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tv   FOX5 News at 600pm  FOX  November 15, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm PST

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live from las vegas fox5 news at 6 starts now. we're learining more about an officer inovled shooting-- after a teen tried to run over a cop. a pedestrian is dead after being hit by a car near u-n-l-v. it's the second pedestrian death in just 24 hours. why that driver won't be facing any charges. a woman is behind bars facing child endangerment charges. we'll take you to the house where big cats roamed her backyard near her children. this is fox5 news at 6. local. las vegas metro police are investigating their second fatal crash involving a pedestrian in less than 24-hours. police say a man in his 70's ran across the street, and
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this happened at tropicana and maryland parkway... right by unlv. he died at the scene. police say he did not obey traffic signs. investigators say the driver will not be facing any criminal charges. yesterday police were called out to another fatal crash on convention center drive near las vegas boulevard. a woman tried to walk cross the street outside a crosswalk, and was hit by a car. she was 62-year- old "vivian valentine," and the coroner says her death was an accident. an officer shoots at a car... after the 18-year-old driver tries to run him over. police say officers tried to stop an unregistered honda civic around eleven last night... in a neighorhood near bonanza and nellis. police say the driver sped off... and officers did not follow the vehicle. a short time later -- the same officers spotted the car near sandhill and stewart. when an officer approached the vehicle -- the driver sped toward him... and the officer fired several shots at
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police say the teen driver was not hit. officers were able to take the driver into custody. police say the suspect is 18- year-old daniel prichard. he's being held on a deadly weapon charge. no officers were injured during the shooting. it's another day of sunshine and warm temperatures... but enjoy it while you can. it's going to get a little big chillier this week. fox five meteorlogist has more on the weather change. the high clouds moving across southern nevada this afternoon are a signal of cool a ahead. overnight lows tonight drop into the mid 50s with clouds sticking around. wind will be increasing across the area on wednesday with high temperatures in the mid 70s during the afternoon. a wind advisory takes effect at 10 a.m. wednesday for all of the fox5 viewing area. wind gusts will be in the 40 to 50 mph range. much colder air invades las vegas on thursday, bringing
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down into the low 60s and upper 50s. skies will be mostly sunny. friday morning will be the coldest weather this week with lows in the upper 30s. the weekend is trending milder with a few clouds at times. high temperatures will be in the mid to upper 60s. there is the chance of a few showers on monday next week. closed captioning
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don't hear everyday. a 34- year-old pahrump woman is in custody for child endangerment and other charges after 3 tiger cubs were found roaming freely in her backyard. the only thing separating those tigers from neighbors? a four foot chain link fence. fox5's kathleen jacob joins us live at the home where this happened. kathleen what does it look like out there? guys i know it's dark but look at this... this little fence is the only thing that was keeping these tigers in. take a look at this cleared area where neighbors say the tigers would pace back and forth...the neighbors children and pets...just a short jump away on the other side. "i got an 11-yr-old boy in there too, yeah and my dog. those cats could jump that 4 foot fence in a
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could jump my 5 ft fence in a heartbeat if they're hungry enough" jeff ranowel lives just a street over from this home where 3 tiger cubs were found feasting on raw chicken while a 17-year-old boy watched over them. i seen them going back and forth at the fence and what got my attention is it's only a 4 ft fence. in can have exotic animals but they must be permitted...and properly kept. the tigers did not have permits...and this fence is no where near up to par. that's endangering everyone around here, and me and my kids, and everybody. trisha meyer faced charges in texas when she admitted to letting tigers and other exotic animals like monkeys, a panther, fox, and skunks roam around her home while her 14- year-old daughter was home. she then headed to pahrump where neighbors spotted the cats in the back yard. shocked. we have 2 little ones. i have a 4 year old and a 19 month old and we play in the front yard all the time.
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the other person living in the home to get some insight on what was going on... but... (nats get off my property) there's dangers everywhere you go, you never know what your neighbors are up to but i'm just glad that the animals were taken into custody and the situation was apprehended correctly. the tigers are with animal services in nye county now... we did try to go see them for ourselves but other neighbors described the cubs as being about this tall... but say on their hind legs they're around my height... with paws this big. so not small animals at all. of course we'll be following up on this story and let you guys know when we find out more. reporting live kathleen jacob fox5 news local las vegas
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custody in nye county but will be extradited to texas soon to face her original charges. there are over five million people who live with alzheimer's disease... perhaps one of them is your parent, or sibling or friend. the numbers will only explode as the population gets older and congress wants to see an effective treatment for the disease within 10 years. as it turns out.. that goal may be within reach. there is an exciting breakthrough to tell you about and some of it is happening here in las vegas. at cleveland clinic lou rouvo center for brain health.. they in trials with the gene therapy "aducanumab" it's the first treatment to prevent alzheimer's from advancing in a patient's brain .. researchers call it a game changer i believe we will look back at this point in time and see this as a turning point where we know enough about
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about alzheimer's, enough about drugs to bring these pillars of knowledge together to form an effective treatment for the disease" tonight on fox5 news at ten.. we'll show you the dramatic mri scans from patients who have taken the drug... the side effects... and the stakes involved if there isn't an effective treatment found within the next ten years. new at six-- a texas woman is re-unied with her dog four years after he went missing. and thanks to a good samaritan-- at an animal hospital right here in las vegas! jessica urbina says she got a call a few weeks ago from siena animal hospital asking if she lost a pet. urbina told the hospital about her shih tzu going missing four years ago. they swapped photos and got her number though the dog's microchip. all confirming it was the same dog bam bam. "im like nope, i dont live anywhere near nevada, she's like well we're in las vegas and i was like las vegas? how did he get all the way over there?
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with the microchip being, that i was ablwe to get that call i would have never expected that call ever. " urbina says it took about a week to get bam bam on a plane back home. the now seven year old shih tzu flew in last night and is resting up after his long fight. the education savings account program has been knocked down by the nevada supreme court. but governor brian sandoval is hoping to bring it back. how a new plan could be ahead of the state legislature. if you're looking for something to do tonight-- spend it with the mob! we'll tell you all about the deals going on at the mob museum...that you still have time to check out. you're watching fox5 news at 6. local. las vegas
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governor brian sandoval is working to bring back nevada's school vouchers program. he says he's planning to include the e-s-a program in his upcoming budget. sandoval says he's working with senator scott hammond--who wrote the education savgings account bill. the nevada supreme court struck down the program. but sandoval is hoping the program's developer can come up with a new plan that the legislature would accept. the e-s-a bill would allow parents to use state money for private school tuition. our valley will have more
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strip... now that clark county commissioners have approved a sales tax increase. commissioners approved two different taxes today. the sales tax means metro can hire 68 new police officers. those hires should start in april 2017... when the tax takes effect. and a new hotel room tax will help generate the money needed to build our city's new stadium... that could be the future home of the raiders. the chips and salsa were flying at three square food bank. local celebs put their nacho making skills to the test. the contes sponsored by restaurant-- "nacho daddy." they've been raising money for meals to feed the hungry all year. strip headliner-- terry fator-- and austin "chumlee" russell of t.v's "pawns stars" formed competing teams. the winner got their creation on the "nacho daddy" menu- plus-- 5 thousand meals donated to three square in their name. "the celebrities definitely add more awareness, more people paying attention to what we're doing but i think naturally we want to not be the company that just writes a check. we want to create some energy around
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with it." "basically our donation represents money that's set aside from every nacho that we sell or every entree we sell." so far-- nacho daddy has donated more than 110 thousand meals to three square. the mob museum celebrates the anniversary of the kefauver committee hearing... which took place in its building in 19-50. today -- they're offering free entry to locals. kefauver was on a mission to investigate organized crime. his traveling senate hearings soon made their way to nevada... forever linking las vegas to the mob. the outcomes of these hearings played a role in advancing the country's fight against organized crime. it also helped in the development of las vegas as a gaming capital. senator toby: "you must something in your mind that you've done to speak of to your credit as an american citizen, if so what is it." frank costello: "paid my tax" john p. crane: president of the uniform fireman association "i promised him the support of the fireman and offered him evidence of that
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you can check out the musuem's artifacts related to the hearings... until nine tonight. now fox5 weather 24/7 the high clouds moving across southern nevada this afternoon are a signal of cool and windy changes ahead. overnight lows tonight drop into the mid 50s with clouds sticking around. wind will be increasing across the area on wednesday with high temperatures in the mid 70s during the afternoon. a wind advisory takes effect at 10 a.m. wednesday for all of the fox5 viewing area. wind gusts will be in the 40 to 50 mph range. much colder air invades las vegas on thursday, bringing high temperatures down into the low 60s and upper 50s. skies will be mostly
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coldest weather this week with lows in the upper 30s. the weekend is trending milder with a few clouds at times. high temperatures will be in the mid to upper 60s. there is the chance of a few showers on monday next week. closed captioning
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uberpool has officially been launched in the valley today. people who use the uber app can now carpool! riders going in the sam edirection can share a car and the cost of it. making the ride cheaper and cutting down traffic congestion on city streets. it also means more rides and longer trips for uber drivers. uberpool is
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the valley.... and in boulder city. a generous donation is putting the power of music into the hands of students at "desert pines high school" the latin grammy cultural foundation gave them 20 thousand dollars worth of instruments. the school held a special ceremony to celebrate the gift today. it was hosted two-time grammy nominee-- joss favela-- and fox5's own morning anchor-- maria silva. this isn't the first time they've helped a local school last year they donated to rancho high school. a police dog in idaho is figin being shot in the line of duty. but his four legged friends are lending a helping hand...or should i say paw... to save the
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a police k-nine in boise, idaho, continues to recover after being shot and wounded during an officer- involved shooting. and the pooch has his fellow four- legged friends to thank for saving his life. morgan wagner explains ... (john chandler/westvet animal surgeon) "we know of one round that went through the chest... lodged in the neck." westvet in garden city is set up to handle emergencies 24 hours a day... everyday. but doctor john chandler says friday was the first time they had worked on a police dog that had been shot. (john chandler/westvet animal surgeon) "jardo lost the left lung.. two lung lobes.. he had a
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he arrived." it took four doctors to save jardo's life... as well as a couple of four-legged donors. (john chandler/westvet animal surgeon) "in this situation we had blood that was donated earlier by one of the employee pets, cricket, and then, miles, is another one of the blood donors who happened be in the hospital so we were able to collect from miles immediately and transfuse basically on site." whether jardo will return to duty after his expected recovery is unknown... but doctor chandler says -- medically -- he doesn't see why the canine officer couldn't. (john chandler/westvet animal surgeon) "he's himself. he's jardo. he's up and moving around.. which is pretty.. remarkable, given his injuries... the extent of the injury. that he can get up and get going again as quickly as he can but he is.. as we keep saying a tough, athletic dog.. he's doing great." jardo also lost one of his lungs in the shooting. westvet says for
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must be healthy, happy, weigh more than 50 pounds, and be committed to donate for at least two years. travelers will be getting a cheaper option for plane tickets. but what you're giving up with the cheaper price-- is it really worth it? the new differences with united's basic economy fare. up next on more access! a look back at the palms and its star studded history in vegas as it reaches a huge milestone rachel plus, before george strait returns to vegas for his ongoing residency see what special treat he's putting on for fans! and mariah's done music, movies and even t-v tonight we reveal her new venture and the surprising names that comes with it! rachel and see why rock and i are much more than just friends... we're bicep buddies! its all next at 6:30
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some of the 'all new' stories we are working for fox5 news at ten. putting progress on pause??? faraday future says its moving
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factory outside of las vegas... we've heard otherwise.... we'll take you to the site to see what's been done. it is the biggest shopping day of the year.... how some retailers-- and shoppers are getting a jump start on black friday deals... travelers will have a cheaper airfare option when booking their next flight-- just in time for one of the busiest travel weekends of the year. -- but they better pack light. the airline introduced basic economy fares today. the fares are cheaper than a standard economy ticket... but are stripped of some perks. many will only be able to take one personal item that fits under the seat -- they cannot use overhead bin space. basic economy ticket holders also will be the last group to board the plane. the new fares will go on sale next year. thanks for joining us.. "more access" is
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access" - "the palms" turns 15! as this historic resort reaches a huge milestone from music to movies - see why this vegas landmark continues to be one our city's top hotspots! plus he was just named people's sexiest man alive but discover why "the rock" and rachel's special bond can't be then whats got floyd mayweather so upset? why he says there isn't another fighter that can compare to him! and we're kicking off latin grammys week here in las


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