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tv   FOX5 News This Morning  FOX  August 16, 2016 4:00am-4:31am PDT

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live from las vegas, fox5 news this morning starts now >>nats of implosion 60 years of las vegas history comes tumbling down. the last tower of the riviera was imploded early th m we're live with all the angles. a woman and a firefighter are injured after a fire tears through a condo complex. why it took so long for crews to put out the flames. "we grew up here, we call this place home, we're gonna protect it" a brave thief... steals from a front yard... in broad daylight... but big brother was watching. see how homeowners there said... "not in my neighborhood!"
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fanfare... but definetly a sight to see. the riviera is no more. good morning... i'm dave hall. and i'm maria silva. welcome to fox5 news this morning. just like that... 60 years of history... turns into rubble... as the hotel-casino is imploded around 2:30 this morning. we had several angles of the implosion. fox5's peter dawson was right there to see it all in person.. and peter what was it like?
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now les krifaton
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quick look at the fox 5 weather 24-7 forecast. temperatures are
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normal again today with gradual cooling in the forecast for the rest of the week and into the weekend. monsoonal moisture lingering in arizona will not make it into the valley although there are rain chances for our local mountains. that drier air will continue to spread across the southwest for the remainder of the week some light clouds linger over the next few days,. tuesday is 9 or very high. in more local
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was attacked and stabbed several times on the corner of rainbow and spring mountain... monday police say a man approached another person .. then started repeatedly stabbing them. emergency responders took the victim to umc in critical condition. the suspect ran from the scene but has since been found and was arrested. investigators are also trying to find out what prompted a shooting on arville just south of flamingo. police tell us two people were arguing when one of them got into a car and started shooting at the other person. that person was hit and taken to umc .. no word on his or her condition. the shooter drove off. several families are without a home this morning... a fire tears through the shadow woods condiminiums. ""somebody yelled something, my wife went out the door and they said fire." "
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units on monday. leaving eight adults and four children homeless. one woman was taken to the hospital for smoke inhalation and.. one firefighter was also sent to the hospital after a roof tile fell on his head. crews spent five hours knocking down flames ""fires can move so quick in these apartment complexes, we want to get ahead of it, we frontload our calls and personel to make sure we're ready to go." " crews say the damage on the top floors is just from the fire. smoke and water damaged the two bottom units. a truck rams into a local italian restaurant... gutting the henderson eatery, from the inside out. henderson police say the truck failed to make a proper left turn monday... and slammed into the restaurant. the driver, a 40- year old male, was taken to the hospital with minor injuries. the restaurant was not open at the time, so no employees were injured. the restaurant's chef also taking to social media to explain what happened. on facebook, chef carla pellegrino says the truck
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as well as the livelihood of all who work there. the building must be deemed safe by a building inspector before repairs can be made... and the restaurant can reopen. a man steals some cleats from a henderson family...and it all gets captured on video. the surveillance video was posted on facebook, and within hours police made an arrest. fox5's miguel tells us how neighbors banded together to help police catch the thief. " at like 7:30 a gentlemen walked right in front of the house, walked right up the driveway, decided he liked the cleats... reached up picked them up, looked at them, walked down the driveway and walked out" this guy picked the wrong house to steal from... you see coach gallegos doesnt just have an extremely effective surveillance system... he also has some
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friends. " were tight, you know we look out for one another, i did post it because i knew some friends in the neighborhood and immediately" just like that his neighbors were on the hunt... and because of the video, they knew exactely who to look for... " i looked at him and i looked again and i told my husband i am pretty sure that is the guy" within hours they say they cracked the case... " called the cops, dave came down, cops went to his house and arrested him" but that doesn't mean they're letting their guard down now... you see .. this isn't the first time something like this has happened... " if you leave somehting out, it seems like if its not bolted down they just take it" and while it was just shoes this time around... there are bigger concerns on this neighborhoods mind... " i mean we all have kids, that is our number one priority, i mean what is next, we grew up here, we call this place home, we're gonna protect it" luckily, they have surveillance camera's, and most importantly, they have each other... " i hope its not people staking out the neighborhood and trying to set up to go in to a house, you know this is a bad neighborhood to do that to."
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misdemeanor in nevada and can cost you up to a thousand dollars in fines. title lender title max has been ordered to stop issuing loan extensions in nevada-- because they are illegal. the department of business and industry made the announcement monday-- that the nevada financial institutions division issued a cease and desiste order against the company last week. title max is also being fined 307 thousand dollars.... and must refund customers who had a grace period deferment agreement title loan in effect after december 18, 2014. they deemed the program illegal because it's loan periods can run longer than what's allowed by state law. a man who may be responsible for an out-of-control wildfire in california.. has been arrested. who they say is responible for the trail of destruction. that forced thousands of people to flee their homes... "1622 pencils, pencilbox, paper, markers. why'd you guys donate? because we thought it'd be cool " the s-o-s has been
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to help valley
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are still cleaning the roadway; currently lv blvd is closed in both directions between circus directions
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circus and convention center. they project it will be reopened by 5 a.m. a 40 year old man is facing arson charges...accused of causing the massive clayton wildfire in calfornia. martin says: "it is my pleasure to announce the arrest of damin anthony pashilk, age 40, of clear lake. martin says: "well, lake county home know that the fire activity that we've been experiencing over the last couple of years is definitely not normal. fires don't just simply start. we're all aware of that. we know there are natural causes but, many times, it's a man made cause. thousands of poeple have been forced to evacuate becuase of the fire... and california's governor has declared a state of officials work to contain the out of control blaze. fox news correspondent trace gallagher has the lates on the fire fight. more than one- hundred-seventy-
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along with businesses...a winery....and a number of other structures... this, as strong winds continue to fuel an "explosive" fast-moving wildfire... burning some ninety miles north of san and around the town of lower lake, california. caldwell says: "in a matter of 20 to 30 minutes you look around you and there's black smoke and flames that are 30 feet tall and 12 different spots around you." at this point the fire has burned more than six square miles... and at least four thousand people are being warned to evacuate... as, another fifteen hundred homes and other buildings are still being threatened. sherman says: "we could see the flames and the smoke as we were leaving." authorities warn the number of homes already destroyed is likely much higher than what they're able to confirm so far... it could take days to get an accurate count... pittman says: "we are just in the beginning phase of beginning the assessment." the fire started saturday, and exploded sunday, jumping containment lines. the flames so fierce at one point that a man and his son say they were
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their swimming pool...and use it as shelter. reporter asks: "how long were you in the pool?" jakubowski says: "just about 15-20 minutes or so. it got intense, smoke and the was blowing for a while here." over one-thousand firefighters from all over california have been called in to help. (on cam) the fire is burning in the same area that was hit by another destructive wildfire last september. that fire killed four people and destroyed more than thirteen- hundred homes. in los angeles, trace gallagher, fox news. a fire that threatened homes in carson city over the weekend. was sparked by target shooters. " sheriff ken furlong, carson city, nv) "we just talked with some of the neighbors up there whose houses were saved. i mean it came right next to their house and they're extremely appreciative of the efforts of our fire folks because it really did save their homes."" the fire started on saturday it already burned approximately 200 acres. the two shooters reported the fire. acres. the two shooters reported the fire.
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approximately 200 acres. the two shooters reported the fire. no word on whether they will face charges. now fox weather 24/7 with cassandra jones temperatures are staying well above normal again today with gradual cooling in the forecast for the rest of the week and into the weekend. monsoonal moisture lingering in arizona will not make it into the valley although there are rain chances for our that drier air will continue to spread across the southwest for the remainder of the week some light clouds linger over the next few days,. tuesday is 9 or very
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"take 5 to care is sponsored by nv energy, subaru of las vegas and henderson hospital." we sent out an s- o-s help us supply our students as they get ready to start the new school year. we've teamed up with subaru of las vegas, nv energy and henderson hospital...for our
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students drive. on monday, a lot of great donors stopped by to drop off school supplies, but we're still a long way from our goal. "653 we're fortunate enough to give, you should give all you have, bc there's a lot less fortunate, you have to give back. do you know where all of this is going? to kids who need it and can't afford it. what do you think about that? i think everybody needs somebody at some point in their life, and the kids need us adults to get together and make something good for them to stive for. if we help them out, hopefully they'll grow up and help others out " our goal this year is to fill three thousand backpacks for students in need.
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take a look at some of the items they need-- backpacks, scissors, glue sticks and spiral notebooks. you still have a chance to donate.. today, we will be at n-v energy. and on wednesday-- we will be taking donations right here at our fox5 studios in henderson. it might be an empi s mind.... but for now, it's right here to the valley. he's a good guy. always been a good guy. but could superman be getting ready to go over to the dark side... we have the details after the break. some racy billboards of las vegas headliner mariah carey aren't flying at two california airports. why the've been
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thousands of dollars on new billboards to promote her show in las vegas. but two airports in california say the signs are too racy. according to t- m-z burbank and orange county airports banned the billboards... because they feature a photo
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barely covering her chest. they're now planning to post another version that's not so sexy. t-m-z also reports that caesars palace -- where she'll be performing -- wants a censored version of the billboard as well. carey returns to las vegas later this month. another star has signed up to wear the famous chippendales bow tie. the newest celebrity guest host for the chippendales has been revealed closed captions will resume shortly. winner of america's next top model an "dancing with the stars" champion- nyle dimarco is officially joining the chippendales. he will be joining chippendales starting september 22! sir rod stewart -- who was recently knighted by queen elizabeth -- brings some royalty to las vegas. the british rocker added more shows to his las vegas residency...
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im sexy come on sugar let me know. if you really need me, just reach out and touch me..." he'll return for seven more performances at the colosseum at caesars palace. they're set between march 15-th and april first of next year. tickets go on sale this friday. his show "rod stewart the hits" has been at caesars palace since 2011. and more than half a million fans have attended. superman is getting ready to show his darkside! and meryl streep says there is only one actress she would want to play her.. in a biopic. rick damigella has these stories and more in today's hollywood minute. --reporter pkg-as follows-- (nat) "mr. wayne. clark
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superman is going to get a bit dark. henry cavill who plays the man of steel on the big screen, posted a photo to instagram of an extreme close up teasing what appears to be a black costume with only hashtag- superman as a description. the hollywood reporter says it appears the comic book storyline from "the death and return of superman" may play a part in the upcoming "justice league" movie as superman wore a black suit upon his return. (nat music) sia continues to top the charts. the australian singer's team-up with sean paul called "cheap thrills" has topped billboard's hot 100 charts for the fourth straight week in a row. "cheap thrills" is sia's first number one song in the u-s as an artist. (nat) talk about a compliment! meryl streep says she would want amy schumer to portray her in a bio-pic. during an interview with the huffington post, streep answered a question about who should play her on screen and responded with schumer. to be clear, no film about meryl streep's life has currently been announced. for
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the tsa finds a record number of guns at airports across the country. what officials say could be causing the influx. it's being called one of the the entire west! how the nevada state museum is being honored... and why you're missing out, if you haven't paid it a visit. clean up crews are still cleaning the roadway; currently lv blvd is closed in both between circus circus and convention center. they project it will be reopened by 5 a.m. ken smith will be joning us in just a few minutes with
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after 60 years on the las vegas strip... we say farewell to the riviera. we have all angles of the implosion from early this morning.. in a live report. the republican nominee..will soon be stumping in nevada... where donald trump's campaign will be making a stop, in the silver state. one olympic athlete is known for his speed. but now it's his smile that's getting all the attention. a look at the photo getting a


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