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tv   FOX5 News at 1000pm  FOX  November 16, 2016 10:00pm-11:00pm PST

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call home and see if shes okay i want her back a valley teen dissapeared a year ago today. i'm christine maddela. i'm john huck this is 16 year old isabella gonzalez. her family hasn't heard from her... and police say they have no new leads. fox5's cyndi lundeberg spoke to the mother today... who is still holding out hope her daughter is okay john christine... a year ago i sat with asuzana gaspar the day her daughter went missing. she cannot believe it's been a year.... and she's just hoping wherever her daughter is she's okay. if shes lookijng at this i hope she sees were worried about her this was azusena gaspars desperate plea... after her 15 year old daughter isabella gonzalez went missing. wednesday marks one year since gaspar has seen her daugther... we think about her everyday i try not to let it overwhelm me gaspar says she vividly remembers
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vanished. she says she got a call from isabella's school. her daughter ditched, so gaspar picked her up and took her home. she went and took a shower when i woke up she was gone gaspar says she has counted the days since isabellas disaperance and cant believe it's been a year. i asked her if she's had any contact with her daughter... she says she still pays her phone bill... so she can text her... i tell her i love er and we want her home and even though isabellas never responded... her mom say she'll keep trying to reach her. i just want her back isabella would now be now 16... when she ran away she was five foot four about a hundred fifty pounds. i called metro police to check on the investigation... they told me they don't have any new leads. gaspar however says shes been searching for her daughter... azusena gaspar- i worry about what shes doing out there ...if she's being exploited. azusena gaspar- it does go through my head but i try to stay positive she doesn't know what to do next. azusena gaspar-
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for now gaspar says she just prays her daughter is out there... and okay... and may be listening.. i just want her to call and let us know shes okay i want her to come homei want her to come i want her to come home isabella mom says she agreed to the interview because she wants people to know how difficult it is to find a missing teen... she told me she doesn't know what she can do or what she should be doing to try and find isabella she says and trapped. if you recognize isabella or know where she may be you're asked to call police... a pahrump middle schooler-- brings a gun to school... and parents of students at rosemary clarke middle school are upset-- saying they found out- after the fact. ""i should've heard it from the school, it's a big concern to me when something like that happens because of all the...everything that goes on with other schools from out of state, wherever. it's a big concern sending your kids to
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it happened yesterday... but tiphani bettis says she didn't find out from the school... her son told her. the nye county sheriff's department says another student overheard someone saying their was gun in a student's backpack... and told school officials. they say they found the gun... but students were never in danger. because the gun was not loaded and the student did not have any ammunition. the student was taken into custody. a local man accused of using candy to lure kids into his apartment-- and then sexually assault them. fox5's faith tanner joins us live-- near east charelston and nellis--- after talking to people who live in that apartment complex. and also has advice for parents on how they can talk to their kids about sexual assault. we're told the man lived at one of these apartments-- police say he'd lure some of the neighbor children with candy-- and then sexually assault them. (nats?) 63 year old jose
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children into his apartment... and sexually assaulting them. police say it happened at this apartment complex... near charleston and nellis... : "there's a lot of children that live here and sometimes they play outside here at night" saturday police arrested azucena-- who also goes by "david". police charged him with sexual misconduct... kidnapping... and lewdness. : "i'm glad they caught him because that's very sick" investigators tell fox5 azucena lured kids with candy. that's a one parents need to warn their kids about. one key thing that parents can do is teach their children the appropriate names for their body parts at a very early age. so if something is happening they have the language to describe what's happening to the parent in a way they understand" she says it can also help kids avoid feeling afraid or ashamed... and to speak up if something bad does happen to them.
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shame or embarrassment about those body parts is really important for kids so if somebody does touch them inappropriately they're not going to blame themselves or feel shame or be reluctant to say something" also, to listen to your kids, how they react to others, and pay attention if your child starts acting differently. "just keeping that open honest dialogue, constantly reinforcing to kids that no matter what you tell me you won't get in trouble i'm not going to be upset with you but if anybody ever hurts you or touches you in one of the private places we've talked about you need to let me know because investigators ask anyone who thinks their child may have been a victim... to come forward. and if you know more information about azucena.. and his accused crimes .. you are asked to call crimestoppers at 702-385-55-55.
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district attorney'soffice is making some changes.. just a week after nevadans voted to legalize recreational marijuana. the d-a's office is holding off on prosecuting cases involving anyone 21 or older possessing less than an ounce of marijuana. this year there were 177 people were arrested for carrying less than an ounce. many people are happy to see that clark county is taking voters seriously. "were happy to see that we can help remove the stigma from this product, from cannibis. i think it's time for people to take a serious look at it and understand it as the benefits that it has." police will continue enforcement efforts but possession of smaller amounts is of lower priority. under the current law possession of any amount of marijuana is considered illegal. you heard it here on fox5, immigration lawyers have been getting non-stop phone calls this week from people
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deportation... tonight some of those lawyers banded together to take some questions from the local undocumented community... fox5's miguel martinez-valle was there where more than 100 people showed up looking for answers. the question and answer session was meant to calm fears of mass deportation, many of these people, are living and working here legally under daca they're nervous if trump undoes president obama's executive actions, they will have to go back in the shadows. < " i was terrified, i was like what is going to happen to all my immigrant community, whats going to happen to us?" 16 year old jennifer angulo has questions ... and some fears... " what would happen in january, when donald trump gets in to presidency" up until a week ago, she was sure applying to president obama's deffered action
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was her best bet to come out of the shadows.. " i wanted to know if i should still apply to it or if i shouldnt, about my parents whats going to happen to them" she's not the only one with those questions, more than 100 people showed up to ask questions. wendy soto is a dental assistant .... this would be her third time renewing daca... the program that allows her to work legally... " i got a letter saying that i have to renew it, and i was just wondering if i should renew it," immigration lawyer kathia pereira was one of the people questions... " 90 percent of the phone calls that i have recieved from immigrants, are from immigrants who do not have a criminal record, who are only afraid because of all these comments during the campaign" she told the crowd mass deportation are unlikely and donald trump most recently said he would focus his efforts on deporting criminals. " out of the 12, 13 million undocumented people in the united states , mr trump is talking about 1 or 2 million people that he wants to deport" her advice to dreamers like soto and angulo? apply for daca, keep working hard
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" to tell them that as long as they remain good law abiding residents of this community, they should be fine" " a lot of people would love to stay here, just because we are here to have a better life" both jennifer angulo and wendy soto told me they were planning on renewing their application for daca... mmv, ffn, ll the deferred action for childhood arrivals program was one of president obama's executive actions... donald trump has said before he intends on undoing these actions. the homecoming dance can be a huge deal for any high schooler... and one story about the dance--- inspired our biggest surprise ever! " monica: we're not done! ohmigod!!! " how a local girl's kind act was rewarded "tenfold" by the fox5 surprise squad! your fox5 weather 24/7 forecast is coming up next
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the fox5 surprise squad is powered by
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america first credit union... and albertsons and vons. it's a story you may recall ... a local high school student with special needs turned down for homecoming. so another classmate stepped up and invited him, herself! the inspiring act was captured on video, posted to facebook and quickly spread. you saw the video - right here on fox5 news. but what no one saw - was the fox5 surprise squad secretly preparing to make that night - one the two teens would never forget. cyndi: shadow ridge student heard a special needs student was looking for a date to home coming so she went out of her way to ask him to the dance. kylie: i don't think of kids that have a disability, i don't think of them like being different, i think of them just like being normal person learning in a different way. tanya: someone too the time to take my son to homecoming. words cannot describe what am i feeling monica: after the fox5 surprise squad heard about this, you know we had to
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monica: hello. kylie: oh my god. monica: i am monica jackson with the fox5 surprise squad. are you kylie? kylie: yes ma'am. monica: hello kylie, hi daniel, you look so handsome. your story touched so many people and everybody is so proud of you for asking daniel out. kylie: thank you. i hope i can make his night fun. monica: well i think you have. you are great i just want to take you home. and mom you're over here, you ok tonya: i am just touched, my heart is happy. monica: so this is going to be a pretty special night for you right? kylie: yes ma'am monica: yes. so we want you guys to arrive in style. kylie: oh my goodness. they really brought monica: you will be arriving in a rolls royce to your homecoming. kylie: i am going to cry. that is just amazing. monica: what do you think daniel? daniel: my mom so happy for me. tonya: you guys are awesome. you know it is not about that daniel has a disability, it's that
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like what your heart wants as a mom. monica: ok guys lets get in. kylie: oh my gosh. monica: how was the ride? daniel: awesome. monica: this is aliante casino and so we will take you guys inside. this is bistro 57. hi chef franco chef: hey. great to see you. daniel likes spaghetti with meatballs, like mama makes at home and this is home, so whatever you guys want, just order it. metro pizza tonya: they come here a lot and i walk by and i am like i can never afford to come in here and eat or let alone take my kids here monica: what are your hopes for daniel after high school? tonya: he actually wants to go to college. he is like "i am going to be a chef" and you know what, i am going to try as much as i can to provide that for
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tonya: what's wrong are you crying? daniel: no.. i'm happy. kylie: is that for us? no way! you're joking! squeal dance music monica: we are the fox5 surprise squad cheering monica: that was a lot of surprises right? yea? we're not done. kylie: oh my god. monica: so we are sending you and your families to disneyland. crowd screaming with joy mo gonna pass the mic over to don forman don: where's tonya? don: come here tanya. daniel, you're a great young man, we're very proud of you. after you get out of high school, we're gonna give you a $10,000 scholarship. that's for you. cheering
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now we have to get to kylie. there's one more big gift. i'm gonna need everybody's help though, we're going to have to exit the left door here. k, and we're gonna have to walk outside. don: give me your hand. here we go. kylie: oh my god. don: this is for you. that's your car. kylie: i'm gonna cry. i can't even, like my mind is blown. oh my goodness. monica she, shes shaking. don: all you had to do was watch the news story, and you just saw a young lady with a huge was an inspiration. daniel: subtitles tonya: daniel's big thing its, i wanna go to college, and people put a lot of boundaries on daniel and he's capable of doing anything, and everything that he wants, and this opportunity that he was blessed with is unbelievable. daniel: subtitles
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many surprises that night - we there were so many surprises that night - we couldn't fit them all into the story! to see other moments from that night - go to fox5-s-squad on instagram . now fox5 weather 24/7 a wind advisory remains in effect for the entire fox5 viewing area through 1 a.m. thursday. wind gusts will be in the 40 to 50 mph range, with some of the strongest wind occurring after sunset tonight. a cold front moves across the area this evening, bringing in much colder air for thursday. high temperatures will only be in the low 60s and upper 50s despite the sunshine
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nevada. the coldest weather of this stretch will be friday morning. low temperatures bottom out in the low 40s and upper 30s; the coldest weather we have felt since february. temperatures will moderate this weekend with mainly sunny skies. there will only be a few clouds at times with temperatures in the mid to upper 60s. look for more clouds on monday with the slight chance of an isolated shower. most of the rain
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california and arizona.
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vegas is making a pretty good deal
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they are allowing people to donate a toy in lieu of paying the ticket. "so you can go buy a toy, a non-violent toy. bring it into our office and we will swap out dollar for dollar with your receipt and how much your fine was. " the city council approved the idea today. it will be good through november 30th... again-- anyone who gets a parking ticket has the option to donate a toy... the toys and tickets will be collected until december 15-th... at the city hall parking garage. near bonneville and main street. then they will be given to safe nest. "hanukkah, oh, hanukkahlet's light the menorahlet's have a partywe'll all dance the horagather 'round the table, we'll give you a treat " choir students from david m cox elementary school are helping celebrate the holiday season... by singing at ethel m's chocolate factory... the lights on on daily at the cactus garden from five until 10. they will stay up through january first.
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and you can pick up some chocolate or hot cocoa while you're there. grab your tennis shoes... and santa suit. thousands of santas are getting ready to hit the streets of downtown... for the the las vegas great santa run it is saturday december third. and you can join in the fun... festivities kick off at nine a-m and the five k starts at ten a-m the santa run benefits opportunity village. it's been a year... and still no sign of a missing valley teen. now her mom is making a plea to the public... reunited with her daughter. did you miss a story... or want to watch it again... just download our fox5 mobile app... so you can get all of your news-- on
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denny's knows the holidays should be shared with friends and family. except denny's all-new holiday pancakes. you won't want to share those with anybody. denny's new fluffier, tastier, better pancakes now in holiday flavors. this is fox5 news at 10. local. las vegas. the national center for missing and exploited children is asking for your help tonight.... theyre hoping someone out there recognizes this girl.... 16 year old isabella gonzalez. isabella has been missing for a year... today... fox5's cyndi lundeberg spoke
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us now with where this investigation stands... john christine... i spoke to isabellas mother a year ago... right after isabella went missing.. she says she cant believe she's survived a year without knowing where her child is... isabella gonzalez was 15 when she disappeared. her mom says isabella ditched school... she went and found her and brought isabella home. the next thing she knew isabella was gone. that w last year. isabella's mom says she continues to text her daughter... but hasnt heard back... she says she's going to keep trying. " we think about her everyday i try not to let it overwhelm me " isabellas mom says shes terrified thinking about where her daugther might be... when we first did this story a year ago we spoke to red rock search and rescue... they told us when a teen goes missing it is important to find them immediately
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longer theyre missing the more likely they are to become a victim of sex trafficking. if you think you recognize isabella... or know where she may be... youre asked to call police. live in the news room cl ffnlll today we called metro police to see where the investigation stands... they told us isabella is still missing... but they have no new leads in the case. bail has been set for the man accused of killing two people in a drunk driving accident over the this is willie wortham. he is charged with d-u-i above the legal limit. police say he was drunk when he crashed into a car sunday night near smoke ranch and rainbow. jermaine asher and robert roberts -- died at the scene. his bail has been set at 500 thousand dollars. " : "based on our thorough and exhaustive review of the facts of this case, it is my conclusion that the use of deadly force by officer yanez was
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the minnesota police officer who shot and killed a man during a routine traffic stop-- has been charged with manslaughter. you will remember this shooting--- in july philando castile was stopped for a broken tail light.... his girlfriend-- recorded then entire thing on facebook live. she says castile had a license to carry a weapon and had repeatedly told officer yanez about the gun. but officer shot castile-- who died from his injuries. "castile says: "the family is pleased with that recommendation because we know that type of charges that could be brought about under the statute of the law. we are here in solidarity, my family and i, to support that decision." " officer yanez will also be facing two felony counts of dangerous discharge of a firearm. he is due in court
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police in oklahoma are releasing more details in the deadly shooting of an airport employee.... "33-51 detectives working this case have been able to determine that the suspect was an ex employee of southwest airlines. he resigned from his job in april of 2015 and it's believed the crime was premeditated and that the suspect armed himself and went to the airport with the intention of shooting someone. " police say michael winchester worked for southwest will rogers world airport. he was gunned down on the second floor of the parking garage.. the shooter-- identified as lloyd buie--- was later found dead with a self-inflicted gun shot wound. we are learning more about what went down inside pulse nightclub... the night of the deadly attack, the orlando police releasing the call from a woman inside the bathroom "o: hello this is...orlando police everything okay?" c: no, no, no. please come to pulse, p-u- l-s-e in orlando. o: how many people
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don't know. but i'm in the bathroom with a whole bunch of people and he's shooting. and everybody is bleeding everywhere " the standoff lasted about three hours. omar mateen shot more than 100 people -- killing 49 of them... before he was killed by police. a judge has ordered the release--- of a man at the center of the netflix documentary making a murderer.. by the end of the week. brendan dassey was convicted in 2007 of helping his uncle, steven avery, kill theresa halbach in 2005. that conviction was overturned a few months back. he release comes with a long list of conditions... being called a 'comprehensive release plan'... under it--- dassey will spend the first three months with his mother in rural northeastern wisconsin in a family owned trailer... he will then have to participate in the rent smart program... and take part in detailing job training and educational classes so he can begin work. for emotional
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family will work with a social worker for group therapy. senate majority leader-- mitch mcconnell tells voters they must move on.... " time to accept the results of the election, to lower the tone and to see what we can do together to make progress for the country." " mcconnell goes on to say...he looks forward to seeing what both sides can do together to move the country forward. mcconnell was re-elected to his position today. some people are having troubling dealing with the results of the now unlv's center for individual, couple and family counseling-- is offering group therapy sessions for those needing assistance in discussing election-related issues. the sessions, can accommodate between ten and 12 people.... they are being offered on fridays between 3:30 and five p-m through december 16th. the sessions are free to students and staff... and ten dollars for the public. hillary clinton makes her first public appearance since losing the election... she was honored by the children's
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: "these fearless, generous, open- hearted, determined young people represent a rising generation that should give us all much hope for the future " clinton is being recognized for the work she has done with the organization and child advocacy... through her decades-long career. she did take time out to address her disappointment for the outcome of the election. " "i know many of you are deeply disappointed about the results of the election. i am too. more than i can ever express, but, as i said last week, our campaign was never about one person or even one election. it was about the country we love and about building an america that is hopeful, inclusive and big-hearted." " tonight's event also granted 10- thousand dollar scholarships and laptop computers to five students... who had overcome adversity to excel
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elect donald trump's repeated vows to repeal obamcare... at least a million americans have selected plans for 2017 during open enrollment. the department of health and human services says more than 300 thousand of those people signed up in the three days following the election-- mr. trump has promised to ax the president's trademark program that provides health insurance to 20- million americans--- but it would take some time to work its way through congress. open enrollment runs through january 31. a state of been declared in three states as wildfires continue to rage. dozens of fires are burning in tennessee, north carolina and kentucky... the u-s forest service says about 80 acres have been scorched. the fires causing unhealthy breathing conditions-- air advisories. and forcing thousands from their homes.. " " my wife and i just put our heart and soul into this place for the last 40- years."
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what we're used to down in the eastern part of our state, we don't have the elevation and the steep angles of the terrain so it's a little different." " officials warn this isn't just an issue for those living close to wildfires, as winds have carried the smoke to cities miles away. in atlanta, where there are no wildfires, the air quality level has deemed unhealthy. two trains collided this morning.... knocking the trains off the tracks in florida. luckily-- no one was injured. it happened in central florida around four a-m. the crash involved two engines--- twent cars to overturned... and the crash caused a fuel leak of up to 15- thousand gallons. one train was carrying coal and the other, a non- hazardous phosphate rock. two men on one of the trains were evacuated but refused medical treatment twitter is trying to put a stop to abusive tweets.... the social media site is expanding the mute option. it will now allow users to block tweets based on keywords, phrases and
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mentioned or not. users can also report hateful content. the company says the amount of abuse, bullying, and harassment on the social media platform been on the rise recently. a janitor is creating art ... and he is using his vaccum as a tool "it's actually a last minute thing, when i walk in the room i just think of something." " ron munsey used his vaccum to make art on the carpet in the first grade classroom. this former delivery driver thought it would be fun to leave behind the and the teacher and students say they look forward to it each day. "(student) "they're cool." (student) "i like them because they're cool designs. and i can't wait for what's the one tomorrow." " musey says he just wings the designs... and he can't practice at home.. because he has hardwood floors. the runnin rebels are looking for their first win of the season... as they take on
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24/7 forecast is coming up next there's going to be a showdown over some big cities and the trump administration over the fate of undocumented immigrants.. we're getting our first wave of rants and you'll
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it's game two of the regular season for the runnin' rebels - who were trying to rebound from last friday's opening night loss. tonight - u-c riverside was in town to run with unlv. fox 5 sports director kevin bolinger joins us live from the thomas and mack with more. closed captioning
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don't forget to join kevin and unlv football coach tony sanchez for rebzone sunday night at 11. following fox5 news at 10 and sports plus . now fox5 weather 24/7 a wind advisory remains in effect for the entire fox5 viewing area through 1 a.m. thursday. wind gusts will be in the 40 to 50 mph range, with s strongest wind occurring after sunset tonight. a cold front moves across the area this evening, bringing in much colder air for thursday. high temperatures will only be in the low 60s and upper 50s
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across southern nevada. the coldest weather of this stretch will be friday morning. low temperatures bottom out in the low 40s and upper 30s; the coldest weather we have felt since february. temperatures will moderatehi weekend with mainly sunny skies. there will only be a few clouds at times with temperatures in the mid to upper 60s. look for more clouds on monday with the slight chance of an isolated shower.
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california and arizona. closed captioning
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brewing between president-elect donald trump and 200 so-called sanctuary cities.. the mayors of these cities.. say they won't turn over undocumented immigrants to authorities looking to deport them. trump could withhold federal funding to the cities if they do so. granted tonight's rant is one sided opposed to these mayors... so if you want to be heard.. we'll follow up tomorrow. voicemails!!! when you take office, you raise your hand and you swear to support and defend the constitution against all enemy's foreign and domestic. that means you follow the constitution, that means you follow the law! every single of these mayors and police chiefs that say they're not going to enforce the law as far as immigration in sanctuary cities, need to go! there is a point here, they're illegal! they have no rights whatsoever in this country. that being said these sanctuary cities are making everybody in the united states unsafe. with hillary clinton leading in the popular vote..
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protesting.. demanding doing away with the electoral college.. even though it was designed to give smaller states like nevada a voice. david tells us the protests have veered into criminal territory. blocking roads, attacking trump supporters and destroying property is not protesting. that is rioting! rioting is not protected speech. in fact, it is criminal. don't be surprised when you get arrested or someone decides to defend themselves. more callers! as a voter and an american citizen i don't understand why the electoral votes matter more than the american people voting for the president of the united states. that's why the protests are happening all over the united states of america! here we go, protest, protest, protest! blaming it on the electoral college, which we've had in place for a long time. where were
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you weren't anywhere around, you went ahead and let bush win because he had the electoral [votes]. you just have something against donald trump. i don't know what's any better - listening to all the stupid ads we had to put up with or all the people who want to complain about the aftermath of it all. and finally a thank from becca..she says thank you to the metro officer outside of lummis elementary school who pulled over a speede p drive so fast even though the flashing speed limit is clearly 15 mph. thank you for keeping the kids safe! hope to see more of you guys up here in the future. send us your rants to the rant at or call at 702-436- 8285 singer ricky
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singer ricky martin is coming to las vegas... to kick off a residency at the new park theater at monte carlo. he made the big announcement today on ellen.... " ricky on the ellen show -- i am going to be in vegas. i have a residency in vegas.. yes yes yes!! (crowd applauds) i'm really happy.. and you're all invited.. " the ti sensation wasn't out of line... ellen gave the whole audience tickets to his new vegas show and a stay at the monte carlo! martin hopes the show brings a new flare to the strip. " ricky - its going to be a powerful hour 30 - 40 minutes of intense adrenaline and lots of quality musically speaking and visually you are
10:53 pm
you've never seen before in las vegas " his residency will run from april through september.. tickets go on sale monday. fox5 is pressing pause on operations... but just for a second... up next the station takes a stab at the
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it is the challenge taking over the social media... the mannequin challenge... and fox5 never backs down from a challengs. we've taken it to a whole new level-- with the ultimate mannequin challenge. we give viewers a peak into alll of the departments here at the station.... from the studio... to the newsroom... to our editorial meetting... you may notice we snuck in some other challenges... like the tebow, the water bottle, the planking challenge. and we pretty
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breaking news tonight .. at mccarran airport.. strong winds have blown over a large sign onto the airport connector road. this is on the north or airport side of the tunnel access to terminal one from the tunnel. mccarran suggests you avoid the connector tunnel area for now if you can ... because this is causing some backups on the 2-15 side of the tunnel. also happening tonight... this man remains in jail ... accused of actually using candy to lure kids into his


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