'm very with this hotel, that stadium, last game of my career. . >> i've had it in my like a week. cu students will watch the game on campus at the university memorial center. university will show the game during a student watch party kickoff. >> i think that will be hopping. don't you think? >> we have to see your buffs pride. tweet us with your colors. use the hashtag #beyond9.
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unfortunately. during practice thursday, quarterback had a boot on his injured foot. hurt it during the overtime loss against the chiefs last sunday. likely he's going to be out of the game and lynch will take his place. head back out to buffs and huskies, gosh going to be nice. mid-50s to start the game. those times by the way are mountain times. they're an hour earlier. going to be quite pleasant for them there. >> watch this spread up to the
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valleys. best snow from the pass to the south which leaves us on the northern edge. couple flurries around as folks come for parade of lights tonight. it is calm, cool, ideal holiday weather. getting outside 5:45. easy beginning drive wise. i speeds here and less than 15 minutes across the key routes like downtown tech center, 225 drive as the santa fe stretch and quebec. 11 minutes east and westbound up to upper 60s for speeds this morning. a quick mention. parade of lights tonight and road closures begin near the 16th street mall around 5:30 p.m. they don't wrap up until midnight. expect the same tomorrow. >> thank you for that scammers constantly trying to think of ways to get your
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health care. our report per has been tracking the latest scam. this one is kind of sophisticated. >> these are really always new ways to take your money. scammers know plenty of people are confused about health care coverage under the affordable care act. they're using that confusion to take advantage of people and take their money. you get an e-mail claiming to be from the irs. if you have an plan under obamacare, you owe additional money for your plan. consumer reports has seen people be targeted by the scam. the group is sending out a warning about red flags to look for in scams like this. pay attention to who the e-mail asked you to send a check to. scammers tell you to make it out to irs. that's a red flag. any checks to real irs are supposed to be written out to united states treasury. then there's the issue of
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>> will never send an e-mail out of the blue. if money is owed, notice sent by regular mail. >> watch out though. sometimes scammers send their fake letters through the leg mail too. you can consult a tax professional or call the irs if you're suspicious act a letter or e-mail. look at your screen. that's the phone number. 1(800)829-1040. we've got it on our website. >> if you get forward to irs they want to see it. they've got a special department. e-mail address is they want to know about the scams to try and stop them. >> shame we have to talk about that. >> every year. >> thank. math meets music. two have more in common than you think. >> this week, stem stars proving
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. we don't always think music when we think science and art. tech plays a part in music. >> it's not an event. it doesn't end with a cd or
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philosophy. >> have mercy. >> coming up at 9:00 a.m., you'll meet the team merging math and music and how they it. her voice, oh -- >> i totally turned my chair around like "the voice ." >> special program going on there. students are sharingle thoughts, being vulnerable -- sharing their thoughts, being vulnerable. >> like thatted idea. thank you checking in with marty. >> great combination.
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and northern colorado. already snowing? arizona, new mexico, close to south eastern colorado now. from the valley east and up into the mountains, stretching up to arkansas valley, we'll get snow. we'll have clouds rolling in. heav passill and ctral elbert county. low 30s here,
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travels take you to springs really minimal. 20s and 30s in the mountains. today 34, couple of flurries around during the evening. breaking up and moving out overnight. milder tomorrow, warm sunday. it turns colder sunday afternoon and way colder for the middle of next week. it's our first arctic year. >> your commerce city drive, backups starting to form. you head in towards york and vasquez, speeds dropping out of 40s into the 30s. >> monument hill shows both directions of 25 getting easily to the springs and denver tech
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z26zqz zvpz
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. welcome back. 5:56. relatives of five sib --
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in, they ended up in foster care. one family chose to adopt all five so they would never be separated. >> even though they were in a foster system, we try to make them part of our family, everyday life and all of our activities. kind of show what the other side of the world can be like. >> what a beautiful gift on both sides. all five new family members have taken the same last nam together, that's a big deal. good for them. >> awesome. her name perfectly describes what she is to the world, a blessing. we have the pleasure of introducing you to lily blessing who has the opportunity to help others just like her.
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. the message for cody donohue's wife, little girls, community get ready to good-bye. trump turns his thank you rally in today telling people about a big secret. >> we're going to appoint madis as secretary of defense. we're taking you to the bay area as buffs count down to their big night.


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