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tv   KWWL News at Ten  NBC  November 27, 2015 10:00pm-10:35pm CST

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policeofficers -- are hurt. mary moloney brings us the latest from colorado springs. ( "you could see all the in a busy area ducking for got their guns out and they kneeled down." witnesses reported hearing a barrage of bullets. "a llet cracked over my head and hit the stop sign on my left side. by the time i got to my police got the call of an aive shooter. hours later -- officers d the gunman were still involved in a shootout inside a planned parenthood facilily. e's walking down the hallway. guns at his waist." during the firefight -- some scared witnesses inside the building -- were able to call loved oneses the shootinggand she couldn't say too much because she was afraid that those guys... you building. as officers continued
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to exchange gunfire with the shooter. "we did get officers inside of the building at the planned more than five hours after the shooting started -- police took the suspect into custody. "this is a horrible tragedy for our community." i'm mary moloney reportig. planned parenthood released a statement saying it's unclear if the shooter targeted their facility let's go to storm track seven meteorologist kyle kiel now for your trarael forecast. how's the weekend looking kyle? information. here is additional forecast information from the kwwl stormtrack 7 weather team: mostly cloudy skies will continue into the evening hours, with decreasing clouds overnight. low temperatures will drop to the lower 20ss across the area with a north 30s to around 40 as high clouds in our southern counties. system that will
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bring a mix of rain and snow for forecast to stay west of the area. we will continue to track that poosibility. the iowa hawkeyes winning streak gains momentum -- beating the nebrska cornhuskers in lincoln thihifriday. the teammis 12 and oh -- for the first time ever. kwwl's zach grant joins us now to explain how it all happened. zach? this oneewas a nutshhll of the hawkeyes season. strong defeense forcing turnovers, big showing
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from the running game and cj beathard making just enough plays to get the w. our own mark woodely was in lincoln he shows us how the hawkeyes stayed perfect. the iowa hawkeyes got it done - hoisting the heroes trophy for iowa's 28, 20 vitory over nebraska secured the first unbeaten, 12 and oh regular season in hawkeye history "i was a little emotional coming other." "it's just pure excitement, pure joy really. i'm just prouu of the seniors, the way they've led us. it's pretty undescribable." "we're 12 and oh right now. that's all you can say. they we've won this season and we've beathard and george kittle hooked up for a 7 point lead in
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put it away with a pair of 3rd putting iowa up 11 late "for me it was a great feeling to be able to do that, help out my team. i barely did anything. all i did was run because my line blocked great." "on multiple occassions the nebraska offense looked like they were ready to strike and put the huskers in the lead. every single time the haakeye defense came up big." parker hesse ca up big in $& the momentum swiftly in iowa's direction - in all - the hhks picked off armstrong 4 times in the game - "that's what we focus on on defense being opportunistic. when we get a chance we've got to take avantage of it, and that's whatatwe did there."" "turnovers are crucial. momentum is a big part of a football game. to turn the momentum to u is just huge." up next for iowa, the big tenn title ame and a shooat the
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college football playoff - in lincoln, nebraska, mark woodley, kwwl news -- thank you mark... well hear more from the 4th r rked hawkeyes later on in sports... for now i'll toss it back to you mac thanks zach. a lot of fans went to lincoln to watch the team work towards perfection... these seniors, they worked their butts off for four years. these guys deserve it. iowa has he said i'm goinggto win him back! 12-0 baby! plenty of hawkeye fans here at home watched it unfold. kwwl's brad hanson catches up with loyal fans at the cedarr falls buffalo wild wings. any football game brings a roller coaster of and the lows of your opponent making their big play. but tat becomes
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intensified when your team is working theii way to a perfefe 12-0 season. and as the hawkeyes made big play after big play their fans, growing more and morereexcited as tteir hawkeyes put the cherry on top of a magical season. "it's crazy. when i was a fshman, they were 9-0 for the first time and it was nuts. it's awesome to see thhm 12-0. today buffalo wild wings in cedar falls for all sorts of reasons--but with one goal in mind--to see a hawkeye win. )"i had to come here because they're jumping around the living room. i can't believe it man, 12-0 man. i've been a hawkeye my whole life. my whole life." that win didn't come onside kick. when we got our
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we might trip up on nebraska, last game, lot at stake there. but they played great, the defense was spectacular." "and of course, fans have the college football playoff as well. we've got you covered, brad d hanson, kkwl news." this incredible season means hawkeye gear is gold. business owners say they are seeing a big boost from peole buying new shirts before each game. "everybody's just looking for a different design for that next when our crew stopped by one iowa city store -- we even caught up with a few californians -- anxious to
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new at ten -- authorities are investigating a crash -- after a driver slams into a buggy it happened shortly after six this evening on 120th street -- southeast of fairbank. according to the buchanan county sheriff'ss office -- 23-year-old ashley connner of oelwein hit the buggy -- causing serious damage. luckily the seven people in the buggy were not hurt -- neither was conner. the crash is under investiggion meanwhile -- black friday turns into a free-for-all at walmart. police in georgia shot this video as shoppers scramblblto grab boxes earlier ttday. you can hear people shouting... "oh my god"... and "let's get out of here." the police department sent ten officers to patrol the store. hundreds of rotestors block store entrances across the famous magnificent mile shopping district. they want to know why it took a year to release police video showing a chhago officer shshting and killing a black teenager. protests started earlier this
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week after the video was released. the officer involved in the shooting has been charged with first-degge murder. babak home in iowa -- black friday shopping much calmer. shoppers we spoke to say it's a tradition to shop today -- and they often go together as a family. dubuque police say they have no new leads following a bank robbery today. it happened at the du-trac community credit unionnon east fourteenth street in dubuque this morning. police say the robber handed the teller a note and demanded money. according to our coverage partners at t-h medi he told the teller he had a gun. ooficers are now seaching for a man between five six and five nine -- he has a dark brown or black goatee -- and was wearing a grey coat and hat -- with tan pants. it tutuns out a band's instruments -- were not burned during a fire this week. according to the evan stock band -- nicholas kollasch stole their instruments from their vans -- and ss the vehicleeon fire. he
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is now facing arson charges following the cedar falls incident. for many people -- the winter blues are settling in -- and people are struggling with mental health problems. here in iowa -- getting help can be difficult. iowa is ranked 47th in the nation of psychiatrists per population. but thanks to seevices like telehealth -- people are connected to the services they need. they can talk to a professional and microphone. "when you got people who need mental health services and ey call up and you say well we're tried to address that shortage in new and innovative ways." black hawk- grundy mennal health has even connected to patients to mental health experts in other counties. coming up on kwwl... santa arrives in eastern iowa --
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helpinnpeople get in the plus -- a trooper is on the side of the interstate -- when a car comes flying out of nowhere. here's a live look at the storm track 7 live doppler dar....storm track seven's chie meteorologist mark schnackenberg has your full forecast, coming up... "you're watching kwwl. we've got you covered. with ron
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chief meteorologist mark schnackenberg and sports wwth rick coleman. this is the kwwl "now your storm track 7 7 weather team. see the screen
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information from the kwwl stormtrack 7 weather team: welcome bac i am and head out tonight, you'll the overnight hours,,ith mostly susuny skies intotothe day on our next storm system that as for what's going on is some light rain or snow to the south of the viewing area, otherwise we ill be dry across day long, but there is some clearing to the west of from new england all the way to the four corners regions. there causing major problems in oklahoma. as for us, our conditions for the weekenn. storm track seven live weather and will continue through the evening hourr. temperatures right now are in the upper it's a little below average. the it's felt a bit more chilly as shows a mostly cloudy evening. as we head throughout the quicker, temperatures will dip into the teens everywhere elss will in the twenties. afternoon, however, we will iowa city, to washington. however, no rain or snow expected to fall from those day on sunday. here's the storm to twenties with decreasing clouds. tomorrow highs will be back in the 30ssith mostly here's the storm track snow late monday night into tuesday. we'll watch for accumulation possibilities. santa makes his appearance at the holiday hoolpa in downtown across the viewing area. as we
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head throughout the afternoon, however, we will start to see a few more clouds in the sky acros our southern counties, from cedar rapids, to iowa city, to washington. howevee no raan or snow expected to fall from those clouds. tomorrow night we will see a partly cloudy sky, with increasing clouds throughout the day on sunday. here's the storm trackk seven forecast for tonight. temperatures in the upper teens to twenties with decreasing clouds. tomorrow ighs will be back in the 30s with mostly sunny to partly cloudy skies. wind ll be light out of the north. here's the storm track 67 day forecast. partly to mostly cloudy sunday with a mix coming in on monday, changing to snow late monday night into tuesday. we'll watch for accumulation possibilities. santa makes his appearance at
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here's the storm track 67 day forecast. partly to mostly cloudy sunday with a mix coming in on monday, changing to snow late monday night into tuesday. we'll watch for accumulation possibilities. santa makes his appearance at the holidayhoolpa in downtown cedar
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downtown cedar falls. families gathered on main street to watch and listen to live performances alvin and the chipmunks -- while sta prepared to make his entranne. when he arrived -- santa was northern iowa mascots -- t-c and t-k. the day after thanksgiving g s a popular day to visit christmas tree farms to buy the perfect tree. it's also the first day of the "the smell, absolutely the smell. we love coming, taking "we love getting a live tree, one down together as a family." ownerssay it's been a good year for trees because of the amount of
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rain we got this year. and tonight -- we asked our kwwl facebook friends whether they prefer a real or fake tree. misty says -- it's a family tradition to pick out a tree as a family. and linda says she prefers a fake one -- that looks real. if you would like to join the conversation and share your story -- you can log on to our coming up on kwwl -- we bring you the dramatic details that lead to this incident.. you're watching kwwl. we've got you covered in troy mills, riversrde, dysart and all
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jeb bush: here's the truth you u ll not hear from our president: we are at war with radical islamic terrorism. it is the struggle that will determine the fate of the free world. the united state should not delay
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to take out isis with overwhelming force. their aim is our total destruction. we can't withdraw from this threat or negotiate with it. we have e t one choice: to defeat it. vo: right to rise usa is responsible for the content of this message. was the intended target. chicago police say the shooting was gang.related. they believe corey morgan and two other people ccvinced the boy to walk into an alley -- then shot him -- execution style. extremely important to us, this was targeted, and executed. police officers have families as well - they have feelings as well, and this one was a a ittle bit different. one of the other men is in custody on an unrelated charge. a third person has not been arrested. flags on display ttoughout paris today in honororof the victims of
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the terror attacks. today marks two weeks since the attacks. many people also gathering at a makeshifttmemorial to honor the 130 victims. people broughtflowers, lit candles and wrote personal messages at the site. an incredily close call for a state trooper -- who stopped a car on the side of the interstate check out this dashcam video -- as a car comes out of nowhere and slams into thecar the trooper was standing next to. policeebelieve the caca was going more than 85 miles-per- hour -- just missing the trooper and two people on the side of the highway. luckily nobody was inide the parked car. ss a remionder - iowa has the "move over, slow down" law when you see flashing lights. coming up next -- the iowa state cyclones looking to stuy undefeated against virginia tech in he emerald coast classic. and we'll here more from the hawkeyes as they finish the
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the first undefeated regular season in school history. rolls off the toungue nicely doesnt it. the nebraska cornhuskers tried to stick around but iowa proved to betoo much. the cornhuukers welcomed iowa to lincoln in the hyvee heroes game... we pick things up in the second quarter check this out great play on defense parker hesse the waukon iowa native gets a big mit on the pass from armstrong and takes it for the
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second half now jordan canzeri went to the house on back to down the left side. now nebraska sandwiched a td of their own inbetween these two runs but this one 68 yards look at the breakaway speed from canzeri makes it 28-17. decorahs josey jewell ices it with pick fourth off tommy armstrong on the day....on hawks win 28-20 finish the regular season a perfect 12-0 mark woodely has more from the hawkeye locker room yeah zach, how about it, history made here at memorial stadium, the iowa hawkeyes 12-0 for the 1st time in school history. now, afterwards in,the lolker room, coach kirk ferentz said he got a little b bt flustered. "just really excited about the cause i've never been around a team that's 12 and oh, so i'm a little speechless on that, but it's an unbelievable accomplishment." "this was a big challenge in our way and we didn't want to finish
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go 12-0, so being able to come in here and accomplish that after a hard fought game, feels great." "guys like cowherd saying we won't beat nebraska, that's exciting. you know, it's like ok, we beat nebraska." now we play the waiting game. the hawkeyes, we know if they win that one, they're likely headed to the college football playoff. in lincoln, nebraska, mark woodley, kwwl news. the uni panther volleyball team taking on top seeded wichita state in the missouri valley conference tournament.... the panther took the first to set but fall in the final three including 25- 11 in set three and 15-7 in the final set. amie held led the way for the panthers with 16 kiils briana weber former dike new hartford standout doing work on defense with 28 dig on to iowa state hoops taking on virginia tech... monte morris on the move dishing it out to
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jameeee mckay who slams it down with two hands for the jam... later matt thom step back three... got it isu up more than 20 at the break. seconon half now montetemorris lick crossover cant get it to go... jameel mckay again 2 of his team high 23 as the cyclones win big 99-77 the iowa hawkeyes s aking on notre dame in the advocare invational tournament jared utoff squars up ..and drains it from downtown he led iowa with 20 points second half now peter jok running the pick and roll with adam woodbury... the seven footer showing his touch got the jumper working for him he pitched in 14 away at the eed they win 68-62... hawks have now dropped two in a row. thanks zack. we'll be right back.
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>> steve: from studio 6b in rockefeller center in the heart of new york city, it's "the tonight show starring jimmy fallon." night, join jimmy ananhis guests -- hugh jackman, shaquille o'neal, musical guest, talib kweli, and featuring the legendary roots crew. >> questlove: 343 ottawa! >> steve: and now, here he is,
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