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tv   FOX5 News at 1000pm  FOX  November 10, 2016 10:00pm-11:00pm PST

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protest sound across the nation ... in city after city ... new york ... d-c ... baltimore ... philly ... chicago ... minneapolis ... milwaukee ... portland ... oakland .. los angeles... and others... thousa people are once again taking to the streets... protesting the election of donald trump to the office of president. good evening, i'm john huck. i'm christine maddela. for the most part - these protests have remained peaceful... but police in these cities are working hard to keep them under control. fox5's cyndi lundeberg joins us now live in studio... with a look at what's been happening tonight across the country. we saw our own protest in las vegas last night... but on a smaller scale. all across the country in at
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to the streets... lets show ou what los angeles looks like tonight... last night protestors blocked the 101 freeway 28 people were arrested. today near cal state los angeles hundreds of people blocked the 10 freeway. there were also protests at ucla... usc and cal state long beach. high schoolers in los angeles also got invovled...hundred s marched to the steps of city hall after walking out of class. los angeles' mayor eric garcetti told reporters hes pleased with the way people there are expressing their frustrations. in the city of san francisco.... a thousand students from different high schools marched through te cities financial district. they could be heard chanting... cant build a wall... hands too small. the railway system had to detour around
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causing delays fro people trying to use the public transit system. right now we want to give you a live look of portland oregon... thousands of anti trump protests here... and according to police things are getting out of hand... portland police say theyre receiving reports of drivers being attacked by proterors and multiple reports of vandalism... theyre also asking people to stop using fireworks... the people in the streets could be heard chanting not my president... and love trumps hate... and no means no. in a tweet police said protestors have bats and are getting increasingly aggressive... theyre advising people who arent protesting to get out of the area. this is the third straight night of protesting in portland. lets take you now to salt lake city... where police are shutting down streets as protestors block traffic. the hundeds of marchers were making their way to the state capitol.. the crowd was energetic and loud and carrying
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police there have been no reports of violence or damage. about 100 highschoolers also left school on thursday... former presidential hopeful bernie sanders also addressed the protestors... and urged for peace. " "i would urge those young people get involved politically run for school board fo state legislature get involved help us oppose trump when he is wrong let us work together to create the kind of nation that we can if there is any good news its that those protests have remained mostly peaceful... donald trump has also responded to the protest.... take a look at this tweet... a few horus ago donald trump also addressed the protestors... he says in part "professional protesters incided by the
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unfair!" president elect trumps tweet comes after he spent the day at the white house meeting with president obama.. and house speaker paul ryan. the tweet been retweeted more than 30-thousand times. a man attempts to rob a 7/11 and is shot by another person in the store... tonight we're learning the robber was on a crime spree, fox5s miguel martinez valle spoke to businesses that say the same man had robbed others before... that's right some of t owners say the man shot and killed while attempting to rob this 7/11 had successfully robbed other businesses in the last month. for business owners near cheyenne and civic center, the 7/11 shooting hopefully marked the end to a month long crime spree salvador hernandez, mobile pcs "they've been robbed before so
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someone was going to get shot or worse killed in that area" thats exactly what ended up happening ... police say a man walked in and tried holding up the clerk, another person working inside the store then fired at the robber, ending his life. people around here say they know exactly who the robber was salvador hernandez, "it's the same person same description hoodie bandanna with a gun" alfredo lopez reyes "all of the time problems that guy i know that guy i see you" don , barber shop "he's came over here i cut his hair a couple of times he's robbed a few of the local businesses in the area " he was so notorious in the area, businesses and police started warning each other every time he would strike " the police come and tell me alfredo close the door i close the door" they say they dont wish death on anyone, but theyre hoping things will be a little safer here on out. salvador hernandez, "he's just been hitting every store i don't know if his plan is to go back to california after he hit them but not no more"
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shot the robber wasn't an employee of 7- eleven but he might've been one of the technicians attending one of the machines inside the store from what people tell us no charges have been filed against him at this point. mmv ffn ll a men was arrested tonight... after firing several shots at a trash ca of a sinclair gas station... near pecos and patrick. police believe the man was under the influence and say he was very uncooperative. he was taken to sunrise for an evaluation. a homeless man is shot and killed early this morning in downtown.... and police have very little information. ""we have no leads, no suspects and we have no information as to how this murder occured" this is the second homicide involving a homeless person in this area since
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police say the man was shot in the chest near owens and north las vegas boulevard just after four a-m.. police say there is a large homeless population in the area... choosing to live on the streets instead of in shelters. and problems arise when people offer up donations-- like food or clothing directly to the people on the sidewalk. police say the donations would be better serve our community's homeless if given directly to a shelter. donald trump was elected president on a platform heavily supporting veterans. so what does that mean? in his 100 day plan- trump outlined a ten point program to reform the v.a. at the top of that list--- giving veterans the ability to "choose public health care or attend a private doctor of their choice" we caught up with some veterans today at the new v.a. out patient clinic in pahrump some say adding private care to the va is an expensive solution. others say they deserve the best care. "andy alberti,
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sure that veterans are taken care of after words i think that's an important issue and whatever money they spend we can't be ssending ppl to risk their life and not do something to protect them once they get back " the new outpatient clinic in pahrump provides services to veterans including mental health care, primary care and phone consultations. tomorrow hundreds of people will line the streets of downtown in honor of our local veterans. the annual veterans day parade starts at ten a-m... our parade is the parade west of the mississippi. the parade will move down fourth street between gass and ogden.. which means closures... that will go into effect starting at six a- m... the route will reopen to traffic tomorrow at three. one veteran is being honored this veterans day.... with a new car. the newly- refurbished vehicle was donated by progressive's "keys to progess". they say nearly half of veterans live in areas where affordable transportation is limited... especially when
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attend employment centers. progressive says they've given away hundreds of cars across the country to military families and organizations. she's been out of the mix for a few months... but now she back... and on a mission. "gosh... what a wonderful... what a wonderful thing you guys are doing!" cassandra jones has returned from maternity leave....and she joins fox5 surprise squad surprising shoppers at a local albertsons! your fox5 weather 24/7 forecast is
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the fox5 surprise
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united nissan, america first credit union, albertsons and vons holiday season is upon us - which means more guests... lots of food... and higher grocery bills. so we teamed up with our newest surprise squad partner to relieve some of that extra holiday stress! albertson's d.i. & pecos cassandra jones: hey guys, this is my first surprise squad back from maternity leave. i'm so excited, and we're here with our new sponsors, albertson's and vons. let's go buy some groceries. music cassandra jones: hi. how are you doing today? wait, wait, you pay, i'm cassandra jones with the fox5 surprise squad, and we would love to pay for your groceries today. joyce: oh wow. are you sure? cassandra jones: yeah i'm sure. maria: laughing james: wow cassandra jones: would that be okay if we paid for your groceries today? james: being seinor citizens is great giggle don: you wanna pay for my groceries? cassandra jones: yeah we wanna pay for your groceries. don: laughing cassandra jones: did you already pay? connie: yes cassandra jones: can we get her money back? we would love to pay for her groceries.
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fantastic. connie: thank you cassandra jones: and this is money back in your pocket that you don't have to worry about. connie: thank you so much. this is like really a blessing. cassandra jones: hi, we would love to pay for your groceries today. would that help you out? lady: yes, yes, thank you very much. cassandra jones: we're actually doing facebook live right now, so you can wave to all of our fans. say hi. brandi: that is so nice of you. backround noise brandi: we actually are here to help somebody else out. cassandra jones: it's so nice that you guys came here to pay it forward to her, and now it's being paid forward to you. cassandra jones: it's expensive huh? joyce: tell me about it. giggles brandi: things like this doesn't normally happen. cassandra jones: you guys have a wonderful day. james: thank you, good to meet you. cassandra jones: you're welcome, nice to meet you. cassandra jones: i would love to pay for your groceries today. beverly: oh my god. laughing where's your halo? cassandra jones: you're so sweet beverly: couldn't happen at a better time. cassandra jones: yeah? things are a little tough right now? beverly: oh yeah. my son died about 6 years ago. he was in the service, and my ex daughter in law so to speak is coming to see me this week. cassandra jones: so you're doing some grocery shopping
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beverly: uh huh cassandra jones: so you were probably wondering how you were gonna stretch that extra dollar huh? beverly: exactly. thank you channel 5. cassandra jones: you're so welcome, you're so welcome. beverly: thank you. how wonderful. cassandra jones: hi! you watch monica and jason? i'm with em, i'm doing the weather. i'm jonesy. michael: i know you are. cassandra jones: and we wanted to pay for your groceries today. carl: want to pay for them? cassandra jones: yeah carl: okay, i'll take it then. cassandra jo he a veteran? michael: yes. world war ii. cassandra jones: and you're a veteran too? michael: yeah, u.s. army. my mom and dad, they just had their 69th anniversary. cassandra jones: wow that's incredible. i know you say you don't need anymore groceries today, carl: that's true. cassandra jones: but we wanted to give you guys a hundred dollar gift card. how does that sound? carl: ohhh that sounds tremendous. cassandra jones: thatnk you so much for your service. have a wonderful veteran's day sir, okay. carl: oh i'll try to do that. michael: it means everything. that's wonderful, that
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ya for that. and that's just the start! be on the look out for the fox5 surprise squad at albertsons and vons this holiday season! now fox5 weather 24/7, with chief meterologist ted pretty after a high temperature of 80 degrees in las vegas thursday, the evening will feature temperatures in the 70s and 60s. overnight lows drop into the 50s. we'll see plenty of sunshine friday for veterans day; high temperur be in the upper 70s. some more clouds roll into the area saturday, but we will keep it dry with highs holding in the mid 70s. skies stay mostly sunny sunday through tuesday with temperatures in the upper 70s. cooler air moves into the valley wednesday with high temperatures falling back into the upper 60s and low 70s. winds will also be gusty midweek. highs on thursday will only
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closed captioning will resume shortly it's a big weekend for unlv athletics. the runnin' rebels open their
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for unlv athletics. the runnin' rebels open their regular season tomorrow night at the thomas and mack. and the unlv football team has a home game this saturday. fox5's kevin bolinger is at sam boyd stadium with a preview of the football game. kevin on cam: the rebels are coming off a bye week and have had time to rest up and heal up. unlv is making another change at starting palandech gets the nod as signal caller and johnny stanton is available if needed as he continues his recovery from a knee injury. the rebels may need everybody against a tough wyoming team. music/nats wyoming has been the surprise team in the mountain west this season. the cowboys are 7-2 and 5-0 in the conference including a big win
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driver's seat of the mountain division. brian hill/wyoming running back: we're stressing take it one day at a time, one day at a time. win that day. so far we've been winning the days. good things are happening in large part to brian hill. the junior running back is having another monster season - second in the nation in rushing behind fellow mountain west back donnell pumphrey of san diego state. one thing hill does as good as anybody in the country is move the pile and get additional yards after contact....meaning the rebels need to him to the ground. tony sanchez: that's gonna be the key to this game, you've got to stop the run and make them one dimensial. they're a pretty good darn football team when you allow them to run the ball downhill. hill will have some added pep in his step this saturday in las vegas. brian hill/wyoming running back: i can't wait. i turn 21 three days before the game. i'm pretty sure we won't get to go out but i'll be 21 in vegas so that's just exciting in and of itself. kevin: something tells me coach bohl isn't gonna let you hit the strip.
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probably gonna have the hotel on lockdown for sure (plus laugh). the rebels need to be in lockdown mode....even though the wins haven't always been there - this team is better statistically in nearly every category and sanchez says they have to stay the course. tony sanchez: we know where we're going. we know the success that's coming down the pipeline and the only way you get there is by staying on the path. if you veer off the path because of noise or outside distractors that's when you lose yourself. kevin on cam: it will be salute to heroes day at sam boyd stadium. kick-off is set for 12:30. wyoming is an 8 point favorite. kevin bolinger, fox 5 news, local las vegas. don't forget to join kevin and unlv football coach tony sanchez for rebzone sunday night at 11. following sports plus and fox5 news at 10. this weekend... the toughest of the tough will gather at lake las vegas for grueling endurance challenge like no other. running "there you go!" "yes! we made it!" "well done" "not as easy to do" "world's
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is back in town this weekend. fox5's own-- mike doria-- got to test his strength in some the obstacles on our morning show. the best athletes from all over the world will be competing for prizes worth more than 170 thousand dollars. the 24-hour competition starts saturday. if you want to do a tamer run.... the "rock n' roll marathon" is also happening this weekend. it's been hosted on the strip since 19-67. this year... more than 45 thousand runners from every u-s state-- plus 83 other coutries are registered. expect to see runners dressed as elvis... live music... and a few run-through weddings along the 26 mile course. donejp for a complete list of the closures and all of the events for the marathon... be sure to download our fox5 mobile app. back at it for the second night in a row.... across the across the country people
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this is fox5 news at 10. local. las vegas. a man attempts to ron a north las vegas 7-11--- and is shot by another person inside the store. tonight we're learning the robber was on a crime spree...
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spoke with surrounding businesses... that say the same man has robbed others before. that's right some of the local shop owners say the man shot and killed while attempting to rob this 7/11 had successfully robbed other businesses in the last month. police have not released the name of the robber who was shot inside the 7-eleven what they have told us is the man reportedly went inside the store around 3 am he tried holding up the clerk. someone press the panic button in the store which alerted police put before they could get there.. another man who was inside the store reportedly he was working on one of the machines saw the attempted robbery and shot at the robber multiple times the robber ran outside collapse in front of the 7- eleven when police arrived they took him to the hospital he was pronounced deceased local business owners told me they know exactly who the robber was "the 7-eleven has been hit three times within this month,
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they've been hit twice, the smoke shop across the street from me has been hit twice as well within the same month so it's the same person same description hoodie bandanna with a gun " those business owners tell me they started alerting each other every time this person would come into their stores or rob one of the shops police would also alert them and they would end up closing their shops so that they wouldn't become victims to him one shop owner told me he started noticing some of this crime about a month ago he heard this man moved from california but please have not released the identity of the robber who was killed mmv ffn ll as for the man who shot the gun-- he is cooperating with the police- no charges have been filed. no arrests have been made. three brothers were arrested in fort mohave... as part of a child
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according to the mohave county sheriff deputies.... jason, james, and nicolas emory were wanted in connection to felony child porn charges. the three men were found with their parents yesterday morning and arrested. fort mohave is about two hours from las vegas. "you're all acting like donald trump. all of you. thank you. "
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like donald trump. all of you. thank you. " this is video from earlier this evening in portland... a woman driving through the protest there was attacked by the protestors... and someone smashed her windshield with a baseball bat. someone also spray-painted the words, "capitalism kills," on the side of a seven-eleven
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store... president-elect donald trump met president obama for the very first time today in the oval office. "(president barack obama) "most of all, i want to emphasize to you, mr. president-elect, that we now are going to want to do everything we can to help you succeed because if you succeed, then the country succeeds." " the men met behind closed doors.... the move is starting the between administrations... before today-- they had never met one another. "(donald trump/president- elect) "mr. president, it was a great honor being with you it i honor being with you i, and i look forward to being with you many many more times in the future." " donald trump also met with his party's leaders, who control both the house and senate. vice president joe biden also met with vice president elect mike pence. while the president president obama met with president-elect donald trump in the oval office. michelle obama continued a white
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first lady melania trump for tea today. it's the first time the two have met. they discussed raising kids in the white house and toured the executive residence -- including the truman balcony. for the first time we are getting a look inside pulse nightclub-- the night of the tragic mass shooting. the orange county sheriff's office releasing bodycam footage. robert lowe reports... tonight, chilling new body camera video details the aftermath of the worst mass shooting in modern u.s. history scattered papers and fluid littering pulse night club. "friendly in nat as authorities enter-you can see latex gloves being worn to protect against splattered blood. hours after the hideous attack- deputies inside draw their weapons to make sure the area is clear. "clear up here." walking through the club-remnants of the latin culture night celebration. "nats" can you see right across
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"nats of phones. the victims phones continually ringing friends and family, like christine leinonen and , hoping their love ones survived. "what you should do is wait somewhere near by,." hours later she would learn he'd be among the dead. back inside, the hunt for the shooter continues. the horror surreal. "police radio" the scene unlike anything they've ever seen. holiday shoppers need to stay alert this season! hackers are to get credit card information. "the technology exists to pull down the mass amounts of information that's out there. stored in databases that include credit card information or the type of information that can build a credit card when you have date of birth, social security information, address." the las vegas f-b-i says to start checking you credit card statements daily and notify your bank if you see any suspicious purchases. they say no one is immune to credit card skimming so everyone needs to
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it's a sure sign of the holiday season.... starbucks red cups are backkkkkkkkkkkkk kkkkk..... and they have a new look. the coffee giant is getting festive-- by putting christmas images back on the cups. starbucks says they feature 13 designs created by female customers from six different countries. the designs include snow flakes... reindeer... christmas lights and ornaments. last year....the plain red cups were criticized by some--saying the chain was part of a so-called war on christmas. starbucks said the simple design was meant to be a dedicated to service. you hve to be the change you want to see. you have to be that. you can't just want things to be better. " you'll meet our fox5 shining star who saw a need and started from scratch. we'll show you how she's helping the homeless. your fox5 weather
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you don't have to have a lot to do a
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you don't have to have a lot to do a lot. that's what we learned from our fox5 shining star. she doesn't have a lot of money, but she knows her time is even more valuable, and she spends it helping the homeless. nats- laughing this is a-k. the community gives me their old stuff. and this is a-k's closet. they give me old clothes, shoes a-k mcmorris started collecting donations two years ago. she takes those doti shelters or directly to the homeless on the street to let them "shop"... for free... for the things they need. i've seen a woman do a catwalk in the middle of the street because of the item they chose they are somebody. things like this remind them they are somebody. gives them a chance to choos what they want, choose what they want to wear she also puts hygeine kits together... toothpaste, socks, mouthwash, soap, qtips, toothbrush
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this pkg was put together with the love and support of the las vegas community. you are not alone a-k knows what it's like to be in their shoes. my family we were homeless at a point, there was a point when we lived in my mom's car, we lived in shelters ourselves. i remember people would donate old toys, but they weren;t old to us. you get a whole trashbag full of toys, like yeah! she repurposes everything given to her, she does not resell it, she gives it away free of charge to people who need it that's why she's our fox5 shining star. at fairway chevrolet a-k got her award, certificate and five hundred dollars. a-k told us she's grateful for the award, but looks forward to the day her work isn't award worthy. when i see that i'm not the only person that's doing it, where fox doesn't fid it necessary recognize me becaus it's common. when it's not a "shining star" moment, it's
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to nominate someone to be our next fox5 shining star, click the "shining star" tab under links on fox5vegas dot com. now fox5 weather 24/7, with chief meterologist ted pretty after a high temperature of 80 degrees in las vegas thursday, the evening will feature temperatures in the overnight lows drop into the 50s. we'll see plenty of sunshine friday for veterans day; high temperatures will be in the upper 70s. some more clouds roll into the area saturday, but we will keep it dry with highs holding in the mid 70s. skies stay mostly sunny sunday through tuesday with temperatures in the
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air moves into the valley wednesday with high temperatures falling back into the upper 60s and low 70s. winds will also be gusty midweek. highs on thursday will only be in the mid to low 60s.
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if you've been sticking with the news.. you see quite a bit of protests directed at the election results. some of the callers say chill.. he'll be a great president.. others find it hard to accept that people actually voted for him.. and that he won. from nate... donald trump won. no more medical, food stamps or social security. i'm so pissed he won. he
10:50 pm
should have won. i just want to say i am a proud democrat who is willing to be happy that hillary lost. the reason is i don't want her to be blamed for the destruction of the united states of america. i want donald trump to be blamed correctly for the destruction of america. for all you folks wouldn't happen, it happened, it happened. we [have] a new president. we [have] an american president who is [going to] stand up for us. if everybody thinks that george bush the village idiot was bad for our country and the economy? wait till donald dump the clown gets done with us. we're [going to] be in worse shape in four years than bush was in eight. good luck everybody. i'm telling [you], i'm cashing out my 401k
10:51 pm
sorry democrats! you didn't get the president you wanted, but look on the bright side at least you got [legalized] marijuana. so go ahead and light up and get high for the next four years and let the grownups fix this mess you guys have made. the american people voted for the new president and we all need to stand behind the president and the government to make place to live for everybody. congratulations and thank goodness no more political advertisements and tv. chris says... congratulations trump voters you just killed american freedom. all the things he said he will do, won't get done. we are now a joke to the rest of the world. and now the poor will get poorer and the rich will get richer. so thanks again for killing america. while lcs thinks... donald trump won fair and square! americans want a change! hillary supporters who are burning flags, you make me sick! if you don't like the results then leave, nobody is forcing you to live in america! send us your
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or call at 702-436- 8285 at or call at 702-436-
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11. local las vegas. "not my president. not my president." "your're all acting like donald trump..." "we're gonna evolve from protests. but the protests will continue because the protest is what gives us leverage to transform our city." a second night of unrest across the country... as protesters take to the streets. they're upset over the results of donald trump being elected president. thousands have been protesting in several cities throughout the nation. this is the scene in portland, oregon. many chanting "not my president" and "pay your taxes". some damaging car windshields... with bats and rocks. thanks for joining


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