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tv   FOX News Special You Decide 2016 Election Special  FOX  November 8, 2016 8:00pm-10:00pm PST

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network. shepard smith starts right now. >> the stunner of all stunner has just happened. fox news now projects trump has won the state of florida and its 29 electoral votes. it was always in play. it was never a certainty. hillary clinton pollsters had him winning and had hillary clinton winning florida by 2 points. the thinking was the large hispanic vote along the i-4 corridor in orange county around orlando. then down in fort lauderdale.
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so much of that, they believe, would all go to hillary clinton. and that would be enough to wipe out the rural vote to wipe out what's resinating across the panhandle. all the way over and down along the western coast of florida from charlotte county and collier county. they didn't realize that in mi african-american vote would be lower than anticipated. much lower than barack obama. they didn't realize so much of the hispanic vote came in in early voting. something that hadn't happened before. republicans most often vote on election day. and across florida from coast to coast to coast, they have. the panhandle and the southwest coast of florida and some of the i-4 corridor and the rural areas
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ruled the day in florida. and florida goes to donald trump. what did we say? if you're donald trump before you ever get started, you must win florida. check mark. you must win north carolina. check mark. you must win ohio. check mark. then you have to go pick up states on the west coast or around the country somewhere. we'll get to that in just a moment. this election is not over. fox news now projects hillary clinton has just of california. the golden state and its 55 electoral votes go to the democrat hillary clinton. fox news projects hillary clinton will win the state of hawaii. hawaii and its 4 electoral votes go to hillary clinton. in the state of idaho, idaho now solidly red, less than 1% of all the votes are in but the 4 electoral votes go to donald trump. there's still no call in the state of oregon.
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votes. hillary clinton with an enormous lead, but it means nothing because less than 1 pus of precincts reporting. oregon is too close to call. hillary clinton will win washington state. washington state in its 12 electoral votes now go to hillary clinton and the democrats. in t p big battleground state we have been waiting for hours. donald trump ones the state of north carolina. that was the battle of the rural and the cities. charlotte, the city of charlotte in mecklenburg county, the research triangle and in addition the raleigh/durham area, those heavily democratic. the more rural areas of the state of north carolina have won the day. north carolina goes to the the
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if you pick up michigan, chances are you have won the presidency if you're donald trump. donald trump is leading in the state of michigan by 1.1%. michigan way too close to call. 49% of the vote in. the state of pennsylvania, pennsylvania was thought to be leaning democratic. certainly hillary clinton does have a slight lead now in pennsylvania. the thinking was that the areas around philadelphia where they have an enormous democratic machine to bring out the vote for thousands of volunteers canvassing dor to door. philadelphia, as it has, would be able to pull pennsylvania to the democratic column. so far that has not happened with 69% of the votes counted in the state of pennsylvania. donald trump with a slight 2.8 -- hillary clinton with a slight lead. this is pennsylvania. the numbers have changed just a little now.
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hillary clinton with just about a 2-point lead. pennsylvania, too close to call. and in the state of wisconsin, wisconsin we now know with 58% of the votes counted donald trump with a 3.5 lead. it's too close to call. here is a look at the states that the candidates have won so far. and the most important of them all, florida, north carolina and ohio. check, check, check for the republicans. he must draw an inside straight. he h if he gets it, he's the president of the united states. here's the latest electoral count. california is factored in. hawaii is factored in. oregon was factored in it. donald trump with 216 electoral votes. hillary clinton with 202 electoral democrats. the good money right now is on
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city at trump headquarters. what say you? >> this is the nail biter that the polls suggested we would likely get. and donald trump is very much in range. the easiest way to look at this is take the number of states that mitt romney won in 2012. he got 206 electoral college votes. trump has surpassed mitt romney's performance at 216. it looks as though he's in good shape to protect all of the red romney states. then he has to come up with another 54 votes. pennsylvania, wisconsin, minnesota all very much enough to make that difference. when trump decided to cancel an event in wisconsin in order to campaign in minnesota, a lot of republicans thought he might have been making a big gamble
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it appears with michigan and pennsylvania, wisconsin, all still bringing in votes. some of them getting close to the vote in, trump could pull this off if e he picks off michigan. protecting north carolina was very important. but to have notched ohio and florida and the rest of the romney map still looking like it could remain intact, trump could pull this thing off. it's going to be a late night and it's going to be very close. >> thank you. let's g the big convention center along the hudson river in manhattan. what's the mood there? >> you hear some cheering behind me. but it has been a very subdued crowd up until now. they have been hanging on the returns as they come in. they have been watching news channels. what was notable is that at one point it was such a solemn crowd that they turned from news
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to try to get some energy into the crowd. that's when they brought katy perry out to address the crowd. what is notable right now is that we have not seen any campaign aids out here among all the reporters and television networks who have had them on to talk. we have not seen any of the high level campaign aids. i'm told from well placed sources in the clinton campaign at there's a great deal of concern. and but they also feel that nothing that hillary clinton has ever done has been done easily. they expect this to be a very long night. of note hillary clinton tweeted about two hours ago, she tweeted this team has so much to be proud of whatever happens tonight. so right now a subdued atmosphere here. >> jennifer, thank you.
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picture? our panel is back. if you are democrat and you have relied on african-americans but more specifically on hispanics, how in the world eastern if it's just this close, how do you make the case for hispanics? >> they took a big gamble. this is your year. this is a group that has felt the franchise didn't mean much in the democrats say this is the time you can change this and really help defeat a candidate who has called mexicans rapists and thugs and used the bad hombre line. if they came out this year as they did in record numbers and were excited about and democrats still lose across the board, it's very duflt to see how democrats make a convincing argument to hispanic voters that
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>> hold your thought. an election alert. the state of utah will now go to donald trump. this was to be expected. utah is a republican state. there was some questions about whether another candidate might be able to come in and take away some of those votes, but fox news projects utah will go for donald trump. if we could look at the electoral college board to tell us how many each candidate has. that's been in the bottom right corner of your screen. we're pulling it up. donald trump with 222 electoral votes. . hillary clinton with 202 you must have 270 to win this thing. and the good money at this moment is on donald trump. he still has to turn a red state blue. that's yet to be done. but the popular vote is now up for grabs. >> donald trump is looking very good to win pennsylvania, wisconsin or michigan or all
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president. the question then becomes does hillary overperform obama in places like texas, which obviously she was going to win because there was resistance to trump among progressives or even traditional republicans in places like utah or idaho or texas. those could bring her popular vote number up and see a scenario he becomes president. he won the electoral college in six magic huge popular vote number and sort of lives out of this as the martyr who won millions and millions and millions more who won the popular vote. so it will be an interesting part of the narrative going forward about who really won the people. >> john busy, from "the wall street journal." the markets are imploding.
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where donald trump has a clearer path. the markets like it even less. why is that? they are concerned a about ice lacism of the united states. the united states turn wag from the transpacific partnership, the trade deal with all these other asian nation. . they are woried about tariffs, which donald trump hasz called on to tame china. all those things is suggest protectionism and constrained market and the markets don't like it. after breakfast after the brexit the markets were off more than 5%. we're down 4% in futures and 3% in s&p 500. if this ends up being a donald trump win, you could expect the markets to show an even greater slide. the economic experts say some of those policies could easily tleed a recession.
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about a donald trump win than there has been about a hillary clinton win. >> in the big picture, you have to pick off a blue state. what looks most likely to you? >> wisconsin or michigan. or both. >> let's look at michigan and wisconsin. you see that on your screen. wisconsin and michigan, they have both been very close throughout the night. here's wisconsin. donald trump leading in wisconsin by 2 points plus. you can see are in. he leads by 2.7% in wisconsin. that was entirely too close to call. here's the state of michigan. @dth winning in michigan by just a about 2 points. if these numbers hold, donald trump is president. >> absolutely. that was the path. it was a joke five days ago. he had some internal numbers showing her support softening in those places. she hasn't been to wisconsin since the convention. they really didn't -- this was a
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michigan is no governor's race or senators race. there was even more reason for them to lose apathetic african-american votes in detroit and flint areas. . >> the writing has been on the wall for michigan. the president won twice that's basically considered a blue leaning state but in the final days, not only did we see the candidate there, we saw es making a concerted effort to shore up the same democratic leaning state that are now looking like that donald trump will be the next president. >> last night we're watching the last of the tours. hillary clinton ends up in philadelphia with the president of united states and the first lady with bon jovi, lady gaga, chelsea clinton and bill clinton and she's talking about she's being very presidential and differential and humble.
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competing events. during those at every single campaign stop he talked about his trump properties, talked about his products, he sounded like a man who was moving back to another way. each had realized their fate. hillary clinton had realized i'm about to be president. donald trump had realized i tried and i failed and i have to come up with a new narrative. all of a sudden we have an entirely new world. it is duey >> some of these rallies you look back now and remember that leesburg rally, he arrived two and a half hours late and yet everybody was still there and pumped up. that's what you have been hearing the analysis play through the course of the evening. that nothing beats the
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candidate. you have enerized the candidate. the markets are responding in the public has not responded. the scene is like husband affinity for putin. the world power structure that he's brought into question. do we support nato the way e we supported? yet the core trump consistency that showed felt uncared for by washington has turned out today. >> he called it brexit. first the british vote to remove itself from the european union. looking on the world stage, you have germany and france and there's an entire realignment of world politics that appears to be happening. >> there's a populous revolt in response largely to migration issues in europe and this has come here.
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had a message clinton never really did. a specific message to a group of people that didn't want to hear about shrinking government or medicare reform anymore. the paul ryan budget, they were galvanized by trump's message. but he's never gone below 55% in the polls on his lack of qualifications to be so he's going to be elected if he wins these two states or one. seen by some majorities as unqualified to be commander-in-chief. clearly remarkable. >> it's a remarkable evening. we're still watching it unfold. much left to be called. paths for both candidates. make no mistake. coming up, we'll talk to greg walden, who chairs the congressional committee. he'll be here as we continue.
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america. election night 2016.
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now too close to call. this is fox broadcast network continuing coverage for the race for 1600. greg walden is live with us now
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your thoughts on an historic night. >> i think it's a real repudiation of the elitist big government knows best policies of the obama administration, nancy pelosi and clearly hillary clinton. . literally in our race from maine to miami, we are winning once again. they tried to drive a truck through this and say we're just linked to donald trump. that will be that didn't work out real well. you take a barbara komstock out of washington, d.c., trump lost her district by 10 points. she won by 10. in the house, we ran local races. we ran races on issues people cared about. in the end, cared about the fact their premiums were going up on obamacare. hillary clinton wanted higher energy costs. the american people said enough. i think that was part of the
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voice. he gave voice about their status and the country's security and they need to get america working again. >> what does this say about the very foundation of the way we operate politics in this nation. the democratic formula has failed. he did not run as a traditional republican. he did not run on traditional republican values. tpp is dead. there's a lot to consider here. >> there's a but at its core he ran on values that we share. that is to give people back their individual freedom. to downsize the size of this government. to support our men and women in uniform and those who served our country. look at the failures in the va under the obama administration to deliver services to our veterans. he ran against big government in washington that has failed in these dramatic repores. e we put forward documents given the chance.
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numerous occasions, talked to him about it. we are together in terms of reforming fwoft and putting the people back in charge. tonight is a big realignment across the country. >> for those the paul ryans of the world, john kasichs of the world, where are they now? >> the good news is with a better way, we have a plan already in place. if trump wins the other states and becomes president, he' us. we're with him on tax reform so we can bring money and jobs back from overseas and grow our economy here. he's on replacing obamacare. so there's a lot of effort here. we have a lot of work to do for americans, we're sitting ready to go. >> with trump's call indication you can do this largely with white voters who have been disaffected and left out of this
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african-americans and hispanics. was he right the way the republican party can roll going forward? >> let's look at the outcome tonight. i think what he really is about is we have to bring everybody together. we get past the election cycle and it's going to be really important we bring all americans together. i think at the end of the day, we have problems in the inner cities. i was with paul ryan in waterloo, iowa, looking at housing for the homeless. there's a together. that's how we will win e votes. it's how we will solve problems. >> greg walden, thank you for
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we continue to watch the presidential race. fox5's cyndi lundeberg has the latest with an interactive map that continues to update with the latest results, john christine weve been focusing on the east coast as results are rolling in but polls here in nevada closed just over an hour ago... and lets show you the resutls we
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broadcast network and shepard smith. >> breaking news, donald trump has won the state of wisconsin. wisconsin was a blue state. wisconsin was reliablely wisconsin had milwaukee and madison. wisconsin is reliablely blue. this is the flip that donald trump was seeking. this is the end of the inside straight. you must win florida. he won it. you must win ohio, you probably will but it will be close. no, he won it big. he won florida, north carolina, ohio. now he's just flipped the blue state that we knew he would have
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wisconsin goes to donald trump. fox news projects hillary clinton will win the state of oregon. as expected, oregon is solid blue. there's an update on the state we're still watching. michigan is still very much up in the air. michigan has tightened over the last few minutes. michigan has tightened because more areas around detroit have come in. but wisconsin is the new story of the night. bucky badger is running around camp randall out how to say the two words together president and trump. if it happened, wisconsin is the one that helped him draw the inside straight. if you look at the electoral vote count, can which we will in a minute. here's a look at the states we have already called for the candidate. that's the state. all the red across the center of the nation over on the east coast up in the upper midwest,
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the place. the one that really stands out for you there is the state of wisconsin. now the latest electoral count. here's the electoral count. donald trump with 238 electoral votes. hillary clinton with 209 electoral votes. now this is the state of iowa we now call for donald trump. the board is coming up now. hillary clinton had been trailing here. she's down now by more than 10 points. donald trump with precincts reporting, donald trump wins the state of iowa. now we should go back and look at the electoral college count again and the electoral college board will show it that donald trump has what must be considered at this point a healthy lead in the electoral college. remember, the big west coast states are in. california is in for hillary clinton. hawaii is in for hillary clinton. oregon is in for hillary
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pennsylvania is one of them. wisconsin has gone now. wisconsin is another on that is up for grabs. michigan is leaning towards donald trump. secretary clinton is trailing in the most unlikely of ways. let's bring in our panel. a democratic strategist, the let's begin with you. where are >> we were all wrong. the map was wrong. what's interesting about this from a policy perspective free trade is over. we're going to a bernie sanders on the democratic side donald trump protectionist policy because the midwest has trudged back.
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i'm not sure you can, but that's the expectation now. what you're now seeing is a realign m where progressive states like wisconsin, potentially michigan, pennsylvania is still a tough order for republicans, are now expecting certain deliverables from both parties. that's why you have bernie sanders surge in those places during the primary and why you're seeing donald trump most likely be elected tonight. >> i the liberals of the party who felt disenfranchised by hillary clinton east campaign, others pushing for hillary clinton when the people were saying bernie sanders were much farther left than she. >> you're about to see the same realignment over the last few years on the democratic side. there's about to be a major
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commerce, free trade, globalists wing of the party versus the progressive bernie sanders stream of the party, elizabeth warren and that strain. it's going to be a battle royal of the same kind you saw with the republicans. the oj thing that can unify them now is opposition to the president trump. democrats don't have a good track record of having moments. it's going to be a huge realignment of the democratic party. i think this is the end of clintonism. by the end of this moderate democratic wing that you saw ascended. >> we're waiting for the state of georgia. 16 electoral votes, it's possible we'll have a call there soon. this is not over. hillary clinton does have a path to the presidency at this moment. the race has not been called. it is not over.
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the fact that it is this close. just that hillary clinton that he was able to hang around with hillary clinton for this long creates these realignment in the party. so much of the party, the millennials who spoke out so long and loudly for bernie sanders, all of those people felt unrepresented in his absence. they felt that he had been disrespected. his movement had been ignored and didn't shut up a about it. >> i don't know if it's t millennials. we'll find out when we look at the exits later tonight. to me it's more than that. if it's a rust belt of people who believe, stongly believe this progressive extreme missing in the democratic party for several decades now where they feel the democrats have gotten too cozy with wall street and global free trade.
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forgotten about making college education affordable. they fooed feel all the priorities over the last i don't know how long has been left behind. that's what you're going to see today. the same fight fight they are going to seek with speaker ryan. over the next few months. and president-elect trump and how he's going to behave and bring the republican party together. same battle on both sides. >> wisconsin is a back this is a state that fell in love with barack obama. that have been really close in 2000 and 2004 decided by a handful of votes in both of those cycles. obama won it overwhelmingly not even mitt romney putting paul ryan on the ticket four years ago. so it will be interesting to see also whether the millennials, for all the talk about obamacare and fbi thing, whether any of
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basically that millennials system being rigged was proven true to them, whether they ended up staying away, but right now wisconsin flips the script here. clinton is the one that has to pull the inside string. >> i've been rewatching "game of thrones" and i love the line where they say you know nothing, john snow. i was thinking as these polls were coming in that the trump supporters and the people who vod establishment, you know nothing. you don't understand what i'm going through. even tonight if we think about it, what is hillary clinton's message for why she should be president? i mean that seriously. >> we're stronger together. >> but what i mean by that is there was no unifying message. it was that i'm better than trump. i'm against tpp but i helped author it. every single thing she walks back on, this is a change election and the democratic party if you believe wikileaks,
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rigged their primary for her and they are paying the price for that. >> fox news election breaking news. the state of georgia, fox news projects goes to donald trump. and that means donald trump now has 254 electoral votes. hillary clinton now with 209 electoral votes. georgia goes red as mostly expected. there were questions about whether atlanta might be able vote in georgia might go toward hillary clinton. did not in florida or georgia. the african-american vote has not held for hillary clinton. it did not work in the state of georgia. and donald trump wins georgia. and ladies and gentlemen, we appear to be at a moment of history in the united states of america. there are but a a few ways now that remain that hillary clinton could become president. her task now, her hill now seems
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trump's climb was at 7:00 p.m. this evening. it is more difficult for hillary clinton to become president now that it is for donald trump. every good dime is on donald trump being the next president of the united states. so the race is still too close to call in a number of states. including iowa and we'll have more calls for you in a minute. coming up, fox news sunday chris wallace will be here on peers to be -- we'll wait for
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on the east coast of the united states, what appears to be a political realignment like nothing ever seen in the history of the united states politics in that the realignment is happening not in one of two party, but in both of if donald trump goes on to win the white house, all that e we know about the republican establishment has changed. no longer do we have an evangelical small government, promilitary conservative right and no longer do we have a center left moderate hillary clinton style democratic party. we would have more of a bernie
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have not had in modern history. is that the big picture now? chris wallace is here. >> assuming that trump were to win and he's now only 16 electoral votes away, i don't know that you would say that it's more extreme. in some ways it's more moderate. trump is much more moderate than the republican party, the evangelical party has been on foreign p interventionist. in some republics he's to the left of hillary clinton on foreign policy. he's talked about multilateralism. bef to make other people pay for their own defense. we're not going to be the world's policeman. >> what would a cabinet look like? >> we were just talking about that in the green room. giuliani maybe for attorney
8:45 pm
senior aid who doesn't need confirmation. >> chris christie has his own demons. >> jeff sessions in the senate would either be secretary of state or secretary of defense one suspects. >> it's mind boggling. in that most of the chattering class had not considered these things with a nod toward reality. >> not seriously. yes in really not wrapped their head around the prospect of president donald trump. and we in the news media -- i'll admit it. i didn't think he was going to win. >> i don't know journalist who is really thought locking at the numbers, looking at the ground game that they thought this was possible. >> and the business world at one point --
8:46 pm
points. >> waking up in europe in a few hours or already in asia, good morning, paris. we have a message to deliver. things have changed in america. >> you have to think that i can't go back to the 1800s. i'm sure there was some big shocking upsets. it's certainly in our lifetime and my lifetime is longer than yours, it is the biggest political people were two conventional politicians. we're talking about donald trump. >> a howard stern character not long ago. >> a celebrity tv game show host. >> he makes no apologies for any of it. >> normally it's a nonpolitician, it's a general.
8:47 pm
pure businessman and a showman possibly becoming president of the united states likely becoming president of the united states -- >> it's likely now. >> we're just -- these are review of states. >> no new states to call, but there are a few of them out there that would flip it. >> wisconsin, wisconsin is not a state we even had on the board. >> wisconsin is a blue state. >> if wisconsin can go to trump, why can't minnesota or michigan or pennsylvania or nevada? it's up for grabs. the great likelihood is that he's going to be the next president and then i don't know what happens to the democratic party, but you have to figure to the degree that sanders came close that the sanders/elizabeth warren wing of the party is
8:48 pm
problem. >> if this is the case, obama's legacy is completely lost. clintonism no longer lives. there's no path. that wing of the democratic party dies if they lose this election. >> think about this. eight years ago barack obama wins a sweeping victory to be president of the united states and brings in a veto-proof majority and a huge majority in the house. . eight years later at end of his as president and a republican majority in the house and the senate and we were trying to figure out the last time that republicans because reagan never had it. a complete unified republican government. looking back to eisenhower. >> does the republican-dominated house and senate agree with him on all his positions? >> no, and the interesting e
8:49 pm
president, the degree to which he has to rubber stamp their agenda. for instance, obamacare. he wants to repeal and replace obamacare. when you look at his program, it's not really developed. there's not much detail there. and one assumes that he is going to have to -- he might take the lead from them in terms of the details of how you do that. >> lots of news to report coming up. the dow jones ave trading down 750 points. the world is reacting and the political tide appears to be turning. more races to be called as we rate wait to hear who will be the next president of the united
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more than 700 points down for the dow. investors are trying to come to results. the fox business network with news coming in now. asia collapsed overnight. >> it did. down 4%. we're not far from that here in the u.s. when folks wake up in the morning, they might see this. if these losses hold. wall street did not expect donald trump to do so well tonight. wall street likes the status quo. they were banking on hillary clinton being president and that might not be the case.
8:53 pm
reaction. this doesn't mean we're going to continue to see losses. the mexican peso plunging. it's something you want to consider as well. and gold is up very sharply. if trump takes it and congress is republican, you have no gridlock. you know better than anybody else that wall street likes a little bit of gridlock. >> lauren checking in late night live, thank you. our next president will have big issues to abroad. we'll look at those and we'll watch for the rest of the states
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as more states are being called in the presidential election... results are also now pouring in for local races. we'll get to all the numbers in a moment but first-- we're following both republicans and democrats at the south point and aria respectively. fox5's eric hilt starts us off at the south point with local republicans, eric? closed captioning will resume shortly
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closed captioning will resume shortly closed captioning
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closed captioning will resume shortly jacky rosen vs
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closed captioning will resume shortly jacky rosen vs danny tarkanian closed captioning closed captioning will resume shortly let's give you a let's give you a look now at the latest results from nevada. congressional district 1 dina titus vs mary perry question 1, initiative to increase
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gun sales recreational marijuana. we'll be back in another 25 minutes with more results. you can follow along nues now with
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electoral votes away from the presidency of the united states. and one state to do it. pennsylvania would do it. if he win's pennsylvania, nothing else matters. donald trump will be the president of the united states. with that in mind, rick leventhal is here in allentown tonight. pennsylvania, who ever would have thought it? ever were to be called, pennsylvania would put donald trump over the thought. >> it's incredible. and if you look at the map of pennsylvania, you will see that it is mostly right. the democrats have won make this state the last six presidential elections because the heavenly parts of the state around the philadelphia area are democratic by 7-1. do you go back to 2012, met romney won 54 of the 76 countie counties. but he lost the race by seven -- several hundred votes because he
9:05 pm
the latest numbers show hillary clinton winning just 11 ofhi the 67 counties. as you mention, it is very, very tight. thes question remains how many votes will be tabulated from the philadelphia area? what percentage of votes have hg been tabulated from the very red control and other portions of the state, that will determine who wins pennsylvania. i can tell you that the election party, they have been cheering as each state falls to donald trump. like ohio, north carolina, florida. they are not cheering about pennsylvania because we simply don't know yet which way the state is going to turn. we know that senator toomey is here in this hotel. he is upstairs in a hotel room. and we are told that he will come down here and speak to at the appropriate time. to what time that is we just don't know. >> explain the move there. tell us what the feeling is in allentown tonight. >> there were a lot of people
9:06 pm
the thinking was hillary clinton was going to dominate and these folks would come in and show support for the senator and the republican party and go home. but they have seen things turn here tonight. and there's a growing sense of optimism among people in this room that their party and their candidate has a real shot at winning here tonight. >> rick, thank you. let's turn to our panel now. the >> i think there's going to be a lot of revisionist history we're going to see. we're already seeing from republicans who for months have been trying to distance themselves from donald trump. we saw this a few minutes ago with the chairman greg walden. it's happened even more in the senate. but we had republican campaign strategists actively encouraging
9:07 pm
donald trump concerned that he was going to be such a drag on the party. it would make his impossible for anyone else to recover. now we're going to see republicans try to display the unity we heard about talking about trump sharing republican values and republicans trying to come out of this able to really deliver on a wholesome agenda. >> i agree. i think there will be a strong united front, which will be interesting after all this time that will hold up at least for awhile. but sean hannity saying that paul ryan is not going to be speaker in january. there thereby some tumult about who stuck with trump, who didn't have faith in him. that unity will break overtime. he's not entirely representative of his own party. but then over on the democratic side, the end of the clinton, the lashing and gnashing of teeth about nominating someone who just locks the party down and sort of mob style while she
9:08 pm
fbi. there's going to be some incredible on that side. so while republicans will president trump pulls it out tonight, we'll run the whole government. there will some be internal divisions on their side as well. fighting in both parties. i think a a reset for both parties. >> this anti-insider urge in the united states that you're seeing expressed in apparently elected or very close to it an outsider to be the president is in keeps with a very large global trend. brexit was an example of that in the european union. a nativism has taken hold. you're seeing this in the rise
9:09 pm
and in germany as well. so this is in keeping with the global trend. you have to ask yourself if people are doubtful and suspicious about institutions and about government and insiders versus outsiders, where do we go in a world that is ever more integrated. technology is going to do that it no matter what. ever more integrated when people are saying we want to run our own lives. >> it's 6:00 a.m. in paris. 5:00 a.m. in london markets will open in a few hours. ours will open in nine hours or so. institutions will begin to make changes. corporations will begin to make moves. fundamental workings of government will begin to shift. what is tomorrow? >> as u said, i think in this temporary united front, there will be an attempt by republicans to try to nail down as much as they can with donald
9:10 pm
but he has assured them that he's going to support the better way agenda, which is the name of the congressional republicans agenda created by paul ryan. they are gloing to make an immediate push for everything they can while they are still unified. so a replacement of obamacare. some will work on tax reform immediately. what that will if it's paired with infrastructure, i don't know. this nominee, this potential president, donald trump is not entitlement reforms. that will be a source of tension going forward as they work out the numbers. but trying to sort of have a debate within the party about what the path is to economic growth. 45% tariffs on the chinese is not going to be a part of what the congressional republicans are going to support. so i think they will try to find as much common ground as possible. and i imagine they will run into
9:11 pm
the first 100 days, it's a productive session. >> the democrat not yet. colorado has hiked its minimum wage from $8.31 to $12. the state of california has okayed recreational marijuana use. it's the state of california, which normally leads the country on matters of this nature. when it was california who was first to say no more smoking indoors. new york looked at the wt doing. this will never happen in new york. it's spread from sea to shining sea. marijuana liberalization began in colorado, washington state, now in california. it's sure to spread east. the world is changing before our eyes. . >> even amid-those gains by democrats in the ballot issues, they will have a pivotal choice to make. for eight years, democrats have been complaining that republicans never gave president obama a chance. they decided from day one their goal was going to be to try to sometimemy his agenda.
9:12 pm
to decide are they going to say, look, trump is our president. at least for four years. we're going to try to work with him and find common ground. or after telling their children and relatives for the last year and a half that this person is the devil, are they going to decide that their goal from now on despite being in the minority is to block him. >> hang tight. michigan is a state with 16 electoral votes. donald trump has 254. add michigan to 254 and you have 270 ask you're the president of michigan is too close to call.
9:13 pm
you bought a wig, a jersey, and overpriced nachos... don't let sinus symptoms bring you down now. get fast sinus relief with vicks sinex and get back in the game.
9:14 pm
michigan leans democratic. michigan has been a blue state for quite some time. president obama won michigan in 2012 with 54.21% of the vote. he beat mitt romney by 10 votes. it leans it has long leaned democratic. tonight it is a toss up. should donald trump win michigan's 16 electoral votes, his name is then mr. president. matt finn is live in detroit at a hillary clinton watch party. the mood there, how would you describe it? >> right now, it's tepid. perhaps a bit deflated. there are people seated.
9:15 pm
party began, it was much more energy and excitement. there was music playing and people walking around having drinks, as you might imagine. but as the night progressed and we saw fox declare victory in florida and north carolina, crucial battleground states, the energy here slowly started to fade. and right now, it's not much of a party atmosphere, but people have their heads buried in their phones texting and sending out messages. people coming in and out of the certainly not a celebratory atmosphere, to say the least. donald trump barn stormed and
9:16 pm
points. if you want to look at the polls and trust them, that forced hillary clinton and the president himself to come and campaign here in the final hours to defend a state that's typically very blue. michigan has not elected since 1988. we were there yesterday at a michigan rally where there were thousands of students who lined up before sunrise to attend an event for president obama. and president obama touted his experience and what e he would consider his victories. to speak further about the upset here tlz no state party for
9:17 pm
>> counties that are going to matter now. michigan is so close. over at the billboard and wayne county, right? >> detroit, a right? >> wayne county, detroit. a lot of democratic votes there. 47.8% for trump, clinton is at 47.1%. still winning in a little b the vote. this is super tight. why does it matter? it could decide the entire thing right now. and 254 votes. he needs to get to 270. if he wins michigan, he's the president. how does she do it? can she do it right now? you would almost have to see hillary clinton run the table. we've talked so many weeks about trump doing a inside straight to
9:18 pm
look at her challenge. if you give her pennsylvania and michigan and nevada, then you have to give her the state of arizona and then she would pull in a 272 electoral votes with new hampshire outstanding and maine and alaska but that would do it. can she do it right now? does she have the votes to pull it off? this is what we're seeing in the state of arizona. trump has about a 4-point lead. how does that historically? go back to 2012 and we can show you what mitt romney and barack obama did. mitt romney won. and at the moment, trump is in a defensive position. a pretty decent shape to win that state and if he does, that inside straight i'm describing for hillary clinton may not be possible. watch michigan here and we'll
9:19 pm
but this message, shepherd that trump has sent out to the american worker in the upper midwest, boy they heard it loud and clear and they're showing up tonight as a result. back to you. >> thank you so much. i want to go through some of the key states still outstanding. some of the states yet be to decided. we have not yet called. donald trump needs 16 more electoral votes to win. iowa leans red and we have just iowa goes to donald trump. so, the 6 electoral votes are to donald trump. he's now 12 electoral votes away from iowa. we called iowa earlier. so, they're part of it. he's 16 votes away. now michigan. michigan and its 16 electoral
9:20 pm
michigan but again, there are many wayne county votes still out there. the rest are scattered around the state. if donald trump holds on to michigan, he would win the presidency. that was michigan. michigan now at 72% and he is still with a lead. pennsylvania and its 20 electoral votes are up for grabs. pennsylvania, 92% of all precincts reporting and dead even. donald trump with a 2 thousand 1500 vote win. if he wins pennsylvania, he wins it. minnesota, which leans democratic. has leaned democratic in all of our polls, hillary clinton with a 4/4 and half point lead. nevada now, nevada leans
9:21 pm
4-point lead in nevada with 73% of the precincts reporting and arizona, which leans republican, hillary clinton is trailing in arizona. donald trump with the edge there. 63% of all presingtds reporting. if he gets arizona and nevada, he wins it. his path is much easier than hers now. >> and it changed so went in with the smaller chance of winning and rocketed up to the 90s or whatever now. and now they talk about her having to run the inside straight. it's remarkable. >> he pointed out what the democrats are going to have to do. some of the republicans are going to have think through that same problem. a lot of them had aligned themselves against trump. once you're the boss, all those
9:22 pm
complex of washington who had signed advertisements, those in the national security and economics realm will probably fall into line as well. he's going to have a lot of talent to pull from. the question is how is the republican party going to reconstitute itself to support a republican trump? >> yes, difficult to understate the degree to which this is a repudiation of got new poll numbers that everybody in the white house was excited about showing his popularity at a 54%, higher than it's been since the start of his presidency and people took that to mean people have come around and appreciate what he's tried to do but it seems the country is expressing itself clearly that it wants to go in a different direction. >> stay with us. 254 electoral votes for donald
9:23 pm
state, former first lady, secretary hillary clinton. 209 electoral votes for her. donald trump needs 16 electoral votes. michigan, too close to call. pennsylvania, tooer close to call. minnesota, nevada, and arizona all still too close to call. and a state just went to hillary clinton. hillary clinton's count just went up. we will find out exactly who that is in just a moment. hillary clinton has just picked
9:24 pm
9:25 pm
9:26 pm
for all of your election night results. we are watching as the last of the electoral votes come in for president with donald trump inching closer to the 270 mark.... but we want to go live to the aria right now... and fox5's kevin bolinger... as the senate race is called with catherine cortez masto winning harry reid's senate seat.
9:27 pm
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9:29 pm
closed captioning will resume shortly closed captioning will resume shortly we'll continue to follow the results with live updates on fox5
9:30 pm
on the rest of the local races in another 25 minutes. democrat and harry reed's power have now won. >> reporter: it's 9:30 on the west coast, half past midnight on the east coast and fox news projects hillary clinton wins the state of nevada. machine in and around clark county in the wayning days of the campaign. harry reed had lines and lines of people. the polling places were supposed to close at a certain time. the long was so long that they voted for hours on end after. donald trump complained about it to a judge said these votes should not be allowed. the judge said we hold them
9:31 pm
were already in line and if you're already in line your votes count, be it as it may, they would not have made the difference. nevada goes to secretary clinton. that gives her six more electoral votes so the count is donald trump 254. hillary clinton, 215. here are the rest of the states we're still watching. these are all that remain. nevada is off the board for secretary clinton. next is michigan. michigan and its 16 electoral votes still too close to call. at the moment donald trump leads by less than 1 percentage point. donald trump with a hair's edge. pennsylvania still too close to call. donald trump with the slightest of leads, something around 3,000
9:32 pm
cast. 48.2% for hillary clinton. 92% of all precincts o close to. arizona with its 11, donald trump is leading by 3 1/2 points. only 2/3 of all the precincts are reported. arizona too close to call. new hampshire where both candidates spent a lot of time in the wayning days, look at that. new hampshire is separated by 15 votes. half a million votes are in in the state of new hampshire. 1-5 votes. hillary clinton has 2,890 and donald trump -- 15 separate the two. and new hampshire is still to rr close to call.
9:33 pm
points. it amounts to something about close to 100,000 votes as you can see on your screen there. but by far minnesota is still too close to call. donald trump spent time in minnesota. they said why are they in minnesota? now we know. and the state of maine which leans democratic and has leaned democratic throughout the contest, 75% of all precincts are hillary clint. is leading donald trump. is this over? it is not over. if michigan goes to hillary clinton and pennsylvania goes to hillary clinton. arizona leans right, give that to donald trump. new hampshire, let's give that to donald trump and give donald trump new hampshire and we're down to maine.
9:34 pm
and they split there, this thing could go until dawn. here's a look at the state we called so far. all of the states on the big map you can see in the upper left of your screen, all of the red are donald trump. all of the blue are hillary clinton. hillary clinton with 215, donald trump with 254 and the race is too close to call. the latest electoral, the numbers are up for you. i want to bring executive -- or editor of the wall street journal. and from real and clear associate press white house reporter. a few minutes ago it was like this is donald trump. it looks that way. the path is easier for donald trump, but if you give her pennsylvania, and it's 20 electoral votes, she's up to
9:35 pm
that's 251. give her -- the math is not settled. >> well, it's still harder for her. >> but it's not over. the trend is to him. >> that people don't like her and that energized a real hunger for change in this country and that all of behavior which people have said is disqualifying is not to the people who w and change washington. and really what is too bad we would be better for the country if one of them won in a land slide. if trump did tonight and ran away with it or if she did because as i said she still looks -- even if she wins the popular vote and it's the divided math. >> she can have 309 electoral
9:36 pm
>> if president trump, controlling votes. republicans also controlling both houses of congress. he's not in accord with traditional republicans in the senate and the house on the issues that he says he's going to act on right away. transpacific partnership is going iowa righ which has taken a couple of years to negotiate. republicans want to take that region away from china which will dominate trade relations. affordable care act, maybe they agree on that. right taxes, maybe they agree on that. but private -- congress has backed away from that.
9:37 pm
not sure if they want to tangle with china over this particular issue when there are a lot of other issues they need china's support on. >> the numbers are solid in the house of representatives. republicans believed they would lose at a minimum double digits. still retain control. they have lost but a handful of seats. they will not lose double digit seats. republicans firmly in c the house of representatives. >> that make as job if for paul ryan, if he wants to stay on as speaker, and i have don't know if he does. it makes it easier for him and become more conservative and it would have been harder for him to pass obviously anything with president clinton but even maybe sometimes with a president trump. so, it makes the path just a little bit smoother for him to
9:38 pm
>> 30 seconds. >> the remarkable thing is how it will changing the dynamics so they will be hoping that senate republicans will be the check on the trump presidency and trying to reign him in from his more boisterous instincts. >> we should go to donald trump headquarters and the man that's been covering politics since fluf was a kitten and she's full grown cat, cameron will see him at the new york hilton in just a moment on fox broadcast coverage in the race for the white house 2016. one that's shaping up to be one of the most historic if thought the most in all our lifetimes. your insurance company won't replace the full value of your totaled new car. the guy says you picked the wrong insurance plan. no, i picked the wrong insurance company. with liberty mutual new car replacement?, you won't have to worry
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9:41 pm
15 minutes before 1:00 in new york city. the city of hillary clinton and we do not know who the next president will be. here from the fox business network is live at trump campaign headquarters just a couple of blocks north of here. how is it going here, blake? >> they've been waiting for quite a while. the mood escalated. it's not a big scene here. kind of like a primary night event but we know, crowd wise, but we obviously know stakes are much higher.
9:42 pm
trump sits on 254. no one has gone anywhere here, whereas we're seeing reports otherwise at the clinton campaign headquarters. so it's a wait and see at this point and almost 12:30/1:00. i don't know. >> from high level representatives of either campaign on the national stage. have you seen anything there? >> no, not from the trump campaign but the rnc folks are here and in talki t least coming into this night, they have a high senior aide told me they were watching four states. florida, north carolina, michigan. we await here on michigan. and i'll tell you i was talking a little while ago to a senator,
9:43 pm
earliest backers of donald trump and he said they feel when this is said and done that donald trump will out pace mitt romney when it comes to african americans and union voters. if that doesn't sound like the makeup of michigan, then i don't know what does and that's potentially what could tip the scales for donald trump. >> he's certainly out paced mitt romney in of florida where mitt romney ran the tables. donald trump has out performed him and that's why he won flal fll. we're still waiting for michigan and pennsylvania. we have to hear from the winner and the loser, all of them. the night is young. have a cup of coffee and stay up with us. your grandchildren will ask you
9:44 pm
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9:46 pm
? 1:00 in new york city. the election still too close to call. donald trump is 16 electoral votes away from the presidency. should he win pennsylvania, that's 20. but it's too close to call. none of the campaigns are
9:47 pm
candidates themselves are nowhere to be found. and here on manhattan was west side. sounds quiet. >> reporter: i can tell you there are campaign staff here. there have been people screaming out for the last several hours. there's a sense of doom and gloom. they're listening to the news right now but there have been points where there has been results came in but for the most part it's been very quiet. we have not heard from any campaign surrogates for several hours right now. they have completely gone to ground and everyone here is going to watch and wait mode. >> you know what they're saying to players behind the scenes. i've got democratic operatives who have talked to the hillary clinton people and nothing is ever come easy for hillary clinton.
9:48 pm
she's never had a clear sail and her people are hanging on right now. when you look with hands and fists in this picture. there is a path for hillary clinton, without any question. if she wins michigan, that's 16. if she wins pennsylvania, that's a total of 36. that gets her to 141. add 141 and minnesota, that's 151. and arizona and that's 172. and hillary clinton is the it is not over for anybody or we would have said it's over. hillary clinton can still be the president. it's not the way, jennifer, we thought it might go down, but it's certainly still a possibility. >> reporter: and don't forget the "r" word. we could have a recount in some states if they're very close. look at new hampshire. it's very close tonight. one of the things that is
9:49 pm
democratic since 1988, but one of the last stops we made on the campaign trail, hillary clinton got one of the largest crowds we have seen throughout this campaign, about 15,000 people in arizona. the latino vote in arizona still very crucial. she won nevada with the latino votes. we haven't been talking about that in the last few hours because florida was called and there was an expectation earlier in the evening that the latino florida but this is not over yet. and if we've seen strange things during this election and i would say that we still have to wait and see. >> we do indeed. and we'll be back at the hillary clinton headquarters. martha, the host of america's news room on fox news channel with us tonight, watching exit polling.
9:50 pm
>> when you look at the polls that we all go through every morning, there's really only two organizations that look like they may come out looking good. the business daily and the l.a. times, both of which were thrown out by most prognosticators. but you go through the groups and it's quite stunning to see how it stacks up. you compare donald trump to mitt romney and he's done better with many cases better with women and i think back to the interviews we've all done talking to the trump family, which has been his most powerful and involved surrogates and all they kept talking about is wherever they were on the trail, to rallies, they had tremendous support from women, hispanics, black voters. those voters makeup a much smaller percentage of the republican electorate. but he's moved the needle from
9:51 pm
is making the difference for him tonight. it is a stunning, stunning turn around and i in many ways they shouldn't be surprised because this has been stunning us at every turn. >> rural america has come out in numbers we haven't seen before. >> that's true. and earlier in the evening if looked like they were only moving by a small amount but white workers, white blue workers who donald trump has had a connection with throughout the course of this entire campaign are voting for him. unions are voting for donald trump. that is something that we haven't seen in our lifetime. you saw some of it with the cross over in the regan 1980 campaign and in many ways this is shaping up to look like something comparable in some ways, somebody that many people
9:52 pm
more political experience than donald trump has and there's similarities in terms of the restructuring of the electorate. >> watching it as it comes in. if donald trump wins this, it will be the biggest upset in modern american political history. four big states on which we still wait. michigan and its 16 electoral votes. it's too close to call. 78% of all m and donald trump leads by just about a point 1/2. in the state of pennsylvania, where the big democratic machine came out in philadelphia and expected to run away with pennsylvania for hillary clinton. 48.5% for donald trump. 47.9% for hillary clinton. it's less than a point separating tell the.
9:53 pm
reporting. pennsylvania too close to call. minnesota 10 electoral votes. if went to hillary clinton, she leads there with 78% of all precincts voting. minnesota still too close to call and here is arizona. 11 electoral votes. donald trump with a lead, a lead that's largerer than the last time we looked up. less than 4 but with 2/3 of all the presikts
9:54 pm
9:55 pm
9:56 pm
, just moments ago the crowd was chanting yes, we can. let's go to fox 5 with a reaction from republican
9:57 pm
his concession speech? thank you for that. let's take a look at the
9:58 pm
nevada that we are monitoring. of course, never in jeopardy and tonight she retains the seat with two thirds of the vote ten district one. now the district three, the race between jackie rosen democrat jackie rosen and republican danny with 11 percent of the precincts reporting. we are showing jackie rosen 49 percent to danny 45 percent in the u.s. house. congressional district 4, part of the with a play, 50 percent of the vote, and 50 percent of the precincts reporting. we have continued to see a lot of down ballot twins for democrats in nevada fresh and one that 36 percent, this is the question that would require background checks for individuals buying firearms from unlike -- district your background 51 percent to 49 percent, a tighter race.
9:59 pm
big night across the country passed in california question 2 with five-point lead , 36 percet of the precincts reporting. let's take a quick look at the electoral map and you can see nevada called for hillary clinton but a number of mystic still outstanding including pennsylvania, michigan either one call for donald trump's night and he is the next president of the united states. you see the bright red, that has been called for bright blue for hillary clinton pink and light blue colors of the at the states still in question. we are still waiting and the highlight for pennsylvania still winning republican but still to cross -- too close to call. both parties are scouring for votes right now trying to get their person over the top. we will follow all of this on the other side of the break
10:00 pm
>> fox 5 election coverage starts now. , the votes have been mostly counted but yet we have not reach quite the decision yet. and some of the big races across the country including the race for the white house. hello, john. christine, we have you covered across the country and of course right here in nevada. the race for the white house too


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