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tv   FOX5 News at 600pm  FOX  November 17, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm PST

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this is fox5 news at 6. local. las vegas a man lured girls into his apartment with candy, and then molested them.. this according to a graphic arrest report released today. i'm chrisinte maddela i'm john huck. on saturday police arrested this man, jose azucena and today we're learning more about the disturbing crimes. . fox5s eric hilt talked with people who knew the suspect and the young victims...he is live at the apartment complex where these attacks happened. i spoke with a young man who told me azucena was known as david here at the charleston garden apartments - but most kids called him grandpa. he told me azucena was regularly giving kids candy, even taking young girls places like nearby stores. police say he
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inside his apartment with candy and then touch them inappropriately. police say azucena tied up a girl with duct tape, then sexually assaulted her. police say azucena told the victims that he would hurt their family members if they told people. today i talked with people who live in this complex about these new disturbing details and they say it changes how they'll watch their kids closed captioning will resume shortly closed captioning will resume shortly
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says that azucena was convicted of manslaughter in california and had been deported out of the usa twice. he is charged with kidnapping, sexual assault of a minor, and lewdness with a minor soc a former strip illusionist is pleading guilty... to possessing and distributing child pornography. 39-year-old "jan rouven" was arrested back in march... after police found thousands of
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videos of very young children. the u-s attorney's office says rouven advitted to sharing the pictures. his sentencing is set for next march. rouven headlined "the new illusions" show at the tropicana until his arrest. a teen driver is arrested after trying to run over a police officer earlier this week. police showed body cam video and played radio traffic ... we've put them together for you to help you understand what was happening.. "shots fired shots fired!" "anyone injured?" radio traffic police say 18- year-old daniel prichard was driving an unregistered vehicle... and sped off from officers during a traffic stop near bonanza and nellis. police say they turned off their emergency lights... and followed the car at a distance. a little later - the same officers found the car .. that's when - according to police - prichard tried to run over officer scott
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hinkly fired ten rounds at the car as it passed. prichard wasn't hit.. and surrendered to police. school officials put an elementary on lockdown this morning after police chased suspected car thieves nearby. this happened near jones and washington... right by paul e- culley elementary school. police say the three suspects stole a car... but then ran off from it. metro put the elementary school on lockdown as a precaution while they looked for the suspects. police l arrested all three. a robbery victim is recovering in the hospital after he was shot in the leg. the robbery happened earlier today outside the peppermill. metro says the suspect shot the victim while taking the man's jewelry. two suspects were seen taking off on the las vegas strip in a red, newer model vehicle. unlv students are shaken up after learning of an on campus assault earlier this week.
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walking to her car from the library tuesday night when a man came up from behind and attacked her. fox5's abby theodros is live from where it happened.. and abby .. what did you find out? im told the student was walking out of leid library toward "lot l" where her car was parked when someone attacked her ... now students who take night classes are worried about their commute. rio lacanlale, student: walking on campus especially with it being an open campus - its not the best situation to be in especially as a woman i think. a nightmare situation for a unlv student idania ramirez, student: its super scary to hear that happened on our campus a woman told police she was walking from leid library to her car around 8 tuesday night when she was attacked from behind.
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is still on the run.. night students like idania ramirez - are scared by the ordeal. idania ramirez, student: this university is so huge. it takes so much time to go to our cars and in that time that we're going from our class room to our cars. its scary to think that something can happen to us. unlvs' acting assistant police chief told me the attacker's moti ve isn't clear.. jeffrey green, acting asst chief of police unlv: she initially was attacked from behind and she had a backpack on so the initial thought from her was maybe he was trying to take my backpack green also told me he thinks this is an isolated incident. green: this type of incident, first time this ye ar something like this has happened. not comforting words for some students who now feel unsafe.. lacanlale: being right on maryland parkway and this being an open campus - im always looking over my shoulder when im walking. i just have
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when im walking. with finals on the way .. green says the library will be a student hot spot. he's adding patrols to the area to ensure student safety. library hours will be extended but more importantly we think its necessary to increase our patrols in that area. "shaken up understandably but ok" no leads. unlv police escort 24 hours a day unlv has emergency crisis services available to students for a variety of situationsan from assault to health care. we'll have a link to their resources on our website at fox5vegas dot com. anyone with information on this incident is urged to contact unlv police it's been a long time coming according to neghbors of the infamous pig farm in north las vegas.. r-c pig farm has officialy been sold.. and will move out of town to the northeast. some neighbors say while their sad to see the pigs go
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north las vegas mayor-- john lee-- issued a statement saying... he's thrilled that thousands of homes will now have the odor restrictions removed from their titles-- which will result in a dramatic increase in their property values. let's check in with fox five's meteorlogist sam argier with a look at the forecast. as cold as it was this morning, temperatures will be even colder friday morning around sou nevada. overnight lows drop into the low 40s and upper 30s around the las vegas valley, staying above freezing tonight. outside the valley, temperatures will be colder for pahrump and kingman where lows bottom out between 25 and 30 degrees. a freeze warning is in effect for those neighborhoods
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temperatures remain below average on friday with low 60s in las vegas. temperatures moderate this weekend with upper 60s; sunday will feature some more cloud cover as a system moves in for monday. look for more clouds on monday with the chance of a few showers. we're dry leading up to thanksgiving with temperatures from our coolest weather of the season... to an area of the nation that needs a winter break.. multiple wildfires continue to spread in the southeast.. what's being done to bring them under sontrol .. and why the weather isn't helping. but first -- this local kid is possibly having the best year - ever. what kris bryant just got today that will stick with him the rest of his life. you're watching fox5 news at 6.
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world series champ... and now most valuable player! the chicago cubs slugger was named the 2016 national league m-v-p today. bryant was with his father and fiancee when he found out he won. "this is you cant really put into word what this feels. its been unbelievable year.
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unbelieveable." the 24-year-old had 39 home runs -- the third best among the third baseman in m-l-b this year. this is only his second season in the majors. bryant also won the national league "rookie of the year" trophy from the 2015 season. dangerous wildfires are burning across sections of the southeast... in the last week alone - an estimated one- hundred-ninety square miles have right now ... there are at least fifty significant fires - one-hundred acres or larger -- burning in seven southern states. chad cullum says "typical fires usually lay down at night for a period of time. it might only be one or two hours but it gives you a little bit of time where it lays down and you can reset your resources and get them repositioned where this one continues to spread." these areas are all dealing with weeks of severe drought... including some places that have
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more than a month. schools are keeping kids inside .. and health officials are telling people to limit using a-c or keeping windows open. in north carolina .. officials are offering a ten- thousand dollar reward for information on who started one of the fires. recently people in the sierra nevada mountains have also been dealing with drought... but some good news .. the ski season is about to begin.. at least around the lake tahoe area. stores are lining up snow gear for the season... snow flurries were seen falling near lake tahoe. it's offering a glimpse of what many hope to be a good winter season.. the first ski runs are set to open this weekend. now fox5 weather 24/7 as cold as it was this morning, temperatures will be even colder friday morning around southern nevada. overnight lows drop into the
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30s around the las vegas valley, staying above freezing tonight. outside the valley, temperatures will be colder for pahrump and kingman where lows bottom out between 25 and 30 degrees. a freeze warning is in effect for those neighborhoods from midnight to 7 a.m. friday. high temperatures remain below average on friday with low 60s in las vegas. temperatures moderate this weekend with upper 60s; sunday will
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system moves in for monday. look for more clouds on monday with the chance of a few showers. we're dry leading up to thanksgiving with temperatures holding in the 60s. closed captioning
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if you're looking for a seasonal job beyond retail... head up to lee canyon!
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on sunday. there are 200 seasonal and full time jobs open. these include ski school instructors, food and beverage workers, guest services, and lift operations. dress for an outdoor lifestyle, and bring plenty of resumes. the fair will be at the resort lodge from 12 to three in the afternoon. holiday travel is at the highest it's been since 20-07. "triple a" has the number to back it up. they report 48 million americans will be traveling this year. that's nearly a two percent increase from last year. they say airfair will increase by 21 percent-- making the average round trip flight around 205 dollars. although-- they say 89 percent of people will be driving. "triple a" says they expect to rescue more than 370 thousand drivers ... so check your battery before hitting the road. the henderson mom who made national headlines after painting on her garage wall... is now speaking out about the challenges of raising an autistic adult as she ages with him.
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people like zach get older, it becomes more and more difficult. the public is less understanding. less kind. when you take a person like my son out in public you always have to deal with very unkind remarks and now we're to the point that wedont leave any more this special report looks into state resources available to families like judys. we hear from available to families like judys. we hear from judy about her challenges as a single mom. we also talked to the department of health and human services. fox5's abby theodros will have this special report tonight at ten. ahead -- the revolving door at the trump transition offices today.. the latest on who's in .. and who's out. and if all the election talk has you stressed out - and it really has affected some people ... we might have a solution to
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is he gone?? finally, i thought he'd never leave... tv character: why are you texting my man at 2 a.m.? no... if you want someone to leave you alone, you pretend like you're sleeping. it's what you do. if you want to save fifteen percent or more on car insurance, you switch to geico. it's what you do. tv character: taking selfies in the kitchen does not make you a model. post- election stress has been plaguing many people these past few weeks. u-n-l-v noticed more students were stopping by their therapy center so they're opening up group sessions to the public. the sessions are free for u-n-l-v students and staff... but the general public can attend for only ten dollars. their ran by graduate students and u-n- l-v's director of
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family therapy. the revolving doors at donald trump's address got a work-out today. potential future cabinet secretaries --and other top administration posts under president-elect trump -- marched in and out of the building all day. just within the last hour -- trump offered retired luitenant gen. michael flynn the job as national security adviser. sara murray brings us more from new york. as trump tower's revolving doors churn in top advisers, potential cabinet picks and family members - donald trump is new faces. like florida governor rick scott and texas congressman jeb hensarling. also on the agenda today - a sitdown with south carolina governor nikki haley. a sharp trump critic throughout the campaign - (gov. nikki haley/ (r) south carolina) "during anxious times, it can be tempting to follow the siren call of the angriest voices. we must resist that temptation." now, sources say she's under consideration for secretary of state. it's the latest indication, according to trump advisers, that the
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willing to look beyond past grudges as he builds his administration. (sean spicer/ rnc communications director) "it doesn't matter to him what your political party was or where you stood in the primary. if you're the best person for that job then he wants you on his team." all of this as trump's top advisers say he's ready to deliver on one of his key campaign promises: (donald trump/ president-elect/ nov. 2) "we are going to washington, dc and we are going to "drain the swamp." advisers say trump will enact a five- year lobbying ban after executive branch appointees leave office - and a lifetime ban on representing foreign governments. (kellyanne conway/ trump senior adviser) "it's a major campaign promise that donald trump made and he's already delivering on it during transition as the president-elect." but it's unclear how trump's team will define lobbyists - and whether people will simply skirt the rules by choosing not to register as lobbyists and labeling themselves consultants instead. one senior trump adviser says ridding the government of lobbyists was the last straw in trump's strained relationship with
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christie. after christie presented trump a transition memo peppered with lobbyists and establishment hires - he was dismissed as head of the transition effort. one outstanding question is where trump's son-in-law jared kushner will fit in the mix. a source says, while kushner will play a role in a trump white house, it's unclear whether it will be formal or informal. as trump works to flesh out a government from new york - vice president-elect mike pence headed to capitol hill for meetings with members of congress, including house minority leader nancy pelosi and house speaker paul ryan, who's already tempering expectations on another of trump's core campaign promises. (rep. paul ryan/ (r) house speaker) "it's too early to have the.. to know the answer to how fast can obamacare relief occur. what we're focused on is how we get obamacare repealed and what we replace it with so that we can get that relief to the american families as fast as possible. that's something we're going to be discussing all along, that's one of the big topics of our transition." some areas of southern nevada might be looking at a freeze
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but around the world .. that's old news! next -- where the ice rink is already open and hundreds are out braving the early winter weather. sean up next on more access! miles teller dishes on his new big screen boxing flick "bleed for this" plus, celine dion gets animated in a holiday project that'll melt your heart rachel then imagine dragons frontman dan reynolds opens up about his personal health struggles tonight how he plans to help others overcome! and big news for george strait fans what big announcement he has planned for vegas! sean find out up next on
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honey nut cheerios get their delicious taste from honest ingredients. like real delicious honey, and real oats. ahhh, there we go. were back to honey again. who's directing this? that guy, figures.
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here's a look at one of the 'all new' stories we are working for fox5 news at ten. an epidemic inside our state prisons... inmates say hepatitis c is spreading behind bars... but the department of corrections won't test for the disease. and won't provide treatement.... why some say this is a public health crisis.... finally tonight ... a cold dose of reality that it's the middle of november .. and that our cool down really isn't much to write home about... example one .... check out russia's iconic gorky park ice rink.. it just opened for the season tonight. hundreds were on hand to take part in the icy celebration. this is known as the largest ice
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of them.. thanks for joining us.. "more access" is coming up next. its the life story of a boxing great from vegas! tonight our exclusive with miles teller and the stars of "bleed for this!" then - imagine dragons frontman dan reynolds opens up a personal battle he's facing with his health. plus colorful guys on the strip as the blue man group hit a landmark milestone see why they're still one of the top shows in vegas! and ((nats edge of seventeen)) she's on the "edge of seventeen" as star hailee steinfeld talks with us on her new role in this coming of age teen dramadey! your access to entertainment


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