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tv   FOX5 News at 1000pm  FOX  December 1, 2016 10:00pm-11:00pm PST

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three people are injured in a house tonight... three people are injured in a house fire in north las vegas tonight... i'm christine maddela. i'm john huck. we go straight to fox5's cyndi lundeberg-- who is live at the scene near civic center and evans with more. closed captioning will resume shortly
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closed captioning will resume shortly and more breaking news tonight... police are investigating a suspcious death... one person is dead... another hospitalized. fox5's adam herbets joins us live near rainbow and gowan. - john christine the police told us they couldn't get the dead woman out of this house for a while because the place was cleaning with poisonous gas we're not sure what the chemical wise but obviously the police aren't here anymore the street is dark lets
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at one point the police said that they were looking into the possibility that this was a meth lab we're not sure if that still the case because they left without giving us an update it sounds like they have a lot of evidence to go through but either way they are definitely looking into the possibility that even if this wasn't a meth lab that it is drug-related and some of the neighbors we've talked you were concerns that there have been drug problems in this neighborhood and possibly at this house before they say the house does not have power they say nobody is supposed to be living there and that they think the gas came from a generator used to either keep people warm or give people electricity either way they want to make sure their neighborhood is safe and they heard the word meth lab that didn't sit to well with them. especially because they say
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been out here before "who wants to live next to one of those? i mean i don't want that. there's a lot of kids in this neighborhood. a couple neighbors and i told the police it's not over yet. i mean, what are you guys going to wait for, for something drastic to happen? and then this happens. " closed captioning
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chief meteorologist ted pretty joins us with a look at the forecast. toss to weather skies will remain partly cloudy overnight with temperatures falling into the low 40s and upper 30s. a system diving in from the north will bring gusty winds across southern nevada on friday. wind gusts around the las vegas valley will be in the 30 to 40 mph range. even stronger wind is expected along the colorado river valley. a wind advisory will be in effect for mesquite, laughlin, and lake havasu city throughout the day on friday with wind gusts in the 50 mph range. high
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will be in the mid to low 50s. it stays breezy saturday before winds calm down sunday. skies will be mostly sunny this weekend with temperatures back up around 60 sunday. we'll see another surge of cold air for the middle of next week with more wind and deadly year in the valley.... so far this year... metro has homicides. that number matches a 20- year-high in homicide cases -- and is approaching the highest number on record for metro -- 167 homicides in 1996....and there is still a month left in 2016. one of the disturbing trend metro's homicide division says they are seeing--- are younger suspects. " everybody should be concerned about
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teenagers, like, i counted this morning, there were 11 people between the ages of 15-19 that we've arrested for murder"" metro says even with the higher number of homicides, the department is stil closing about 75 percent of those cases. metro is launching a new surveillance system that will help catch criminals faster-- with the help of members of the community. they're asking you to register your security cameras with their surveillance program. it's called "vegas safe cam." it allows the police to look at your footage-- only if there's a crime happening in your neighborhood. help them track criminals easier and stop crimes before they are committed. they give you a call before they use your camera. "this will be completely voluntary. you'll only let us know where the cameras are. with the homeowner's and business owners permission, investigators will review surveillance footage at our request." you can register for the surveillance system on the las vegas metro website.... you can find a link on fox5 vegas dot com.
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training company is going to court after a costumer claims the dog they bought was untrained, and unhealthy... fox5's miguel martinez valle dug through court documents, and spoke to both parties involved... he joins us now with the story graciolett tells me she needed a protective dog because she lives alone and has been stalked before... so she did an online search and found custom k9 services... she says they advertised trained protection dogs but that's not what she recieved. there are those who say pets are priceless... but esther graciolett's dog thor came with a hefty pricetag... " medically, over 4,000 dollars for his procedures and its not over" 4,000 on top of the 65 hundred she paid to get him... graciolett needed a dog for protection. that's why she went to
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services and spoke to susan and terry davis. " he basically pointed me in this direction and convinced me that this was the dog for me..." she brought him home, but says thor didn't live up to expectations. " he was not trained in personal protection at all..." " you can't sell a protection dog if it hasn't been trained as a protection dog if you don't have the correct licensing" graciolett and her atorney becky pintar say not only was thor untrained, he was unhealthy... " he's not been trained as a protection dog so that was a fraud, his clean bill of health, the shot records were fradulent" so they filed a lawsuit against the company and the owner dean kajioka represents ms. davis he says there was no fraud... they have a contract that shows graciolett got what she paid for. " the contract for this dog was for a sports dog, not a protection dog." i got a copy of the contract, it wasn't signed... when i asked the lawyer about this, he says the original signed copy was burned in a fire... he tells me the davis' didn't know
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they haven't seen any proof of the dog's medical issues... " would not provide my client with any evidence of that, any vet records or anything" graciolett tells me they've submitted everything they've been asked for one thing both sides agree on, graciolett was offered a refund. " my client offered to refund the money for the return of the dog, but mrs. graciolett refused to do so" she says at that point she was too attached... the legal dog fight has gone on for months. they even went to arbitration. mr. kajioka has since filed a request for a new trial ... graciolett tells me she has since found out the company was not licensed for selling protection dogs at the time of the transaction... in fact they did recieve a citation for 25 hundred dollars the davis's attorney tells me they were in the process of securing that license but were allowed to sell sport and show dogs... i called the licensing board, they tell me today the company does
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license . mmv, ffn, ll both sides are still waiting on a trial date to be set clouds of smoke and burning rubber smells are gone now... after the strip today.... "nats of burnout " the 16 drivers from the chase revved their engines to perform burnouts during the nascar victory lap. it's all part of the festivities for nascar champion's week. drivers started at the miracle mile shops... did some donuts at spring mountain and harmon... and then hit the finish line in front of the park. events wrap up tomorrow but you'll likely see nascar fans all
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through the weekend. 170-thousand people are moseying in town this weekend... for a little bit of country...and a little bit of christmas. the national finals rodeo kicked off today... along with the start of the country shopping experience---cowb oy christmas.. fox5's cyndi lundeberg has more on the events.... 900-thousand square feet.... dc- its amazing more than 350 vendors from across the country and canada... dc- therses everythign theres leather silver smiths everything we cant get at home we can gt here giddddy up..... cowboy christmas... has taken over the convention center. dana camarena traveled nearly 900 miles to be here... well we came from washington state to do a little shoping wranglers will be able to wrestle some good deals on boots.. spurs... furniture... jewerly... im displaying my artwork and original art... officially i forge copper gary thompson has been selling
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cowboy christmas for seven years... he uses things like copper and cactus to make functional art... and he's just one of a herd of hundreds trying to laso in some customers... its a yucca and a plant and it makes a lamp cowboy christmas has been bucking into town since 1986.... and it looks like its here to say... yee haw.... just amazing first time here we hope to make it a yearly thing the n-f-r is in town until the 10th over at the thomas and mack. cowboy christmas will be open daily until then at convention center... we have all this infor for you on our website. just head over to fox5 vegas dot com. we'll be right
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las vegas streets can be dangerous, but a lot of crashes can be prevented . the holida a means people will be partying... so first responders spent the day at sunrise hospital with high school and unlv students to show them the deadly consequences of drinking and driving. the students heard from families who deal with those consequences every day. it was march 19 of 2000. a group of students was picking up trash along interstate 15. 5530 the kids were doing community service on the side of the road among those students?
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booth was 16 years old. this is jennifer's stepmother. we get a phone call that to get to umc trauma, that jennifer had been hit by a van is what we were told jessica williams admitted to taking drugs before falling asleep at the wheel of that van and plowing through the group of teenagers at 75 miles per hour. she hit several of the kids, she killed 5 instantly, my stepdaughter lived for 19 hours and passed the next mo (nats) do whatever you do, just don't do it and then get behind the wheel. you have no idea how many people you're affecting by doing that. you're ruining lives. the lives still here are being destroyed. it never ever goes away. it's forever. that's harriet parker's advice to the las vegas high school teens at sunrise hospital today. a fellow teenager shared a similar
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i know you want to go out and have fun, but do it responsibly when derrionna norwood was 13 years old, she was riding in the car with her 17 year old brother when another driver hit them. the impaired driver hit us on his side of the car, which is why he was killed on impact, i was thrown from the car 60 feet in the air i had a brain injury my life changed tremendously, my family got ripped apart because of it derrionna spent a month in the hospital, more time in rehab, but the death of her brother hurt the most. 4648 i same wwithout that sibling here bc we were so close derrionna speaks to these other teenagers to honor her brother. everything i do is for him. metro police tell us they will be on the lookout for drunk drivers. they'll have a sobriety checkpoint set up next weekend. now fox5 weather 24/7 skies will remain partly cloudy overnight with temperatures falling into the low 40s and upper 30s. a
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bring gusty winds across southern nevada on friday. wind gusts around the las vegas valley will be in the 30 to 40 mph range. even stronger wind is expected along the colorado river valley. a wind advisory will be in effect for mesquite, laughlin, and lake havasu city throughout the day on friday with wind gusts in the 50 mph range. high temperatures friday will be in the mid to low 50s. it stays breezy saturday before winds calm down sunday. skies will be mostly sunny this weekend with temperatures back up around 60 sunday. we'll see another surge of cold air for the middle of next week with more wind and below average temperatures. closed captioning will resume shortly it's going to be a long... cold 12 nights for chet buchanan.... he is on mission to
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it's going to be a long... cold 12 nights for chet
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he is on mission to make christmas-- a happy one for kids in need around the valley. we take you 30 feet in the air... you can get all of your up to date news and weather on the go--- just download our fox5 mobile app. you can get it free in the app store. you will now have to pay to park on the strip... but sitting in strip traffic is still free... which is what a lot of people did today when the strip shut down for nascar's victory parade. it's one of the topics in the rant
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? ? ? when you find something worth waiting for, we'll help you invest to protect it for the future.
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i'm back in my suit and tie now... but just a couple hours ago... i had on a more... festive outfit. "denise: i think yours actually fits a little bit better than mine, john. john: i think i might actually take this with me. you know what i mean? the huck family christmas? this will actually be one of the more mellower outfits." yes.. that's me in my ugly christmas sweater.. i had the honor of co- em-ceeing this year's "ho ho horrible holiday sweater party"... proceeds from tonight's event and auction at the s-l-s benefits dress for success. the organization helps women dress professionally so they can find jobs and become independent.
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morning show host chet buchanan is braving the chilly temperatures... to make sure valley kids have something under the tree this christmas. it's all part of the k-l-u-c toy drive. chet is camping out right now on a 30-foot scaffold for the next 12 days in n-v energy's parking lot.. each year it sets a new record with the amount the community gives. "sometimes i forget. you know this is a special time. for a lot of folks and i'm really proud of that and i don really admitted that befre, but i'm really proud of that. and i think it's cool that it's become a lot of people's tradition and they look forward to this." if you want to donate... they're looking for new, unwrapped toys... bicycles... and gift cards. you can drop them off any time of day or night... until 11:59 p-m on december 12th. santa claus is coming early to town... we got a preview of the santa train that kicks off this
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and we spoke to the big man himself. "i come down every year to visit with all the good little boys and girls on the santa train... every year down here in boulder city. the santa train runs every weekend until the santa train runs every weekend until christmas at the nevada state railroad museum. it's the only place you can ride a train in southern nevada -- and the very cars that ran back in the day. tickets are 6- dollars. a fire tears through a north las vegas home... three people--
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we brought you at the top of the hour. three people are hospitalized after a fire at a north las vegas home.
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at the scene near civic center and evans. closed captioning
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closed captioning will resume shortly " i heard screaming coming out of the bedroom window, seen a little girl, and she went back down, the windows were dark mustve been from the smoke and i picked up a rock a brick that i found in the front yard and i threw it at the window and as soon as i did that i mean it just smoke billowed out everywhere." closed captioning will resume shortly we have another breaking story to tell you about... north las vegas police are investigating a crash involving three vehicles. near ann and colman... that intersection is closed right now. three people were taken to u- m-c-- their injuries are
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a unlv professor - threatening to report undocumented students to ice - even though the university's president has called the campus a safe space. fox5's abby theodros spoke with students and university officials who say his comments don't represent u-n-l-v. package nats (keyboard) jessica scheffer: hateful and violent and exclusive and ignorant third year unlv student jazz scheffer is talking about the unlikely comments a professor posted to her friends facebook js: he added a smiley face at the end of his comment just essentially describing how happy he would be to send out this undocumented students to ice and it scares me that he feel so comfortable with the stance that he could say this in public george buch- a part time math professor at the university- had a lot to say
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supporting undocumented immigrant students. last night a former student of his shared a post about unlv president len jessup signing a letter in support of the deferred action for childhood arrivals program and undocumented immigrant students. buch commented calling undocumented students illegal aliens. he also said while he doesn't mind diversity - he minds criminals. in another comment buch said "i would have to turn you into ice :-). no safe spaces in my classes" nats phone ring i called buch - he told me he's working with the school's office of compliance to resolve the situation but he wouldn't say anything else. the university ahead of the situation sent out this statement highlighting jessups support for undocumented students. nats key board jazz and her friends at undocu-network an on campus support system for undocumented students tell me they fight these kind of comments all the time but never expected it from a professor js: sigh i don't think i've ever heard it directly from a professor like this maybe the heightened
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little bit more harsh but usually the kind of rhetoric that we here like that is coming from students she hopes this is an isolated situation unlvs student body also released a statement today about the situation, denouncing the instructor's comments against undocumented students. there's new information on the deadly air ambulance crash last month in elko.... federal investigators now say the plane had power problems. this is video of the fiery crash... taken by a witness after the crash. investigators say the plane appeared to lose power just after take off.... before crashing into a nearby parking lot and bursting into flames. the plane was headed toward the university of utah medical center. the pilot...two paramedics and a patient were killed. two children are safe tonight.... after a long hostage situation stemming from a deadly police shooting in washington state. this morning...
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the man suspected of killing an officer wednesday night. the suspect had barricaded himself in his home... using two kids as a shield. after a 12-hour standoff.. police went in... grabbed the kids and then shot the suspect. police believe that man shot and killed officer reginald jake gutierrez who was responding to a domestic violence call at the house. " strickland says: "we love our police officers and we know that every day when they go to work, there's a chance they may not come home and unfortunately that happened last evening. please pray for us, help us stay united" gutierrez had been with the tacoma police department for 17 years. pennsylvania police say a 14- year-old pennsylvania boy admitted to shooting and killing his mom and younger brother in their sleep. "lacey says: "it's a hard thing to think about. i have known them forever but. i'm still i guess in shock to be honest with you." "
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remaley shot the two while his dad was at work.... then tried to pin the shooting on his dad... before admitting he would have killed his dad too... had he been home. investigators are trying to figure out a motive. " "i know that's the question that's very difficult to wonder why you would shoot your mother and then shoot your eight-year-old brother. the only real conclusion that we could draw from some of our investigation was that he just had a difference with his parents, when it came to maybe not getting along with them " remaley is being tried as an adult... a man is in custody.... after robbing a bank and holding the people inside hostage for a couple of hours... 11 people were inside the community first credit union in jacksonville... police say calls started coming in just after nine... the suspect did threaten the lives of those inside. around 11 two suspects were able to get out and distract the robber. that's when the swat team moved
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" we are just so very thankful that this hostage situation ended up resolving itself in a safe way for everybody. clearly our hearts and prayers are with the family and the membership involved in this but we are very thankful that the jso, swat team and negotiators did a fine job in bringing this to a resolution " luckily no one was injured in the ordeal. the president elect is back on the road... donald trump and vice president- kicking things off at carrier's indianapolis factory ... " "united tech stepped it up ... and i have to say, that they did it in professional way ... // butted to carrier is an air conditioner maker... trump worked out a deal to keep roughly one- thousand jobs
10:38 pm
of indiana ... after they were slated to move to mexico. in exchange for keeping those jobs in the u-s... indiana is required to give carrier's parent company seven-million dollars in tax breaks over the next ten years ... several states are challenging the results of the presidential election... and demanding a recount... and the process doesn't come cheap. " "they will be under lock and key tonight and once the ballot bags have been opened, there will be 24-hour security provided by the sherif's department."" in wisconsin large crates are filled with ballots for the massive state-wide presidential recount. and strict guidelines are in place... a judge denied former green party presidential candidate jill stein's request to force a state hand recount late tuesday night. some counties will hand count while others will use optical scan. it comes at a price--- in milwaukee county alone. it will cost more than a half million - for overtime, facility rental, transportation, food and paying
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workers. its world aids day! and las vegas is always ready to raise awarenesss. more's sean mcallister show us how several celebrities are lending their voices to the cause. las vegas goes red for world aids day. our city's signature sign a symbol of solidarity. antioco says: it is a day when we have people in our community joining efforts to create awareness. antioco corillo is the executive director for "aid for aids of nevada." he tells us that entertainment community plays a major role in afan's fight. antioco says: every single event that we have, they join. they come in. they help us promote and they perform. they have their ability to just mobilize their followers. marquee headliners also in the fight. elton john's aids foundation has raised hundreds of millions of dollars for the global aids battle. in what's become an annual event -- the caesars palace headliner
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that money here in vegas with his "world team tennis" tournament on the strip. elton says: when these people time after time after time give their time andy's been here so many times. mcenroe has been here several times, martina's been here, mardy's been here. these people are giving their time. and that is very, very special. las vegas band "the klillers" also raise money and awareness for the "red" campaign with the release of their annual christmas song. this year -- proceeds frm itunes sales of the band's holiday album "don't waste your wishes" will be donated to the global aids fund with was started by u-2 frontman bono. two pills a day is what it takes to keep you alive is you're hiv positive. those pills cost about 40 cents a day. and we're told that major celebrity support is vital. antioco says: it is crucial because they know the importance of us fighting against hiv/aids on a monthly basis, on a daily basis. they are
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really tell the story. here in the valley, we're told that awareness and prevention are the areas in most need of help. one new case of hiv is recorded every day. and if you need another reason to give... channing tatum is giving away a trip to magic mike in vegas for anyone who donates to red. a state of emergency declared... hundreds of homes and businesses destroyed by wildfires... we have a look a the desctruction.... your fox5 weather 24/7 forecast is coming up next we tell you all the time about package thieves who walk right up to people's doorfronts and take what they want. one caller puts some of the blame on ups ... what brown isn't doing for her
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with our $3.50 sub of the day, e's never been a better time to try something deliciously different. every day of the week, get a featured six-inch subway sub for just $3.50. all with no artificial flavors. the $3.50 sub of the day
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the death toll rises in tennesse as search and
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the crews are combing through burned down buildings-- this as the governor declares a state of emergency. as dianne gallagher explains... officials are hoping to reopen the resort area next week. it's been several days since fires burning in the great smoky mountains in eastern tennessee engulfed towns in sevier county, butthe number of lives lost continues to increase. officials confirmed thursday that three more bodies have been found, bringing the number of people killed to at least ten. one of those killed, al speaking to her son on the phone when the fast moving flames reached her home lyle wood/ mother was killed in wildfire: "things went from the winds picking up to the last phone call she made to my brother was the fact that she was really scared and frantic because the house was actually on fire at that point. rescue crews have been working around the clock, putting out brush fires and searching for survivors, some even refusing to sleep at home. a photo posted on facebook by the johnson city professional firefighters association shows
10:46 pm
asleep on the sidewalk after returning from a 30 hour shift. more than 700 buildings are destroyed or damaged, and 14,000 people were evacuated monday. many with just the clothes on their backs. as residents return to the burned areas, many will find they have nothing to come back to. country superstar dolly parton, who grew up in the area, plans on doing something about that. ((put second half of sot over vo)) dolly parton, entertainer: "we want to provide a hand up to all those families that have lost fires. and to recover, we want to make sure that the dollywood foundation provides a thousand dollars a month to all those families who have lost their homes in the fires until they get back up on their feet. i'm dianne gallagher, reporting. an unmanned russian cargo ship bound for the international space station lost contact-- just minutes after launch... the ship-- breaking up in orbit... came crashing down. "nasa tv says: "we have liftoff of the sixty-fifth progress re-supply vehicle to the international space station "
10:47 pm
than two and a half tons of food and supplies. a six-member crew is currently on board the space station - including two american nasa astronauts. nasa says the crash won't affect the operations aboard the international space station... the station just received a supply delivery in october. a japanese cargo ship is set to take off for the station in mid- december. now fox5 weather 24/7 skies will remain partly cloudy overnight with temperatures falling into the low 40s and upper 30s. a system diving in from the north will bring gusty winds across southern nevada on friday. wind gusts around the las vegas valley will be in the 30 to 40 mph range. even stronger wind is expected along the colorado river valley. a wind advisory will be in effect for mesquite, laughlin, and lake havasu city throughout the day
10:48 pm
range. high temperatures friday will be in the mid to low 50s. it stays breezy saturday before winds calm down sunday. skies will be mostly sunny this weekend with temperatures back up around 60 sunday. we'll see another surge of cold air for the middle of next week with more wind and below average temperatures. closed captioning will resume shortly the rant with john huck... sponsored by casa blanca in mesquite nevada the word boycott is being thrown about among some of you. this after caesars joined mgm in charging
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the rant with john huck... sponsored by casa blanca in mesquite nevada the word boycott is being thrown about among some of you. this after caesars joined mgm in charging for parking. okay las vegas locals. let's have the new year's resolution and boycott mgm and
10:51 pm
resolution. don't patronize their property 'cause they're charging locals for parking. 14 joyce says the casinos charging people to park, should rethink what they're doing. as a local, i always brought my visitors to the strip and park at the linq. this will no longer happen. i'll take my visitors to other casinos where they'll spend all their money elsewhere. the last group of callers have somethign to say about u-p-s, the nascar victory parade, and minimum wage and you might be surprised who is far south of a liveable wage. keep talking about keeping your packages safe and having them delivered to either a neighbor that's home or make sure that you're home when it's delivered. but ups doesn't even knock, they just drop the package at the door. i was home all day long, i got up to go to the store and almost tripped over a package, i didn't even know they came. okay so we shut down the las vegas strip on spring mountain and las vegas boulevard so these nascars can come out here and
10:52 pm
roads that us taxpayers pay for. and there's no benefit for us. what sense does that make? i think the minimum wage should be between $10-$15 an hour. i'm a pharmacy technician and i went to school and walgreens starts you at $9 an hour with a degree, with a certificate. this is ridiculous. people need to understand that you can't live off $7 an hour. but starting off for a technician or anybody coming out of a tech school, it's ridiculously low. and even for people working at fast food or 7/11 jobs, which are dangerous for them. please give people a break everybody needs to live in society. send us your rants to the rant at or call at 702-436- 8285 here's a look at what's coming up... on fox five news at eleven. have you seen this man? police say he robbed a valley business and now
10:53 pm
help figuring out who he is. cookie lyons is is getting in the christmas spirit... empire's---taraji p. henson is hosting fox holiday special "taraji's white hot holidays"... and it will be a star-studded event. some more big names have signed on... including ne-yo, tyrese gibson, smokey robinson, pharrell williams, missy elliott, alicia keys and snoop dog. you can catch the action... thursday december 8th... right here on fox. people aren't the only ones getting into the holiday spirit... what do you buy that special someone who already has everything?? this beaver was spotted inside a maryland dollar store peruding the holiday aisle. the animal did cause a little trouble-- it knocked down some shelves, but no major damage was done. eventually animal control rescued the beaver.... a boy and his dog are the best of friends. and they have a lot in common. how their relationship will help benefit a good cause. you're watching
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boy and his dog is
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but one grandma wants to share the special relationship between her grandson and his pup-- with the world. three year old buddy and his labradoodle reagan are the best of friends... the pair were both adopted-- and have been together for nearly two years... they are inseprable... and do everything together. dress alike, eat together, play together and even bathe together. buddy's grandma is now releasing a book featuring their photos and their relationship... the proceeds will benefit a foster organization. fox5 news at 11, your only local station here for
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this is fox5 news at 11. local las vegas. three people are injured in a house fire in north las vegas tonight... i'm christine maddela. i'm john huck. we go straight to fox5's cyndi lundeberg-- who is live at the scene near civic center and evans with more.


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