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tv   Early Today in Iowa  NBC  March 2, 2016 4:30am-5:00am CST

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race for the white house. and a story this morning --showing us what true friendship is all about. students learning a new language their friend. i'm jerry gallagher. let's check on your weather now with storm track 7 meteorologist eileen loan. good morning. brr... it is cold this morning... temps are in the single digits and teens and have even dropped below zero in some places! wind chills are mainly in the single digits either side of zero this morning with mainly light winds... one of the reasons we new snow (in the north). we will have clouds track in this afternoon and snow track in tonight. a stray snow shower can track through this afternoon. highs will stay below normal today but it gets warm this weekend. i'll have more coming up in a few
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we will have clouds track in this afternoon and snow track in tonight. a stray snow shower can track through this afternoon. highs will stay below normal today but it gets warm this weekend. i'll have more coming up in a few minutes. developing overnight: waterloo police investigate a stabbing. they were called to west second street after 11 o'clock last night. officers say a man was taken to the hospital with stab wounds. he is expected to survive. police say they also took a woman into custody -- and she could be charged in the case. more about what happened. a big night for donald trump on tuesday. the republican presidential frontrunner won seven states on super tuesday -- but did not hold a victory rally. instead -- he invited reporters to his estate in palm beach for a news conference. he won primaries massachusetts,
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arkansas and vermont. i'm a unifier, i know people are i am a unifier. once we get all allowed to run, which is a big assumption. i don't know if she's going to be allowed to run. and i think that frankly that's going to be an easy race. trump called senator ted cruz to congratulate him on winning texas. cruz also won oklahoma and alaska. senator marco rubio picked up his first victory of the campaign in minnesota. cruz called on those who have not won any states to get out of the race -- so they can form a united front against trump. "america shouldn't have a president whose words would make you embarrassed if your children repeated them." on the democratic side -- hillary clinton celebrated several victories. she won seven states -- virginia, tennessee, alabama, georgia,
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texas and even massachusetts -- a state where senator bernie sanders was expected to have a going to break down barriers and potential. senator sanders thanked his supporters at a rally tonight after he won his home state of vermont. he also picked up wins "as i think all of you know, this campaign is not just about electing a president, it is about transforming america." clinton now has a big lead over sanders in the number of delegates it will take to clinch the nomination. this morning, we're hearing from iowa senator chuck grassley after his special meeting with president obama.
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leaders to talk about the supreme court vacancy. grassley chairs the powerful senate committee that holds hearings for nominees. the president plans to nominate someone -- but republicans say they won't vote on it. so what came out of yesterday's get together at the white house? republican position, i added a president as well as from our side that it wasn't a meeting where we were trying to change people's minds. democrats say the president is willing to consider a list of names -- if republicans have one. demonstrators settle in outside the supreme court where today -- justices hear arguments on abortion. today, the court will review a texas case. the focus is whether laws that restrict abortions to promote women's health are truly in the interest
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back in iowa -- state lawmakers are taking a hard look at a bill more than 90 business leaders sent lawmakers a letter, asking them to debate and pass it. the bill would give the state the authority to create two growing facilities and give medical cannabis oil to people who need it. iowa lawmakers are looking at a bill that could allow 17-year olds to vote in state primary elections this summer. right now you must be at least 18 to vote. the iowa senate wants to change that. this is how it would work... the primary happens on june seventh. the general election is on november 8th. under the bill approved by the senate... if a person turns 18 june. the bill now goes to the house. later today, a murder trial moved to northeast iowa continues. yesterday, emily fazzino's mother testified. emily was found dead in her home in boone four years ago.
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murder. emily's mother told the daughter's addiction to prescription drugs -- months before her death. after she told her mom, she went through detox in her mother's home in boone. "we felt like we had been and so that's why i didn't think my choice. that's how she wanted to handle it." alex fazzino claims withdrawal symtoms caused emily to drown in their bathtub -- and that she wasn't murdered. the government calls it a viscious guard dog. apple disagrees -- saying it's critical to protect privacy. congress is now hearing the battle between apple and the government. it's over whether the tech giant can be forced to hack into an i-phone owned by one of the san "the problem we face here is, all of our lives are on these
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terrorists' lives are on these devices, and if they can't... if they're warrant-proof and even a judge can't order access to a device, that is a big problem." this week, a judge in new york said the federal government cannot force apple to help it get into a in a drug case. but two weeks ago -- a different judge in california -- ordered apple to help the f-b-i hack into the phone used by one of the bernardino. storms level several homes in the south. a possible tornado tore through alabama last night. trees are down and cars are also damaged. at least four people were hurt. hour winds -- holding on for dear life. a hardware store in louisiana was hit by a tornado. one woman was delivering packages from fed ex right when it hit. the surveillance video shows debris
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"i just braced myself right here just to brace myself." that same coke machine later tipped over -- but the woman is ok. a group of students finds a way to better connect with a friend... and it even involves more learning. alyssa paldo sat in on one of their lessons. inside the library at mark bills school, class begins much like it does in any other classroom--with the pledge of allegiance. but--they're doing things a little differently here--using american sign language to say the pledge. "it's's like they want to be like me." fifth grader, rhemy elsey was born almost completely deaf. a set of cochlear implants help him hear, but he relies heavily on sign languange and his interpretor to communicate. " it's tough for a kid that has
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around all day you know especially if the rest of the class can't really communicate." communicate with him." and that's how the american sign language club was born. a group of students--who wanted to be able to talk to a friend. "i was thrilled that they were interested and that they wanted to learn some sign language and that they were taking some initiative to be able to communicate more effectively with one of their classmates." unlike their spanish or french classes--the students say they're finding that there's a lot that goes into learning this language--and things aren't always easy. "sometimes you really want to talk while you're signing but then you have to get like used to just using your hands instead of your mouth to communicate with other people." but--they have a teacher in their friend showing them--that so much can be said--without saying anything at all. "it's fun to see them walk up to
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are you today', it's really neat." we have much more to get to this morning: including a recall affecting an iowa company. what you need to know about the cheese being taken off the shelf. and they were down big in the second half, but iowa storms back to take the lead. can the hawkeyes hold on and snap a losing streak? plenty of clear skies this morning leading to lots of cold temps. but clouds to the west will bring more snow to the state. i'll have more coming up. "now your storm track 7
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from the kwwl stormtrack 7 weather team. see the screen for your complete weather information. here is additional forecast information from the kwwl stormtrack 7 weather team: another system will track through late today bringing a chance of light snow to the state this afternoon and tonight. a light wintry mix is possible thursday afternoon with another round of light rain and snow friday afternoon. stormtrack7 live weather network cameras are looking much better than
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cold... teens in the south, but single digits (and some negative numbers) in the north where we saw more snow. cold across the state... all 15 to 25 degrees colder than yesterday morning, with light winds across the state, although they will turn to the south. that will be ahead of the next system that will race through tonight. that could set off some showers this afternoon, but will be mainly tonight. we could see a few stray showers tomorrow and then another system will track in by friday night. the bulk of our snow will be during the overnight hours and will leave behind a trace to 2" of snow with a few 3" amounts possible. some snow showers could track in late this
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upper 20s to upper 30s with help from a light south wind. trace to 2" of snow tonight with some higher amounts. lows in the 20s and then a few light snow showers tomorrow with a light wintry mix possible in the afternoon, although we shouldn't see much accumulation. highs will climb into the 30s for the afternoon. another round of light rain or snow on friday afternoon, light snow friday night and then warming up. highs will climb to the low 50s on sunday with 60 possible on tuesday... and we could even see thunderstorms tracking
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people all over eastern iowa wanted to switch seats with a teenager from clarksville this week. it's easy to see why. plus -- an automaker is pedaling its way into cycling. see what it wants to create to make the ride easier. you're watching kwwl. we've got
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tests in iowa lead to a recall of blue cheese. whole foods is recalling maytag raw milk blue cheese nationwide -- over concerns about listeria. maytag dairy farms -- out of newton, iowa -- has stopped making it for now -- until they can figure out what caused the problem. the company is working with the f-d-a and the state of iowa on it. no illnesses have been reported -- but recent tests showed listeria bacteria -- which can cause serious health problems -- especially in young children and women who are pregnant. cyclists listen up: ford plans
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that means cyclists would never have to put their feet down when they stop. it could work like this: if your shoe lace gets tangled -- this would help keep you -- and the bike -- from falling. hawkeye fans are hoping senior night would end a slump. iowa had lost three in a row coming into last night's game against indiana. the hawks were down 14 in the second half, but battle back. they cut into the lead with good defense. jarrod uthoff with the steal. mike gesell back to the fellow senior uthoff for the layup. less than five minutes left -- and iowa grabs the lead. peter jok with the layup -- 74-72. carver erupts... but from there, iowa would go cold. and indiana's yogi ferrell would hit the shot of the game -- a 3 with 38 seconds left. hoosiers by five. the hawks would have one more shot to tie. down 3 -- jok for 3 -- but he's short -- and indiana wins the big ten regular season title. they knock off iowa 81-78.
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smiling thanks to a bad pass at an n-b-a game last night. knicks and the trailblazers. watch the pass go out of bounds -- and that's where things get messy. beer. it ends up giving him a bath. next time, he might ask the knicks to pick up the tab. this is one way to show up to work. two members of the new york mets come to spring training on horseback. the mets already have a lot of horsepower with one of the best pitching rotations in the game. an eastern iowa teenager has a night to remember on national tv. maddie poppe from clarksville beat out 40-thousand others to be 1 of 95 to audition in front of the celebrity judges -- on n-b-c's the voice. she had a few laughs after her performance and proudly clarksville, iowa." "iowa, iowa" "iowa." "clarksville, iowa." "blake shelton just said clarksville, iowa." dad -"she is iowa born and am glad she stuck to that." maddie
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happen to me and it still doesn't feel real. it doesn't feel like it happened." for now - -maddie is focused on graduating, but isn't giving up the dream just yet. the time now is home is where the heart is -- and many milennials no longer have their heart set on renting. a look at where the housing market could take us... next.
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market. diana olick tells us many millennials are out shopping -- thanks to very low mortgage rates and a better job outlook. they're still unpacking boxes, but alex hoffspiegel and atlanta home long term. "to me once we got married i and have our own family." they've been married
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attorneys began looking for a home a year ago, knowing that finding the right home and qualifying for a mortgage would both be tough. "i think we knew that it would be little bit difficult. i had no idea how intense the underwriting process is and how much they really dig into the number one finanical priority for millennials, according to a new report by scottrade. higher than retirement and health care. still establishing credit..." damian cook helped alex and melissa to qualify for their 30 year fixed. even though the couple was putting almost 20 percent down on the home, melissa had student loans. in the end they had to take her off the mortgage. "so she still has an ownership position on the house, she is
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house in the right location with the right schools...but... "we're definitely the youngest people in the neighborhood..." hopefully not for long. here's storm track seven live doppler radar. meteorologist eileen loan has the
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eileen loan is back with an increasing clouds today with a few snow showers possible this afternoon. snow tonight with a trace to 2", isolated 3" by morning then some light mix possible through thursday afternoon. another chance of light rain/snow on friday afternoon with the weekend looking dry and warmer. much warmer by tuesday with a chance of thunderstorms tracking through. it's and coming up on today in iowa. police try to figure out who's behind the vandalism of an
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plus... a popular ride sharing service could soon move into an eastern iowa city... find out how a city council voted on that -- when ally
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"you're watchinow on today in iowa... the results from super tuesday continue to come in this morning. we'll have the latest numbers coming up. plus... a security camera captures an suv slamming into a sushi restaurant.
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back on earth this morning. we're taking a look at his nearly year-long mission in space. good morning, i'm ally crutcher. and i'm jerry gallagher. storm track seven meteorologist eileen loan is here now with your storm track seven forecast. brr... it is cold this morning... temps are in the single digits and teens and have even dropped below zero in some places! wind chills are mainly in the single digits either side of zero this morning with mainly light winds... one of the reasons we are so cold.


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