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tv   FOX5 News This Morning  FOX  August 24, 2016 4:00am-4:31am PDT

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live from las vegas, fox5 news this morning starts now a day on the job--- turns tragic.. a husband and father-- killed when a scaffolding collapses. now his family... says he shouldn't have even been there in the first place. "just to get our mind off of things with my health now everythings just shattere days after being diagnosed with stage four breast cancer. someone stole her only way to get to treatment what you can do to help did you hear it last night? rain and thunder slamming the valley... what you can expect this morning..coming right up. good morning
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and i'm maria silva. welcome to fox5 news this morning. first - cassandra jones joins us with a quick look at the fox 5 weather 24-7 forecast. more rain fell on the las vegas valley overnight with the west side getting anywhere between 0.12" to 0.67". at mccarran international 0.03" fell. drier and more stable conditions moves in for the next few days. daytime temperatures will be average with a slight cooling starting on the weekend as a trough slides south along the coast. the uv index for wednesday is 9 or very high.
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devastated after a losing their loving husband and father, in a construction accident. ricardo bautista
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was working on at tivoli village suddenly collapsed... his wife says he wasn't even supposed to be working that day. bautista had two jobs... his family says he only worked the construction job on his days off and for extra cash. his wife jacquelyn says she tried to tell her husband to stay home but he decided to work instead he wasn't supposed to go to work , so i told him just stay home, take a day off. he said no i need to make more income" " you know my oldest son asking where's his dad... it's hard" " osha is investigating the incident that took ricardos life. he was one of three men on the scaffold when it fell. the two other men managed to jump to safety. there is a go fund me account set up for those who want to help the family. you can find that on our website fox five vegas .com a motorcyclist is killed in a crash near d street and the i-15. nevada highway patrol says it
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afternoon. the motorcyclist had just gotten off the freeway when a suburban somehow hit the motorcycle. the driver of the suburban did stay on the scene. the victim was an employee at ksnv channel 3 our hearts go out to the victim's family, his friends... and co-workers there are many families in need across the valley - but this next family really needs some good thoughts this morning. carolyn shirley- reed was just diagnosed with stage four breast cancer. on tuesday morning .. someone stole the truck she needs to get to her chemo sessions. fox 5's cyndi lundeberg has more on this family's plea to get this truck back. carolyn shirley- reed- recently i was diagnosed with stage 4 breast cancer and my husband was going to take me up to the mountains to get way and relax carolyn shirley reed and her husband john had planned to spend the weekend in the mountains of northern arizona... carolyn shirley-
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joy to hang out together were best friends carolyn shirley- reed- im very lucky to have him john planned the camping trip after carolyn's recent diagnosis. john reed- she jsut found out on friday shes stage four and then tuesday morning .. their truck... which they need to tow their camper... was gone. stolen right out front of their house on oquendo and pecos. there the reeds purchased the f250 truck a year ago... and just got new tires and rims. where the piles of gravel are is where the front tires were the stolen truck is red... with a black shaker hood...fender wheels...and is a year 2000. john reed- i wanna find them and beat the living crap out of them john says the most frustrating part is the effect this is having on his wife... john reed- theres already to much stress we take the camper and got to the mountains and try and take her mind off of it beyond putting this weekend's plans on hold ... carolyn needs the truck to make it to her chemotherapy sessions. carolyn tells me ever since the diagnosis .. this camping trip is the only thing taking her mind off her illness. carolyn shirley- reed- i try not to think
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about it the reeds have filed a police report... and are hoping the people who took the truck are watching. end carolyn shirley- reed- what theyve done to us it was more than truck it was a joyful weekend just to get our minds off things and now everythigns just shattered but i have hope. we also added a lot of pictures of the truck for you to see on our website fox5vegas dot com. if you have any information on this stolen truck or the purse snatchings... you are asked to call crimestoppers at 702-385-55-55. in top stories. a deadly 6-point-2 earthquake rocks central italy. and as the death toll there climbs... officials warn the ultimate impact of the quake could be much more severe than first thought. reid binion has the latest.
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(voice of michael gilroy / witness) "it woke us up it felt like the bed was on rollers. we all immediately ran out." michael gilroy- an american traveling in italy -- reacting to the deadly earthquake that rocked central italy wednesday. (voice of michael gilroy / witness) "we ran out to the main area where there's a big chandelier and the chandelier was just swaying back and forth and at that point we knew you know and just tried to get out of the building as fast as we can." the u-s geological survey says the 6.2 magnitude quake struck roughly 6 miles southeast of the town of norcia.'s tremors... reverberating all the way to rome, about a hundred miles away. (voice of jessica turner / usgs) "we do know that it was felt pretty much throughout central italy." the initial quake was followed by a 5.5 magnitude aftershock about an hour later... reports started coming in of collapsed buildings and at least one town in ruins... the death toll -- rising through the night. wednesday's quake... ...striking near the site of another deadly earthquake in 20-09. (voice of jessica turner / usgs) "it occurred near an earth quake of magnitude 6.3 that happened near l'aquila in april of 20-09 which caused a lot of damage and also several
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preliminary assessments were ongoing overnight, but the result of the quake could be devastating. the quake - striking not only with significant force, but at a very shallow depth... ...a destructive combination that officials say could be followed by multiple aftershocks, possible landslides, and extensive casualties. i'm reid binion reporting as of right now we are told the death toll has risen to 37. here is a live shot of the recovery efforts in italy right now. facebook has activitated safety check... u-s citizens affected by the #italyearthquake are being asked to contact the u-s embassy there. senator harry reid has some strong words for donald trump... he says the republican nominee won't win nevada because there aren't enough "uneducated white men" he says the
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demographics have changed and that trump cant count on "reagan democrats who crossed party lines for support. reid says that change...along with his belief that republican women are shying away from supporting the candidate...mean's a win for hillary clinton. reid also says catherine cortez masto will beat out representative joe heck in taking over his senate seat. the daily fantasy sports sites shut down in nevada last year because they didn't have the proper grambling licenses... want back in the game. fan duel and draft kings have proposed a new category of regulation and license fees that would help nevada join dozens of states where the practice is up and running. but many on nevada's gaming policy committee expressed disappointment tuesday. complaining there wern't enough penalties. and there was a lack of criminal background checks in the companies' proposal. saying it was weaker than laws passed in other states.
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local girl turned her 4-th birthday into a sweet fundraiser for our police k-9 officers. nats theresa pouring lemonade in cup "thank you! thank you very much!" recognize her? this wasn't "theresa babcock's" first time in business. last month.. her lemonade stand raised more than 13-hundred dollars-- which went to the families of fallen police officers. this time... all the proceeds went on to buy protective vests for police k-9s. "when it comes to puppy dogs the community will always care but not only when it come to puppy dogs. what i've noticed with the las vegas community is their very supportive of their police officers, their fire fighters, their public servants, their teachers." on tuesday.. theresa raised more than 700 dollars. he's the son of a marine, a las vegas native and a professional football player. we'll show you
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local veterans have a roof over their heads.
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fox5 news this morning with dave hall, maria silva, monica jackson, jason feinberg , . weather 24/7 with cassandra jones and traffic solutions with ken smith. this is fox5 news this morning. 32 wildfires are burning through more than half a million acres of land here in the u-s. that's according to the national interagency fire center. more than 18- thousand firefighters from across the country are battling t wildfires. fox's steve rappoport has an update on prgress in the western states. destructive wildfires - continuing to threaten homes in washington state... now prompting the governor to declare a state of emergency...for 20 counties... fires in the spokane region alone have burned more than a dozen homes and triggered large scale evacuations. the governor issuing his state of emergency declaration...noting that right now weather forecasts for his state show more hot, windy conditions through
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inslee says: "we're encouraged that some people's houses have been saved because they exercised common sense and they reduced the fuels and brush around there house and their houses were saved because of that. that's good news. its good news that we apparently haven't had serious injuries as of yet that's good news." meantime, across the western u- states are now dealing with major wildfires...includin g hard-hit california. a fire burning near the coast in the central part of the state has now blown up to nearly sixty square miles. it has destroyed nearly forty homes...and has forced at least twenty-four hundred people to flee their homes. (nats) hearst castle, a giant estate built by famed newspaper publisher william randolph hearst remains shut down due to threatening flames. several other large fires --- including this thirty- thousand acre inferno in santa barbara-- are taxing the already strained resources. baird says: "we brought in personnel as far as the east coast to help as well as flying federal crews in."
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a new study says health risks from wildfires caused by climate change... will expose tens of millions of people to high levels of air pollution in the coming decades. some health impacts caused by wildfires include respiratory..cardi ovascular, and psychiatric problems. wood smoke itself has also been found to carry high levels of toxins. study authors are calling for more testing... and point to the need for changes in wildfire management... and evacuation programs for high risk aas las vegas is seeing it's first human case of the west nile virus this year. the southern nevada health district says a 50- year-old woman is infected by a serious neuro-invasive form of the disease. the woman was treated and released form the hospital. county officials found mosquitoes with west nile last month. this marks the first human case in 20-16. one person was also infected last year.
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24/7 with cassandra jones more rain fell on the las vegas valley overnight with the west side getting anywhere between 0.12" to 0.67". at mccarran international 0.03" fell. drier and more stable conditions moves in for the next few days. daytime temperatures will be average with a slight cooling starting on the weekend as a trough slides south along the coast. the uv index for wednesday is 9 or very high. veteran's village
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second campus to help local service men and women get back on their feet. some of it paid for by a generous one million dollar donation from n- f-l player-- steven jackson. las vegas is jackson's hometown and he wanted to give back. he played for el dorado high school before his 12 year professional career. veteran's village provides all type of assistance to vets including medical help... mental evaluations and job training. the new campus will be in downtown las vegas. it will add more than 200 additonal housing units for vets and their families. school starts monday, so you probably already have the pens, pencils, notebooks... but what about shots? every student has
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procrastinating. we'll tell you where you can get the shots in time. bringing awareness to middle schools more on the new innitiative hoping to teach kids about the risks of e-cigs. be sure to check out our fox5 mobile app... for all of your up to date news and
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school year gets underway next monday and parents are scrambling to get their kids ready for the big day. fox5's adam herbets was at school for "vaccine day" -- and he found out what parents need to know before class is in session. when a bunch of down... waiting for their shots... we're not sure who looked more worried. the kids... or the parents. pamela/ oh yes. i think he will cry. he usually cries for his shots. adelina/ i got three. it wasn't -- it really wasn't as bad as i thought. adelina hicks said it had been a while since he got her last vaccines. she couldn't even remember how it felt... so of course, she expected the worst. someone's like has their hand and it's like squeezing it for 5 seconds and
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hurt really bad. it was just like slight bubble in my skin maybe and then it popped and then it was okay. and then it felt like my brother or sister was pinching me. it's just a pinch... but the people in charge say it's an important one... that unfortunately some parents try to get their kids out of. this mom says -- she's not one of those parents. pamela/ well that's their opinion. that's their opinion. but they only see the value of it when their child gets s or ill. betsy/ well we encourage all parents to make an informed decision about what they're doing for their child's health her definition of "an informed decision" means -- just get the vaccines. yes, there are exceptions... but it's not easy to get out of. if you don't like shots, that's not good enough... and if you think they're unhealthy... that's not good enough either. in nevada -- you need a religious exemption, or a medical reason. i am encouraging the rest of parents that do not think it
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take the vaccine for them to do it. depending on your child's age -- he or she might need different vaccines. especially if this is their first year at school in nevada. we'll have all that information for you on our website, teachers are already back in their classrooms getting ready for students. they're preparing their classrooms and working on lesson plans. but teachers we spoke to want to remind parents... the kids are good hands. and not only want the kids to learn. .. they want them to have fun. "i think they should be excited for what they are going to learn. it's a new year. they are going to be learning new things. new subjects. it'll be something they look forward to and to remember to have fun. " there is a meet the teacher event this friday. for all things back to school. head over to fox5 vegas dot com. and click on the special banner at
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a growing number of middle and high schoolers are using e- cigarettes. and although many vendors are advertising the chemical-laced devices as healthy alternatives... health experts warn the fad could lead to dire consequences to your child's health. through a new program called catch my breath... the c-d-c is hoping to inform kids about e-cigs-- and educate them on the dangers of the habit. an dusen says: "we really don't know what the effect of putting these chemicals in your body day in and day out for 30 or 40 years is. just the same way when smoking really took off on a mass population basis it took a long time before it became known that if you keep doing it every day for 30 or 40 years you're going to end up with cancer so we think that the uncertainty really argues for let's not do it as opposed to let's do it until it's proven that it's unsafe. for more information, just go to our website at fox-five vegas-
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guns getting the green light on college campuses in texas... how professors
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