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tv   KWWL News at Ten  NBC  November 10, 2016 10:00pm-10:34pm CST

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donald trump at the white house. and... great highlights from the state football. ""you're watching kwwl, we've got you covered. this is the news at ten." good evening --i'm amanda goodman. ron is on assignment tonight. putting aside their differences, president obama and president-elect donald trump meeting today at the white house. the meeting in the oval office to do everything he can to help trump succeed so the rest of the country can do so too. trump, meanwhile, saying he's looking forward to working with the president. "i believe that it is important for all of us regardless of party with the many challenges that we face." "he explained some of the difficulties, some of the high flying assets and some of the really great things that have been achieved. so, mr. president, t iasw a great honor
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many more times in the future." first lady michelle obama met with melania trump today, as well. december 3 - 2014. that date may not mean anything to you...but for one family...their lives were shattered in the early morning hours. to me -- to share a story they guard closely -- they wanted to make it very clear -- they don't want pity -- they don't want to place blame. they're hoping their story -- will open all of our eyes -- and take the blinders off -- to realize the it was 3:30 in the morning and i opened the door and i could see all of the lights were on downstairs...and i got to the top of the basement stairs...sorry (starts to cry)...that's when you found him? (she nods - let this
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it was there - in her basement - that wendy came face to face with the unimaginable. her 15-year-old son around his family...was gone. it was there - in her basement - that wendy's son took literally feel my heart hitting the floor. alan mast - wendy's brother - evan's uncle...drove an hour to get to his sister's house in the middle of that night... they had him where he was...before they moved him. i wanted to see him...i just needed to.
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rest of their tight knit family shocked - there were no signs they saw leading up to that fateful night. evan was a free-spirit always wanted to do right by people... sometimes he felt like he didn't always fit in...just wanted people to like him. my last day with him i never knew anything was wrong with him. he would always stay up late - it's ok mom - go to bed - there were no signs before - but evan left clues
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pieces to a puzzle... i find out after the fact that he was failing every single subject and i never knew anything about it. evan was failing - his uncle and grandfather found so many completed assignments in his folders - he cut ties with nearly every single family member on social media. it was a storm of problems - when wendy realized started it all. i found a poem on his phone that somebody sent to basically told him to go hang himself because the world would be a better place if he would. what i want to know is - how could you be so cruel? quickly covered up -
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after he was gone, his family found a picture in his phone - it showed his arms covered in hateful and hurtful words - he text someone that picture and said "this is school." that's probably the hardest thing for us to accept - knowing he was open with us...kept so much closed were there missed signs all along masked by his beaming smile?
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fine" responses? there are times i don't want to go to bed bc when i close my eyes... it's questions like those - moments like that --that continue to haunt wendy... i hope nobody ever has to go would have come talk to me. i wish i could have helped him. i wish somebody would have told me what was going on. a family - closer and stronger - but forever broken... evan's cousin kylie - her words - forever etched... but for you, heaven's gates are open. i cried today becaise there was so much left to
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smile, the moments we shared were all the worrh while. it wasn't long enough together, but it was long enough to last forever. and while i pray and say amen, i know i will see you again. as a mom, what do you miss the most about evan? (long pause) everything daughter never went back to their house...where it all happened. the moment i walked into their home -- there is an immediate sense of warmth and family -- i have to tell you i really admire their strength because they don't want to place any blame on anyone -- they don't want any pity from this -- they're hoping evan's
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conversation in your home. and parents -- experts tell me -- every day, check your child's phone -- read all incoming and outgoing messages -- know their passwords -- look at their social media pages -- their accounts are your accounts. new details -- an iowa man on trial, accused of murdering his girlfriend, is now charged with assaulting a fellow inmate. 27-year-old eddie hicks was arrested in june of 2015. police say he stabbed his girlfriend more than 100 times according to our coverage partners at the telegrpah herald, hicks admitted to police to throwing punches at a fellow inmate after apparently feeling threatened. he now faces assault charges, along with first degree murder. millions of americans did their part tuesday, casting a vote in this historic election. but one woman says her experience at the polls left her shaken. kwwl's brad hanson joins us live from the telegraph herald newsroom in dubuque with details. odeth weber says she often gets comments about her ethnicity,
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more than 130-million people nation wide hit the polls this election cycle, including more than one point five million right here in iowa. both those numbers fairly average. but odeth weber tells us her experience in dubuque was anything but. (odeth weber, dubuque) "went up to the desk. the lady behind the desk proceeded to tell me, are you sure you're allowed to vote? and i was a little dumbfounded, and said well, yes, couldn't believe she would say that." (brad hanson, @bhansonkwwl) "dubuque county auditor denise dolan was saddened and surprised to hear about this incident. that's because they conduct training with everyone who works at poll sites specifically to avoid situations just like this one." (denise dolan, dubuque county auditor) "i'm shocked and extremely disappointed. i guess i thought more of my election officials, and that something would happen with
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despite the bad experience, weber says it won't keep her from voting in the future. "i think it's our civic duty. we have to do, regardless of people's opinions behind the tables are." dolan also reached out to one of her election officials at the polling site. saying quote "i cannot imagine any of us working the precint would have used the word exotic nor even commenting on anyone's apperance." end quote. from the telegraph herald newsroom in dubuque, i'm brad hanson, news 7 kwwl. dolan says they'll continue to stress this kind of training in the future to avoid any incidents like this one. award winning journalist tom brokaw visiting iowa city for the hoover presidential library's
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kwwl's ron steele emceeing the event tonight --- but before speaking --- brokaw took the time to visit with veterans in a private meet tom brokaw is celebrating 50 years with nbc -- and as part of the celebration has announced he is gifting his private collection of memorabilia to the university of iowa's library. kwwl's jessica hartman sitting down with brokaw about the donation, jessica? for 50 years tom brokaw has reported on and lived the biggest mome he collected will be on display. before he was an nbc legendary journalist --- tom brokaw was a freshman at university of iowa. however -- brokaw failed out that year -- double majoring in what he calls beer & co-eds. "you know i have spent that last 60 years trying to make up for my errant ways when i was at have here, so it is easy for me to come back."
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his career's collection of memorbilia to the university of iowa's library. the school beating out other major universities from across the nation to become home to a collection rich in history--- including a piece from the oklahoma city bombing -- a notebook from an interview with a you the only one." they will see that the world is constantly dynamic. that it is changing all the time. that you can not take your life as it is being lived right now for granted because change
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this spring tom brokaw plans to spend time at the library --- recording the stories behind many of the pieces in the collection. jessica hartman . . . news 7 the university hopes to reveal the collection to the public --- sometime next year. coming up on kwwl... we'll hear from uni head coach mark farley ahead of their last road game of the season... plus.. state volleyball action --the highlights coming up with rick. here's a live look at the storm track 7 live doppler radar....storm track seven chief up...
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forecast. from the kwwl stormtrack 7 weather team. see the screen for your complete weather information. here is additional forecast information from the kwwl stormtrack 7 weather team: after a warmer than normal thursday, a cold front moves south across iowa tonight. the too cold tonight with lows in the mid-upper 30s. friday and saturday will have plenty of sunshine with near normal highs close to 50. the wind increases sunday, from the south, pushing highs into the upper 50s. temperatures remain above normal through the week...mainly 50s. thursday has a strong wind from the south otherwise the wind is pretty light during the week. after a warmer than normal thursday, a cold front moves clouds, but it does have some colder air with it. it won't be too sunshine with near normal highs close to 50. the wind increases sunday, from the south, pushing highs into the remain dry with a mix of sun and clouds each day. high temperatures remain above normal through the week...mainly 50s. thursday has a strong wind from the south otherwise the wind is pretty south across iowa tonight. the front comes through dry with no
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saturday will have plenty of sunshine with near normal highs close to 50. the wind upper 50s. monday through thursday remain dry with a mix of sun and clouds each day. high temperatures remain above normal through the week...mainly 50s. thursday has a strong wind from the south otherwise the wind is pretty light during the week. and clouds each day. high temperatures remain above normal through the week...mainly 50s. thursday has a strong wind from the south otherwise the wind is coming up on kwwl... semifinal action in state football from the uni dome.
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colton howell who you had to pull the redshirt off and some
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. coach farley: yes it did on tuesday evening there was a lot of adjusting going on and colton is a great team player came off his redsshirt and played a great game for us..and the marcus weymiller we put in some wildcat action and he had over 170 yards. rick your offense was like a swiss army knife in that game utilizing different weapons different ideas and then on defense you were just lights out... coach farley: yes the defense has been playing really good that put us in good field position... jalen rima got the punt return for a touchdown that gave us seven points...but really you go back to how the team adjusted to adversity and had eachother's back went on the road and had a great game... rick: and really this team has had to battle adversity all year with the close losses but this team has been resielient and had a great attiude going into that week. coach farley --it did.. there were points in there when wondered how we would produce points--but i think the energy
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illinois they have been a great rival over the years new head coach this year but same personell and they upset you last year. coach farley: they did and they have a great quarterback right now the quarterback that beat the guy who beat us last year..and they are playting great defensively the leading ruinningback the leading receiver and leading quarterback in the lead so they have a great offense. rick right now this seems like a hungry uni football team.. more than a whisper right now. coach farley well we are trying to fight our way--its great games to do it.. we have the number fifteen team this week and a top ten team next week..we have to take one game at a time one play at a they make the choice on selection sunday if we do our job.... rick.. big game this week at western illinois in macomb..
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coach farley----thank you. coming up next... waterloo columbus continues its cinderalla run at the state volleyball tournament. we have highlights and reaction from the sailors' latest upset. and find out if top ranked janesville and second ranked hudson remain on a collison course for the one-a state volleyball championship.
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welcome back.. all of the state championship matches are set at the girls state volleyball tournament in cedar rapids. tonight in class two-a, waterloo columbus looks to continue its cinderella run facing favored unity chrisitian in the semifinals the sailors take control early... junior anna sinnot with the kill---she finishes with 16 as columbus takes the first set.. columbus keeps it rolling sailors sydney shannon sets lauren mcmanus for one of her 16 kills... the sailors take the first two sets... ... and columbus closes it out... mcmanus with the kill thru the championship match.. three sets them down faced number two took i think its fate we have been working so hard for this we deserve it we are so happy to
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in one-a, top ranked janesville meets holy trinity---first set the wildcats' kennedy meister slices a kill through the holy trinity defense--janesville leads 1-0. later alisa bengen drops a dime for victoria hazard--- janesville leads two sets to none... and the janesville wildcats are too strong tonight---bree thompson with authority... janesvile championship match three sets to none. janesville will meet the winner of second ranked hudson and springville... after losing the first set the piurates bounce back.. outside hitter olivia kolterman flies in for the kill.. later its hudson's kiley deberg rocking it.... hudson stomrs back to win the next three sets...deberg blasts a winner off the springvilles block... hudson wins 3 to 1... the priates will play janesville tomorrow for the 1a state championship.
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the dome... dons are playing a midland team without its starting quarterback... on its opening possession--backup quarterback connor harms fumbles the ball for the eagles... don bosco's austin svoboda eventually picks it up for the touchdown...the dons convert the two to make it 8-0. d0on bosco only had the ball for one offensive play in the first quarter--- and austin svoboda makes it cn he slices through the midland defense then races 77 yards for his second touchdown of the game to make it 16-0 dons. early in the second quarter--don bosco ends the competitive phase of this game...bradon bagby fires a 40 yard touchdown pass to cael tenold---don bosco scores 36 points in the second quarter to lead 52-0 at halftime. and austin svoboda and company cruise to the 8 man state championship
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will be
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meteorologist mark schnackenberg has
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y24zwy y12fy [ cheers and applause ] ?? >> steve: from studio 6b in rockefeller center in the heart of new york city, it's "the tonight show starring jimmy fallon." tonight, join jimmy and his guests -- amy adams. joe buck. musical guests, morgane and


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